DSP Configuration

We’ll work to keep this list updated as things are tweaked as user population increases.

Server configuration

parameter value compared to retail
exp_rate 5.0 Increase exp rate from monster kills by 5x
exp_loss_rate 0 There’s no loss of experience on death
vanadiel_time_offset -6 servers are in US Central Time; so all “midnight” times are accordingly.
fame_multiplier 15.0 Fame generates at 15x retail; no more thousands of necklaces for Norg fame.
level_sync_enable 1 Level sync with your friends from levels 10 to 99
all_jobs_widescan 1 Pull up your map; all jobs can now widescan and hunt for NMs
engage_delay_mod 0.85 Reduces the delay to re-engage mobs, allowing you to change target after combat faster
speed_mod 55 A bit faster than retail…
mob_speed_mod 50 A bit faster than retail, but not as fast as players… unless they gravity you!
craft_chance_multiplier 2 Skill up while crafting twice as fast
craft_amount_multiplier 1.5 Skill ups earned while crafting are a bit bigger
craft_day_matters 1 Crafting on specific element days DOES matter
craft_moonphase_matters 0 Ain’t no one got time for the moon…
craft_direction_matters 0 … no, just no.
nm_stat_multiplier 4.5 NMs and HNMs have 5.0x more stats (STR/VIT/etc). This helps counter the increased weaponskills, but without giving mobs overwhelming amounts of HP.
nm_hp_multiplier 4.75 NMs and HNMs have 5x the HP
np_mp_multiplier 1.5 NMs and HNMS have 1.5x the MP
mob_tp_multiplier 1.5 Mobs and NMs acquire TP faster than retail
mob_stat_multiplier 3.5 NMs and HNMs have 3.5x more stats (STR/VIT/etc)
mob_hp_multiplier 3.0 Normal mobs and adds have 3x the HP
player_stat_multiplier 5.0 Players now have 5x the stats of normal; you are a hero after all!
player_tp_multiplier 4.0 Players gain 4x the TP on hit and being hit
player_hp_multiplier 4.0 Players have 4x the HP to make more job combos available
player_mp_multiplier 3.5 Players have 3.5x the MP to make more job combos available
sj_mp_divisor 1 Main jobs gain the full MP benefit of their sub job
ability_recast_modifier 0.5 Recast timers are now half of normal for job abilities. Jobs with several abilities (most melees) benefit from a more interactive playstyle
drop_rate_multiplier 2.0 All mobs have a 2x drop rate chance.
all_mobs_gil_bonus 250 All mobs drop 250 gil * their level, even if they normally drop none
battle_cap_tweak 99 All BCNMs are uncapped
lvl_cap_mission_bcnm 0 Remove the level 30/40/50 restriction to mission battlefields
max_merit_points 99 Start out with a 0/99 cap for merit points
healing_tick_delay 3 The delay in seconds between healing ticks while resting (and the minimum the game allows)

Content configuration

parameter value compared to retail
ENABLE_{EXPACK} VARIES Currently, all expansions are enabled; though this will be tweaked as content is tuned. RoZ, CoP, ToAU, and WoTG are mostly functional. The add-on packs, for now, are disabled.
ENABLE_VOIDWATCH 1 We currently support the Voidwatch Operations and storyline, though it’s tweaked a bit and targeted at level 99 players.
ENABLE_FIELD_MANUALS 1 All fields of valor manuals are enabled.
ENABLE_GROUNDS_TOMES 1 All grounds of valor tomes are enabled.
REGIME_WAIT 0 There’s no wait on restarting the regime.
LOW_LEVEL_REGIME 0 You cannot farm low level regimes; mobs must grant XP to count towards the regime.
INITIAL_LEVEL_CAP 99 Server level cap is 99; there are no genkai (limit break) quests.
START_GIL 10000 Start with 10k gil, but quests and mobs drop more, so easy to acquire.
START_INVENTORY 80 All inventory is unlocked and max capacity (including safe, locker, and satchels).
SUBJOB_QUEST_LEVEL 0 Subjobs are unlocked from game start.
ADVANCED_JOB_LEVEL 15 You can begin questing for advanced jobs at level 15 instead of 30.
ALL_MAPS 1 All players start with all magic maps.
UNLOCK_OUTPOST_WARPS 2 Outpost warps are unlocked, including Tu’Lia and Tavnazia
GIL_RATE 50.0 Quests now earn 50x more gil.
EXP_RATE 1000.0 Quests and FoV/GoV now provides 1000x more XP. !gotoexp matches to many locations with FoV/GoV books.
TABS_RATE 10.00 FoV and GoV tabs now accumulate at 10x the normal rate.
CURE_POWER 3.0 Cure spells are now 3x more powerful to compensate for increased HP
ELEMENTAL_POWER 2.0 Elemental magic is 2.0x more powerful.
DIVINE_POWER 2.0 Divine magic is 2.0x more powerful
NINJITSU_POWER 2.0 Ninjitsu magic is 2.0x more powerful
BLUE_POWER 2.0 Blue magic is 2.0x more powerful
DARK_POWER 2.0 Dark magic and absorb spells are 2.0x more powerful
WEAPON_SKILL_POWER 1.5 Weaponskills do 1.5x the damage of normal
USE_ADOULIN_WEAPON_SKILL_CHANGES true Use the new weapon skill calculations as per the Seekers of Adoulin expansion.
COFFER_MIN{MAX}_TIME 1 Coffers can now be opened and reopened immediately (1 second) assuming people have keys.
BETWEEN_2DYNA_WAIT_TIME 1 There’s a 1 hour wait between re-entering Dynamis (instead of 1 day).
FREE_COP_DYNAMIS 1 Players do not need to have CoP complete to participate in CoP Dynamis zones (rank 6 + lv 65 still required)
ENSPELL_DURATION 600 Enspell effects now have a 5 minute base duration.
SPIKE_EFFECT_DURATION 600 Elemental spikes (not Reprisal) now has a 5 minute base duration.
STONESKIN_CAP 5000 Stoneskin now caps at 5000 HP rather than 300 hp to account for increased HP values
AQUAVEIL_COUNTER 50 Aquaveil now absorbs 50 “interrupts” (at least until I can recode it back to being like OLD retail at a flat percentage)
USE_OLD_CURE_FORMULA false Use the newer Adoulin-era cure and healing formulas.
USE_OLD_MAGIC_DAMAGE false Use the newer Adoulin-era magic damage formulas.
ALLOW_MULTIPLE_EXP_RINGS 1 Players can acquire multiple Chairot/Empress/Emperor bands.
BYPASS_EXP_RING_ONE_PER_WEEK 1 Players can acquire multiple EXP rings from gate guards within a single conquest period.
ENM_COOLDOWN 1 Players can obtain keyitems from ENMs every 1 hour.
EXPLORER_MOOGLE 1 Explorer moogle is enabled in all main and sub cities (RoZ content)
EXPLORER_MOOGLE_LEVELCAP 1 Explorer moogle available starting at level 1

Note: Enhancements to spell casting power also affects mobs!