New Player Guide

Welcome to Nocturnal Souls! Whether you’re new to Final Fantasy XI or just new to our community, here’s a few pointers to get the most out of your experience.

Client Setup

If you’ve been playing FFXI on another server or on retail, this section is probably just review. If not, there’s a couple of important steps to ensure you’re getting the best experience in FFXI.

  • We support two windower clients: Windower and Ashita. Each have their pros and cons. The NocSouls team is split between them both, so if you have questions we’ll do our best to offer support.
  • Be sure you’re installed the Renamer add-on for Windower or Ashita and are loading Nocturnal Souls’ custom renamer list. This ensures that our custom content isn’t mislabeled or simply called NPC. You can read more about the Renamer plugin here.
  • If you’re newly installed, there’s a ton of new UI features built into FFXI’s client, including multiple chat windows, AOE markers, and party buff lists. Read about tweaking the UI here and learn about the High-Definition (HD) DATs projects to make the game look amazing.

Starting Gear

All new players receive a few great items to start their journey.

At level 1, the traditional retail starter gear provides excellent bonuses and safeguards to get you to level 10 quickly.

  • Lv1 Destrier Beret - Adds regen, refresh, auto-reraise, and a huge movement speed buff while you’re below level 30.
  • Lv1 Chocobo Shirt - Adds an incresed battle accuracy while you’re below level 30.

Once you’re level 10, the jewelry will provide great secondary stat bonuses to new players all the way to their 40s and 50s.

  • Lv10 Safeguard Ring - A custom Nocturnal Souls ring with 2 DEF and bonuses to HP/MP recovery, -6% spell interruption rate, and a chance to resist status ailments.
  • Lv10 Tranquility Earring +1 - A custom Nocturnal Souls earring that increases fast cast, pet attack (good for all pet classes), magic accuracy, magic attack bonus, double attack, and crit hit rate.
  • Lv10 Stamina Earring +1 - A custom Nocturnal Souls earring that increases double attack, crit hit rate, fast cast, counter, and dual wield.

Once you acquire some additional gear, you can also augment your gear. Each gear piece accepts up to 4 augments. Tier 1 augments are available to players from the start of their journey and require common items found outside the starting cities and tier 2 augments can be unlocked around level 10-12 (requiring rank 2 with your home nation).

Acquiring Gear Upgrades

In addition to the starting gear mentioned above, Nocturnal Souls has a well-stocked Auction House that self-replenishes itself for lower-to-mid level armor and weapons.

  • While out in the field, you can use the !ah to browse and purchase from the Auction House.
  • As you outlevel gear, sell it back to the Auction House for the price you paid for it. The AH-Bot will rebuy gear at the sale price (look for the AH-Bot listings to know what to price your gear). Because the AH replenishes itself and has a fixed price for lower tier gear, there’s no need to horde gear unless you want it for style locks.
    • NOTE: Selling gear to the AH will REMOVE the augments, so if you have augmented gear you plan to use later, you’ll want to keep that. =]
  • You can use the !mh to view your Mog House while out in the field and acquire the gil from your purchases from your delivery box, then use that to buy new gear.


Once you’re logged in, be sure to join our Discord (ping a GM to be promoted to a member) and equip the NocturnalSouls linkshell.

Important Commands

The custom commands on Nocturnal Souls provide teleports, stat bonuses, and information about your character. When starting out, a few of these can make your leveling experience a lot better.

  • Be sure to always have on signet, either from a gate guard in your nation or via the !signet command. It provides a level-based buff to defense, evasion, HP regen, MP refresh, TP regain, and haste. These are latents (hidden effects) that trigger when you engage a monster that’s even match or higher. You can stack spells on top of these for more benefits.
  • You can use !shop 1 and !shop 2 to purchase food and medicine to make battles go quicker.
  • You can easily get back to your homepoint by using !home or leave a dungeon area with !escape. For longer distance travel, the !tele command can get you most anywhere in Vana’diel and the !telelist command allows you to create custom telepoints.

When you enter an instanced fight or are level sync’d, remember that your buffs are removed. Be sure to reuse !signet for your buffs!

Bonus EXP Opportunities

As you’re leveling up, experience gain rate on Nocturnal Souls is increased. It’s about comparable to having all of the Raphosides of Vana’diel completed on retail.

  • The Field and Grounds of Valor books are enabled and experience from these are buffed up a bit. You can use the !gotoexp command to teleport to popular EXP camps and the list provides recommended pages and targets. After each completion, you’ll gain a significant Dedication bonus for 10 minutes. Use it to boost your gains as you work on the pages.
  • Daily Hunts provide a good deal of experience points simply for killing common enemy types and provide currency used once you reach higher levels for gear enhancements.
  • Daily BCNMs, available at level 10 and up, provide experience points, gil, and rare and HQ equipment for the level range of the fight. These are great to do every day, even the lower level ones, to acquire gear for leveling other jobs.
  • Crafting provides job-level experience. If you’re tired of fighting baddies, head to town and work on your favorite craft–you’ll gain a fair share of experience points every time you skill up!

What should I do as I level up?

Players are recommend to work on the following tasks as they level up:

  • Work on nation and storyline missions. Nation rank 10 is required for several level 99+ unlocks. Most players can complete their nation storyline while they are leveling up. The bonus gil these missions provide is also very beneficial. Nation rank missions provide some of the best gil available to newer players–rank 2 is 50,000 gil alone!
    • TIP: If you’re leveling multiple jobs, level one as you cap out your nation rank, another for RoZ, another for CoP, etc. to keep things a bit more exciting.
    • TIP: You can also opt to use the Fast Tracks system to bypass the RoZ/CoP/ToAU grind; however, be ready to farm currency to buy your way out.
  • Work on chocobo digging. Chocobo digging unlocks at level 20 (acquiring your chocobo license) and can provide augments, rare materials, and is required for Heroics missions.
  • Work on crafting and synergy. Crafting provides players with bonus job experience points every successful skill-up and can help level jobs even faster. Synergy unlocks when at least four synthesis crafts are skill level 10 or higher and lets players participate in some of the seasonal event crafts. Both of these are extensively used at level 99+ content, including Empyrean Weapons and Heroics.
  • Complete daily BCNMs and hunts as often as possible; these rewards and currencies will be useful later on. The bonus experience points and gil isn’t a slouch either!

Any tips and tricks?

  • If you’re any sort of caster, Impact is life. BLM, WHM, RDM, SCH, and SMN get Impact as either a main or sub job. This spell GREATLY reduces the target’s main attributes allowing all engaged players to hit harder (or even at all) as many spell hit rates compare the target’s INT and MND to the player’s. For any content above level 115-120, it can make the difference between an impossible encounter and a doable one.
  • If you’re a melee, get familiar with the elements of your skill chains and keep them going. Weaponskills have a lower cap than magic spells, but factor in the damage of high-powered skill chain effects. Finding great combos for double light/double darkness can add upwards of another 120-150k damage (since skill chains are magic and CAN go up to 99999).
  • Don’t forget to use food or drinks!
  • Be aware of monster families and resistances and use appropriate battle tactics. Monsters strong against magic resist both spells AND magical weaponskills, so plan accordingly.

I just hit 99, what do I do now?

Well, that’s a great question.

By 99, if you’ve been doing a few daily BCNMs and a daily hunt here and there, you should have some stored up Alexandrite and Tanzanite Jewels.


If you haven’t already, be sure to finish your nation missions, the Rise of the Zilart storyline, and the Chains of Promathia storyline. There are several progressions that require those to be completed.

You can jump into doing all of the daily BCNMs, including the now available level 99 fight against the Forgotten Protector. You can also open the storyline for Voidwatch and work on ZNMs in Aht Urhgan. Finally, The Halls of Legion’s first two or three halls should pose no problem to you, allowing you to start farming Tanzanite Jewels even faster and gain a few pieces of i109 to i119 armor pieces.

Be sure to unlock Mog Gardening and begin leveling it up for additional materials. Having Mog Gardening fully leveled is a requirement for the Pioneers coalition in Heroics.

Speaking of Heroics speak to Zezarn in Western Adoulin to get started with your Heroics. It requires level 99 and the three primary expansions complete (RoZ, CoP, and ToAU) to begin. Once you’ve unlocked Heroics, you can begin working to unlock each coalition.


First off, go snag an i119 weapon from one of the vendors in Upper Jeuno or any of the numerous NMs throughout the world that drop weapons. You’ll NEED the +Accuracy bonus on an i119 weapon to be able to hit level 115+ mobs. If you’re looking for something in particular, use the Items search on the Members Portal.

If you’re working on your REMAs, you should have your 75 relic weapon and, if you’re doing ZNMs before 99, your base 75 mythic weapon. Keep in mind this will vary depending on what job you’re working on as relics aren’t available for all jobs.

Now you’re ready to dig into the gear progression with both of those via the relic weapon or mythic weapon trials. Empyreans are available too, but they require these two being done first.


You should be working to unlock your gear progression upgrades from Vainrachault in the CML. Each of these tiers will let you upgrade your armor a bit more. In addition, the Alexandrite and Tanzanite Jewels gained from Daily BCNMs, hunts, Legion, and other events will go to use in upgrading the armor.

Once you reach Tier III, look into the requirements to enter The Reisenjima Henge for materials on upgrading to Tier IV and the currency to upgrade your armor to the final tiers.

Players taking on level 115+ mobs should at least have some form of i119 armor on for the added stats, evasion, and accuracy. Players can acquire their Reforged Artifact +1 using tier II armor upgrades or via sets found on various HNM encounters throughout the world.

Other Questions?

If you have questions or problems, be sure to check out the FAQ section. In addition, on the Members Portal, when you log in, you can see a list of upcoming events, browse through the items and monsters database, and see the community members list. Got an idea? Be sure to leave it under the Feedback > Suggestions area!

Also, the staff on Discord is available to help you when possible, feel free to reach out or post a note in the #support channel.