Daily BCNMs

The daily BCNMs provide a fun challenge for players of all levels. These fights can be taken on solo or up to a group of three and provide rare/ex items matching the level of the encounter (including a small chance at some super rare items) as well as the chance at gear progression currency, such as alexandrite.


  • You must be at least level 10 to participate in the initial BCNM.
  • Group size must be between 1 to 3 members.
  • You can enter each BCNM once every 20 hours and your daily entry only expires if you win the BCNM and collect the treasure.

Gaining Entry

The fights take place at Gheshba Outpost’s “Hut Door”. To access each fight, trade the item listed below to the Hut Door to gain entry and select the . (the period, second option) when the entry dialog pops up.

There are 5 BCNMs:

Level Range Target Trade Item
10-35 Vorpal Bunny San d’Orian Carrot
30-55 Skynet Shakudo Ingot
50-75 Rock Chomper Translucent Rock
70-95 Chairot of Volare Chariot Band
90-99 Forgotten Overseer Void Crystal

The key items can be found throughout the world as drops, from shops, or from prior tier BCNMs.

Players over the maximum level of the BCNM will be level sync’d down to the max level and their stats scaled accordingly. Equipped gear will be automatically reduced to match (rather than unequipped) the restriction.

The item isn’t consumed on trade, so you’ll only ever need one of each item as ‘keys’ to the BCNM. You can store them in your Mog Satchel and them move them into your inventory to trade to the Hut Door.


On successful completion of the BCNM, you’ll gain experience points, gil, and potentially a personal treasure pool of gear progression currency. Experience points and gil are scaled to your job level.

  • 1% chance : SUPER JACKPOT! 25 alexandrite and 20 tanzanite jewels
  • 5% chance : JACKPOT! 15 alexandrite and 10 tanzanite jewels
  • 24% chance : 8 alexandrite and 5 tanzanite jewels
  • 70% chance : 5 alexandrite and 2 tanzanite jewels

In addition, each encounter has a unique loot table with some rare and fun items found in the level range of the encounter, such as Ridill, Hachirin-no-obi, Bounding Boots, and Soboro Shkehiro. The loot tables will be changing monthly to spice things up.