Fall Harvest

The leaves start turning and it is time for the fall harvest to begin. The Fall Harvest event allows players to participate in the HELM (harvesting, excavation, logging, and mining) activities to find rare items, spawn fun encounters, and use synergy to craft unique items.

Finding those rare harvests


This event runs annually from 10 September to 15 November.

It’s recommended that players be at least level 5-10 to begin participating with the HELM events. The event BCNM will level sync to level 30, so players should be at least 30 to participate.

Getting Started

To get started, players will need to flag their character as participating in the Harvest. You’ll need to trade a sickle to an Event Moogle.

What can I do?

Try your luck at the Harvest Game


Located at the Celennia Memorial Library (!relax), players can try their luck at the Harvest Game with Rosulatia.

Trade her an item–any item–and see what you get back. It may be something amazing, it may be trash! What you get will be based on how generous you and other players have been in the items you’ve traded her.

Players can participate in the Harvest Game every 2 hours.

If you’re EXTREMELY LUCKY, you could end up with a rare, lucky harvest and receive an additional prize!

Get out there and harvest

Harvesting provides players with a chance at getting the Fall Harvest currency, leafkin grenades, to drop on each harvest.

The Fall Harvest event is only active in certain zones. Equipping a leafkin grenade in your ammo slot while harvesting can draw out rare NM.

These rare leafkins have a chance to drop additional grenades and rare items depending on the harvest activity you were participating in–mining, harvesting, and logging all have unique rare items, such as rare augment items, elemental “tears”, and rare crafting materials.

The “suggested level” of each is based on the level of the mobs in the zone and the level range of surprise NM encounters while harvesting.

1-10HarvestingWest Saurtabaruta
10-20LoggingGhelsba Outpost
20-30MiningPalborough Mines
30-40MiningGusgen Mines
40-50LoggingMisareaux Coast
50-60HarvestingWajaom Woodlands
60-70LoggingCaedarva Mire
80-90HarvestingGrauberg [S]
90+LoggingFort Karugo-Narugo [S]
99+HarvestingAbyssea - Grauberg

The chance that you’ll receive a rare reward after defeating the leafkin varies by zone–higher level zones have a higher chance of dropping rare items.

A wild leafkin appears!

Collect and turn-in leafkin grenades

The leafkin grenades can be turned into the Event Moogle. These can then be used to activate passive buffs on the player as well as used for currency to purchase rare items and crafting materials.

Don’t forget to keep one leafkin grenade equipped in your ammo slot so you have a chance at spawning the NMs when you harvest.

🆕 Players can also use Chocobo Digging in skill level 70+ zones for a chance at leafkin grenades! 🆕

Players can see their total leafkin grenades totals by speaking to the Event Moogle. The Event Moogle will report both the obtained (total) turned in and the spendable total.

  • The Obtained number is a running total and determines the types of passive buffs, BCNMs, and BCNM timers available to the player.
  • The Spendable number is how many can be used to acquire rare items, crafting materials, etc. This number decreases as you spend them.

Purchase rare items, crafting materials, and HELM buffs

Players can spend their leafkin grenades on numerous buffs and rare crafting materials. These can be acquired by trading a required item to the Event Moogle and having the sufficient number of spendable leafkin grenades.

Buffs can only be applied to a character once.

Earth crystal20Buff: 2x mining harvests
Wind crystal20Buff: 2x harvesting harvests
Fire crystal20Buff: 2x logging harvests
Lightning crystal30Silver leaf
Ice crystal40Mythril leaf
Water crystal50Gold leaf
Ice cluster75Platinum leaf
Light cluster250Azure leaf
Lightning cluster500Large leaf

Looking like.. well, strange

Craft unique items with synergy

Using the items purchased from the Event Moogle, players can create several unique items, including a custom chair! Recipes that require leafkin grenades must be traded to the synergy furnace as a normal recipe component and cannot be pulled from your spendable total.

Leaf bench

Participate in the BCNM

Players can participate in the Harvest Mayhem BCNM for a chance at rare crafting items, gear, leafkin grenade currency, and rare augments and items.

Harvest Mayhem

To enter, trade a Platinum Leaf to the burning circle at Balga’s Dias to enter the battlefield. This is a challenging, solo level 50 level capped fight without a reentry timer–players can enter as often as they can acquire a new Platinum Leaf.

Location: Balga’s Dias (choose “Steamed Sprouts” from the menu)

Level Cap: 50

Be careful! These angry trees can pack quite a punch if you ignore one of them for too long!

Gain player bonuses

In addition to the purchasable HELM buffs, players gain bonuses for the duration of the Fall Harvest event based on the cumulative total of obtained leafkin grenades.

Reaching the highest levels will allow players to have a better chance at crafting some of the normally impossible level 110 recipes!

Leafkin GrenadesBuff
15Defense +20
25Attack +20
35Accuracy +10
45Magic Attack Bonus +10
55Magic Accuracy +20
65Accuracy +10
75Magic Accuracy +10
85Synthesis Success Rate +10
95Quick Magic +5
105Store TP +10
115Crit. Hit Rate +5%
150Synthesis HQ Rate +5
175All Crafting Skills +5
200All Crafting Skills +5
300Synthesis HQ Rate +10

Happy Harvest and Good Luck!