Beat The Heatwaves

Beat the heat outside by beating the heat on Nocturnal Souls! The Heatwaves event provides players NMs to hunt, a new daily BCNM, passive buffs during the event for participation, and prizes!

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This event runs annually in July and August. In 2021, this event will run from 10 July to the start of maintenance on 7 August 2022.

What can I do?

Beat the Summer Heats!

Summer Heats

There are 5 “Summer Heat” NMs for the Heatwaves event scattered across Vana’diel.

These NMs are known to path and teleport around the zones, so you’ll need to hunt around for them as they will hide in the strangest places! Once defeated, they’ll respawn at a random location in the zone every ten (10) minutes.

Defeating these NMs has a high chance to increments your total “heatwaves” by one (1). In addition to incrementing your total “heatwaves”, each of these NMs randomly drops a rare/ex Fire Feather used to enter the BCNM.

BE AWARE These NMs have some mechanics not common for monsters of their type–be ready to bar-spell, stun, and shield through the fiery things 🔥.

Target Zone
Raging Heat Vulkrum Dunes
Burning Light Western Altepa Desert
Explosive Fire Misareaux Coast
Fiery Rays Bibiki Bay
Blasting Explosion Yhoator Jungle
Floating Magma Meriphataud Mountains
Scalding Air Sauromugue Champaigne
Blazing Light Eastern Altepa Desert
Searing Flames Buburimu Peninsula
Scorching Heat Yuhtunga Jungle

Make the most of your chances! The Fire Feather is consumed when you enter the BCNM. Once you have one, it’s recommended to run the BCNM before resuming the hunt for additional NMs. The Fire Feather isn’t a guaranteed drop from the Summer Heats.

Wrath of Fire


Having a hard time with getting a fire feather? Once you have 50 Heatwaves, you can trade 50,000 gil to an Event Moogle and they’ll convert those Heatwaves into a Fire Feather!

Stand in the Fire!

With a Fire Feather, you’ll gain entry to the the A Feast Most Dire BCNM at Horlais Peak.

In the BCNM, you’ll face the fire at a chance for additional a bonus cache of “heatwaves” (between one and five) as well as rare style lock items, accessories, gear progression currencies, and more!

The BCNM is a timed, solo battlefield capped at level 50.

After completing the BCNM, be sure to visit an Event Moogle, located in each of the main starter cities, to receive an additional reward! You can check back for a prize each time you win the A Feast Most Dire BCNM.



Players collecting heatwaves will see increased rewards as they acquire heatwaves.

  • Players with 35 or more heatwaves will find that the Summer Heats have a chance to drop random fireworks.
  • Players with 75 or more heatwaves will find that the Summer Heats have a chance to drop Alexandrite and Tanzanite Jewels.

BCNM Rewards

There’s over 80 potential rewards between the BCNM and Event Moogles–including items not available anywhere else in the game or during other seasonal events. Now’s the time to get that summerwear!

Summer swimwear

  • Unique appearance weapons and armor
    • Ark Angel weapons
    • Ta Moko/Cossie summer sets
    • Summer weapons, hats, and more!
  • Rare crafting gear, such as crafting torques, shaper’s shawl, and kupo shield
  • Rare drops found in high end content zones.
  • Unique augmented items that drop from the BCNM (personal loot)

Good luck and have fun!