Enhanced Spells/Abilities

There are a ton of iconic abilities and spells in FFXI… that could use some love after all of these years.

As the focus on the server is the constant use of weaponskills and rapid combat, adding additional buffs and debuffs adds some flair to the numerous combinations.

Our goal will be to help incorporate some of the additional benefits retail’s Job Points provides… without it getting too overpowered.

These are being tweaked and tuned based on player feedback. cough Obviously the classes played by the dev and GM teams likely have the most attention first. If you’re interested in testing, ping a GM in game!

  • Combat and Magic Skills
  • Several abilities have been altered to better match the play style found on Nocturnal Souls. In addition to tweaks, some jobs have additional abilities and spells not found in retail.

  • Weaponskills
  • Unique and enhanced weaponskills with additional effects like en-spells, refresh and regen, and elemental debuffs on the target. We also unlock relic, mythic, empyrean, merit, and quested weaponskills as you level.