Of course, there’s always works in progress and things that won’t work compared to retail.

“Big Things”

  • RUN and GEO are not fully functional and not recommended for play at this time. We’ve seen a few servers create custom versions of these jobs and are still deciding if we want to go down that road or not.
  • Some level 90+ abilities are non-functional. Typically, if there’s a purple and black animation when you use the skill or the effect you gain is “KO” (and you didn’t die), then it’s not working or programmed in (check your buffs bar to see). These are slowly being addressed by the core DSP development team and we’re working on a few more common ones as they arise.

If you’re having trouble connecting to Nocturnal Souls or receiving in-game errors, consult our Common Errors list for recommendations.

For more details:

If the feature is part of the base game content (not custom Nocturnal Souls content) and shows working on the above page, verify that it’s not a known bug on the DSP issues list. For Nocturnal Souls specific errors, check the bug reports listing on the Members Portal for a list of current known bugs and status. If you’re still have an issue, feel free to reach out to a staff member on Discord via the #bug-reports channel or in game.