Archive - 2018 Q3

September 2018

25 September

Aptant Conversions

The Materials Moogle in the !craft zone will now trade aptants for 20 rusted coins based on how much gil you trade him (1 to 12 gil). Rusted coins are a 100% drop from most high-level VWNMs. The full details can be found under Synergy/Acquiring Aptants.


  • The despawn timers for Reisenjima Henge encounters have been increased to 180 seconds (3 minutes) from 60 seconds. Keep in mind that the longer an encounter is left unclaimed, the faster it regenerates health and that the rage timers continue to tick (based on spawn time).
  • King Behemoth (Reisenjima Henge) no longer chain chainspells and now has a new array of two-hour abilities. His magic cool downs and effects remain the same (including Meteor), however, the frequency of these should be more fitting a tier 1 encounter.
  • Ix’aern DRK (The Garden of Ru’Hmet): Players now have a 1/4 chance of gaining “sheer animosity” rather than a 1/8 chance when an Aw’aern is killed.
  • The spikes damage on Fistule in the Enhanced Empyrean BCNMs has been slightly reduced.

24 September

Empyrean Weapon Trials - Phase II

The second and final phase to the Empyrean Weapon trials is here! Rejoice!

Players can now upgrade their level 99 II (afterglow) empyrean weapons to the final i199 III (afterglow) versions. This task is broken up into three stages requiring players to acquire items, gil, and cruor for each stage. Players have multiple ways to acquire some items–including synergy and synthesis crafting, BCNMs, and open-world boss encounters.

The final Empyrean Weapon trial is meant to be an accomplishment for players–providing players with one of the strongest weapons in the game to this point–and isn’t designed to be done in one sitting. 😁

Full details can be found on the Empyrean Weapons page.

BONUS: Players who fully completed Phase I of the Empyrean Weapon trials at the start of maintenance received a bonus of 10,000 cruor on their character. This is a one-time bonus.


Going forward, for the purposes of the “complete an empyrean weapon” achievement for future content, the Ochain and Daurdabla will not count towards this achievement as they do not have a final tier and do not register as i119.

Empyrean “Enhanced” BCNMs

The Empyrean Enhanced BCNMs have been updated with the following changes:

  • All encounters have had a reduction in base HP regen and magic accuracy.
  • Chloris' counter rate reduced from 50% to 30% from frontal attacks.
  • Carabosse’s magic attack and magic accuracy have been greatly reduced and the AOE radius of her spells has been reduced to 15.
  • All encounters now drop a random amount of cruor for players (up to 2000 per win).
  • Shinryu’s (“The Wyrm God”) encounter has been updated and includes a very high cruor reward for players who complete the fight (up to 10000 per win).
  • Prishe at the Abyssea-Empyrean Paradox will keep track of the Enhanced Empyrean encounters you’ve completed. This is important for the final phase of the Empyrean Weapon trials.

New Synergy Recipes

The following recipes have been added to synergy:

  • Scholar Stone

New Drops

The following drops have been added to assist players with the Empyrean Weapons Trials - Phase II.

  • Scholar Stones: Added as treasure pool drops (100%) from Achuka and Colkhab.
  • Riftdross: Reisenjima Henge encounters tiers 3 and higher now have a chance to drop between 1 and 5 riftdross, similar to how medals are awarded.
  • Riftcinder, Heavy Metal, and Riftborn Boulders: Added to various mobs across the game as part of the phase II weapon trial. See the Empyrean Weapons guide for details.

The Where Do I Find? page has been updated accordingly for rarer items.

Vainrachault - Currency and Chapters Conversions

Vainrachault in the Celennia Memorial Library (!relax) now offers two new types of currency conversion for players who have unlocked up to Tier IV armor upgrades.

  1. Alexandrite to Tanzanite using valor points (acquired from FoV/GoV books)
  2. Alexandrite/Tanzanite/Gil to Rem’s Tales Chapters using conquest points (acquired from defeating monsters with Signet on)

Full details can be found on the Armor Upgrades page.

Daily BCNMs

  • An issue has been addressed with all custom BCNMs that HP/MP pools and resists were not properly sync’d down during these encounters. This has been fixed. Players will also notice that the “level sync” flag is now active while in these encounters if you are sync’d.
  • Players can once again challenge the “Stand in the Fire” BCNM. The BCNM remains level sync’d at level 50; however, the entry timer have been removed. Entry requires a Fire Feather, which is now a rare drop from the daily BCNM 99 encounter. Please keep in mind that the Fire Feather is rare/ex and players can only hold one.
  • Due to the drops being some of the best accessories in the game, the Wrath of Fire in the “Stand in the Fire” BCNM has been increased from level 47 to level 50–an even match fight.

NocSouls Day

With the success of the Level Up Day, it’s been decided to add NocSouls Day to the server. This will be on the 20th day of every month in commemoration of the day the servers opened up for the first time (7/20)–similar to Vana’diel Day that occurs on the retail servers on the 15th day of every month.

The rewards will remain similar with a bit more randomness in the ranges of points provided. In addition, conquest points and imperial standing have been added as potential rewards and the max-potions and foods have been replaced with panaceas and hallowed waters.

The next occurrence of this will be on 20 October for 24 hours.

Reisenjima Henge - Mob Despawns

Monsters in Reisenjima Henge now despawn after being UNCLAIMED and IDLE for 60 seconds. This is two fold update:

  • To prevent encounters for existing for long periods of time after a player has given up on them and left the zone.
  • Prevent players from ‘zerging’ an encounter over and over without anyone being in the zone and keeping the target claimed or engaged or using normal reraise mechanics.

Players will need to reraise and/or teleport back into the Henge and re-engage with the encounter quickly to prevent the despawn. Players can re-engage and sleep/bind/break the monster to keep it claimed and non-idle to prevent a despawn.

Relic and Mythic Weapon Modifiers

Several relic and mythic weapon modifiers have been added or adjusted.

  • Excalibur: Removed +40 Harvesting Success Chance 😆
  • Yoichinoyumi: Reduce Ranged Accuracy from +80 to +60
  • Laevateinn: +30% weaponskill damage for Vidohunir
  • Yagrush: +30% weaponskill damage for Mystic Boon
  • Murgelis: +30% weaponskill damage for Death Blossom
  • Vajra: Magic Damage +155
  • Aymur: Magic Damage +155
  • Gastraphetes: Magic Damage +217, Enhance Barrage Accuracy V (+70)
  • Burtgang: Uncapped Physical Damage Reduction -18%, Enmity Loss from Damage Reduction +20
  • Nagi: Magic Damage +186
  • Ryunohige: Magic Damage +155, Jump/High Jump Damage +35%, Jump/High Jump 100% Crit Rate
  • Nirvana: Accuracy +30, Magic Damage +279, Avatar Perpetuation Cost -8
  • Tizona: Magic Damage +186, Magic Accuracy +40
  • Teripsichore: Magic Damage +155, Steps Accuracy V (+60), Augments Steps V (+1 Finishing Move per Step)
  • Tupsimati: Accuracy +40, Magic Attack Bonus +50, Magic Damage +279
  • Death Penalty: Magic Damage +217, Enhance Quick Draw V (QD Damage +60%, Magic Accuracy +60)

If a modifier is not listed here nor on the Members Portal, the modifier either does not work or does not exist in the DSP project at this time. We’ll continue evaluating modifiers as they’re added and adding them to the weapons.


At this time, these updates were only made to the final i119 III versions of the weapons. There’s no plan to go back and add to lesser versions at this time.


  • We’re working to better integrate the wiki and the members portal together with links to monsters, items, recipes, and BCNMs.
  • Sanraku no longer accepts more than one ZNM trophy at a time (thus not providing the proper key items for the trade).
  • The model and glow effects for the i119 II and i119 III afterglow versions of Yoichinoyumi, Annihilator, Death Penalty, and Gastraphetes have been updated to properly provide their glow and the correct model.
  • The status message when using ammo-granting REMAs has been updated to simply say “Item obtained:” as the message text for obtaining multiple items (“You gained 99 {x}!") does not exist in all zones and can cause a client crash.
  • Mechanical Menace in Abyssea-Uleguerand is now the acrolith model, not an adorable, tiny orcish conqueror.
  • Updated the weaponskill mod on the Wakido Haidate +3 to apply to all weaponskill hits, not simply the first one.
  • Several relic and mythic weapons that were missing their Afterglow “glow” should now have it.
  • The drop pools of the Ru’Aun Gardens “sky gods” have been cleaned up to reduce duplication on the abjuration pieces and save treasure pool overflow.
  • Drekavac in Abyssea-Attohwa can now be spawned by the Set of Wailing Rags.
  • The Set of Wailing Rags no longer drops off a Lamia in Arrapago Reef, but off of Spuk in Abyssea-Attohwa, as it should.
  • The ability Thar She Blows now has a much smaller radius and a longer casting time to give players opportunity to avoid the instant KO attack.
  • (DSP) A bug causing players to randomly go to their home point when they die, rather than wait to be revived, is (hopefully) addressed.
  • (DSP) Treasure pools should no longer drop more items than the treasure pool can hold (12 items).
  • (DSP) A bug causing treasure to automatically fall to the ground if a single player as lot, but another has taken no action is (hopefully) addressed.

18 September

Reisenjima Henge: Spikes Damage

Spikes damage for several encounters in the Henge has been drastically reduced due to players having a high amount of multi-attack/low delay for physical attack. These encounters were designed with high spikes to encourage other jobs to participate in the battles. Less lethal mechanics to emphasize this point are now in place and will be tweaked over the next few updates.

17 September

Server Guidelines Updated

Updating the “rules” is something I hope doesn’t need to be done very often. The rules have been expanded due to a few recent situations.

In short, the guidelines have been updated to clarify the languages around harassment and unacceptable behavior and add more structure around the rules for the conduct of players during sponsored and player events.

The goal is to create a fun, safe environment here on Nocturnal Souls for everyone at all times. Harassment and cruelty towards other players, communities, and cultures has absolutely zero tolerance on this server.

Please take a moment to review the server guidelines in full.

New !tele teleport locations!

We’ve added new teleport locations for the !tele command.

  • crags: altep
  • recalls: jugner, pashhow, and meriph
  • special: dailybcnm, sky, and sea

Some of these teleports have requirements:

  • The Altepa (altep) crag requires the gate crystal.
  • The recall teleports (gate crystals in the past) all require the gate crystal and the white feather gained by completing the first WOTG mission.
  • !tele dailybcnm is available to all players and teleports you directly to the hut.
  • !tele sky is available to players after they complete the Rise of the Zilart expansion.
  • !tele sea is available to players after they complete the Chains of Promathia expansion.

New Augments

Several new augments have been added to the augments vendor.

  • Tier 1: 12x Lufet’s Salt = Ranged Attack +1
  • Tier 3: 12x Meteorite = Magic Accuracy +8
  • Tier 3: 12x Mythril sand = Ranged Attack +8
  • Tier 4: 12x Lanolin = Ranged Attack +10
  • Tier 4: 12x Shaman’s Garlic = Store TP +5
  • Tier 5: 12x Warding Oil = Magic Evasion +10
  • Tier 5: 12x Tahrongi Cactus = Store TP +10
  • Tier 6: 12x Gold Orcmask = Ranged Accuracy +18
  • Tier 6: 12x Ahirman Lens = Magic Accuracy +18

Updated Augments

The following augment recipes have been updated to allow for better stacking of stats.

  • Tier 5: Altdorf’s Earring -> 12x Starmite Shell for Ranged Accuracy+15

Relic, Mythic, and Empyrean Aftermath Effects and Modifiers

Thanks to leads from the community, a bug was found in pretty much all relic, mythic, and empyrean weapons that applied their aftermath effects twice–once when the weapon is equipped as a permanent modifier and a second time when the actual aftermath effect kicked in on weaponskill.

This led many weapons to be far more powerful than intended, such as Masamune i119 III having a flat +25% critical hit rate increase and a +50% critical damage increase which then stacked with the duplicate aftermath effect.

These incorrect modifiers have been removed from the weapons and the aftermath effect for all relic, mythic, and empyrean weapons has been reviewed and verified.

Summoner’s Avatar Healing Spells

The base formulas for avatar healing spells have been altered to be more in line with the health pools of players. In addition to this update, Healing Ruby and Healing Ruby II will now wake players affected by their cure.

Windurst Mission 9-2 Updates

The Ancient Verses required for Windurst Mission 9-2 are now in their correct locations; the bard in the !relax zone is no longer necessary to complete the quest. Good luck, future Rank 10 Windurstians!

Synergy Crafting - Elemental Capacity Increased

Elemental capacity for synergy crafting is no longer limited to 254 (cap is, technically, 999999999 now… uhh, good luck?).

New Player Flag

New players to the server are now properly flagged with the “new player” question mark. This mark is removed from players once they hit level 50 on any job or reached 10 hours of play time. If you see one of these players around, please welcome them to the server and help them feel welcome!

New Notorious Monsters

  • Maere and Gamayun have been added to Abyssea-Grauberg.


  • The job/combat skills of ~50 mobs have been updated to reflect the job mob’s skills used on retail.
  • The model for Muscaliet is now properly a manticore rather than an orc conqueror.
  • Kirin in The Shrine of Ru’Avitau now drops the Neptunal Abjuration: Body.
  • Fix timer issue when purchasing Dedication-effect rings from Conquest Point guards.
  • The “wonder” HNMs now properly grant their titles: Achuka, Hurkan, Colkab, Kumhau, and Tchakka.
  • Update drop pools for several mobs, including worms in Aydeewa Subterrain , to drop rarer/useful crafting materials, ores, and future-use synergy materials.

14 September

Seekers of Adoulin “barriers” updated!

The barriers in SoA zones have been updated to open more reliably when all of the barrier NPCs are killed at the same time. Somewhat related, players now receive the maps to Ra’Kaznar zones when starting as a new player and/or when entering Outer Ra’Kaznar.

Fall Harvest Event Updates

  • Harvesting in Abyssea-Grauberg is now operational.
  • Some synergy recipes associated with the fall harvest event have been updated to accept the correct item quantities.

Empyrean Weapon BCNMs

The Empyrean Weapon BCNMs have been adjusted as follows:

  • Encounter monsters are now 4-6 levels lower.
  • Encounter treasure chests now drop the trial item 100% of the time.
  • The base regen, defense, and magic accuracy has been reduced for all encounters.


  • The Ranged Attack +18 augment now accepts H.Q. Aern Organs rather than Frayed Arrows and can be stacked.
  • The BLU magic spell “Bloodrake” now properly inflicts damage on all mobs and transfers health to the player.
  • ~60 zones that were not properly notifying players of Conquest updates have been fixed.
  • A bug with Harith’s conversations before and after you enter Promyvion has been addressed.
  • Fixes for several high-tier Bio, Dia, Diaga, Poison, and Poisonga spells were not properly taking the caster’s dark magic and enfeebling magic skills into account.
  • ~250 mob skills not properly inflicting status effects using the correct element and/or calculating damage using the correct element have been updated. These skills could have been causing client-side instability when inflicted on a player. Many of these were causing these skills to either heal players or do zero damage.|

10 September

Renamer Update

With the Fall Harvest and new quests, a new Renamer file is available. Click here for information on installing..

Fall Harvest is Here!

The first part of the Fall Harvest event is here. Fall Harvest allows players to participate in harvesting activities to acquire rare items, spawn rare NMs, and collect “leafkin” currency. Currency can be used to purchase other leaves used in synergy crafting.

Recommended Minimum Level: 10 (based on zones)

This is a two-part event–the second part of the event, including the BCNM, is scheduled to begin on 1 October.

Read the full details here.

Harvesting Changes

With the addition of the Fall Harvest event, the rates for harvesting have been evaluated and tweaked.

  • HELM tool break chance: Changed from 3% to 5%.
  • Harvesting success rate: Changed from 100% to 70%.
  • Harvesting and Logging now allow 5 harvests, up from 3, before the node changes location. Mining remains unchanged.

Synthesis Changes

With the addition of the Fall Harvest event, the rates for synthesis have been evaluated and tweaked.

  • Crafting Skill-up Chance Multiplier: Changed from 8x to 6x.
  • Crafting Success Chance Multiplier: Changed from 8x to 6x.

New Synergy Recipes

In addition to recipes added as part of the Fall Harvest event, several new recipes have been added to craft furniture and storage items used to add more storage capacity (and flair) to your Mog House.

Updated Synergy Recipes

The recipe for evoliths has been reduced from level 3 to level 1 and their success chance increased from 40% to 45%, but they now require an additional component of 4 adaman ores.

Thief Master Job - Starter and Quest #1!

The starter and first quest for the thief master job quest line has been added. Prepare for a treasure hunt!

Voidwatch Purveyors Updated

No more hunting and selecting through the menu to convert Conquest Points to voiddust. Voidwatch Purveyors now accept trades of gil for voidstones. Players can trade the Purveyors increments of 250,000 gil to directly receive voidstones. Each 250,000 increment requires the player to have a matching 20,000 conquest points (the amount of CP and gil required in trades for the voiddust-to-voidstone conversions).

The Voidwatch Officers still accept voiddust and can convert them into voidstones for you. Some VWNMs may start dropping voiddust in the future.

New/Updated Abilities

There are many abilities between level 75 and 99 that are still not in the game or non-functional on private servers. We’re working to address those as time permits. Here’s the latest batch.


Restraint, Level 77

Increases weaponskill accuracy and damage while increasing weapon delay.

  • Weaponskill Accuracy: 10%
  • Weaponskill Damage: (STR/20) with a cap of 20%
  • Delay: Adds +50 delay to weapon swings

Blood Rage, Level 87

Enhances critical hit rate for party members within an area of effect.

  • Unlike retail, this does NOT override Warcry.
  • Critical Hit Rate: 20%


Cover, Level 35

Cover does not act as an intercept, simply a hate transfer–similar to a ‘Rescue’ ability used in other games.

  • Cover transfers 45% of the targeted player’s total enmity to the Paladin.
  • During the duration of Cover, the Paladin’s base enmity is increased 20% and enmity loss reduction reduced -10%.

Palisade, Level 95

Increases chance of blocking with shield, and eliminates enmity loss for the duration of the effect.

  • Enmity Loss Reduction: -100%
  • Shield Block Rate: +15%


Impetus, Level 88

Increases attack and critical hit rate of the monk.

  • Attack Bonus: 10 + (STR/10), hard cap of 150
  • Critical Hit Rate: 2% + (DEX/128), hard cap of 10%.

Perfect Counter, Level 79

Allows you to counter the next attack directed at you.

  • Works similar to retail, however, gear modifiers are not in place at this time.

White Mage

Sacrosanctity, Level 95

Drastically enhances magic defense for party members within area of effect.

  • Increases magic defense by a flat 75% for the duration of the effect.

Black Mage

Enmity Douse, Level 87

Reduces the target’s enmity towards you.

  • Sets the targeted enemy’s Enmity values to 1 Cumulative Enmity and 0 Volatile Enmity for the player.

Red Mage

Stymie, Level 96

Greatly increases the accuracy of the next enfeebling magic spell.

  • Amount of magic accuracy has been raised from +50 to +250.

Dark Knight

Nether Void, Level 78

Increases the dark knight’s dark magic accuracy and attack for their spells by 50%. This increase is augmented by Bale Flanchard and Heathen’s Flanchard up to 85%, as per retail.

Scarlet Delirium, Level 95

Increase the attack and magic attack based on the player’s intelligence. This crazed state reduces the player’s accuracy.

  • Attack Bonus & Magic Attack Bonus: (INT / 15), hard cap of +75
  • Accuracy: -20


Futae, Level 77

Increases magic attack by +10 for the duration of the ability (1 minute). Futae is no longer lost on spell cast.

Issekigan, Level 95

Increases chance of parrying by 25% and increases enmity gain by 20% for the duration of the effect.


Hamanoha, Level 87

Lowers accuracy, evasion, magic accuracy, magic evasion, and TP gain for Demons. Works like retail.

Puppetmasters and Automatons

  • Automaton’s TP generation has been adjusted dramatically. Previously, due to how TP gains are set on the server, automatons were gaining 10x TP per hit, allowing them to repeatedly spam weaponskills at max TP. This has been pulled in line with other pets at 2x TP gain (players remain at 4x TP gain). Attachments that increase TP generation or add Store TP effects are unchanged.
  • Automatons should now auto level their skills to the max when the player levels up (requires reactivating the automaton).
  • Automatons should now properly auto level their skills when entering BCNMs, based on the level cap of the BCNM.
  • Automatons enmity gains have been reduced from 200% to 20%. Puppetmaster enmity reductions have been reduced from -100% to -80%. This is to assist PUPs in groups and allowing tanks to hold aggro off of the automaton UNLESS the automaton is equipped with proper enmity attachments.
  • With the TP change, Automaton’s buff applied to level 99 PUPs has been slightly increased.

Summoners and Avatars

Avatars enmity gains have been reduced from 200% to 20%; Summoners enmity reductions remain at -100% while the pet is active. This is to assist SMNs in groups and allowing tanks to hold aggro off of the avatar.

New Augments - Ranged Attack

New augments in tiers 2, 5, and 6 have been added for Ranged Attack bonuses.

New and Updated Item Mods

Several new item mods have been added to the server, including the Enhancing Magic Duration mod.

The following items have had the Enhancing Magic Duration mod added to them:

  • Estoqueur’s Houseaux +1/+2
  • Estoqueur’s Cape
  • Atrophy Gloves +2/+3
  • Theophany Duckbills +2/+3
  • Ammurapi Shield
  • Lethargy Houseaux /+1
  • Shabti Cuirass /+1
  • Atrophy Gloves /+1
  • Dynasty Mitts

The following item mods have been fixed/adjusted:

  • Unkai Mimikazari, Enhances Zanshin effect +2%
  • Hachiya Chainmail +2, Critical Hit Rate +4%

Item “Pet” Stats

Several item sets that have pet modifiers have been updated to properly apply those modifiers to pets on equip.

  • The Cirque +1 and +2 sets
  • The Ferine Quijotes +1 and +2 sets
  • The Pantin +1 and +2 sets
  • The Wyrm NQ, +1, and +2 sets
  • Several other jewelry, weapons, and consumable items that modify spells, such as Stoneskin, or have zone-based effects, such as the Lamiabane.


  • Synergy now properly grants a minimum of 0.1 skill-up on successful craft.
  • Stoneskin’s max cap has been increased from 3000 to 5000. This applies to both players and monsters.
  • All Mandragoras are now set to be monks and using hand-to-hand skills rather than warriors using a mix of sword and scythe skills. With this, their double attack and counter rates have increased in line with retail.
  • Several new items have been added into the game as drops from various mobs and encounters in Abyssea, Henge, and via crafting.
  • A Nomad Moogle is now stationed in the !craft zone and allows players to change their job.
  • The RDM Master Job enhancement for Temper to Temper II has been fixed to only apply to main job Red Mages.
  • The BLM Master Job spells Meteor II, Virus, and Curse have been fixed to only be cast by main job Black Mages.
  • The BLM Master Job Quest #1 “hunt” task’s fail condition has been fixed if the wrong monsters are killed.
  • Carcharian Verve now properly applies the Aquaveil effect and shows the correct status text.

Members Portal Updates

  • Players can now view all active bazaars via Find > Bazaars.
  • The BCNM details page now includes the monsters that are part of the encounter.
  • Item and Monster searches now update the address URL so that searches can be shared and bookmarked.
  • The Monster search page now includes a filter by zone. You can leave the name empty to view all monsters in a particular zone; however, you cannot leave it empty and have ‘All Zones’ selected.
  • The New Feedback page now includes a field for your Discord user name–as it’s REALLY hard to respond to your feedback if you can’t be found.
  • Monster detail pages now include the approximate respawn time (assuming any other conditions are met, such as clearing placeholders) or a note if the respawn is scripted or forced by another means.

2 September

Members Portal : Changing Your Character Model

It’s finally here! Players can now change their character models–race, gender, size, and face–using the Members Portal. To access the feature, view your character’s Profile page and click the avatar image.

  • Players must be logged out to use this feature.
  • Faces not normally available to players can be set using this–including some storyline NPCs and fomors.
  • RSE gear acquired by the player will be unusable if yor change your race to another.
  • The “preview” photos will be improved as time permits.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Third Eye is no longer affected by Seigan. With merits and gear, the already reduced (:30 to :15) recast of Third Eye was going below 0 causing it to fall back to a recast of 16 hours. The :15 second recast can now be shortened to 5 seconds with merits and this will be the shortest recast it can have.
  • The !tele command is no longer case sensitive. Feel free to teleport to !tele jeUNO and !tele Holla.
  • Monsters that use the skill Head Snatch will now properly inflict damage and status effects with this ability.
  • Monsters that use Viscid Emission will now properly inflict amnesia.
  • Due to the higher evasion and magic evasion on the server, the Distract and Frazzle spell lines now have more potency. See the Spells listing for more details.