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March 2019

25 March

Version Update - March 2019

We’ve migrated to the March 2019 version of the game client. Please take a few moments and update your client.

When you type /ver in game, it should match 30190305_0.


Failure to align to the current version could cause some battlefields, cutscenes, and events to fail. In addition, new items, such as the new automaton attachments, will not work without the new client version.

New Traits

The following traits have been added.

  • Dragoon
    • Dragon Killer II @ Level 86
    • Smite I / II @ Levels 40, 80
    • Conserve TP I - V @ Levels 45, 58, 71, 84, 97
  • Dancer
    • Conserve TP I - III @ Levels 77, 87, 97
  • Ranger
    • Conserve TP I - II @ Levels 80, 91

New Ability - Dark Knight’s Consume Mana

Dark Knights now gain their Consume Mana skill. This skill works similar to retail and converts the player’s MP into raw damage for their next attack.
This skill has been updated to provide a 100% MP to damage conversion, instead of a 10%.

Retail-style Job Enhancements - Puppetmaster

The March 2019 update provided many enhancements for Puppetmaster.

Of those, we’ve implemented the following:

  • The automaton’s elemental charge requirements for several attachments has been updated to be in line with the March 2019 retail changes (see the update notes for the actual charge changes).
  • Several new attachments have been added.
    • Tension Spring V
    • Loudspeaker V
    • Tranquilizer IV
    • Stabilizer V
    • Scope IV
    • Magniplug
    • Magniplug II
    • Arcanoclutch
    • Arcanoclutch II
    • Truesights
  • Several attachments no longer consume manuevers, but do increase burden in relation to the number of maneuvers.
    • Heat Capacitor
    • Heat Capacitor II
    • Eraser
  • Heatsink now provides additional reductions in burden (or increase in burden decay) based the number of maneuvers.

Updated NM Respawn Timers

The following NMs have had their respawn timers and/or placeholder windows adjusted to 1 hour to be in line with other similar targets of the Inventors and Peacekeepers coalition tasks. Keep in mind that those NMs with placeholders still require those placeholders to be defeated to have a chance at a mob spawn.

  • Bune
  • Guivre
  • Biast
  • Taxim
  • Triarius X-XV
  • Baobhan Sith

!gotoexp Redesign

The !gotoexp command has been redesigned into a snazzy new menu. Camps are now broken up by solo/duo and group recommendations based on player feedback. We’ll be tweaking these lists over the coming weeks.


In the event something goes awry with the new !gotoexp, the old command still exists as !gotoexp1.


  • UPDATE The automaton valoredge frame weaponskills Cannibal Blade and Bone Crusher have been wired up.
  • UPDATE Several new monsters and drops have been added to the game.
  • UPDATE The Energy Steal and Energy Drain weaponskills have been wired up (didn’t know they weren’t). Since nothing is apparently known about these two skills, the following formulas have been applied.
    • Energy Steal - Attempts to steal up to a maximum of 300 MP (tp / 10) from the target.
    • Energy Drain - Attempts to steal up to a maximum of 600 MP (tp / 5) from the target.
    • These weaponskills do no damage, but can be strategically used against some targets.
  • BUG A potential bug when automatons would perform a weaponskill and send the wrong damage type has been addressed.
  • BUG A potential crash condition fixed when a stormwaker (RDM) puppet would try to cast refresh on a player that was too far out of range.
  • BUG Update the insane formula that automaton’s Shield Bash was using; it now matches player’s shield bash.
  • BUG The +2% Quick Magic mod has been added to the Lebache Ring.
  • BUG Players using avatar level increasing gear can once again receive XP/limit points when defeating mobs that the avatar has engaged with.
  • BUG The system will no longer recognize the “Maximum Merit Points” category; 99 is the max. Put your points somewhere else. 😄
  • BUG Modifiers have been fixed for Ferrodon, Fleetstalker, Breezy Beetle, and King Behemoth (Henge version) that had typos in them.
  • BUG Address an underflow issue when mobs > level 125 would try to cast certain magic spells that required looking up their magic skill level. This has been clamped, for now, to 125 no matter the monster level.

DSP Core Updates

  • Weaponskill attack bonuses that vary by TP, such as with Strumwind, have been updated to properly provide those bonuses.
  • A potential exploit with Limbus has been fixed that could allow players to retrieve Cosmo Cleansers more often than anticipated.
  • A bug has been addressed where some non-aggro monsters would aggro.
  • Address a potential server crash corruption when using lock styles.
  • Blood Drain, Blood Saber, and Digest have been fixed to both do damage and provide the drain effect.
  • Irza Ima can now properly have its horns broken based on critical hit damage.
  • The Plasms that are part of the Bastok mission “The Salt of the Earth” have been updated to despawn in the event a player leaves combat.
  • The haste ability on the relic weapon Apocalypse has been fixed. It’s now, as per retail, “gear” haste at for tier 1 relics and “ability” haste for tier 2 relics (NOTE: this should provide, in general, more haste for DRKs as it’s fairly easy to cap gear haste).
  • A bug fix has been applied to Mother Globe that was preventing the script from running properly.

Updated Plugins and Automation Rules

The rules and guidelines around allowed addons, plugins, and automation tools can be found on the updated Server Guidelines page. These rules are a bit fluid as there we prohibit certain types of behaivor and new tools are being designed every day.

If you have questions, please reach out to a community team member and ask.

18 March

Updated Renamer List

With the new BCNM, a new Renamer list is available. You can download it here.

New Merit BCNMs!

Two new Merit BCNMs have been added. These BCNMs are targeted at level 99+ players looking for an alternative, solo method to acquire tier 3 and 4 upgrade materials.

Both BCNMs are multi-phase gauntlet-style fights with a single boss at the end. Defeat each wave to spawn the final boss. These fights are designed for characters looking for an alternative to grouped content in Reisenjima Henge. The content assumes players have at least a relic or mythic weapon and are gearing their AF+2 to AF+3 (which, would be why they’re after the Rem’s chapters).

How do I enter?

Players can speak with Mimble-Pimble in Port Windurst (L-5) to exchange merit points for key items. Each key item costs a set amount of merit points and is a single use. The BCNMs do not have lockouts and can be run as often as players can acquire merit points and key items.


The values shown in the dialogs are hard-coded into the client and do not match what costs are. Costs are 30 merits per key item.

In The Breeze

Players with the Moonlit Path Phantom Gem should head to Full Moon Fountain and check the Moon Spiral to enter ⭐ The Moonlit Path for In The Breeze.

Potential Drops

  • Artifact Pages: Rem’s Tales Chapters 1, 3, 5
  • Empyrean Pages: Rem’s Tales Chapters 6 - 10
  • Beastmen’s Medals
  • Alexandrite and Tanzanite Jewels

Arena Champions

Players with the Feared One Phantom Gem should head to Qu’Bia Arena and check the Burning Circle to enter Come Into My Parlor for Arena Champions.

Potential Drops

  • Artifact Pages: Rem’s Tales Chapters 2, 4
  • Empyrean Pages: Rem’s Tales Chapters 6 - 10
  • Kindred’s Medals
  • Alexandrite and Tanzanite Jewels


  • EXPLOIT An exploit was fixed that allowed players to use Atonement’s “breath” damage to bypass Ulr of Dark’s mechanics.
  • BUG An issue was addressed where some monsters under the effect of Impact would have their damaging additional effects (enspells) underflow (doing negative damage) and heal the player.
  • BUG The dialog provided by Ghastad during puppet frame creation has been revamped and should provide the correct materials and currency requirements.
    • NOTE: for players on frames 4 and 5 (the white and black mage frames), be sure you’re feeding him Imperial Coffee every game day! This isn’t optional!
  • BUG Added missing mob skills for several activatable automaton attachments. This should address these abilities not firing off properly when activated.
    • Hammermill (Shield Bash)
    • Strobe (Provoke)
    • Flashbulb (Flash)
    • Mana Converter (Refresh)
    • Eraser (Erase)
    • Reactive Shield (Blaze Spikes)
    • Economizer (Recover MP)
    • Replicator (Blink)
    • Heat Capacitor (Gain TP)
    • Disruptor (Dispel)

13 March

Black Mage Ability : Mana Wall

The Mana Wall ability and modifiers have been wired up and added. Mana Wall is a black mage-only ability that allows the user to shield themselves with their MP at a drastically reduced damage rate.

Mana Wall can be both a blessing and a curse as some abilities that a black mage could normally take in HP damage would quickly deplete their MP reserves.

  • CUSTOM: Due to the drastically increased MP pools, the base damage taken reduction is -25%, not -50%. Players can further increase this rate with equipment that augments Mana Wall (the Ambuscade JSE cape includes this modifier for now, other items will be adjusted as they are identified).
  • Players do not gain TP from taking damage via Mana Wall.
  • Once the player runs out of MP, the effect is lost and cannot be reused until the timer expires.

Mana Wall, overall, is an incredibly powerful ability on retail given the player’s role and the party makeup (e.g. how many buffs can feed them MP). We’ll be watching and evaluating the power of Mana Wall over the next few weeks and make adjustments as necessary.

Merit Weaponskills

The following additional adjustments were made to the merit weaponskills. This change is primarly due to the fact that players cannot assign merits into these weaponskills. If/when those merits become available, the merits will be added as a bonus to further enhance these weaponskills.

The biggest damage change players will notice with these is that most of them pass their fTP along to each hit (since almost all are multi-hit); for many weaponskills, this will be a damage improvement and increase the potency of fTP gear, such as elemental gorgets and belts.


  • Weaponskills that can pass fTP across all WS hits have had that parameter added.
  • All weaponskills now have the attribute WSC bonus equal to 5/5 merits.

Blade: Shun

  • Attack multiplier added for 2000 and 3000 TP set to 2.0 and 3.0 as per wiki.


  • MP recovery fixed to 25% damage dealt by the weaponskill (previously 20%).

Tachi: Shoha

  • Attack multiplier fixed to 1.450, up from 1.350, as per wiki.


  • CUSTOM Player-cast Utsusemi shadows will now nullify a single incoming AOE spell as they are being removed to better facilitate ninja tanking and front-line jobs. Single target magic spells continue to be absorbed by shadows as normal.
  • UPDATE Shield Bash’s stun calculation formula has been updated to better match (aka: work) encounters where mobs are > level 75.
    • Paladin main jobs have a base stun chance of 90%; other jobs a base stun chance of 60%.
    • The chance to stun is floor(job-based chance + ((player level - target level) / 2))
    • For a 99 paladin against a level 138 monster, the chance is 70%.

11 March

Mythic and Empyrean “Occ. Do {x} Damage”

Two fun fixes that should help improve auto attack damage for everyone this week. One fix lead to finding the other, as with most things it seems.

Per the wikis, The “Occ. Do Double/Triple Damage” from Empyrean weapons and the Mythic ranged weapons should proc on multi-strike rounds (double attack, triple attack, quad attack, and zanshin). After some testing and digging, they did not, so that’s been updated.

Second, the script for how aftermaths are handled in DSP was not calculating the bonus correctly for Empyrean weapons. According to the wiki, these should fire at 30%, 40%, and 50% rates depending on TP. However, how the DSP script was written was that they were 3%, 4%, and 5% (it was 30, 40, 50 in the scripts, then divided by 10 at the map server level).

The script has been updated and players should notice a significant increase in proc damage for their empyrean weapons as well as procs on multi-strike attack rounds (including Zanshin). Overall, this should be a large auto attack damage output gain for monks, dancers, thieves, corsairs, rangers, and puppetmasters and a slight auto attack gain for all other classes.

Retail-style Job Enhancements

With retail enhancing various jobs each month, we’re going to be working to mirror certain aspects of those updates as they come out and are appropriate to the server. So far, SquareEnix has updated Dancer, Dragoon, and Red Mage with some nice bonuses.


  • The recast times of the following waltzes have been de-linked (aka: casting one doesn’t put the others on cooldown).
    • Curing Waltz / Curing Waltz II / Curing Waltz III / Curing Waltz IV / Curing Waltz V / Divine Waltz / Divine Waltz II
    • This update also unlocks ‘Waltzes’ so that they can be cast one after another via the menu.
  • Original Update Notes from SquareEnix


Red Mage

  • Composure now provides a scaled physical accuracy bonus.
    • Our customized buff had previously provided a flat gain of +15 accuracy bonus, so this is a significant bonus even over our customization and our customization has been removed.
    • The forumla is floor( (24 * level) + 74) / 49 ) (which is an annoying complicated formula to come up with +50 at 99).
    • Players at level 99 will receive the +20 job point bonus for a max of +70 accuracy.
  • Composure now provides a 200% damage bonus to enspell damage.
    • Our customized buff had previous provided a flat +10 enspell damage, so this is a significant bonus over our customization and our customization has been removed.
  • Saboteur no longer removes when enfeebling magic is cast and provides its bonuses for the full duration.
  • Saboteur now provides a magic accuracy bonus that scales to level for all spells cast during its duration.
    • The formula is ceiling( (1 + level) / 5 ), capping at +20 MACC at 99.
    • Each point of ‘Enhances Saboteur’ bonus provides an additional +2 MACC.
  • Original Update Notes from SquareEnix

Ambuscade Capes are here!

Players can now acquire the JSE Ambuscade Capes through drops found in the Empyrean BCNMs and Synergy crafting. The Synergy recipes are all level 15 and require the same basic materials.

Each recipe requires:


The VWNMs now have a 100% chance to drop their capes.

Job Cape

There are a few snags with some of the capes right now.

  • Artio’s Mantle - “Spur”+10 does not work (as Spur does not work).
  • Andartia’s Mantle - Not a snag, but a client-side translation bug for English clients. It’s Migawari, not Mikage.
  • Rosmerta’s Cape - Sadly, nothing works; ecosystems don’t appear to be wired up in blue magic and Efflux doesn’t work. Sorry, BLUs!
  • Visucius’s Mantle - Automaton: Lv. +1 coming in a future update.

Full recipe details are available on the Members Portal.

Summoner - “Avatar Lv.+” Gear

Several of the summoner “Avatar: i119” and “Avatar: Lv.+#” gear has been wired up and the functionality of scaling avatars beyond level 99 is now available. For many players, this means being more strategic with gear choices and, frankly, actually caring about your gear a bit more.


At this time, these bonuses only apply to Avatars. Automatons have a similar system, but work differently; they will be addressed in future updates.

What does this mean?

This means that avatars can now scale up to a max of level 125 now. This bolsters all of their base attributes (affecting resistability), HP, MP, and their defensive stats, including their base elemental resists and absorbs. With that, as players can get upward of another 20 levels of scaled stats, the following updates were made to the scaled stats:

  • The stat scaling is now based on avatar level, not player level.
  • The “SMN99” bonus has been removed and is now based on the avatar being at least level 100. Between levels 100 and 125, avatars gain a drastically increased attack and magic attack gain similar to the flat gain previously provided at level 99. These bonuses, similar to the prior SMN99 buff, stack with the other scaling bonuses.
    • ATT = 30 * (avatar's level - 99)
    • MAB = 30 * (avatar's level - 99)
    • +Attributes = 5 * (avatar's level - 99)
    • e.g. At level 122 (sancus sachet +1, nirvana i119 III, and campestres’s cape), an avatar would have a level difference bonus of 23 levels, granting them +575 attack and magic attack bonus, 75 more than the previous flat +500 bonuses applied, and +115 to each attribute (STR, VIT, DEX, etc.).

This provides a more scaled leveling experience for summoners rather than hitting 99 and getting “all the bonuses” right out the gate.

What gear works?

Currently, updated avatar level items that have been wired up include:

More gear items will be added to the list in future updates. At this time, there is no plans to add anything BELOW the level i119 items.


  • UPDATE Dragoon’s Spirit Jump and Soul Jump are now functional with the correct animation, damage calc, and wyvern bonus effects.
  • UPDATE Dragoon’s High Jump has had its damage formula fixed to properly match the other Jump abilities. All jumps now have a base damage of 1 + (VIT / 256).
  • UPDATE Ranger’s/Corsair’s Double Shot and Triple Shot are now functional. When these abilites proc, the damage reported back is simply increased (similar to Barrage), rather than it showing multiple auto attacks. TP returns, however, match the number of shots that land.
    • Many gear mods that increases proc chances for these abilities, however, have not been updated, but will be in future updates.
  • UPDATE Over 300 new drops have been added into the mob_droplist table. These include new items, items that were previously scripted and hidden from the portal’s listings, and a great deal of crafting materials, vendor fodder, and appearance items.
  • UPDATE The Thursday daily event for increased elemental stone drops (synergy fuel) now includes elemental -tear stones from VWNMs. VWNMs will now drop two elemental -tear stones when defeated on Thursdays.
  • UPDATE With the addition of avatar level gear, the !petstats command now includes the level of the pet.
  • BUG A bug in the calculation of all forms of Magic Shield’s resist effects have been fixed. This applies to both players and monsters who use any form of Magic Shield, including Promathia, Shadow lord, Aihrman-type monsters, Troll-type monsters, and blue mages. It was reducing the incoming caster’s magic accuracy to zero when calculating spell damage, which blocked both spells and status ailments and caused elemental nukes to be fully resisted while the effect was in place. The magic damage reduction for this effect was already handled in other ways, causing it to be difficult, if not impossible, to manage the resist effect for some monster encounters.
    • Only Rampart and Troll-type monster’s Arcane Stomp provide the full, short-duration “resist against ailments” effect.
    • Magic Barrier’s -MDT and +MEVA values remain the same.
  • BUG Address a bug in Apocalypse’s aftermath randomly crashing the zone server when applying the wrong HASTE modifier to the player.

4 March

Auctioneer - New Items

Several new items have been added to the Auctioneer (AH-Bot) that auto buys and sells.

  • Pinch of Zeruhn Soot - buys singles/stacks
  • Flint stones - buys singles/stacks
  • Bat wings - buys singles/stacks
  • Woozyshroom - buys and sells singles/stacks, 4 stocked
  • Sleepshroom - buys and sells singles/stacks, 4 stocked
  • Danceshroom - no change in price, 4 stocked
  • 100 Byne Bill - buys singles
  • Montiont Silverpiece - buys singles
  • Lungo-Nango Jadepiece - buys singles

Remember, the Auctioneer will not buy items priced over the maximum price its willing to pay; the item will remain on the auction and players can still buy these items. If you’re unsure how much the item will be bought for, you can place the item on the auction house for a gil. The bot will purchase it for the max price it is willing to spend.

This applies to all items, not just those added today. Currently, the AH Bot buys and/or sells almost 4400 items.

Ability Updates

Several abilities have had their animations, display messages, and action types updated to work better.

  • Despoil - updated animation and range (increased)
  • Spontaneity - updated targets (can now target party members with it)
  • Elemental Seal - updated to properly account for the recast reduction merit
  • Light Shot/Dark Shot - updated to properly account for the recast merits, have the correct recast time, and broadcast message
  • Futae - updated animation
  • Saboteur - updated animation
  • Conspirator - updated animation
  • Bully - updated animation and broadcast message
  • Hagakure - updated animation
  • Issekigan - updated animation
  • Tenuto - updated animation
  • Marcato - updated animation
  • Mana Cede - updated animation, updated to provide the modern 1000 TP instead of 100 TP on use
  • Ready - updated to, well, actually work. Updated animation, recast, merits, and target.
    • NOTE: This doesn’t fix the pet abilities that aren’t wired up, but the menus and UI all seem to work now.

Heroics System Changes

Based on feedback and discussion, the following updates have been applied to the Heroics system.

  • Players now gain infamy by assisting others with their Peacekeeper missions. By assisting in the defeat of these HNMs, party members will receive half the value of the mission in infamy. This requires players to already have Heroics and the Peacekeepers coalition unlocked.
  • The cooldown timer for receiving a new heroics mission from has been removed. Players can now accept, complete, and repeat quests without the four hour cooldown timer. As this means that players will be completing the Peacekeepers missions more frequently, it is suggested players coordinate as the respawn times times for many of the open-world HNMs remains one hour.
  • Players now receive an infamy bonus after completing a set amount of missions for each coalition.
    • Peacekeepers: every 5 missions rewards 100 bonus infamy
    • Couriers: every 10 missions rewards 50 bonus infamy
    • Pioneers: every 10 missions rewards 50 bonus infamy
    • Inventors: every 5 missions rewards 75 bonus infamy
    • Scouts: every 5 missions rewards 50 bonus infamy
  • New items are available from the Heroic shop for players with Heroics Rank 1 or higher to aid in the completion of missions.

Automaton Tuneup

We’ve been evaluating for the past few weeks how best to migrate the current pre-December 2006 patch DSP logic to match current retail (or at least our twist on current retail). We’ll be evaluating each of the head/body combos over the coming weeks.

Stormwaker Casting Order

We’ve had an open ticket for a long time regarding the casting priority of the Stormwaker head not matching retail. After research and testing, the Stormwaker Head (RDM) has been updated to provide the following casting priority:

  1. If mob’s health <= 10%, try casting an elemental magic
  2. If light maneuver active, try curative magic
    1. ELSE try enhancing magic
    2. ELSE if ice maneuver active, try elemental magic
  3. Try enfeebling magic
    1. ELSE if light maneuver are not active, try curative magic
    2. ELSE if ice maneuver are not active, try elemental magic

The ELSE assumes that the prior step cannot complete because it’s either:

  • unnecessary
  • the cooldown has not expired for using that type of magic

Head-based Attributes

Previously, scaled attribute bonuses were the same for all automatons. The soulsoother had the same vitality and enmity bonuses as the valoredge. The aim is to balance these heads to reflect closer to the balance on retail and their intended uses.

  • Harlequin - the default head provides even, all around stats, but nothing extraordinary.
  • Valoredge - designed for tanking and melee dps
    • Increased STR, DEX, VIT, and AGI.
    • Highest melee attack, defense, magic defense, and ranged defense of the heads.
      • Largest HP pool of the heads.
    • Provides a slight enmity gain to the automaton.
  • Sharpshot - deisgned for ranged physical damage.
    • Increased STR, DEX, and AGI.
    • Highest ranged attack with slightly increased melee attack, defense, magic defense, and ranged defense.
    • Provides a scaled Snap Shot bonus to the automaton (scaling up to approx. Flurry II levels at 99).
    • Slightly larger health pool.
    • Provides a slight enmity reduction to the automaton.
  • Stormwaker - designed for support and magic damage.
    • Increased DEX, AGI, INT, and MND.
    • Increased magic attack and slightly increased melee attack, defense, magic defense, and ranged defense.
    • Slightly larger HP and MP pools.
    • Provided a scaled Fast Cast bonus to the automaton.
    • Provides a slight enmity reduction to the automaton.
  • Soulsoother - designed for support and healing.
    • Increased MND and INT.
    • Increased magic attack and magic defense.
    • Large MP pool.
    • Provided a scaled Fast Cast bonus to the automaton.
    • Provides a large enmity reduction to the automaton.
  • Spiritreaver - designed for magic damage.
    • Increased INT.
    • Highest magic attack of the heads with increased and magic defense.
    • Largest MP pool of the heads.
    • Provided a scaled Fast Cast bonus to the automaton.
      • Provides a large enmity reduction to the automaton.

All automatons for main job puppetmasters gain a flat +500 attack, +500 magic attack, and +500 ranged attack bonus at level 99.


In addition, the following updates have been applied:

  • Stormwaker: now receives Haste II at skill level 393 (matching what’s on bg-wiki).
  • Stormwaker: CUSTOM receives Protect V when the Soulsoother head does (it didn’t make sense that they got Shell V, but not Protect V like a normal RDM).
  • Stormwaker: CUSTOM now receive Refresh and Refresh II at skill levels 130 and 337.
    • Refresh is only cast on masters or party members that have WHM, BLM, BLU, PLD, or DRK as their main or subjob.
  • Stormwaker: now attempts to cast Phalanx on itself.
  • Soulsoother: Protectra magic is now used if there are two or more party members that need Protect.
  • Soulsoother: Shellra magic is now used if there are two or more party members that need Shell.
  • Soulsoother: The “mob is decent challenge or higher” check has been removed when determining whether or not to use a Regen spell.
  • Soulsoother: now casts Regen III and IV at normal skill levels they gain it.
  • All: The check for “low health” is now a a flat 10% of the mob’s health, not “10% AND <= 300 HP” as it was previously written
  • All: Casting priority for enhancing magic has been altered to be Master > Party Members (if any) > Automaton.
  • All: Casting priority for enfeebling magic has been adjusted to always check if the target has the status effect already to prevent the ‘spam’ condition where they attempt to keep casting an enfeeblment that is already applied. This will NOT prevent them from attempting if the target resists.


  • UPDATE (hotfix, 26 feb) Reja-Ygridhi in the Celennia Memorial Library now provides players who are particpating in Voidwatch Campaigns with their interval voidstones.
  • EXPLOIT (hotfix, 26 feb) Addressed a 50x gil multiplier calculation bug on the “Creepy Crawlers” repeatable quest.
  • BUG Address a server crashing issue where fomor and tonberry hate could not be calculated if a pet engaged and defeated an enemy before it could register the player.
  • UPDATE Scholar’s Helix spells now gain a 150% base damage bonus when Dark Arts or Addendum: Black is active (similar to retail estimates).
  • UPDATE Add Fenrir’s Lunar Roar as a possible ability he can use when a summoner performs a weaponskill.
  • UPDATE Adjust pet avatars' animation and ‘prepare’ (charging) time for their skills. They were previously… a bit random ranging from 0.52 seconds to 3.5 seconds; they’re all now 1.5 seconds for animation and 2.0 seconds to prepare to align with the animations on retail.
  • UPDATE Adjust pet avatars' astral flow abilities to no longer have prepare times like retail.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Bard songs Foe Sirvente and Adventuer’s Dirge were not properly calculating their merit increases.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where several artifact, relic, and empyrean gears, such as the Evoker Bracers +1 and Wyrm Brais +2, were not providing their Pet/Avatar bonuses.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Shock Absorber automaton attachment would not properly apply Stoneskin.
  • BUG Addressed an issue (hopefully) where Myrmecoleon could crash the client when performing various animations. He is no longer hidden below ground; simply wandering around his spawn spot.
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue where dragoon’s wyverns did not have sufficient magic accuracy (aka: they had none). They now have a scaling bonus based on level.
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue where the player’s attribute calculation bonus for magic efficiency was not being calculated correctly for ninjutsu, divine, or automaton-based magic.
  • UPDATE Set a base cooldown for magic casting for the Mammets during Ouryu’s fight in Reisenjima Henge.
  • UPDATE Slightly increase Lady Lilith’s cooldown for using her job special in Reisenjima Henge.
  • UPDATE Players can now acquire Minium (used in automaton attachment crafting) from the Alchemist merchant on rare inventory days (Tuesday and Friday).

Wiki/Portal Updates

  • The New Player Guide, Heroics, and Master Jobs pages have been updated to include more details.

February 2019

25 February

Upcoming Monthly Event - Scavenger Hunts Bonuses

During the months of March and May, the chocobos are primed and ready to find treasure!

Players who have unlocked chocobo scavenger hunts will receive new, rare items and 2-3x more rewards per treasure coffer they find.

Players can participate in Scavenger Hunts every 20 hours.

This event will run all month during March and May.

Puppetmaster Attachment Updates

A new attachment set is available! The Amplifier and Amplifier II attachments can be crafted and applied to automatons now.

These attachments works similar to retail to provide Magic Burst Bonus, a reduction in the cooldowns for casting elemental magic, and force the automaton to attempt to magic burst with the proper timing and element. Unlike retail, the recast time for elemental magic isn’t negated by a successful burst. Unlike retail, the elemental casting cooldown reduction is a flat reduction, not a proc on successful magic burst.

  • Amplifier provides Magic Burst Bonus +5 and reduces the cooldown for elemental magic by 8 seconds.
  • Amplifier II provides Magic Burst Bonus +10 and reduces the cooldown for elemental magic by 12 seconds.

Both of these attachments are affected by Optic Fibers and they can both be equipped and stack their bonuses for a lean, mean, magic casting machine!

Summoner Enhancements

Several quality of life and balance adjustments have been made to summoners and summoner avatars.

  • An overflow issue causing abilities to do > 99999 damage (thus do little to no damage) has been addressed. Similar to magic, all avatar blood pacts now cap at 99999.
  • The base and scaled STR, VIT, DEX, and INT attributes of avatars has been slightly increased to allow better accuracy for physical blood pacts.
  • The base and scaled magic, ranged, and physical accuracy of avatars has been slightly increased to allow better accuracy for physical, magical, and hybrid blood pacts against level 120+ targets.
  • The base and scaled HP and MP of avatars has been slightly increased.
  • A bug with the scaling haste modifier on pets has been addressed; it was using the old DSP formula and has been updated to reflect the newer formula.
  • Self-focused weaponskills, such as Myrkr, now properly trigger Rage-type blood pacts for avatars.
  • Avatars now have traits for +10% skillchain bonus and +10% skillchain damage for an extra bonus when avatars successfully close skillchains.
  • Nirvana’s Garland of Bliss weaponskill now provides a heal to the summoned avatar of 5% of the avatar’s max HP.
  • All avatars merited blood pacts that had a low, hard-coded base damage have had that base damage increased by upwards of 15-20x making these more viable blood pacts.
  • An issue was addressed where an avatar would not spawn with their proper elemental resists.

A reminder: Summoners have Impact. Summoners should love Impact. Attribute comparisons (e.g. avatar DEX - monster DEX) affects hit rate and damage multiplier of many avatar blood pacts.

Empyrean Weapon Bonuses

Based on feedback and testing, the mainhand on-equip bonuses for several empyrean weapons have been updated to be less niche on weapons that can be used by more than one job and provide more general bonuses.

Bolded values are modifiers that have been added or changed.

Weapon Weapon Type Bonus
Verethragna Hand-to-Hand TP Bonus +250, Pet: Store TP +20
Twashtar Dagger WS Accuracy +10%, TP Bonus +150
Caladbolg Great Sword Weaponskill Accuracy +10% TP Bonus +200
Ukonvasara Great Axe Weaponskill Damage +10%, TP Bonus +200
Redemption Scythe Magic Accuracy +50, Fast Cast +20, Magic Attack Bonus +100
Rhongomiant Polearm Jump Critical Hit Rate +100%, Wyvern Breath (base) +1000
Kannagi Katana Enhances Ninjutsu Damage +50, Skillchain Damage Bonus +10%, Fast Cast +20

Moogle Dummy XL - New and Improved

The level 140 training dummy at the !craft zone has been updated to help players prepare for the challenges at Reisenjima Henge and beyond.

The training dummy is located in the same spot, but players can now control its stats and respawn it based on the challenge tier they want to test again.

New Command: !trainer

The !trainer command takes one value: the tier in which you want the training dummy to be at. Current values are 0 (no tier, open world) to 6 (highest tier in Henge).

Example: !trainer 5 would respawn the training dummy with defensive stats similar to a tier 5 encounter in Reisenjima Henge.

Note: This command can only be used within the !craft zone and cannot be used while the training dummy is engaged. Also, if the training dummy has despawned, been defeated, etc., players can instantly respawn it with this command.


Keep in mind that this helps players determine levels of accuracy, attack, and other stats to prepare themselves, but the training dummy does not account for the actual abilities that encounters will have–such as mobs casting buffs on themselves and, well, fighting back.

Reisenjima Henge - Revamps and 2 Hour Updates

While working on Escha - Zi’Tah, we reworked how job special abilities (“2 hours”) are activated and tracked. This lead to their use being more reliable and less “spammy”.

We’ve pushed those enhancements into encounters located at Reisenjima Henge. In addition, as noted in the Miscellaneous section, monsters that have informative ‘conversation’ text now broadcast that “say” to all nearby members rather than just the currently targeted member.


In many cases, this updates mobs to cast job specials based on elapsed time, not always by HP percentage where they would suddently cast all of their two hours at once when hit by a big hit. This should lead many encounters to be less dangerous in groups with large coordinated damage.

  • Overall

    • Encounters with multiple phases should now properly re-target the player who defeated the prior phase rather than randomly flipping through all players.
  • The Land Kings

    • King Behemoth’s job special has changed to Mighty Strikes and has gained his retail “additional effect: stun” on melee attacks.
    • King Behemoth’s spell cooldown of 60 seconds has been removed since he no longer uses Chainspell.
    • King Behemoth still has Meteor that hits in a 10y radius around the targeted player (players can run away from it depending on where he’s tanked)
    • Nidhogg’s job special has changed to Hundred Fists.
    • Aspidochelone’s job special remains Invincible, however, he now has a longer cooldown between when he can use it.
  • Alexander (and Alexander Prime)

    • Now only casts Divine Judgement at 10% health increments; other abilities such as Mega Holy, Divine Sacrament, and Divine Spear are part of the skill list and used randomly rather than spammed all at once at various health increments.
    • Gains a slight stat boosts at 50% and 25% health.
  • Odin (and Odin Prime)

    • Now has a spell cooldown of 15 seconds.
    • Odin Prime’s job special has changed to Mighty Strikes.
    • Odin Prime no longer ‘spams’ random abilities at various health increments; these are now part of his normal skill list.
    • Spikes damage for both encounters has been slightly reduced.
  • Fenrir Prime / Carbuncle Prime

    • Both avatars use their blood pacts at 80/60/40/20/5% HP increments, however, no longer use any sort of job special/“2 hour” abilities.
    • Both avatars have gained a slight resistance and absorb of their element.
    • Fenrir Prime’s “job special” blood pact has been updated from Eclipse Bite to Howling Moon to match other avatar specials.
    • Carbuncle Prime’s “job special” blood pact has been updated from Shining Ruby to Searing Light to match other avatar specials.
  • The Sky Gods

    • Byakko’s job special Perfect Dodge now has a longer cooldown before it can used again.
    • Genbu’s job special Invincible now has a longer cooldown before it can be used again.
    • Suzaku’s job special Chainspell now has a longer cooldown before it can be used again.
    • Seiryu’s job special Hundred Fists now has a longer cooldown before it can be used again.
    • Kirin’s job specials have been updated to Blood Weapon and Mighty Strikes, gaining access to Blood Weapon at 50% health and a longer cooldown before each can be used again.
  • Ouryu

    • The duration of Invincible has been reduced and the the cooldown increased before it can be used again.
    • An additional check has been added to ensure he’s not in “all miss mode” even when on the ground.
  • Promathia

    • Promathia Prime’s Meteor spell has had it’s AOE radius reduced from 30y to 10y to match similar encounters.
    • The chance to remove Promathia Prime’s magic or physical shield has been increased from 10% to 25% on critical hit.
  • The Avatars

    • No fundamental changes; avatars all still use their “job special” blood pacts at 80/60/40/20/5% HP.
  • The Zilarts

    • Elad’narche Empowered’s spike damage has been slightly reduced.
    • Elad’narche Empowered’s spikes type has changed from Shock Spikes to Glint Spikes.
    • Elad’narche Empowered’s physical damage resistance has been slightly reduced.
  • The Ark Angels

    • The Ark Angels, overall, actually have proper scripts now and, because of this, now drop a small amount of medals each time one is killed.
    • As the Ark Angels have their proper scripts now, they now have the proper tiered enhancements to their stats (50% less loot piñata).
    • Ark Angel EV’s job specials are Benediction and Invincible with a longer cooldown for Invincible and a single-use of Benediction.
    • Ark Angel GK’s job special is Meikyo Shisui with a short cooldown.
    • Ark Angel HM’s job specials are Mighty Strikes and Mijin Gakure which he uses randomly on a short cooldown.
    • Ark Angel MR’s job special is Perfect Dodge with a long cooldown and MR has gained access to their Charm ability at a set HP % level.
    • Ark Angel TT’s job specials are Blood Weapon and Manafont with a short cooldowns. He’s likely to couple Manafont with potent magic.
  • Tenzen & Iroha

    • Tenzen’s job special is Meikyo Shisui on a short cooldown.
    • Tenzen’s base stats and attributes have been reduced by about 15%.
    • The Tarutaru siblings are no longer locked into their spawn locations and can freely move around the arena and attack, making it harder to avoid their mechanics by staying out of their range.
    • The Tarutaru siblings no longer have job specials of their own and rely simply on the script for the fight.
    • The Tarutaru siblings now provide more verbal cues before they use various mechanics.
    • Iroha’s base stats and attributes have been reduced by about 10%.
      • Iroha’s job specials are Meikyo Shisui and Blood Weapon on a short cooldown between each. Iroha’s triggers at various HP% levels have been removed, however, she does gain significant stat buffs at 90%, 50%, and 20% HP. These abilities are no longer coupled with high level black magic casts (at least intentionally).
    • Iroha’s regen effect has been greatly reduced.
  • Shadow Emperor & The Beastmen Leaders

    • Bloodcrown Brradhod’s job specials are Mighty Strikes and Invincible. He gains access to Invincible below 50% HP.
    • Za’Dah Adamantking’s job special is Benediction on a long cooldown between each use.
    • Tzee Xicu the Manifest’s job special is Astral Flow on a long cooldown between each use.
    • Tzee Xicu the Manifest has his proper paralyze additional effect on melee hit.
    • Shadow Emperor’s spikes damage has been slighty reduced.
  • Arch-Ultima & Arch-Omega

    • Arch-Ultima and Arch-Omega’s spikes damage has been slightly reduced.
    • Arch-Omega’s initial form’s physical damage reduction has been slightly reduced.
    • Arch-Ultima and Arch-Omega no longer has any sort of job specials/“2 hour” abilities, only tier scripts and skill lists.
    • Arch-Ultima and Arch-Omega’s base stats and attributes have been reduced by about 5%.
    • Addressed a bug where many of the abilities that this encounter should have been using were not being implemented via their skill lists.
  • Absolute Virtue

    • Absolute Virute now has its ‘bracelets’ mode after a certain amount of health is lost; this grants him a bonus to his offensive and defensive stats.
    • Absolute Virtue’s job specials are Mighty Strikes, Hundred Fists, Benediction, Chainspell, Perfect Dodge, Invincible, Blood Weapon, Soul Voice, Meikyo Shisui, and Mijin Gakure. It can use these in any order, though Benediction and Invincible have an extended cooldown and Mijin Gakure occurs more frequently at lower HP levels. There is a slight cooldown between each.
  • Hades (and Hades Prime)

    • Hades Prime’s job special is Blood Weapon on a short cooldown.
    • Hades Prime’s magic cooldown throttle has been slightly increased.
  • Lady Lilith (and Lilith Ascendant)

    • Address a bug where Lady Lilith’s difficulty was set to tier 3 instead of tier 5.
    • Lady Lilith’s job special is very short duration Chainspell on a short cooldown; she will weave in and out of this state every 60 seconds.
    • Lilith Ascendant’s job specials are Chainspell, Blood Weapon, and Benediction. She will weave Chainspell similar to Lady Lilith and can overlap it with Blood Weapon. Benediction occurs at low HP levels and has a long cooldown between uses.
  • Ulr of Dark

    • Ulr’s taunts and hints for the elemental mechanics are now broadcast to all nearby players to make the encounter far easier for groups.
  • Corrupted Altana

    • Corrupted Altana’s spikes damage has been slightly reduced.
    • Corrupted Altana’s job specials have been removed; her abilities are based on her script now.
    • Corrupted Altana’s Blood Weapon job special has been replaced by a random HP drain additional effect on melee hit.
    • Corrupted Altana’s chance of reflecting spells has been increased by 5% and her chance of responding to casts with her own spells has been reduced by 5%.

Empyrean Weapon BCNMs - Revamps and 2 Hour Updates

Similar to the updates for Reisenjima Henge above, the job specials have been updated in several of the Empyrean Weapon BCNMs.

  • Briareus

    • Briareus' job specials are Meikyo Shisui and Invincible at set intervals; however, Invincible has a much longer cooldown after each use.
    • Briareus' magic defense has been slightly lowered.
  • Carabosse

    • Carabosse’s job special is Benediction used at low health.
  • Chloris

    • Chloris' job specials are Hundred Fists and Benediction. Hundred Fists is used on a long cooldown and Benediction is used at low health.
  • Fistule

    • Fistule’s job special is Mighty Strikes used on a short cooldown thoughtout the fight.
    • The damage from Fistule’s posion additional effect has been slightly decreased.
  • Glavoid

    • Glavoid’s job special is Hundred Fists used on a short cooldown throughout the fight.
  • Ironclad Destroyer

    • Ironclad Destroyer’s job specials are Mighty Strikes and Invincible. Mighty Strikes is used throughout the fight on a short cooldown and Invincible is used at low health.
    • Ironclad Destroyer’s additional effect has been changed from Stun to Enlight.
  • Kukulkan

    • Kukulkan’s job special is Mighty Strikes and it is used throughout the fight.
  • Shinryu

    • Shinryu’s job special is Mighty Strikes and it is used throughout the fight on a short cooldown.
    • Shinryu’s stance change (wings out/wings in) timer has increased to 60 seconds.
    • Shinryu’s fast cast while his wings are extended reduced by 20%.
    • Comet is no longer a forced AOE, only Meteor and Meteor II, which are 30 yalms based on the cast target.


  • BUG: (hotfix, 18 feb) Addressed an issue where Dynamis mobs were “superlinking” across the entire zone. Why pull one when you can pull them all?!
  • EXPLOIT: (hotfix, 19 feb) The Nexus Cape has been fixed to address an exploit that allowed players to teleport to zones they were not allowed to, such as Reisenjima Henge.
  • EXPLOIT: (hotfix, 19 feb) Addressed an issue where old world experience point books, such as those from Dynamis, were rewarding 25x experience rewards instead of the normal 5x server bonus.
  • BUG: (hotfix, 19 feb) Addressed an issue where players under level 30 could not use !telelist to locations they should be able to access.
  • BUG: (hotfix, 19 feb) Updated Tunga’s script to properly notify players when they receive its keyitem.
  • BUG: (hotfix, 23 feb) Fixed a bug with Verethranga i119 III not properly enhancing the damage of Victory Smite.
  • UPDATE: Encounters that have flavor text or interactions, such as Ulr of Dark in Reisenjima Henge, now broadcast that say text to all players withing say range, not just to the monster’s current focus target.
  • UPDATE: Encounters in the Reisenjima Henge now have a lower base regen allowing more classes to solo the entry- and mid-level tiers.
  • BUG: The item modifer “Enhances Ninjutsu Damage” is now properly calculated when casting elemental ninjutsu.
  • BUG: Elemental ninjutsu’s damage bonus from Ninjutsu skill is now properly calculated for damage.
    • These two changes provide a significant increase in the potency of ninjutsu elemental magic.
  • UPDATE: The bonuses for Futae provided by the Iga Tekko and Hattori Tekko are now calculated into the skill.
  • UPDATE: Dragoon’s Call Wyvern ability has had its recast reduced to 45 seconds.
  • UPDATE: Rockmill worms located in Gusgen Mines are no longer aggro/linking to provide a better exp location and match their retail behavior (and two new spawns were added).
  • UPDATE: Kuftal Digger worms located in Kuftal Tunnel are no longer aggro to match their retail behavior (they do link though).
  • UPDATE: Squibs in Abyssea-Misareaux now count toward the aquan daily hunts.
  • BUG: Addressed a potential edge case where players could get stuck not getting voidwatch officer cutscenes after they have collected all three abyssites.
  • BUG: The merit modifiers for Dancer’s Haste Samba and Dark Knight’s Desperate Blows now properly calculates the bonuses when using those abilities.
  • BUG: The TOAU mission Prevalance of Pirates now properly puts you near the Cutter after the cutscene when zoning into Arrapago Reef from Caedarva Mire. No more long walks with the undead!
  • NEW: Vanir Battery has been added as a drop to Aello.
  • NEW: Maliyakaleya coral has been added as a potential find from the flotsam and the coastal dredger.
  • NEW: Bowls of miso ramen +1 are now available in the !shop 1 store.
  • BUG: Yoyoroon’s store inventory now carries the proper item for the Speedloader attachment.
  • UPDATE: The Coiler automaton attachment has been added as a drop to Ob.
  • UPDATE: Updated several 75+ “modern era” automaton attachments to properly take advantage of Optic Fiber bonuses.
  • UPDATE: Updated several automaton attachments to give the proper stats based on bg-wiki’s updated lists.

18 February

Dragoon Enhancements

  • Wyverns now have a slightly higher magic attack bonus and physical attack bonus, scaled by level.
  • Defensive wyverns (subjobs WHM, BLM, RDM, SMN, SCH) now use Healing Breath on weaponskill if no one in the party is suffering from a status effect they can remove. This replaces the current retail functionality of the wyvern simply doing nothing. The threshold for this is 80%.
  • Defensive wyverns, when the subjob is NOT a summoner, now have a higher threshhold on using Healing Breath when the dragoon uses magic (50%, 60% if Wyvern Effective Breath gear mod is active).
  • Multipurpose wyverns (subjobs PLD, DRK, BRD, NIN, BLU) now have a higher threshhold on using Healing Breath when the dragoon casts magic (35%, 45% if Wyvern Effective Breath gear mod is active).
  • Wyverns now properly “level up” as they do in retail (see wiki at These bonuses apply to both the wyvern and the master and are significant–increasing attack and defense upwards of +20%.
    • These bonuses are gained at higher experience point levels due to the higher experience point rates on the server.
    • Wyverns can level up 5 times. At levels <=75, the wyvern levels up every 5500 experience points gained. At levels >=76, the wyvern levels up every 7500 experience points.
    • Wyverns can level up when the player gains experience points or limit points.
    • Wyverns can only level up once per kill, no matter how much experience is gained.
      • These bonuses are reset every time the player zones or the wyvern dies or is dismissed.


  • The Octave Club once again drops from Lord of Onzozo. (good luck, Saix!)
  • The Paladin weaponskill Atonement has been adjusted to prevent the perpetual enmity into damage gain loop. Full details on the new damage formula can be found on the feedback ticket and on the updated wiki page.
  • The Paladin job ability Divine Emblem now properly provides an amnesia effect when Holy II is cast on monsters in the Undead ecosystem while the effect is active.
  • The effect Reraise is no longer dispellable and only wears over time or upon changing jobs, as per the more recent updates to retail.
  • The ability to craft a synthesis recipe now factors in the synthesis skill increase gear the player is wearing. By default, players can craft up to their current skill +15, meaning a max skill crafter can craft skill level 115 recipes. By equipping the Kupo Shield (+3), crafting torques (+2), and synthesis support (+3) from the !craft merchant, players can now craft up to level 123 recipes.
  • (hotfix, 15 february) Absolute Virtue and King Behemoth’s Meteor spells are no longer AOE while they are under the effect of Chainspell. While not under the effect of Chainspell, they are still a short distance AOE focused around the target of the cast (5y for AV, 10y for KB).
  • Cluster ash has been removed from the !craft Alchemy merchant to prevent abuse and been added to additional mobs at a higher drop rate in Chains of Promathia zones.
  • Several repeatable quests that had vendor purchasable items or low requirements have had their gil rewards reduced to prevent gil exploits.
  • Several mobs and NMs with on-hit “additional effects” have had their additional effects added in and/or fixed.

DSP Core Updates

  • Zone script cleanups for Maze of Shakhrami, Middle Delkfutt’s Tower, Meriphataud Mountains, Meriphataud Mountains (S).
  • Bug fix for Cherokih’s shop inventory in Lower Jeuno.

11 February

February 2019 Version Update

We’ve updated our servers to be aligned with the retail release for 8 February 2019. The new version number is 30190202_0. Please take a moment to update your clients the latest version.

Renamer Update

The renamer file has been added to include new NPC names. Please download it here.


  • The synergy rank for joining the Inventors Coalition has been reduced from 20 to 15.
  • The wording for gaining each heroic rank has been clarified. The “completed missions” of each rank is a minimum. The required infamy amounts provide the true base requirement as most players should always have the number of required missions by the time they reach the infamy levels. The wording is more specific to higher heroic ranks where alternative means of gaining infamy through non-missions becomes available. Both the wiki and Zezarn’s dialogs have been updated accordingly.
  • The wording for the second part of the Heroics starter quest has been clarified to give hints on where to find the required materials (you can also tell where to find them by looking them up on the member’s portal’s item database).
  • The amount of melee accuracy gained by the tank/defensive heroic empowerment has been increased for rank 4 and higher.
  • (hotfix, 4 feb) Several Peacekeeper missions now reward more infamy.
  • (hotfix, 4 feb) Several Scouts missions have been updated to reward more infamy and have more zone diversity.
  • (hotfix, 4 feb) Several Inventors missions have been updated to reward more infamy.
  • (hotfix, 4 feb) Several Couriers missions have been updated to reward more infamy and reduce the number of required items.

Magic Barrier, Monster Magic Damage, and Survival Enhancements

Based on a lot of feedback from newer community members, the blue magic spell Magic Barrier has been reviewed along with the causes for its widespread use.

The goal is to help make all jobs viable and fun while keeping a level of challenge for solo and small group players. No one particular job combo should be required to play content.

So, why is the change needed?

More than just having a magic damage stoneskin or damage reduction, the current version of Magic Barrier provides an absorb–a damage to health conversion–that provides an unfair advantage to players who used this ability.

Watching the recent Reisenjima: Gauntlet event, AOE spells were mass healing alliance members who had magic barrier up, rather than simply negating the damage. This trivialized the encounters for those with the ability as the incoming magic damage would heal up the damage taken by physical attacks.

Let’s take a step back from Magic Barrier and look at incoming magic damage itself.

Currently, enemy-based magic damage on the server is modified in two ways: the nm_stat_multiplier and the ELEMENTAL_POWER modifier.

The servers values were set to:

  • nm_stat_multiplier at 4.75x their baseline (players are at 5.0x)
  • ELEMENTAL_POWER at 2.45x (this applies to players and mobs)

With the added elemental power and NM stats, this caused those “high hits” magic attacks even on well geared characters due to a few factors:

  • Elemental resist and accuracy accounts for the difference in levels between casters and targets and the nm_stat_multiplier adding to it. Fighting significantly higher level mobs, like in Abyssea or Henge causes this accuracy bonus to lend itself toward the monster unless the player has sufficient magic evasion and magic defense.
  • Assuming a ‘full hit’ from a magic spell, the 2.45x elemental power and players without any normal resistances (Shell V, bar-spells, etc.) could cause the ratio of full hits to partial or resisted hits to increase significantly.
  • Since many players focus on damage-centric job combos–without any resistance, healing, or such–magic could decimate groups.

So, what can be done?

The entire system is a giant machine of levers and switches–changes to one thing tends to change a half-dozen other things. For example, a single change to just ELEMENTAL_POWER would also reduce player-cast elemental magic. That’s not good.

What we can do is focus less on the actual numbers and more on the ratio–the average percent of damage per attack by players.

To that end, the following updates have been made after signifcant debate and testing:

  • Each of the {MAGIC}_POWER (elemental, divine, ninjutsu, blue, and dark) modifiers have been normalized at 2.0x (from values varying from 1.95x for dark magic to 3.25x for divine magic). This reduces overall magic damage from players and monsters.
  • To compensate for the reduced player-cast spell power from the above change, the magic processing scripts have been updated to increase the base damage bonus for player-cast elemental, divine, ninjitsu, blue, and dark magic from 1.75x to 2.50x.
  • The WEAPON_SKILL_POWER modifier has been adjusted from 1.75 to 1.5x to fall in line with the strength of magic damage.
  • The nm_stat_multiplier has been reduced from 4.75x to 4.50x to reduce some of the overall stats of monsters and assist with resistances. Player’s modifier remains 5.0x.
  • The nm_hp_multipler has been reduced from 5.0x to 4.75x to compensate for the slightly lower overall damage.
  • Curative/healing magic remains unchanged.

The reduction in magic damage reduces the necessity of Magic Barrier and allows players to opt for other subjobs. This doesn’t mean that monsters can’t hit hard with magic anymore–they still can and will–but players can and should look at other options for their job combos.

What about Magic Barrier?

Magic Barrier, itself, became a symptom of magic damage from monsters being to high–it was the go-to sub to survive any magic-based encounter. That doesn’t lend itself to a lot of player diversity and fun–especially for those who don’t enjoy playing blue mage.

First off, here’s what’s changed with Magic Barrier:

  • Magic Barrier no longer provides a magic absorb or damage to HP conversion.
  • Magic Barrier now provides a -20% Magic Damage Taken and stacks with other sources of -MDT, such as Shell V and equipped gear.
  • Magic Barrier now provides an additional flat +150 magic evasion.

Why didn’t you just make it work like retail?

Honestly, I would have liked to; however, the means to do so (a magic-only “stoneskin”) don’t exist within DSP right now. In addition, the retail Magic Barrier is generally VERY weak–generally providing a stoneskin equal to the blue magic skill level of the player (so around ~500 damage).

That wouldn’t have been very useful and, apparently, isn’t very useful on retail either–many players opt for Saline Coat instead.

What are some other means of magic damage reduction?

Glad you asked! There are numerous ways players can mitigate magic damage in the game without using Magic Barrier.

  • Sacrosanctity - a short-duration, group-wide -75% Magic Damage Taken buff.
  • Rampart - a short-duration, group-wide 100% magic ABSORB buff.
  • Shell V - a long-duration -24% Magic Damage Taken spell.
    • DID YOU KNOW: Can’t find a white mage to cast this on you? Go visit a Field Manual at our !gotoexp locations! They can cast Protect and Shell on you for 15 tabs each. At level 99, these are equivilant to Protect V and Shell V and last a full hour.
  • Bard’s “Carol II” songs - increases elemental resistance upwards of +100 and a 15% chance to nullify the damage.
  • Corsair’s Magus' Roll - increases Magic Defense Bonus of players, on a lucky roll, by +25-33.
  • Addle - increases the target’s spell casting time and reduces their magic accuracy.
  • Summoner’s Fenrir’s Favor - increases magic defense, magic evasion, and all attributes.
  • Summoner’s {other avatar}’s Favor - each avatar provides a magic defense and resistance enhancement against their element.
  • Scholar’s Omniscience WS - reduces the target’s magic attack bonus by -100.
  • Gear and augments that provides -MDT or -DT, such as the Defending Ring, or elemental resists.


  • (hotfix, 4 feb) Scholar “storm” abilities once again respect the duration increase from Composure.
  • (hotfix, 7 feb) Address issues with Nympha Eunomia and Gasha now properly spawning their secondary phases at the correct rift location.
  • New Ephemeral Moogles can now be found in the Purgonorgo Isle Crafting Area and Mog Garden to make converting crystal and clusters much easier for crafters and gatherers.
  • An issue has been addressed where players who could dual wield would swap between dual wielding, two-handed weapons, and/or one-handed/empty offhand weapon configurations would cause their off-hand (even with using a two-handed weapon) to start ‘punching’, increasing their weapon delay to 999.
  • Chigoes in the following zones have been updated to properly become named and targetable when they aggro with players.
    • Yorcia Weald
    • Abyssea-Attowha
    • Reisenjima
    • Periqia
    • Wajaom Woodlands
    • Bhaflau Thickets
    • Castle Oztoja (S)
    • Beadeaux (S)
    • Foret de Hennetiel
  • Players can now use the /mount command in the following zones:
    • Korroloka Tunnel
    • Sea Serpent Grotto
    • Crawler’s Nest
    • Gusgen Mines
    • Garlaige Citadel
    • Gustav Tunnel
    • Labyrinth of Onzozo
    • Beadeaux
    • Giddeus
    • Fort Ghelsba
    • Ghelsba Outpost
  • Omega models have been updated to have both the 4-legged and 2-legged animations; this affects all versions of Omega, including in Reisenjima Henge.
  • Omega Prime’s damage spikes have been slightly reduced in Reisenjima Henge.

Wiki Updates

  • Several updates and clarifications to the Heroics wiki page were added.
  • Several updates to the Voidwatch (VWNM) page were added to clarify quest names and order of steps (this is ongoing over the next week or two).

DSP Core Updates

  • The Regen, Refresh, and Haste effects on Embrava have been added.
  • Added quest “Over The Hills and Far Away” in Port San d’Oria.
  • The title for COP’s 3 Paths “Companion of Louverance” and “True Companion of Louverance” have been added.
  • Several new NMs, placeholders, and loot drops have been added.
  • The zone files and interactions in Inner/Outer Horutoto Ruins have been cleaned up/modernized.
  • The pirate takeover events for the ships between Selbina and Mhaura have been added.
    • NOTE: Totally untested, no clue if this actually works because, I mean, who takes these boats?! 😕
  • The Feint ability is now properly removed on a successful attack.
  • Add missing placeholder for Quu Domi the Gallant in Castle Oztroja.
  • Adjust Ose from level 65-70 to 74-76 as specified by the wiki.

4 February


The custom !mount command has been removed. Players can now access their mounts via the retail /mount {mount-name} command or via the Abilities > Mounts menu.

To acquire your mounts, players will need to speak with Mapitoto after they receive their Chocobo License. Mapitoto will immediately speak with you–the retail quest “Full Speed Ahead!” is not a requirement.

Similar to the old !mount command, players are awarded the following mounts automatically:

  • Chocobo
  • Raptor
  • Tiger
  • Crab
  • Crawler

After a player completes the necessary requirements to acquire an additional mount, speaking with Mapitoto will reward them with the necessary key item.

The following mounts are available:

Mount Requirement
Warmachine Rank 10 - San d’Oria
Beetle Rank 10 - Bastok
Bomb Rank 10 - Windurst
Xzomit Completion of Chains of Promathia
Magic Pot Completion of Rise of the Zilart
Hippogryph Completion of Treasures of Aht Urghan
Spectral Chair Defeating Panadomium Warden (ZNM)
Fenrir Defeating Fenrir and Carbuncle Prime in Reisenjima Henge
Omega Defeating Ultima and Omega Prime in Reisenjima Henge
Spheroid Defeating Eladnarche Empowered in Reisenjima Henge
Tulfaire Defeating Corrupted Altana in Reisenjima Henge
Sheep (Ram) Achieve Rank 80/100 in Mog Gardening
Morbol Achieve Rank 100/100 in Mog Gardening

Players who have already completed these requirements can speak with Mapitoto to receive their mounts.

Mounts now also operate as per retail:

  • Players cannot mount in certain restricted zones, such as cities.
    • Some zones, such as Abyssea and Reisenjima, have been updated to allow mounts.
  • Players must wait for a brief cooldown between dismounting and remounting.
  • Players cannot mount while on any monster’s enmity list.
  • Players can remain on their mount as they move zone-to-zone.


  • A bug where the selection of random hunting missions wasn’t giving the full range of zones has been fixed.
  • The infamy rewards for some Peacekeeper missions has been increased.
  • The infamy rewards for some Inventors missions has been increased.
  • The number of required items for some Couriers missions has been decreased.
  • The infamy rewards for some Couriers missions has been increased.


  • Hotfix (1 feb): Address broken Dark Knight “Chaosbringer” kills quest from not updating.
  • Hotfix (1 feb): Address broken Cavernous Maws that would not properly teleport players.

DSP Core Updates

  • Fix: A security check was added to address an issue where players could log into a character that wasn’t on their account.
  • Fix: Players /salute emote now properly reflects their nation alignment.
  • Fix: Several haste latents have been updated on gear pieces to reflect the new haste formulas.
  • Fix: Updated several mob models and set mobs that should only spawn during certain weather types to the correct flags.
  • Fix: Fix issue where pet would not disengage from combat when a player’s cutscene starts.
  • Fix: Address several edge case conditions that could cause server crashes.
  • Fix: Address Benediction now properly applying to all party members.
  • Update: Shifted numerous NMs respawn timers out of the database and into scripts for easier maintenance.
  • Update: Added ~15 new NMs, drops, and placeholders.

January 2019

28 January


A majority of the work this week has been focused on Escha - Zi’Tah for when players get to rank 6. So far, there’s an estimated 36+ new NMs and several new armor sets, accessories, and weapons. Current estimates show this zone will be complete by next maintenanace. Right now, it’s just adding in the thousands of item mods/stats for all of the new gear–a very slow, mindnumbing process.

  • The cooldown on accepting a new heroics mission has been reduced from 6 hours to 4 hours.
    • This only applies for cooldowns activated AFTER the change has gone into effect; cooldowns prior to maintenance will remain their full duration.
  • Addressed a bug where the heroic rank was not being properly calculated.
  • Hotfixed: The mission for 50 acuex ore has been changed to 8 acuex ore; a new mission for 50 acuex poisons has been added.

Relic Weapon Trial - QOL Update

Placeholders for the phase 1 relic weapon trial monsters now have a flag by their name to help players identify which enemy to focus on while doing the trials.

At this time, these are the only placeholders in the game to have this flag.

relic weapon placeholders


  • Adding a forced negative physical damage reduction to the Seekers of Adoulin zone barriers to address an issue where some could not be damaged by physical damage.
  • The monster (dragon) abilities Lodesong and Power Attack have been fixed.
  • The Members Portal has been updated to properly reflect players nation choices for Windurst (apparently, it thought everyone was either San d’Oria or Bastok).

DSP Core Updates

  • Address an issue where players could run around while resting (healing).
  • Address an issue where players could teleport via unnatural means.
  • Cleanup several checks for player’s mount status (preventing certain skills/actions while mounted).
  • Add on-hit additional effects/status effects to MANY monsters who were missing them.
  • Update and implement several missing mob abilities and traits.
  • Update and implement several missing mob spell lists.
  • Update and implement proper Scrawled Writing and Goblin Wolfman event.
  • Added new desynth for the dragon ring.
  • Remove woodworking requirement for synthing a triton ring.
  • Remove woodworking requirement for synthing an orichalcum ring.
  • Update excvation points to have the normal HELM “glitter” effect.
  • Added about 25 new freespawn and placeholder spawned NMs throughout the world.
  • Rewrite and simplify imperial currency converter NPC logic.
  • Cleanup and simplify zone scripts for: Eldieme Necropolis, South Gustaberg, Selbina, Qufim Island, Bostaunieux Oubliette.
  • Remove bad mining points in Ifrit’s Cauldron.
  • Rework enmity for CE and VE values, specifically around healing and Tranquil Heart reductions.
    • NOTE: The values have been readjusted to match our previous enmity values that GREATLY reduce enmity from healing and damage due to the high values on the server. Overall, this should be a general reduction of enmity for healers while tank and damage dealers remain about the same. Enmity generated by abilities, such as summoning skills, have also been reduced.
  • Address issue where colored rocks were not aligned to the proper days for HELM activities.
  • An entire revamp to the Guild Item Points turn-ins; the existing database values have been wiped and reapplied with the updated values.
    • NOTE: This appears to add about 30 new guild point items into the system as well as clean up their reward values (and in most cases, increase them).
  • Address bug with the Altepa color gates not flagging correctly in some cases.
  • Properly implement the Footwork ability and add in the item modifiers that increase Footwork’s attack bonus on some armor items.
  • Update “kick” weaponskills to update accordingly when Footwork is active.
  • Update the NM “Capricious Cassie” with proper loot drops and spawn timers.
  • Players can now enter Castle Oztroja [S] and explore the zone. Several monsters and NMs are implemented (but not all).
  • Address an issue that could cause grouped players to be sent to the wrong instance when entering a TOAU battlefield, such as for TOAU: Path of Darkness and TOAU: Nashmeira’s Plea.
  • Implement missing quests: The Pickpocket, Exit the Gambler, An Explorer’s Footsteps, and Fly High.
  • Rewrite/update transportion timers for things such as the drawbridge in Port Bastok and various elevators. This rewrite should make these more reliable.
  • Fix bug with Ark Pentasphere that was causing it not to become worn after use.
  • Fix ~20 monster names in the database that didn’t properly match their in-game name, thus were not properly calling their scripts.

21 January

Winter Celebration is Over

The Winter Celebration has come to an end. Decorations are put away, latent buffs have been removed, and the daily BCNM timer has been reset back to every 20 hours.

Be on the lookout for the next seasonal event coming in March!

Heroics - Starter Quest Enhancements

Several new methods for acquiring the necessary materials for the Heroics starter quest line have been added.

  • Players have a high chance to harvest a cache while mining any of the mining nodes in the Mog Garden. This cache includes 2 of each required item. This is in addition to the chance of normally mining the required materials. The amount of times this cache can be discovered is limited to prevent player abuse and is only active while the player is on the quest.
  • Players have a high chance to receive a cache when defeating one of the following Reisenjima Henge encounters.
    • Ulr of Dark
    • Hades
    • Corrupted Altana
    • Absolute Virtue
  • Players are guaranteed to recieve a cache when completing the following BCNMs. This cache includes 2 of each required item. The amount of times this cache can be discovered is limited to prevent player abuse and is only active while the player is on the quest.
    • Daily BCNM 99
    • Stand in the Fire (requires fire feather)
    • Harvest Mayhem (requires platinum leaf)
    • Stop the Grinch (requires snow lily)
  • The chance for chocobo digging up luminium ore in Al’Taieu (sea) has been substantially increased.
  • The chance of acquiring kaolin from Mog Gardening’s Mineral Vein #4 has doubled.

Auction House Updates - Spell Scrolls

Many new NPCs have been added into the game, specifically from the SoA and RoV eras, that sell spell scrolls that previously had to be quested, such as Drain, Aspir, Blaze Spikes, the white mage teleport spells, and many ninjitsu spells.

With the intention that these spell scrolls could only be acquired through extensive quests and have no character progression value (as all players have all spells), the auction house was set to buy these at high prices to allow players to complete the quests and earn gil. However, with the new NPCs selling these, a very easy exploit was formed.

The following has been updated with the auction house:

  • The auction house bot has had all pending spell scroll sales removed; it now neither buys nor sells these items. This change has already taken place to prevent abuse.
  • All player auctions for spell scrolls, including some that the auction house bot didn’t automatically handle, have been retained. Players are advised to remove these auctions as… there’s likely to never be a buyer for them.

Over the next week, we’ll be evaluating how often spell scrolls drop and if there’s merit in adding in a shop vendor price to those that don’t have them.

Thank you to the community member who reported this exploit.

Summoner Avatar Tweaks

The 14 January merge with DSP Core pulled in a revamp of avatar damage modifiers.

For many avatars, this was a slight boost in damage, but for Ifrit, he’s cranking out 120,000+ Flaming Crushes now. That, sadly, must end; however, in reviewing some of those changes, several key differences between Flaming Crush and Burning Strike and almost all of the other avatar scripts.

Specifically, the “add bonuses” function that incorporates weather, day, gear, MAB, etc. bonuses with the avatar’s abilities and the resistance checks for magical abilities. It appears this is because of the hybrid-ness of Ifrit’s abilities that these were added in, but it makes sense to do these checks for the others as well.

From initial tests, this isn’t an equilization between all abilities–things such as elemental resists, accuracy, multi-hit, and, of course, Ifrit’s hybrid abilities, still play a large effect in damage, but it’s a step forward to increasing the usability of all of the avatars.

In addition, Ifrit’s Burning Strike and Flaming Crush have been reset to 3x and 5x damage modifier, as per what we had prior to the 14 January update.

We will be reviewing feedback and making ongoing changes to these abilities towards balance.


  • Dynamic belt /+1 can now be bought and sold on the auction house.
  • Added missing materials for players to complete the crafting line to convert the speed belt into the tempus fugit (and added the item modifiers to the tempus fugit).
  • Added Nourishing Earring as a drop to Morta.
  • A rewrite of how TOAU Mission #44 (Alexander) and how he spawns to, hopefully, address issues with him not spawning at all.

DSP Core Updates

  • The scripts for Promyvion zones have been cleaned up, reformatted, and tuned.
  • Several mobs have been updated to remove hard coded values from their scripts and remove unnecessary/unworking code logic.
  • The trade for quests provided by Hurr the Betrayer has been fixed to accept the correct items and amounts.
  • The NM “Bomb Queen” has been rewritten to properly remove spawned pets when she is defeated and address a potential server crash.
  • Several “random” events have been updated to be more… random.
    • Weather changes, including rare weather.
    • Chance for damage spikes to activate their effect.
    • Range of initialized monsters to include their full level ranges.
    • Randomization of monster pathing and turns.

14 January

Happy New Year, NocSouls! This is our first major update of the new year and there’s a lot here!

Version Update - January 2019

The servers have been updated to the latest client version–30181222_1– for 10 January 2019. Please update your clients as soon as possible.

Renamer Update

With the new Heroics system, our server renamer file has been updated.

Click here to download the latest name listing.

Heroics System

Heroics is a custom content system allowing players to grow their characters further as new challenges are added to the game. Heroics brings the Adoulin coalitions into the game providing players up to 5 unique task methods to further enhance their character.

Players can unlock and complete tasks from all five coalitions every 6 hours with a variety of tasks–hunting HNMs, mog gardening, chocobo digging, farming items, hunting down or crafting rare items, and more–in exchange for infamy.

  • Increasing Heroic Rank grants players access to new shops, currency conversions, zones, mounts, and higher levels of empowerments.
  • Heroic empowerments (defensive, magic-focused, melee/ranged-focused) allow players to grow their characters to meet the level 140+ challenges based on the type of empowerment that fits their playstyle. Players can change their empowerment focus at any time for a small infamy and gil charge.
  • New zones are available to players who open access to them, including revitalized Escha zones, Reisenjima, and Reisenjima Sanctorium.

At this time, the Heroics system is “in beta”–it’s tested and solid, but edge cases may exist as there’s a LOT of moving parts. Rank 6 and higher content (the new zones) will be added in a future update. There’s still a great deal of content to add, and it’ll be coming piece by piece each week. The starter and growth mechanisms are in-place, so it made sense to open that up to players and let everyone start working on missions.

To get started, visit Zezarn in Western Adoulin.

Click here to view the full walkthrough of the Heroics System.

!craft Shop Updates

The following items have been removed from the !craft merchants as they are now available in the game via normal means. This makes space in the shops for other items to be added as necessary as we edge towards raising the crafitng level to 110.

As you farm these items, don’t forget to take those stacks and throw them up on the auction house for other players if you don’t need them–the auction house can hold nearly infinite amounts of items per player (as long as you don’t view your sales history).

  • Midrium ore: via mog gardening (mining) and chocobo digging
  • Luminium ore: via HELM mining, chocobo digging, and mog gardening (mining)
  • Hepatizon ore: via mog gardening (mining)
  • Gold ore: via monsters, HELM mining, chocobo digging, mog gardening (mining)
  • Fire ore: via chocobo digging and mog gardening (mining)
  • Palladian brass ore: via monsters and mog gardening (mining)
  • Twitherym wing: via monsters, chocobo digging, and mog gardening (harvesting)
  • Khimaira horn: via monsters and mog gardening (mining)
  • Ulbuconut: via mog gardening (logging)
  • Urunday log: via monsters and mog gardening (logging)
  • Jacaranda log: via monsters, HELM logging, and mog gardening (logging)
  • Lancewood log: via chocobo digging and mog gardening (logging)
  • Raaz hide: via monsters and chocobo digging
  • Chapuli wing: via monsters
  • Tulfaire feather: via monsters and chocobo digging

We’ll be evaluating other common !craft merchant items and if it makes sense to add those to mob drops, chocobo digging, or mog gardening over the coming weeks to make it more natural for how players acquire crafting materials.


  • Update: Synergy now has success/failure animations during crafting.
  • Update: With the addition of Heroics, Escha-Zi’Tah and Escha-Ru’Aun have been sealed to players under Heroics Rank 6.
  • Update: With the closure of Escha-Zi’Tah, some chocobo digging items normally found in this zone have shifted to Al’Taieu. The rarer items (and more) will remain in Escha-Zi’Tah and be open to players once they reach the appropriate Heroic Rank.
  • Fix: The bomb mount has been re-added for players who are rank 10 with Windurst.
  • Fix: Dirtyhanded Gochakzuk’s (nation rank NM) level and health pools have been updated to properly reflect a level 71 monster.
  • Fix: An issue with quick magic has been fixed that could cause the recast timer of the spell to be DOUBLE rather than nothing when quick magic procs.
  • Fix: A few goblin butchers in Meriphataud Mountains that had 400,000 HP have been fixed.

DSP Core Updates

  • Modifiers for the Blue Magic spells have been updated:
    • Demoralizing Roar: +2 STR -> -2 STR
    • Infrasonics: +1 MND -> -1 MND
    • Frost Breath: +1 INT -> -2 INT
  • Several guild shop prices and resale prices have been fixed to prevent gil farming.
  • Fix usable jobs for wooden arrow and crossbow bolts.
  • Update numerous usable items and fireworks to be functional (yay, fireworks!)
  • Update and/or add numerous family-based “vs. arcana, vs. plantoids, etc.” type latents for weapons.
  • Add “stun” additional effect to Stun Claws/+1.
  • Approx. 25 new NMs have been added with their unique drops and numerous NMs have gained new abilities that were previously missing.
  • New desynthesis recipes have been added.
  • Weaponskills, monster abilities, avatar abilities, and some spells have been revamped to properly account for various adjustments:
    • Many skills now account for magical vs. physical damage and include the proper elemental type.
    • Corsair “shots” now properly reflect their elemental damage types and resists.
    • Avatar “spells” are now actually of that element, not simply “magic”, and weaponskill rages have their correct damage types.
    • Skills now account for stoneskin, white mage wards, and resists.
    • Skills now account for damage variants between impact, slashing, piercing, crushing weapons.
  • Automaton attachment “Drum Magazine” now has the proper mods.
  • Several previously unworking fireworks, like Mog Missles, now work.
  • Several food items now give their proper “player is full” when trying to consume when already under a food’s effect.

Previous Updates

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