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June 2019

24 June

June 2019 Client Update

We’ve updated the client to the retail June 2019 version. This will require a client update for players. For a refresher on how to update your client, click here.

Update Version

In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30190605_0.

Players who are not at this version may experience client crashes, incorrect NPC IDs, broken quests and missions, and the inability to use the new items or abilities provided by this version update.

Renamer Update

With the release of new content, the Renamer list has been updated.

Please take a moment and download the latest renamer list here.

June 2019 Retail Job Update - Black Mage

In line with the 2019 update, the Black Mage merits and ancient magics have been revamped. Full details can be found here. For our implementation, the following changes have been made.

  • The tier 2 merits for Black Mage have been updated; these merits are no longer required for players to have access to tier 2 ancient magic spells.
  • The casting time for tier 1 ancient magic spells has been reduced from 12s to 8.5s.
  • The casting time for tier 2 ancient magic spells has been reduced from 10s to 7.0s.
  • The magic accuracy for tier 2 ancient magic spells has been increased (as if they all have their full merits).

In addition to the casting times, the new merits have been implemented.

  • Ancient Magic, Magic Attack Bonus - +3 magic attack bonus per merit
  • Ancient Magic, Magic Burst Bonus - +3% magic burst damage per merit
  • Elemental Magic Accuracy - +5 elemental magic accuracy per merit
  • Elemental Magic Debuff Duration - +12 seconds per merit
  • Elemental Magic Debuff Potency - +2 potency (stat reduction) and +1 damage over time per merit

Elemental Magic Debuffs are Burn, Frost, Choke, Shock, Rasp, and Drown. In addition, the “Ancient Magic” merits now apply to tier 1 and tier 2 ancient magic spells.

Players who had points in those merits have had those points removed.

Heroics - Reisenjima Is Here!

The Reisenjima zone is now fully open and ready for players. This vast zone is open to players who are Heroics Rank 8 and is targeted towards group play with challenging encounters (with some very unique mechanics).

Reisenjima contains ~50 new notorious monsters with over 100+ new loot drops, a new zone for chocobo digging, and more!

Reisenjima Banner

Read the full zone guide here and head to the Dimensional Portals at the Crags of Holla, Dem, or Mea to enter!

Also, a new command has been added. Players can now use !herostatus to see a count of their completed missions for each coalition as well as their current infamy.


  • UPDATE The power of Protect and Protectra spells as well as the Protect effect from FoV/GoV regimes has been increased as per the June 2019 retail update.
  • UPDATE With the addition of Reisenjima, some loot drops from Reisenjima Henge have been added to Reisenjima at a higher drop rate and removed from Henge monsters to provide more drop slots for armor upgrade chapters.
  • UPDATE Gorge and Disgorge’s animations have been updated and readded to Sandworm-type monsters.
  • BUG A typo in the modifier for the Enspell damage bonus provided by the Red Mage Master Job Trial has been fixed.
  • BUG Address an issue where the merit memory address for Dragoon’s Super Jump Recast was incorrect.
  • BUG An edge case where the Assassin trait was not guaranteeing a critical hit for weaponskills has been resolved.
  • BUG An issue where Advancing March was providing double the item “March +/All Songs +” bonus and causing overflows has been fixed.
  • BUG Address an issue where Magic-based Heroic Empowerments may not always apply to SCH and BLM.
  • BUG Address an issue where Automatons may not cast Dia at level 1 or when level sync’d.
  • BUG Augments for main hand DMG+1 and DMG+2 have been removed as the May 2019 client update makes the required materials stack and no longer properly works for the augment.
  • BUG Fix display name of login reward for Otokogusa Yukata to Onnagusa Yukata.

Wiki Updates

  • UPDATE Available mounts are now listed under Custom Vendors and Shops for Mapitoto.
  • UPDATE The details page for Reisenjima has been added.
  • UPDATE Clarification on party zone and content size has been added to the Halls of Legion page.
  • UPDATE Login point rewards for June-July have been updated on the Daily Events page.
  • UPDATE Daily hunts family types for amorphs have been added to the Daily Events page.

17 June

Login Point Rewards - June 2019

The login point rewards have been updated for the next 30-45 days.

Featured Mount Featured Item
Coeurl Mount
login-point mount
Splunker’s Helm
splunker’s helm

Other New Items:

  • Poroggo Coat
  • Otokogusa Yukata (M)
  • Onnagusa Yukata (F)

State of Dynamis

After much review and discussion, we’ve opted to close old-school Dynamis zones and instead focus on the upcoming Dynamis Divergence zones. Players attempting to enter these zones will receive a message directing them to Dynamis-Tavnazia.

Dynamis-Tavnazia has been left open and setup similar to Neo-Dynamis where the zone is now open and mobs automatically respawn. We haven’t adjusted placements, so be aware that these areas are highly populated and dangerous.

  • Entry to Dynamis-Tavnazia is using the Hieroglphyics in the Tavnazian Safehold (lower level).
  • Dynamis-Tavnazia is now an open zone with free-spawning mobs on a 3-5 minute respawn timer.
  • Slime Juice (used for Fistule spawns) has been added as a frequent drop to Nightmare Worms and Nightmare Makaras.
  • Forgotten Touch (used for the relic weapon quest) has been added as a common drop to Nightmare Eyes, Icon Prototypes, Nightmare Clusters, and Nightmare Hornets.
  • Currency and the other Forgotten items drop as normal.
  • Gil has been removed from most monsters.
  • HP pools have been doubled for many monsters (levels remain the same in the 83-85 range).

We will continue work on the upcoming Dynamis Divergence zones, starting with Dynamis-San d’Oria [D] in the coming weeks.


Rank Adjustments

We’ve adjusted the progression of Heroic ranks to allow players to progress more smoothly in the early ranks. The new scaling is targeted at allowing players to see faster rank-up returns up to rank 5, and access to Escha Zi’Tah where players can earn infamy and mission completions by defeating the powerful NMs that exist in the zone as an alternative to just the “mission grind”.

We’ve also shifted some of the infamy requirements into mission requirements to allow players more flexibility to choose between mission types that vary in infamy (such as Peacekepers vs. Pioneers). In general, from ranks 0 to 5, the progression is “approximately” what can be done by just doing assigned missions with an average infamy of 40 or higher–assuming players are getting the mission completion bonuses. The required amounts of medals have not changed.

Players at rank 8 or higher, when the mission requirements jump, who do not meet those rank requirements anymore will not be downgraded in rank; however, they’ll need to meet the new requirements to jump to the next rank. Example: a player is at 355 missions will remain rank 8, but they’ll need the full 500 missions to reach rank 9.

  Old New
Rank Infamy Missions Infamy Missions

Overall, this is an increase of 100 missions to reach maximum rank; however, a decrease of ~39000 required infamy. This will allow players more flexibility both in the mission types they choose and using that infamy on their Heroic Empowerments and the new Heroics reward system.


  • The repeatable “exploit” for VWNMs allowing players to continue defeating these targets and gaining infamy has been patched now that the infamy requirements have been lowered.

  • The maximum duration of a mission has been reduced from 20 hours to 4 hours.

  • The infamy bonuses for repeating missions with coalitions have increased. For Inventors, the required number of missions has also increased.

Coalition Required Missions
(+ increase)
Infamy Bonus
(+ increase)
Peacekeepers 5 250 (+150)
Scouts 5 100 (+50)
Couriers 10 100 (+50)
Pioneers 10 100 (+50)
Inventors 10 (+5) 100 (+25)
  • The Heroics shop with Lakeria has been updated. The pop items for the NQ/HQ land kings have been removed to make room for new items coming soon.

Custom Menus

The custom menus that power things like !gotoexp and the login points coffer have been redesigned to work across mutliple language platforms, not just US/EU-English.

So far, we’ve tested this with the Japanese client; however, all languages should work using this new design. If you’re using one of these clients, please let us know if you have any issues.


  • UPDATE Thursday is now “Amorph” hunt day instead of “Demon” hunt day to provide better options for lower-level characters.
  • UPDATE The Regen effect provided by FoV/GoV regime books has been upgraded to scale with the player’s level and provide higher tiers of Regen.
  • UPDATE The Moongates in Ro’Maeve have been added. These gates open during the appropriate weather and moon sequence to allow players into other areas of the zone. The Moongate Pass, used to open the doors anytime, can be found hidden behind the Moongates.
  • UPDATE Cashmere Wool has been added to the Weaver in the !craft zone.
  • UPDATE With the addition of Slime Juice to Dynamis-Tavnazia, it has been removed from the Alchemist in !craft.
  • BUG Several missing item modifiers added to the Relic i119 III weapons.
    • Excalibur - Added Magic Damage +186 and Knights of Round +40% WSD.
    • Ragnarok - Added Magic Damage +155
    • Guttler - Added Magic Damage +155
    • Apocalypse - Added Magic Damage +217
    • Gungnir - Added Magic Damage +155
    • Kikoku - added Magic Damage +186
    • Annihilator - Added Magic Damage +155
  • BUG Diaga IV and Diaga V have been fixed to properly inflict damage and the Dia effect on players.
  • BUG Update the mission battlefield for Mission 5-1 to despawn the adds when Archlich Taber’quoan is defeated. They could potentially interrupt the cutscene from starting.
  • BUG Address an issue with Tenzen in Reisenjima Henge not properly activating his “on engaged” script to re-start the mechanics in the event of a wipe.

10 June

BCNM Updates

The Merit BCNMs have now been opened. These BCNMs function, generally, as they did before with multiple waves of monsters and then a final boss.

The loot tables have been updated to be a bit more generous and provide an extra Rem’s Tale page drop chance per BCNM.


  • UPDATE Scholar’s Helix spells now proc damage every tick (3s) instead of every tock (10s) to make them more competitive for damage.
  • UPDATE Gautambu logs have been added as potential chocobo digging finds in Foret de Hennetiel.
  • UPDATE The formula for Sudden Lunge has been tweaked.
    • As higher level encounters make it difficult for players to have enough magic accuracy to properly stun mobs, the magic accuracy check has been removed.
    • Sudden Lunge now, as most status apply skills do, requires the skill to do damage (more than 0) rather than checking for magic accuracy.
    • If the player does damage with the skill, the skill will check if the target has any form of explicit stun resistance–either provided explicitly or implicitly by their family type and rolls a ‘random’ to see if you overcome that resistance.
    • If successful, the duration of the stun is now fixed to be a random between 5 and 10 seconds.
  • UPDATE The WSC for Chant du Cygne has been updated to remove the bonus “STR 80%” added to it before the _f_TP transfer was added in. This normalizes its damage (considering it supports 3 hits, QA/TA/DA, fTP transfer, and can crit) to be more aligned with other Empyeran weaponskills.
  • UPDATE The WSC for Quietus has been updated to be inline with Camlann’s Torment and provide and fTP of 6.0 / 7.0 / 8.0 and an updated WSC of STR 85%/MND 75%. These bonuses are only applied when Redemption i119 III is equipped.
  • BUG An issue with HQ rates being floored to zero due to an incorrect type conversion has been resolved.
  • BUG Several monsters that had the wrong DSP-prefix for titles have been fixed.
  • BUG An issue with the monster ability Head Snatch has been resolved.
  • BUG Address typo in the weaponskills script that was comparing weapon rank when instead it should have been comparing fSTR.
  • BUG Fix broken BCNMs that were calling an old server variable for job types that no longer exists.
  • BUG Fix incorrect models for Errand Imp and Hitaume.

8 June

BCNM Hotpatches

Several BCNMs broken by the recent BCNM merge have been fixed. Battles that included NPC allies have had those allies disabled until a time they can be properly added into the battlefield. For the most part, this is moot as the battles are capped at high levels and the NPCs were more of a burden due to them being easily killed.

  • The Heir to the Light (SM 9-2)
  • Moon Reading (WM 9-2)
  • Where Two Paths Converge (BM 9-2)
    • This encounter’s second phase now properly has it’s adds.
  • Dawn (COP 8-4)
  • The Celestial Nexus (ZM 16)
  • The Holy Crest (DRG unlock BCNM)

These BCNMs have been hotpatched and a server restart is not required. Thanks to everyone who’s submitted detailed bug reports!


  • BUG (hotfix) A crash condition caused by automatons using weaponskills has been resolved. This was caused by the recent DSP merge updating automatons to use the same logic as players for weaponskills. Unfortunately, NocSouls uniquely supports off-hand weapon damage… and the poor little puppets do not have off-hands.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed an issue where the Peacekeepers mission for Kukulkan would update in the Abyssea-Empyreal Paradox, not Abyssea-Konschtat.

5 June


  • UPDATE The required quantiites and items for some Couriers coalition missions have been update.
    • Guatambu lumber: reduced from 6 to 2
    • Scintillant ingot: reduced from 6 to 3
    • Viper potion: reduced from 3 to 1
    • Demon helm +1: required item changed to Shofar
  • UPDATE Slime Juice, required for the Enhanced Empyrean BCNM with Fistule, has been added to the Alchemist in !craft until Dynamis-Bastok is re-enabled.
  • BUG The monster ability “Disgorge” has been disabled until the proper animation can be found for it (again).
  • BUG An issue where the “You find an {item} on the {monster}.” message was missing has been resolved.
  • BUG An issue with pets not being able to use abilities against monsters in BCNMs has been resolved.
  • BUG An issue with nation mission 5-2 (Shadow Lord BCNM) has been resolved.
  • BUG An issue with the San d’Oria mission “Save the Children” has been resolved.
  • BUG An issue with the final boss of the Spire of Holla not properly activating the cutscenes has been resolved.
  • BUG An issue with entering the Desires of Emptiness battle at the Spire of Vahzl has been resolved.

4 June

BCNMs - Revamped!

We’ve merged in DSP’s latest, and nearly famous, “bcnmcrap” branch as it’s hit their master branch. This is a total rewrite to how BCNMs operate as battlefields, monster management, loot, and more.

  • All “retail” BCNMs that were previously implemented in the system
  • All mission battlefields
  • All custom BCNMs
  • Dynamis and Limbus

With that, this is a wide sweeping change that will likely have unforeseen complications (as things do) for the next few days.

Daily BCNMs

Since we had to rebuilt them anyway, the daily BCNMs have had a revamp to be more in line with their intention–to provide players with gil, gemstones, and experience points necessary to level up.

The prior system had a few flaws:

  1. The battlefield that the BCNMs located at (Gheshba Outpost’s Hut) is a single instance BCNM, so there’s always a line there waiting to go in as the server grows.

  2. Players at 99 had to run 5 BCNMs to collect their daily allowance, which was time consuming and delayed others being able to run theirs.

  3. The loot that dropped from everything except the BCNM 99 was, well, rare/ex trash in the grand scheme of things.

  4. The experience points granted by the BCNMs were, in most cases, a waste. The game prevents gaining more than a full level + 99% into the next. For example, at level 30, players need 5800 exp to 31 and 5900 exp to 32 or 11700 total (and could gain a maximum 11699). The level 20 BCNM rewarded 17500 exp, so almost 6000 exp was wasted.

  5. Gemstone rewards (alexandrite and tanzanite jewels) were unpredictable. All BCNMs rewarded a base of 5 and 2; however, players could, with a low chance, jackpot to higher amounts. This made it frustrating for new players to easily get gemstones.

To address those flaws, the following changes have been made:

  1. The daily BCNMs are now a single timer on a 12 hour lockout. The lockout will remain 8 hours during seasonal events. Players can check their timer with Makel-Pakel in !relax.

  2. Each BCNM only provides gil, gemstones, and experience points.


    The treasure rewards, where appropriate, will be moved to other drop locations, synergy, or the Auction House in the coming week.

    HOWEVER The Daily BCNM 99 still retains a 1% chance at a blurred weapon and a 5% chance for either a fire feather or a platinum leaf.

  3. The BCNM’s “level sync” is now “level restriction” which should (hopefully) resolve the random removal of skills/reset of skills to zero.

  4. Experience points are now granted by training manuals that drop as personal loot in each BCNM. These are player-exclusive items (stackable to 99) that grant 5000 experience each. This allows players to use the manuals as they see fit and bypass the annoying “can only gain a maximum of one level” restriction. No more wasted 80k of experience points at level 99 because you can only gain 1 limit point.

  5. Running a Daily BCNM while having a lockout timer will prevent that player from gaining the rewards of that BCNM. This prevents the “double dipping” in the BCNMs that has concerned many community members and addresses the issue where those who help out end up with an additional +20 hour extention to their prior personal BCNM cooldown.

The following are the base rewards moving forward:

BCNM Max Level Alexandrite/Tanzanite/Gil Experience Points
20 35 5 / 2 / 20000 15000 (3 books)
40 55 10 / 5 / 60000 20000 (4 books)
60 75 15 / 8 / 120000 30000 (6 books)
80 95 20 / 12 / 200000 40000 (8 books)
99 Uncapped 25 / 16 / 500000 60000 (12 books)

The Alexandrite and Tanzanite Jewel amounts are the “base” values by the BCNMs–what they are currently today. Players can still hit varying levels of jackpots in their BCNM to recieve bonuses. For example, hitting the super jackpot in BCNM 99 will reward 75 alexandrite & 50 tanzanite jewels.

Seasonal BCNMs

The following seasonal BCNMs have been tested and are working as intended.

  • Stand in the Fire
  • Harvest Mayhem
  • Stop the Grinch

The following changes were made to the loot pools of these BCNMs:

  1. Many of the high-quality items and rare/ex items have been removed as their real drop sources are now available in game. These will soon be replaced with other gear and materials in future updates.
  2. Empyrean weapon upgrades, in general, have been removed from these BCNMs.
  3. The chances for crafting-centric gear, such as the Kupo Shield, has been increased.
  4. Style lock/appearance items, such as the Charity Cap, have been moved onto separate loot groups to provide a better chance at other items.

One advantage of the BCNM changes is that treasure pools are now dynamic (checked every time someone wins a BCNM) and can be changed without maintenance to the servers, so expect event BCNMs to have more variety to the rewards while the event is occurring and more standard rewards out-of-season.

Enhanced Empyrean BCNMs

All of the Empyrean BCNMs have been tested and appear to be working as intended. The following changes, however, were made to the loot tables.

  1. The coins/cards/jewels “of concept” have been removed as they are not being used by anything outside of the intiial armor unlocks–which, by empyrean weapons, players should already have unlocked.

  2. The drop rates of ambuscade cape upgrade materials has been slightly increased.

  3. The drop rates of rare crafting materials (tartarian chains, beryllium ingots) has been slightly increased.

Merit BCNMs

At this time, the Merit BCNMs are disabled. The concept we use to spawn ‘waves’ of mobs doesn’t work with how the BCNM logic is now, so these BCNMs will need to be redesigned to work within the constraints of the new system (or that system bent to our needs).

It’s expected that these will be back in the next week or so.

In the mean time, Reisenjima Henge will provide all of your chapter page needs.


The orb BCNMs are functional, however, because the level restriction concepts have changed with BCNMs, these now have their normal “level restrictions” applied to them. MOAR CHALLENGE! 😄


Dynamis doesn’t appear to be wired up at all by the changes to the BCNMs.

For now, the following has been set.

  1. Players can enter Dynamis - Valkurm and Dynamis - Tavnazia without any precursor requirement.
  2. Trash mobs are all up and drop the items necessary for the Relic Weapon trials, currency, and crafting items.

Please use caution while in these zones and only occupy them long enough to get the items needed for your weapon trials and armor unlocks.

We’ll be reviewing the other Dynamis zones in the coming weeks.

Limbus is, at this time, untested.


If you find a BCNM that isn’t acting as it should, please reach out in #support in Discord or create a bug ticket.

Weaponskill Adjustments

Another batch of retuning based on the recent merge from DSP. This update addresses inconsistencies found with ranged weaponskills, ranged attack power, and two-handed attack power.

  • UPDATE Updated and verified calculation formulas for all attack types to match current retail. Thanks Table for the verfications.

    • Attack now has a 1:1 relationship to strength and skill as per the December 2018 update. We had previous updated to these formulas, but the recent DPS weapons merger undid a few of those updates.
    • 2-handed, 1-hand main hand, hand-to-hand, and ranged weapons all use the 8 + skill + STR formula.
    • 1-hand off hand weapons use the 8 + skill + floor(STR/2) formula.
    • Verified that skill includes both the skill listed in Combat Skills as well as the +skills found on modern, item level weapons.
  • UPDATE Double Shot (Ranger) and Triple Shot (Corsair) now provide a bonus to Weaponskill Damage and Weaponskill Accuracy while active.

    • Bonus Formula: AGI / 20
    • Double Shot caps at +20% WSD and +20 WSACC.
    • Triple Shot caps at +5% WSD and +5 WSACC.
  • UPDATE Added the proper 50% enmity reduction to the Wildfire weaponskill.

  • UPDATE Addressed the ordering of how attack is calculated for 2H weapons to calculate the bonuses from Smite after other non-percentage based attack bonuses are added, not before (including Endark).

  • BUG Addressed an issue where ranged weaponskills were incorrectly benefiting from double attack/triple attack/quadruple attack; only melee weaponskills can benefit from this effect.


Couriers and Inventors

The Heroics system for Couriers and Inventors has been updated to better align with the types of missions they should be providing–those from crafting and synergy.

  • Couriers missions will no longer ask players to fetch misc. open-world “trash loot”, but provide a high-level crafted items from one of the crafts that they have unlocked to 100. Infamy rewards are based on difficulty as some missions will require multiple NQ items and others will a single HQ/+2/+3 item.

  • Inventors missions will no longer ask players to fetch misc. open-world rare/ex equipment, but provide high-level synergy items. Infamy rewards are based on the level of the recipe.


The Heroics system for Pioneers has been greatly simplified to make it easier for players to “dig” into the action. 😁 There are now only two missions–chocobo digging and mog gardening.

  • The zone requirement for Chocobo Digging missions has been removed. All Chocobo Digging missions (now known as “Digging Essences”) can be found in any chocobo skill 70+ zone, including SoA overworld zones, Al’Taieu, Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux, Escha Zi’Tah, and Reisenjima.

  • The multiple essence types for Mog Gardening missions have been removed. All Mog Gardening missions require players finding “Gardening Essences”, which can be found on any node in the Mog Garden. Beyond this, the Mog Gardening quests have not changed.


10 new encounters have been added to the Peacekeepers' Coalitions roster for targets in Abyssea; each give an enhanced 75 infamy each for the added challenge.

Escha Zi’Tah

  • The minimum rank required to enter Escha Zi’Tah has been changed from Rank 6 to Rank 5.
  • The chance to spawn a “spawned NM” (initial tier of pop items) has been slightly increased.
  • A bug with Azi Dahaka not properly inflicting his Burn ailment on casters has been addressed.

The lowering of Escha’s level does not indicate the the encounters have lowered in level or gotten “easier”; simply allowing more players to experience the content and provide a more natural rank progression into Reisenjima.


Reisenjima’s core encounters have been added and we’ll be testing these over the next week to gauge challenge, mechanics, and stability.

  • The minimum rank required to enter Reisenjima has been changed from Rank 9 to Rank 8 (when the zone becomes available).
  • The Dimensional Portals at the Crags of Holla, Dem, and Mea now provide teleport to both sea (to reach Limbus) and Reisenjima (if the proper rank is met).


  • UPDATE Sudden Lunge’s base script has been updated to properly compare caster’s magic accuracy to target’s magic evasion and base the effect on a INT stat comparison (the damage component remains physical-based). The base duration has also been reduced from a maximum 20 seconds to 15 seconds to be more in line with current estimates of base duration (bg-wiki states that “ordinary target remains stunned for 7 seconds of even longer”). tl;dr: you now need the proper magic accuracy to land Sudden Lunge and get the optimal duration.

  • UPDATE The Occult Acumen traits for Scholar have been added; these are available at levels 78, 88, and 98.

  • UPDATE The Vana’diel daily (~real world hourly) limit of chocobo digging per zone has been increased from 100 to 150 successful digs.

  • UPDATE The “charge” system for corsairs and scholars has been fixed. Previously, it allowed players to endlessly use charge abilities with the random chance that an underflow would occur causing the ability to have an 18 day recast. This has been addressed and these abilities now have their retail values and recharge timers.

  • UPDATE Several Bard songs have been updated to match the February 2017 update increasing the cap and boost provided by +song mods. Thanks Webjester for this PR into the core project!

  • BUG Several monster abilities and spells were not properly AOEing due to a table change in DSP. These have been fixed. Monsters affected by this include:

    • Morta
    • Pil
    • Brekekekex(kekekekek?)
    • Brittlis
    • Ionos
    • Umdhlebi
    • Vyala
    • Hahava

DSP Core Updates

  • BUG Mind Horder’s placeholder has been fixed.
  • BUG Several monster pools, such as the Idle Wanderers, have been updated to be their proper skill lists.
  • BUG An issue with the ‘Evasion Down’ status effect has been resolved.
  • BUG Fix several weapon’s delay modifiers and fix a grip that was tagged as a weapon.
  • BUG Update automaton weaponskills to use the new weapon damage ranks as players have.
  • BUG Fix invalid aftermath modifier ID for the Kikoku (lv 90 only)

May 2019

27 May

Weaponskill Adjustments

With the addition of fTP replicating hits and multi-hit being fixed in DSP Core a couple of weeks ago, we’re still reviewing the overall scaling of weaponskills that now have these traits.

Jishnu’s Radiance has had its “Gandiva-equipped” enhancement updated to accomodate for its new ability to hit up to 7 times (depending on Triple Attack procs), critically hit, AND replicate fTP across all hits.

  • Old: fTP 1.75 -> 5.75
  • New: fTP 1.75 -> 2.75


  • UPDATE Doom and Terror can now be avoided with the Negate Doom and Negate Terror status effects. With that, the Terror Screen and Doom Screens have been added back into the Legion shop. These items remain a rare/ex short duration, single use item, so use them strategically.
  • UPDATE An issue where players who had existing white mage merits could not set their new merits in Animus Solace and Animus Misery has been resolved.
  • UPDATE Overlord Bakgodek’s spawn conditions have been updated to better match retail; however, with a reduced respawn time on both the placeholder and Bakgodek.
  • UPDATE The Merit BCNMs “Into The Breeze” and “Arena Champions” will no longer remove the player’s key item on entry, but on successful completion.
  • UPDATE Several items have had their item mods to address incorrect item modifiers and/or add missing item modifiers. Thanks to Aramil for finding the missing item modifiers and to Starkk for providing the code.
    • Klouskap Sash /+1
    • Assiduity Pants +1
    • Claustrum i119 III
    • Esper Earring
    • Hachiya Tekko +2/+3
    • Hattori Ningi /+1
    • Hattori Tekko /+1
    • Hachiya Chainmail +2
    • Wicce Gloves /+1
    • Mochizuki Hatsuburi /+1/+2/+3
  • UPDATE Ru’Aun Gardens has been added to the !gotoexp menu for the 70+ range and for Arcana hunt days. Thanks to Risutoa for the suggestion!
  • BUG The homepoint teleports for Ru’Aun Gardens #2 and #3 have been swapped… again. #2 takes players to Ark Angel TT’s isle and #3 to Ark Angel MR’s isle. At least until the next time the client flips them.
  • BUG An issue in Escha Zi’Tah where monsters lacked any modifiers for magic defense, magic evasion, ranged defense, or ranged evasion has been addressed.
  • BUG Addressed a bug that could cause bard songs to underflow their casting time and take an extraordinary long time to cast.

DSP Core Updates

  • UPDATE Monster skills that base their damage off the monster’s current HP have been fixed to properly scale damage. These include:
    • Bomb Toss
    • Final String
    • Hypothermal Combustion
    • Mijin Gakure
    • Nocturnal Combustion
    • Self-Destruct
  • BUG An issue causing some weaponskills to do inordinate amounts of damage when a shield was equipped has been addressed.
    • NOTE: We had previously worked around this issue and have kept our fix in place while also pulling in theirs. Things test out OK, but we’ll be verifying that the issue is fully resolved during the week.
  • BUG An issue where experience points were given to dead party and/or alliance members has been resolved.

20 May

Version Update - May 2019

The servers have been updated to the May 2019 version of 30190430_0. Please take a moment and update your clients to the latest version.

Updating Your Client

  1. Navigate to the \FINAL FANTASY XI\ROM\0 directory and delete 0.DAT. Deleting this file forces FFXI to update.
  2. Open the PlayOnline Viewer.
  3. On the left side, click Check Files.
  4. In the dropdown, select FINAL FANTASY XI.
  5. Click Check Files to begin the process.
  6. It will find several files “corrupt” or out of date, choose to “fix the errors”.
  7. Let the updater run and then close out of PlayOnline Viewer when it’s finished. All done!

The May 2019 update also includes a new version of the Final Fantasy XI Config tool. Some players have reported they need to reconfigure their Controller settings using this new tool.


Failure to update your client to the latest version can result in BCNMs not functioning, cutscenes not functioning, linked items in chat causing client crashes, and other mishaps–especially since this version update adjusted merits.

May 2019 Retail Job Update - White Mage

The May 2019 retail updates provided several significant improvements to White Mages and more reason to “stance dance” between Afflatus Solace and Misery.

As follows is our interpertation and implementation of these updates.

  • The Protectra V and Shellra V merits have been removed.

    • Players who had merit points in Protectra V and Shellra V will find those have been lost.
    • Players now automatically have Protectra V and Shellra V at level 75.
  • The Animus Solace and Animus Misery merits have been added.

    • Each merit point in Animus Solace increases the Stoneskin Bonus provided by Cure spells by 2% (max 10%).
    • Each merit point in Animus Misery increases the damage taken stored ratio by 5% (max 25%).
  • The base defense and magic defense values of Protect, Protectra, and Shellra spells have been increased.

Spell Old New
Protect/Protectra 15 17
Protect II/Protectra II 40 44
Protect II/Protectra III 75 81
Protect IV/Protectra IV 120 128
Protect V 175 205
Protectra V 180 (with merits) 220
Shellra V 24% (with merits) 29%
  • The effects of Esuna have been changed.

    • Esuna is now a single target-only spell and cannot be AOE’d via any means.
    • Esuna now removes the following status ailments and does not require the caster to be affected by them (bolded are new).
      • Poison / Paralysis / Blind / Silence / Curse / Disease / Plague / Petrification
      • While under the effects of Afflatus Misery, Esuna will also remove all status effects removable with Erase, including Amnesia.
      • The recast time for Esuna has been increased from 30 seconds to 120 seconds.
      • The MP cost has been increased from 24 to 178.
  • The effects of Sacrifice have been changed.

    • The duration is halfed when transferring a status ailment.
    • Silence and petrification can now be transferred.
    • During Afflatus Misery, the caster instead gains a short-term, slight resistance to the ailment transfered, and hence will not become afflicted.


  • UPDATE Several monsters in Escha Zi’Tah that “level up” based on mechanics now have a visual indicator that they’ve leveled up. The mechanics are unchanged.
  • UPDATE Pazuzu in Escha Zi’Tah now has an visual indicator for his elemental effects. The mechanics are unchanged.
  • UPDATE Players now have a chance to receive Pioneers mog gathering updates from the Pond Dredger and Coastal Fishing Net in the Mog Garden.
  • UPDATE Players who have achieved Heroics Rank 3 or higher can purchase Chocobo Training Tokens from Lakeria. These tokens can be traded to Mapitoto to revitalize your chocobo and allow players to dig a bit more.
    • Each token has a chance to restore 5 to 10 digs for the player.
    • Excessive training can exhaust your chocobo and deplete all of your digs, so train wisely.
  • UPDATE The mythic great axe Conqueror now has its proper “Enhances Berserk I-V” latents and modifiers. Thanks Webjester for your submission to DSP!
  • UPDATE Update a few more teleport abilities with the new swirl animation.
  • BUG Address an issue where Nickel Quadavs were dropping Nidhogg’s loot table. Whoops.
  • BUG Correction to the Wakido Domaru +3’s Store TP value from +7 to +9.
  • BUG Prevent players from accessing the Mog Garden via the Mog House door if they haven’t unlocked it via the quest (sends players to !relax)
  • BUG An issue where Diaga III could be cast by Red Mage subjobs has been addressed; this ability is main job only.

DSP Core Updates

LARGE UPDATE A mass rework of weaponskills has been underway by the core DSP team to bring DSP in line with changes made in the June 2014 WS overhaul in retail and address several formula calculation bugs that existed in the DSP code base. The full details can be read here.

Overall, the following updates can be noted:

  • The custom and enhanced WSC and fTP values that many weaponskills have remain in place and are calculated accordingly.
  • The hybrid weaponskills are now properly calculated as such with a combination of physical and magical damage.
  • An issue with resistance calculations has been addressed, which, in several cases resulted in lower than expected damage output.
  • The offhand hit during a weaponskill now properly uses the damage of the offhand weapon instead of the main hand.
  • Trick Attack now properly has its 100% accuracy bonus.
  • Requiescat is now ‘formless’ (non-elemental) to match retail.
  • Several situations where fTP was improperly transferring to multi-hit weaponskills instead of resetting for each hit has been resolved. These are the weaponskills that replicate fTP across all hits:
  • Dragoon jump skills can now target flying enemies, such as dragons, as they can on retail.

In addition to the updates above, we’ve added the following tweaks in the process:

  • Magic-based weaponskills now properly adjust for the item-level of the weapon being used.
  • Magic-based weaponskills now properly use the weapon type of the ranged slot for ranged weaponskills.
  • The item-level check now properly checks main hand vs. ranged weapon when performing weaponskills rather than always checking main hand.

We will be testing these changes to see if any balance updates are necessary; however, preliminary testing

  • UPDATE Several monster pools have been updated to have their H2H delay aligned with the base delay of players.
  • UPDATE The item_armor database table has been renamed to item_equipment (since it contained weapons too) and all core features referring to it as such have been updated (because, why not… ). 🙃
  • UPDATE TP moves for ladybug type monsters have been added.
  • BUG An issue with the Treasures of Aht Urghan instancing system not properly allocating instances has been fixed.

13 May

Updated Renamer List

With the updates to !relax, a new Renamer list is available. You can download it here.

Relocated !relax to Western Adoulin

New Relax Location

As the Nocturnal Souls community continues to grow, the Celennia Memorial Library is no longer suitable for the !relax zone. There’s too many people in too small of a location.

With that, !relax now places people in the Platea Triumphus area of Western Adoulin. This is where end-game players currently visit with the Heroics NPCs. The NPCs from Celennia Memorial library are now found near by and provide the same services. Centrally locating all player services in a much larger area should reduce player lag when zoning in as well as visibility of players in the area.

The following overall changes have been made:

  • As players load into the !relax area, their position is randomized a bit to prevent players from zoning in and bunching up on top of each other.
  • Andreine has been removed. Mog house functionalities are now handled by… well, the Mog Houses. These are found just south of the Platea Triumphus area. Players can also use the !mh functionality to access inventories, delivery box, etc. At this time, job change functionality is not available OUTSIDE of mog houses as we’ve had a LOT of weirdness with it and it caused crashes for some players with addons that expected job changes to only happen under ‘retail’-style conditions.
  • Wescolina now acts as the gatekeeper for the Mog Garden. She is located around the corner from Yefafa and the Points Coffer.
  • Margret now acts as the gatekeeper for Reisenjima Henge (replacing the functionality of the Bestiary tome). She is located along the wall of the Couriers' Coalition and across from Yefafa.
  • Jedelaih will now recount your deeds for your completed master jobs (replacing the functionality of the Histories tome).

Dialog and flavor text with several new NPCs added along with this change will be added in future patches.

Players who are AFK and/or bazaaring, please utilize the open areas and streets along the promenade for your characters rather than bunching up around NPCs. #plzkthx

!gotoexp Command Updated

The !gotoexp command has been simplified and updated:

  • The “Solo/Duo” and “Group” options have been removed. No one could really agree what areas matched what criteria because every job and group composition is different.
  • The options have been streamlined to be more readable to non-english clients.
  • Garliage Citadel has been added for the 83+ range (with recommendations for pages 7 and 8).

We are still working on testing Japanese support (assuming we can get a JP client to properly install anytime soon).


  • UPDATE With the changes to !relax, several teleports and teleport commands now have a new animation effect.
  • UPDATE The Auction House and Mog House in Western Adoulin are now functional.
  • UPDATE Leaving the Mog Garden via the Mog Dinghy now teleports players back to the !relax area in Western Adoulin.
  • UPDATE The dialog with Yefafa now notes there is a maximum of 7 augment levels, not 12, to match what’s currently available.
  • UPDATE The !tele command now accepts both altepa (new) and altep (old) for the location.
  • UPDATE The !tele command now accepts both yhoator (new) and yhoat (old) for the location.
  • UPDATE The !tele command now reminds players they need a Pure White Feather to use shadowrealm recall crystals, even if they have the recall gate crystal.
  • UPDATE The drop rate for Primacy Plans in Reisenjima Henge has been slightly increased.
  • UPDATE Drops in Reisenjima Henge are no longer ‘grouped’ allowing each drop to be rolled by Treasure Hunter separately (overall, this should greatly increase loot chances).
  • UPDATE The “Conserve TP” item modifier has been added and several items have been updated to have this new modifier. Older, unused gear will be backfilled with the modifier as time permits.
    • All elemental belts - +7
    • Fotia belt - +7
    • Praecis gorget - +4
    • Unkai sune-ate +1 - +4
    • Unkai sune-ate +2 - +6
    • Vougier’s Contus - +6
    • Asa-arashi - +5
    • Charis Earring - +2
    • Tussle breeches - +8
  • UPDATE The Reforged Artifact +2 and +3 gear sets now have their gear set bonuses. There are four tiers to the bonuses (which includes the Regal Accessories). Thanks to Webjester for his PR into the DSP core project!
    • 2 pieces = +15 to Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy, and Magic Accuracy
    • 3 pieces = +30 to Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy, and Magic Accuracy
    • 4 pieces = +45 to Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy, and Magic Accuracy
    • 5+ pieces = +60 to Accuracy, Ranged Accuracy, and Magic Accuracy
  • BUG (hotfix) Update all checks for nation missions 5-2 missing the correct table prefix after the recent DSP mission updates.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fix broken spawn conditions for Wepwawet in Escha Zi’Tah.
  • BUG Properly grant players titles for defeating the VWNMs Celaeno, Hahava, and Voidwrought.
  • BUG The parody weaponskill “Final Paradise” should no longer show up without having the proper weapon equipped that grants it.
  • BUG The weaponskill “Moonlight” now properly restores MP to party members within a 5y radius.
  • BUG Address an issue with the Harvestman apatant mob not properly having a 30 minute respawn timer.

DSP Core Updates

  • UPDATE Several updates were made to monster pools to address linking, aggro, and immunity flags that didn’t match retail behaviors.
    • NOTE: One family this alters is the Seaboard Vultures in Misaeraux Coast, one of our !gotoexp camps. These birds no longer link or aggro as per retail.
  • UPDATE Update Sneak and Invisible’s duration to properly scale based on item modifiers that increase it (and shifted Skulker’s Cape effect into item modifiers).
  • UPDATE Add missing item modifier for Sword Strap.
  • UPDATE Add missing item modifiers for the Crier’s Gaiters.
  • UPDATE Add several new weapons and armor to the auction house as available items.
  • UPDATE Correct several weapons and place them in the correct auction house categories.
  • UPDATE Add missing modifier for Fotia Gorget and Fotia Belt for the “TP not depleted when weapon skill used +1%”.
  • BUG Fix avatar ‘Astral Flow’ abilities to where TP has no effect on damage on use and to properly wipe shadows on use.
  • BUG Add missing message when a gate guard in Nashmau grants you sanction.
  • BUG Add missing message when Monberaux gives the player the Mysterious Amulet during CoP Mission 1-1.
  • BUG Fix errors where Utsusemi would be overwritten by lesser versions when a player zones.
  • BUG Fix Automaton magic skill requirements for Dia and Bio II.
  • BUG Fix max level for Bark Tarantulas in the Boyahda Tree.
  • BUG Fix broken/misvalued guild item point turn-ins for the following item:
    • Taberzin/+1
    • Brass Leggins/+1
    • Brass Harness/+1
    • Wingedge +1
    • Angler’s Gloves
    • Bone Rod +1
    • Merman’s Mittens
    • Darksteel Shield +1
  • BUG Fix bug with Bard’s Threnody abilities INCREASING the resistance of the target, not DECREASING it. 😐
  • BUG Fix missing Lost key item: <keyitem> message in many zones.
  • BUG Fix and address several incorrect weapon damage values on i101 to i116 ranked weapons.
  • BUG Fix issue with the “getFamily” call not working properly with pets.
  • BUG Add missing mob pool modifiers to prevent experience point gain from Defenders and Detectors in Shrine of Ru’Avitau.
  • BUG Fix issue with Evasion Down status effect not providing the reduced evasion effect or underflowing it and providing extraordinary amounts of evasion.
  • BUG Update Fradubio to be a lottery spawn from Fraelissa every 21-24 hours in Jugner Forest as per retail.
  • BUG/EXPLOIT Fix an exploit that allowed players to gain extraordinary amounts of conquest points when trading crystals to gate guards when they were just at their rank point cap.

6 May

New Login Rewards - May 2019

New login rewards have have been added for the month of May.

Featured Item - May 2019
Raaz Mount

Divine Magic Renovations

Part of this quarter’s ongoing refinements includes a revamp to Divine Magic and the skills related to it. For this first iteration, the following updates have been made.


The preliminary notes from SquareEnix show that White Mage/Divine Magic will get an overhaul as part of the May 2019 retail enhancements, so we’ll be reviewing those changes as well and applying another round of enhancements in a future update.

  • Divine Magic now has the same 1.5-2.0x attribute bump when comparing dStat between players and targets as elemental magic provides.
  • The casting time for the following spells has been reduced to be more inline with elemental magic.
    • Banish -> 2.0s to 0.5s
    • Banish II -> 2.5s to 1.5s
    • Banishga -> 2.75s to 2.0s
    • Banishga II -> 4.5s to 4.0s
  • The recast time for the following spells has been reduced to be more inline with elemental magic.
    • Banish -> 15s to 2s
    • Banish II -> 30s to 6s
    • Banish III -> 45s to 15s
    • Banishga -> 15s to 5s
    • Banishga II -> 30s to 10s
    • Holy -> 60s to 30s
    • Holy II -> 60s to 30s
  • Afflatus Solace now properly provides a base magic damage increase to Holy and Holy II based on the HP healed since the last time one of these spells was cast. Unlike retail, there is no cap to this gain and the gain is lost each time Holy or Holy II is cast.
  • Afflatus Solace now properly gains a “base” bonus multiplier based on gear for the stoneskin “shield” increase. This includes the Orison bilaud, Ebers bliaud, Alaunus’s Cape, and bonuses provided by the Gambanteinn.
  • Afflatus Misery now properly provides a damage increase to Banish spells based the amount of damage the White Mage has taken since the last cast (damage is calculated after phalanx, stoneskin, and all other reductions).

!telelist Updates

  • The !telelist command now supports 15 telepoint locations.
  • Players can now clear out unused telelist points with !telelist clear #.
  • The !telelist command is no longer supported in Escha Zi’Tah, Escha Ru’Aun, and Reisenjima. Players with telelist points in these locations will no longer be able to use them.


  • UPDATE 370 items available to crafters via guild shops have had their max quantities doubled and have been given a daily increase of 33% of their max quantity per day. This addresses an issue where the Members Portal showed that items were available via a guild shop, but none were ever available (as it was waiting for players to SELL some back to the shop to restock).
  • UPDATE Div-E Sepid (Abyssea-Vunkerl) now has its proper script and has a chance to drop its key item, the Chipped Imp’s Olifant. This allows Durinn to finally be spawned.
  • UPDATE Lord of Onzozo has had its chance to to spawn increased from 4% to 10% when the Flying Manta placeholder is defeated.
  • UPDATE Hojo: San and Tonko: San have been removed from players' spell lists as these are monster-only spells.
  • UPDATE Diabolos, Cait Sith, Odin, and Alexander have been reomved from players' spell lists until these avatars are properly coded.
  • UPDATE The Barataria Ring has been added as a potential drop from Escha Zi’Tah.
  • UPDATE Foe Lullaby /II and Horde Lullaby /II now properly increase their duration when Troubadour is active.
  • BUG Snowsteel Ore found via Chocobo Digging in Marjami Ravine and Kamihr Drifts now has its proper ID and no longer shows up as finding a “.”.
  • BUG The tier 3 augment for Ranged Attack now requires 1 Mythril Sand per augment instead of 12.
  • BUG The Fast Tracks system has been patched to resolve issues with missions not properly completing.
    • NOTE: If you have fast tracked since the maintenance on 29 April, please ping Derahine in Discord so your missions can be checked that they properly completed.
  • BUG Several monsters in Escha Zi’Tah that did not properly enrage have had their enrage timers added and/or their progressive rages added at 95% HP.
  • BUG Several trash monsters in Escha Zi’Tah did not have their proper base attributes, making them little to no threat to players. Their base values have been updated to be along the lines of tier 1-2 Reisenjima Henge mobs.
  • BUG Address an issue with Vyala not properly reacting to certain conditions and casting certain spells.

DSP Core Updates

  • UPDATE Remove the Windurst Mission “Saintly Invitation” requirement for Castle Oztroja’s brass doors to match modern retail.
  • UPDATE The experience points table (how much exp is gained on kill based on level difference between players and monsters) has been updated to match standards. In general, this increases experience gained from monsters -1 to -12 levels from the player and party in the 31 to 60 level range. Other experience point values are unchanged.
  • BUG Update all Bio spells with the modern base damage values.
  • BUG Fix bug with Perfect Dodge’s duration–reducing its base from 60 seconds to 30 seconds.
  • BUG Bio and Dia no longer provide a message of “No Effect” when they cannot override the other; they simply apply their damage.
  • BUG Correct Slendlix Spindlethumb’s character model.
  • BUG Fix trade ID for the Grotto key when trading to Faursel in Lower Jeuno.
  • BUG Fix Serket’s (and Serket-like monsters) Venom Storm and Earthbreaker to properly be 40y AOE, not 15y AOE.
  • BUG Update several mog house items to have the proper item flags.
  • BUG Update several equippable items that are account-based transferrable.
  • BUG The opo-opo necklace’s latent effect now triggers under lullaby sleep.
  • BUG Fix models for Spectre THF and RNG models.
  • BUG Fix models for Chatoyant Quadavs.
  • BUG Guard skill check now properly checks jobs rather than equipped weapon.
  • BUG Vendor prices for numerous, easily obtained items have been fixed to prevent exploiting.

April 2019

29 April

New Synergy Recipes

The following new recipes have been added for Synergy. These recipes are designed to help smooth out the leveling process and reduce demand on certain aptants. Over 100 new recipes!

  • Level 10 - converting synthisized “ebon” gear into the synergy “ebon” gear (9 unique armor sets)
  • Level 12 - converting synergy “ebon” gear into colored furia and ebur gear (9 unique armor sets per color)
  • Two new recipes for light spheres have been added, using Aptant: Pera and Aptant: Bellum.

See the full recipes on the Members Portal.

Concurrent Characters Restrictions

In preparation for the character limit restrictions coming with Trusts and to better monitor and maintain an environment free of bots and automated play, changes have been made to the login process.

  • Players can still log in a maximum of 3 characters (1 main, 2 alts) per the server guidelines.
  • Players will receive a FFXI-3101 “Transmission error with lobby server” error when attempting to log on additional characters beyond the limit.
    • Character limits are based on the player’s client IP address.
  • Players who exceed the 3 character limit can still log those characters in as long as the 3 maximum connections are not exceeded.
  • Players who are at the 3 character limit may need to use the “Unstuck Character” feature in the event of a disconnect/unexpected logout to clear the connection list and re-allow connection.
  • Players can request an increased character limit in the following conditions:
    • Multiple real-person players in the same household (families, room mates, etc.)

To request an increased character limit, reach out to a GM/CM in Discord and have the names of the characters and login names for verification. Players found falcifying information for an increased character limit will be banned.


The Server Guidelines page has been updated to reflect these changes.


  • UPDATE Armageddon (Empyrean Gun) now provides equip bonuses more focused to the magical based WS that it provides and is more appealing to the primary user–Corsairs.
    • Ranged Accuracy +160 -> Magic Accuracy +160
    • Ranged Attack +280 -> Magic Attack Bonus +280
    • Rapid Shot +10% -> Quick Draw Damage +65
    • Magic Attack Bonus +65 -> [removed]
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed issue where the Voidwatch campaigns for Aht Urhgan would not start after defeating completing the quest VW OP. #004 Bibiki Bombardment.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where duration calculations were not being accounted for with Regen III, IV, or IV, either with Composure or Perpetuance.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue with the +Level gains for Victory and Advancing March not properly calculating.
    • NOTE: We’re aware that many of the other songs are also not properly processing their +Level gains and will be addressing this in future updates.
  • BUG Avatar’s Favor is now automatically removed from the summoner when a pet is defeated, dismissed, or the player zones.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Adloquium was giving an extraordinary amount of TP–400 TP/tick for the duration of the buff instead of 10 TP/tick for a max of 600 TP. This amount has been updated to 120 TP/tick for the duration of the buff and now properly works with Perpetuance.
    • NOTE: We’ll continue evaluating the balance of this spell over the coming weeks.
  • BUG Dagan no longer requires Gambanteinn i119 III to restore HP to the player (the 2x bonus still requires the weapon).
  • BUG The Guild Shops for Ellard (Goldsmithing) and Alivatand (Leatherworking) have been fixed to properly provide the correct key items when purchasing via guild points. Thank Webjester for his PR into the core project!
  • BUG Tegmine’s script-based respawn of 120-130 minutes has been removed and now will fall in line with the database value of 30 minutes (matching other aptant mobs).
  • BUG Fenian Ring now has its proper “Shield Bash +50” item modifier.

DSP Core Updates

  • BUG Mighty Strikes now forces weaponskills to perform critical hits, even for those that normally cannot, while the status is in effect. This applies to both players and monsters.
  • BUG Crystals should(?) no longer drop if beastmen control a region.
  • BUG Adding missing droplists for King Buffalo, Will O' The Wikes, Goblin Jeweler, Tabar Beak, and Goblin Archaeologists

DSP Missions Tabling

Like last weeks update, this week, the DSP project has merged in a restructuring/tabling of all missions, touching nearly 560+ scripts for NPCs, zones, ??? interactions, mobs, and BCNMs.

In addition to those changes, We’ve scanned through most all missions to catch some of our changes:

  • removal of day/“JP midnight” waits and/or changing them to “must zone”

If you find a mission (nation and/or expansion mission) that doesn’t work, please submit a bug report via the Members Portal.

22 April

April 2019 Version Update

The servers have been updated to the April 2019 version. All players will need to update their clients to match to avoid any potential mismatch errors.

The latest version is: 30190328_2

If you’re having trouble getting your version to update, close the PlayOnline Viewer and delete the file at \FINAL FANTASY XI\ROM\0\0.DAT. Relaunch PlayOnline Viewer and Check Files. Deleting this single DAT will force it to scan all of your files for changes.


If you’re using any HD packages, XI Vision (maps), XI View (UI/fonts), or custom textures, be sure to have those backed up as they’ll be overwritten by the update.

Updated Server Message

The server message (the purple popup on login) now includes the link and agreement that players have read, understand, and will follow the server guidelines located here. Ignorance or “I didn’t know there were rules!” is no longer an excuse for activities that are prohibited on Nocturnal Souls.

If these rules do not meet the gaming experience you are looking for then Nocturnal Souls may not be the community for you.

Spring Break Event Updates

  • (hotfix, 19 Apr) Spring Hoppers can no longer be dragged around by players.
  • (hotfix, 19 Apr) Spring Hoppers now check their health more often and reward eggs at more frequent health increments.
  • Spring Hoppers now have new mechanics to greatly discourage players from engaging then AFKing. The rabbits are not meant to sit and mindlessly AFK attacked. Players MUST decrement their health by percentages in order to trigger their egg drops. Fighting a bunny too long could result in something tragic happening–like it stealing all of your eggs and running away.
  • Spring Hoppers will no longer drop eggs to players who are too far away.
  • Spring Hoppers will repsawn faster, to a point, based on how fast they were killed.
  • New known and unknown words have been added to the possible lettered egg turn-in rewards.

Hand-to-Hand Weapons Update

Thanks to the hard work of Webjester and his recent PR into DSP, hand-to-hand weapons now all have their proper damage values. Players can see the full details here.

The gist of it is:

  • All non-ilvl119 h2h weapons were +3 base damage higher than they should be
  • Most/All ilvl119 h2h weapons had incorrect values (in some cases, being 10-30 damage weaker than they should be)

In addition to this, the TP formula calculation for H2H combat has been adjusted to properly match retail (basically including the hit ratio in the calculation). Overall, this should be a slight increase in TP per hit by players.

  • Old: CalculateBaseTP( (delay * 60) / 1000 ) / ratio
  • New: CalculateBaseTP( ( (delay * 60) / 1000 ) / ratio )

Monks and Puppetmasters rejoice!

Guild Shops

Several guild shops that have been notoriously broken in DSP have been fixed. These shop inventories have been adjusted to better match the requirements of the Nocturnal Souls community.

  • Retto Marutto in Windurst Woods (Bonecraft)
  • Kuzah Hpirohpon in Windurst Woods (Clothcraft)
  • Chaupire in Northern San d’Oria (Woodworking)

Many items that were added to the crafting NPCs in !craft have had those items removed now that the guild shops are in place. This frees up adding new items to those NPCs in the future.


  • UPDATE Tier 3 crystals have been removed from !shop 5 to prevent confusion as there is no actual use for them yet.
  • UPDATE San d’Orian Mission 6-2 (Ranperre’s Final Rest) no longer requires a “JP Midnight” wait for the book turn in, simply change zones and return to the gate guard to progress the story.
  • UPDATE Novennial Hose and Novennial Thigh Boots now drop from the Prime Avatars battle in Reisenjima Henge.
  • UPDATE The respawn times of Om’yovra and Ul’yovra have been reduced and the min/max levels sync’d between the two types.
  • BUG (hotfix, 22 April) Fix for Mordant Rime not properly applying its Aftermath effect.
  • BUG Fix for Horde Lullaby II not being castable.
  • BUG The Scholar ability Perpetuance now properly works with Accession.
  • BUG The Waypoints in Eastern Adoulin now work like those in Western Adoulin.
  • BUG Monsters in Escha Zi’Tah now have their proper MND attributes.
  • BUG The Kupo Shield is now properly rare/ex, non vendorable, non sendable for those with #firstvanadielproblems and have multiples.

DSP Core Updates

  • UPDATE San d’Oria Mission 2-1 (The Rescue Drill) no longer requires speaking to all* guards, only thoses that the modern wikis require speaking to (players _can_ still talk to them all for the story/lore).
  • UPDATE Bugard Strap/+1 can now be desynthised.
  • UPDATE Several new NMs are now available.
  • UPDATE Armored Chariots now have their proper skill lists.
  • UPDATE Archaic Ramparts now have their proper doors open/closed animations and phase changes.
  • UPDATE Several monsters now have their proper models and/or sizes.
  • UPDATE Seaboard Vultures in Misearaux Coast no longer link, as per retail.
  • UPDATE The Curaga Earring is now functional.
  • UPDATE The monster abilities Bad Breath, Drain Whip, Impale, and Sweet Breath have been added and/or fixed to work properly.
  • UPDATE Capricious Cassie now properly draws in and uses the correct skills.
  • BUG Remove Quadav Helm drops from monsters in North Gustaberg that should not drop them.
  • BUG Bug fix for Halver that removes the necessary step to speak to him multiple times while working on TOAU missions.
  • BUG Added missing cutscenes for the quest “Northward”.
  • BUG Bug fixed where players didn’t receive a message upon receiving Signet from gate guards.
  • BUG The drop list for Aura Sculptures has been updated to drop their expected items.
  • BUG Bug fixed in mob model sizes that could pull the incorrect sizes (fixes Tzee Xicu the Manifest from being a super tiny yagado).
  • BUG Fix Cactrot Rapido’s family modifiers and double attack rate.

DSP Quests Tabling Update

All quests have been updated DSP’s new tabled format and renamed in the scripts.

This touches every single quest in the game and hundreds of NPCs.

More specifically, this altered how all of the quests that Nocturnal Souls supports, but DSP doesn’t, are wired up. This includes things like:

  • advanced job quests
  • the entire voidwatch campaign

We’ve been working to test and ‘walk’ each of these quests, but, I’m sure some will fall through the cracks. If you find a quest that isn’t working, please create a Bug feedback ticket and a member of the team will investigate and address it as soon as possible. I’m sure there’s something that will be borked out of this change.

15 April

Renamer Update

Updated renamer list for the Spring Break Egg Hunt event. See the details and download the list here.

Spring Break Egg Hunt

Spring Break Egg Hunt

The Spring Break Egg Hunt event is here and it’s egg-cellent! Seek out the Event Moogles in Southern San d’Oria, Bastok Markets, and Windurst Waters to get started.

Duration: April 15 to May 20

See the event page for more details.

Job Update – Dragoon

To balance out the growth of dragoons and wyverns, the following changes have been made:

  • Wyverns now gain a level-based ‘wyvern breath’ bonus that, at 99, is near what the Dragoon Empyrean weapon granted. This update reduces the reliance on dragoon’s completing their Empyrean weapon to be “competitive” and allows for a better growth experience.
  • Instead of “Wyvern Breath +”, Rhongomiant now providers “Critical Hit Damage +50%”.
  • The fTP of the Drakesbane weaponskill has been slightly increased.

Job Update - Scholar

The following abilities have been added, updated, or fixed for Scholar.

  • Players now have access to Perpetuance while using Light Arts.
    • This ability allows players to extend the duration of white magic enhancing spells by 2-2.55x.
    • The Savant’s and Arbatel Bracers provide their bonuses to this ability.
  • Players now have access to Libra.
    • This ability displays the current target’s enmity for the scholar’s party (does not show alliance enmity). Unlike retail, it provides the CE and VE numbers directly, not a percentage of enmity.
  • Firestorm and Sandstorm’s durations have been fixed to match those of the other storm spells.

Job Update - Dancer

The following ability has been added for Dancer.

  • Players now have access to Contradance.
    • This ability allows players to double the potency of their next Curing Waltz or allow Healing Waltz to affect all nearby party members (10' radius).

Heroics - Peacekeepers in Escha - Zi’Tah

Affi now accepts the key items from the Gaes Fete Tier 3 NMs. Each of these key item turn-ins count as a completed Peacekeeper Coalition mission. These missions do not count towards the bonuses provided by the coalitions, only towards increasing your total mission count for those working to increase their rank.

These include:

  • Fleetstalker
  • Shockmaw
  • Urmahlullu
  • Nosoi
  • Blazewing
  • Pazuzu

Gaes Fete Tier 3 NMs have a 100% chance to drop their key item when defeated.


  • UPDATE Spawned encounters in Escha - Zi’Tah will no longer spawn directly on the player, but close nearby and immediately attack.
  • UPDATE Azi Dahaka no longer attempts to spawn for every party member, just once per NM kill.
  • BUG An issue was fixed in Escha - Zi’Tah where unclaimed spawned encounters would roam too far away from players, making them hard to track down after they regroup.
  • BUG Gracile Grip/+1 now has its proper item modifiers.

8 April

Retail-style Job Enhancements - Ranger (and more)

The April 2019 update modified several of the ranger’s abilities to have shortened recast timers and more potency.

  • Sharpshot now provides a base +60% ranged accuracy gain instead of a flat +40 ranged accuracy (non-percentage); it now caps at a gain of 99%.
  • Velocity Shot’s recast reduced from 300 seconds to 60 seconds.
  • Scavenge’s recast reduced from 300 seconds to 60 seconds and no longer generates enmity on use.
    • We skipped updating Scavenge to track and store up to 3 types of ammo–seriously, everyone should be using REMA ammo at 99.

The additional updates have been pulled from the April 2019 patch as well:

  • The physical defense reduction potency of Dia has been increased.
    • Dia (5->10%), Dia II (10->15%), Dia III (15-20%), Diaga (5->10%), and Diaga III (15->20%)
  • The physical attack reduction potency of Bio has been increased.
    • Bio (5->10%), Bio II (10->15%), and Bio III (15->20%)

Job Abilities Update

  • Dragoon’s Spirit Link now levels up the wyvern to the max of 5 levels, based on the number of merits the player has in Empathy.
    • At this time, Spirit Link does not transfer buffs, just grants the wyvern and player “level up” bonuses.
  • Scholar spell Adloquium is now functional and can be AOE’d by the Accession strategem.
  • Scholar spells Animus Augeo and Animus Minuo are now functional, can be self-cast, and can be AOE’d by the Accession strategem.
  • The following spells now have their proper animations:
    • Adloquium
    • Cura I, II, III
    • Regen IV, V
    • Crusade (now a better guess, since it’s not listed in the Model Viewer and I can’t find a youtube of it)
    • Baramnesia/Baramnesra
    • Enlight
    • Endark
    • Boost-Stat spells
    • Animus Augeo, Animus Minuo
    • Kilmaform
  • Scholars can now use the Accession strategem with the following spells (assuming they gain them either from their main job or sub job):
    • Haste, Haste II
    • Cure V
    • Flurry, Flurry II
    • Animus Augeo, Animus Minuo
  • The following merit abilities are now main job only and have been updated.
    • Dragoon - Angon
      • Angon’s defense down effect has been increased from -20% to -30%.
    • Dancer - Fan Dance
      • Fan Dance’s enmity has been increased from +15 to +25.
    • Dancer - Saber Dance
      • Saber Dance’s double attack increased from 50% decaying to 20% to 75% decaying to 30%.
    • Warrior - Tomahawk
      • Tomahawk is now functional and works similar to Dragoon’s Angon–applying a defense down effect to the target of -30%.
    • Dark Knight - Diabolic Eye
      • Diabolic Eye’s base melee accuracy bonus has been increased from 20 to 50.
    • Ninja - Sange
      • Sange’s duration increased from 60 seconds to 120 seconds.
  • Crusade can no longer be AOE’d by scholars using the Accession strategem (why was this even a thing?)
  • Regen V now properly adds in the bonus effects from the Regen Effect merits.

Heroics - Pioneer Missions QoL

To address the issue that many players would only get chocobo digging missions (and run out of digging chances) before getting a gardening mission, the Pioneer coalition missions have been restructured.

  • Heroics: Pioneer Missions now have more variety. Instead of 4:1 digging/gardening, they are now 3:3 digging gardening.
    • Mog Gardening: Growing, Watery, and Scintillating Essences
    • Chocobo Digging: Sparking, Radiating, and Windy Essences
  • Heroics: Pioneer Missions involving Mog Gardening have had their chance of finding items increased from 70% to 90%.

Voidstone Timer and Storage

Players can now store up to a maximum of 6 voidstones with Voidwatch Officers over a period of 24 hours based on when the player last acquired a voidstone.


Acquiring voidstones ‘clips’ it to that time as the timers are based on pickup, not a running system timer. For example, if your timer was at 19.9999 hours, you’d acquire 4 voidstones (16 hours worth) and your 4 hour timer would restart at zero; you would NOT have your timer start at 3.9999 hours to the next voidstone.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) ZNM: The ZNM spawn locations now remain when a target is spawned–no more 5 minute waits.
  • UPDATE ZNM: Khimaria now drops the Boneworker’s Torque instead of the Weaver’s Torque. Medusa still drops the Weaver’s Torque.
  • UPDATE ZNM: Tinnin’s head growth/regrowth timers have been significantly shortened so it’s less likely to sit at 5, 10, 25% health forever.
  • UPDATE ZNM: Chigre’s gained its HP drain additional effect.
  • UPDATE Players can no longer turn in relic, mythic, or empyrean trial rewards to the Magian moogles or Oboro if they already have the reward item in their inventory.
    • This doesn’t prevent players from DOING the trials, simply prevents the server from attempting to hand you the item and it fall to the ground. Before you start a trial, search your inventory to insure you haven’t already done it!
  • UPDATE Updated the Signet buff to be active in the following regions: Abyssea, Abdhaljs, Adoulin, Reisenjima, and Escha.
    • This will be removed for Abyssea zones once the custom Atma system is activated.
    • This will be removed for the Adoulin, Reisenjima, and Escha zones once the custom Ionis system is activated and integrated into Heroics.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue with Carbuncle’s Meteorite doing zero damage.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where Store TP would show as 0 in !stats.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Exalted Lumber would not properly stack to 12.
  • BUG Addressed an issue allowing players to gain buffs from Sanction and Sigil outside of their appropriate regions.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the boats between Selbina and Mhaura would lead to a Downloading Data… screen.
    • Again, this SHOULD be fixed, but they’re 2006-era slow (15-20 minutes per trip), so why? If it doesn’t work, take the Explorer Moogle teleports.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Atrophy Tabard +1 having incorrect modifiers.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Burred Staff/+1 missing the Magic Damage +217 modifier.

DSP Core Updates

  • BUG Additional check added to prevent TOAU’s Puppets in Peril from updating if the player isn’t on that mission.

1 April

Renamer List Update

The renamer list has been updated to include new NPCs. You can download it here.

Daily Login Points and Rewards

Players now receive login points each day that they log in. These points can be used for unique style lock gear, pop items, mounts, rare augments, and more.

Login points become available every midnight server time (US Central Time). Players already logged in during the daily reset will need to log out and back in to receive their points (the awarding happens on first “log in”). Login points do not expire and care over month-to-month allowing players to save up for bigger rewards.

How do I earn points?

Points are earned simply by logging in!

Point Value Event
25 Initial player signup
15 Login on the 1st of the month
15 Login on the 20th of the month (NocSouls Day)
5 Login any other day of the month

We’ll be granting a login point bonus to all characters with existing accounts who created their characters on 31 March 2019 or before. This bonus will be added over the course of the next week.

What can I get?

The Points Coffer is now located at the Celennia Memorial Library (near Andreine). The Points Coffer provides players with their current login point total as the list of items they can acquire using login points.

Items in the Points Coffer, similar to retail, will rotate every month or so (exact schedule TBD). Some items are level locked and cannot be purchased without meeting the level requirements.

This month, the following items are available.

Points Item Min Level
10 Rarab Cap 1
10 Morbol Cap 1
10 Sheep Cap 1
25 Astral Cube 1
150 Red Crab Mount 1
10 Moogle Suit 99
15 Savory Shank 99
15 Sweet Tea 99
15 Red Pondweed 99
50 Deed of Moderation 99
50 Deed of Sensibility 99
50 Deed of Placidity 99

Have an idea for a cool login reward? Pass it along in the suggestions!

Summoner Blood Pact Changes/Fixes

Addressing feedback from community members that summoners were “overpowered” since the avatar level increase, we dug into exactly how summoner blood pacts handled damage and found out quite a bit–some good, some bad.


I can’t emphasize enough that tuning classes is an art, not a science. SquareEnix is still tweaking classes in retail after almost 20 years. We likely won’t get it right the first time; however, we’ll iterate and make changes based on testing and feedback. Please be patient if something doesn’t work how you EXPECT it to work.

What We Learned

  1. Avatars, by design, do not have a level correction when calculating damage like player-based weaponskills do. This makes them extremely powerful against higher level mobs [source].
  2. Avatars do not necessarily gain more physical damage by adding a great deal of attack to them as there’s a hard cap to the pDIF formula for avatars [source].
  3. All physical blood pacts were wired up to also calculate in the magic attack bonus of the avatar. This is systemically wrong [source] and was causing physical blood pacts to receive upwards of 10-20x their attack damage and THEN have the Blood Pact damage increase added to it.
  4. As coded, all physical blood pacts are being passed in as fire damage, not the correct element for the avatar. This is causes unexpected damage results against mobs strong/weak to that element and/or on the elemental day.
  5. As coded, all blood pacts (physical and magical) compare the INT of the avatar to the mob. Most physical blood pacts rely on DEX, VIT, STR, or even CHR [source].
  6. As coded, many of the damage type modifiers no longer exist or are spelled wrong (H2H instead of BLUNT, SLASH instead of SLASHING) causing these physical blood pacts to do less than or incorrect damage against monster families strong/weak to the type.
  7. Several blood pacts were not providing their correct additional effect.
    1. Rock Buster and Mountain Buster inflicting Bind.
    2. Megalith Throw not inflicting Slow.
    3. Geocrush not inflicting Stun.
  8. A couple of blood pacts were wired up as physical, but should have been elemental.
    1. Burning Strike should be fire elemental damage.
    2. Lunar Bay should be dark elemental damage.
  9. As coded, Astral Flow abilities are, overall, useless. The base damage for them is 48-78 damage. 😕
  10. As coded, the damage multipliers and subsequent hit multipliers (for multihit blood pacts) are significantly lower than they should be [source] and [source].
  11. As coded, the methods that handle elemental resists and damage mitigation for avatar abilities (physical and magical) completely ignores the DMG, DMGMAGIC, DMGPHYS, and the uncapped versions of those mods. This means a monster designed to take -70% magical damage would still be hit for 100% of an avatar’s magical blood pact and, the reverse, that a monster designed to take 130% physical damage would still only take 100%.

What We Changed

Whoo! Wow. Okay, so, in that same order as above, the following updates have been applied to summoner blood pacts.

  1. Nothing to fix regarding Avatars not having a level correction and that’s, honestly, a real benefit to summoners. Having a pet that’s essentially “120+” vs. the target’s level means higher crit changes, higher rates of hit, and higher damage overall.
  2. This has been addressed by better allocating attributes to avatars throughout the leveling process. As fixed in No. 5 below, now that blood pacts are using the correct stats, having those stats increased helps.
  3. This was fixed. Yes, this will greatly reduce the damage of multi-hit physical blood pacts like Rush, but back down to reasonable levels and provide a proper growth gain for players to gear up (no more naked summoners with Nirvana; sorry).
  4. All blood pacts now have their proper element and elemental day bonuses applied. Carby gains bonuses on Lightsday and weakens on Darksday, etc.
  5. All blood pacts have been updated to use their proper attribute comparisons as stated in the source. This means that avatar blood pacts that compare INT are likely stronger against mobs with lower INT (like non-casters) and ones that compare STR are likely stronger against mobs with low STR (like casters).
  6. All blood pacts that had the wrong damage type have been fixed.
  7. Rock Buster, Mountain Buster, Megalith Throw, and Geocrush (poor Titan!) now have their proper additional effects.
  8. Burning Strike and Lunar Bay are now their proper elemental damage, not physical.
  9. Astral Flow abilities have had their base damage formula updated from 48 + (level * 8) + (dINT * 1.5) to 2048 + (level * 8) * (dINT + 1.5).
  10. The damage multipliers provided by the sources have been applied to the physical blood pacts.
  11. The methods for handling blood pact elemental resists and damage mitigations have been fixed to account for a target’s explicit damage resist or weakness modifiers. For example, arcana “weapon” type mobs have an intate family resistance to magic; slimes and oozes have an inate resistance to physical. Blood pacts now properly account for these when calculating damage. Keep this in mind when you’re fighting certain targets and using certain elements and physical vs. magical damage.

What’s Next

We’ll be monitoring and reviewing how these changes alter the leveling curve, main job usage at various gear levels, and end-game usage of summoners.

A few suggestions while you’re out in the field with these new changes:

  • Impact matters. I can’t say that often enough. Summoners, you have Impact for a reason. It will, in some cases, DOUBLE your damage.
  • Blood pacts against targets below your avatar’s current level will still likely be easy to cap damage on.
  • Having along someone who can debuff the mob (or a subjob that can do it) can go a long way. Like Impact, Dia, Distract, Frazzle can go a long way for Summoners. Also, don’t forget weaponskills–Shattersoul inflicts Magic Defense Down +10, Omniscience (if a SCH is around) inflicts Magic Defense Down +100, etc. There’s plenty of weaponskills that reduce physical resistances too!

Weaponskill and Item Levels

A common issue we’ve seen as players gear into the higher levels of endgame is that melee weaponskills simply do not scale. This is a similar issue to retail where it’s hard, if not impossible, for melees to get enough accuracy to counteract the level corrections between players and level 145+ targets.

Most players, fully geared, have around 1600 accuracy on our server. That doesn’t account for the heightened stats that our monsters have in general. With this, there’s some interesting insight as those retail numbers would probably be 400-500 higher on our server.


145 is where accuracy becomes just plain hellish. Neak (Reisenjima T3), for example, requires 1866 accuracy to cap against. Kirin? That’s 1950 accuracy. Most of this content requires everything you’ve got to just hit the mobs. It’s essentially irrelevant to bother trying to melee at this level unless you have VERY solid support. Even then, certain jobs just won’t get enough accuracy to hit this content.

While “just take mages” may work on retail, that’s not in line with the goals of Nocturnal Souls nor do most melee players have an army of support classes behind them.

The problem stems from how weaponskills calculate the cRatio for melee and ranged, hit rate, and pDIF.

Without going too much into the details of the math (the links above can help with that), the following changes have been implemented:

  1. Main-hand weapon item levels are now functional. Weapons without a specified item level defaults to the level of the player.
  2. Monster targets are now capped at level 150 for cRatio and Hit Rate calculations, even if their actual level is higher.

For melee players, this gain, assuming they’re already in the 1500-1600 accuracy range, should put them back in the 95-99% hit rate cap for their weapon types and greatly reduced the crit and damage reduction in their weapon skill attacks. Monster defense, evasion, and passive damage resistances still apply.


Magic-based weaponskill, such as Uriel Blade, Aeolian Edge, Herculean Slash, and Leaden Salute are unaffected by this change as they do not have a level correction on them, similar to magic in general, and work based on stacking Magic Attack Bonus. In addition, Atonement is unaffected by this change as it’s breath damage.

Mythic Aftermath Enhancement

Mythic aftermaths, in general, are difficult to properly use as they provide their bonuses UNIQUELY at each aftermath level and subsequent levels of aftermath overrides the prior.

For example, Yagrush provides magic accuracy at aftermath level 1, melee accuracy at aftermath level 2, and the “occasionally attack twice/thrice” buff at aftermath level 3. Getting aftermath level 2 then removes the buff provided by aftermath level 1.

This leads many players to avoid these weapons as it’s hard get 1000-1999 and 2000-2999 each and every time if players are trying to get a specific buff.

To that end, these aftermaths now work similar to the relic and empyrean aftermaths where each level includes the prior aftermath level’s buffs. Using Yagrush again, at aftermath level 3, players would gain the magic accuracy, melee accuracy, and “occasionally attack twice/thrice” as part of their aftermath.

For many classes, this reopens Mythics as very appealing weapons and not just a stepping stone to Empyrean weapons.


  • BUG (hotfix) An update applied to the Hieroglyphics for Dreamworld Dynamis zones to re-enable players to enter them without having the required COP missions.
  • UPDATE Odin in Reisenjima Henge will now drop Carbuncle’s Ruby used to spawn the Carbuncle/Fenrir encounter.
  • UPDATE The following abilities used by Tchakka, Bismarck, and similar monsters have been updated. In general, the death effects of all of these abilities can now be more easily avoided by moving out of range, stunning it (with the longer casting times), or not standing in front of the monster.
    • Thar She Blows - changed from a 2y pointblank AOE to a 2y conal breath as per retail. Casting time remains 8 seconds.
    • Tidal Guillotine - changed from 1 second cast to 8 second cast. Updated to only apply KO effect if player is below 50% health, else it is a heavy hitting physical attack.
    • Marine Mayhem - changed from 18y pointblank AOE to 2y pointblank AOE and casting time updated from 1 second to 8 seconds.
  • UPDATE Ryo will now teleport players to the ZNMs if you trade her the lure (don’t worry, she won’t keep it). Thanks to Webjester for the idea and gist!
  • UPDATE Korroloka Tunnel has been added to !gotoexp in the for solo/duo 82-92 leveling range.
  • UPDATE Ifrit and Leviathan avatars are now immune to the Amnesia status effect per BG Wiki.
  • UPDATE Bugard Strap/+1 desynth recipes have been added.
  • BUG A fix was applied to Cataclysm and Tartarus Torpor that could cause the weaponskills to do no damage.
  • BUG Poisonaga V has been updated to properly apply its poison effect to players.
  • BUG Fixed Vulpangue’s fire absorb trait based on the Vana’diel day.
  • BUG The Ergon Locus in La Theine Plateau has been updated to remove the ‘???’ from the name so scripts fire properly.
  • BUG Monster abilities that steal status effects have been fixed. This includes Binary Tap, Trinary Tap, Heliovoid, Osmosis, Spirit Tap, and Voracious Trunk.
  • BUG The zonelines between Cirdas Caverns and Woh Gates have been added. (whoops)

Previous Updates

Looking for previous update notes? Check out the archived update notes in the navigation bar.