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December 2019

30 December

2019 - The Year In Review

2019’s been a great year for the Nocturnal Souls community. In April, we celebrated our one year anniversary and now, 20 months in, we’re still growing.

None of this would be possible without the amazing players dedicated to helping grow the community, teach new players as they join the server, and provide feedback to the team. We’ve also welcomed over 20 code contributions from our player base–everything from item modifiers for new gear to systemic revamps and encounter logic.

Here’s a quick glance at the highlights of 2019.

The Community

  • Since we started tracking it, we’re now averaging 55-120 players concurrently online throughout the day with upwards of 250-300 unique connections per day.
  • The average play time of our community has grown from ~2d 12h to ~6d 17h of online time–the average player is consistently playing more hours.
  • Community tools, such as the members portal, have undergone big changes to improve quality of life and information provided, such as the messaging boards, bazaars listing, player-based event scheduling, and feedback system.
  • Our Discord has been revamped with additional channels, such as #faq and #job_qa, a new splash welcome channel for new members, and server boosts thanks to our dedicated members and the continued growth as we ramp past 800 active members in the channels.

The Content

  • The Heroics System, a rank-based content system introducing the five coalitions of Adoulin, four zones (two are released at this time), and daily randomized content for adventurers, crafters, and gatherers for “beyond” end game.
    • Implementation of Escha - Zi’Tah at rank 4, a level 135+ zone with unique 36 NMs.
    • Implementation of Reisenjima at rank 6, a level 140+ with unique 47 NMs.
  • Two unique Merit BCNMs were added to allow players a solo options to gear upgrades and challenging content. These prototypes lay the groundwork for future custom BCNMs in 2020.
  • Migration of the general !relax zone to Western Adoulin to give the growing population room to move and add new custom NPCs.
  • Implementation of a new “Spring Break” seasonal event and QOL tweaks to the other seasonal events.
  • A revamped design to Reisenjima Henge with 7 new battlefields allowing players to concurrently challenge the fights, improving the quality of life with a new menuing system, as well as revamping the scaling and challenge of many fights.
  • Implementation of daily login points and the login reward system, giving players added benefits to log in every day and access to unique style lock pieces, mounts, and more.
  • Customization of chocobo digging and implementation of the chocobo scavenger hunt system.
  • Implementation of all four Dynamis Divergence zones, allowing players to upgrade their relic armor to the final stages, acquire unique JSE neck pieces, and challenge some very unique encounters with the Disjointed and zone bosses.
  • After their destruction due to a DSP “update”, the recreation of 18 level 20 to 99 BCNMs with unique content, drops, and mechanics.
  • The ‘tiered’ system revamp to daily BCNMs allowing players to achieve the same goals with fewer BCNM runs–reducing wait times and stress on those systems.
  • Implementation of the New Game+ system allowing players to replay leveling content with friends and new community members all while powering up their character.

The Lewt

  • The addition of the i117 Eminent weapons vendor for newly minted 99 players.
  • The full line of job-specific Reive/Incursion and Ambuscade Capes acquired through Voidwatch and Empyrean BCNM battles.
  • The addition of the long-awaited upgrade paths for players to acquire the full line of reforged relic +2 and +3 armor and uniquely augmented job-specific neck pieces.
  • Over 30 new items added to various custom contents, such as Seasonal Events, Halls of Legion, Voidwatch, and ZNMs.
  • Over 230 new and unique equipment items from Escha Zi’Tah and Reisenjima.
  • Over 140 new synergy were added into the system and 40 updated synthesis recipes were either added or corrected.
  • Over 40 unique item modifiers from retail that are not part of the standard DSP server code, such as Inquartata, Erase+, Dispel+, and Damage Taken to TP.

The Mechanics

  • Over 2019, we’ve kept up to date with the latest retail version updates, including job updates for puppetmaster, red mage, dragoon, dancer, paladin, black mage, ninja, white mage, bard, ranger, monk, and scholar and within a week of being released–the shortest being in November where we released within 2 hours of the updates hitting retail.
  • Several game features have been added to improve the quality of life for players, such as the !gotoexp menu, Survival Guides, Voidwatch teleport guides, ZNM teleports, and an expanded !telelist command.
  • Implementation of Avatar, Automaton, and Wyvern level advancements through gear modifiers to match pet advancement with retail.
  • Introduction of retail style mount commands and addition of several mounts available through login rewards, quest and content completions, and giveaways.
  • Review and revamp of many high profile abilities and magic types to find balance between the base “DSP” implementation and retail, such as Magic Barrier, Manawall, elemental, divine, ninjutsu, and blue magics, and various avatar abilities.
  • Revamps and rewrites to the core AI logic for Automatons, head pieces, and implementation of over a dozen attachments, including current retail attachments.
  • Revamps to match the potency and power of all Bard songs to retail and add two custom bard resistance songs.
  • Implementation of dozens of traits and abilities across almost every job, including newer, unique traits such as Dragoon’s WS Damage+.
  • A full, multi-month review and revamp of blue magic–spells, abilities, skillchains, and the damage formulas. This included fully implementing 21 missing spells, rewriting nearly 100 others, and adding several unique traits, such as Inquartata and Critical Attack Bonus, for those spells.
  • Implementation of the much coveted Immanence ability which allows Scholars to create skillchains with black magic spells.
  • The addition of all abilities and skillchains for Avatars, including the full implementation of Cait Sith and Diabolos.

Behind The Scenes

  • Implementation of a standardized custom menuing system allowing more content to use in-game menus for dialogs and navigation, including support for JP and EU clients.
  • Almost 1400 weapons, armor, and accessories have had their item modifiers, latent effects, and set modifiers added or corrected.
  • A redesign of the level correction system for magic, weaponskills, combat damage, and resists to better scale with our level 1 to 180+ content for accuracy and damage mitigation.
  • A redesign of grouped experience gains to provide better experience gains for large groups while players have their signet/sanction/sigil buffs active.

We have this and so much more to look forward to in 2020! We’ll be reviewing and updating our Development Roadmap for 2020 and updating it in the new year.

Thank you to everyone for being a part of the community and helping us make Nocturnal Souls a great server!

-/dera ❀️


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Address misnamed Aurix/Dimensional Veil in Ru’Lude Gardens (if you haven’t already, snag the updated Renamer list).
  • UPDATE Add state checks for claims and call for help status when engaging with a pet; this should address edge cases where pets claim targets, but the master cannot engage.
  • UPDATE Added “alliance” hate modifier for some HNMs that automatically adds all alliance members to the enmity table on engage. This has been applied to numerous HNMs.
  • BUG Address an issue with messaging when a battlefield or battlefield NPC ‘heals’ you–such as in COP Dawn–to be the correct message.
  • BUG Update the respawn times of several mob groups in Moh Gates to 5 minutes instead of 60 minutes.
  • BUG Add a missing drop pool from Glutinous Clots in Moh Gates.
  • BUG Update Curse and Curse II to prevent the movement debuff from underflowing, causing it to trigger the movement/speed hacking warning. This only occurred on a few encounters where extremely high reductions where active, such as Kukulkan in the Empyrean BCNMs.
  • BUG Address an issue where Umdhlebi’s reaction to magical damage was not properly being activated.
  • BUG Update the DEF+50 “snowy cermet” augment to reduce it to DEF+32, which is the limit of that augment.
    • Players with these augments already on gear as of the release of these notes have been recorded and will be contacted by a GM to help reaugmenting their gear with the updated values.
  • BUG Address an issue where the mechanic to REDUCE Fleetstalker’s level would not show the proper animation.
  • BUG Address an issue with Obstatrix not properly randomly countering magical based attacks.
  • BUG Address an issue where Titan Prime would not auto engage the other avatars in Reisenjima Henge.
  • BUG Address an issue where Wrathare’s Perfect Dodge recast timer was too short and he could constantly Perfect Dodge.
  • UPDATE Added Kindlix’s firework shop and dialog in Port Jeuno.
  • UPDATE Added the Celebratory and Matrimonial Coffers in Chateau d’Oraguille, Heaven’s Tower, and the Metalworks.
  • BUG Address a bug where non-initators BCNM orbs would become warn when entering a BCNM.
  • BUG Address an issue where worn BCNM orbs may not be properly detected by Shami.


  • Update notes for crafting and moon phase to align; some said moon phase didn’t matter, other’s did. The system was set for craft_moonphase_matters=1, so documentation aligned to that. For those who are new to what moon phase matters in crafting:
    • New Moon increases HQ rates, decreases success rates
    • Full Moon increases success rates, decreases HQ rates

23 December

New Game+

new game +

As we get ready for the new year, maybe it’s time for a new you! We’ve implemented a new system called, unoriginally, “New Game+”. This system started out as a user suggestion for a way to reset job levels (thanks Charlie!) and blossomed into an entire game system.

The New Game+ system allows players who have reached level 99 in all 20 jobs (save GEO and RUN) to “reset” to level 1 and relevel again.


Many players enjoy the leveling and want to be able to reset and rejoin new players, friends, and family to level up with them. New Game+ is optional and targeted at those who enjoy the leveling experience or are looking for additional ways to maximize their character.

What do I gain?

Players who use the New Game+ system gain base stat and skill bonuses every time they reset their job levels. This can be incremented up to 10 times.

  • For resets 1 to 10, players gain +5 to all of their base attributes (STR, DEX, etc.)
  • For resets 5 to 10, players gain +5 to all of their melee and magic skills (sword, club, enfeebling, ninjutsu, etc.).

At New Game+10, players will have +50 to all base stats and +25 to all melee and magic skills for all of their jobs.

In addition, players who reach New Game+10 will also gain two unique item rewards when they visit Mimomo again on a 99 job. πŸ˜„

What do I need to do to participate?


As this resets all jobs to level 1 and cannot be undone, be sure you’ve given yourself enough time to get back to level 99 before your next raid, event, etc. πŸ˜„

To activate New Game+, players will need to have level 99 on all 20 jobs and speak with Mimomo in Windurst Waters L-6).

Players will:

  • Keep all merits, merit points, and limit points (however, will not be able to reactivate limit mode until a job is 75+ again).
  • Keep all equipment, spells, unlocks, missions, keyitems, unlock flags, heroic ranks, and quests.
  • Lose all level and job experience for the 20 jobs.
  • Lose access to any zones or content that requires a specific job level (such as Abyssea at level 30 or Reisenjima at level 99). Regaining the levels will reopen these zones.
  • Gain a debuff that reduces experience points gained by 10% per New Game+ level up to New Game+ 9, where it caps at -90% experience points gained.
  • Makes the player ineligible for the +200% Dedication bonus with FoV/GoV regimes; however, players can still gain Dedication through items such as the Emperor band.

Players can use the !ngpstatus to see their current New Game+ level.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Slightly reduced Quetzecoatl’s magic AOE radius.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Slightly reduced Neak’s damage resistance while in shield mode.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Quetzecoatl’s Reverberating Cry attack was updated to remove the Shock gaze effect and is now flat damage.
  • UPDATE Adjust Maju’s blindness “pseudo immunobreak” mechanic to also work with Ninjutsu and some blue magic spells.
  • UPDATE Slightly lowered the base piercing, slashing, and impact resistances of Reisenjima mobs.
  • UPDATE Decreased tolerance for excessive inventory sorting packets from treasure pool and inventory management plugins from 1 sec to 2 sec; please update your treasure pool management addons accordingly.
    • Seriously folks, please be kind to the database server. πŸ˜„
  • UPDATE Updated ruby silk thread, white rivet, black rivet, and runeweave augment materials to once again stack to 12.
  • BUG (hotfix) Quetzecoatl and Belphegor’s spell echo mechanic was fixed to not cause a crash under certain conditions.
  • BUG (hotfix) The blue magic spell Cruel Joke was updated to properly provide the 60 second countdown.
  • BUG (hotfix) The blue magic spell Auroral Drape was updated to properly account for Blue Magic Skill when inflicting Blind and Silence effects.
  • BUG The blue magic spell Magnetite Cloud has had its formula updated. The previous formula multipled the damage by the level of the player based on BGWiki’s formula; however, based on FFXIclopedia and BLU Hunting Grounds, the level is additive. This is in line with all other breath attacks in which it is additive.
    • The new damage formula is (Current HP / 6) + (Level / 1.875).
  • BUG Fixed a typo in the “Wyvern Breath Accuracy+” modifier that prevented it from activating.

DSP Updates

  • UPDATE Updated several thousand zone text IDs, NPC IDs, and items for the 30191204 client update.
  • BUG Prevent players from activating ranged attacks while healing… or synthesizing. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  • BUG Update Sewer Syrup’s placeholders to be Mousse instead of Dark Aspics.

16 December

Retail Client Update

We’ve updated the client to the retail December 2019 version. This will require a client update for players. For a refresher on how to update your client, click here.

dec 2019 version update

Players who are not at this version may experience client crashes, incorrect NPC IDs, broken quests and missions, and the inability to use the new items, abilities, or merits provided by this version update.

In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30191204_1 or higher.


As this adds a new ability, Majesty, this is a required update as players USING the ability around players without an updated client will cause un-updated clients to crash. As such, the server will be locked to version 30191204 and higher.

Updated Renamer List

With the new Dynamis Divergence and client version, a new Renamer list is available. You can download it here.

Dynamis - Jeuno [D] Is Here!

Dynamis Divergence - Jeuno

The final chapter of Dynamis Divergence is here with the addition of Dynamis - Jeuno [D]. Jeuno is a small, difficult to navigate zone where players will constantly be looking for somewhere safe and trying not to accidently train the whole zone!

If you’ve not yet ventured into Dynamis Divergence, check out the Dynamis Divergence wiki page and visit Aurix in the Dimensional Veil in Ru’Lude Gardens (by the auction house) to unlock access.

To enter Dynamis - Jeuno [D], players must have fully cleared Dynamis - Windurst [D] and gained the titles from the Envicing Idol, Fii Pexu the Eternal, and the Disjointed Tarutaru.

Bastok adds the following:

  • relic +2/+3 upgrades for legs
  • job specific necks for corsair and bard
  • the volte haubert set (tank)
  • another chance at the volte treasure hunter set (all jobs) with the Disjointed Mithra

REMINDER: the lockout timers for Divergence zones are specific to each zone.


As with artifact gear, be sure to check the item modifiers on the Members Portal for your relic armor upgrades–not all modifiers are working at this time. We’ll be filling these in, where possible, as we continue working on Divergence zones.

December 2019 Retail Job Update - Paladin

In the December 2019 update, Paladins received a significant boost to their healing abilities through the use of a new ability called Majesty.

majesty on a paladin

This level 70 ability is main job only that acts like a stance, similar to the Scholar arts, and provides the following:

  • Cure spells have a reduced recast time (15%),
  • Cure spells are area of effect at 10y from the target,
  • Cure spells have a Cure Potency II bonus of 25%.

At the release, the status effect and messaging for Majesty still shows the debug message with client version 30191204_1. This is a known bug with SquareEnix and will likely be fixed in future versions and does not affect the ability itself. majesty bug Please do not report. πŸ˜„
UPDATE: This only occurs if you’re using XIView for the HD status icons. Please update your mod to the latest version to resolve the error.

Paladins also gain access to Banishga at level 30. Yay? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

Area of Effect Weaponskill Update

Area of Effect weaponskills have been updated with the following changes:

  • The fTP of Circle Blade, Fell Cleave, Glory Slash, Shockwave, Spinning Attack, and Spinning Scythe have been updated from 1.0 / 1.0 / 1.0 to 3.0 / 3.7 / 4.5. This is inline the SoA update made for Dragoon’s Sonic Thurst but never made it to the other weaponskills on retail.
  • The fTP of Uriel Blade has been brought in line with the other Campaign weaponskill, Tartarus Torpor, at 1.5 / 2.5 / 3.5 down from 6.0 / 7.0 / 7.5. This also brings it in line with other magic-based weaponskills. It’s other properties, such as providing Flash and inclusion of +MAB calculations are unchanged.

Magic Critical Hit Calculation Update

The effects of magic critical hit is less appealing than originally hoped.

The current formula works out as the following when a critical hit lands.

Magic Attack Bonus + 10 * (Magic Crit Hit Damage)

Essentually, +10 MAB per “crit hit damage”, with a cap of +40 MAB on retail (that cap does not apply on Nocturnal Souls).

To make Magic Critical Hits more appealing, we’ve opted to redesign the formula to work similar to critical hits for physical attacks.

The new formula incorporates the player’s INT as the multiplier for the crit hit damage increase. The more +Magic Crit Hit Damage and INT a player has, the more Magic Attack Bonus gained.

Magic Attack Bonus + ( (1 + Magic Crit Hit Damage) * (INT / 10) ) / 10

With a base MAB of 800, 500 INT, and a +20 Magic Crit Hit Damage Bonus, the formula would work out as:

= 800 + ( ( 1 + 20) * ( 500 / 10) ) / 10
= 800 + ( 21 * 50 ) / 10
= 800 + ( 1050 ) / 10
= 800 + 105
= 905

The critical hit would be a gain of +105 MAB which could be increased by further increasing INT (through spells such as Absorb-INT, Gain-INT, and Boost-INT) and augments and/or increasing the Magic Crit Hit Damage modifier.


  • UPDATE The cost of the Doom Screen and Terror Screen in the Legion Shop !shop 10 have been reduced from 750,000g to 250,000g.
  • UPDATE The logic in how “Occ. Inc. Resist Ailments” procs has been updated to work more as it’s described–providing a resist to status ailments based on whether or not the player currently has any base resist to it that ailment. Without having a base resist (such as wearing a Hearty Earring), the effect cannot proc.
    • Clarification #1: Doom and Terror are not covered by this as they do not have “resistances” in FFXI.
    • Clarification #2: Death is not covered by the resistance because it’s not a status effect and magic accuracy/evasion plays no part in whether or not it lands; however, gear that provides DEATHRES modfiiers can prevent it, such as the Volte set.
  • UPDATE Update Bard’s Threnody “enspells” to properly adjust for Enspell Damage Bonus augments and modifiers.
  • UPDATE The Magian Moogles, Splintery Chest, and Delivery Crates used for retail Magian trials have been removed so it’s clearer which moogles to talk to for various REMA quests.
  • BUG (hotfix) The dimensional ports at the Crag of Dem and Crag of Mea have been updated to allow players at Rank 6 to enter Reisenjima.
  • BUG (hotfix) The references to the Quadav in Dynamis - Windurst [D] has been updated to properly reference Yagudo.
  • BUG Raaz/Faaz family abilities have been updated to remove the “Special Attack” and add in Zealous Snort and Barreling Smash.
  • BUG Address an issue where Afflatus Solace has stored over 32768 (int16 max value) bonus damage to Holy and overflows back to negatives, causing it to heal the mob. The Afflatus Solace bonus is now capped at 32768.
  • BUG The augment “TP Bonus +100” has been fixed to properly grant the full +100 TB bonus instead of +52. Players will not need to reaugment their gear as this is a database value change only.
  • BUG Address a timer calculation issue with Cruel Joke making it tick faster than the 60 second countdown should.

DSP Updates

  • BUG Add in a missing cutscene NPC from the Windurst mission 8-1, Vain.

9 December

Heroics System Update

In preparation for Escha - Ru’Aun and the changes to the augmenting system, the Heroic system has been updated with the following changes:

  • Players now unlock Escha - Zi’Tah at Heroics Rank 4 and Reisenjima at Heroics Rank 6.
  • When added, players will unlock Escha - Ru’Aun at Heroics Rank 8 and Reisenjima Sanctorium at Heroics Rank 10.
  • The Legion trophies in the Heroics shop have been reduced from requiring Heroics Rank 5 to Heroics Rank 3.

In addition, a new Crafting Heroic Empowerment has been added for players who have diligently completed Courier coalition missions.

This empowerment is ranked based on the number of completed Courier missions with cutpoints at 50, 100, 150, 175, 200, and 250 completed missions. The empowerment, at the maximium level, provides +3 to all skills, +2 synthesis success rate, and +2 HQ success chance.

More details can be found on the Empowerment section of the Heroics page.

Scholars Rejoice - Immanence is Here!


Scholars now have access to Immanence to create tier 1 skillchains using their Black Arts elemental magics.

By weaving this ability, it grants the spell’s element tier 1 skill chain property to the spell, form skill chains, and then burst off of them.

For example:

Immanence > Blizzard V > Immanence > Water V > Fragmentation SC > Anemohelix Burst!

Immanence Example

Augment System Update

With this update, the existing augmentating system is revamped to reflect changes in gear options, stats, level correction equalization, and growth into future content updates.

  • Over 40 new augments were added, included pet types, job-specific augments, and utility augments,
  • Several unnecessary augments, such as varying levels of accuracy, were retiered to be available earlier at higher quantities or removed,
  • Several augments have been rescaled to provide more room for unique augments and growth in future tiers.
  • Nation ranks are now determined for completing the missions any nation; this resolves the issue of players losing access to augmenting when changing nations and becoming rank 1 again.

The full details of the new augmenting system can be found on the Custom Augments page.

Tier Requirement Changes

The tiers have been readjusted to fall in line with nation and Heroic ranks. The Heroic rank requirements encompass completion of the expansion content rather than listing them separately. This aligns the value of augments with the tiers of content in which players will need them. For example, higher tiers of magic defense becoming available in Escha - Zi’Tah where players are likely to encounter fights where they need additional stats.

The biggest change is the requirement to complete (or fast track) the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion (part of the Heroics requirements). Most current players will fall into at least tier 2 and tier 3 during the conversion if they previously had access to Tier 7 or higher under the old system.

  • Tier 1: Nation Rank 6 or higher
  • Tier 2: Nation Rank 10
  • Tier 3: Heroics Rank 0 or higher (unlocked)
  • Tier 4: Heroics Rank 3 or higher
  • Tier 5: Heroics Rank 4 or higher

Future tiers will revolve around higher ranks of Heroics; players should be working towards Heroics to maximize available augment options.

Augments and Materials

In addition to new augments, several augments have also had their values changed, their materials changed, or the required quantities adjusted. Players can now also trade in “partial stacks”; for example, trading 9 cluster arms and 3 flame geodes would add Defense +12 and Attack +10 to an item.

Tier 1
Tier Modifier Material Quantity New?
1 Defense +4 3 βœ”οΈ
1 Magic Defense Bonus +4 3
1 Attack +10 3
1 Accuracy +10 3
1 Ranged Attack +10 3
1 Ranged Accuracy +10 3
1 Dual Wield +4 3
1 Store TP +5 3
1 Fast Cast +5 3
1 Blue Magic +4 12 βœ”οΈ
1 Elemental Magic +4 12
1 Enhancing Magic +4 12
1 Enfeebling Magic +4 12
1 Dark Magic +4 12
1 Divine Magic +4 12
1 Summoning Magic +4 12 βœ”οΈ
1 Singing +4 12 βœ”οΈ
Tier 2
Tier Modifier Material Quantity New?
2 Defense +8 12 βœ”οΈ
2 Magic Defense Bonus +8 12
2 Magic Evasion +10 12 βœ”οΈ
2 Enmity +5 12 βœ”οΈ
2 Main Hand Damage +5 12
2 Rapid Shot +6 12 βœ”οΈ
2 Ninjutsu Tool Expertise +2% 12 βœ”οΈ
2 Subtle Blow +5 12
2 Critical Hit Rate +5% 12
2 Magic Accuracy +8
Magic Attack Bonus +8
12 βœ”οΈ
2 Magic Burst Bonus +5 12
2 Spell Interuption Rate -10% 12
2 Pet: Defense +2 12 βœ”οΈ
2 Pet: Enmity +2 12 βœ”οΈ
Tier 3
Tier Modifier Material Quantity New?
3 Defense +20 12 βœ”οΈ
3 Magic Defense Bonus +12 12
3 Main Hand Damage +8 6
3 Dual Wield +8 12
3 Counter +5 3
3 Triple Attack +2% 12
3 Subtle Blow +10
3 Fast Cast +8 12
3 Magic Damage +10 3 βœ”οΈ
3 Conserve MP +10 12 βœ”οΈ
3 Enspell Damage +10 * 12 βœ”οΈ
3 Cure Potency +3% 3
3 Regen Potency +5% 12 βœ”οΈ
3 Waltz Potency +3% 12 βœ”οΈ
3 Song spellcasting time -2% 3 βœ”οΈ
3 “Quick Draw” ability delay -1 3 βœ”οΈ
3 Pet: Physical damage taken -1% 3 βœ”οΈ
3 Pet: Magic Defense Bonus +5 3 βœ”οΈ
3 Pet: Regen +25 3 βœ”οΈ
3 Pet: Enmity +5 3 βœ”οΈ
3 Automaton: Repair Potency +5% 3 βœ”οΈ
Tier 4
Tier Modifier Material Quantity New?
4 Regen +20 3 βœ”οΈ
4 Refresh +20 3 βœ”οΈ
4 Store TP +10 3 βœ”οΈ
4 STR +4 3 βœ”οΈ
4 DEX +4 3 βœ”οΈ
4 AGI +4 3 βœ”οΈ
4 MND +4 3 βœ”οΈ
4 INT +4 3 βœ”οΈ
4 CHR +4 3 βœ”οΈ
4 Gilfinder +1 99 βœ”οΈ
Tier 5
Tier Modifier Material Quantity New?
5 Defense +50 1 βœ”οΈ
5 Magic Defense Bonus +15 1 βœ”οΈ
5 Evasion + 12
Magic Evasion +12
1 βœ”οΈ
5 Accuracy +18
Attack +18
5 Ranged Accuracy +18
Ranged Attack +18
1 βœ”οΈ
5 Store TP +15
Subtle Blow +15
1 βœ”οΈ
5 TP Bonus +100 1 βœ”οΈ
5 Critical Hit Damage +3% 1 βœ”οΈ
5 Magic Critical Hit Damage +5% 1 βœ”οΈ
5 Magic Accuracy +10
Magic Attack Bonus +10
5 Magic Accuracy +18
Magic Damage +18
1 βœ”οΈ
5 Pet: Attack +4
Pet: Accuracy +4
Pet: Ranged Attack +4
Pet: Ranged Accuracy +4
1 βœ”οΈ
5 Pet: Magic Accuracy +4
Pet: Magic Attack Bonus +4
1 βœ”οΈ
5 Occ. Resist Status Effects +3% * 1 βœ”οΈ
5 Occ. Maximize Magic Accuracy +3% * 1 βœ”οΈ
5 Skillchain Bonus +1% * 1 βœ”οΈ
5 “Helix” Duration +3 1 βœ”οΈ

Augments listed with a * are newer to the game and may not show up on lower leveled items. Those items, once augmented, will still show the red “Aug” icon, and players can use !skills and !stats to verify that the augment is in place. Enspell Damage +10 is an example of this.


  • UPDATE Avatarites now drop from experience granting, level 75+ monsters instead of level 100+ monsters.
  • UPDATE Elemental geodes now drop from experience granting, level 50+ monsters instead of level 75+ monsters and have a slightly higher chance to drop.
  • UPDATE The synergy recipes converting avatarites into elemental geodes and avatears into gems have been removed.
  • UPDATE The key items from tiers 1 and 2 Gaes Fete encounters in Escha - Zi’Tah are now 100% drop chance.
  • UPDATE The chance that Bucca and/or Alpluachra will spawn during certain tier 3 Gaes Fete encounters in Escha - Zi’Tah has been increased.
  • UPDATE Bucca and Alpluachra now have a broader range of skills when assisting tier 3 Gaes Fete encounters in Escha - Zi’Tah.
  • UPDATE The infamy gained by defeating Azi Dahaka in Escha - Zi’Tah has been increased.
  • UPDATE Starmite shells have had their drop rates increased from some encounters.
  • UPDATE Clot plasmas has had their drop rates increased from some encounters.
  • UPDATE Gigas socks are no longer automatically purchased by the AH-Bot.
  • UPDATE Agaricus mushrooms have had their drpo rates increased in several WOTG and Abyssea zone encounters.
  • UPDATE New drops have been added to Escha - Zi’Tah for tier 1, 2, and 3 Gaes Fete encounters for the tier 5 augments.
  • UPDATE Voidshards and patterns are no longer vendorable to prevent mishaps (as they’re not rare/ex, so there’s no confirmation).
  • UPDATE Adjusted prizes received on NocSouls Day (20th of every month) to remove the Panacea and Hallowed Water and increase the number of Alexandrite and Tanzanite Jewels provided and increase the amount of the “additional xp” prize.
  • UPDATE Blackened, Old, and Rusted Identification cards are now on the Auction House under Other -> Misc. 3.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed where Kannagi i119 III was providing 20% uncapped fast cast instead of just 20% fast cast.
  • BUG (hotfix) The resitances of the Twinkling Treants were set opposite of what they should have been and caused them to take more damage than intended.
  • BUG Fixed where Inferno Howl, Soothing Ruby, and Ultimate Terror were adding the Summoning magic modifiers twice.
  • BUG Fixed where Avatar’s Favor abilities were adding the Summoning magic modifiers twice.
  • BUG The Nibiru gun, knife, sickle, faussar, and tabar have had their incorrect item mods fixed.
  • BUG The psycloth tiara and manillas have had their avatar item mods fixed.
  • BUG The spaekona’s petasos +1 has had its item mods fixed.
  • BUG Several items that had item mods for “uncapped” fast cast have had those swapped for normal fast cast.

2 December

Winter Celebration is Here!

Christmas in San d’Oria

The annual Winter Celebration is back from 2 December to 27 January.

The celebration includes several events:

  • receive daily gifts from the Event Moogles,
  • complete The Christmas Carol questline with Ebenezer in Bastok Markets to unlock the Stop the Grinch BCNM,
  • defend Ronfaure, Gustaberg, and Sarutabaruta from the Twinkling Treants to earn prizes,
  • help the crafting experts in !craft by making and delivering rare crafts,
  • earning Holiday Cheer provides player bonuses as well as unlocks various items in the Gift Shoppe in Southern San d’Oria.

During the Winter Celebration event, the Stop the Grinch BCNM will be locked until The Christmas Carol quest is complete. It also has additional prizes and drop rates special to the season.

The full details are available here.

Changes from last year:

  • The crafting experts require players to be an Veteran in their craft to participate.
  • The crafts requested by the holiday have been reduced; there’s now four random crafts per discipline.
  • The Grinch has had his MP returned and can once again cast spells.
  • More types of sweets have been added to the list of those accepted by children during The Christmas Carol’s Gift Giver quest.
  • A clue has been added to the dialog to help players with the Gift Giver questline.
  • The Holiday Gift Boxes have been updated to still distribute loot into the Treasure Pool if they’re one shot.
  • Due to increased stats, the Twinkling Treants now have a much higher damage resistance. Bring your friends!
  • The Twinkling Treants can now be attacked by everyone, they are no longer locked to players/groups.

The Stop The Grinch BCNM has been updated with unique drops for the holiday season:

Dynamis - Windurst [D] Is Here!

dynamis divergence windy

Get ready to explore the dangerous pathways, bridges, and Death Houses of Dynamis - Windurst [D]! This is the third of our Dynamis Divergence zones.

If you’ve not yet ventured into Dynamis Divergence, check out the Dynamis Divergence wiki page and visit Aurix in the Dimensional Veil in Ru’Lude Gardens (by the auction house) to unlock access.

To enter Dynamis - Windurst [D], players must have fully cleared Dynamis - Bastok [D] and gained the titles from the Mu’Sha Effigy, Ka’Rho Fearsinger, and the Disjointed Galka.

dynamis divergence windy

Windurst adds the following:

  • relic +2/+3 upgrades for headgear
  • job specific necks for white mage, red mage, dragoon, puppetmaster, and summoner

dynamis divergence windy

REMINDER: the lockout timers for Divergence zones are specific to each zone.


As with artifact gear, be sure to check the item modifiers on the Members Portal for your relic armor upgrades–not all modifiers are working at this time. We’ll be filling these in, where possible, as we continue working on Divergence zones.

Updated Renamer List

With the updated Winter Celebration and Dynamis - Windurst [D], a new Renamer list is available. You can download it here.

Reforged Artifact Armor - Missing Modifiers

We’ve been working to add in many of the item modifiers missing from DSP to the artifact armor sets. This update should finish up adding the missing modifiers for all reforged artifact armor sets. With Artifact done, we’ll be moving on to Relic armor sets in the next few updates.

  • Monk
    • Anch. Hose +2/+3 - Counter Attack+
  • Black Mage
    • Spaekona’s Petasos +2/+3 - Elemental Celerity
    • Spaekona’s Sabots +2/+3 - Elemental Celerity
    • Spaekona’s Coat /+1/+2/+3 - Elemental Damage to MP
    • Spaekona’s Gloves +2/+3 - Magic Burst Bonus II
  • Samurai
    • Wakido Domaru /+1/+2/+3 - Occ. Increase TP on Damage
    • Wakido Domaru +2/+3 - Damage Taken -%
    • Wakido Sune-ate +2/+3 - Hasso+
    • Wakido Kote /+1/+2/+3 - Hasso+
  • Paladin
    • Reverence Coronet /+1/+2/+3 - Cover Duration
  • Dancer
    • Maxixi Casaque +2/+3 - Waltz Ability Recast Reduction
    • Maxixi Casaque /+1/+2/+3 - Waltz Potency Received +%
  • Scholar
    • Academic’s Loafers +2/+3 - Grimoire: Magic Accuracy+
  • Blue Mage
    • Assimilator’s Charuqs /+1/+2/+3 - Chain Affinity+
    • Assimilator’s Shalwar /+1/+2/+3 - Burst Affinity+
  • Ranger
    • Orion Bracers /+1/+2/+3 - Barrage+
  • Dragoon
    • Vishap Armets +2/+3 - Wyvern: Breath Accuracy, Wyvern: Accuracy
    • Vishap Brais +2/+3 - High Jump: Enmity Reduction
    • Vishap Brais +3 - Weapon Skill Damage +10%

At this time, we’ve opted to skip the following gear set mods:

  • All Beastmaster missing mods. They’ll get added if/when the job is ever sorted out past 75.
  • The Summoner mods for “resistance to avatar’s element” and “occ. converts damage taken of avatar’s element to MP” as these both seem to affect the avatar, not the summoner based on wiki articles and theory crafting and, as they are latents rather than mods, would take 3-6 seconds to apply/reapply when gear swapping (giving it time to detect the current avatar, etc.). Considering we already give our avatars a series of elemental resistances and absorbs based on their element, these seemed more trouble than its worth.

Augments - Preview of New Augments

While not set in stone yet, here’s a preview of the new augments coming in next week’s update. At this time, we’re not releasing the augment components to prevent a market and farming explosion, just the tiers, augment types, and requirements.


These are not set in stone at this time and may change between now and implementation. There will likely be changes and adjustments; this is a preview, you have been warned, etc…etc…etc.

tier 1

requirement: nation rank 6 or higher

type augment
defensive πŸ†• def +4
defensive magic defense bonus +4
physical attack +10
physical ranged attack +10
physical accuracy +10
physical dual wield +4
physical store tp +5
magical πŸ†• blue magic +4
magical enhancing magic +4
magical enfeebling magic +4
magical elemental magic +4
magical dark magic +4
magical divine magic +4
magical πŸ†• summoning magic +4
magical πŸ†• singing magic +4
magical fast cast +5

tier 2

requirement: nation rank 10

type augment
defensive πŸ†• def +10
defensive magic defense bonus +8
defensive πŸ†• enmity +5
physical main hand damage +5
physical ranged damage +5
physical πŸ†• ninjitsu tool expertise +2%
physical subtle blow +5
physical critical hit rate +5%
physical πŸ†• rapid shot +6
physical ranged accuracy +18
magical magic attack bonus +8
magical magic accuracy +8
magical magic burst damage +5%
magical spell interruption rate -10%
pet πŸ†• pet: defense +2
pet πŸ†• pet: enmity +1

tier 3

requirement: heroics unlocked (rank 0)

type augment
defensive πŸ†• def +20
defensive magic defense bonus +12
physical main hand damage +8
physical ranged damage +8
physical dual wield +8
physical counter +5
physical triple attack +2%
physical subtle blow +10
magical fast cast +8
magical πŸ†• magic damage +10
magical πŸ†• conserve MP +5
magical πŸ†• enspell damage +10
magical πŸ†• cure potency +3%
magical πŸ†• song spellcasting time -2%
magical πŸ†• quick draw ability delay -1
pet πŸ†• pet: physical damage taken -1%
pet πŸ†• pet: magic defense bonus +5
pet πŸ†• automaton: repair potency +1%

tier 4

requirement: heroics rank 3 or higher

type augment
defensive πŸ†• regen +20
defensive πŸ†• refresh +20
defensive πŸ†• regain +20
stat πŸ†• str +4
stat πŸ†• dex +4
stat πŸ†• agi +4
stat πŸ†• mnd +4
stat πŸ†• int +4
stat πŸ†• chr +4
pet πŸ†• pet: regen +20

tier 5

requirement: heroics rank 5 or higher

type augment
defensive πŸ†• def +50
defensive πŸ†• magic defense bonus +20
defensive πŸ†• occ. inc. resist to status ailments +1
defensive πŸ†• enmity +10
physical accuracy +18/attack +18
physical store tp +10/subtle blow +10
physical tp bonus +50
physical πŸ†• critical hit damage +2%
magical magic accuracy +8/magic attack bonus +8
magical magic accuracy +18/magic damage +18
magical πŸ†• magic critical hit damage +5%
magical πŸ†• occ. maximize magic accuracy +1%
pet πŸ†• pet: attack +8/accuracy +8
pet πŸ†• pet: magic attack bonus +2
pet πŸ†• pet: enmity +5

tier 6

requirement: heroics rank 8 or higher

Coming soon in 2020!


tl;dr : work on your heroics this week.


  • UPDATE 40+ magical blue magic spells now provide the proper “Magic Burst!” message. In the past, the damage was still increased, but the message was missing and/or no message was given at all.
  • UPDATE The Assimilator now has its “Chain Affinity +20” item modifier.
  • UPDATE The Reisenjima Henge’s Celestial Rift menu has been redesigned to be easier to use. Thanks to Aliron and Webjester for the suggestion!
  • UPDATE The Moogle Dummies in !craft are now openly attackable rather than locked to players.
  • UPDATE Reviewed and cleaned up several loot tables that had more drops than would fit into a treasure pool and would tend to leave out high prioirty drops, such as Mythic weapon starters or rare materials. These loot tables have been trimmed, in many cases, to 10 or fewer items.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed an issue with the H2H REMA weaponskills has been resolved where attempting to use them while unarmed would not apply skillchain damage.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with logs reporting wyvern breath damage doing more than it actually is (exceeding the 99999 cap).
  • BUG Fixed an issue where detached pets (wyverns) still attempt to engage when their listeners are removed.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with Temporal Shift giving the wrong log message when applying the Stun effect.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with the Wind Knife and Ranine Staff stylelock items not properly locking over daggers and staves.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with Aurix not accepting the correct shards for upgrading Scholar Relic +1 hands to +2.

November 2019

25 November

Augment Revamp - Coming soon!

Over the past two months, we’ve worked with many members of our community to re-evaluate our augmenting system. The Augment system went live when the servers first came online for beta users in April 2018 and a lot’s happened since then.

With the various updates to player attack and accuracy, level correction equalization, and new unique item effects being added with each patch, the augment system needed a revamp to keep aligned with content.

Based on feedback, player usage data, and the overall direction we want to guide players, these updates will target the following.

  • removing the lower tiers entierly as most players never used them.
  • reducing the overall complexity of progressing through augmenting levels; the new tiers will be based on Nation mission progression and Heroics progression. This is aimed at equalizing effort as players can no longer ‘fast track’ through augment levels compared to those who wanted to enjoy the storylines.
  • cleaning up a lot of duplicate and unnecessary augments across various tiers that lead to confusion for many players.
  • removing augments that no longer provide value, such as lower tiers of accuracy.
  • shifting augments that are unnecessary at lower stages to the stages in which players will need them, such as shifting certain augments to the Heroics tiers where players will first start encountering fights that they need the bonuses.
  • making room to add several new augment types, including pet, attribute, and job-specific augments.
  • updating drop types and locations to do away with much of the frustration farming in Al’Taieu (sea).
  • shifting several augment items to things that can be bought and sold on the auction house and/or used in crafting to spur the economy.

As we implement this, it’s important to know the following:

  • existing augments on player’s gear will remain. We will not be removing player’s existing augments.
  • existing augments in player’s inventory will remain. We will not be removing these items from player’s inventories.
  • existing augment recipes will no longer work once this change goes into effect; it’s up to players to augment using their existing augments before the new system is implemented.

Overall, at the current list, we’re looking at compacting augments from 8 tiers down to 5 with over 40 new augment types.

Some of the new augment types include:

  • pet-specific augments, such as defensive, regen, repair potency for automatons, and offensive skills at higher tiers.
  • job-specific augments, such as cure and waltz potency, song casting time, enspell damage, gilfinder, and more.
  • attribute augments, such as STR+, VIT+, and INT+.
  • and more.

In later tiers, we’re working on adding unique bonuses that players will be able to add “augment sets” to gear that will provide a full array of augments and include unique effects. These later tiers are planned for early 2020.

Some of the effects currently being tested include:

  • “Enhances tomahawk effect” to increase the defense reduction of tomahawk,
  • “Reduces Ancient Magic II casting time” to greatly reduce Ancient Magic II’s casting and recast times,
  • “Avatar perpetuation cost reduction” under certain conditions,
  • “Enhances Overwhelm effect” to increase the bonuses provided when facing enemies head on,
  • and more.

For the first set of changes, these update notes are the two week notice to players that the augmenting system will be changing in the 9 December 2019 update.

Players who want to augment their items with the current system and their current items should get those items augmented before the change over. There will be no refunds or conversions of current augmenting items and not all augment items will have a use in the new system.

Merit BCNMs

The Merit BCNMs have been simplified and no longer have ‘waves’ of mobs followed by a final boss, but work like more traditional fights where the boss is the primary target with adds spawning at set HP % levels.

With this update, only the main boss (Breezy and Arena Champion) is required to be defeated and win the BCNM.

The adds will disappear when the main boss is defeated. Players can strategize around that as necessary. πŸ˜„


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Addressed an exploit where players in large groups could sit players outside of the Empyrean Enhanced BCNMs and Seasonal BCNMs and still receive rewards. These BCNMs now require players to be active inside the BCNM to receive credit and/or rewards towards their Empyrean upgrades and/or Heroics Quests.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Sabotender Campeador’s adds now despawn on death, rather than when he despawns.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Updated !herostatus to include current mission details and durations.
  • UPDATE The drops required for players to make the Fotia Belt been made 100% drop chance.
  • UPDATE The monsters that drop the materials to make the Fotia Belt are now aggressive to players at level 99.
  • UPDATE Ogopogo is now easier to reach for players (he’s no longer randomly on a ledge) and targetable.
  • UPDATE Added the modifier for the Utu Grip to provide a 10% DEX WSC to all weaponskills when equipped. Thanks Webjester!
  • UPDATE Increased the maximum potential duration of Soul Douse’s Doom from 3 to 5 ticks for certain low-level Reisenjima Henge encounters.
  • UPDATE Added the spell flag for certain spells and effects that can ignore shadows.
  • UPDATE Added new Kick Attack+ Damage modifiers to the Anchorite’s Gaiter’s +2/+3 boots.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the monster skill “Impale” that would cause it to not inflict damage or properly ignore shadows in some situations.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Samurai’s Blade Bash that was relying on damage calculations from a Dark Knight job rather than using its own.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Samurai’s Blade Bash not properly extending the duration of Plague based on merits.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Blue Magic spell “Bad Breath” not properly calculating damage when cast by players.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some Mission BCNM fights would not auto-engage all mobs (superlink).
  • BUG Removed an incorrect item modifier from the Spaekona’s Coat +3.

18 November

November 2019 Client Update

We’ve updated the client to the retail November 2019 version. This will require a client update for players. For a refresher on how to update your client, click here.

Update Version

In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30191102_X.


Players who are not at this version may experience client crashes, incorrect NPC IDs, broken quests and missions, and the inability to use the new merits and traits provided by this update.

This is known to affect the following:

  • The Daily BCNM at Ghelsba Outpost
  • Missions including and related to zones: Throne Room, Waughroon Shrine, The Shrouded Maw, Sacrifical Chamber, Reverne Site A01/B01, QuBai Arena, Navukgo Execution Chamber, Mamook, Empyreal Paradon, Full Moon Fountain, Halvung, Horlais Peak, Mine Shaft #2716, all Spires of Promyvion, all Cloister zones, Arrapago Reef, Balgas' Dais, Bearclaw Pinnacle, Boneyard Gully, Chamber of Oracles.

Updated Renamer List

For the updates to Reisenjima Henge, a new Renamer list is available. As the list contains the names of the teleporters, areas, and new mobs, updating the list is very important if you want to find your way around the new zone.

You can download it here.

New Login Rewards Available!

Featured Items

In addition, we’ve kept the Rem’s Tales chapters as an option and slightly lowered their point cost.

Reisenjina Henge - Revamp

As our first “raid” zone, Reisenjima Henge was part of the first content push in June 2018.

In the past ~18 months, it’s been the central spot for players working on armor and weapon upgrades and looking to challenge themselves with some unique fights.

This update revisits Reisenjima Henge and, we hope, improves the quality of the zone, the encounters, availablity to all players, and give us room to grow additional content in the zone.


Nexus Pathways

Reisenjima Henge is now broken out into 9 potential battlegrounds, or Pathways, with the “henge” island that everyone’s familiar with being the nexus area.

At this time, six of these battlefields are open–Pathways 1 to 5 and Pathway 9. Players can use the Nexus Pathways to teleport to each of the battlegrounds.


Each of these battlegrounds, or Pathways, are independent, so there can be multiple parties engaged in Reisenjima Henge at once.

  • Pathways 1 to 5 are traditional battlefields. These five battlefields will be the primary battlefields for those seeing Rem’s Tale chapter pages for armor upgrades.
  • Pathways 6 to 8 will be coming soon are battlefields designed for alliance-scaled and gauntlet-style encounters. At this time, these Nexus Pathway portals are hidden.
  • Pathway 9 is the unique or “challenge mode” battlefield for Tier 6 and higher encounters.
    • Pathway 9 fights include Corrupted Altana and Ulr of Dark. These fights now have unique loot tables and no longer drop Rem’s Tale pages.

Each pathway is sealed during combat and players can not enter a pathway while combat is active.

Players should not leave their pathway while still engaged by means of !relax, !home or other commands as they will not be able to re-enter until the fight is complete or the encounter despawns from inactivity. This includes reviving, as players will no longer be able to “zerg” encounters in Reisenjima Henge.

Use those Reraisers!

Starting Combat

Celestial Rifts

The “pop items” have been removed and all players can now spawn any encounter available to the battlefield. Pathways 1 to 5 supports all of the “small scale” fights and will be the primary target for those farming Pages and upgrade materials for their armor.

Players can begin a fight by triggering the menu off of the Celestial Rift located in each Pathway.


Be sure your party is all on the Pathway before you begin! Once the fight begins, the Pathway is locked and players will not be able to enter until the fight is over or the encounter times out from inactivity (5 minutes).

With the revamped content, targets will not auto-engage. This allows players time to buff and non-tanks the ability to spawn encounters without fear of being instantly aggroed.


The rewards have been cleaned up in Reisenjima Henge. Be sure to review the individual encounter tables on the Members Portal.

  • All of the pop items have been removed as they’re no longer necessary.
  • Many of the vanity/style lock/furniture items have been removed and will be placed on other encounters or synergy at a later time.
  • The quanity and drop rate of Rem’s Tale pages have been updated across several encounters based on challenge. In addition, some fights that did not provide any pages have had them added.
  • Arch-Ultima/Arch-Omega, Carbuncle & Fenrir, Corrupted Altana, and The Zilarts still flag players to unlock their mounts with Mapitoto.

Leaving the Pathway

To leave the pathway, touch the Nexus Conduit to be returned to the main Nexus area. Players can also use !home, !relax and other teleports to leave.

Tiers and Combat Challenge

The tiers and challenge of Reisenjima Henge are mostly unchanged. However, some fights have been reviewed and re-tuned.

  • As the progression aspect of the zone has been removed, all encounters now have a fixed enrage timer.
    • Tier 1 to 3: 15 minutes
    • Tier 4 to 5: 20 minutes
    • Tier 6: 25 minutes
  • All encounters will despawn after 3 minutes of inactivity, either caused by a wipe or when the fight beings. The fights previously despawned after 3 minutes of inactivity when unclaimed. This change only provides for the despawn after activating the encounter from the Celestial Rift.
Tier 1
  • The Land Kings
    • no change
  • Alexander
    • no change
  • Odin
    • no change
Tier 2
  • Fenrir Prime / Carbuncle Prime
    • no change
  • The Sky Gods
    • Subsequent spawns now occur at low health rather than on death.
    • The difficulty of Suzaku and Seriyu have been slightly lowered.
  • Ouryu
    • Due to the larger arena size, the Mammets now spawn closer to players and will move making them impossible to “out distance” and ignore.
  • Promathia
    • no change
Tier 3
  • The Avatars
    • no change
  • The Zilarts
    • Eald’narche’s first phase now has a different skill set rather than the Archaic Gears skills.
  • The Ark Angels
    • Ark Angel GK and Ark Angel MR now have their proper pets and will randomly respawn them if defeated.
  • Tenzen and Iroha
    • The engage animations for Cherukiki, Kukki-Chebukki, and Makki-Chebukki have been updated.
    • The Tarus are no longer locked in position, but will move to appropriate fighting and casting distances.
    • Cherukiki now uses Chainspell at a more appropriate time.
    • Cherukiki now properly buffs and heals the encounter making it more important to properly follow the encounter script.
    • Kukki-Chebukki no longer has a chance to free-cast AOE ancient magic; however, has a higher base Fast Cast skill.
    • Makki-Chebukki will stand at range and use ranged attacks, but also has Coronach and will freely use it as he has TP.
Tier 4
  • Alexander Prime/Odin Prime
    • no change
  • The Shadow Emperor (and beastman kings)
    • The second phase of the Shadow Emperor now starts at 90% HP, not 50%.
    • The second phase now properly alternates between magic and physical damage absorbtions and skills and his appearance alters depending on which stance he’s in.
    • The amount of damage required to force him to alternate his stance is 10% of his total HP. Keep this in mind as rapidly spamming magic or WS could knock him from one stance to another and you could end up full healing him.
    • The skill sets for his magic and physical stances have been updated to use correct animations.
  • Arch-Ultima & Arch-Omega
    • Arch-Ultima and Arch-Omega are now fought in phases rather than starting the fight together.
    • The skill sets for Arch-Omega now vary based on whether or not its on two legs or four legs.
Tier 5
  • Absolute Virtue
    • no change
  • Hades
    • Several of Hades unique abilities in his first form have been tuned and/or had some of their negative effects removed.
    • Hades Prime’s cooldown for magic spells has been slightly increased.
  • Lilith
    • Lilith now has unique skill sets in both phases of the fight.
Tier 6

These fights are now properly categorized as “tier 6” both in game on on the wiki. Tier 6 and higher fights no longer drop Rem’s Tales chapters and are only available in Pathway 9.

  • Ulr of Dark
    • The consequences for continuing to fight Ulr of Dark while his game mechanic is active is significantly higher.
  • Corrupted Altana
    • no change

Merit Weaponskill Calculation Updates

Some of the Merit weaponskills have had their damage calculations adjusted to reflect changes on retail.

  • Blade: Shun - Increased fTP from 0.6875 to 1.0, added TP attack modifiers.
  • Last Stand - Increased fTP from 2.0 / 2.125 / 2.25 to 2.0 / 3.0 / 4.0.
  • Requiescat - Reduced fTP @ 3000 TP from 7.0 to 1.0. Sorry, folks!
  • Ruinator - Increased attack modifier from 1.0 to 1.1.
  • Shattersoul - Accuracy calculation of additional effect removed; doing damage will now apply the effect.
  • Shijin Spiral - Increased stat modifier from 85% to 100% (to match receiving full merits like the other WS).
  • Stardiver - Accuracy calculation of additional effect removed; doing damage will now apply the effect.
  • Tachi: Shoha - Increased attack modifier from a fixed 1.375 to 1.375 / 1.40 / 1.45.

Server Guidelines Update

The Server Guidelines have been updated to address potential issues around Reisenjima Henge and unacceptable player actions that will result in immediate jailing.

  • Intentionally attempting to engage/claim monsters or encounters started by another player or group.

This includes attempting to claim/steal encounters or grief players in Reisenjima Henge, Heroics zones, or anywhere a mob can be spawned by player interaction. In addition, players who attempt to overcamp another group on a Pathway will find themselves also in violation of our guidelines.

In addition, the wording around multiboxing in Dynamis has been removed as our Dynamis zones are now all open world zones and boxing is acceptable.

The new Reisenjima Henge has plenty of room to spread out–use it.


  • UPDATE Disorienting Waul, used by higher level tiger-type monsters, now has its correct animation.
  • UPDATE The elemental cost of Heat Capacitor, Heat Capacitor II, Barrage Turbine, Barrier Module, and Barrier Module II have been updated to match the ingame tooltip.
  • UPDATE Address an issue where changing animators for an automaton would cause its skills not to recap. Automatons now try to recap their own skills five seconds after being summoned and Animator P/+1, Animator P II/+1, Divinator, and Divinator II will attempt to recap the automaton’s skills on equip/unequip for those who gearswap animators.
  • UPDATE 10 new targets have been added to the Heroics Peacekeepers coalition’s potential targets list.

11 November

Guild Shops Update

Several guild shops have been updated to align to the June 2014 retail update that converted several shops into fixed inventories based on the player’s crafting rank (similar to this listing for Teerth). These are now fixed shops so their inventories cannot go out of stock.

This affects the following guild shop NPCs:

  • Teerth
  • Odoba
  • Vicious Eye
  • Mololo
  • Cauzeriste
  • Lucretia
  • Gibol
  • Cletae
  • Chomo Jinjahl
  • Meriri
  • Retto-Marutto

November 2019 Retail Job Update - Scholar

The following updates have been made to Scholar in line with those added to retail today.

  • The maximum total MP stored by the ability Sublimation has been increased from 25% to 50% of Maximum HP.
  • The duration of Klimaform has increased from 180s to 300s.

New Automaton Attachments

Several new automaton attachments have been added.

  • Barrier Module - crafted, increased Valoredge’s block chance, shield mastery, and reduces shield bash recast timer.
  • Barrier Module II - dropped, increased Valoredge’s block chance, shield mastery, and reduces shield bash recast timer.
  • Arcanic Cell - crafted, adds Occult Acumen trait to automaton.
  • Arcanic Cell II - crafted, adds Occult Acumen trait to automaton.

Synthesis Recipe Updates

Several synthesis recipes have been updated or added to match retail requirements.

  • Heat Capacitor II - updated to provide the correct attachment item.
  • Shock Absorber II - updated to provide the correct attachment item and quantities.
  • Barrier Module - added recipe.
  • Cricket Cage - fixed recipe to provide correct furnishing item.
  • Glowfly Cage - fixed recipe to provide correct furnishing item.
  • Cilbir - fixed recipe to provide correct item for HQ results.
  • Miasmal Counteragent - added recipe.
  • Bathtub - added recipe.
  • Salutary Robe - added recipe.
  • Speedloader - added recipe.
  • Speedloader II - added recipe.
  • Strobe II - added recipe.
  • Dynamo II - added recipe.
  • Arcanic Cell - added recipe.
  • Arcanic Cell II - added recipe.

DSP Updates

These are updates pulled from upstream in the core DSP repository to address functional features and/or issues.

  • BUG Addressed several instances where Mission 4-1 “Magicite” engaged with incorrect NPCs and/or showed incorrect cutscenes.


  • UPDATE Ob’s droplist has been updated. Attuner, Tactical Processor, and Vivi-Valve have been removed (available auto stocked on the AH). Barrier Module II has been added.
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue where the “item finish” packet was missing the item ID; used in some plugins and addons.
  • UPDATE Several targets that drop Empyrean weapon starters have had their drop lists tuned to make the starter items more likely to drop: Amhuluk, Bukhis, Eccentric Eve, Hadhayosh, Onvi, Smok, Sobek, Turul, and Iratham.
  • UPDATE Raaz family monsters in Kamihr Drifts now have a chance to drop raaz hides and tusks.
  • BUG Fixed a potential issue for the Cloister trials accessing incorrect battlefield IDs when completing their missions.
  • BUG Fixed an issue where players had the incorrect music playing in Metalworks during a Bastok mission.
  • BUG Fixed an issue where the duration calculations provided by Modus Veritas were incorrect in their conversions from seconds to milliseconds and vice versa.
  • BUG Addressed several item modifiers that were granting +Ranged Attack % rather than +Ranged Attack. (thanks EpicTaru!)
  • BUG Updated the Moongate Pass QM to properly move around to the 5 locations specified on the wiki.

4 November

Updated Renamer List

With the new Dynamis Divergence zone, a new Renamer list is available. You can download it here.

Dynamis - Bastok [D] Is Here!

Dynamis Divergence - Bastok

Get ready to explore the winding alleys and pathways of Dynamis - Bastok [D]! This is the second of our Dynamis Divergence zones.

If you’ve not yet ventured into Dynamis Divergence, check out the Dynamis Divergence wiki page and visit Aurix in the Dimensional Veil in Ru’Lude Gardens (by the auction house) to unlock access.

To enter Dynamis - Bastok [D], players must have fully cleared Dynamis - San d’Oria [D] and gained the titles from the Overseer’s Tombstone, Halphas, and the Disjointed Elvaan.

Bastok adds the following:

  • relic +2/+3 upgrades for hands
  • job specific necks for dark knight, warrior, paladin, thief, dancer, and ranger
  • the volte harness set (melee/ranged dps)
    • NOTE: At this time, we’ve opted NOT to get the enhchantment effect to the Volte Harness as it would prevent players from augmenting it.
  • another chance at the volte treasure hunter set (all jobs) with the Disjointed Galka

REMINDER: the lockout timers for Divergence zones are specific to each zone.


As with artifact gear, be sure to check the item modifiers on the Members Portal for your relic armor upgrades–not all modifiers are working at this time. We’ll be filling these in, where possible, as we continue working on Divergence zones.

Dynamis Divergence - Loot Updates

The following changes have been made to the mid, zone, and disjointed bosses of Dynamis Divergence zones to make it easier to acquire certain types of loot drops.

In general, voidtorsos and torsoshards–which were considered to be ‘bonuses’ from the boss encounters–have been cleaned up to help add more chance that volte gear drops and provide more consistent drops for torso gear by zone (akin to traditional Dynamis).

Mid Boss (giant statues)

The mid boss of each zone no longer drops the torsoshards, leaving more room for voidtorso patterns to drop. Shards are already a common drop from commanders whereas voidtorsos have a much smaller chance. This leaves more chances for the rarer items to drop on the mid boss.

Zone Boss (Halphas, Ka’Rho Fearsinger, etc.)

The zone boss now has fixed pool of unique voidtorsos instead of the full pool of all 20. They drop up to 5 potential voidtorso patterns specific to the zone at a slightly higher chance than the mid boss. This opens up the potential for Volte gear to drop even if all of the voidtorso patterns drop as well.


The disjointed no longer drops a blackened ID card. Considering these cards drop at high rates from commanders, the trade-off gives access to a potential slot for Volte even if all 5 zone specific voidtorsos drop.

Zone-specific Voidtorso Drops

Zone-specific voidtorso drops are a bonus on the Zone Boss and Disjointed. The job-specific commanders in every zone will still drop their job-specific voidtorsos and torsoshards.


I repeat, the job-specific commanders will still drop their job-specific voidtorso and torsoshards in every zone. This change is only for the bonus pools on the zone bosses and disjointed to free up more potential space for Volte gear to drop.

  • Dynamis - San d’Oria [D]: WAR, MNK, WHM, BLM, RDM
  • Dynamis - Bastok [D]: THF, PLD, DRK, BRD, RNG
  • Dyanmis - Windurst [D]: SAM, NIN, DRG, SMN, BLU
  • Dynamis - Jeuno [D]: COR, PUP, DNC, SCH, BST

Fall Harvest is Over!

The Fall Harvest seasonal event is drawing to a close. The next event, Winter Festival, is scheduled to start in early December. BCNM lockouts, unique loot drops from the Harvest Mayhem BCNM, and such have returned to their normal values.


  • UPDATE Added new command !getdynatime. Players can now use this command to see their current time remaining while in a Dynamis Divergence zone.
  • UPDATE The tombstone statues in Divergence zones have had their scripts fixed so that they properly buff/support nearby allies.
  • UPDATE The 100% weakness-less reraise effect has been added to the relic weapon Nagi (thanks Webjester!).
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the blue magic spell Digest that caused it to sometimes not cause any damage when it should.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where tier 4 and 5 Reisenjima Henge encounters had slightly more haste, fast cast, and magic resistance than they should have had due to receiving double buffs.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Turul in Abyssea-Konschtat a) not being agressive and b) flying too high to engage using other methods.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where a race condition could occur if multiple players attempted to spawn Divergence bosses at the same time WHILE that boss was already active or in the state of despawning. There’s now a short delay between when it detects whether or not the boss is active and attempts to spawn it. If this continues to be an issue (or people continue to be impatient), the system will be updated to work like other QMs and disappear while the mob is active and reappear a set time after it dies to ensure it’s properly “despawned” from the zone.

Members Portal

  • UPDATE The text descriptions for hand and foot void patterns have been updated to match the other patterns: voidhand:{job}, voidtorso:{job}, etc.

October 2019

27 October

Reisenjima Henge - Corrupted Altana

Corrupted Altana

In response to some clients crashing with Corrupted Altana’s animations, the fight has been redesigned around abilities more native to the “Cloud of Darkness” monster model.

This includes giving the fight the correct auto attack animations, a new spell list, a new skill list, and her proper magic reflect.

Similar to retail, each auto attack in the rotation now has a unique effect: one ranged, one area of effect, and one with a TP drain.

We’ve opted not to use the retail-style Cloud of Darkness abilities like Celling Rupture, Primordial Surge, and Expunge as the challenge of the fight would exceed what’s expected of the Henge fight. This “hard mode” version will likely be added in later content patches to Reisenjima Sanctorium. #pleaselookforwardtoit

!gotoexp and Survival Guides

We’ll soon be obsolescing the !gotoexp command as the Survival Guides are now in place. The command was originally added as our version of the guides to help players easily move about the world.

Now, with the guides in place, players have access to nearly 100 different zone locations and can use retail style leveling guides, such as this to find great solo and group leveling spots.

Many survival guide spots also have FoV/GoV pages near by and this opens up a lot of new leveling locations rather than funneling players through the same locations with the assumption that those are the only “good” experience spots in the game.

DSP Updates

  • BUG Fixed an issue where hand-to-hand weaponskills would not show up for appropriate classes when unarmed.


  • UPDATE The Porter Moogles now support Storage Slip #22 to #28 (thanks Webjester).
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed an issue allowing players to start Empyrean Weapon trials without first completing a mythic.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed an issue where people with recent titles from Dynamis Divergence were not showing up on the Members Portal community listings.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with Testudo Tremor used by Adamantoise HNMs to be a more tame animation.
  • BUG Fixed an issue that prevented Carbuncle’s Pacifying Ruby and Cait Sith’s Regal Gash from properly calculating Blood Pact Delay.
  • BUG Fixed an issue preventing players from unlocking Conflux #8 in Abyssea-Uleguerand Range.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with the Behemoth’s Dominion survival guide landing point teleporitng players under the world.
  • BUG Light Spheres now properly show up on the Auction House under Others > Misc. #3.

21 October

Summoner - Avatars Update

Darkness and Light - Cait Sith and Diabolos are here! This update adds in two of the most popular summons with all of their abilities (plus a bit extra). In addition, the remaining Avatars all received their missing blood pacts.

cait sith and diabolos

Cait Sith

Cait Sith is here! Cait Sith is a White Mage melee avatar specializing in light-based physical and magical attacks and keeping the party alive in tough situations. Level ? Holy also adds a bit of luck into the mix with good rolls adding up to very potent damage.

  • Regal Scratch is a single target, three-hit physical damage attack.
  • Level ? Holy is an area of effect light-based magical attack that does damage based on the roll.
    • Rolling a 1 or 6 provides maximum damage, with a 1 providing a higher base damage, but lower INT multiplier and 6 a lower base damage but higher INT multiplier.
    • Rolling a 2, 3, 4, or 5 provides varying scales of these two stats.
    • This is a custom effect compared to retail where it does damage based on the divisor of the roll to the target’d mobs level (e.g. rolling a 6 would do more damage to a level 120 target vs. a 121 target since it evenly divides)–something a bit too fickle for our varying monster levels.
  • Mewing Lullaby is an area of effect light-based Sleep and TP reduction ability with a maximum duration of 35 seconds.
  • Eerie Eye is a frontal cone gaze attack that inflicts silence and amnesia on the targets.
    • Both of these effects gradually increase the target’s immunity, so excess use can render a target IMMUNE to both.
  • Regal Gash is a single target, three-hit physical damage attack (more powerful Regal Scratch).
  • Raise II will raise a party member with the Raise II effect.
  • Reraise II will provide a party member with the Reraise II effect.
  • Altana’s Favor is available while under the effect of Astral Flow and provides all fallen party members with a Raise III and all non-fallen members with Reraise III.

In addition, Avatar’s Favor now supports Cait Sith’s Favor. This effect grants nearby players increased light accuracy, attack, defense, and resistance, increased MND, and a potent magic damage taken reduction.


Diabolos is here! Diabolos is a Dark Knight melee avatar specializing in darkness-based magical attacks. Many of his abilities work together to create powerful combos to debilitate groups of enemies.

  • Camisado is a single target, physical damage attack that does slashing damage.
  • Nether Blast is a single target, darkness-based magical attack with a heavy emphasis on the time of day and weather.
  • Night Terror is a single target damage attack that inflicts up to 40% additional damage on slept targets.
  • Blindside is a single target, physical damage attack that does slashing damage (more powerful Camisado).
  • Somnolence is a single target, darkness-based magical attack that inflcits a strong heavy effect on the target.
  • Nightmare is an area of effect ability that inflicts Sleep to all nearby targets and a potent blind and slow.
    • This ability is custom as the 2HP/tick Bio effect was very lackluster.
  • Ultimate Terror is an area of effect steals attribute stats (STR, DEX, MND, VIT, etc.) from nearby and gives them to Diabolos. The number of stats stolen and the amount stolen is based on the summoner’s Summoning Magic Skill.
  • Noctoshield is an area of effect buff that provides Phalanx to nearby party members.
  • Dream Shroud is an area of effect buff that provides varying amounts of Magic Attack Bonus and Magic Defense Bonus based on the time of day.
  • Pavor Nocturnus is a single target attack that attempts to inflict Death on a slept target, if it cannot inflict Death, it will dispel the target. The chances of inflicting Death are extremely low at 99+.
  • Cacodemonia is an area of effect attack that inflicts darkness-base magic damage and inflicts Plague on the targets.
    • This is a custom skill that is not available in retail. This skill is gained at level 99.
  • Ruinous Omen is available while under the effect of Astral flow and inflicts percentage based damage to all near by targets. This percentage is limited to 10% of current HP on NMs, but can range much higher on non-NMs–potentially even exceeding even the normal 99999 damage cap for targets with extremely high health.

In addition, Avatar’s Favor now supports Diabolos’s Favor. This effect grants nearby players increased darkness accuracy, attack, defense, and resistance, increased INT, a refresh effect, and a potent resistance to sleep.

To gain access to Cait Sith and Diabolos, be sure to use the !addallspells command and re-zone to refresh your spell list.


  • Lunar Bay now has it’s proper (very cool) animation.
  • Impact inflicts darkness-based magic damage and a similar stat reduction effect to player-cast Impact, but slightly less potent (ranging from 25-40% stat reduction).
  • Heavenward Howl is custom provides a primary stat buff and heal to the group based on the current moon phase. The stat increase is more than what is provided by Ecliptic Growl and does not stack with it.


  • Holy Mist inflicts Light-based magic damage on a single target.
  • Soothing Ruby removes negative status effects on the party based on the summoning skill of the summoner–the more skill, the more effects are removed.
  • Pacifying Ruby is custom and provides an enmity boost effect to nearby Warriors, Paladins, and Ninjas and a enmity down effect to all other jobs and lasts 3 minutes.


  • Inferno Howl provides an enfire effect to the group based off of the Summoner’s summoning skill.
  • Conflag Strike is a powerful breath-based fire elemental attack that inflicts a potent Burn effect and INT reduction.


  • Diamond Storm inflicts a -25 Evasion Down effect to all nearby targets.
  • Crystal Blessing provides a +250 TP Bonus effect to the group.


  • Fleet Wind provides a powerful +20% movement speed effect to all nearby party members. This effect is lost when attacked or entering combat.
  • Hastega II provides a Haste II effect (matching the White Magic spell) to all nearby party members.


  • Crag Throw is a powerful earth-based elemental attack that does heavy damage and inflicts a potent Slow effect on the target.
  • Earthen Armor provides all nearby party members with a single hit “severe damage” recution similar to Ninjutsu’s Migiwari effect. This effect stacks with Bard’s Sentinel’s Scherzo.


  • Volt Strike is a powerful three-hit physical attack that can also inflict a stun effect–a powered up version of Chaotic Strike.
  • Shock Squall is a powerful lightning-based elemental attack that also has a chance to stun targets. Targets gain a growing resistance to stun the more often this is used.


  • Tidal Roar reduces the attack of all nearby enemies by 25% for up to 90 seconds.
  • Soothing Current applies a cure potency bonus to all nearby party members and increases incoming healing received by up to 15%.

Due to a limitation in how DSP handles avatar blood pacts, blood pacts that cannot be normally cast by monsters will not show their proper name when cast, either showing up as “Special Attack” or simply a “.”. This includes most, if not all, of the level 80+ abilities. If you’re having troubles with abilities, be sure to disable any sort of log parsing tools that may not expect these kinds of values.

Teleporter Updates

The following Voidwatch teleporters have been updated:

  • Krabimanjaro’s teleport has been moved closer to Molbolger’s spawn for convenience.
  • Bismarck’s teleport has been moved closer to Ravenous Cracklaw’s spawn for convenience.
  • Murk-veined Banberry’s teleport has been moved closer to the Cavernous Maw/Crystal/Flux for convenience.
  • Melancholic Moira’s teleport has been moved closer to the Cavernous Maw/Crystal/Flux for convenience.

The following Escha/Reisenjima teleporters have been updated:

  • All teleports no longer “zone” you, rather simply move your position to make it faster to move around the zone. They also properly check and prevent teleporting while in combat.


  • UPDATE For our members who hate to log out of the game, login points are now awarded when players login OR when changing zones.
  • UPDATE Puppetmaster’s Repair ability recast has been reduced to match current retail.
  • UPDATE Automaton Oil, used with the Repair ability to heal automatons, has been moved into !shop 3 for convenience rather than running to Whitegate to buy it from Gavrie.
  • UPDATE The distance for Avatar’s Favor effects has been increased from 10y to 20y.
  • UPDATE Reduced the exceedingly high magic accuracy in some high end encounters that prevented players from resisting certain effects.
  • UPDATE The !costume command has been disabled for the time being until the available costumes can be further reviewed for ones that can potentially cause client crashes.
  • UPDATE Added a prototype fix to the packet structure for pet actions that hopefully will address the automatons stretching and breaking their models (which causes a client-side crash).
  • BUG (hotfix) Composure’s custom effect has been fixed; it’s again properly providing +2 Fast Cast and +5% Haste rather than +15 Fast Cast and +0.05% Haste.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Dark Arts/Light Arts provdiing too much skill as the skill increase was based off of a Red Mage’s Enhancing skill (a B+ rating on retail); however, it’s an A rating here. This has been resolved to only increase skills to a maximum of a B+ rating.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Dark Arts/Light Arts providing too little skill if the subjob provided more than the Arts would increase it to (a B+ rating).
  • BUG Dual Wield is now capped at 99; values over this entirely remove the weapon delay from auto attack rounds.
  • BUG Addressed an issue causing automaton abilities to not properly chain with weaponskills.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Yalungur not properly despawning its adds on defeat/despawn.
  • BUG Addressed a potential client crash when using /equipset too quickly.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Titan’s Favor that prevented it from properly adding the physical damage taken reduction effect.

14 October

October 2019 Client Update

We’ve updated the client to the retail October 2019 version. This will require a client update for players. For a refresher on how to update your client, click here.

Update Version

In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30191004_0.


Players who are not at this version may experience client crashes, incorrect NPC IDs, broken quests and missions, and the inability to use the new merits and traits provided by this update.

Updated Renamer List

With the new client version, a new Renamer list is available. You can download it here.

September 2019 Retail Job Update - Bard

As the Bard merits were contested a being a bit worthless, we wanted to wait until the next update to dig in and add them (rather than rip them out later). This update adds two new merits for bards: Con Anima and Con Brio.

  • Con Anima : 5 points, provides -1% physical damage taken to the bard for each point when they cast a beneficial song on themselves with an instrument equipped.
  • Con Brio : 5 points, provides -1% magical damage taken to the bard for each point when they cast a beneficial song on themselves with an instrument equipped.

Maintaining a beneficial song on themselves, assuming five points are put into each of these, grants the bard -5% PDT and -5% MDT. This effect does not stack with additional songs and does not apply to other players affected by the song or if another bard’s song is affecting you.


Threnodies, even though they provide the enspell effect to players, do not grant the merit bonuses as they are not considered beneficial songs.

These two merits replace the merits that granted Adventurer’s Dirge and Foe Sirvente; these are normal songs granted at 75 now (which is moot as players had these songs without the merits on our server).

Bard Song Updates

When implementing the Con Merits, we noticed several songs not providing their proper effects and’or entirely missing their scripts.

Status Resistance Songs

The following songs were missing their proper scripts. As BGWiki states, they are all “unknown potency and unclear applications”. Based on several forum posts and assumptions, they have been updated as follows.

  • Each song provides a base of +20 resistance (power).
    • Puppet’s Operetta, as the only tier 2 version, provides +30 resistance.
  • The power is increased by +10 for each +Songs bonus, increased by 100% by Soul Voice, and 50% by Marcato.
  • The duration of each song is 120 seconds (as per retail).
  • The duration is enhanced with song duration and Songs+ bonuses, and troubadour.

EXAMPLE Herb Pastoral would provide players with +90 poison resistance if sung with Gjallarhorn (Songs +4) and Moonbow Whistle +1 (Songs +3).

The following songs were updated/implemented:

  • Herb Pastoral - Poison Resistance
  • Scop’s Operetta/Puppet’s Operetta - Silence Resistance
  • Goblin Gavotte - Bind Resistance
  • Fowl Aubade - Sleep Resistance
  • Gold Capriccio - Petrification Resistance
  • Shining Fantasia - Blind Resistance
  • Warding Round - Curse Resistance
  • Chocobo Hum - Paralyze Resistance πŸ†• at Lv. 99
  • Cactaur Fugue - Gravity Resistance πŸ†• at Lv. 99

Other Songs

The following songs have also been implemented:

  • Sentinel’s Scherzo - provides a 45% damage mitigation to ‘severely damaging attacks’ (similar to Migiwari).
    • Unlike Migiwari, this effect is not lost when severe damage is taken.
  • Foe Sirvente - decreases target’s enmity loss
  • Adventurer’s Dirge - decreases target’s enmity generation
  • Pining Nocturne - decreases target’s magic accuracy and increases spellcasting time (similar to Addle).

October 2019 Retail Job Update - Monk

Several hand-to-hand weaponskills and monk HP traits were updated in October.

Max HP Boost

The levels for Max HP Boost have been updated to provide these bonuses at lower levels.

Tier Old Level New Level
1 15 15
2 35 25
3 55 35
4 70 45
5 86 55
6 96 65

Max HP Boost II

With the changes to Max HP Boost, a new tier of HP Boosts have been added.

Tier Level Acquired HP Gain
1 75 +150
2 85 +300
3 95 +450


The following weaponskills are now fTP replicating and provide their bonuses across all hits (cough fotia time! cough).

NOTE While this update is intented for Monk, these updates are across all hand-to-hand users, including Puppetmaster.

  • Combo
  • Shoulder Tackle
  • One Inch Punch
  • Backhand Blow
  • Raging Fists
  • Spinning Attack
  • Howling Fist
  • Dragon Kick
  • Asuran Fists
  • Ascetic’s Fury
  • Stringing Pummel
  • Tornado Kick
  • Victory Smite
  • Shijin Spiral

The following weaponskills have had their overall fTP lowered to account for the increase in fTP replication across all hits.

  • Combo
  • Raging Fists
  • Howling Fist
  • Dragon Kick
  • Tornado Kick
  • Victory Smite
  • Shinjin Spiral

The following weaponskills have had their fTP and potency increased.

  • Asuran Fists
  • Shijin Spiral

At this time, these values are estimates while the retail community crunches numbers and punches things a few hundred thousand times to see what the changes appear to be. We’re basing our current numbers off of preliminary tests by players and posted to the BGWiki forums and will likely be tuning them in coming weeks as more information is available.

October 2019 Retail Job Update - Dragoon

Dragoon hit the jackpot with this update with a massive new trait, WS Damage Boost, that provides all hits +weaponskill damage up to +21% at level 95..

Rank Level Bonus
1 45 +7%
2 55 +10%
3 65 +13%
4 75 +16%
5 85 +19%
6 95 +21%

In addition, as the wyvern levels up (up to 5 levels) or via Spirit Link (with up to 5 merits in Empathy), dragoons gain +1% all hits +weaponskill damage per level. At level 99, this puts dragoons at a whopping +26% increased damage to all weaponskill hits.

At this time, the Spirit Bond ability provided to dragoons with this update has not been added as it’s a bit useless on our server.


With this massive update to dragoon damage, we’ll be reviewing dragoon damage overall and adjusting, if necessary, some of our custom bonuses we’ve already provided dragoons.

Voidwatch Ops. Teleports

Thanks to the hard work of Webjester, a custom menu has been added for the Voidwatch Ops. teleports. Players who have unlocked the Voidwatch campaign can speak to the Atmacite Refiners and teleport to the Planar Rifts for the abyssites they have unlocked. Overall, this adds zone teleports to over 64 locations throughout the world making general travel a lot faster.

Unlike retail, these teleports do not cost curor to use.

atmacite refiner teleports

For example, players with the Crimson Stratum Abyssite II can teleport to Sarimanok (East Ronfaure), Cottus (East Ronfaure [S]), and Krabimanjaro (Ordelle’s Caves).

Atmacite Refiners can be found in the following locations:

  • Southern San d’Oria (F-9)
  • Southern San d’Oria [S] (L-9)
  • Bastok Markets (D-11)
  • Bastok Markets [S] (G-5)
  • Windurst Waters (G-5)
  • Windurst Waters [S] (G-5)
  • Norg (I-8)
  • Rabao (G-8)
  • Kazham (F-9)
  • Sauromugue Champaign (E-6)
  • Sauromugue Champaign [S] (E-6)
  • Rolanberry Fields (J-5)
  • Rolanberry Fields [S] (J-5)
  • Batallia Downs (K-8)
  • Batallia Downs [S] (K-8)
  • Tavnazian Safehold (H-6)
  • Wajaom Woodlands (M-7)

Survival Guide Teleports

Again, thanks to Webjester’s hard work hunting down all of the locations, a new custom teleport system for the Survival Guides has been added.

Our !gotoexp command was originally designed to replace Survival Guides; however, having the full guides gives players access to nearly 100 different teleport locations across all of the expansions and many landing players near Field and Grounds Manuals for easy access to EXP pages.

Survial Guides

Survival Guides can take players to:

  • most outdoor zones pre-Seekers of Adoulin (Eastern Adoulin does have a book)
  • many indoor dungeons, including the Beastman fortresses (makes converting Dynamis currency easier)
  • difficult to reach zones, such as Xarcabard, Castle Zvahl, Movalpolos, and most Shadowera zones

Here’s the full list of teleport locations supported by the Survival Guide system.

Unlike retail, there is no cost to use the Survival Guides and players do not need to visit a Survival Guide book to unlock a location (this may change in the future).

Eschan & Ethereal Teleports


Heroics players rejoice, the teleport systems within Escha - Zi’Tah and Reisenjima are finally wired up. Players can now use the Eschan Portals and Ethereal Ingresses to move around the zones.

If you’re using the modified map packs, the number IDs (#1, #2, etc.) align with what each portal displays and the number on the maps.

escha zitah reisenjima

New Commands - !resists and !th

Two new player commands have been added.

  • !resists provides players a listing of their status effect resistances, such as Sleep, Paralyze, Petrification, and Death.
  • !th provides players an update, similar to the proc message on retail, of the current level of Treasure Hunter affecting the target.

Updated Commands

  • !skills now includes values for hobby skills–synergy, chocobo digging, and mog gardening.
  • !stats now includes values for subtle blow and magic damage.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) The Regiment Tombstones in Dynamis - San d’Oria [D] no longer mindlessly wander around the zone.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Several breath-type blue mage spells are less powerful when cast by non-players, reverting back to their old damage formulas that do not calculate based off of HP. Player-cast spells have not changed.
  • UPDATE The following items now stack to 99: trailblazing pickaxe, trailblazing hatchet, trailblazing sickle, adbhaljs seal, coalition grease, mog pell (red), mog pell (green), mog pell (gold), mog pell (rainbow), mog pell (ochre), mog pell (silver), mog pell (marble), all void shards from Divergence, all void patterns from divergence, relic adaman, ratanarj, and all moldy accessories from Divergence.
  • UPDATE Entering Dynamis - San d’Oria [D] now pops up a dialog menu confirming if players want to enter the zone.
  • UPDATE The white mage merits Animus Solace and Animus Misery now properly show up in the Traits window.
  • UPDATE The Mimic King VWNM and Golden Kist in Reisenjima have been updated to show its proper engaged animation, remove incorrect abilities from its rotation, and update Pandora’s Curse and Pandora’s Gift to better match their effects on retail.
    • Pandora’s Gift: Randomly either heals or inflicts darkness-based magical damage on the target; no longer inflicts Mute or Doom.
    • Pandora’s Curse: Now inflicts darkness-based magical damage in an AOE (10y) and inflicts the same stat down and bio effects as before.
  • UPDATE The monster ability Aurous Charge is now properly a frontal cone. In addition, rather than a flat damage based on the target’s current HP, it’s now Light-based damage based on the target’s maximum HP. As it is now a calculated magical attack, magic defense mitigations, Shell, Stoneskin, and other damage reducers apply.
  • BUG (hotfix) Update to address Aurix’s neck NQ -> HQ1 trades not having the proper Relic Adaman requirements.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed a dialog issue where Oboro wasn’t reminding players about needing light spheres for the empyrean weapon Phase II trials.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed a dialog issue the last line of the dialog for unlocking mog gardening still referenced the library door.
  • BUG The category weight of Molting Plumage is now properly set and can provide Dual Wield I by itself.
  • BUG The effect of Saurian Slide is now properly matching to its spell, and not mixed with Entomb.
  • BUG Address an issue where players could acquire more than the 10% cap of Quick Magic.
  • BUG Address an issue with runeweave’s augment not providing magic accuracy.
  • BUG Address an issue where a modifier flag was missing from some of the relic +2 neck pieces to make them properly equippable.

7 October

Divergence - San d’Oria

  • UPDATE (hotfix) Adjusted Overseer’s Tombstone’s magic cooldown and adjusted his TP gain to reduce his siesmostomps (that increase as his HP decreases).
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Adjusted all non-statue monsters to properly despawn after 5 minutes to prevent the zone from getting overwhelmed when players think they can train through the zone and fail horribly.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) The Nightmare Wellspring’s message when shifting the zone into phase 3 is a bit clearer now.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Adjusted Aurix’s dialogs to be clearer on what items he can upgrade based on how far players have cleared through Divergence.
  • UPDATE Adjusted the resists, including sleep and lullaby resistance, on some encounters.
  • UPDATE Added proper navmeshes to the zones which should help with mobs and players not getting stuck in the environment in certain conditions and force monsters to path properly around walls, etc.
  • UPDATE The dynamis zone message now alerts players at 60m/40m/30m as well as the prior 10m/5m/1m/30s/10s increments. Since these messages can get lost in the log spam, it’s recommended to keep track of your time remaining separately.

Blue Magic Updates

This update continues our work on reviewing and revising the Blue Magic scripts and combat mechanics.


These updates are a WORK IN PROGRESS and will be evaluated over the coming weeks.

Individual Spell Updates

The following spells have been updated to reflect their retail formulas and/or better match the Nocturnal Souls environment. These are the last updates for spells existing within the DSP codebase. FINALLY!

  • Wind Breath
    • Damage formula updated to (caster HP / 4) + (caster level / 0.85)
  • Barbed Crescent
    • Updated damage type to Slashing-type damage.
    • Updated Accuracy Down effect from -4 to -30.
    • Updated fTP from 1.925 to 2.0.
    • Updated WSC from 30% AGI/10% INT to 50% DEX.
  • Bilgestorm
    • Updated damage type to Slashing-type damage.
    • Reduced accuracy down effect from -35 to -25.
    • Reduced number of hits from 3 to 1.
    • Updated WSC to from nothing to 30% STR/30% DEX.
  • Bloodrake
    • Updated damage type to Slashing-type damage.
    • Updated WSC from 30% STR to 30% STR/30% MND
  • Nature’s Meditation
    • Verified and unchanged.
  • Glutinous Dart
    • Updated damage type to Piercing-type damage.
    • Updated WSC from 30% VIT to 50% STR/50% VIT.
  • Paralyzing Triad
    • Updated damage type to Slashing-type damage.
    • Updated TP modifier from Critical Chance to Damage.
    • Updated WSC from 20% STR/DEX/INT to 40% STR/30% DEX
    • Updated Paralyze additional effect to 100% with a 60 second duration.
    • Updated Paralyze additional effect potency to match Paralyze II.
  • Tempestuous Upheaval
    • Updated WSC from 20% AGI to 30% AGI
    • Updated fTP from 3.25 to 3.786875.
  • Embalming Earth
    • Updated WSC to 10% STR/20% AGI to 30% VIT.
    • Slow duration updated from 20s to 180s.
    • Updated Slow additional effect from 0.025% to 25%.
  • Rending Deluge
    • Added Dispel additional effect (varies, if not resisted)
    • Increased fTP from 1.0 to 3.5.
    • Updated from a conal AOE to a point-blank AOE.
    • Updated recast from 30s to 35s.
    • Updated casting time from 3s to 2s.
  • Foul Waters
    • Updated fTP from 2.00 to 2.25.
    • Updated WSC from 30% MND to 20% STR/20% MND.
    • Remove resistance chance of Drown additional effect.
    • Updated Drown additional effect to 31/tick and -65 STR.
    • Updated from a point-blank AOE to a conal AOE.
  • Retinal Glare
    • Updated WSC from 20% CHR to 30% INT/10% MND.
    • Updated fTP from 8.75 to 2.75.
    • Added Flash additional effect with -200 accuracy down value.
  • Droning Whirlwind
    • Removed WSC.
    • Removed resistance effect.
    • Added “full dispel” additional effect–dispelling up to 12 effects on the target.
    • Dispel additional effect requires damage to be done to the target, but cannot otherwise be resisted.
  • Carcharian Verve
    • Updated Aquaveil counter to match the spell (50 interruptions, not 10) and be increased by Aquaveil+ enhancing gear.
  • Blistering Roar
    • Verified and unchanged.
  • Erratic Flutter
    • Updated base duration from 5 minutes to 10 minutes to match Haste II.
  • Subduction
    • Updated WSC from 30% INT/20% MND to 10% STR/10% VIT.
    • Updated recast time from 30s to 5s.
  • Thrashing Assault
    • Updated WSC from 10% STR to 32% STR/32% DEX.
    • Updated number of hits from 1 to 5.
  • Diffusion Ray
    • Updated fTP from 1.0 to 5.0
    • Updated from single target to conal AOE.
    • Updated recast time from 25s to 45s.
  • Rail Cannon
    • Updated WSC from 10% STR to 40% MND.
  • Restoral
    • Updated to use modern cure magic formulas.
    • Added enhancement via Cure Potency+ equipment.
    • Added ability to wake-up slept players.
  • Sinker Drill
    • Updated damage type to Piercing-type damage.
    • Updated WSC from 100% dex to 50% STR/50% VIT.
    • Updated TP modifier from Attack Bonus to Damage Bonus.
    • Reduced recast from 22s to 20s.

Newly Added Spells

Now that all of the existing spells have been reviewed, there are 21 spells at 99 that do not exist in DSP. This update contains all 21 of them. Spells are implemented matching effects, traits, and stat bonuses from BG Wiki.

  • Uproot
  • Crashing Thunder
  • Polar Roar
  • Mighty Guard
  • Cesspool
  • Cruel Joke
  • Tearing Gust
  • Sweeping Gouge
  • Molting Plumage
  • Nectarous Deluge
  • Atramentous Libations
  • Searing Tempest
  • Spectral Floe
  • Anvil Lightning
  • Entomb
  • Saurian Slide
  • Palling Slavo
  • Blinding Fulgor
  • Scouring Spate
  • Silent Storm
  • Tenebral Crush

Existing players will need to use the !addallspells command to force add the new blue mage spells to their spell list.

Updated Traits

The following traits have been updated:

  • Dual Wield - Now supports up to Dual Wield IV with slotted spells.
  • Tenacity - Added Tenacity trait (for Palling Salvo); provides +5% “resist all status effects”.
  • Attack Bonus - Fixed an issue where both modifiers (attack and ranged attack) where not properly being applied.
  • Magic Evasion Bonus - Added Magic Evasion Bonus trait (for Blinding Fulgor); provides +10 magic evasion.
  • Magic Accuracy Bonus - Added Magic Accuracy Bonus trait (for Tenebral Crush); provides +10 magic accuracy.
  • Critical Attack Bonus Added Critical Attack Bonus trait (for Sinker Drill); provides +5% critical attack damage.
  • Inquartata - Added Inquartata trait (for Saurian Slide); provides +5% parry rate and can apply over the base 25% parry cap.

Automaton Levels and Updates

automaton level up!

We’ve added in Automaton level enhancements allowing puppetmasters to use animators to increase their automaton’s level from 99 to a cap of 120. These effects require the animator and/or cape to be equipped when activating the automaton and provide additional base stat and secondary stat bonuses. With the additional levels and stat bonuses, the prior flat level 99 bonuses have been removed from the automatons.

The following animators and level enhancing gear has been updated:

  Visucius's Mantle 
  • Automaton Lv. +1
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +89 to base stats, +50 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to melee stats.
  • New drop from Reisenjima Henge.
  Divinator II 
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +89 to base stats, +50 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to magic stats.
  • New drop from Reisenjima Henge.
  Animator Z 
  • Automaton Lv. 119
  • Available from Antonia in Upper Jeuno (H-8, Viette’s Finest Weapons shop)
  Animator P 
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +104 to base stats, +100 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to melee stats.
  • Crafted via Animator Z
  Animator P +1 
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +109 to base stats, +125 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to melee stats.
  • Crafted via Animator Z
  Animator P II 
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +104 to base stats, +100 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to magic stats.
  • Crafted via Animator Z
  Animator P II +1 
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +109 to base stats, +125 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to magic stats.
  • Crafted via Animator Z

In addition, the following changes have been made:

  • UPDATE The Valoredge head has had its enmity bonus increased.
  • UPDATE The Sharpshot, Stormwaker, Soulsoother, and Spiritreaver heads have had its enmity reduction increased.
  • BUG Addressed a skill issue where automatons always had max level skill rather than the skill for their current level (sorry level 1 automatons enjoying their level 99 melee, ranged, and magic skill).

Stoneskin Normalization / Revamp

After we updated Metallic Body and Diamondhide a few weeks ago, there was still the issue that those two spells perform very poorly compared to the Stoneskin white magic spell.

This is due to two factors:

  • The White Magic spell has a scaling multiplier based on skill level.
  • When we started Nocturnal Souls, we added two new tiers (a 300-500 and a 500+ skill tier) for the 99 focus; however, we didn’t add in the reducers that the prior tiers had.

So, after much review the following updates have been made for Stoneskin, Metallic Body, and Diamondhide.

  1. Stoneskin’s tiers have been updated to include slight skill reducers similar to the other skill tiers. Overall, players will see a 200-300 damage reduction difference (based on how far over 500+ their enhancing skill is), but can still expect ~5700 damage reduction at 500+ skill.
  2. Metallic Body’s gained a similar scaling tier and is poised as the “quick and inexpensive” Stoneskin. At the 500+ Blue Magic skill level, players can expect this spell to jump from ~700 damage to ~3200 damage reduction.
  3. Diamondhide’s gained a similar scaling tier and is poised as the “party-based” Stoneskin. It has the same casting time with a shorter recast than normal Stoneskin as well as providing it to the whole party. At the 500+ Blue Magic skill level, players can expect this spell to jump from ~850 damage to ~4700 damage reduction.
  4. All three spells still benefit from Stoneskin + gear (a custom benefit of the server).
  5. Stoneskin benefits from stacking Enhancing Magic Skill + and Enhancing Magic Potency gear whereas Metallic Body and Diamondhide benefit from stacking Blue Magic Skill + gear.

Overall, Stoneskin will remain the leader in providing the Stoneskin effect (and being provided AOE by Scholars); however, the bonuses provided to Metallic Body and Diamondhide make them much more worthwhile.


  • UPDATE The Orc ability “Fanatic Dance” now properly checks charm resistance and magic evasion.
  • UPDATE The wyrms have been updated to help address issues where malicious players attempt to drag them away from their spawn points and inconsistencies in their challenge levels.
    • The wyrms are now placed at a safe distance away from most walls and barricades, have their proper draw in effects, and will not stray farther than 20y from their spawning location. This affects: Jormugand, Tiamat, Vrtra.
    • Spinning Attack has been removed from Jormungand’s abilities pool.
    • Vrtra’s adds now spawn claimed to Vrtra’s target.
    • Vrtra’s adds now despawn when Vrtra despawns.
  • UPDATE Updated the drop rate for the Seraphicaller to match the new droprates for the Divinators from Corrupted Altana.
  • UPDATE The ancient currency vendors have had their inventory offerings refined.
  • UPDATE Antonia in Upper Jeuno no longer sells the Arasy weapons (aside from the Animator Z) as these weapons do not work or are missing their models.
  • UPDATE New players can now acquire the Eminent weapons (i117 Sparks weapons) from Eternal Flame (Western Adoulin, H-11).
  • UPDATE Update missing modifiers for warrior artifact/relic/empyrean gear and some weapons related to Warcry/Aggressor/Defender/Berserk duration timers and Fencer TP+ and Critical Hit+ gains (thanks Webjester).
  • BUG Address an issue with some armor from Escha Zi’Tah providing HP%+ instead of HP+ item modifiers. Sorry, no more +164% HP chest pieces.
  • BUG Cleaned up a typo in Magian Mog AJ’s dialog script.
  • BUG Removed the loot table from Cobraclaw Buchzvotch in Jugner Forest [S] as it was incorrect (was for his Dynamis-Beaucadine version).
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Sihrik having the wrong item modifier for the -2% MDT.