Archive - 2020 Q1

March 2020

29 March

Zone Closures

As our resources are a bit limited during this transition to the cloud hosting and while we figure out our resource needs, we’ve decided to close several unused/unuseful zones to free up system resources.

These zones mainly are either a) unimplemented at this time or b) unused/unnecessary. Many of the boat rides were either broken or took forever (hours) and are simply unnecessary.

  • The boats between Mhaura and Al Zahbi (use !tele whitegate)
  • The boats between Nashmau and Al Zahbi (use !tele nashmau)
  • The boat between Mhaura and Selbina (use Explorer Moogles)
  • The boat between the islands of Bibiki Bay (the Manaclipper) (trade 10,000gil to Rhalo Davigoh or Rahi Sakeawo to fast travel)
  • The airships between the main capitals and Jeuno (use !tele jeuno|sandy|windy|bastok)
  • Reisenjima Sanctorium (zone not open yet)
  • Walk of Echoes [P1] and Walk of Echoes [P2] (zones not open yet)
  • Celennia Memorial Library (zone now closed)

This frees up 15 “zones” from running and should ease the load on the zone server.


  • BUG (hotfix) Several AOE job abilities have been fixed to no longer show the purple system message that the ability is not available yet. This includes: Blood Rage, Rampart, Benediction, Conspirator, Warcry, Wild Card, and Sacrosanctity.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue with Provoke increasing enmity, but not properly claiming a target on use.

26 March

Retail Client Update - March 2020

We’ve updated the client to the retail March 2020 version. This will require a client update for players.

mar 2020 version update

For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30200304_3 or higher.

As this adds two new zones, this is a required update for players.

New Servers and IP

Due to moving and needing to crate/move the server racks, Nocturnal Souls has been moved into a private cloud host. With this comes new IP addresses.

During this maintenance, we’ll be shifting our DNS entries, however, for those with internet providers with long DNS caches, the new IP address is

Those wanting to update their Ashita or Windower can use the direct IP address in the event that they cannot resolve the name.

This can be done by updating your Ashita or Windower configuration with the following:

  • Old: --server
  • New: --server

For players with internet providers that have rapid DNS updates, no change may be necessary–it may be updated by the time servers come back up!

This is a new environment for us and we’ll be learning the ins and outs of it as we go. The aim is to get services up as soon as possible for players during the move rather than going offline for 60-90 days. Please be patient as we’ll be monitoring performance and making adjustments as quickly as we can.


  • UPDATE Paralysis is now checked BEFORE a player uses an ability to prevent the ability from firing the animation and going on cooldown without it actually being used. This is a custom QoL enhancement.
  • UPDATE Western Adoulin (!relax) has had its music changed (aka: Derahine is tired of the folksy theme for a while).
  • UPDATE The “healing tick rate” has been reset to 10 from 3 as it was causing some overflow issues for certain status effects.
  • BUG Address issue where gil splits for treasure chests/coffers would not properly split between party/alliance.
  • BUG Update Baren-Moren’s name (he’s no longer a door) and add scripts for the quests “Hat in Hand” and “A Feather in One’s Cap” (repeatable does not provide server gil bonus).
  • BUG Nekros Hounds have been fixed and scripted in The Eldieme Necropolis to properly update pages 7 and 8 of the Grounds of Valor books (levels 91-95).
  • BUG The Undulating Confluence in Escha Zi’Tah now properly returns you to Qufim Island instead of a black void of nothingness.
  • BUG The setae ring now shows up under the proper category on the Auction House.

16 March


  • UPDATE The drops from Apollyon and Tenemos have been removed from the Members Portal to clear up some item location confusion.
  • BUG (hotfix) The !craft command can no longer be used to teleport while the player has enmity.
  • BUG The trait assigned to Erratic Flutter has been corrected to be Fast Cast instead of Conserve MP.
  • BUG The trait assigned to Foul Waters has been corrected to be Resist Silence instead of Tenacity.
  • BUG The set points for Erratic Flutter have been corrected to be 6, up from 2.
  • BUG The trait weight of Embalming Earth has been corrected to be 8 instead of 16.
  • BUG The blue magic Attack Bonus traits have been updated to properly scale with additional set points from +10 to +48.
  • BUG The blue magic Fast Cast traits have been updated to properly scale with additional set points from 5% to 15%.
  • BUG The mounted (/mount) and healing (/heal) effects are now properly removed when attacking a monster to address the engage/disengage delay bug.
  • BUG The dialog with Churano-Shurano has been updated with the correct flow and options for the Magicked Astrolabe. (thanks IBM!)
  • BUG Players can no longer charm targets flagged as notorious monsters.
  • BUG The model for the Nusku Shield has been fixed.
  • BUG The drops from Ascended Mosquitos and Ascended Tigers have been fixed in Reisenjima to drop the correct pop items.

9 March


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Griffon Hide is now sold by the Tanner on rare inventory days. This removes the need to hassle with the Dynamis goblins.
  • UPDATE Myrkr now removes the ‘Accuracy Down’ debuff.
  • UPDATE The “bonus” to avatars while Avatar’s Favor is active has been entirely removed. It was only +10 MAB and +30 MACC as the Accuracy +%, Attack +%, and Defense +% were no longer working and would not properly reapply if pets were recast while Favor was active.
  • UPDATE Wadi Leeches in Dangruf Wadi have been updated to freely spawn (instead of being fished up) so players can complete the GoV Page #3. There are 7 spawn points around G-11 for these leeches (the original 30+ spawn points was changed on retail some time ago).
  • UPDATE The open-world wyrms–Jormugand, Tiamat, and Vrtra–have had their ‘draw in leash’ effect removed, but have gained their ranged attacks (see other notes).
  • BUG (hotfix) The cutscene for the Chains of Promathia mission “Dawn” has has an edge case fixed where it would not trigger properly a players approached the stairs in Ru’lude Gardens.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where players who were DRG/{another pet class} could activate Spirit Link on a non-wyvern pet.
  • BUG The Undunlating Confluence gateways to Escha have been updated to reflect the recent entry rank adjustments.
  • BUG Jormungand’s auto attacks and TP gain while flying have been fixed.
  • BUG Tiamat’s ground and flying TP attacks have been fixed (instead of spamming Horrid Roar).
  • BUG Vrtra’s ground attacks have been fixed (instead of spamming Absolute Terror).

2 March

Siren Updates

Siren’s abilities have been updated to align with retail now that the information has been discovered.

The following skill chain attributes have been assigned to Siren’s physical blood pacts.

Blood PactSC 1SC 2
Hysteric AssaultFragmentationTransfixion
  • Hysteric Assault is now Piercing damage instead Slashing damage.
  • Hysteric Assault now has a dSTAT of DEX and INT, not DEX and STR.
  • Hysteric Assault works similar to Sanguine Blade and can drain HP from Undead-type enemies.
  • Sonic Buffet dispel effect procs regardless of the ability doing damage.
  • Roundhouse is now Blunt damage instead of Slashing damage.
  • Lunatic Voice’s unresisted duration for silence caps at 90 seconds instead of 180 seconds.
  • Bitter Elegy’s potency is a 50% slow, up from 35.10% (matching Slow II).

In addition, Siren now properly responds to player weaponskills like other avatars for players who have this functionality enabled.

Blue Magic Updates

The following magical-based blue magic spells now have their proper elemental attributes:

  • 1000 Needles, Light
  • Anvil Lightning, Lightning
  • Blastbomb, Fire
  • Blazing Bound, Fire
  • Blinding Flugor, Fire
  • Blitzstrahl, Lightning
  • Blood Drain, Dark
  • Blood Saber, Dark
  • Cesspool, Water
  • Charged Whisker, Lightning
  • Corrosive Ooze, Water
  • Death Ray, Water
  • Diffusion Ray, Light
  • Eyes on Me, Dark
  • Flying Hip Press, Wind
  • Uproot, Light
  • Wind Breath, Wind

Empyrean Armor Updates

The empyrean armor modifiers have been added for the following sets:

  • Warrior: Blood Rage duration, Restraint+

    • The “Augments Double Attack” gearset bonus has been verified.
  • Monk: “Augments Impetus”, Footwork+

    • The “Augments Kick Attacks” gearset bonus has been verified.
  • White Mage: “Divine Veil+”, Regen Duration+, Auspice+, Healing Magic Cast Time -%

    • The “Augments Elemental Resistance Spells” has been verified (barspells).
  • Black Mage: Elemental Magic Cast Time -%, Mana Wall +%

    • The “Augments Conserve MP” gearset bonus has not been added as, at this time, it is not possible and if was, would be wildly overpowered on our server.
  • Red Mage: Enfeebling Magic Cast Time -%, Saboteur+

    • The “Augments Composure effect” has not been added as, at this time, it’s not possible and, in testing, would be extremely difficult to gearswap as set bonuses take 1-2 ticks (3-6 seconds) to activate.
  • Thief: Despoil+

    • The “Augments Triple Attack” gearset bonus has been verified.
  • Paladin: Divine Emblem+

    • The “Occ. absorbs damage taken.” gearset bonus has been verified.
    • The “Mitigates dmg. taken based on enmity.” modifier will not be added as there isn’t a way to constantly adjust mitigation based on enmity and with our enmity bonuses, this effect would be exceptionally overpowered.
  • Dark Knight: Dread Spikes Potency+, “Absorb TP”+, Nether Void+

    • The “Attack occassionally varies with HP” gearset bonus has been added; it provides a 1% chance, up to 5% that your attack value is increased for that attack round based on your HP%. example: on a proc, if you have 1000 attack and 95% hp, you’d gain 95% attack or +950 attack for that attack round.
  • Bard: Song Recast Delay Reduction

    • The “Augments Songs” gearset bonus will not be added at this time as DSP does not have ‘elements’ for songs; this will be added at a later time.
  • Ranger: Double Shot Enmity Reduction

    • The “Augments Double Shot” gearset bonus has been verified.
    • “True Shot” bonuses not implemented as distance correction does not exist in DSP.
    • “Enhanced Unlimited Shot” bonuses not implemented as distance correction does not exist in DSP.
    • “Enhances Bounty Shot” bonuses not implemented as treasure hunter does not work on the proc system in DSP.
  • Samurai: Sekkanoki TP Bonus, Conserve TP, Sengikori +%

    • The “Augments Zanshin Effect” gearset bonus has been verified.
  • Ninja: Futae+

    • The “Augments Dual Wield” gearset bonus has been verified.

Magic Cleanup

Similar to our cleanup last update for weaponskills, we’ve cleaned up all of the player magic skill using the DSP flag for USE_OLD_MAGIC_DAMAGE formulas.

  • For almost all spells, nothing has changed, the update simply removes the logic fork. All spells are aligned with the following V and M values found at Only a handful of spells had incorrect values.

    • Stone II’s M200 was 1 instead of 0.
    • Fire IV’s V200 was 1200 instead of 1195.
    • Blizzard IV’s V200 was 1205 instead of 1210.
    • Thunder IV’s V200 was 1230 instead of 1225.
    • Firaga III’s V200 was 1300 instead of 1295.
    • Blizzaga III’s V200 was 1315 instead of 1310.
    • Thundaga III’s V200 was 1330 instead of 1325.
  • Comet’s missing “successive use enhances potency” has been added; Comet now inflicts a dark magic damage reduction on the target, similar to -ja spells.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Magian Mog AJ now provides better feedback when trying to start, change, or cancel trials.
  • UPDATE Added proper exit locations for Mog Houses in Eastern and Western Adoulin.
  • UPDATE Added missing Moogle and Mog House functionality to the Eastern Adoulin Mog House.
  • UPDATE The Yantok +3 has been removed from Ash Dragon’s loot table as it has no purpose/value.
  • UPDATE The Poroggos now have their proper abilities and animations (for both forms); new skills have been added and Frog Chorus can now only be used by NMs.
  • UPDATE The Porxies now have their proper abilities and animations and no longer use (annoying) Pixie abilities.
  • UPDATE The Formors have had their abilities reviewed and several abilities that did not do damage have been fixed.
  • UPDATE The all damage enmity bonus for Paladin’s Divine Emblem has been reduced from +250% to +100% with increases from the Chevalier’s equipment providing further increases.
  • UPDATE Players who get stuck with the battlefield status effect (usually caused by a disconnect or entering a BCNM too quickly while multiboxing), can now have it removed by Makel-Pakel in !relax.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where players could use Nexus Capes to enter the Abyssea-Empyrean Paradox.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the QMs (???) for several encounters referenced ‘Sarsaok’s Horde’ instead of ‘Sarsaok’s Hoard’.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the QM (???) for Maju had Maju’s name misspelt.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the Bard song “Goddess’ Hymnus” did not properly benefit from Song Duration Bonus gear.
  • BUG The recapping of skills for automatons now happens on activation rather than shortly delayed after activation to prevent a potential client crash when the player dies before the delay occurs.
  • BUG Activators, “Activate”, and “Deus Ex Automata” no longer “cap all skills”, but only cap automaton skills. This addresses an issue where PUPs would lose their merits and skill bonuses until their next zone in/zone out.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Adventurer’s Dirge and Foe Sirvente would not properly flag for single-target when Pianissimo is active.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Churano-Shurano wouldn’t provide the Magicked Astrolabe KI even if the player has enough gil. The cutscene still speaks of multiple payments, but if you have enough gil, it’ll provide the KI.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where player-to-player trades should properly account for the items in the trade window and free inventory spaces before accepting the trade.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where mobs inside of battlefields should not be granting experience points or signet-based rewards (crystals/seals).
  • BUG Bastok’s Rank 10 cutscene in Metalworks now provides the rank up rewards, mission completion, and items prior to starting the cutscene rather than at the end in the event that the cutscene freezes at “the Galka”… (those wishing to see the cutscene who cannot, YouTube it!).

Members Portal

  • UPDATE Tuned several database queries, such as auction history and item recipes, that were excessively heavy on the database.

February 2020

17 February

Retail Client Update - Feburary 2020

We’ve updated the client to the retail February 2020 version. This will require a client update for players.

feb 2020 version update

For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30200205_1 or higher.

As this adds a new summon, Siren, and new status effects, this is a required update. The server is now locked at this version and/or higher to reduce potential client crashes.

February 2020 Retail Job Update - Paladin

Paladin's Atonement

Paladins received several updates this month focused around their ability to generate enmity and protect the group.

Players will notice a drastic change in Rampart as it’s no longer a magic shield, but an uncapped damage reduction for the group on a shorter recast. This damage reduction stacks with other types of damage reduction, such as gear, White Mage’s Sacrocanctity (for magic), Blue Mage’s Barrier Tusk, and other effects.

  • The job ability Rampart has been reworked. Rampart no longer provides a 100% resistant magic shield, but a -25% uncapped damage taken reduction. This includes all damage types: physical, magical, breath, and ranged.
    • The recast had been reduced from 300s to 180s with a 30s duration.
    • The “Rampart Recast” merit has been updated to reflect this shorter recast (4s per merit down from 10s per merit).
    • NOTE: Players using XIView or other addons for the new icons will need to update to the February version to have the new icons for Rampart.
  • The weaponskill Atonement now has a fixed enmity gain rather than being based on weaponskill damage. It now generates 300 CE and 900 VE per use, no matter how much damage it inflicts.
    • NOTE: The damage calculation formulas and caps have not changed from our custom settings.
  • The job ability Divine Emblem has had its recast reduced from 600s to 180s.
  • The job ability Shield Bash has had its recast reduced from 300s to 60s
    • The “Shield Bash Recast” merit has been updated to reflect this shorter recast (2s per merit down from 6s per merit).

In addition to the retail updates, the merit ability Fealty has undergone a custom revamp to provide a much higher magic evasion bonus and an array of base resistances.

February 2020 Retail Job Update - Summoner


Siren is here!

Summoners now have access to Siren. To add the summon to your spell list, use the !addallspells command, log out, and back into your character.

Siren is a wind-based avatar that provides single target damage and area-of-effect buffs and debuffs.

Clarsach CallAstral Flow1Deals area-of-effect wind elemental damage.
WeltRage1Deals single-target physical damage
Lunatic VoiceWard15Silences enemies in area of effect
RoundhouseRage25Deals single-target physical damage
Katabatic BladesWard31Grants “Enaero” to nearby party members
ChinookWard42Grants “Aquaveil” to nearby party members
Bitter ElegyWard50Inflicts “Elegy” on the target
Sonic BuffetRage65Deals single-target wind elemental damage and dispels the target
Tornado IIRage75Deals wind elemental damage
Wind’s Blessing*Ward88Grants a magic shield effect to nearby party members
Hysteric AssaultRage99Deals three-hit single-target physical damage and drains HP

* The magic shield effect is similar to Blue Mage’s magic barrier in providing -MDT and MEVA; however, summoning skill affects both duration and potency.

The damage values are estimated at this time and we’ll be reviewing and tuning them as more information is available from retail.

Due to how DSP is designed, Siren’s abilities that are not used by her as a monster do not have their proper names. This affects Welt, Roundhouse, Katabatic Blades, Chinook, and Wind’s Blessing. These abilities will show up as a ‘.’, ‘Special Attack’, or ‘#XXXX’.

In addition, if you use addons like Battlemod, Shorthand, or Shortcuts, be sure to update these to add the new skills into them.

In addition, Siren’s Favor has been added to the Avatar’s Favor effect. Siren’s Favor provides players with Wind Bonuses, Silence Resistance, Subtle Blow, and AGI.

  • Wind Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Wind Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Silence Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Subtle Blow (skill * 0.15)
  • AGI (skill * 0.15)

At this time, Siren’s abilities do not skillchain as there’s not enough information on the elemental properties. We’ll be watching for this information and adding it in future updates.

New Login Point Rewards

The login point rewards have been updated for February - March 2020.

Artemis’ BowTroll Gun
Artemis' BowTroll Gun
Doll Mount
Doll Mount

In addition, Rem’s Chapter pages remain available for players to spend their login points on.


  • UPDATE The Muddle status effect has been added. Many abilities already afflicted this ailment, but it did nothing. It’s now setup to work similar to retail and prevent players from using items.
  • UPDATE In preparation of Escha Ru’Aun, Heroics players rank 8 and higher now have access to two new items in the Heroics shop–the Amnesia Screen and Charm Buffer. Similar to the Doom and Terror Screens, these phails prevent the status effects for 2 minutes and are rare/ex, so use them strategically.
  • UPDATE The !stats command now includes information about -RDT (Ranged Damage Taken) and -BDT (Breath Damage Taken).
  • BUG The recast IDs for several abilities has been fixed and should display properly now: Curing Waltz I - V, Healing Waltz, Divine Waltz I - II, Unbridled Learning, Consume Mana, Deus Ex Automatia, Apogee. This is mostly for players using third-party addons that show recast times.
  • BUG Lorbulcrud is no longer Lorbulcrub on the monster lookup on the Members Portal.
  • BUG An issue in how “elemental damage to MP” is calculated has been resolved. This effect should cap at the cost of the spell, not just the percentage of the damage applied.
  • BUG All enemies in Dynamis Divergence zones now properly count as NMs, not just statues, and can no longer be Doomed.
  • BUG Apex Jagils in ih Gates and Woh Gates no longer exhibit Amphiptere traits, but are again pugils (and aquans).
  • BUG Address a calculation issue in how the “Double Attack Damage+%” modifier is calculated that could cause auto attacks to do excessive damage.

10 February

Eminent Weapons

The starter weapons, Eminents, sold by Eternal Flame in Western Adoulin have been updated to match their expected stats. The stats now reflect the latent always being active (as, by retail standards, it was for when you were 1000 TP or less, which is never on our server).

  • The Eminent Baghnakhs can now be used by Dancers and has had its base damage updated.
  • The Eminent Sickle can now be used by Beastmasters and has had its base damage updated.
  • The Eminent Lance has had its base damage updated and its missing modifiers added.
  • The Eminent Staff has had incorrect jobs removed from it and its item modifiers added.
  • The Eminent Pole has had its pet modifiers added to it.
  • The Eminent Bow has had incorrect jobs removed from it and its item modifiers added.
  • The Eminent Crossbow has had its stack size fixed, incorrect jobs removed, and item modifiers added.
  • The Eminent Gun can now be used by Corsairs and has had its item modifiers added.
  • The Kaitsuburi (katana) has had its base damage updated.
  • NEW The Eminent Sachet can now be used by Summoners and provides the avatar level bonus to i115.
  • NEW The Eminent Animator can now be used by Puppetmasters and provides the automaton level bonus to i115 and +77 to base stats.

The Eminent Quiver, Bolt Quiver, and Bullet Pouch have been added and provide 99 of each of their ammo types. They can be found in !shop 6. The level 96-98 adaman versions have been removed to make room for the eminents and the eminents have retained the adaman’s 30000g price tag.

The new Eminent Sachets and Animators are sold by Eternal Flame and should help bridge the gap as people work to acquire Divinators and Sancus Sachets.


  • UPDATE Tenzen (Reisenjima Henge) has had his skill list updated to better reflect his abilities. This includes his ability to trigger Cosmic Elucidation, which is a massive roomwide AOE.
    • The other humanoid and mammet abilities have been removed.
  • UPDATE The skills for Dvergr-type (in chairs) mobs have been updated to have their proper animations.
  • UPDATE The skills for Waktza-type mobs (Hurkan, etc.) have been updated to have their proper names, animations, and effects.
  • UPDATE The skills for Giant Gnat-type mobs (Brittlis, etc.) have been updated to have their proper names, animations, and effects.
    • Brittlis no longer reacts using Eroding Flesh and Mandibular Lashing, but with Abdominal Assault and Mandibular Massacre.
  • UPDATE The skills for Pteraketos-type mobs (Bismarck, Shockmaw, etc.) have been updated to have their proper names, animations, effects, and ranges.
  • UPDATE The Ascended encounters in Reisenjima now have an idle despawn of 300s to prevent them from remaining up if players wipe and do not re-engage the fights.
  • UPDATE The “size” for several larger monster families, such as Zilants, has been increased to allow players to stand a bit further back and still melee them.
  • UPDATE All Absorb-* spells have been updated to have a min duration of 1s and a max duration of 1800s to address potential underflows/overflows with the duration and players being unable to remove it.
  • UPDATE Due to the corrections to the Waktza-type mobs Reverberating Cry, Quetzalcoatl now alternates with Debilitating Surge (previous what was Reverberating Cry) and the new Reverberating Cry.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed a NPC id error with the the Ergon Locus in La Theine Plateau.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed an issue with Tachi: Kasha not doing any damage or showing any log messages.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed an issue with the monster ability ‘Royal Decree’ causing a zone server crash when used against pets.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed two potential repeatable quests that could be exploited repeatedly for gil.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed an issue with how Tartarus Torpor calculates duration for its debuffs.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed an issue where Oryx would spawn in Selkit’s place in Reisenjima.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed an issue where Corrupted Altana’s Batholithic Shell could potentially crash the zone server.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed an issue with Fenrir’s Avatar’s Favor where it would not provide the INT attribute bonus.
  • BUG Added Moonlight Coral as a valid auction house item under Bonecraft supplies.
  • BUG The dialog and wiki for the Halls of Legion have been updated to properly reflect the order of An > Ki > Im > Muru > Mul. The order’s always worked this way, just the dialog and instructions were wrong.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with several Halls of Legion monster pools that had extremely low HP (8000 instead of 80000).
  • BUG Fixed an issue with the monster skills Necrotic Brume and Icy Grasp not properly inflicting their paralysis effects.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with Discharge not properly being Lightning-based damage.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with Fenrir’s Blood Pact ‘Impact’ using the wrong MP cost value.

DSP Updates

  • BUG Fixed an issue where players were not given the correct gendered key item when storing or retrieving Dancers’ Attire gear.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with Weapon Bash not showing the damage output on use.

3 February

Apex Monsters

Apex monsters, typically used on retail for capacity point farming, are higher leveled mobs worth high amounts of experience points. We believe these targets are an excellent alternative for small groups looking to farm 85-99 outside of Abyssea–especially those working on New Game+ levels and looking for higher base experience point values.

  • Targets are located in many Seekers of Adoulin zones.
  • The stats and levels of these mobs are 125 - 135 with many having higher than average combat stats in line with their scaling on retail.
  • The respawn time reduced to 3 minutes.

Monster Family Updates

Several monster families/pools have been updated to reflect the proper skill usage, effects, radius/direction, and animations. For several encounters, such as Caturaes (ex: Pil), this may affect battle strategy for players.

Updates have been made to the following monster families:

  • Pygmytoise are now properly Baby Adamantoise, not Matamatas, and have their proper skill set.
  • Mantids now have their proper auto attack animations, skill sets, and the animations of many of their abilities have been fixed.
  • Drauger Skeletons now have their proper skill set list for both melee and casters.
  • Corpselights now have their proper skill set list and auto attack animations.
  • Matamatas now have their proper skill set list, animations, and resistances.
  • Caturaes have had their skills entirely revamped to closer match retail and use the correct animations.
  • Flans have had several of their skill animations, distances, and names updated to closer match retail.
  • Imps have had several of their ‘horn’ abilities updated to properly be AOEs and have the correct animations.
  • Monoceros have had several of their abilities updated to use the correct animation and distances.
  • Gargouilles now have their flying and standing attack stances and use their abilities accordingly.
  • Gallus now have their proper unique auto attack abilities, their abilities apply the correct status debuffs, and some Gallu have gained Unrelenting Brand.
  • Fluturinis and Twitheryms now have their proper skill lists and animations.

Healing Formula Cleanup

As we slowly cleanup and move away from some “era-specific” formulas, healing magic was a great place to start.

Healing magic itself was plagued by several inconsistencies between spells, powers, and the formulas themselves. We made several custom adjustments to the base power formula when the server was launched, however, never removed any of the older code, including calls to DSP’s USE_OLD_CURE_FORMULA.

Overall, players should see an increase in benefits from Healing Skill bonuses and MND/VIT at end game and more consistent growth from tier to tier as players level up.

Here’s a synopsis of how healing magic works. Most of these formulas were taking and/or adapted from current retail’s formulas. The values for constants, such as power floor , hp floor, and rate can be found there.


  • The 3x “Cure Power” bonus provided by the server is now applied after bonuses, not before. This aligns with how the other _POWER server settings are applied.

White Magic

The Cure line of spells has the following updated formulas.

  • Power = floor(MND + floor(VIT/2) + Healing Skill)
    • This formula is custom and increases the potency provided by players having higher MND and VIT by reducing the divisors.
  • Base = floor((power - power floor) / rate) + hp floor)
    • This formula matches modern retail.

The power floors, rates, and HP floors are aligned with retail with a few exceptions:

  • Cure I has an additional floor at 600 with a rate of 25.0 and an increased HP floor of 95 (up from 65).
  • Cure II has an additional floor at 700 with a rate of 25.0 and an increased HP floor of 165 (up from 145).
  • Cure III has an additional floor at 700 with a rate of 7.5 and an increased HP floor of 380 (up from 340).
  • Cure IV has an additonal floor at 700 with a rate of 3.0 and an increased HP floor of 660 (up from 640).
  • Cure V has an additional floor at 700 with a rate of 3.55 and an increased HP floor of 880 (up from 780).
  • Cure VI has an additional floor at 700 with a rate of 1.5 and an increased HP floor of 1050 (up from 1010).

The Cura line of spells have had the following changes. Cura’s exact formulas are not documented, but reports have them aligning closely with Cure II, III, and IV with the potency being further capped higher than Curaga based on player’s Afflatus Misery bonuses.

We’ll be reviewing Cura’s potential as it has an exceedingly long recast time, but has the potential to be much more powerful (and faster casting) than Curaga for those who favor the Afflatus Misery stance.

  • Cura is aligned, in potency, with Cure II rather than Cure I.
  • Cura II is aligned, in potency, with Cure III rather than an old formula between Cure I and Cure II.
  • Cura III is aligned, in potency, with Cure IV rather than an old formula between Cure I and Cure II.
  • Cura line spells will now wake players up when slept.
  • Cura line spells will now properly return MP to players with the “Cure To MP %” item modifier.

The Curaga line of spells have a unique power formula and far fewer skill floors than Cure and Cura spells. This means players need to use higher tiers of the spells to receive higher cure values–the effect of MND and Healing Magic skill has a much smaller effect.

  • Power = floor((3 * MND) + VIT + (3 * floor(Healing Skill/5)))
    • This formula matches modern retail.
  • Base = floor((power / 2) / rate) + hp floor)
    • This formula matches modern retail.

The power floors, rates, and HP floors are aligned with retail with a few exceptions:

  • Curaga is aligned in potency with Cure II with power floors at 70 and 125.
  • Curaga II is aligned in potency with Cure III with power floors at 160 and 190.
  • Curaga III is aligned in potency with Cure IV with power floors at 240 and 270.
  • Curaga IV is aligned in potency with Cure V with power floors at 360 and 390.
  • Curaga V is aligned in potency with Cure VI with power floors at 480 and 500.

Blue Magic

Blue Magic is unchanged at this time as the formulas were already reviewed and converted during the Blue Magic update.


Dancer Waltzes are unchanged as the custom formulas for main and subjob use currently align with expectations and availability of TP.

Weaponskill Formula Cleanup

While most all of our weaponskills have been modernized, as with the healing magic, we wanted to remove all of the logic forks for USE_ADOULIN_WEAPON_SKILL_CHANGES that DSP uses and ensure that the modern formulas and/or our custom values (for empyrean weapons) were being used.

In that, all weaponskills have been reviewed and the code tidied up. This is mostly a housekeeping, however, we did find and correct the following:

  • Stardiver’s Critical Hit Evasion Down effect was being added to the monster, but no such script for the effect existed. The effect script has been added.
  • Tornado Kick reflected a two-hit weaponskill whereas it’s now a three-hit weaponskill.
  • Sunburst and Starburst did not properly “randomize” between being light or dark elemental damage.
  • Trueflight’s 2000 TP and 3000 TP values were incorrect. Increased from 6.39 and 9.39 to 6.492 and 9.672 respectively.
  • Vidohunir’s Magic Defense Down effect had a TP-variable duration. It should be fixed at 60 seconds.
  • Shockwave would wake monsters slept by higher version of Sleep and Lullaby instead of simply not applying its version of Sleep.
  • Rudra’s Storm’s Gravity effect was -50% instead of -26% movement speed.

In addition, as discussed in a previous update, we’ve added “status effect” messages for when a weaponskill lands its additional effect. This is a non-retail behavior and added as a qualify of life enhancement for the community.

This update applies to the following weaponskills:

  • Great Katana: Tachi: Ageha, Tachi: Gekko, Tachi: Hobaku, Tachi: Kasha, Tachi: Yukikaze
  • Katana: Blade: Kamu, Blade: Metsu, Blade: Retsu, Blade: Yu
  • Great Axe: Armor Break, Shield Break, Ukko’s Fury, Metatron Torment, Weapon Break
  • Great Sword: Herculean Slash
  • Axe: Bora Axe, Onslaught, Smash Axe
  • Club: Brainshaker, Randgrith, Skullbreaker, Flash Nova
  • Sword: Death Blossom, Flat Blade
  • Marksmanship: Sniper Shot, Numbing Shot
  • Scythe: Guillotine, Infernal Scythe, Nightmare Scythe
  • Polearm: Leg Sweep
  • Staff: Omniscience, Shattersoul, Vidohunir, Gate of Tartarus, Garland of Bliss
  • Dagger: Pyrrhic Kleos, Rudra’s Storm, Shadowstitch, Exenterator, Mordent Rime, Viper Bite, Wasp Sting
  • Hand-to-Hand: Shijin Spiral, Shoulder Tackle

The following weaponskills did NOT get their status effect messages because they’re either AOE (and it would be log spammy) or they apply multiple effects:

  • Shockwave
  • Full Break
  • Tartarus Torpor
  • Uriel Blade
  • Glory Slash

We’re aware that some say “{mob} is afflicted by {effect}” and others “{mob} is {effect}”. We’re looking into this and, at this time, figured being informed of the effect was more important than the exact wording.


  • UPDATE Tsui-Goab’s encounter script has been rewritten to properly spawn and kill adds when using certain abilities and level up when the adds are killed.
  • UPDATE Adjusted the scaling of “rage” buffs on mobs to be a bit more enraged. 😈
  • UPDATE Sanraku, the ZNM seal vendor, has had his dialog updated to be more explanatory on why players cannot complete trades or receive seals.
  • UPDATE Adjusted Mauve-wristed Gomberry’s battle logic to properly reset the encounter and clones in the event of a wipe. Because of this, the encounter HP also resets to prevent players from zerging it.
  • UPDATE Panacea now removes the Max TP Down and Accuracy Down effects.
  • UPDATE The Eminent weapons for Great Katana and Katana have been added to Eternal Flame’s shop in Western Adoulin.
  • UPDATE All Emnient weapons have been removed from various high-level VWNM drop pools.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed an issue where Ascetic’s Fury would not properly activate Glanzfaust’s aftermath effect.
  • BUG Fixed an issue where Tsui-Goab would not properly despawn its adds on death.
  • BUG Fixed an issue where Tsui-Goab’s Immolating Claw had the wrong animation that could randomly crash some player’s clients.
  • BUG Fixed an issue where Voidwatch encounters would return to the wrong rift when becoming idle.
  • BUG Fixed an issue where some instances Obstreperous Panopts were spelled incorrectly causing their Ascended versions to not spawn.
  • BUG Fixed an issue where several Gaes Fete NMs in Reisenjima and Escha Zi’Tah were not properly flagged as Notorious Monsters and aggressive to players.
  • BUG Fixed a typo in the Blue Magic spell Self-Destruct that would cause it to not properly inflict damage.

January 2020

28 January


  • BUG Addressed a critical error where weather-based latents would cause a zone crash when players with these effects left the zone. This was caused by the latent trying to determine the weather in the NEXT zone and being unable to as each of our zones are unique servers.
    • This issue primarly affected those playing scholar with the Weather: effects on their gear.
  • UPDATE Adjusted the 27 January DSP patch for synthesis success rates from success = 0.95 - (levelDiff / 10) back to our custom success = 0.95 - (levelDiff / 100) to allow players to successfully craft upwards of 10-15 levels above their range and reach the level 115+ recipes.
  • UPDATE Adjusted Garuda’s Whispering Wind’s healing potency from 16 + (pet Level * 2.5) to (200 + (pet Level * 2.5)) * (tp/250) to be scaled similar to Carbuncle and Leviathan’s healing abilities (Leviathan’s Spring Water is still the most potent).
  • BUG Updated Darrcuiln’s respawn time to reflect 60 minutes on the members portal (it’s been 60 minutes for about a year now).
  • BUG Address edge case where some players may not be able to access the Stop The Grinch BCNM even if their timers are unlocked.

27 January

Winter Celebration is Complete!

The Winter Celebration is over until next year. Daily BCNMs have reverted to 12 hour lockouts and the Holiday Cheer bonuses have been removed. Thanks to everyone who participated!

The next seasonal event, Spring Break, is due in late March 2020.

Blue Magic Updates

Blue Magic spells that apply status effects normally broken by damage have been updated to properly apply their damage and the status effect. Previously, if the effect was applied to the target, the damage would not show up. This primarily applies to spells that inflict Sleep, Bind, and Petrification.

  • Entomb (petrification)
  • Ice Break (bind)
  • Pinecone Bomb (sleep)
  • Regurgitation (bind)

The retail functionality doesn’t show whether or not the secondary effect takes effect (e.g. Sub-Zero Smash informing the player that the paralyze effect landed). It only shows when the effect fades.

We are testing with these four abilities showing both the damage and the effect landing (no message would mean a resist).

We are reviewing whether or not to change this as a qualify of life enhancement so that all blue magic spells (and potentially even weaponskills) show their secondary effect messages to better inform players when these land. We’ll make a decision in a future update.

Server Notices

In today’s update, the “{player} reached {job} 99!” system message has been disabled.

With continued community growth and members rapidly leveling up via the New Game+ system, the amount of server spam was getting a bit out of hand.

The new player welcome and player login messages will remain as we feel they are important for community awareness and conversation.


  • UPDATE The Chariot, Emperor, and Empress Bands can now overwrite existing Dedication bonuses.
  • UPDATE With the change to augments, the loot table for ENM: Brothers has been updated with new drops.
  • UPDATE Players can now /yell across all city zones, including the !craft zone.
  • BUG Gulool Ja Ja now has his proper skill list and animations.
  • BUG Added an additional verification check that players cannot grant party bonuses for expired Peacekeepers missions.
  • BUG Disabled the ‘Storms of Fate’ quest region in Ru’Lude Gardens until the quest is properly wired up.
  • BUG Hades’ Claws, an upgrade items from Dynamis Divergence, are now properly listed under Bonecraft, not Smithing, on the Auction House.
  • BUG Panopts outside of Reisenjima now act more like panopts and less like raptors. (thanks Rohenda!)
  • BUG Umbrils outside of Reisemjima now act more like umbrils and less like quadavs. (thanks Rohenda!)
  • BUG Fixed two Statues in Dynamis Divergence - San d’Oria, one in Bastok, and one in Windurst that were happily floating in space. These are now in their proper locations with their encounter. (thanks Proxia!)
  • BUG Fixed a missing SAM and BLM spawn from each Dynamis Divergence zone. (thanks Proxia!)

DSP Updates

  • BUG Addressed an issue with /hurray not loading the proper weapon in the animation if it wasn’t in your inventory.
  • BUG Fixes an issue with being able to HQ synthesis a craft without having all of the subcrafts at ‘HQ tier’ level and basing the HQ rate subcraft is the lowest (via BGWiki).
  • BUG Fixes an issue with lightning-based synthesis recipes having a lower success chance than others.
  • BUG Fixes an issue with potential crash conditions during the Chains of Promathia - Dawn BCNM fight when being raised by Prishe.
  • BUG Fixes an issue where some cases of gil trade amounts over 65535 would not properly confirm.

20 January

2020 Roadmap Preview

As we work to enhance the content and player experience on Nocturnal Souls, we’re happy to share our roadmap with members and continue to take feedback and ideas from the community. This is not an exhaustive list (we do like to keep some surprises), but here’s the highlights.

You can find the full roadmap here.

Q1 - January - March

  • Implement, as aligns with the community, job updates, new merits, and new abilities from retail patches.
  • Complete the implementation of Empyrean armor set bonuses and item modifiers.
  • Implement Heroics: Escha - Ru’Aun including the zone, encounters, items, and abjuration crafting recipes.
  • Complete and rollout new Ninja, Paladin, Ranger, and Scholar master job quests.
  • Implement a new open-world, alliance raid encounter with 18+ targets and powerful, unique rewards.
  • Implement the Divergence weapons system from Dynamis Divergence with acquisition, upgrade, and custom augment paths.
  • Implement the Mummers’ Coalition in Heroics–the Treasure Hunting coalition.

Q2 - April - June

  • Implement, as aligns with the community, job updates, new merits, and new abilities from retail patches.
  • Implement the first two ‘gauntlet’ and ‘time challenge’ Reisenjima Henge encounters.
  • Complete and rollout new Samurai, Blue Mage, Dancer, and Bard master job quests.
  • TBD

Q3 - July - September

  • Implement, as aligns with the community, job updates, new merits, and new abilities from retail patches.
  • Implement a customized version of the “Ultimate” Crafters questline – the Escutcheons.
  • Complete and rollout new Dark Knight, Dragoon, Corsair, Summoner, and Puppetmaster job quests.
  • TBD

Q4 - October - December

  • Implement, as aligns with the community, job updates, new merits, and new abilities from retail patches.
  • TBD

Automaton AI Updates

The team’s spent the past week focusing on addressing some of the instability some automaton actions. Our testing has narrowed down the following:

  • The ‘stretchy’ effect is client side for players and is caused by the system not properly handling the “Ready”–the charge up–animation canceling half way.
  • The effect can be easily replicated by constantly interrupted an automaton’s weaponskill.
  • The effect grows worse and worse as it happens and as the automaton moves about in the world.

With that, we’ve implemented several updates to help counter this, including:

  • Updating the frequency in which automatons are re-sync’d with their masters and their ‘look’ is re-evaluated.
  • Updating the frequency in which automatons positions are evaluated–this is a major benefit in keeping automatons NEAR players rather than them lagging behind and getting stuck on the environment due to the faster player runspeed.
  • Updating the default ‘disengage’ animation to “none” earlier in the packet flow.
  • Updating the skill check for automaton abilities to test for things that can prevent actions, such as Amnesia, Terror, Stun, and Sleep so automatons don’t try to ‘ready’ during these effects.
  • Updating an edge case where the automaton no longer has a master and gets stuck. In this condition, the automaton will die and the puppetmaster can resummon it.

These updates do not address the stretchy effect in all cases; however, players should notice that automatons fix themselves during their next TP abilities or engage and, even when stretchy, the chance of client crash is extremely reduced.

We will continue evaluating automaton behavior in an effort to provide as smooth of experience as possible for players.

Item Usage Restrictions

Many items that have item usage checks, such as inventory full checks, have been updated system wide to properly handle these checks.

This includes:

  • food items verifying whether or not players are already full or can consume that type of food,
  • ammo bag/toolbag items verifying proper inventory space,
  • usable items verifying zone, status effect, or other requirements,
  • updates specific to Nexus Cape to properly provide an error if teleport is not possible rather than teleporting the player to their current location.


  • UPDATE Re-added the Tutelary and Primacy Plans to The Zilarts encounter in Reisenjima Henge for those interested in creating the Kam’lamaut Sword and Shield via synergy.
  • UPDATE Reduced the cooldown for the /yell command for players to chat between city zones from 30s to 5s as an alternatie to the global linkshell.
  • BUG Update the Chariot, Empress, and Emperor Bands (dedication rings) to have their proper 5 second usage time, not 15 seconds. (thanks Webjester!)
  • BUG Address an issue where the Trial Size avatar fights would have the incorrect cutscene on a successful first run.
  • BUG Address an issue where some players could send linkshell messages to non-existant characters causing the zone to crash.
  • BUG Address an issue where some players could attempt to force spawn a Trust and cause the zone to crash.
  • BUG Address an issue where Poison IV-V and Poisonga III-V cast by monsters would not properly calculate the damage and would result in doing no damage.

13 January

Dynamis Divergence Updates

Due to the intense amount of packets players receive during some encounters, such as pulling 4-5 statues in Divergence (each spawning 5 mobs), this can cause some players’ clients to become unresponsive or lagged out while the client processes all of the new incoming effects, spell casts, battle logic, and such for 15-25 newly spawned mobs on top of them.

Part of this is self-inflicted as the game client was never designed for combat to be as fast as it is on Nocturnal Souls. We’re looking at various methods to help address this in high stakes areas such as Divergence and will be testing various methodologies over the coming weeks.

  • UPDATE Tombstone, Idols, Images, and Statues no longer freely cast their buffs while unengaged (and no longer generate log or packets for them)
  • UPDATE Two impish statues have been moved that were near the Nightmare Wellspring in Divergence - Jeuno to give more room for players to fight the Disjointed (and no longer generate mob update/status packets while engaged with the Disjointed).
  • UPDATE Due to the congested areas of Dynamis - Jeuno, the Impish Statues buff ranges have been reduced from 15y to 10y (and generate fewer spell buff and status effect packets).
  • UPDATE The Disjointed Mithra’s shadow clones will no longer constantly measure combat range from the target and teleport to melee range, but instead will fight like other Ninjas and stick to max TP/Ninjutsu range (and removes the distance check and mob position packets during the fight).

Moogle Madness!

Ephemeral Moogles

The Ephemeral Moogles have been updated to reflect their retail functionality for crystal storage.

Players can store and retrieve crystals and clusters from the moogles at the crafting guilds in Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines, Northern San d’Oria, Southern San d’Oria, Windurst Waters, and Windurst Woods. For those who are frequent crafters, this should free up considerable inventory space.

Moogle Storage Log

Players can see their stored crystals under Status > Currencies. Unlike what the moogle says, players can store up to 65000 crystals, not 5000.

Crystal Currency Log

As they are no longer relevant (and the events do not exist in these zones), the Ephemeral Moogles have been removed from !craft and the Mog Garden.

Festive Moogles

The Festive Moogles have been added to Port San d’Oria, Port Bastok, and Port Windurst. These moogles can provide players with various bonuses and items unlocked through in-game events and trades, such as the Mog Pells.

For now, these Moogles can players a replacement destrier beret or chocobo shirt if they misplace theirs. There’s more rewards come with these in future updates.

Adjustments to Monster Respawn Rates

Approximately 1250 unique monster groups across nearly all zones have been updated to respawn on a 300s interval instead of 960s and higher to better align to the retail respawn rates and the combat speed of the community.

The aim of this change is smooth out heavily populated experience camps and make other camps more viable with the faster respawns. This will also make farming some materials, such as augments, easier with faster respawns.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Adjusted the region around the northern Nyzul Staging Point doorway to make it easier to open.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Adjusted the retaliation effect of Dazzling Dolores in Reisenjima to use the proper subsequent ability.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Removed the Beseiged effect granted to players during Beseiged; it was purely decorative and plays no role in whether or not players can participate in the fights.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Updated script for Corrosive Ooze from slugs to have the proper name and trigger when used by these monsters.
  • UPDATE Lowered the values of PARALYZERES granted to many level 100+ encounters to make it easier for properly potent Paralyze effects to land and proc on these encounters.
  • UPDATE The amount of rank points awarded through crystal trades now better align to modern retail (no more endless stacks).
  • UPDATE The !telelist command now uses the standard custom teleport animation.
  • UPDATE Goblin Footprints (rewatching cutscenes) wired up in Garlaige Citadel, La Theine Plateau, Maze of Shakhrami, Meriphataud Mountains, North and South Gustaberg, Ro’Maeve, Bostaunieux Oubliette, and Castle Zvahl Keep. (thanks Kain!)
  • UPDATE Update attack range of the Bora Axe weaponskill from 5y to 15y.
  • UPDATE The dark knight job unlock quest, Blade of Darkness, now matches retail–players only need to defeat 100 monsters instead of 200.
  • UPDATE The Ash Dragon NM in Ifrit’s Cauldron now respawns at 24 hour increments instead of a 3-5 real world day window.
  • BUG Reduced the respawn time of acuex in Cirdas Caverns from 60 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Shijin Spiral’s plague effect being calculated at 5-8 seconds instead of 5-8 ticks (15-35 seconds).
  • BUG Addressed an issue with weaponskill calculations not properly enforcing the first critical hit of Sneak Attack.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the values of Shell I to Shell V provided by the Regime books not matching the proper potency of Shell spells.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the potency of Shell did not properly match retail after the last white mage update.
    • Shell I - 24256 -> 27256 (~11%)
    • Shell II - 36256 -> 42256 (~16%)
    • Shell III - 48256 -> 56256 (~22%)
    • Shell IV - 56256 -> 67256 (~26%)
    • Shell V - 62256 -> 75256 (~29%)
  • BUG The variance for being ‘behind’ to trigger the Ninja Innin bonus merit has been aligned to other “behind” values (between 86 degrees and 170 degrees).
  • BUG Addressed issue where Weatherspoon +1 gear did not have the same jobs flags as the NQ versions.
  • BUG Addressed missing Qultada NPC from Luck of the Draw quest cutscene.
  • BUG Addressed incorrect Light and Dark resistance values on the Engraved Belt.
  • BUG Addressed a duplicate NPC by the Curio Vendor in Port San d’Oria.
  • BUG Addressed several random crates around Western Adoulin that shouldn’t be visible outside of certain cutscenes.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the quest True Will in Yhoator Jungle where players could increment the quest without defeating all of the NMs.
  • BUG Addressed dUpperCap calculation issues for the blue magic spells Claw Cyclone, Feather Storm, Grand Slam, and Queasyshroom.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Volte BLU and Volte MNK not having their proper models in Dynamis Divergence - Jeuno.

6 January

Experience Point Tables and Ramping

The Experience Point tables have been updated to match current retail and “Incredibly Easy Prey” mobs have been added.

Overall, this increases the maximum potential base experience points a player can receive from a battle to the 1500xp limit (up from 800xp) at level 99 and adds several tiers of monsters in the IEP range that now grant experience points that did not before.

As this means that “Incredibly Easy Prey” mobs now con, players may find some mobs that are aggro that didn’t used to be. 👿

Added Missing Relic Armor Modifiers

The following missing or incorrect modifiers have been updated for the reforged relic armor pieces. This completes the relic armor sets. The Empyrean sets and set bonuses will be added soon.


  • Agoge Mufflers +2/+3 - Defender: Chance of successful block +
  • Agoge Cuisses (all) - Double Attack Damage +%


  • Hesychast’s Cyclas +2/+3 - Counter Critical Hit Chance +%
  • Hesychast’s Gaiters +2/+3 - Counter Critical hit Chance +%
  • Hesychast’s Gaiters (all) - Counter Attack Bonus

White Mage

  • Piety Mitts (all) - Potency of Banish vs. Undead +

Black Mage

  • Archmage’s Tonban +2/+3 - Magic Burst Bonus I changed to Magic Burst Bonus II
  • Archmage’s Sabots +2/+3 - Elemental magic status ailments effect bonus (Burn, Frost, etc.)

Red Mage

  • Vitation Gloves +2/+3 - Gain-Attr spells +


  • Caballarius Surcoat +2/+3 - Cover: Absorb Physical Damage to MP +%
  • Caballarius Gauntlets +2/+3 - Shield Bash: Dispel

Dark Knight

  • Fallen’s Burg. (all) - Dark Magic Casting Time reduction
  • Fallen’s Sollerets (all) - Last Resort +1 (-10% damage taken reduction)


  • Arcadian Jerkin (all) - Double Shot Damage +
  • Arcadian Jerkin +3 - Double Shot: Occassionally becomes Triple Shot (10%)


  • Sakonji Haidate (all) - Counter Attack Bonus


  • Mochi. Chainmail (all) - Utsusemi Casting Time reduction


  • Pteroslaver Mail +2/+3 - Add % of max wyvern HP to all jumps
  • Pteroslaver Mail (all) - Add subjob traits to Wyvern (varies by subjob)

Blue Mage

  • Luhlaza Kef. (all) - Adds additional base damage to breath attacks


  • Lanun Gants +3 - Triple Shot: Occassionally becomes Quad Shot (10%)


  • Horos Toe Shows +2/+3 - Step TP Consumed reduction


  • Pedagogy Mortarboard +2/+3 - Magic Burst Accuracy +
  • Pedagogy Mortarboard +2/+3 - Magic Burst Bonus I changed to Magic Burst Bonus II
  • Pedagogy Bracers +2/+3 - Cure Potency I changed to Cure Potency II

Blue Magic Update

  • The attribute traits for the following spells were missing and have been added:
    • Diffusion Ray
    • Erratic Flutter
    • Rail Cannon
    • Restoral
    • Sinker Drill
    • Subduction
    • Thrashing Assault
  • The trait granted by Subduction has been fixed to be Magic Attack Bonus rather than Double Attack/Triple Attack.
  • The set points for Palling Salvo updated from 8 to 7.

Dragoon Pet Commands

The Dragoon’s 90-95 pet commands have been added.

  • Steady Wing - creates a potent stoneskin around the wyvern.
  • Smiting Breath - commands the wyvern to use one of their random elemental breaths on the target.
  • Restoring Breath - commands the wyvern to use their healing breath on the target.


  • UPDATE Updated linkpearls to now auto-equip on newly created characters, so those “welcome!” shouts no longer fall on deaf ears.
  • UPDATE Updated the Dragoon’s Empathy merit now property copies up to 5 beneficial effects from the player to the dragoon when Spirit Link is used.
  • UPDATE Added Kindlix’s partner in crime, Pyropox, is now wired up to sell fireworks and interact with Kindlix.
  • UPDATE The Empryean weapon Farsha has been granted an empyrean buff similar to other weapons. To align with Cloudsplitter (a magical weaponskill), Farsha now grants +100 Magic Attack Bonus and +10% Skillchain Bonus on equip.
  • UPDATE Several NPCs around Platea Triumphus in Western Adoulin (!relax) that are not active have been either hidden or moved to reduce loading time.
    • Hestefa, the Artifact armor shop NPC, has been moved next to Trystol, the Relic and Empyrean armor shop NPC, for convenience.
    • Jedelaih, the master job quest bard, has been removed (this information can be found on your members portal profile).
  • UPDATE Linkshell Concierges and Chat Manuals have been hidden to reduce zone loading time (since they do not work).
  • UPDATE Added Brulo, a missing Voidwalkers NM, in Abyssea-Altepa.
  • BUG Fixed synthesis recipes for Garuda and Titan rings with swapped materials.
  • BUG Updated Metatron Torment’s defense down effect to properly check for an existing defense down, not an attack down effect.
  • BUG Updated Onslaught’s accuracy down effect to have the proper duration.
  • BUG Addressed missing sky in Xarcabard [S], Castle Zvahl Baileys [S], and Walk of Echoes.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where zero duration status effects, such as benefits from FoV and GoV books, would fade when a player relogs.
  • BUG Addressed issue where Cait Sith’s “Level ? Holy” was doing Wind-based damage, not Light-based damage.