Archive - 2020 Q3

September 2020

27 September

Fishing Updates

  • The quest, The Sand Charm, has been updated to be available without the need to do the pirate ship quests. Details can be found here.
  • DHoffryn’s Fishing Guide has had the quest area cleaned up.
  • The 50x gil multiplier has been removed from The Rivalry moat carp quest turn-in.
  • Fishing guild fish have been removed from the auction house to allow players to trade amongst each other and address an issue where fish sold from the AH would not properly work for guild point trade-ins (wrong ID number).
  • Fishing guild fish for guild points have been updated to accept the correct ID of some fish.
    • NOTE: Players who have purchased fish from the auction house PRIOR to this update likely have the wrong fish for the quests.
  • Addressed a typo (which shouldn’t have had any consequence) in the guild fishing checks (guild_Fishing -> guild_fishing).
  • The fishing guilds no longer sell moat carp.

Dynamis Divergence

After speaking with and reading through various feedback posts, Dynamis Divergence has undergone several updates.

In general, players leaned very heavily that Divergence had gotten too easy–too soft–for the rewards players could receive from the zone. In addition, several groups indicated that they split their time in the zone–opting to run solo during the week to collect patterns and chapters, then group up with their linkshell on weekends to spam the bosses.

Testing and tuning was done by a variety of jobs using i119 III mythic weapons, i119 reforged artifact +3 (the assumption that players have completed Reisenjima Henge), and a variety of augments from tiers 1, 2, and 3 (assuming unlocking Heroics, but not proceeding in it). All tests were performed by defeating all tethers before engaging the Disjointed.

  • The ‘zone trash’ mobs (including Commanders) have had most of their custom modifiers removed, similar to what we did in Reisenjima Henge. This reduces the challenge of the trash to be more aligned with ‘soloing’ players.
  • The sub boss (statues), zone boss, and Disjointed have had their accuracy, evasion, and attack (magic and physical) modifiers increased to pose more of a threat (rather than hitting for 0-10). This increases the challenge of zone bosses to be more aligned with ‘grouping’ players.
  • The Volte encounters have had their accuracy, evasion, and attack (magic and physical) modifiers increased to pose more of a threat during the Disjointed fights.
  • The Volte encounters now spawn at 80%, 60%, and 30% HP increments for the Disjointed.
  • The petrify resistance of zone trash and some adds has been greatly reduced to make it a viable option to sleep/lullaby.
  • Several encounters that were lacking subjobs now have them (and Wyverns are no longer also dragoons 😄).


After a week of constant feedback from every direction, we’ve decided to remove our custom modifications to Atonement and revert it back to retail. Originally, we customized Atonement to give paladin’s a potent weaponskill, but since the rebalance, the other weaponskills in their arsenal are already potent and Atonement doesn’t need to be more than it should be–an enmity tool.

  • Atonement’s damage is now capped at level (or item level) x 10, or for a maximum damage of 1190.
  • Atonement’s CE and VE values are locked at at 1501200.
    • With Crusade active, this is equal to about 20 50k nukes from a black mage (CE) and 2-3 provokes (VE). Aggro should never be a problem for a Paladin using this weaponskill.
  • Atonement is still a breath-based weaponskill that can pierce most all immunity and defense phases, allowing Paladins to use it to sustain enmity during these fights.
  • Paladins still have a potent breath attack weaponskill that is HP based in Spirits Within. This weaponskill is unmodified.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) The potency of the amnesia effect from Colossal Slam (Briareus) and Lethe Arrows (Carabosse) has been reduced.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Attempting an item augmentation without the sufficient rank now provides a clearer error message.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Avatars now gain a slight enmity boost for main-job summoners. This does not compensate for overall enmity. Players looking to use avatars to hold AOE enmity should invest in +Enmity gear such as Convoker’s Spats/Bracers and the Shomonjijoe.
  • UPDATE The set bonuses for the voidwatch gear sets have been added: Outrider, Wayfayer, and Espial.
  • UPDATE Approximately 3700 mob groups have been updated to respawn at 300s, down from 330s, 660s, and 954s to align to retail (tl;dr: faster respawns for lots of leveling mobs).
  • UPDATE Storage Slip 19 now includes several missing items. (thanks Webjester)
  • UPDATE The VoidWatch teleporter for Aello has been shifted to a better location.
  • UPDATE Heavy metal has been added an empyrean drop to the eBCNM - Chloris.
  • UPDATE Monster encounters using our custom spawnAdds functionality now spawns those adds at the primary NM, not around the player. This is most noticeable in Dynamis Divergence and our custom content.
  • UPDATE Players can now acquire Cehuetzi Ice Shards from Mining tier 4 and Flotsam in Mog Gardening.
  • UPDATE Players can now acquire Bamboo Shoots from Logging tier 4 in Mog Gardening.
  • UPDATE Gestalt (Escha Zi’tah) has had its physical and ranged damage reductions reduced.
  • UPDATE Breezy, in the merit BCNM In The Breeze, no longer uses Geotic Breath when activating its two hour ability.
  • UPDATE Arena Champion, in the merit BCNM Arena Champions, has had his damage reduction reduced.
  • BUG (hotfix) Disjointed Mithra’s personal loot demon medals have been fixed.
  • BUG (hotfix) Malleator Maurok’s adds now despawn when Maurok despawns in the event of a wipe.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fjalar’s adds now despawn when Fjalar despawns in the event of a wipe.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some NPC trade transactions would ‘lock’ an item and require the player to zone has been fixed.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where magic’s dINT comparison could be a partial number due to our custom INT bonuses (e.g, 1.9) and fall outside of the gates for base damage, resulting in 0 damage against some monsters.
  • BUG Thief’s Collaborator’s range has been updated from 20.0y to 12.6y.
  • BUG Dancer’s Curing Waltz V’s animation has been updated.
  • BUG Flume Belt +1’s vitality modifier has been added.
  • BUG Update wyrms to force “too high” to be removed when changing stances. This might cause them to ‘land’ twice, but seems to properly remove the effect.


  • UPDATE The quest, A Sentry’s Peril, has been updated to provide the correct dialog.
  • BUG The quest, The Crimson Orb, has had an update to properly set the cutscene in Davoi.
  • BUG The message for recharging EXP rings has been updated to align with retail.
  • BUG The placeholder for the Antican Praefectus has been corrected.
  • BUG Player and mount movement speeds have been separated and augments/item modifiers for MOVE no longer apply to mounts.
    • We have inherited the default “80” movement speed for mounts. A movement speed modifier exists that we’re considering adding to various quest rewards as a permanent buff.
    • Our enhanced player movement speed of 50+30 (or 80) remains, plus any additional movement speed enhancements.

20 September

Crafting To 110

expert crafting is here

Players can now complete the Expert rank crafting challenges and level their crafts from 100 to 110.

Keep in mind that some of our recipes are custom, so be sure to use your guild’s recipe list from the Synthesis Recipes on the Members Portal.

As with retail, these crafts will require players to sign their craft with HQ crystals and have the necessary key items for their respective guild to complete the rank up requirements.

Thanks to Webjester for your hard work with this project!

Fishing Is Here!

fishing is here

Players can now participate in the Fishing hobby, level it to Expert rank, catch legendary fish, and complete many of the fishing quests.

Fishing, locations, and gear are wired up and ready for some relaxing fishing. Be sure to check out the full guide for details on how to get started with fishing.

In addition, be sure to stop by Chenon at the Fishing Guild in Selbina for the daily fishing competition for gil and great prizes.

Thanks to DHoffryn for your hard work with this project!

Balance Updates

  • UPDATE Avatars now gain a passive buff for each level past 99 that increases magic accuracy, accuracy, defense, and slight bonuses to magic attack and physical attack. Avatars also gain a slight regain bonus for each level above 99.
  • UPDATE The cooldown of Summoner’s Apogee has been reduced to 60s (30s with our 50% recast duration).
  • UPDATE The potency of Bard threnody enspells has been slightly increased.

Reisenjima Henge

Reisenjima Henge has been rescaled to better align to new players coming into the zone. The scaling focuses on the assumption that players have acquired their i119 III Mythic weapon and are wearing +1 and +2 reforged armors with basic augments and accessories.

  • Encounter levels normalized to be “even match” to “very tough” depending on the tier of the encounter.
  • Encounters in tier 6 and the upcoming gauntlet encounters will remain their current difficulty and/or harder and are targeted towards highly geared soloers or party play.
  • Encounter jobs have been normalized and/or better aligned, such as The Avatars properly being black mages, Fenrir being a dark knight, etc.
  • Encounters missing subjobs have had them added.
  • Some encounter mechanics have been tweaked to be less potent, while others–explicitly those with in-chat callouts and dialog–have been left the same.
  • Medals for some encounters have been slightly increased based on difficulty.

New Abilities Added

Ten new abilities have been added, included some of the more potent level 96 skills.

  • Summoner - Astral Conduit (main job only)
    • Reduces blood pact delay (an option for those who don’t want to heavily gear for BP Delay reduction).
  • White Mage - Asylum (main job only)
    • Adds a potent resistance to all status effects, including Amnesia, for a short duration.
  • Ranger - Bounty Shot (main job only)
    • Adds a temporary enchantment (10s) that grants TH+2 to all targets they tag.
  • Ranger - Overkill (main job only)
    • Increases double shot rate to 100% and triple attack rate by 33% for a short duration.
  • Dancer - Climactic Flourish
    • Adds critical hit rate based on steps consumed and critical hit damage based on 10% of the player’s total CHR.
    • This buff does not wear on first hit, but sustains for the duration.
  • Dancer - Striking Flourish
    • Adds double attack rate based on steps consumed and double attack damage bonus based on 10% of the player’s total CHR.
    • This buff does not wear on first hit, but sustains for the duration.
  • Dancer - Ternary Flourish
    • Adds 15% triple attack rate at 3 steps.
    • This buff does not wear on first hit, but sustains for the duration.
  • Bard - Clarion Call
    • Allows the bard to sustain one additional song for a short duration (2m).
    • This ability has been left open to subjobs to make /BRD a more viable option.
  • Scholar - Caper Emissarius (main job only)
    • Transfers scholar’s cumulative and volatile enmity to the targeted player.
  • Corsair - Crooked Cards (main job only)
    • Grants the corsair a +20% bonus to phantom rolls.


  • UPDATE Dhrome Khimaria’s magic attack bonus reduced to be in line with other Khimaria’s of similar level.
  • UPDATE The formula for enmity calculations back to NocSouls standards to address an issue where players could too easily cap cumulative enmity.
  • UPDATE The formula for spell interrupt calculations have been updated to be more forgiving for players fighting targets above their level. The “102%” maximum of retail still does not apply, as our monster levels are significantly higher than retail for Heroics content, but for entry content, players should find it much easier to reach that sweet spot for interruption rate reduction.
  • UPDATE New stats have been added to !stats and !petstats.
  • BUG Address the lack of display cap to Ifrit’s Flaming Crush so it can’t overflow past 99999.
  • BUG A check for calculating enhancing skill for barmagic has been updated to properly include item modifiers and augments.
  • BUG A bug causing the casket prowess to grant 440% bonus instead of 44% bonus has been fixed.
  • BUG Updated the Gelatinous Ring +1 to remove the misplaced wyvern modifiers.


  • UPDATE Several exploits around NPC shop usage have been patched and triggers added to report players who attempt them.

13 September

Retail Client Update - September 2020

We’ve updated the client to the retail September 2020 version. This will require a mandatory client update for players.


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30200904_2 or higher.

We are moving forward with this client release to address the shift in how chat packets are handled that is incompatible with prior clients.


  • UPDATE Addressed how “additional effects” were applied to players to remove the monster level difference added to the duration. This strays from retail, however, with our higher level targets, makes these effects more manageable.
  • UPDATE Updated the formula for Spell Interruption Rate to account for the item level of the player, not just their main job. At i119, this adds 20 more levels to the level check to potentially stop an interrupt.
  • UPDATE Updated the pet heal from Garland of Bliss to not require the !togglebpws to be disabled. It should now heal no matter what setting you’re using.
  • UPDATE Reduced the damage of Eagle Eye Shot for most non-NMs.
  • UPDATE Added Behemoth Meat as a potential drop to all King Behemoths, Hadhayosh, Sarsaok, and Urmahlullu.
  • UPDATE Rararoon has been added to Nashmau (by Yoyoroon) to sell high level PUP attachments. These are attachments that were previously available on the AH through the Auctioneer.
  • UPDATE NINJUTSU_POWER has been increased from 1.30x to 1.45x.
  • UPDATE STONESKIN_CAP has been increased from 3500 to 4000 (and still better than the 350 cap on retail).
  • BUG Disabled the Fall Harvest event–September snuck up, this shouldn’t start until October.
  • BUG Updated Diabolos’ Cacodemonia to have an 18y activation range and 6y AOE radius, rather than a 6y activation range.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where pet regens were not properly activating or showing up in !petstats.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where merit BPs had a higher base damage than anticipated and were not properly accounting for merit bonus, only TP BONUS.

Reisenjima Henge

  • UPDATE Removed the ALWAYS_AGGRO flag and added a 180s despawn timer to inactive/unclaimed monsters in the zone to prevent players from being caught unaware/unready when activating a fight.
  • UPDATE The Land Kings and The Avatars now spawn as a gauntlet–one mob at a time. Loot is now on the final fight in those encounters.
  • UPDATE The Avatars, as they’re fought individually, now have their proper TP attacks.
  • UPDATE Reduced Arch-Omega’s counter rate from 30% to 10%.
  • UPDATE The Ark Angels pets no longer have 100% HP bonus.
  • UPDATE Medals rewarded by some multi-target encounters have been increased.
  • UPDATE Hades’ Bane of Tartarus no longer inflicts instant KO as a gaze attack, but dispels buffs and inflicts weakness similar to retail.
  • UPDATE Nihility has been added as a potential from from Ulr of Dark (style lock item).
  • UPDATE The Shadow Emperor is now properly called Shadow Emperor on the Members Portal.
  • UPDATE The Moogle Dummy XL in !craft has been disabled while we adjust scaling for Reisenjima Henge–it’s no longer a good representation of the zone.


  • BUG Addressed an issue with Sedal-Godjal, Rukususu, and Tosuka-Porika as part of Windurst 8-2’s storyline where they would not properly update some steps if players did it out of order.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Geyser Lizard would spawn at incorrect locations.
  • BUG Updated Sunsand to only allow one-pickup per zone-in.

9 September

Day 2 of the Great Rebalancing

In today’s update, we addressed several painpoints mentioned by players as well as a few bugs.


  • UPDATE Overall base CURE_POWER updated from 1.75 to 1.95 to assist players using healing-based subjobs and blue magic and lacking the MND and CURE_POTENCY mods found on white mage gear.
  • UPDATE Avatar VIT, MND, INT, all accuracies, and all defenses have been slightly increased. Their max hp boost has been updated to be 1:1 to level and account for being higher than 99, such as through sachets. e.g. an avatar at level 122 has 122% more HP.
  • UPDATE Reduced the base zone scaling modifiers for Reisenjima Henge’s encounters. Affected attributes include HP, DEX, VIT, INT, Sleep resistance, and Silence resistance. Lower VIT and INT should allow players to more easily inflict physical and magical damage and reduce incoming magical damage.
  • UPDATE Open-world defense stats (non-NM) have been slightly reduced. This directly affects DEF, not attributes. This applies to all zones except Heroics zones such as Escha and Reisenjima.
  • UPDATE Reduced Shinryu’s DEF and MDEF by 35%.


  • UPDATE The base duration of enstun effects have been reduced to 1s from 5s to act as a hard interrupt, not a long-term stun.
  • UPDATE The distance for auto targeting has been increased to compensate for the smaller hitboxes and ranges of Tarutarus. #potatoproblems
  • UPDATE Reduced Arch-Omega’s counter rate from 35% to 15%.
  • BUG Addressed an issue causing guild patterns to reset every game day, rather than every real life day.

8 September

Day 1 of the Great Rebalancing

Thank you everyone for your fantastic feedback on the rebalance. We’re working through each case, speaking with members, and pulling them into our beta server for additional testing.

That said, our current focus is addressing concerns with solo and new player scaling.

We’ll be monitoring each of these changes–ensuring we don’t err too far the other direction too of ‘too easy’.

To give context, our testing consisted of players in unaugmented, +1 and +2 artifact and a mythic weapon. We tested various classes across the board. Solo testing did include players having a support subjob, such as Red Mage.

  • The player TP multiplier has been slightly increased to 2.80 from 2.15 to give a smoother multi-attack TP return for 2h players.
  • The NM and Mob HP multipliers have been slightly reduced from 5.40 and 4.50 to 5.00 and 3.35.
  • The NM and Mob Stat multipliers have been slightly reduced from 4.25 and 2.25 to 3.90 and 1.95.
  • The modifiers in Reisenjima Henge have been adjusted to reduce some magical resistances, reduce magical accuracy on some skills, and increase timers on many two hour abilities to account for a bit longer fight.

In addition to scaling, the following updates have been made:

  • To align with the increased time and challenge, the base amount of medals awarded in Reisenjima Henge has been increased and higher tiers of fights now reward more medals.
  • The empyrean ranged weapons should properly grant their bonuses.
  • Wildfire’s been granted an additional Burn effect, similar to the effect we added to Rudra’s.
  • Avatars now have a slightly higher magic defense and magic evasion.
  • Avatars now have a slightly higher level scaled HP bonus.

6 September

The Great Rebalancing 2020

There’s a LOT of information here. We’ll be updating respective pages on the wiki, the New Players Guide, the #faq channel in Discord, and other information sources over the next few days to reflect all of thse changes.

As we look at adding more content, more gear, and more augments, the “race to 99999” has become a bit moot. Many players, while they are hitting 99999, are really being hard capped due to limitations in the private server code and are doing far more damage than that–upwards of 250-500k per hit. Some players see this taper off once they reach Heroics zones, but it is increasingly difficult to provide ample challenge when the ‘norm’ is doing max damage.

Over the pat few months, we’ve taken apart every job, every tier of content and encounter, and reevaluated both how the private server code works in relation to retail behaviors and to our own mindset of playstyle.

Much of our testing revolved less on the numbers and more on the time and effort required–where challenge should remain about the same for almost all content types; however, there’s more room for some jobs to shine and more advantegous tactical play.

Here’s a few high level examples of aspects we reviewed:

  • TP generation will need to be reconsidered when for solo and group play.
    • Samurai’s TP generation, due to the lower TP rates, has regained its glory–a much desired change by many players who felt the increased TP rates took away its shine.
    • Abilities and spells that increase TP generate now have added value, such as SCH’s Adloquium.
  • Auto attack damage (white damage), based on how much multi-strike a player has, can now be a significant portion of their damage output. This is critical for dual wielders and hand-to-hand jobs.
  • Players will now see more growth through added gear, buffs, and debuffs. Bard songs, corsair rolls, Impact, Absorb-*, and weaponskill-based debuffs will play a larger role in overall combat.
  • Certain meta configurations and brute force mechanics will be less useful and predictable.
  • Lower scaling of monster stats should find that monsters are less likely to “one shot” players–at least until it’s intentional due to mechanics (such as in Heroics zones), however, players are also less likely to “one shot” some mobs.
  • Base stats hold a much higher value–apparent in both gear upgrades as well as buffs, debuffs, Heroics bonuses, and NewGame+ levels.
  • The initial leveling experience (pre-augments, pre-gear) for some jobs may be a bit rougher–soloing IT++ without any gear on at all will be a bit more challenging.
    • We’re working on some new storyline content for players to help compensate for this–coming soon!
  • Barriers to entry for some scaling differences, especially in Reisenjima Henge, allows players an easier transition to that content while some higher level content may prove more challenging.

With that, let’s begin the Great Rebalancing of 2020!


  • The multiplier for player stats (player_stat_multiplier) has been adjusted from 5.0x to 2.50x.
  • The multiplier for normal mob stats (mob_stat_multiplier) has been adjusted from 3.5x to 2.50x.
  • The multiplier for notorious monster stats (nm_stat_multiplier) has been adjusted from 4.5x to 4.25x.
    • The Topaz hard-coded server multipler of 1.5x for NMs has been removed and merged into the base config settings. Prior to this change it was 4.5x + 1.5x. Merging the settings makes our scaling intent clearer for future enhancements. See here for more information.


  • The multiplier for player HP (player_hp_multiplier) has been adjusted from 4.0x to 3.0x.
  • The multiplier for player MP (player_mp_multiplier) has been adjusted from 3.5x to 2.5x.
  • The multiplier for normal mob HP (mob_hp_multiplier) has been adjusted from 3.5x to 4.5x.
  • The multiplier for notorious monster HP (nm_hp_multiplier) has been adjusted from 4.75x to 5.40x.
    • The hard-coded server multipler of 1.5x for NMs has been removed and merged into the base config settings. Prior to this change, it was 4.75x +1.5x. Merging the settings makes our scaling intent clearer for future enhancements. See here for more information.
  • The multiplier for notorious monster HP (nm_mp_multiplier) has been adjusted from 2.0x to 3.00x.
    • The hard-coded server multipler of 1.5x for NMs has been removed and merged into the base config settings. Prior to this change, it was 2.0x + 1.5x. Merging the settings makes our scaling intent clearer for future enhancements. See here for more information.


  • The multiplier for player TP (player_tp_multiplier) has been adjusted from 4.0x to 2.15x.
  • The multiplier for mob (all) TP (mob_tp_multiplier) has been adjusted from 1.5x to 1.00x.

General Combat

  • The logic for auto attack ‘targeting’ has been updated. Targeting no longer requires players to be with a small range in front of the target and direct melee distance. Targeting now relies more on the enmity list and can target mobs behind the player if none are available in front.
  • If mobs exist on the enmity list, but cannot be auto targeted and engaged, the next engage delay is set to 0 for a short time.
  • Nation’s Signet (!signet) now applies to players no matter the level of their target (previously only applied if your target was a higher level than you).


  • CURE_POWER (cure magic) has been reduced from 3.0x to 1.75x due to the reduction in HP.
  • ELEMENTAL_POWER (elemental magic) has been reduced from 2.0x to 1.75x.
  • DIVINE_POWER (divine magic) is unchanged.
  • NINJUTSU_POWER (ninjutsu magic) has been reduced from 2.0x to 1.30x.
  • BLUE_POWER (blue magic) is unchanged.
  • DARK_POWER (dark magic) is unchanged.
  • WEAPON_SKILL_POWER (weaponskill multiplier) has been split into three different types for better granular control.
    • MELEE_WS_POWER has been set to 1.150x (from 1.5x).
    • RANGED_WS_POWER has been set to 1.375x (from 1.5x).
    • MAGIC_WS_POWER has been set to 1.500x (from 1.5x).
  • STONESKIN_CAP has been reduced from 6500 to 3500.

Job-Specific Changes

  • Warriors now have access to Brazen Rush, a level 96 ability providing 100% double attack that degrades each tick over 30 seconds.
  • Warcry now properly enhances Ranged Attack %.
  • Brazen Rush is now main job only.
  • Monks now have access to Inner Strength, a level 96 ability providing 100% bonus HP and 100% counter rate for a short duration.
  • Chi Blast and the Penance merit are now wired up and working. Penance inflicts INHIBIT_TP on the target reducing the target’s TP generation.
  • Footwork, Impetus, and Inner Strength are now main job only.
White Mage
  • Sacrosanctity is now main job only.
Black Mage
  • Black Mages now have access to Cascade, a level 85 ability that adds the player’s TP as Magic Damage to their next elemental spell.
    • NOTE: Cascade does not affect Helices.
  • Black Mages now have access to Subtle Sorcery, a level 96 ability that reduces cumulative enmity to 0 and adds +100 magic accuracy for the duration of the ability.
  • Cascade and Subtle Sorcery are now main job only.
Red Mage
  • Bio and Bio II now properly check for Red Mage’s Enfeebling Magic Duration modifiers.
  • Saboteur and Stymie are now main job only.
  • Bully now properly returns the effect of Doubt, not Intimidate.
  • Conspirator is now main job only.
  • Divine Emblem has been retuned to align to the rebalance. It now provides +10 magic attack, +10 magic accuracy, and +20 divine magic bonus. The enmity bonuses are unchanged.
  • Divine Emblem and Palisade are now main job only.
Dark Knight
  • Dark Knights now have access to Soul Enslavement, a level 96 ability providing a TP-steal effect on melee attacks.
  • Last Resort now properly enhances Ranged Attack %.
  • Weapon Bash now has a ‘near 100%’ success rate for stun to align with retail.
  • Addressed an issue where Consume Mana was not properly applying to weaponskills.
  • Nether Void, Consume Mana, and Soul Enslavement are now main job only.
  • Tenuto and Marcato are now main job only.
  • Rangers now have access to the Dead Aim trait. At 99, this provides a 45% ranged critical hit damage bonus that applies to /ra auto attacks.
  • Barrage is now a 30s recast, down from 2m30s.
  • Double Shot and Unlimited Shot are now main job only.
  • Mana Cede now properly increases Pet TP by 1000 for each 100 MP and is modified by the Caller’s Bracers and Beckoner’s Bracers.
  • Blood Pact recast can no longer go below 10s. 10 seconds is half of retail’s cap and better aligns to blood pacts having TP bonuses.
  • Avatar’s Favor and Apogee are now main job only.
  • Sengikori is now main job only.
  • Our custom implementation of the NIN_NUKE_BONUS has been removed; it now aligns to retail as a flavor of magic attack bonus.
  • Futae is now main job only.
  • High Jump, Super Jump, Spirit Jump, and Soul Jump are now main job only.
  • Spirit Link now properly caps granting the Wyvern at five additional levels.
  • Courser’s Roll now properly provides the Snapshot modifier.
  • Gallant’s Roll now properly provides Defense +% instead of Physical Damage Taken reduction.
  • Triple Shot is now main job only.
  • Maintenance and Cooldown are now main job only.
Blue Mage
  • Unbridled Learning is now main job only.
  • Updated Building Flourish to provide its progressive enhancements at 1, 2, and 3 steps.
  • Updated Curing Waltz IV and V’s formulas to be in line for a 99 subjob. Both of these are an increase to the potency of our previous custom formulas.
    • Curing Waltz IV’s subjob formula is now (vit+chr) * 0.5 + 450
    • Curing Waltz V’s subjob formula is now (vit+chr) * 0.625 + 600
  • Helixes now have a base damage of 70 for scholar mains, up from 35.
  • Modus Veritas is now main job only.

Item and Master Job Bonuses

Formulas and Aftermaths
  • The pDIF clamp for melee auto attacks and weaponskills have been updated to be better aligned with the weapon types. This is more in tune with retail’s pDIF.

    • One-Handed: 3.25
    • Hand-to-Hand & Great Katana: 3.50
    • Two-Handed (Great Axe, Great Sword, Staff): 3.75
    • Scythe: 4.00
  • The pDIF clamp for ranged auto attacks and weaponskills have been updated to be better aligned with the weapon types. These are higher than retail’s counterparts as we do not have the True Shot trait that grants distance-based pDIF (as we do not have distance correction). The values fall in line with the weapon delay.

    • Archery & Throwing: 3.75
    • Marksmanship: 4.00
Master Job Bonuses
  • Several master job bonuses have been updated to be more in line with the scaling changes.
    • Red Wizard II - Magic Attack Bonus +20 -> Magic Attack Bonus +10
    • Red Wizard III - Enspell Damage Bonus +75 -> Enspell Damage Bonus +50
    • Grand Wizard I - Magic Burst Bonus +10% -> Magic Burst Bonus +5%
    • Grand Wizard I - Magic Damage +50 -> Magic Damage +100
    • Champion Gladiator I - Store TP +100 -> Store TP +30
    • Champion Gladiator I - Critical Hit Rate +10% -> Critical Hit Rate +5%
    • Stealthy Assassin I - Subtle Blow +10 -> Subtle Blow +20

Weaponskills Update

Several updates have been applied to weaponskills, including adding the RUN and GEO weaponskills to some jobs.

Unlocks and Skills

  • Players can now acquire the relic weaponskills without needing to have the relic weapon equipped.
    • NOTE: Similar to the mythic weapons, relic weapons provide a +30% damage bonus to their weaponskills. Using the weaponskills without these weapons will reduce their damage output.
  • Players can use relic weaponskills as both the main and subjob of the jobs listed on the relic weapons.
  • The unlock skill levels for weaponskills have changed.
    • Quested weaponskills unlock at skill level 230-250 (unchanged, based on the original quest).
    • Relic weaponskills unlock at skill level 280 (new, skill unchanged).
    • Mythic weaponskills unlock at skill level 320 (down from 380).
    • Merit weaponskills unlock at skill level 357 (unchanged)
    • Empyrean weaponskills unlock at skill level 380 (up from 300).
    • Campaign weaponskills unlock at skill level 400 (unchanged).

New and Changed Weaponskills

  • To align with retail, weaponskills that grant aftermath effects no longer need to do damage to activate their effect.
  • Warriors (main and sub) now gain the Beastmaster’s Onslaught and Primal Rend at skill levels 280 and 320.
  • White Mages (main and sub) now gain access to Exudation at skill level 320.
  • Twashtar no longer modifies the base stats of Rudra’s Storm, however, adds a potent 500 HP/tick Choke effect to the target on use.
  • Atonement’s damage formula has changed from VE + (CE * 3) + (Enmity Modifier * 2) to VE + (CE * 2) + (Enmity Modifier * 3).
  • Atonement’s damage is now capped at Player's Current HP * 5, with a maximum cap of 9999 * 5, or 49999 damage. This still far exceed’s it’s retail capabilities where it caps at player level * 10.
    • NOTE: This adds increased value to HP+% tank food and other abilities and spells that can increase the paladin’s HP pool.
Great Sword
  • Dark Knights (main and sub) now gain access to Dimidiation at skill level 320.
  • Omniscience now inflicts Magic Attack Down with a potency of 50 instead of 100 on the target.
  • Leaden Salute’s fTP has been reduced to 4.0 / 5.5 / 6.0.

Empyrean Weapons & Weaponskill Bonuses

  • Gandiva and Armageddon now properly grant their aftermath effects to auto attacks.

  • Twashtar’s empyrean bonuses have been updated.

    • Magic Attack Bonus +50
    • Magic Accuracy +50
    • Enemy Crit Rate -5%
  • Caladbolg’s empyrean bonuses have been updated.

    • Weaponskill Accuracy +10%
    • TP Bonus +200
    • Skillchain Bonus +10%
  • Gambantienn’s empyrean bonuses have been updated.

    • Magic Attack Bonus +50
    • Magic Accuracy +50
    • Afflatus Solace +20
  • Hvergelmir’s empyrean bonuses have been updated.

    • Magic Attack Bonus +100
    • Magic Critical Hit Rate +5%
  • Gandiva’s empyrean bonuses have been updated.

    • Snapshot +10
    • Rapid Shot +10
    • Velocity Shot +10
  • Armageddon’s empyrean bonuses have been updated.

    • Quick Draw Damage +65
    • Magic Accuracy +40
    • Armageddon’s bonus to Wildfire is now INT 60%, fTP: 7.5 / 8.5 / 10.0.

REMA Ranged Weapons Trade-In

Players can now trade in their completed REMA ranged weapons to Oboro and receive an augmentable version of the weapon and an ammo quiver/pouch. The belts/quivers have no stats and provides TWO stacks of 99 ammo on use. This applies to:

  • Gastraphetes
  • Armageddon
  • Gandiva
  • Death Penalty
  • Yoichinoyumi
  • Annihilator


  • Cummulative and Volatile Enmity values for Cure-based magic has been increased by 20%, or to ~40% of retail’s values.


  • The formulas to calculate magic attack to magic defense have been normalized and scaled better to ramp up and down accordingly. This addresses issues where player’s magic defense bonus could go into the negatives due to debuffs (or poor gearing) and they’d take less damage. See here for more information in how the formulas work.
  • The NocSouls custom formula for magical critical damage has had its INT divisor increased from 10 to 15.
  • Barspell magic now provides a custom magic defense bonus to players above 500 enhancing magic. For each point of enhancing magic above 500, the targeted players will gain one point of magic defense bonus.


  • The base attack and magic bonus multiplier has been reduced by ~30%.
  • The base accuracy and magic accuracy bonus multiplier has been reduced ~40%.
  • The base status multiplier has been reduced from ~30%.
  • With the addition of regen and refresh augments, the bonus Regen and Refresh bonuses have been removed from avatars.
  • A base regain bonus has been added of +25 TP/tick (+10 * player_tp_multipler). This bonus is not affected by level.
  • The base scaling elemental resistances and absorbs have been capped at 25% and 5%.
    • Resistances are calculated at 10 + level / 2.
    • Absorbs are calculated at 1 + level / 10.
  • The 500% HP and MP bonuses have been reduced from avatars, however, their base HP per level has been slightly increased. This addresses an issue where monsters could dispel the HP buff from the avatar.
  • At post-99 levels, the custom bonuses have been removed as avatars now properly scale with their level.
  • Avatars now have a base 5% max HP/tick regen cap. This is increased to 10% for Titan.
    • For example, if Ifrit has 5000 health, regen caps at +250/tick.
    • The Regen Cap has been added to !petstats.
  • Titan has gained an additional bonus to enmity as the avatar ‘tank pet’.
  • Spirits (Fire Spirit, etc.) no longer gain the physical damage resistance and bonus stats of Avatars.

Avatar Favors

  • Attribute bonus formulas have been updated from summoning skill * 0.15 to summoning skill * 0.05.
  • Diabolos’ Favor Refresh bonus has been updated from summoning skill * 0.15 to 2 + (summoning skill * 0.01).
  • Carbuncle’s Favor Regen bonus has been updated from summoning skill * 0.10 to summoning skill * 0.05.

Avatar Blood Pacts

Various avatar blood pacts now implement their proper TP modifiers.

  • TP_DMG_BONUS increases the final damage calculation based on fTP at 1000, 2000, and 3000.
  • TP_DMG_VARIES varies base damage based on TP at >1000, 1000, 2000, and 3000.
  • TP_CRIT_VARIES increases both critical hit rate and damage of skills based on TP at 1000, 2000, and 3000.
  • TP_ACC_VARIES increases accuracy of skills based on TP at 1000, 2000, and 3000.

In addition, the following generalities have been made:

  • Elemental magic (Fire II, Thunder IV, etc.) now have a base damage aligned with the base damage of ‘monster cast’ magic, not player cast magic (it’s higher in almost all cases).
  • All merit magical blood pacts are now aligned to the formulas from retail and have had their TP bonus increased from +40 to +400 per merit point to align with the new 1000-based TP system.
  • All TP check now include their proper TP_BONUS modifier check from gear and status effects, capping at 3000 TP.
    • TP Bonus has been added to !petstats.
  • Physical blood pacts now have the proper +100 accuracy bonus on first hit.
  • Magical blood pacts, which inherit from monster abilities, no longer apply Magic Attack Bonus in two separate phases. Magic Attack Bonus is now applied only in the “bonuses”, not to the base damage calculation.
    • This also addresses several monster abilities that were getting double buffed.

Additional observations:

  • With the addition of the TP enhancements, blood pacts feel a bit more like weaponskills, with there being sometimes significant damage differences between 1000 TP and 3000 TP.
  • Those blood pacts with damage bonuses can feel much more potent than those with accuracy bonuses; however, those with accuracy extremely high hit rates against higher level targets.
  • Meteorite now implements TP_DMG_VARIES.
  • Holy Mist now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and has had its base damage greatly reduced (previously, it had a higher damage rating than Astral Flows).
  • Crescent Fang and Eclipse Bite now implement TP_DMG_VARIES.
  • Lunar Bay and Impact now implement TP_DMG_BONUS.
  • Claw now implements TP_CRIT_VARIES.
  • Aero II now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 75 to 113.
  • Aero IV now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 440 to 525.
  • Predator Claws now implements TP_CRIT_VARIES similar to Claw and includes an fTP transfer between hits.
  • Wind Blade now implements TP_DMG_BONUS.
  • Shock Strike now implements TP_CRIT_VARIES.
  • Thunder II now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 75 to 178.
  • Thunderspark now implements TP_DMG_BONUS with a flat base damage rather than a level-based damage.
  • Thunder IV now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 721 to 541.
  • Chaotic Strike now implements TP_CRIT_VARIES and includes an fTP transfer between hits.
  • Thunderstorm now implements TP_DMG_BONUS.
  • Volt Strike now implements TP_CRIT_VARIES and fTP transfer similar to Chaotic Strike.
  • Punch now implements TP_ACC_VARIES.
  • Fire II now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 75 to 133.
  • Burning Stirke now implements TP_ACC_VARIES similar to Punch and is properly physical damage, not magical damage.
  • Double Punch now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and includes an fTP transfer between hits.
  • Fire IV now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 525 to 472.
  • Flaming Crush now implements TP_ACC_VARIES for both the physical and magical hits and the 25% damage reduction between the physical and magical damage checks has been removed.
  • Meteor Strike now implements TP_DMG_BONUS
  • Conflag Strike is unchanged; however, remains a breath-based attack, not magical. This means +MATT does not affect it.
  • Axe Kick now implements TP_DMG_VARIES.
  • Blizzard II now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 65 to 155.
  • Double Slap now implements TP_ACC_VARIES.
  • Blizzard IV now implements TP_DMG_VARIES base damage updated from 625 to 506.
  • Rush now implements TP_ACC_VARIES and includes an fTP transfer between hits.
  • Heavenly Strike now implements TP_DMG_BONUS.
  • Rock Throw now implements TP_ACC_VARIES and applies a Slow effect equal to Slow I.
  • Stone II now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 75 to 78.
  • Rock Buster now implements TP_DMG_VARIES.
  • Megalith Throw now implements TP_ACC_VARIES.
  • Stone IV now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 625 to 381.
  • Mountain Buster now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and is properly physical damage, not magical damage.
  • Geocrush now implements TP_DMG_BONUS.
  • Crag Throw now implements TP_ACC_VARIES and is now properly physical damage, not magical damage.
  • Barracude Dive now implements TP_ACC_VARIES.
  • Water II now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 75 to 95.
  • Tail Whip now implements TP_DMG_VARIES.
  • Water IV now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 525 to 410.
  • Spinning Dive now implements TP_ACC_VARIES.
  • Grand Fall now implements TP_DMG_BONUS and ignores the target’s shadows.
Cait Sith
  • Regal Scratch now implements TP_ACC_VARIES.
  • Regal Gash now implements TP_ACC_VARIES and is modified by DEX, not INT.
  • Level ? Holy is now properly implemented per retail where the target’s level must be divisible by the rolled die and higher numbered die do more damage. See BGWiki for more information.
  • Camisado now implements TP_ACC_VARIES.
  • Somnolence now implements TP_DMG_BONUS and its damage formula has been significantly updated. This is a ward, not a rage; it shouldn’t be Diabolos’ main damage spell. It is used in conjunction with his other spells for additional damage.
  • Nether Blast’s damage formula has been updated from 128 * level + (dINT * 1.5) to a flat level-based damage formula of 5 * level + 10. TP has no effect on this skill.
  • Night Terror’s resistance checks removed and damage formula updated to remove level-based. TP has no effect on this skill.
  • Blindside now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and it’s accuracy modifier increased 100%.
  • Cacodemonia now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and it’s damage formula has been updated.
  • Clarsach Call now grants Siren Attack +25%, Defense +25%, MAB +25, MDEF+25, Evasion+50, MEVA+50 for 3 minutes when used.
  • Sonic Buffet now implements TP_DMG_BONUS and no longer must do damage for its dispel effect to trigger.
  • Tornado II now implements TP_DMG_VARIES and the base damage updated from 650 to 710.
  • Hysteric Assault now includes an fTP transfer between hits.


  • The base accuracy and magic accuracy bonus multiplier has been reduced from 15x (by level) to 10x (by level).
  • The base status multiplier has been reduced from 3x (by level) to 2x (by level).
  • The scaling bonuses provided by each head/body combination are unchanged.
  • Ranged attacks from the Sharpshot no longer count as weaponskills and no longer incorrectly benefit from Flame Holder or the server’s WEAPON_SKILL_POWER bonus multiplier.
  • Arcuballista from the Sharpshot has had the attack multiplier reduced from 2.5x to 1.25x.
  • Automaton weaponskills are now based on the new MELEE_WS_POWER modifier (details below).
  • The automaton no longer checks for GEO aura effects when determining whether or not to cast enfeeblements or -na/erase.
  • Automatons now have a base 5% max HP/tick regen cap. This is increased to 10% for the Valoredge frame and head.
    • The Regen Cap has been added to !petstats.


  • The scaling HP bonuses have been reduced from 65 * lvl to 15 * lvl. This puts wyvern HP about in line with player HP at max level.
  • The base status multiplier has been reduced from 10x to 8x.

Encounters and Monster Logic Changes


  • The logic controlling when a monster uses TP abilities has been updated to closer reflect the behaviors on retail.
    • At any HP level, once monsters hit 3000 TP, they will use one of their abilities.
    • At varying HP levels (depending on the monster family and type), monsters will have a higher chance to use TP abilities at lower TP levels (monsters become panicked the lower their HP).
    • The overall chance of a monster using a TP ability has been slightly reduced when they hit 1000 TP.
    • The duration between when a monster is first engaged and uses their first TP ability has been increased.
    • This doesn’t affect monsters that have scripted abilities on engage.
  • Many end game encounters with adds now properly re-engage the adds in the event of a full wipe.
  • Samurai monster types that use Meikyo Shisui now act accordingly and use three TP moves in short succession at 1000 TP each. Previously, the behavior just had these monsters use a single skill at 3000 TP.
  • The crab ability Scissor Guard now properly returns the Defense Boost message rather than KO.
  • The poroggo ability Providence now properly grants Enwater.
  • The caturae ability Tabbiyaa Gambit now properly targets the caster, not the player.
  • The mantid ability Preying Posture now properly returns a status effect message.
  • The pteraketos ability Deep Sea Dirge is now calculated as a single hit, not a double hit.
  • The bztavian ability Vespine Hurricane has had the potency of its magic defense down effect reduced.
  • The zilant ability Dark Star has had the potency of its magic defense down effect reduced.
  • The wyrm ability Tempest Wing has had the potency of its magic defense down effect reduced.
  • The ability Infernal Bulwark, used by many end game bosses, no longer inflicts damage to players. It does still provide several buffs that should be dispelled, however, the duration of the buffs have been shortened.
  • Monsters with custom auto attacks, such as Giant Gnats and Gallu, no longer lose TP when they use their auto attacks. The TP of these abilities has been normalized at 100-120 TP per hit.
  • Several monster families that were missing their custom auto attacks now have them. This includes: botulus, bztavians, gabbraths, harpeias, iron giants, rockfins, and Darracilin.

Zone-wide Scaling

  • Reisenjima Henge’s zone scaling modifiers have been reduced by 30%.
  • Dynamis Divergence’s zone scaling modifiers have been reduced by 25%.
  • Escha Zi’Tah’s zone scaling modifiers have been been reduced by 30%.
  • Reisenjima’s zone scaling modifiers have been reduced by 30%.

Heroics/Wonder NMs

  • No specific changes.


  • Ovni (Abyssea-La Theine) has been updated to be the correct job (Paladin) and have HP and stats more in line with other mobs of this tier. In addition, its loot pool and drop rates adjusted to reflect its fast respawn time compared to other mobs that drop similar items.


  • No specific changes.

Reisenjima Henge

  • All encounters automatically aggro now when spawned to prevent players from spawning encounters, idling, and tying up Pathways.
  • Ouryu now properly has ‘too high’ active while in the air.
  • Lady Lilith’s ability list includes new abilities.
  • Lilith Ascendant’s Benedition mechanic has had its cooldown increased and reaction mechanic chances decreased.
  • Corrupted Altana’s cooldown on Infernal Bulwark has been increased and auto attack damage reduced.
  • Corrupted Altana no longer draws in and is no longer locked in a single spot. The distance of her ranged attacks have been increased. (there’s no where to hide)
  • Ulr of Dark is now less patient with you attacking him instead of playing his game.

Dynamis Divergence

  • Non-bosses, including Commanders, are no longer considered “NMs” in regards to stat scaling.
  • Defeating a Disjointed encounter now provides all engaged players (on the enmity list) with 1 Demon’s Medal as personal loot.
  • The Disjointed’s 80% fetter damage reduction has been reduced to 70%. Defeating all eight fetters will cause the Disjointed to take 10% more damage.


  • Neak’s interval between usage of Aurous Charge and the chance its shield shatter mechanic triggers has been increased.
  • Taelmoth the Diremaw’s interval between usage of its barrer has been increased and the mechanic to shatter the barrier has been reduced by 60%.
  • Vinipata now has its proper resistances to hand-to-hand attacks.
  • Mauve-wristed Gomberry’s shadow clones now spawn at an increased interval and have reduced damage.
  • Teles’ debuff mechanic during Manafont has had its potency reduced.

!shop Updates

  • The !shop 1 stock has been updated and it no longer stocks high-quality food; players looking for the best food should work with Cooks or peruse the auction house. 🍰
  • Level 96 Adaman bullets and bolts have been added to !shop 3.

Casket System


The Grounds of Valor’s Treasure Casket system is now available.

Players have a chance to spawn one of three different types of treasure caskets when defeating mobs in various original and Rise of the Zilart era zone. More information on the Casket system can be found here.

  • Each zone has one or more unique, rare drop.
  • There are multiple types of caskets–some grant temporary potions, others grant items and gear.
  • Players can gain a stacking buff from completing Grounds of Valor hunts to increase the chances for caskets to appear.
  • Many of usable items have been updated to have modern retail casting and recasting times (1 second for many).

Some treasure caskets are locked and require players to solve puzzles to open them.

casket puzzle

After implementation, we’ll be reviewing the rare treasures and items found in caskets for potential new content and mini games.

Happy Hunting!


Verified by SquareEnix developers several years ago, direction, day, and moon phase do not affect crafting. details

  • Day of week, moon phase, and direction no longer play any part in crafting.
  • At a later time, this code will be removed from our code base, not just disabled.

BCNMs and ENMs

  • ENMs have been set to a flat 8 hour re-entry time across all ENM ‘key items’.
  • Several new ENMs have been added.
    • Shell We Dance
    • Sheep in Antlion’s Clothing
  • Several new BCNMs have been added.
    • Operation: Desert Swarm
    • An Awful Autopsy
    • Demolition Squad
    • Brothers d’Aurphe
    • Celery
    • Die by the Sword
    • Let Sleeping Dogs Die
    • Undying Promises
    • Factory Rejects

We have big plans for BCNMs in the near future as a focal point of a new combat system. Several existing BCNMs will be revamped and rescaled with treasure pools aligned to the challenge.


  • Players now unlock tier 1 augmenting by achieving Rank 3 and completing San d’Oria’s Journey Aboard, Bastok’s The Emissary, or Windurst’s The Three Kingdoms.
  • Elemental geodes used for augmenting (and crafting) now drop off monsters level 25 and higher, down from level 50 to better align with the tier 1 augment change.
  • In preparation for the new fishing system, players may no longer augment fishing tackle, poles, ammo, or other stackable items.
  • The augmenting system now detects if an item already has an augment, signature, or is usable and prevents augmenting.
    • To augment an item that is already augmented, trade it and 100,000g to the augment NPC to remove the augments.

With this change, we will no longer restore broken fishing tackle, poles, ammo, or other ‘stackable’ items that players augment that get reshuffled into an item stack and lose their augments. You have been warned.


  • UPDATE Items marked “resistance to status effects”, “Resist Status”, and smiliar now have a new modifier that specifically adds the correct status effect resistances, STATUSRES. (thanks Webjester!)
    • Players can see this effect using !resists as the first item in the list “Resist All Status Ailments”.
    • Resistance checks now add this to other individual effects when determining resistances.
    • This affects: Adamas, Hearty Earring, Elegant Ribbon, Flawless Ribbon, Killer Shortbow, Denouncements, Staunch Tathlum/+1, Volte gear, and Arke Zuchetto/+1.
    • Death resistance is not included in this list and has been removed from these items.
  • UPDATE Items that provide Death resistance explicitly calls it out with “Resist Death”, “Resistance against death”, and similar wording.
    • This affects: Eihwaz Ring, Odium, Malfeasance/+1, Samuha Coat, Shadow Ring, and Warden’s Ring.
  • UPDATE !shop 1 now contains the Trump Card Case for Corsairs.
  • UPDATE The Critical Hit Damage modifier is now capped at 100% as per retail. source
  • UPDATE Conquest points are calculated per region more aligned to the retail formulas. Previously they were weighted to favor extremely low player populations when the server first started out. This should make it easier for smaller nations to overcome Beastman occupied regions and “tie” together against the larger nation.
  • UPDATE Reacton Arm has been updated to provide the MIJIN_DAMAGE item modifier, increasing damage of Mijin Gakure by 10%. 💥
  • UPDATE Quick Draw Delay reduction is in !skills.
  • UPDATE Areebah in Jeuno now sells Water Lilies and Night Queens used in certain recipes.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Angon, Tomahawk, and the weaponskill Metatron Torment were providing incorrect amounts of -DEF% as their additional effects.
  • BUG The monster skill Yama’s Judgment has had its incorrect knockback effect removed.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Disjointed Mithra would not provide players the proper title.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the blue magic spell 1000 Needles would not inflict damage in certain situations.
  • BUG Skewer Sam now properly grants the Beakbender title.
  • BUG Monsters assigned the MOBMOD_ALWAYS_AGGRO should now always aggro.
  • BUG Added missing STR+12 item modifier to the Eschite Gauntlets (thanks Starkk!).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where bar-spells were not being properly calculated for player or monster-cast magic or magical attacks.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where certain abilities were randoming between 0,99 rather than 1,100.

Upstream Updates

  • UPDATE The mission Ranperre’s Final Rest no longer requires a day wait, simply zoning out and back in. Cutscenes for each status (needing to zone and not), have been updated for the guards Endracion, Ambrotien, and Grilau.
  • UPDATE The quest Eco-Warrior (Windurst) has been updated to properly progress through the quest.
  • UPDATE Rampart’s -SDT calculation has been updated to reflect retail, updating from tier II physical and magical reductions to uncapped physical and damage reductions (in line with breath and and ranged).
  • UPDATE Players can now repeat the quest Smoke on the Mountain in South Gustaberg.
  • UPDATE Uragnites now properly enter and leave their shells based on weaponskills and damage.
  • UPDATE Added the NM Bashe in Sauromugue Champaign.
  • UPDATE The Erucas now sleep and regain according to the time and day of the week.
  • BUG Dancing Chains now properly inflicts a Drown status effect rather than inflicting damage.
  • BUG Megalobugard now has its missing latent regen.
  • BUG Addressed a crash condition when engaging with Madaline and Telmoda in Northern San d’Oria.

Known Issues and Works In Progress

  • Some destinations in !gotoexp may not be ideal for solo players due to the scaling changes; however, are still great for duo/trio and groups. We’re reviewing alternative locations to add to the list and taking suggestions from players to open up new zones to explore.
  • As per the maintenance, the Auctioneer is Disabled as we re-tune quantities and availability of certain items. Our goal is to make more commonly requested items easier to obtain, such as crafting materials and leveling gear, while reducing some of the clutter from the store.
    • We expect these updates to be completed by end of the day, Monday, 7 September.

August 2020

23 August


  • BUG Address an issue where Bio and Bio II were not properly accounting for “Enfeebling Duration+” modifiers.


  • UPDATE Add in missing elementals spawns in Yuhtunga Jungle and Junger Forest.
  • UPDATE Update Wamoura Princes to no longer be aggro to align with modern retail.
  • BUG Address a potential gil exploit.

16 August

Summer Heatwaves

The Summer Heatwaves event has concluded. Our next event, the Fall Harvest, will be late September to early October.

  • Players can still run the Stand in the Fire BCNMs with their remaining Fire Feathers.
  • The Stand in the Fire BCNM has reverted to it’s normal loot pool of crafting and style lock gear.
  • The Daily 99 BCNM once again has a small chance of dropping a Fire Feather.
  • The cooldown timer for the daily BCNMs is back to 12 hours.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) The 20% next-wave spawn for the Sky Gods and Beastman Kings has been removed for the time being. This will be revisited during the rebalance.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) The issue causing Tzee Xicu the Manifest to respawn Za’Dha Adamantking rather than triggering his pet’s Astral Flow has been resolved. He’s very happy that summoning all mighty elemental power no longer summons an old, grumpy turtle.
  • UPDATE Respawn times in Bostaunieux Obulette have been reduced for several mobs that are used in GoV pages.
  • UPDATE The !mount command has been removed as it’s no longer functional and the /mount game command has been active for almost a year. 😄
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Siren’s Lunatic Voice wouldn’t have it’s proper duration based on summoning skill.
  • BUG Wind Knife is no mistakenly flagged rare in the database.
  • BUG Blizzard Brand is no longer mistakenly flagged vendorable in the database.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where summoner spirits would immediately start casting spells on summon leading to potential exploits in summoning, instant cast, desummoning spirits. Currently, the ‘magic delay’ is a flat 12s (it’s 45s in retail). We’re looking to enable the reductions from gear based on this guide with the rebalance.


  • BUG Addressed a condition where King Behemoth’s en-stun effect on melee hit wouldn’t trigger.
  • BUG Removed a duplicate door trigger used in Windurst Mission 1-1.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Quadav’s Ore Toss was removing 3 shadows instead of 1.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where summoner spirits could sometimes not cast spells when summoned.


  • The Content, Quests, & Missions page has been redesigned and includes a new Quests and Missions section for common questions and issues with quests.

8 August

Retail Client Update - August 2020

We’ve updated the client to the retail August 2020 version. This will require a client update for players.


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30200731_2 or higher.

We are pushing forward to the August client to address several ID and NPC changes in the major cities due to the new scenario added. These changes shifted identifiers for the entrypoints into Dynamis Divergence and other quest NPCs and potentially causing client crashes.

New Login Rewards - August - September 2020

New login rewards have have been added!

Featured Items
Doll MountDoll MountMoogle BedMoogle Bed
Painting of a mercenaryMerc. PaintingPoroggo CoatPoroggo Coat


  • BUG Fixed a few NPC duplication issues in West and East Ronfaure.
  • BUG Fixed skill messages for MP Absorbtion, MP Drainkiss, and Psychomancy monster skills not properly showing the MP amounts that were absorbed.


  • BUG Updated the skill list of Master Coeurls to align to their proper skills on retail.


  • UPDATE The Gilfinder +1 augment has been updated to Gilfinder +1 (+1%) to reflect how much of a bonus it provides. This is inline with with bonus increases gear provides to the effect. It does not provide the actual Gilfinder effect, which is +50% additional gil.

3 August

July 2020 Retail Job Update - Paladin

  • Paladins gain a new job trait at level 70, Shield Barrier. This adds the paladin’s current shield defense to the potency of the Protect spells they cast. This trait is a main-job only trait.
  • In addition to its previous effects, the job ability Majesty now allows Protect spells to affect party members within a 10y radius.
  • In addition to its previous effects, the magic spell Reprisal now increases Shield skill.
    • Unlike retail, Reprisal grants a flat +50 shield skill. At this time, directly matching the “15% of your current total skill” functionality is not possible.

July 2020 Retail Update - Shields

The July 2020 update revamped the defense rating of several high end shields, in some cases, doubling the defense. A few of the shields updated include:

  • Adapa Shield
  • Ammurapi Shield
  • Beatific Shield/+1
  • Blurred Shield/+1
  • Butznar Shield/+1
  • Culminus
  • Eminent Shield
  • Genmei Shield
  • Killedar Shield/+1
  • Matamata Shield/+1
  • Nibiru Shield
  • Nusku Shield
  • Rinda Shield
  • Sors Shield
  • Steadfast Shield

July 2020 Retail Update - Weapons/Armor/Accessories

The July 2020 update revamped a few weapons.

  • Triska Scythe/+1 now provides both Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage instead of just Critical Hit Damage.
  • Sangoma now provides Singing skill +10.
  • Ahosi Leggings now provides -4% Physical Damage Taken and +15 to all elemental resists.
  • Deino Collar now provides +7 MACC and +7 MAB to the pet, not the player.
  • The corsair “Laksasama’ set is now shortnamed “Laksa. %” instead of “Lak. %”.


  • UPDATE Diabolos has been made pocket size to, hopefully, fix some issues of him getting stuck on everything in the environment.
  • UPDATE Players can now challenge Lusca in Abyssea-Attohwa for augment items. Lusca is found near Conflux #4.
  • UPDATE The lists used by uragites have been updated to actually include skills: gas shell, venom shell, palsynyxis, painful whip, and suctorial tentacle.
  • UPDATE Address a potential crash condition where the math.random is called with a higher min than max.
  • BUG Address an edge case where the pDIF minimum could exceed the pDIF maximum and cause a server crash.
  • BUG Automatons should no longer randomly cast Dia unless they are using the Harlequin or Stormwaker frames.
  • BUG Fix the Regen item modifier on the Sanctity Necklace, it was previous Refresh.
  • BUG Update the completion script of CoP 2-4 to grant players the Mysterious Amulet key item (even though it’s not used anywhere else).
  • BUG Fix an issue with Brittlis’ magic reactions to properly react to player attacks.
  • BUG Update references to CURSE and CHARM to CURSE_I and CHARM_I.
  • BUG Yaksha and Raksha stances by Nakama-type mobs have been updated to be self-targeting buffs. This should address some strange “0” damage log messages.
  • BUG The fantod and choke breath abilities used by hippogryphs have been updated to have the proper animations and effects.
  • BUG Fix issues with the flutterfly’s (SOA butterflies) skill scripts passing incorrect damage values.
  • BUG Fix issues with panopt’s skill scripts inflicting the wrong status effects.
  • BUG Fix issues with mantis’ mantis’ repeatedly casting praying posture while it’s still in effect.
  • BUG Fix issues with morbol’s impale skill not properly activating.

Upstream Updates

  • UPDATE Several newer monster skill animations have been updated to match retail (many of these skills are not in use at this time).
  • UPDATE Players can now trigger the encounter for Windurst 8-2 while having sneak active.
  • BUG The conquest NPCs and banners in Jugner Forest are now in their proper locations.
  • BUG Steelshells in Boyahda Tree no longer link together.
  • BUG Update several player status effects that should not be stealable by mobs.
  • BUG Address an issue where players that held linkshells that were broken while they were offline will now have them properly break and unequip when logging in next.
  • BUG Several conquest NPCs have been fixed in Jugnar Forest after the July 2020 client update.

July 2020

19 July

Retail Client Update - July 2020

We’ve updated the client to the retail July 2020 version. This will require a client update for players.


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30200604_0 or higher.

Summer Heatwaves

  • Players can now exchange Heatwaves and gil for fire feathers. For 25,000gil and 25 Heatwaves, players can trade with the Event Moogles for the feathers.
  • The Summer Heatwaves event has been extended until maintenance on 16 August 2020.


  • The !shop command has been updated now that the clients allow larger shop inventories.
    • !shop 1 - now includes food, consumables, ninjutsu tools, and automaton oils.
    • !shop 2 - now includes all crystals and clusters
    • !shop 3 - now includes all ranged ammos
    • !shop 4 - now includes all completion and expansion event rewards


  • BUG The status message for applying Bully has been fixed.
  • BUG Fix, hopefully, an edge case where non-Valoredge automatons would Shield Bash mobs.
  • BUG The models for the Rustic and Shoal swimsuit gear have been fixed.


  • BUG Addressed an issue where bards swapping instruments would lose TP.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Blue Mage merit ‘Assimilation’ would not properly increment the blue magic points from 55 to 60 in the menu.
  • UPDATE Updated Yoyoroon’s automaton attachment inventory to align with retail.
    • With this, we’ll be removing these items from the auto stock of the AH-Bot.

12 July

Summer Heatwaves

  • UPDATE New outfits, the Starlet and Agent sets, have been added as potential rewards from the Event Moogle after successfully completing the Stand In The Fire BCNM.
  • BUG The appearances of some gender-specific outfits have been fixed.


  • UPDATE Players can now purchase gyshal greens for chocobo digging in !shop 2.


  • BUG Fix the resell price of bags of apkallu fletchings.
  • BUG Address a potential login issue for players with 15-character length character names.

5 July

Retail Client Update - June 2020

We’ve updated the client to the retail June 2020 version. This will require a client update for players.


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30200604_0 or higher.

Updated Renamer List

With the new game version and Summer Heatwaves event, a new Renamer list is available. You can download it here.

Summer Heatwaves Event

The Summer Heatwaves event is back. This event will run from 5 July until when maintenance begins on 26 July.

The event has undergone a few updates this year:

  • Players can enter the BCNM as often as they can acquire a Fire Feather.
  • The Stand In The Fire BCNM has been moved to Horalis Peak with three concurrent battlefields. Players will select “A Feast Most Dire” when selecting the BCNM.
  • The unique event drops for Stand In The Fire have been updated. There are two chest slots this year with a variety of rare items in them.
  • The abilities of the Wrath of Fire have been adjusted to remove abilities that are not native to the Harpy family.
  • The level and scaling of the Heatwaves has been fixed to 99 rather than being various levels in each zone.
  • The respawn time for Heatwaves have been fixed at 180s.
  • Some Heatwaves now have additional random respawn locations in their zone.

Don’t forget: after completing the Stand In The Fire BCNM, speak with the Event Moogle to receive your bonus price!

Personal Loot Updates

Personal loot is any loot awarded directly to the player rather than entering the treasure pool. We use this for several currency rewards. An issue that some players face is having full inventories or using inventory management plugins that drop items when items hit the inventory too quickly.

To address this, personal loot is now sent to Makel-Pakel (the Battlefield NPC) located in !relax. Makel-Pakel will inform you of your totals and send them to your delivery box for pickup. Using the delivery box ensures that player inventories and treasure pool management plugins can’t accidently cause items to be lost.

This applies to:

  • Daily Hunts (alexandrite and tanzanite jewels)
  • Reisenjima Henge medals (beastmen and kindred medals)
  • Empyrean upgrade currency (riftcinder, riftdross, heavy medal, riftborn boulders)
  • Daily BCNM rewards (alexandrite, tanzanite jewels, and training manuals)
  • Heroics unlock quest caches (luminium ore, midrium ore, and kaolin)

New Command - !getdeliveries

Players can use the !getdeliveries to see what’s currently pending delivery. This will display items and quantities of what Makel-Pakel can deliver once you return to town.

Quality of Life Updates

These updates focus around the NPCs and their actions around the !relax area–Western Adoulin’s Platea Triumphus. The aim is reduce the concentration of NPCs in the area to increase load time and FPS performance in the area.

  • In addition to managing personal loot deliveries, Makel-Pakel now provides players with their Dynamis Divergence lockout timers. He’ll continue providing Daily BCNM lockouts, the lockout durations, and removing stray battlefield effects from players.
  • Hestefa is on vacation to go find better armor. Trystol now carries artifact, relic, and empyrean starter armors. The prices for the relic and empyraen starter armors have been reduced.
  • Zezarn, Lakeria, and Maforne have moved to (K-10) in Western Adoulin.

These updates focus around the various REMA weapon upgrade trials:

  • Magian Master now provides the proper “Obtained: {weapon}” client text for our non-native English client players.
  • Magian Moogle TJ now provides the proper “Obtained: {weapon}” client text for our non-native English client players.
  • Oboro’s requirements for upgrading i119 Empyrean weapons has changed slightly to make it easier to trade.
    • Stage I - 100 pinches of riftcinder to 99 pinches of riftcinder (1 stack)
    • Stage II - 100 bars of heavy metal to 99 bars of heavy metal (1 stack)
    • Stage III - 500 riftborn boulders to 495 riftborn boulders (5 stacks)
  • Oboro’s dialog has been updated to provide messaging when players trade an invalid combination.

Heroics Updates

  • UPDATE The following Peacekeepers mission targets have been adjusted.
    • Corrupted Altana -> Hades (tier 5 Reisenjima Henge)
    • Ulr of Dark -> Lilith (tier 5 Reisenjima Henge) The infamy reward for this mission has been reduced from 65 to 60 to be in line with other fights of this challenge level.

Players who are already tagged to fight these targets will get credit from the new target.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Removed several automaton attachments from the Auctioneer’s (AH-Bot) buy list. These were added to provide them to players as the NPCs do not exist and were not intended to purchase them back.
  • UPDATE Finbarr now provides players with their current chocobo digging scavenger hunt clue.
  • UPDATE Added the item modifiers for the Irenic Strap/+1.
  • UPDATE Added missing pet item modifiers for Digirbalag.
  • UPDATE Added missing avatar item modifiers for Exemplar.
  • UPDATE The cooldown for using server wide yells (city chat) has been reduced from 3s to 1s.
  • UPDATE The base damage formula for Ifrit’s Conflag Strike has been updated to be slightly more powerful.
    • A clarification on how Conflag Strike works since the last update. It is now breath damage, not magical damage–this means stacking and getting bonuses from Pet:+Magic Attack Bonus does not affect the damage, only Blood Pact damage bonuses.
  • UPDATE The bonus provided by Curing Conduit from Leviathan now applies to Spring Water.
  • UPDATE Added Ebony Wand and Rising Sun desynth recipes.
  • UPDATE Added Half Partition woodworking synthesis recipe.
  • UPDATE Bards now have access to Pining Nocturne which reduces the target’s magic accuracy and fast cast.
    • To gain this new spell, use !addallspells, wait 1-2 minutes, then zone into a new zone.
  • UPDATE The Aquaduct Spiders in Sacrarium have come out of hiding (thanks EpicTaru!).
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the QM for the land kings would not properly reappear when the targets were engaged.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed a crash condition when mobs would use multi-strike abilities and be unable to properly cast the spell (most common in Dynamic Divergence zones for statues).
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where Cacodemonia could return back an invalid damage calculation and do zero damage.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where Fistule dropped the wrong key item.
  • BUG The Killer Shortbow now includes Death and Lullaby resistances and all resistance values updated from +2 to +5.
  • BUG The Merlinic Dastanas now has its missing avatar item modifiers.
  • BUG Addressed a potential server crash condition when some effects tried to read entities that no longer existed due to a race condition.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Judgment weaponskill having an invalid ftp100 value.
  • BUG Vinipata and Albumen’s (Reisenjima) adds now properly despawn when they are defeated.
  • BUG Dazzling Dolores in Reisenjima now drops the Merlinic Hood instead of Merlinic Shalwar (Shalwar still drops from Crom Dubh).
  • BUG Shockmaw in Escha Zi’Tah now properly has its absorb mechanics applied based on certain conditions.
  • BUG The Geomancer and Rune Fencer unlock quests are no longer triggerable (ya’all weren’t supposed to find this yet. 😄)
  • BUG Jormuguand’s auto-attack damage while flying now actually does damage.
  • BUG Ramuh’s Thunderspark now does Lightning damage instead of Fire damage.
  • BUG Update Reisenjima Henge’s Ark Angel MR’s Tiger and Mandragora to despawn when she is defeated.
  • BUG Fixed Emblazoned Requilary being stuck in a tree in Reisenjima.
  • BUG The Voidwatch encounter for Bismarck in Bibiki Bay will properly spawn the adds engaged with the player that currently has enmity… not halfway across the island.
  • BUG The Voidwatch encounter for Dimgruzub in Arrapago Reef properly has its max health bonus to counter the 10x damage it takes.

Upstream Updates

  • UPDATE Cleanup winsock methods and IP conversions.
  • UPDATE Update Savagery and Enchainment to have modern 1000-based TP values, granting 100 TP bonus instead of 10 TP bonus.
  • UPDATE Align Corsair’s Double Up functionality to retail. This removes the cooldown added to Double Up after a corsair uses a roll and reduces the cooldown on Double Up from 8s to 5s.
  • UPDATE Two new NMs have been added: Gyre-Carlin and Backoo.
  • UPDATE The base sale price of a few dozen items have been updated from 0.
  • UPDATE Add missing script for Shiva’s Claws proc.
  • BUG Fixed an issue where mob details could not be fetched in some instances.
  • BUG Address an issue with time-of-day events not properly firing (such as evening mobs not spawning).
  • BUG Fixed the Orctrap’s placeholder being the incorrect ID.
  • BUG Fixed a server crash condition when players do the Fliers for Regine questline in San d’Oria.
  • BUG Fixed a server crash condition when Shen is spawned in Bibiki Bay.
  • BUG Fixed a condition where Despot would not properly appear at the placeholder Groundskeeper’s location.
  • BUG Fixed a server crash condition when players ‘claim’ a player target (charmed) with a non-weaponskill or melee attack, such as an ability or Corsair elemental shot.
  • BUG Fixed the Teal Slops and Pigaches from the Cruor Prospector in Abyssea-Konschat being swapped.
  • BUG Address an issue where some commands could not fetch instanced NPC values.
  • BUG Address an issue where pet’s Sleepga or Flashbulb abilities could crash the server if resisted.
  • BUG Linkshell names can be reused once a shell is broken.
  • BUG Prevent case where bards singing duplicate songs could bypass the active song count restrictions.