Welcome to Nocturnal Souls

Our Mission

You are the chosen adventures that will save the world! You should act like it!

Nocturnal Souls is designed to be a fun server where playing solo, duo, and in small groups allows you to take on the challenges that heroes should: incredibly tough mobs and an epic story. Players experience a fun mix of traditional storyline as well as a custom content created by the GM team and the player community.


The Nocturnal Souls server focuses on helping increase the speed of solo and small group gameplay while keeping it fun and exciting. We focus on allowing you to easily move about the world, explore, and find adventures. Unlike retail or the “old days”, you’ll be keeping your weapon skills going and constantly casting spells, not sitting around waiting for the next auto attack swing or sitting on the sidelines waiting for your MP to tick. You’ll also be hitting those big numbers–because what hero doesn’t like big crits? 😁

Speed and progression are meant to follow more along the speed of the nation and expansion missions rather than sitting in a zone mindlessly murdering small woodland creatures for hours on end to gain levels. Players should feel comfortable pushing the limit against very tough and incredibly tough mobs. The boring grind is mostly gone allowing you to log in, chat with friends, save the day, and craft up a tasty mithakabob at our relaxing hangout.

If you’re new to FFXI or to Nocturnal Souls, be sure to check out our New Player Guide!