Development Roadmap

As we work to enhance both the retail and custom experience on Nocturnal Souls, we’re happy to share our roadmap with members and continue to take feedback and ideas from the community. This is not an exhaustive list (we do like to keep some surprises), but here’s the highlights.

As items are implemented, they’re removed from this list. Be sure to read through the update notes to see the latest enhancements.

Q1 2019

For the first quarter, our goal is to work on any stability issues around the server and existing custom game mechanics. As the population of Nocturnal Souls continues to grow, some adjustments are necessary for balance and playability.

Major goals/themes of this quarter:

  • ☑️ Review and tweak pet-centric classes (PUP, SMN, and DRG) to have more endgame potential and balance with other classes.
  • ☑️ Review and adjust PUP automatons in general, focusing on better AI and attachment functionality.
  • ☑️ Review QOL for new player progression from start to reforged AF and relic weapons. These first steps should be seamless as the players work towards even greater rewards.
  • ☑️ Update the custom !mount command to use the client’s built in command. This helps edge out some cases of enmity cheating and makes it easier to add new mounts in the future.
  • ☑️ Adjust Magic Barrier. This long-standing thorn is miscoded and greatly overpowered; however, the retail version is less than spectacular, so an custom alternative is necessary.
  • ☑️ Review and adjust encounter job specials (“2 hours”). With the addition of the new mixins for job specials, revamp all custom content to use these new methods and tweak existing encounters that were either unbalanced or broken.
  • ☑️ Add new ‘solo style’ battlefields that players can participate in once they’ve unlocked Henge to acquire Rem’s Tales pages and other upgrade items–challenging, yet soloable content.
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Dragoon
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Dancer
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Red Mage
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Puppetmaster

Q2 2019

The second quarter’s focus is primarly on new content, specifically around Heroics, master job quests, and new solo-style battles.

  • ☑️ Add a new “Spring”-themed seasonal event to the game in early to late April.
  • ☑️ Evaluate encounters and feedback from players who have entered Escha zones, tweak as necessary and prepare.
  • ☑️ Work towards and release Reisenjima to Heroics players; this update includes a few dozen new encounters, new gear sets, and a giant forest of high density, highly aggro mobs.
  • ☑️ Review and revamp Divine Magic as it doesn’t use modern damage formulas (from retail) and is very lackluster in performance.
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Ranger
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Corsair
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: White Mage
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Black Mage

Q3 2019

  • ☑️ Complete review and revamp Blue Mage from both an abilities and a magic perspective. The scaling of blue magic doesn’t align with elemental magic making both magical and physical blue mage abilities very lackluster. ☑️ Revamp and Update BCNMs for all 20+ “retail style” BCNMs. These will be redesigned to focus on more useful items and drops.
  • ☑️ Evaluate and revamp experience point gains for players in parties and alliances to encourage players to group up.
  • ☑️ Review and revamp missing Automaton attachments to match their retail values.
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: White Mage
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Ninja
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Red Mage (pt. 2)
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Puppetmaster (pt. 2)

Q4 2019

  • ⬜️ Add in new master jobs quests for Ninja, Paladin, Dark Knight, Dragoon, and Samurai.
  • ⬜️ Dynamis Divergence; a fully-funcitonal, open world Dynamis experience targeted at players 99+ with reforged relic +2/+3 upgrades and other upgrades.
    • ☑️ Dynamis - San d’Oria D
    • ☑️ Dynamis - Bastok [D]
    • ⬜️ Dynamis - Windurst [D]
    • ⬜️ Dynamis - Jeuno [D]
  • ⬜️ New tier of VWNMs, adding in the Abyssea VWNMs, with custom loot tables and mechanics.
  • ⬜️ Review and tweak the Halls of Legion from ALL perspectives–how the instances work, loot drops, difficulty and scaling, and whether or not various rooms/halls can be further used for new content.
  • ⬜️ New ‘gauntlet’ style battles into Reisenjima Henge for parties that rewards additional loot and upgrade materials.
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Bard
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Monk
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Dragoon
  • ☑️ Implement retail-released job enhancements: Scholar

As Time Allows in 2019

  • ⬜️ Add in a functional Atma questline and system promoting the collection and use of Atmas both in Abyssea and the open world zones.
  • ⬜️ Work towards and release Escha Ru’Aun to Heroics players; this update includes 30+ new NMs, new gear sets, and a large zone to explore.
  • ⬜️ A leaderboard system: as players defeat NMs and HNMs around the world, a score is kept and available for viewing on the Members Portal. Players will unlock bonuses on their characters as they unlock higher tiers on the leaderboard.
  • ⬜️ Tying into the new leaderboard system, the “Around the World” questline tasks players with defeating challenging HNMs with unique spawn conditions around the world–over 80 new HNMs in total ranging from levels 110 to 160. The reward adds bonuses to the leaderboard score and unlocked additional features.

Always In Research

  • Trusts

    • There’s quite a bit of interest in trusts; however, the questions over how they’d work, be scaled, etc. requires great deals of discussion. Also, in this, is whether or not multi-account logins, aka alts, remains active once trusts are enabled.
  • Enhance the !hunts system to work more like the 4-hour rotation ‘New Challenge’ in retail to provide custom, rotating mob ecosystems programmatically and rewards based on levels.

    • Lots of suggestions on expanding this out and, with a 4 hour rotation, randomizing the monster families that would appear so that players aren’t just “camping” in one spot for 24 hours.
  • Custom recipes to allow for crafting of new gear that’s only available via synergy in retail.

    • Need research on this to determine what recipes are here (past the actual crafting gear recipes) and would make sense to show up.
  • ☑️ Update the Survival Guides throughout the world to be functional and tie into the !gotoexp command. Implemented Oct 2019.