Development Roadmap

As we work to enhance both the retail and custom experience on Nocturnal Souls, we’re happy to share our roadmap with members and continue to take feedback and ideas from the community. This is not an exhaustive list (we do like to keep some surprises), but here’s the highlights.

As items are implemented, they’re removed from this list. Be sure to read through the update notes to see the latest enhancements.

September 2018

September aims to provide a new seasonal event, updates to the final tier of the Relic Weapons, and the new Empyrean Weapon Trials.

  • The Fall Harvest event will focus on harvesting, logging, and mining events to gather unique items and track down rare NMs. Part two of the event will be added in October, including a new daily BCNM for costumes and prizes.
  • The final phase of the Relic Weapons, i119 III, will be finalized and added. To upgrade these items will require a final upgrade step involving currency and, potentially, a step involving Dynamis.
  • The Empyrean Weapon trials, part 1, adds a series of questlines, 8-12 new BCNMs (or Abyssea farms), and path to unlock and upgrade the weapons.

October 2018

October aims to bring players the completion of the Fall Harvest event, the new Fast Tracks expansion system, new augment tiers, and new master job quests for THF, MNK, and one of the RoZ advanced jobs (we’ll be polling the players).

  • The final part of the Fall Harvest adds a new daily BCNM and finishes the questline.
  • The Fast Tracks system provides players with a means of skipping through the RoZ, CoP, and ToAU storyline content–straight to the final boss encounters of the expansion. This will come at a very high cost in currency and gil to players to access this convenience service. Players who complete these storylines normally will be able to show their proof of completion (ring/earring) to an NPC and be rewarded in gil, currency, medals, and more.
  • The new master job quests finish out quest #1 for THF and MNK and will feature a quest for one of the Rise of Zilart expansion jobs based on community feedback.
  • The next tier of augments, tier 8, 9, 10, and 11 will feature drops and items found in Abyssea, Dynamis, and the Reisenjima Henge to augment gear even further–including increase bonuses to relic, mythic, and empyrean weaponskills.

November 2018

November’s main focus is a new Achievement/Leaderboard system and the start of the Winter Holiday event.

  • As players defeat NMs and HNMs around the world, a score is kept and available for viewing on the Members Portal. Players will unlock bonuses on their characters as they unlock higher tiers on the leaderboard.
  • The Winter Holiday event (name TBD) will get players into the festive mood with several small, daily quests that add up and grant passive effects to the players–the more you give, the more you receive!

December 2018

December’s main focus, tying into the new Achievement system adds a new tier of HNMs to the world.

  • The “Around the World” questline tasks players with defeating challenging HNMs with unique spawn conditions around the world–over 80 new HNMs in total ranging from levels 110 to 140. The reward adds bonuses to the leaderboard score and unlocked additional features.

Other Things “In The Works”

  • Validate that all nation missions work to rank 10 and as many expansions are complete as possible:

    • ⬜️ Wings of the Goddess
    • Working on getting as many campaign missions and sidequests working as possible.
    • We’re focusing on San d’Oria [S]. Quests and missions up to Mission 8 and Perils of the Griffon are working as intended.
    • Up to Mission 3 is functional for the other two nations; so all players can participate in Voidwatch operations.
  • Finalize the custom augment NPC augment list and trades for augments level 10 to 99 and beyond.

    • ✅ tier 1
    • ✅ tier 2
    • ✅ tier 3
    • ✅ tier 4
    • ✅ tier 5
    • ✅ tier 6
    • ✅ tier 7
    • ⬜️ tier 8
    • ⬜️ tier 9 (relic)
    • ⬜️ tier 10 (mythic)
    • ⬜️ tier 11 (empyrean)
    • ⬜️ tier 12 (aeonic)
  • Finalize the aeonic weapon progression path with a unique, custom questline taking you through all of the Seekers of Adoulin zones to collect items, challenge NMs, and complete puzzles.

  • Master Job storyline quests, abilities, and passive buffs for all jobs!

  • Implement daily login points, goblin loot boxes, and keys dropped from world NMs and HNMs.

  • Implement additional, custom world NMs and HNMs through a unique Nocturnal Souls storyline rewarding unique, rare items that cannot be acquired through other means.

In Research

  • Enhance the !hunts system to work more like the 4-hour rotation ‘New Challenge’ in retail to provide custom, rotating mob ecosystems programmatically and rewards based on levels.

  • Update the Survival Guides throughout the world to be functional and tie into the !gotoexp command.

  • Custom recipes to allow for crafting of new gear that’s only available via synergy in retail.

  • Adding in missing reforged relic +2 and +3 gear sets.

Wish List

  • Trusts! OMG
  • Custom menu system (how do those other servers create cool menus?!)