Master Job Quests

The enhancements available within the Job Point/Capacity Point system from Seekers of Adoulin are, unfortunately, not available on private servers yet. In the mean time, Nocturnal Souls offers unique quests for each job to unlock the potential of their existing spells and abilities.

These quests will typically alter existing spells to provide additional abilities or, in some cases, change the spell entirely to match what would have been granted as part of the job point system.

The goal will be to have quests for every class available; however, these will take time. If you’re interested in writing or designing a quest, please contact a GM!

The FFXI Jobs

Requirements To Start

To start the Master Quest, you must have the following:

  • Level 99 for both main job and sub job.
  • A final form (i119 II) relic and (i119 III) mythic weapon.
  • Completion of the RoZ, CoP, and ToAU storylines.
  • At least 90 unspent merit points (each quest step will require an additional 90 points).
    • The starter NPC will not prompt you with the quest UNLESS you have 90 points banked, even if you meet the other requirements.
    • Subsequent quests will notify you if you meet the requirements, but lack sufficient merit points.

Class Quest Starters

Each class has a unique class starter NPC. You’ll need to find them and figure out their clues on how to proceed with each quest.

A couple of hints:

  • These NPCs will likely be in the main cities: San d’Oria, Bastok, Windurst, Jeuno, Tavnazia, Aht Urghan, or Adoulin. They can, however, be anywhere in the world based on the job quest.
  • They will have played a part in either a main storyline quest or the job quests in some way in the past. Sometimes it’s the person who gave you your first artifact armor quest, other times it’s a notable NPC you’ve met throughout your journey.

Good luck!

Master Job Enhancement Status

To see the current status of your Master Job enhancements, visit the History tome in the Celennia Memorial Library. The tome will provide you a list of enhancements currently active for your current job.

You can also see all of your unlocked class enhancements on the Members Portal.

Master Job Q&A

90 merit points PER quest? That’s crazy! Why does it cost so much?

The retail job point system runs at 30,000 capacity points (which is gained at a GREATLY reduced rate from mobs lower than 125) per job point. You need 2100 job points to become a ‘master’. That’s 6.3 million capacity points. Since capacity points don’t exist in our world yet, we use merit points as a token qualifier. 90 merit points is 900,000 exp.

On average, all jobs will have 4-5 master job quests, for a total of 3.6 to 4.5 million limit points. Since you can gain limit points from anywhere at a fairly even rate, the rate of acquisition is MUCH faster. In most cases, you’ll gain at least a third or more of the merit points you need while doing each quest.

There are several ways you can quickly earn limit points:

  • Using rings that grant Dedication bonuses to increase limit point gain.
  • Daily BCNMs and Hunts provide experience point bonuses.
  • Good, old fashioned farming in level i105+ areas, such as Adoulin zones or the newer mobs, such as !gotoexp 11 and !gotoexp 12.

Where do I find {x}? How do I do {x}?

Who knows! Use the context clues in the dialog to find NPCs and locations and meet the requirements of each quest. Some are easier than others. Some are heavily influenced by randomness, others are straight forward.

Can I do this solo?

In theory (and testing), yes. We’re designing the quests to be soloed by the intended job; however, depending on gear and skill, your mileage may vary. Some fights, however, are very edge-of-your-seat if you’re soloing them. 😈

Do I need to do this?

Nope! This is entirely optional. We have no intention to ever lock additional content behind the master job quests, only continue to expand them.

What does each quest reward? Can I see a list of enhancements?

Not yet! For now, we’re keeping that under wraps until players get a chance to do the quests and experience the rewards. Completing the quests will tell you what the enhancements are and the !stats and !skills commands will show the bonuses/changes.

Master Job Quests Implemented

We’re working every day to get more quests implemented. Here’s the current status. Our goal is to get one main quest per job completed, then a second, third, etc.

We’re also focusing on more frequently played jobs first; however, if there’s demand for a specific job, we’ll take that into consideration (or if someone wants to write it!).

Job Starter Complete? Starter Tip Max Quest Complete
WAR Done ✅ The bored doorman… 1 / 5
MNK Done ✅ Listen to his tales of old… 1 / 5
WHM Done ✅ Find the watchful serpent… 1 / 5
BLM Done ✅ Seek out an old magi… 1 / 5
RDM Done ✅ Speak with the watchful eye… 5 / 5
THF Done ✅ Track down the cat burglar… 1 / 5
PLD 0 / 5
DRK 0 / 5
BST 0 / 5
BRD 0 / 5
RNG 0 / 5
SMN 0 / 5
NIN In Progress Born on dreams of family… 0 / 5
DRG 0 / 5
SAM 0 / 5
BLU 0 / 5
COR 0 / 5
PUP 0 / 5
DNC 0 / 5
SCH 0 / 5