Reisenjima Sanctorium

Entering the darkness

Entering Reisenjima Sanctorium requires players to achieve Heroic Rank 10 or higher. Players can enter the zone through the Etched Rock located at the final egress in Reisenjima.


There are numerous encounters setup as battlefields within the Sanctorium. While there isn’t an order to most of the fights, some fights do act as pre-requisites for others.

To enter these encounters, players will need a Void Crystal (!shop 2), several tier 1 items from Reisenjima and Escha zones, and other items available throughout the world.

Encounter Party Size Battlefield Entry Items
Army of Darkness 6 1 Void Crystal
Voso’s Hide
Pinch of Levigated Rock
Tuft of Void Grass
Dark Ravager 6 4 Void Crystal
Abyssdiver’s Feather
Nyumono Doll
Gravewood Log
Corrupted Earth 6 3 Void Crystal
Ninlil’s Bone
Bunch of Fortune Fruits
Tuft of Ashweed
Deathborne Nightmare 6 4 Void Crystal
Malatrix’s Shard
Nyumono Doll
Tuft of Void Grass
Dragons of Darkness 6 2 Void Crystal
Vial of Beist’s Blood
Pinch of Levigated Rock
Tuft of Ashweed
Dark Repentance 6 1 Void Crystal
Hugemaw Harold’s Ore
Square of Ecarlate Cloth
Gravewood Log
Dark Salvation 6 1 Void Crystal
Chunk of Dark Matter
Square of Ecarlate Cloth
Gravewood Log
KI: Maiden Phantom Gem
Blind Faith 6 2 Void Crystal
Muut’s Vestments
Piece of Copse Candy
Tuft of Ashweed
Blackest Night 6 1 Void Crystal
Chunk of Dark Matter
Piece of Copse Candy
Tuft of Ashweed
KI: Divine Phantom Gem
Twilight Mayhem 6 4 Void Crystal
Scholar Stone
Ingot of Befouled Silver
Tuft of Void Grass
KI: Wyrm God Phantom Gem
Darkness Incarnate 6 3 Void Crystal
Chunk of Dark Matter
Piece of Copse Candy
Tuft of Void Grass

The required entry key items drop from within other encounters in Reisenjima Sanctorium. Some are guaranteed, others are by chance. All players must have the required key item to attempt the battlefield.

Similar to Limbus and Legion, players can touch the Crystalline Splinter in the Sanctorium to see which battlefields are active and which are available.

Reisenjima Crystal


Players gain access to several sets of gear and currency from these encounters. While each encounter has a slight chance to drop items directly, players will also gain domain points to purchase domain invasion items directly from Zurim located within the Sanctorium.


Keep in mind that rewards in Reisenjima Sanctorium are personal loot via the Armoury Crates and Domain Points. Group up!

Domain Invasion Armors
Slot Hervor Heidrek Angantyr
Domain Invasion Weapons
    voluspa axe 
    voluspa bow 
    voluspa gun 

In addition to the Domain Invasion sets, the following sets are also available:

  • The Malignance gear (Blind Faith only)
  • The Crepuscular gear (Twilight Mayhem only)

Be sure to check the BCNM/Instance page for each encounter to see the full loot drops!

Domain Invasion Gear - Unique Buffs

Each of the Domain Invasions armors and weapons have unique stats. We’ve opted to have our own take on these.

  • The attributes on each domain invasion piece is always active.
  • The “super powered” modifier on each domain invasion piece is active, to start, only in Heroics zones (Escha Zi’tah, Escha Ru’Aun, Reisenjima, and Reisenjima Sanctorium). See the latent effects on the item details on the members portal.

In the future, a very challenging questline will be added to unlock these powerful armors and weapons in every zone.