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In these older update notes, it’s likely the links to certain pages no longer exist.

18 December

Retail Client Update - December 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30221206_0 or higher.

  • Zone ID shifts in: Xarcabard, Castle Zvahl Keep, Throne Room
  • Message ID shifts in: Batallia Downs, Beaucedine Glacier, Buburimu Penisula, East Ronfaure, East Sarutabaruta, Eastern Altepa Desert, Jugner Forest, Konschtat Highlands, La Theine Plateau, Meriphataud Mountains, North Gustaberg, Pashhow Marshlands, Qufim Island, Rolanberry Fields, Sauromugue Champaign, South Gustaberg, Tahrongi Canyon, The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah, Valkurm Dunes, West Ronfaure, West Sarutabaruta, Western Altepa Desert, Xarcabard, Yhoator Jungle, Yuhtunga Jungle
  • New items were added (unused so far).
  • A new zone was added (Gwora - Corridor). It’s very very small and very glowy. Not sure how we can use it, but I want to…
  • A new title was added (unused so far).

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use.

Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.

Winter Celebration 2022

  • UPDATE The Twinkling Treants now move around the zone every 5m to counter blatant AFK botting.
  • UPDATE The Twinkling Treants have gained a couple of new winter-themed abilities.
  • UPDATE The Twinkling Treants now reset their ‘gift trigger’ time each time they teleport away.
  • UPDATE The Premium Mogti, Astral Cube, and Kagami Mochi (new 2022 Starlight/New Years reward released this week in retail) have been added to the Gift Seller at 200, 250, and 300 holiday cheer respectively.
  • UPDATE Reduced requirement of Dream hat from Gift Seller to 15 holiday cheer from 25 to make it easier for players working on the Christmas Carol questline.
  • UPDATE The Stop The Grinch BCNM now rewards pre-augmented belts as potential personal loot rewards on completion. Rewards are exclusive, but not rare, allowing players to try to get the best version they can. Lower level versions are more common than higher level versions. These belts are “all jobs” equipable.
  • UPDATE Children participating in the Gift Giving event have been added in Northern San d’Oria, Port Bastok, and a poor forgotten child in Bastok Markets (sorry Gwill) have been added.
  • BUG The Twinkling Treants are now properly classified as NMs, not battlefield mobs.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where having a piece of dream gear meant that the Event Moogle didn’t attempt to give you any dream gear, rather than just not the piece you already had AND update it to check through the new Wardrobe 5-8.
  • BUG Added an additional catch that prevented the Event Moogle from starting your Daily Gift reward timer if they were unable to provide a gift (full inventory, etc.).

BCNM Rewards

As mentioned above, the Stop The Grinch BCNM now offers a limited time series of belts to players who successfully complete the fight. Which accessory players receive as well as the ranges of the augments on the item are at random similar to the daily BCNMs.

  • Level 40: There are three permutations of the level 40 belt, the bugbear cest.

    • (1) Magic Attack Bonus 1-3, INT +2-4, Magic Damage 1-3, Magic Crit Rate 1-3
    • (2) Magic Defense 1-3, Defense 1-3, Double Attack 1-3, Main Hand Damage 1-3
    • (3) Accuracy/Attack 1-3, HP 1-5, Counter 1-3, Evasion 1-3
  • Level 60: There are three permutations of the level 60 belt, the goblin cest.

    • (1) INT 1-7, MND 1-7, CHR 1-7, Fast Cast 4-8
    • (2) AGI 1-7, STR 1-7, DEX 1-7, Attack 5-10
    • (3) VIT 1-7, STR 1-7, DEX 1-7, Defense 5-10
  • Level 75: There are three permutations of the level 75 belt, the moblin cest.

    • (1) Magic Crit Damage 5-8, Magic Crit Rate 5-8, Magic Damage 7-10, Magic Accuracy/Magic Attack Bonus 5-10
    • (2) Store TP/Subtle Blow 5-8, Crit Hit Rate 5-8, Double Attack 5-8, Triple Attack 5-8
    • (3) WSD% 3-5, Accuracy/Attack 7-10, Double Attack 4-7, Triple Attack 4-7

Relic Augments - Black Mage

The relic armor augments for black mage have been added. These augment ancient magic and elemental debuffs for some exceptional single target bursts and some stat reductions that rival what players can get with Impact (at longer durations and easier to land).

Since a lot of these are not documented, we’re making it up! Oh, and a few do multiple things, which is AWESOME. Just awesome. Thanks whoever at SE designed these.

  • Head: Enhanced Ancient Magic Attack and Burst Damage increases ancient magic attack bonus by +3 per merit AND increases ancient magic burst damage by 3% per merit.
  • Body: Enhanced Manafont increases Manafont’s duration by 30s.
  • Hands: Enhanced Elemental Magic Accuracy increases elemental magic accuracy by +5 per merit.
  • Legs: Enhanced Elemental Magic Debuffs increases elemental magic debuff (burn, rasp, etc.) duration by +12 per merit AND increases stat reduction by -2 per merit and damage over time by -1 per merit.
  • Feet: Enhanced Aspir Absorbtion increases aspir MP absorbtion amount by an additional 2% per merit.

Relic Augments - Paladin

The relic armor augments for paladin have been added. These augment several of a Paladin’s already potent resistance kit.

  • Head: Enhanced Iron Will adds 3% fast cast per Iron Will merit to Rampart.
  • Body: Enhanced Fealty adds 4s duration per Fealty merit.
  • Hands: Enhanced Chivalry adds an additional merit level to Chivalry (+5%).
  • Legs: Enhanced Invincible adds 10s to the duration of Invincible.
  • Feet: Enhanced Guardian adds 2s duration per Guarding merit to Sentinel.

Merit Weaponskills and Merit Growth

The Merit Weaponskills category has been unlocked!

Players who are level 99 and have completed a full run of New Game+ at least once (so New Game +2 when using the !ngpstatus command) can speak to the Nomad Moogle in Ru’Lude Gardens for a short cutscene and gain the Heart of the Bushin key item.

This key item unlocks the Merit Weaponskill merit trees. As players already have access to these weaponskills at their normal “maximum” capacity, the merits will now increase the WSC of the weaponskills by 0.03 (3%) from 85% to up to 100% at 5/5.

Players get 15 merits total (and 14 weaponskills), so you can mix and match which weaponskills you want to provide bonuses towards.

Affected Weaponskills:

  • Apex Arrow
  • Blade: Shun
  • Entropy
  • Exenterator
  • Last Stand
  • Realmrazer
  • Requiescat
  • Resolution
  • Ruinator
  • Shattersoul
  • Shijin Spiral
  • Stardiver
  • Tachi: Shoha
  • Upheaval

Reisenjima Henge - Absolute Virtue (t4)

Based on player feedback, we’ve reviewed and revamped Absolute Virtue’s core logic.

  • Maiden’s Virelai should only cast during Soul Voice. Soul Voice has a duration of 30s (down from 180s by default for shaghin-type mobs).
  • Added Manafont and should only cast Comet and Meteor during Manafont.
  • Updated Chainspell and will cast wind-elemental spells during Chainspell.
  • Freecasts wind elemental spells and debuffs outside of these casting conditions.
  • During Hundred Fists, no longer uses TP or magic moves to focus on pummeling.
  • Later in the fight, some of these SP moves CAN start to overlap to create unhappy exciting situations.😃
  • Added a missing TP move, Explosive Impulse, a small, PbAoE that also stuns and does high damage.


  • UPDATE Updated the core logic of Paladin’s Rampart to ensure that the Spell Interruption bonuses from Iron Will are properly provided to group members affected by Rampart. This also applies to the relic Fast Cast bonuses.
  • UPDATE Updated Blue Magic’s Auroral Drape to require the status effect to land successfully before tryint to set the ’enfeebled’ message; this was giving false positives that silence was landing.
  • UPDATE Added the missing MP drain messages to the weaponskills Energy Drain and Energy Steal.
  • UPDATE Updated the flags for Blue Mage’s Azure Lore to trigger magic bursts as if Burst Affinity was active and skillchains and WSC calculations as if Chain Affinity was active.
  • UPDATE Restoral has been tempered down to not have the same level 99+ multiplier as higher level mobs, capping at 1-10% of his max health. This should help with other strategies on The Grinch fight.
  • BUG Updated the /anon flag to properly update in-game menus.
  • BUG Added the missing item modifiers for the Loricate Torque.
  • BUG Updated the playerHasItem check used by several custom questlines to check through Wardrobe 8, not Wardrobe 4.
  • BUG Added missing cutscene with Apururu for Windurst mission A Jester Who’d Be King.
  • BUG Added missing cutscene with Ratihb for Aht Urhgan quest Three Men and A Closet.
  • BUG Upload the logic of Beastmaster’s Leave to require a jug pet, not just any pet.
  • BUG Update the RDM Master Job Quest 5, Step 4 dialogue to properly ’end’ rather than locking players in the cutscene and requiring them to press Esc out.

Members Portal

  • We’ve added a new “Quest or Abjuration” section to item detail pages. The data tables behind these are still being created, but it will provide players with wiki, base item, material, and abjuration links to help identify items that are available in the game, but not as normal item drops or vendors.
  • The item detail pages have been streamlined to hide sections that are not possible based on item flags (e.g. not showing an empty auction section for an item flagged as no auction).
  • The item flags (no trade, no sale, rare, etc.) on the item detail pages has been removed and put into a list under Details to be easier to read.
  • The Search Mobs by Zone lookup now includes Al Zahbi for those looking for Besieged mobs.
  • A new Immunities section has been added to the monster detail pages to show what hardcoded immunities the monster pool provides to that monster.
  • Updated some tablet form factor CSS issues with the top menu–the icons now hide to give additional screen space and ease readability.

11 December

Winter Celebration 2022

Christmas in San d’Oria

The Winter Celebration event is here and runs from 11 December 2022 to maintenance on 8 January 2023.

Here’s a quick rundown of the event offerings:

  • Be sure to pick up your daily gifts from the Event Moogles.
  • Help the Holiday Giver in Southern San d’Oria by finding presents he needs.
  • Head over to Bastok Markets and talk to Ebenezer (located in a home somewhere) to complete The Christmas Carol questline.
  • Gain holiday cheer and gain access to more items in the Gift Seller shoppe in Southern San d’Oria.
  • Head out into Ronfaure, Gustaberg, and Sarutabaruta to knock some gift boxes from the Twinking Treants.
  • Skilled crafters can help out the Holiday Crafters in Purgonorgo Isle (!craft).
  • Defeat the Grinch in Stop the Grinch BCNM for a chance at rare items during the event.

2022 Updates

  • New armoury crate items from the event BCNM’s.
  • Removed the Holiday Cheer reward when defeating twinkling treants to demotivate players from defeating them. Boop them for their gifts, don’t kill them.
  • Removed some Holiday Giver rewards that were difficult to acquire or required synergy.

Check out the wiki page for all the details.


During the holiday event, the holiday BCNM (Stop the Grinch) is sealed until you complete the storyline quests.


  • UPDATE Addressed a few weaponskills that had their skillchain properties out of order or were missing their (newish) tertiary property. For some weaponskills, old chains may not work as they used to!
    • Aeolian Edge
    • Spinning Axe
    • Fell Cleave
    • Numbing Shot
  • UPDATE Updated the logic for magic recast reduction from Fast Cast to cap at -40% rather than -25%.
  • UPDATE Added to Ark Angel TT in Escha Ru’Aun.
  • UPDATE Cleaned up various unused drops and added missing crafting materials for Pandemonium Warden.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Maintenance wouldn’t remove poison effects using Oil +3.

4 December

Chocobo Digging

  • The zone restrictions that restrict 200 digs per zone per hour has been removed. Individual player quotas remain in place.
  • The now have their enhancement to add endurance to chocobo digging. Players with these equipped while digging will have a 50% chance to not consume a ‘dig’ when digging.


  • UPDATE The checks for the type of active pet have been updated on all pet skills to verify that the correct pet is active. For example, Tactical Switch can only be used on Automatons and Spirit Bond can only be used on Wyverns.
  • UPDATE The item modifiers for Mana Cede have been moved into actual item modifiers and the hard coded equipment IDs removed from the scripts.
  • UPDATE The bedrock crag at G-11 in Morimar Basalt Fields is now passable. Happy exploring that… randomly little spot of the map?
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the Blue Mage’s Enchainment bonus wasn’t activating properly.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the calculation for flooring the elemental affinity damage wasn’t flooring properly.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where several blue magic spells were missing references to the blue magic global.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Astral Conduit would throw an incorrect log message on use (no effect on the ability itself).
  • BUG Addressed a case where some players could crash a zone by trying to exploit an edge case in linkshell chat.
  • BUG Addressed a case where some players could crash a zone by trying to exploit level sync.
  • BUG Addressed an issue in the Monk master job quest telling players to go to the wrong zone.

27 November

Relic Augments - Blue Mage

The retail “pre-augments” have been added as item modifiers to the reforged Relic NQ, +1, +2, and +3 versions.

  • (head) Enhance: Convergence adds a damage bonus of +2% per merit to the existing per merit, or +10% for 5/5 merits.
  • (body) Enhance: Enchainment adds +50 TP Bonus per merit to Chain Affinity, or +250 TP Bonus for 5/5 merits.
  • (hands) Enhance: Azure Lore adds +10s to the duration of Azure Lore.
  • (legs) Enhance: Assimilation adds +3% magical critical hit rate per merit, or +15% for 5/5 merits.
  • (feet) Enhance: Diffusion adds +5% duration per merit to the affected ability, bringing the bonus to +45% duration at 5/5 merits.

Relic Augments - Monk

The retail “pre-augments” have been added as item modifiers to the reforged Relic NQ, +1, +2, and +3 versions.

  • (head) Enhance: Penance adds an additional 2% per merit of INHIBIT_TP, or 10% for 5/5 merits.
  • (body) Enhance: Formless Strikes adds 6s duration per merit, or +30s for 5/5 merits.
  • (hands) Enhance: Invigorate adds 2HP/tick regen per merit, or +10HP/tick for 5/5 merits.
  • (legs) Enhance: Hundred Fists adds 15s duration of Hundred Fists.
  • (feet) Enhance: Mantra adds 2% max HP per merit, or +10% for 5/5 merits.

Crooked Cards Rework

The documentation around how Crooked Cards works seems to vary on every source. Previously, it was active for the next roll or double up, which left a lot up to chance. We’ve updated this to be easier to anticipate and, frankly, make more sense.

  • Crooked Cards now applies to the Phantom Roll activated and the series of commands afterwards, including Double Ups. The +20% base gain to rolls will apply to the initial and resultant follow-ups (and busts).
  • Crooked Cards must be activated before issuing the Phantom Roll and can no longer be activated for just a Double Up. On retail, Crooked Cards is simply ignored for Double Ups (and the cooldown is wasted), for us, we’ve opted to save players the recast and prevent it from being activated if usable conditions are not met.
  • Crooked Cards will wear off when the recast timer for Double Up expires or the player begins a new Roll series (another Phantom Roll).

This change should make it easier to ensure that the +20% bonus is applied to the final output of the roll, not just the single case.

Unbridled Learning Adjustment

Per the discussions in Feedback over the past few weeks, Unbridled Learning’s recast time has been reduced to 1m30s (UBL duration is 1m, so a 30s cooldown). This will give main job blue mages a more access to UBL spells and the unique buffs and debuffs contained in those spell lists.

This change only affects main job blue mages as subjobs do not have access to this skill.

Elemental Affinity

Gear that has the “Element: Magic Attack Bonus +##” had the mods ELEMENTATT, such as DARKATT on the Pixie Hairpin +1. Apparently this was never wired up properly and was instead wired to work in counter to ELEMENTDEF… and nothing more.

This is now wired up as per

For example, on darkness-based magic and weaponskills, Pixie Earring +1’s +28 DARKATT adds 28% more damage to those attacks. This is calculated early in the damage formula, directly after the affinity bonuses of staves (which… work similar, but different, because “SE things”), and can best be seen as increasing base damage by a multiple similar to how Magic Damage increases base damage by an additive.

There are vew few items that have these bonuses:



  • None





  • None



  • None

For our server, the primary source of these bonuses is our custom Avatar’s Favors from summoners. A summoner with ~800 skill can provide gains upwards of +40% of their avatar’s element to party members. See the Summoner job page for more details.

Phalanx Modifiers

The modifiers on gear for Phalanx have been wrong.

The previous Phalanx mod was used in calculations to store the potency of Phalanx, not add additional to it. Gear that had “Phalanx received +” modifiers on it was simply granting players a trace amount of Phalanx at all times.

We’ve broken this out into PHALANX_RCVD and PHALANX_BONUS. PHALANX will continue being used to track the active Phalanx effect on a character, but PHALANX_RCVD is for gear and augments that has “Phalanx received +##” and PHALANX_BONUS for a future of a “caster based” Phalanx bonus (none exists today, but maybe something custom for later).

This affects only a few pieces of gear:

This also affected any gear augmented with “Phalanx received +##”, such as some Escha Ru’Aun abjuration gear. Players who already acquired this gear will find the augments have updated automatically.


  • UPDATE Diamondhide no longer consumes Diffusion as it’s naturally an AOE.
  • UPDATE Erratic Flutter is now the correct duration of 5m, not 10m.
  • UPDATE Added the missing packets so that automatons and wyverns /sit with their masters.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the TOAU ‘The Black Coffin’ final cutscene required players to zone in from Arrapago Reef to receive it, which didn’t account if they disconnected or crashed in transit. Players can now get this cutscene, if they meet the requirements, from zoning into Nashmau from any zone.
  • BUG Updated the status effect for Mazurka to be dispellable… not erasable.
  • BUG Updated the status effect for Avatar’s Favor to be removed on zoning, logout, job change, and death now that it’s not removed when the avatar is despawned.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the HP gain of Monk’s Mantra was based on the Monk’s HP, not the target party member’s HP, causing Mantra to provide more HP than it should to lower HP players.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the merit modifier for Weapon Bash’s recast was not properly wired up.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Moghancements, when changed, would remain in effect in the Moghouse until the player exited, allowing multiple Moghancements to be active at the same time and potentially causing an exploit condition.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the despawn timer for pets was set to ‘instant’ rather than 2.5s causing animations not to complete and, in some cases, Windower clients to crash.
  • BUG Addressed a typo in the default dialog of Lehdu Gilgimi.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Incanter’s Torque was missing bard (singing, string, wind) and geomancer (geomancy, handbell) skills.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the animation and message for Dragoon’s Spirit Link was incorrect.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the range of Dragoon’s Soul Jump was incorrect.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the animation and range of Dragoon’s Spirit Bond was incorrect.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where rank 2 of the Dragon Killer trait was never applied.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the monster skill Yama’s Judgment used an older method of damage and bypassed Phalanx.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where “party checks” for corsair rolls didn’t trigger when the corsair was solo (because they’re not in a party). Rolls now look at the corsair themselves when rolling for bonuses if not in a party. This only really while the corsair was alone.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where “mirrored” encounters (Dark Reflection) didn’t have weapons if the player didn’t equip weapons. The mirrors now have a full arsenal of weapons available in the event the player has decided to go without a weapon into combat. For hand-to-hand players, no weapons are necessary to pummel players.
  • BUG Addressed a potential exploit condition with Zaldon’s Inside the Belly quests.
  • BUG Addressed a potential server crash condition when instances are destroyed (aka TOAU) when a player has left the zone and it’s still trying to clean up enmity.

13 November

Retail Client Update - November 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30221103_1 or higher.

  • Zone ID shifts in: Port San d’Oria, Port Windurst, Port Bastok, Upper Jeuno, Eastern Adoulin, Mine Shaft #2716, and Bibiki Bay

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use.

Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.

Divine Caress - Wired Up!

The White Mage skill Divine Caress has been wired up as per retail. It was a lost, forgotten skill that got shelved last year when we finished the remaining skills as it was a bit finicky on how we might wire it up.

Divine Caress adds an immunity to the status effect cured by the white mage on the target player. For example, if a target has Poison and the white mage has Divine Caress active before casting Poisona, the target gains a set number of resists to Poison.

  • This affects all -na spells, both those cast on single targets and AOE’d via Yagrush. This does not affect Erase, Esuna, or Sacrifice, as per retail (and because the exact resist to be removed varies as these all remove multiple effects).
  • The initial usage of Divine Caress will place a buff on the white mage.
  • The targets of Divine Caress will gain a target version (different status effect description) of Divine Caress telling them they have enhanced resistance.
  • A target cannot have more than one type of Divine Caress active on them at a time.
  • The DIVINE_CARESS_BONUS modifier has been added to the empyrean armor gloves and JSE cape, allowing players to add an additional ‘blocks’ to the target.

This affects all status effects that run through the magic resistance check for spells and for most mob skills. **There are some skills that bypass resistance checks, like some additional effects as their duration is always floored at 1, not 0, and resistance is what affects duration. There’s a few others, such as some gaze attacks, that do not check resistance if you haven’t turned away._

Latents and Your Empyrean Weapons

The custom Empyrean Bonuses are now latent effects on the weapons, not item modifiers.

These latents have two requirements:

  • The player must be level 99,
  • The player must have the weapon in either the main hand or ranged (depending on the weapon)

This addresses an ongoing concern than empyrean weapons, when used by level sync’d players, maintained their empyrean bonuses and became excessively over powered. Traditionally, item modifers are highly scaled and augments and set bonuses fall off of items when level sync’d–this follows in that pattern.

Coming soon! Players will also be able to see the Empyrean Bonus latents on the members portal under the Latents section of the item details.

Relic Augments - White Mage

We’re going back and adding the “pre-augments” that the relic gear traditionally has on retail as item modifiers to existing pieces. This work began with Beastmaster when we released those sets earlier this year. Over the next few months, a more jobs per update will be added into the mix. For almost all sets and pieces, the values are the same no matter the quality of the armor piece, and many enhance merits and job abilities.

To kick this off, we’ve added White Mage’s relic modifiers to the Piety set (the reforged relic set).

  • Piety Cap: Enhances “Devotion” Effect provides an additional 2.5% MP per merit into Devotion to the target player based on your sacrificed HP, capped at 57.5%. This does not increase the amount of HP taken, just the amount of MP given.
  • Piety Bliaut: Enhances “Benediction” Effect provides a -50 reduction to enmity. For us, we have simply halved the cure amount enmity of Benediction as our enmity values are percentage based, not static values.
  • Piety Mitts: Enhances “Martyr” Effect provides an increased potency by 10% per merit into Martyr (to a maximum of 75%) of HP transferred to the target player without increasing the HP taken from the White Mage.
  • Piety Pantaloons: Enhances “Afflatus Misery” Effect provides an increased amount of damage boost at a rate of 2.5% per merit into Animus Misery. At 5/5, the damage boost to Banish spells would gain an additional 12.5% damage based on the stored amount of Misery.
  • Piety Duckbills: Enhances “Afflatus Solace” Effect provides an increased amount of cures stored at a rate of 2.5% per merit into Animus Solace. At 5/5, amount of cures stored to the Solace effect would be an additional 12.5%.

Magic Scaling Cleanup - Voidwatch/Abyssea

With the ongoing discussions around Magic Barrier, we’ve been monitoring which encounters players have been having the most issues with and looking for patterns. Ones that has stood out has been Voidwatch and Abyssea.

After diving into those mobs, we found the following:

  • Many of these monsters have high INT in the 500-600 range due to being a) higher level and b) usually, a dual caster class.
  • Many of these mobs were potentially missed during the “Great Rebalance” in 2020 as they’re not in our normal progression. Mobs still had 1900+ MACC, 350+ MATT, high levels of triple attack, and low levels of haste (20, where as it’s based on 1024 now, so it should be 2048). While the MATT is countered by augments and such, the extremely high MACC makes these spells ‘unavoidable’ no matter how much MEVA players have.
  • Several mobs had invalid MAGIC_COOL settings which were causing them, if not stunned or silenced, to appear to chainspell.

So the perfect storm of the dINT change and random encounters having incredible amounts of accuracy, we’re seeing these spells hit excessively hard for players without Heroics tiers (for the higher INT) and hybrid MDT/MEVA sets.

At this time, over 300 encounters have been reviewed and had their magical accuracy and attacks evaluated and adjusted to be more in line with their progression, job types, and balance to Henge tier 1/2. This should also compensate for the dINT updates to black magic back in September that allowed higher INT mobs to cast maximum damage black magic spells.

We’ll continue monitoring these encounters in the coming weeks to see if we’ve swung too far the other way on some encounters and/or other adjustments need to be made.

Avatar’s Favor - Quality of Life Update

Based on feedback, we’ve redesigned how Avatar’s Favor works for a QOL improvement.

  • Avatar’s Favor now sits on the summoner and radiates the ‘check’ for the avatar’s individual favor instead of placing it on the avatar at the initial cast.
  • Players can now summon an avatar, activate Avatar’s Favor, and the avatar specific favor will appear. On dismissing the avatar, the Avatar’s Favor remains (which has the avatar perpetuation reduction on it), but the avatar’s specific favor, such as Ifrit’s Favor, would fade.
  • Players can then resummon another avatar without needing to cancel and reactive Avatar’s Favor, making it easier to swap between avatars.
  • We’ve added in the Avatar’s Favor bonus modifiers found on the Caller’s and Beckoner’s Horns. This adds +25 summoning skill per tier (can get up to +3 right now, or +75 summoning skill) to enhance the individual avatar’s favors beyond their normal limits.


  • BUG (hotfix) Update Drain II to 180s duration for the Max HP Boost effect to match retail.
  • BUG Added the missing Magic Damage Taken item modifiers to the Sakonji Haidate NQ/+1 armor pieces.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Automaton’s Dynamo, Dynamo II, and Dynamo III were giving evasion instead of critical hit rate.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Scope, Scope II, Scope III, and Scope IV where giving +% ATT instead of ranged accuracy.
  • BUG Addressed the missing magic damage item modifier for the Yagrush i119 III.
  • BUG Addressed the missing magic accuracy modifiers for various lower tier Yagrush.
  • BUG Addressed the missing defense item modifier from the Laic Mantle.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where latent effects would not properly process when a player first zoned into a zone, requiring an item unequip/reequip to trigger them. Latents should now properly process as a player zones in without needing an equipment change.
  • UPDATE Updated the message used by mob’s Benediction effect to simply be USES instead of attempting to show the healed HP amount–which was never right due to the massive health pools and integer overflows.
  • UPDATE By community request, Meteor is now properly an AOE spell (as per the retail wiki). This affects both players AND monsters, so… be warned? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6 November

Fall Harvest

The Fall Harvest event comes to a close for 2022.

Congrats to Pucho at 291, Anubisreign at 216, and Finalfantasyxi and 214 coming in first, second, and third in their number of Harvest Protector defeats. Also, congrats to Firestar… for a massive stockpile of 739 grenades at the end of the event. Wow.


  • BUG (hotfix) CS Apollyon: The Yagudo Avatar and Elemental scripts have been added so that the avatar properly astral flows and they have proper no gil/exp/drops flags.
  • BUG (hotfix) CS Apollyon: The 3 beastmen leaders now only spawn the intiial group, wave 1 and wave 2. It no longer repeats for endless ABC farming. There’s no actual documentation on how this works, so this is our take on how it should work.
  • BUG (hotfix) NW Apollyon: Fixed an issue where NW Apollyon F5’s treasure chest was spawned by killing the F4 boss.
  • BUG (hotfix) Temenos - North: Added despawn scripts for Temenos’ Cryptonberry summoners to despawn both their elementals and avatars on death.
  • BUG Temenos - East: Reworked the battlefield logic for the elementals that should help with causing doors to not open.
  • BUG Temenos - East: Reworked the battlefield logic for Mystic Avatars to make their chance to spawn at 50%, not the “almost never” it seemed to be before.
  • BUG Temenos - East: Re-added the potential of ‘blue’ coffers back into the mix, though, similar to Apollyon, they provide items instead of time extensions.

Magic Barrier

Thanks to everyone who’s been putting in feedback on the Suggestions page for Blue Mage. One overwhelming issue that players bring up is the undeniable potency of Magic Barrier compared to other forms of protection. While this is debatable, a recent comment brought to light a bug that we’re addressing.

It seems the “real” power of Magic Barrier hasn’t been the -40% MDT or +150 MEVA, but the edge case bug meant for Arcane Stomp and Immortal Mind only–where you entirely evade effects.

For transparency, there’s a snip of code in our magic core that looks to see if the target has MAGIC_SHIELD on. If so, if it is a “real” magic shield, meaning from Arcane Stomp or Immortal Mind, then it sets a hit rate of 0 to stop enfeebling effects.

    -- resist everything if real magic shield is active see effects/magic_shield
    -- arcane stomp | immortal mind
    if target:hasStatusEffect(tpz.effect.MAGIC_SHIELD) then
        local effect = target:getStatusEffect(tpz.effect.MAGIC_SHIELD)
        if effect:getSubPower() == 0 then
            return 0

That’s a mistake. That should have been effect:getPower() as that being zero creates the effect, so we’ve gone with it and added subpowers to the various effects.

So, to that end, the following changes have been made:

  • We’ve updated our check for arcane stomp and immortal mind to properly get flagged with a subpower of 0 so that this code works properly.
  • Magic Barrier, cast by both players and monsters, is now a subpower of 1, which does not benefit from this.
  • Several monster abilities that were previously looking for magic barrier now look for magic barrier plus the subpower of 0 or 1.
  • Several temporary items, such as the Fools Drink and Tonic, now have differing effects. The lesser, the drink, does not grant immunity, where the greater, the tonic, does.
  • The jug pet’s version of Bubble Curtain works similar to Magic Barrier magic and does not grant immunity.
  • The shield effect put up by Haphals during his final combat phase does not grant immunity.

So in the end, the “bonus” of magic barrier … was an incorrect 1 vs 0 in the code.

That said, we are still evaluating Magic Barrier.. be it continuing to exist as a form of -MDT… or even propping it up as a form of magical stoneskin like it is in retail so it stacks with other effects (I’ve done some experiments there and that’s actually super interesting to see big spells try to punch through TWO stoneskins).

More soon!


  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the damage over time of Kaustra was always the maximum when cast by monsters.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the flourish effect from Building Flourish was not being properly added to weaponskill cRatios for melee attacks.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Fenrir’s Heavensward Howl provided no bonus at < 10% Moon.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some petrification and terrorize effects were affecting targets flagged as NMs and HNMs.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Diabolos’ Blindside rage was missing it’s gravitation/transfixion attributes.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Cait Sith’s Regal Gash was flagged Fusion instead of Distortion and Regal Scratch had a 16y range instead of 8y.
  • BUG The fishing offset in Oldton Movapolos has been updated to provide the right messages.
  • BUG Some monster abilities that had a varying of hits (e.g. 1-2, 2-3, etc.) have been upated so that they don’t always just hit for the lesser of the values.
  • UPDATE Reduced the maximum potential potency of Stygian Sphere (used by Caturaes) from 25% to 15%.
  • UPDATE Reduced the potential retain bonus of some Escha Ru’Aun encounters who are in mechanic-based phases.
  • UPDATE Renamed Comma Belt to Khoma Belt within the database (affects Members Portal only).
  • UPDATE Added wyrm ash and the items synthesized from it did not show up in their proper auction house categories.
  • UPDATE Several new fish have been added to Zaldon’s reward pool for those participating in Belly of the Beast (fish that granted rings that are not wired up have been disabled for now).
  • UPDATE Accursed Soldiers in Gusgen Mines are now WAR instead of DRK.

30 October


  • UPDATE Implemented the new onTick (see below) to address avatars remaining in the world without a master.
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue where the Kindred Summoner in Temenos would summon spare Avatars, not Elementals (an Avatar should be up as part of the Party, but he should summon a type of elemental). This was causing the encounter to be more difficult because he’d spam summon Avatars that would do their Astral Flows, then he’d summon again (which, is a concept that we’re going to keep in our back pocket for an enrage for summoner-type mobs).
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue with bosses on NW Apollyon F3 and F4 not properly dropping coffers on defeat.
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue with Dee Wapa the Desolator in CS Apollyon not properly engaging their adds and elemental on aggro.


  • UPDATE Shifted NocSouls Days alexandrite and tanzanite jewels to be delivered to Makel-Pakel rather than player inventories.
  • UPDATE Implemented the proper packets for paralysis and terrorized (via Humanoid Killer) effects on players to stop the casting animation faster.
  • UPDATE Added a new onTick check for summoner-type mobs that should despawn their active avatars if the master is dead or despawned.
  • BUG Fixed the Blurred Shield /+1 to properly be a kite shield, not a round shield, in block damage reductions.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Fall Harvest’s rare harvests for harvesting and logging included a drop it shouldn’t have (congrats to those who got it).
  • BUG Addressed an edge condition where mobs that respawn rapidly could increment, rather than override, their traits and get more powerful than expected.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the deaggro timer would not be properly reset if the aggro target changed.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Bewitched Pumps having two incorrect recipes.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the fishing offset was incorrect in Western and Eastern Adoulin.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where no-exp, no-drop mobs could still drop seals and avatarites allowing a potential exploit condition.
  • BUG Addressed an edge condition where zoning with a pet could cause a null reference exception.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where DB80 had a 3600s (1 hour) battlefield time instead of 900s (15m) allowing players to sit in the battlefield and hold it open.


  • Updating several BCNM entries that showed their ‘in season’ lock out durations rather than their ‘out of season’ lock out durations. Going forward, we’ll show the maximum duration on the portal and any details for shorter durations can be on those appropriate wiki pages.

23 October

Fall Harvest

  • BUG (hotfixed) Addressed an issue where the Fall Harvest crafting buffs were not fully taking effect on players who reached 200+.
  • UPDATE Added a chance for players to get bonus leafkin grenades from Harvest Protectors in the event that they did not get any bonus loot. This chance is based on the chance of bonus loot in the zone plus 20%.

Voidstones for Cruor!

  • Players can now purchase Voidstones in quantities of 1 or 5 at a time from Cruor Prospectors in Abyssea. These are found under the Usable Items menu and cost 25,000 cruor a piece.


  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Flamma set bonuses had an incorrect ID for the hands that would cause the set bonus to not activate.
  • UPDATE Updated the logic for the ambuscade armor sets to not require the ring to activate like the old salvage and limbus gearsets. Players now get set bonuses at 2, 3, 4 and 5 pieces. Having all 6 pieces does not grant any additional bonuses.
  • UPDATE Beastmen-type mobs in Central Temenos 3rd Floor now have a chance to drop random amounts of Ancient Beastcoins.


  • BUG (hotfixed) Addressed a dialogue issue with Oboro wanting 100 riftcinder and 100 heavy metals instead of 99 of each as the quest required.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Lih Pituu in Windurst Woods (bonecraft NPC) would roam too far down by the fountain, rather than just around the bonecrafters guild house.
  • BUG Removed the duplicate, incorrect recipes for crafting Vexed Hose.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Meteor Strike (Ifrit’s merit skill) would not properly pass in the TP Bonus due to an incorrect code signature.
  • UPDATE Added the missing Magic Burst Bonus item modifier to the Channeling Robe (low level).
  • UPDATE Added a logic check so that Cryptonberry Designators in Limbus will despawn their pets on death.
  • UPDATE Added a catch that would cause the server to ignore underflow/no-data packets rather than crash.
  • UPDATE Shifted all NPCs in Marjami Ravine by +1 to address incorrect NPC names (a missed range from the August 2022 update).
  • UPDATE Updated several math.random checks to specifically have a 1 as a minimum so that it couldn’t, on a super lucky (or unlucky) chance, roll a 0 when it was trying to give players an item.
  • UPDATE Added a missing logic check to ensure that mobs that are tagged with action restricting spells (such as sleep and break) are still ’engaged’ to fire off appropriate onMobEngaged scripts.

16 October

Retail Client Update - October 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30220906_0 or higher.

  • Zone ID shifts in: Port San d’Oria, Port Windurst, Port Bastok, Upper Jeuno, Eastern Adoulin, Rala Waterways, Kamihr Drifts

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use.

Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.

The Fall Harvest is here!

Finding those rare harvests

The Fall Harvest is back and updated for 2022. As in previous years, the Fall Harvest event focuses on HELM and crafting activities, so now’s the time to do some gathering, cap those synthesis skills to 110, and try your hand at those rare high-quality items.

For the full walkthrough of the event, check out the wiki page.

For 2022, the Fall Harvest event will run from 16 October 2022 until maintenance on 9 November 2022.

What’s New

  • The currency players receive when defeating Harvest Protectors is now called Harvest Points throughout dialogues rather than ’leaves’ to fix confusion between them and the crafting materials.

  • Players can now trade their Leafkin Grenades to the Event Moogle to increment their Leafkin Grenade Points. These points are used to purchase items directly from the Event Moogle when unlocked.

  • Players can access the Fall Harvest shop once acquiring 50 or more Harvest Points. This replaces the leafkin grenade trades that have existed in previous Fall Harvest events.

    • Players can purchase leaves for synergy recipes when they reach 50 or more Harvest Points. Purchasing these leaves spends the Leafkin Grenades that players have traded to the Event Moogle.
    • Reward tiers open up as players gain additional Harvest Points at 50, 100, 150, and 200. Reward tier items can be purchased using gil and contains various housing items and collectables. This replaces the previous point-level shop that existed in previous Fall Harvest events.
  • The Fall Harvest HELM buffs are now automatic and do not require ‘buying’ it with leafkin grenades. Players gain a random chance at additional harvests when performing HELM activities as they gain Harvest Points.

    • Players with 10 or more Harvest Points gain an 1 additional item.
    • Players with 30 or more Harvest Points gain 1-2 additional item(s).
    • Players with 50 or more Harvest Points gain 1-3 additional item(s).
  • The Event Effect bonuses (focused on crafting) have been updated and the amount of Harvest Points required for each tier reduced.

    • Players with 50 or more Harvest Points gain synthesis success +5%.
    • Players with 75 or more Harvest Points gain +5 to all synthesis skills.
    • Players with 125 or more Harvest Points gain +5 to all synthesis skills.
    • Players with 200 or more Harvest Points gain synthesis HQ rate +5%.
  • Harvest Protectors now ‘soft enrage’ at 120 seconds to prevent players from just ‘holding them’ while continuing to harvest.

Login Point Rewards

The Points Coffer, located Western Adoulin near Yefafa, has had its inventory updated.

Featured Items


  • UPDATE The Skipper Moogle in Port Bastok that would send players to La Theine Plateau (for whatever reason) has been removed.
  • UPDATE Limbus: Revamped a cooldown check so that the ability reset coffers in Limbus would properly reset all abilities.
  • UPDATE Limbus: Updated the Apollyon Sapling’s health to be inline with the other Arboricole mobs in NE Apollyon and added the missing battlefield flag for the Members Portal.
  • UPDATE Limbus: Updated the Armoury Coffers in SW Apollyon to properly keep people in melee range–and added a little 💀 surprise 💀 if you try to force your way out of melee range.
  • UPDATE Limbus: The transport pads and vortexes in Temenos and Apollyon now verify that the player does not have enmity before attempting to teleport. This addresses the issues where players could either a) teleport to the next floor and drag the prior floor with them, or b) get ‘stuck’ in a black screen because they’re attacked while mid-cutscene.
  • UPDATE Limbus: Additional drop slots for armor materials (coiled yarn, charcoal cotton, etc.) have been added to many Temenos floors that only have one chest per floor. These new drops replace a few slots that had a 50% chance to drop a single ancient beastcoin.

9 October


Overall, we’ve spent this update redesigning Apollyon’s battlefield logic to make it more stable for players to move floor to floor.

  • We shifted much of the logic for battlefields out of individual mob’s onMobDeath event and into the battlefield itself, which checks each server tick, for whether or not conditions are met.
  • Many counters and events that had fail conditions were either removed or a secondary means (usually defeating ALL mobs on a floor) was added. This should resolve the issue where AOEing some encounters could cause the floor logic to not progress.

We’re evaluating and will look at Temenos in the next few updates.

  • UPDATE Added additional checks to remove entry key items from players when participating in Limbus battlefields.
  • UPDATE Encounters within Limbus will no longer count towards hunt quotas.
  • BUG NE Apollyon: Addressed an issue where one of the greater birds wouldn’t always have full health.
  • BUG NE Apollyon: Addressed an issue where the lesser birds didn’t have enhanced evasion.
  • BUG SW Apollyon: Addressed missing physical resistance attributes on the elementals.
  • BUG SE Apollyon: Updated coffers on F1 and F3 to spawn in their marked map positions (per BGWiki) rather than at the battle target’s location.
  • BUG SE Apollyon: Addressed an issue where Evil Armory did not gain its proper haste buff.
  • BUG SE Apollyon: Addressed an issue where F2’s treasure coffers would pop on F3.
  • BUG CS Apollyon: Addressed an issue where Arch-Omega was not properly flagged as a Battlefield mob (and buffed as such).


  • UPDATE Added the base code that saves and loads player’s equipped gear when changing jobs. This affects your main job only. This does not save your style locks or reapply a previously applied style lock.
    • As this is new, this won’t take effect until you save your gear at least once by changing jobs and back at your Mog House or a Moogle Nomad.
    • Example: As a RDM, have your normal gear equipped and change to WAR. You’ll be ’naked’ as a WAR (no saved equipment), but then change back to RDM and your previously equipped gear will be equipped.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Heroics scouts’ mission for Ceizak Battlefields would still require 100 kills instead of 75.

2 October


  • UPDATE Updated the drop rate of metal chips set to be fixed at 30% (from varying between 15% and 40%).
  • UPDATE Updated several ‘mini bosses’ within Apollyon drop additional ABCs when defeated to give value to defeating these encounters rather than bypassing. We’re reviewing others and considering how it fits in to the overall potential drops on those floors.
  • UPDATE Updated Kindred Summoners and Telchines Dragoons to despawn their pets on defeat so that they don’t chase players around the zone.
  • UPDATE Added in logic for Skadi to attempt to randomly charm players throughout the fight, not just during their two-hour effect.
  • UPDATE Updated several pet mobs to be level appropriate at 110+.
  • UPDATE Updated coffers in Temenos North 5F to all be rotated the same direction.
  • BUG Addressed issue with Yagudo Disciplinant and Fossil Quadavs not dropping ABCs on defeat.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Reworked the Adoulin barricade logic to prevent the barricades from attempting to fight back against their frontier explorers. 😉
  • UPDATE Revamped some of the logic around the 0x015 packet to reduce the frequency that it is sent to players to a maximum of once per second (rather than once per every 10ms). This should address some of the input lag that some players experienced in high population areas.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Helices are now capped (and have been since last Tuesday) at 19,999 damage per tick for the overtime effect. After testing, this resolves the overflow issues that damage over time effects cannot exceed 32K, leaves room for other damage over time effects, and, in the future, gives growth potential to the class.
  • UPDATE Several high-tier encounters now drop all of their damage over time effects when going immune to damage to prevent players from either a) exploiting this condition or b) instantly getting KO’d for attempting to damage these encounters while they are immune.
  • BUG Localized the effects in Carbuncle’s Soothing Ruby that could cause the status removal effects to not properly remove in some edge cases.
  • BUG Fixed the typo of Melancholic Moira’s name in the Peacekeeper’s mission log.

25 September


  • UPDATE When presented with the final coffer in each zone, the 15s timer has been removed. Previously, if players did not tag the coffer in 15s, they would be teleported out. The teleport now occurs once players have opened the final coffer to allow time to get to it depending on how far players have fought the final boss from it. We’ll monitor this and if players are abusive on this (and sitting in zones and preventing others from entering), we’ll consider other means.
  • UPDATE Central Apollyon: Addressed an edge case where Arch-Omega’s Gunpod wouldn’t spawn when changing forms. He should always attempt to summon a Gunpod if one is not already active when changing forms.
  • UPDATE Apollyon SE: Addressed an edge case where the initial kill of a Flying Spear might not count to turn the Evil Armoury active; it now verifies the Evil Armoury is active on every Flying Spear kill.
  • BUG Apollyon SE: Addressed an edge case for Metalloid Amoebas to attempt to spawn chests if one is not already active in the event the Amoebas are AOE’d.
  • BUG Apollyon SW: Addressed an issue where Armoury Crate mimics were not properly drawing players in and allowing players to tag them then run off without fighting them.
  • BUG Apollyon SW: Addressed an issue where Armoury Crate non-mimics attempted to provide a time extension (which is disabled) rather than loot rolls in one of the 3 bonus chests.
  • BUG Apollyon CS: Addressed an issue where the blue coffers would attempt to give time extensions instead of treasure.
  • BUG Temenos E 4F: Addressed an issue where the Enhanced Lizards were not aggro to players.

KNOWN ISSUE We have observed that the HP and MP item restore chests sometimes have weird prefixes in their messages since the September 2022 client. The messages, when called outside the scripts, also have it. This doesn’t affect the effect provided and seems to be in the .DATs themselves (perhaps a known bug to SE this month). We’ll see if this issue persists to the October 2022 release. If it does, we’ll replace the built-in message with our own custom message.

Halls of Legion

  • BUG Addressed issue where Confrontation effect would be removed on death and remove players from being active participants in the battlefield. Players, on death, should now retain the Confrontation effect and be able to be raised by party members and continue the fight.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed issue where InstanceBuilder was not consuming keys on trade.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where distributing loot would tell players to sort their inventories if they already had an item, not that it would simply fall to the ground like a normal BCNM chest.
  • UPDATE Moved the calculation for determining if players have enough free slots ahead of attempting distribution; players should have at least as many open slots as potential drop slots to get loot (e.g. for Halls of Legion, it’s 5).

More Helices!

We’ve updated the core logic of helices to do two things:

  1. Helix damage over time is based on the INITIAL HIT of the first damage spell rather than it attempting to recalculate it on every tick. This ensures that the damage properly passes through the server bonus calculations and other effects. This also means that if the initial Helix damage is extremely low due to a resist or such, it will not recalculate it on each tick.
  2. Update the logic for Helix spells to remove existing Helix effects to allow new damage values to take effect. Previously, if a target had a Helix effect, it would inflict the base damage, but not inflict a damage over time effect until the prior effect wore off. Now, each Helix spell refreshes the Helix effect with the new damage value, allowing players to recover from when a prior Helix spell was resisted.
  3. Remove the secondary stoneskin check on each tick as the REGEN_DOWN effect already checks this. This was causing Stoneskin on some monsters to burn twice as fast while under the effect of a helix spell.


  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where Magic Barrier and Bubble Curtain (from jug pets) would not take effect.
  • BUG (hotfix) Add missing FISHING_MESSAGE_OFFSET to Foret de Hennetiel zone data to re-enable fishing in the zone.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where master job quests would not properly recognize the acquisition of a relic, mythic, or empyrean weapon due to a type mismatch.
  • BUG Addressed an edge case bug with the JP client where when corrupted data was sent to the server, it would crash the zone. This is now caught and a message is displayed to the user to try again or contact a GM. This check was initially added to the Legion and Limbus shops, but expanded to all custom menus.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where all percentage based calculations were properly typecast to floats to perform the correct math. This included modifiers for ATTP, RATTP, ACCP, RACCP, and DEFP.
  • BUG Addressed a missing update for tier 4 and 5 -aga spells cast by monster encounters that didn’t conform to the dINT scaling changes made in the 18 September 2022 update. These spells now call the proper methods and data points and no longer do zero damage (sorry, not sorry).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some monster families had the blue (i) information icon next to their name when they shouldn’t.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where several blue magic skills were not properly localizing their damage values and could cause incorrect calculations if two spells of different strengths were used in the same zone.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Addressed a packet issue with update packets to force moving, active players, NPCs, and pets to take priority when being visible on the screen.
  • UPDATE Updated the logic in !stats to return the player’s actual defense, not simply the DEF modifiers.
  • UPDATE Updated Reactor Cool (blue magic) to properly override other forms of the Defense Boost effect.

18 September

Retail Client Update - September 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30220906_0 or higher.

  • Zone ID shifts in: King Ranperre’s Tomb, Leafilia, and Port Jeuno
  • Message ID shifts in 270+ zones, including all cities.

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use.

Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.

Updated Renamer File

With the release of Limbus and the updated Legion, the Renamer list has been updated. You can download the latest list here.

Limbus is here!

Welcome to Limbus, Nocturnal Souls! Limbus is targeted at early-99 players as a battlefield system rewarding the Ambuscade versions of Limbus and Salvage gears. Huge shoutout to community members Kin and Camikio for their hardwork testing every floor, encounter, and option for us over the past few weeks. Thank you!

  • Addition of Limbus which includes Apollyon (6 multi-floor battlefields) and Temenos (8 multi-floor battlefields).
  • Addition of the Ambuscade versions of the Limbus and Salvage gear sets and the progression paths from NQ to HQ+2.

Entry Requirements

  • Players must have completed the Chains of Promathia quest line and earned the title Banisher of the Emptiness.
  • Players must have completed the Adventure Quest quest line through the final level 99 quest.
  • Players must have either a relic or mythic weapon completed.

Entry Recommendations

  • Players should have at least upgraded to a “tier 1” armor upgrade of their artifact, relic, or empyrean gear. These upgrades can be done using gil and the currency jewels acquired through Hunts and Halls of Legion.

How do I enter?

Temenos Apollyon
Temenos Apollyon
  • Players will need red, black, or white cards depending on which battlefield area they are entering. These key items have a 100% drop rate from the Aw’euvhis around the various Crag entrances in Al’Taieu.
  • Players will need a Cosmo-Cleanse that can be purchased from Sagheera in Port Jeuno for 15,000g. Players can acquire a new Cosmo-Cleanse every 2 hours.
  • Entry is limited to a single party (6 players) per battlefield, though drops are part of the treasure pool and not personal loot, so teams will need to determine their loot distribution strategy ahead of time.

All participating party members must have the proper key items to enter the battlefield each time. Key items are consumed on entry. Leaving the battlefield before completion will not allow re-entry and will require another Cosmo-Cleanse and key item set.

Play Modes - Dynamic Scaling

Limbus automatically scales based on participants in the battlefield. Players must be inside the battlefield to trigger an increase or decrease in scaling.

  • 1 player : “solo” - solo players receive the base experience within Limbus, targeted at solo play and rewards.
  • 2-3 players : “hard mode” - small group play and/or multiboxing is allowed, but increases the difficultly of content with each zone.
  • 4-6 players: “savage mode” - full groups have an increased difficulty of content, but gain additional ancient beastcoin drops throughout the zones.

Click here for more information.

Halls of Legion - Redesigned

We’ve redesigned the Halls of Legion to use our new InstanceBuilder system and to better align to expected progression paths.

  • Each Hall is now a dynamic battlefield with an appropriate timer, waves of mobs, and Armoury Crate for rewards.

  • The Legion Libretto now informs players which Halls are occupied.

  • The Armoury Crate located in the lobby now provides players with their loot from each Hall.

  • Players can no longer enter a Hall that is occupied or accidentally ‘restart’ encounters for other players.

  • Similar to BCNMs, when all players leave the battlefield (or zone), the Hall is cleared out and re-opened for players. (You can’t zerg Halls anymore with excess trophies).

Challenge and Loot

The challenge level of each Hall has been slightly reduced to better align to fresh 99 players. Completion of the Adventure Quest is not required for Halls of Legion and provides an alternative for players to gear up for the AQ99 encounters.

  • Encounters have been repositioned to make it easier to fight each encounter independently.

  • Each Hall now spawns as a wave, rather than each encounter triggering separately. Players will have a few moments between each wave to move to a safe spot (the center of the room and/or near the entrance is usually safe).

The loot drops within the Halls have been removed except for alexandrite, tanzanite, and Legion points.

  • After each successful Hall completion, players now acquire loot from the Armoury Crate in the Legion lobby area after completing a run. Loot is player-based rather than a treasure pool to give more loot opportunities for those running Legion in larger groups.

    • Loot includes 40+ rare Legion items that tend to have unique effects or models (vanity items) as well as the Pioneer gearsets.
    • The Pioneer armor sets are now only the +1 versions (the i109 and i119 versions) and has a small chance to be in the Armoury Crate when completing a hall.
      • Hall of An - i109 gloves and hats
      • Hall of Ki - i109 boots, legs, and body
      • Hall of Im - i119 gloves and hats
      • Hall of Muru - i119 boots and legs
      • Hall of Mul - i119 body
  • Players can leave the zone without collecting their loot, but will be unable to run the Hall again without collecting it.

  • The Legion Moogle has been removed. Saarlan is back and provides a storefront to convert Legion Points into the Pioneer +1 armor sets, the Legion rings and earrings.

    • Clear Hall of An: Purchase “Lofty” rings
    • Clear Halls of An, Ki: Purchase i109 Pioneer +1 armor sets.
    • Clear Halls of An, Ki, Im: Purchase “Veiled” rings
    • Clear All Halls: Purchase i119 Pioneer +1 armor sets, earrings, and trophies.
  • Players who have completed Legion and earned the Legendary Legionnaire title can buy the trophies to directly enter any Hall using legion points. This is an alternative buying them for gil in in the Heroics Rank 3 shop.


As the new InstanceBuilder instances are classified as BCNMs, the Halls of Legion are now listed in the BCNMs list on the Members Portal.

Requirement Changes

  • Players must have the necessary title and key items of the previous hall to enter the next hall. A player cannot skip to the final hall directly anymore. This may cause some players who had previously “been carried” through the Halls to need to go back and legitimately do them to access each Hall properly.

  • To start a Hall battlefield, only one player needs to trade a trophy to the Legion Tome–the entire party will be transported in when activated and all requirements are met. If requirements are not met, the trading player will receive a notice on what issue needs to be addressed.


  • Hall of An: The Lofty Zilant and Lofty Wyrm have had their models and skill lists swapped to properly match their names.

  • Each encounter in the Halls is now ‘still’ until they are first engaged.

  • The Hall of Mul now randomly picks between Paramount Botulus and Paramount Gallu when players enter the battlefield. Each has its own Armoury Crate loot pool.

  • Each battlefield now has its own theme battle music.

The Halls of Legion page has been updated.

Magic Refactoring and Updates


  • Magic defense, on most scaled content, has been adjusted to be more linear and, in all cases, reduced. This enables many magic skills to have a higher multiplier, including magical weaponskills. These adjustments also take into account the various ways players can reduce magic defense to make these debuffs more meaningful.

    • Reisenjima Henge: 10 MDEF * tier
      • Carbuncle Prime/120 Dummy is tier 3, Ulr of Dark is tier 6
    • Dynamis Divergence: 10 MDEF * scaling
      • Trash mobs = 1, commanders = 2, disjointed = 5
    • Escha: 20 MDEF * scaling
      • Escha Zi’Tah: 1.0 for trash scaling to 1.4/1.5 for bosses.
      • Escha Ru’Aun: 1.2 for trash scaling to 2.5 for bosses (Naga Raja is 4.0).
    • Reisenjima: 20 MDEF * scaling
      • Trash mobs = 1, ascended = 1.1-1.2, bosses = 1.5-3.0 (Quetzalcoatl is 3.2)
  • Magic evasion, on most scaled content, remains the same and requires players to have sufficient magic accuracy and/or debuffs to counter it. In addition, elemental (as well as day/weather bonuses) defenses are additive to evasion, not defense.


Differences in INT, level correction, magic damage reduction, family/ecosystem based resistances, and other factors continue to play a part in spell potencies. Some monsters have specific call outs or scripts that adjust their magic resistances dynamically based on situations; however, most gain magic evasion instead of magic defense. In addition, these values do not reflect spells and abilities cast by encounters that should be dispelled.

tl;dr: Use things like the training dummies as a point of reference, not a guarantee of real-time combat performance.

Blue Magic

  • Update the TP modifiers to properly require Chain Affinity or Efflux to address a condition where player can get 3000 TP and “hold it” using physical abilities at their max potential without losing TP.
  • Update the accuracy calculation on physical blue magic to accept the ‘accuracy penalty’ setting for spells with a lower base accuracy.
  • Update the Efflux logic to set TP +1000, capping at 3000 TP, before doing additional TP mods calculations.
  • Add in the Empyrean AUGMENTS_BLU_MAGIC calculations to randomly provide a 2x WSC bonus.

Black Magic

  • Revamp the dINT cut points to exceed the 200 INT cap that aligned with the 75 era and expand to 600+ INT for the modern era. This adds new base damage values to many tier 4, 5, and 6 spells and greatly increases their potential potency by increasing their base damage once the dINT thresholds are met.
  • Comet now properly applies its short duration stacking damage bonus for successive casts. This debuff lasts 10s on the target.
  • The -aja spell lines now properly apply its short duration stacking damage bonus for successive casts. This debuff lasts 10s on the target.
  • Ancient Magic Tier 2 spells now have their proper elemental resistance reductions.


  • Helix spells have been revamped to be more reliable sources of damage and ’tagging’ on monsters. They now work via REGEN_DOWN similar to other dots rather than forcing the damage directly on tick like a spell cast.
  • Adjusted the logic of on-tick spells to keep the last damager on the enmity list. This should resolve an edge case where targets with dots on them die while ‘white’ and no loot or experience is rewarded.


  • UPDATE Disable merit mode when changing to a job that does not support being in merit mode. This addresses an edge case where a low level job might not gain experience points.
  • UPDATE Remove the flag that dispels “on Attack” buffs, like Boost, when countering.
  • UPDATE When a Corsair rolls an 11, remove the ability to Double Up (as per retail).
  • UPDATE Fotia belts and gorgets now have their proper item modifiers rather than being ‘hidden effects’ hard coded in the various scripts.
  • UPDATE The Hachirin-no-obi will now provide proper weather enspell damage bonuses similar to the other day/weather obis.
  • UPDATE The enspell damage bonus of bard Threnody spells now has the same duration as the Threnody and is increased by modifiers to Threnody duration.
  • UPDATE Revamped the enspell damage formula to hit for full power unless resisted (which staggers at 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2 damage); this should make enspell damage much more consistent.
  • UPDATE With the addition of Tenemos, updated the global reraise timer for Aerns from 12s to 6s so players aren’t standing around waiting for Aerns to get back up.
  • UPDATE Standardized Third Eye to have a 100% anticipation rate with a -10% decay rate for each anticipation while under the effects of Seigan for both incoming auto attack and TP moves.
  • UPDATE Added new checks to ensure that attack, ranged attack, accuracy, ranged accuracy, and defense can’t underflow past 0 in certain calculations.
  • BUG Address a potential crash condition where a loot quartermaster is set in the party, but that player has gone offline and is no longer “registered” in the party.
  • BUG Immunity checks for light vs. dark sleep spells hae been updated to properly check their level, not simply if they’re “sleep” or not.
  • BUG Updated the base duration of Horde Lullaby II from 30s to 60s to align with retail.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where changing jobs without zoning wouldn’t remove Corsair rolls.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Vrtra might now spawn adds in certain conditions. Vrtra now has the ‘spawning an add’ animation.
  • BUG Addressed a condition where some battlefield monsters could be Doom’d or Death’d.
  • BUG Addressed a condition where players could attempt a specific crafting exploit that would cause a server crash.
  • BUG Update the ability message for Corsair’s Phantom Roll when busting to (hopefully) address the Windower crash condition.
  • BUG Cap the maximum amount of recast packets sent to the player at 30 (any more seems to crash the client).
  • BUG Remove the ‘rubberbanding’ of mobs in batltefield zones that wander past their spawn points to allow roaming in large battlefields (Limbus).
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Dragoon’s Spirit Bond not properly applying the defense and magic defense bonuses (and updated wiki to reflect the removal of the HP bonus).
  • BUG Jobs for the Nanti Dagger/+1 have been… fixed? Maybe? Finally?
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the monster skill Soul Douse having an extremely short Doom timer.

28 August 2022

Wyvern Breath Changes

Previously, we’d enhanced wyvern breath by adding in a scaling bonus to the WYVERN_BREATH modifier as players leveled up. This provided a smooth upgrade path for breath as players level up. Unfortunately, it also means that gear with WYVERN_BREATH is less than exciting at max level because you already have so much!

  • Wyvern’s breath has been totally broken out of the normal ‘mob breath’ logic into its own logic.
  • As nearly all breath damage scales based on HP, wyvern breath now has the amount of HP used as base damage scale instead of stacking WYVERN_BREATH multiplier modifiers. Players will see an increased damage rating as wyverns level up, especially at level 119+, as their health goes up. In addition, gear with Pet:HP+ can cause base damage to increase.
  • The WYVERN_BREATH modifiers, now that they are no longer lost in the scaling bonus, provide a significant bonus. Players, with the right gear, can see upwards of a +58% damage bonus. Keep in mind that this is to the base damage and is calculated before Deep Breathing.
  • BONUS Wyvern breaths can now magic burst their elements for additional damage based on the tier of the chainbound status on the target.
    • Note: It’s recommended to ensure you have gear that ensures WYVERN_EFFECTIVE_BREATH is active so that the element used is consistent and then skillchain around it. E.g. If the wyvern is focused on doing Gust Breath, then Light skill chains; if Frost Breath, then Dark skill chains.

Third Eye Clarifications

It was brought to our attention that there were edge cases where Utsusemi and Third Eye could stack, get ‘stuck,’ and neither function until the player zones again. We’ve reviewed and updated these cases.

  • Third Eye now fades silently when overwritten by Utsusemi and does not stack.
  • Utsusemi (COPY_IMAGE) and Blink do not stack.
  • Blue magic blink spells are now included in the Third Eye check.
  • Pet magic blink spells are now included in the Third Eye check.
  • Third Eye now checks for both COPY_IMAGE and BLINK to see if it takes effect. If one of those are active, players receive the “No effect.” message.

Our custom implementation of a shadow as part of Tachi: Enpi remains the exception to allow players a single shadow while Third Eye is up to anticipate magical attacks (which Third Eye will not counter). This allows Samurais to have a chance to anticipate both magical and physical attacks assuming they can sustain Third Eye and Tachi: Enpi.


  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed the missing “pouched” versions of the REMA bows and guns in our REMA complete scripts.
  • BUG Addressed incorrect item modifiers on the Mafic Cudgel.
  • BUG Addressed an incorrect job mask on the Nanti knife/+1 to allow dancers to equip them.
  • BUG Addressed the incorrect item base sell value of a Stick of Pepperoni food item.

14 August 2022

Retail Client Update - August 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30220802_2 or higher.

  • Zone ID shifts in: Marjami Ravine, Bhalfau Thicket
  • Added two new zones: Throne Room V and Outer RaKaznar U2
  • Added two new status effects: Taint and Haunt (assuming for Sortie)
  • Renamed Outer RaKaznar U to Outer RaKaznar U1.
  • Message ID shifts in 58+ zones, including all cities.
  • The Locus mobs in Bhalfau Thicket have been removed for the time being.

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use.

Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.


  • UPDATE Updated the Heroics Couriers’ task for Smithing incorrectly asking for rhodium ingots; it now asks for molybdenum ingots.
  • UPDATE Added a dialog to the Quasilumin in The Garden of Ru’Hmet to inform players that the escort component of COP 8-2 is not required.
  • UPDATE Added an additional packet push when players dismount their chocobo that should resolve an issue where players dismount out of range of others and cannot be seen.
  • UPDATE Updated several mob drop lists in The Boyahda Tree to better reflect what those targets should be dropping.
  • UPDATE Updated two item prices in the !craft Blacksmith to be more inline with guild vendor and auction prices.
  • UPDATE Updated the duration of our custom version of Heavenward Howl to be 180s plus a bonus from Summoning Time, similar to Ecliptic Growl, to make it easier to maintain this buff on the party.
  • BUG Updated the base spell list for The Grinch so that he no longer casts Blaze Spikes–which was upgrading his normal Ice Spikes to Dread Spikes making him more Grinchy than expected.
  • BUG Updated the skillchain element of Silent Storm to properly be Wind, not Water.
  • BUG Updated the Lentus Grip and Plumose Sachet to allow for account sending.
  • BUG Updated the recipe for an Hajduk Ring to provide a high-quality result at HQ1.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where weaponskills that miss wouldn’t immediately update the player’s UI making it look like they could weaponskill again.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Samurai’s Zanshin would reproduce the last hit, rather than create a new hit–this could cause blocked/guarded/countered hits to repeat the action unintentionally.

7 August 2022

Beat the Heatwaves

The summer event, Beat the Heatwaves, comes to a close for another year. The next event, Fall Harvest, will start in late September.


  • UPDATE Added a reminder to players working on their relic weapon quests that the weapon must be equipped to get credit.
  • UPDATE The relic +2 JSE neck for Dragoons has been updated to replace Pet: Magic Attack Bonus with Pet: Breath+ which translates into Wyvern Breath+ found on other Dragoon gear. A means for existing players to trade their neck piece in for the updated version will be coming in future updates.
  • UPDATE Added in an additional check to (hopefully) prevent an edge case where a player cannot receive a Raise due to the client missing the packet.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where mythic weapon checks would set at the wrong phase for some players. This flag has been changed to simply look for the proper, completed mythic weapons in the player storage (inventory, wardrobes, etc.). Margret, for entry into Reisenjima Hinge, and Aurix, for gaining entry into Dynamis Divergence and upgrading Relic armors, both use this new check. We’ll be shifting all REMA checks to use this new system in a future update.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where monsters with NIN or BRD subjobs would not proper cast their spells.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where higher level Ark Angels would favor their lower level abilities has been fixed, including, in Escha Ru’Aun, the ability for the Ark Angels to attempt to self-skillchain under certain conditions.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where ranged weaponskills wouldn’t pull a player out of invisible or sneak.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some avatar magic spells (e.g. Shiva’s Blizzard II and IV) had a typo in their TP effect and were not receiving their full TP effect.

31 July 2022


  • BUG (hotfix) Adjusted the HP damage calculation for Spirits Within and Arrogance Incarnate when used by AAEV and other mobs with very high HP values (this doesn’t make it where you it won’t one-shot you, but not… always? 😁)
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue causing Goddess Hymnus not to provide the proper Reraise III effect.

24 July 2022


  • UPDATE Wyverns now gain the proper levels from the dragoon’s main hand weapon when at level 99. With the relic necklace, wyverns can now reach level 120 and gain improved hit rate, damage reduction, and overall level difference calculations when doing and taking damage.
  • UPDATE The fishing quest in Selbina has been re-enabled and is now set to calculate winners once a week during the Conquest calculations.
  • UPDATE The Moonshade Earring’s latent effect for Beastmaster is now Ready/Sic Recast Reduction -3s instead of Fencer.
  • UPDATE Added the beryllium, oxidant, and gashing bolts, including their custom recipes, quviers, and effects.
  • UPDATE Addressed an edge case where players could trigger an NPC during synthesis and it would not cancel the synthesis.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where Adelbrecht had an incorrect dialogue after aligning to The Fighting Fourth in Bastok [S].
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the onMobMagicPrepare wouldn’t fire. Several mobs who either shouldn’t cast due to conditions (e.g. Seriyu during Hundred Fists) or should cast certain spells due to conditions (e.g. Merrows during Medusa’s encounter) should now work properly.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Scouts Coalition would say it needed 100 enemies defeated in one dialogue, but 75 in another. 75 is correct and the dialogue has been updated.
  • BUG Addressed Feather Storm (Blue Magic) to no longer vary crit chance based on TP, but to vary the chance to poison.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Gnoles were classified as beastmen and Dvergrs were classified as undead.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Cait Sith would use Regal Gash instead of Regal Scratch at lower levels.
  • BUG Addressed a missing resist and accuracy check for Spectral Floe, Entomb, and Anvil Lightning’s additional status effects.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Holy and Arcane Circles were 10m recasts instead of 5m.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Grape Diafuku/+1 food had entirely wrong stats (now that it actually has the stats printed on the item box).
  • BUG Addressed a potential nav mesh error when some monsters get ‘stuck’ on the edge of a zoneline.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the crafting recipe for Amph. Leather x3 used willow logs instead of distilled water.

17 July

Retail Client Update - July 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 302206705_0 or higher.

  • Zone ID shifts in: Batallia Downs, Qufim Island, and Bhaflau Thickets
  • NOTE: At this time, the new “Locus” tier of mobs hasn’t been added to Bhaflau Thickets. As these have more XP than Apex, yet only give exemplar XP, they don’t have a lot of value for our ecosystem. We’ll continue to review as we look at new tiers of NG+ and other systems that these could play a part in.

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use. Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.

Beat The Heatwaves 2022 - Phase II

  • Players can now purchase additional items from the Event Moogles based on the number of heatwaves they have. Having 50 heatwaves shows the maximum items in the store. There are several seasonal furnishings, costumes, the Lotus Katana (used to synergy craft the
    ), and the limited time Redeyes sunglasses that grant a daily stack of Angelwings!
  • The chance for Fire Feathers to drop has been slightly increased.


  • UPDATE Added the missing Attack and Evasion latents to the Shetal Stone.
  • UPDATE The limited time Citrullus Shirt celebrating the release of Beastmaster has been removed from the Login Coffer.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where Call Beast and Bestial Loyalty could summon jug pets of a higher level when sync’d below the requirements.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where physical blue magic would use the caster’s item level instead of player level when sync’d below 99.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Dynamis Divergence Quadav Ninjas would rapid fire Ore Toss, even in melee range. 🪨 🪨 🪨

10 July

Beat The Heatwaves 2022 - Phase I

King chillin’ by the beach

The heat is back with new rewards! This release includes phase one of the event with the next update coming out as part of the 17 July update.

Here’s what’s new in 2022:

  • The bonus rewards offered to players from the Event Moogle on successful completion of the BCNM have been updated to find rewards that the player does not already have (there are 22 in total). In addition, the Agent appearance set has been added.
  • The stat bonuses for gaining excessive amounts of heatwaves has been removed. Heatwaves now serve as a currency to acquire Fire Feathers (for those very unlucky with Summer Heats drops), trigger fireworks drops, and trigger gem currency drops.
  • The custom augmented rewards are back! Players have a chance to acquire a variety of accessories that come pre-augmented on successful completion of the event BCNM.
  • The Golden Bomb mount has been added as a potential (very rare) reward from the Event BCNM.

Click here for more information!

Hunts System 2.0

The Hunts system has been revamped to add more mob families and more variety throughout the day.

  • Hunts are now two-hour windows throughout the day.
  • Each hunt window has two potential family targets and common-type targets have multiple windows throughout the day.
  • The !hunts command now tells players the current targets, the next targets, and our server time (all times are in server time, which is US Central).
  • The max level of mobs eligible for hunts has been increased to 180 for level 99 players.
  • Several new mob families have been added, including many that are Apex mobs for those grinding higher level XP/merits.
Families Start Time End Time
Lizards & Dragons 00:00 01:59
Lumorian & Luminion 02:00 03:59
Arcana & Archaic Machines 04:00 05:59
Voragean & Empty 06:00 07:59
Beasts & Aquans 08:00 09:59
Vermin & Amorphs 10:00 11:59
Plantoids & Birds 12:00 13:59
Undead & Demons 14:00 15:59
Birds & Lizards 16:00 17:59
Amorphs & Plantoids 18:00 19:59
Demons & Dragons 20:00 21:59
Aquans & Arcana 22:00 23:59


  • UPDATE Odin (all forms) now has his proper Odin abilities. You should take a moment to look these up. 😁
  • UPDATE Avatar and Jug magic abilities should now cap at 99999, not 65535.
  • UPDATE Several ability and weaponskill distance checks should now properly account for the large model size of the mob (Behemoths, Hydras, etc.) when determining if you’re “close enough” to use the skill.
  • BUG Several forms of Shell gained by monsters could cause their Magic Damage Taken to overflow causing them to take incorrect amounts of magic damage.

5 July

Beastmaster Updates

  • UPDATE (hotfix) The !petstats command now uses the :getStat() method instead of :getMod() to return proper amounts, just not the armor modifiers and buffs.
  • UPDATE A complete revamp of how the Recast charge packets work to send the proper user data to the clients. With this, the Beastmaster Sic/Ready Recast merits have been re-enabled. This should fix the ‘offset’ issues that all charge abilities have, including Strategems and Quick Draw.
  • UPDATE The READY_SIC_RECAST modifier has been added and added to the one item in the game that has it–the Charmers Merlin.
  • UPDATE The logic for how aftermaths are used for pets has been reworked. When a player uses an aftermath that affects pets (e.g. the Mythics), the Aftermath effect is placed on both the player and the pet, not just the player. This should address the issue where pet stats went wrong when the pet died while the player’s aftermath was still up (and then on wearing off the player, their stats went into the negative).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the ACCP modifier was not wired up at all. 🤦‍♂️ This addresses the issue with Reward’s Accuracy Bonus modifier for pets (and probably a dozen other places we used that mod and never realized it wasn’t actually wired up).


  • UPDATE The Quick Draw Elemental Bonus has been added to the Corsair’s Empyrean armor (boots) where appropriate. This effect places a short-duration buff on the target of Quick Draw that causes it to take increased elemental damage for the corresponding element. At this time, we have opted not to have it wear off after the first corresponding damage hit.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Detonator’s 2000 TP fTP was 25, not 2.5.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the cRatio calculations for melee weaponskill pDIF was not being set in the right location and the min/max was being left to a wider band than it should have been. Players should see their melee weaponskills have a much tighter damage range when used at the same fTP and cRatio values. This did not affect ranged or magical weaponskills.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where players attempting the AQ60 quest could bypass the level restriction requirements of the fight. The fight now verifies all players are level sync’d properly or will not update.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where magic that was nullified or absorbed by the target based on corresponding element was treated as a ‘miss’ rather than a nullification or absorb. Feeding a target the element they absorb will now properly heal them.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the item level check of a player was still being considered when the player was level sync’d causing weaponskills to do extraordinary damage while sync’d. Item level calculations no longer kick in unless the player is level 99.
  • BUG Removed the Sacro Cord from the Auction House as it cannot be sold or traded.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Bounty Shot not having the proper subpower to trigger treasure hunter.

26 June 2022

Beastmaster Updates

  • UPDATE Disabled the Merit for Ready/Sic Recast reduction until we can address a way to better handle this with the charge system. Under the right circumstances, players could cause the charges to go negative and would need change jobs to reset.
  • UPDATE Added several missing jugs to Theraisie and standardized the prices for these jugs.
  • UPDATE Added an AI logic check that prevents ready moves from being issued to pets that are not in a state that they can receive moves (such as mid-way through performing another action). This should resolve the issue where players could spam ready moves and use their charges up, but the pet not perform the action.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where NoviceNed could be summoned in town. No rabbit PVP matches, sorry.
  • BUG Addressed a few jugs missing their Auction House categories and not being able to be sold.

Summoner Updates

  • UPDATE The battle logic for TP moves for avatars has been separated out from monsters (similar to what we did for jugs). This allows us a finer level of control without affecting mob skills. With this, physical avatar moves once again have their TP modifiers such as bonus damage, increased critical hit rate, and increased accuracy.
  • UPDATE Magical blood pacts can now properly be magic burst–not just Ramuh’s Thunder or Shiva’s Blizzard spells, but the actual magical blood pacts too like Fenrir’s Lunar Bay and Carbuncle’s Meteorite.
  • UPDATE Addressed a logic check where main-job SMNs avatars didn’t receive their MATT/MACC scaling at 99+.
  • UPDATE Increased the sub-99 ratio for HP multiplier for low-level avatars. At level 20, players should see 125-150 more HP on their avatars compared to before.


  • BUG Updated the Marinara Pizza recipe to provide the proper quantities for NQ and HQ results.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the watermelon snow cone could not be consumed.
  • BUG Addressed Gulltop’s onSpellHit event failing to fire due to an incorrect variable.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Chocobo Jig II had a 0.00y range (aka single target).

21 June

Unleash the Beast!

What were our goals?

  • Create a viable Beastmaster job, keeping true to the player-and-pet relationship while making the job useful both solo and in small group play.
  • Address the issue that Charm, Tame, and other abilities are not useful at high levels as charmed pets cannot not scale properly.
  • Add a uniqueness that aligns to our faster paced battle system.
  • Add a bit of our own custom flair to the job to make it unique to the NocSouls ecosystem.

What’s been done?

  • Beastmaster is now fully functional… plus some!
  • All missing traits have been added, such as various family “killer” effects, Fencer III, and Resist Amnesia I-V. BST is the most Amnesia resistant class out there!
  • All retail jugs have been added, wired up, and have fully functional ready commands and charges.
  • Aymur, Farsha, and the Totemic, Ankusa, and Nukumi armor sets, and many more gear pieces have been updated to have their missing beastmaster modifiers.

What’s custom?

Numerous “NocSouls” specific features have also been added to make the play style more aligned to the fast paced game play on our server.

  • Beneficial effects provided by jugs are provided in AOE to the entire party, not just the Beastmaster.
    • Raaz’s Zealous Snort now provides its benefit via “Potency” to stack with standard Haste effects. While Potency’s tool tip says it grants crit, this effect does not grant anything beyond what Zealous Snort normally grants.
    • Crab’s Bubble Curtain provides BLU-esque Magic Shield (-20% MDT, +150 MEVA, no magic “stoneskin” immunity).
  • 40 custom high-quality jugs have been added for pets that had no corresponding HQ jugs. Players can activate those pets by equipping the non-quality jug and using Bestial Loyalty.
  • Jugs now automatically engage (“Fight”) when the player engage a target. Similar to automatons and avatars, the player can switch targets and the pet will remain on the initial target.
  • Jugs now scale similar to how Avatars and Wyverns scale based on master level. Beastmasters also gain additional scaling and enhancements for pets over level 99.
  • Jugs now gain buffs from Heroic Empowerments and New Game+ ranks.
  • Jugs’ magical ready moves now vary on TP similar to physical moves and can now properly Magic Burst on skill chains.
  • Jugs’ physical ready moves now have a higher fTP modifier if they use more ready charges to provide more potency to these abilities.
  • Jugs’ physical ready moves now have the ability to multi-strike based on the jug’s double, triple, and quadruple attack rating.
  • Jugs now gain the passive traits of their selected jobs, such as Hippogryphs gaining triple attack as they are thieves.
  • Jugs now have their expected family traits, such as reduced water damage taken by pugils, treasure hunter gained by ladybugs, and reduced physical damage taken by crabs.
  • High-quality jugs are even better! All high-quality jugs have a +25% increased base combat damage multiplier.

What commands did we modify?

  • Call Beast has been modified to improve the new Beastmaster experience.

    • Players now gain Call Beast at level 1 by beastmasters (must be a beastmaster main job).
    • Level 1 to 22 players (pre-jug) can use Call Beast to summon Novice Ned , a rabbit familiar that aids the beastmaster until jugs are available.
    • Novice Ned isn’t affected by the 0 ~ -2 level variance of normal jugs (mostly so he doesn’t try to spawn at level 0, or -1). 😄
    • Level 23 and beyond, Call Beast requires the appropriate jugs to summon pets.
  • Bestial Loyalty has been updated to not expend an equipped high-quality jug. If a low-quality jug is equipped, it will be expended and summon the HQ version of that pet. Custom HQ pets have been added to all jugs where no HQ version previously existed. (e.g. Lyrical Broth)

  • Charm* has been redesigned. This ability now provides a “Deus Ex Automata”-esque functionality that can summon a player’s equipped jug pet in an emergency.

    • Players now gain Charm at level 80.
    • The recast of Charm is set to 60s.
    • Players must be engaged with a target to use this ability, have an equipped jug, and not have an active pet.
    • Jug pets summoned by Charm will immediately engage the target.
    • Jug pets summoned by Charm will have a Weakness effect on them that lasts for 60s. The duration of this effect can be reduced by CHARM TIME modifiers on gear. If players can reduce the this below the 60s threshold, the pet will summon without any Weakness effect.
  • Familiar has been updated to increase the bonus rates from 10% to 20% and provide bonuses for ranged attack, magic attack bonus, magic accuracy, and magic defense.

  • Reward has been redesigned. The associated pet biscuits have been updated to provide unique effects in addition to an improved regen effects.

    • Base recast has been reset to the ‘retail’ recast of 90s due to the additional effects and increased healing.
    • Base pet healing is now based on the pet’s maximum health and is the same for each biscuit. A biscuit can heal a maximum of 10% of the pet’s total HP, with the REWARD HP BONUS adding an additional 1% per modifier. REWARD HP BONUS caps at 50% as per retail.
    • The pet regen amount is now based on the pet’s level, in 10 level increments, with level 1-10 pets regening 1 HP/tick and level and 116+ pets regening 80 HP/tick. Similar to the healing effect, this does not vary by biscuit.
    • Each biscuit provides an additional benefit to the pet depending on the type of biscuit. These bonuses scale on the MND of the Beastmaster and last 90s.
    • Biscuit effects
      • Alpha: Defense + Magic Defense Boost
      • Beta: Attack + Accuracy Boost
      • Gamma: Evasion + Magic Evasion Boost
      • Delta: Subtle Blow + Store TP
      • Epsilon: Critical Hit Rate
      • Zeta: Double Attack
      • Eta: Magic Attack + Magic Accuracy
      • Theta: Severe Damage Reduction (Migawari)

What did we pass on?

  • We did not add the new August 2020 traits Tandem Strike and Tandem Blow as the “you and your pet are attacking the same target” as the accuracy bonus would provide little value to players and wiring it up would have been unnecessarily difficult at this time. We’ll continue to evaluate this for the future if we ever wanted it to do something different.

Why did we do away with the concept of charming mobs?

In reviewing how charmed targets work, there was no way to consistently ‘scale’ a charmed monster to equate to what a jug could provide as the monster’s stats had already been calculated. In addition, once monster get more than 8 levels higher than a player, then chance to charm floors down to 0%. Monsters in most 99+ content are 30-40 levels higher than the player. Finally, as we looked at play style, many of our end-game arenas are battlefields without viable monsters to charm which forces Beastmasters to use jugs.

These were all taken into account when deciding to shift to a jug-only based system. In addition, this allows us to better tune and scale pets, add new pets as necessary, and apply unique bonuses that can only be applied “on spawn” when a jug pet is summoned.

Custom HQ Pets

40 custom high-quality jugs have been added for pets that had no corresponding HQ jugs. These jugs can be activated by using Bestial Loyality with the NQ jug equipped. The following jugs have custom, high-quality pets associated to them:

Jug NQ Pet HQ Pet
alchemist water Homunculus AngularAlfie
seedbed soil FunguarFamiliar TitanicTony
sun water AmigoSabotender CheekyCarl
cng. brain broth CraftyClyvonne CunningCamikio
rzr. brain broth BloodclawShasra EquitableEqui
l. carrot broth LuckyLulush JaggedyEarTak
c. plasma broth FatsoFargann GrizzledGendo
deepbed soil DiscreetLouise HeartyHeliodor
mlw. bird broth SwiftSieghard IrateIsabella
wool grease DipperYuly JauntyJoliet
vermihumus FlowerpotMerle KindlyKiyomi
d. herbal broth NurseryNazuna LivelyLerra
gob. bug broth MailbusterCeta MassiveMasao
b. carrion broth AudaciousAnna NoisyNancy
c. grass. broth PrestoJulio OpulentOrnella
svg. mole broth BugeyedBroncha PersistentPaul
cl. wheat broth GooeyGerard QuirkyQuill
b. carrion broth GorefangHobs RaucousRyan
lucky broth FaithfulFalcor StrategicSkade
shadowy broth CrudeRaphie BlissfulBroadam
briny broth DapperMac UniqueUlysses
wormy broth SlipperySilas VainVince
auroral broth TurbidToloi XenialXef
airy broth AmiableRoche MercurialMila
aged humus SweetCaroline WanderingWebby
blackwater broth HeadbreakerKen YearningYoshiro
crackling broth AnkebiterJedd ZippyZorathic
creepy broth CursedAnnabelle AmbusherAzria
crumbly soil BrainyWaluis BashfulBelinda
dire broth GenerousArthur CharmingCameron
furious broth SuspiciousAlice DaringDelta
livid broth WarlikePatrick ExpectantEarl
lyrical broth RhymingShizuna PoeticPetunia
meaty broth BlackbeardRandy GorgeousGeorge
muddy broth ThreestarLynn HumbleHamilton
pale sap HurlerPercival IncongruousIto
rapid broth FleetReinhard JammingJonel
saline broth SharpwitHermes KawaiiKalie
trans. broth HeraldHenry LoneLeonidas
wispy broth BraveHeroGlenn NavalNathan

High-quality pets have a higher damage ratio and stats than non-quality pets!

New/Updated Beastmaster Equipment

  • Beastmaster’s can now complete their Relic JSE necklace with Aurix.
    • HQ+2 is pre-augmented with: STR/DEX +10, Pet: Double Attack +10%, Pet: Att/Ratt/Acc/Racc +15
  • The relic armor gloves (Monsters and Ankusa) have the “Enhance Beast Affinity” modifier pre-applied similar to how it is pre-augmented in retail.

We’re certain there’s sub-99 gear out there for BST we’ve missed. If you find a piece, a) check that a higher level item doesn’t already have those mods and replace it, b) check to see if those mods even do anything (see above), c) submit a suggestion to the Members Portal to add the item. If the item is truly unique and not replaced by something that already exists, we’ll consider adding it.

Other Beastmaster Enhancements

  • Updated Pet Augments that apply haste to use the new /1024 scale.
  • Updated the logic to allow pets to have additional effects (used by Slugs who have chance to enslow, may have other uses in the future).
  • Custom recipes for Transcendence Broth jug have been added with three different combinations of fish. 4x Ulbukan Lobster, 4x Mackerel, or 4x Blindfish with a water crystal and 105 cooking will grant the combine. Blindfish provide the most jugs per combine.
  • Added Ruszor meat as drops from Ruszors and Savage Ruszors for use in jug and biscuit recipes.
  • Added Warthog meat as drops from Cicatricose Raaz in Kamihr Drifts for use in jug and food recipes.
  • Added Mandragora sprouts as drops from Fuliginous Mandragora in Cirdas Caverns for use in jug recipes.
  • Added Lucerewe meat as drops from Lucerewe families in Kamihr Drifts for use in jug recipes.
  • Added various shrooms, including verboshrooms, as drops from Funguar families in Sih and Moh Gates and Cirdas Caverns.
  • Increased the drop rate of hippogryph feathers in several monster families for use in various armor synthesis.
  • Added Ziz Meat to the Chef in !craft for use in biscuit and food recipes.
  • Added Gnatbane to Mog Gardening via Harvesting 40+.
  • Added Locust Elutriators to Mog Gardening via Logging 80+.

Other Pet Normalizations

As we reviewed and updated the logic around jug pets, we also reviewed how other pets operated for their base stats and scaling. In general, a few areas were addressed:

  • Pets, in general, had far too excessive Attack and Accuracy compared to targets (most pets had 2-3x the attack that Naga Raja (the 170 dummy) has in defense). This is a hold over from early tuning of pets to try to normalize damage. We now know that STR/DEX plays more of a role than attack once the defense is at a 1:1 ratio.
  • Similar to jug pet scaling, avatars and automatons now have a level-based ‘growth’ multiplier to prevent pets from being absurdly overpowered at lower levels. Pets come into their full power once players reach 99 (or beyond).
  • Avatars and wyverns, in general, had a weird formula to calculate HP and MP based off a “level 1 tarutaru”. These now calculate based on level and job alone similar to jugs. Many pets now have more HP at higher levels and no longer have the MAX_HP_BOOST effect that monsters could sometimes dispel from pets.
  • Wyverns, in general, how have a bit more health and resistance to damage. The increase in health also provides a higher damage output for their Breath attacks as it’s based on their HP pools.
  • Avatars now have their job traits for their jobs and now have unique jobs based on their skills and general role (some Avatars had unique jobs to begin with, such as Fenrir, while all others were BLM/NONE by default).
    • Carbuncle: WHM/BLM
    • Fenrir: DRK/BLM
    • Ifrit: WAR/BLM
    • Titan: PLD/WAR
    • Leviathan: BLM/WHM
    • Garuda: BLM/RDM
    • Shiva: BLM/WAR
    • Ramuh: BLM/RDM
    • Diabolos: BLM/DRK
    • Cait Sith: BLM/WAR
  • Similar to jug pet ready moves, avatar and automatons now benefit from multistrikes. Players can now optimize their pet damage output in new ways by gearing to certain skills (such as maximizing multistrikes for Shiva’s Rush or Sharpshot’s String Shredder). Similar to players, the maximum number of hits any skill can do is 8.

Magic-based Weaponskill Formula Fix

It was brought to our attention by a very passionate member (and to most server owners, it seems) that we were calculating magical weaponskills incorrectly. The joys of PEMDAS. The updated data is based on BG-Wiki and Studio Gobli and recent retail testing during Welcome Home campaigns.

Previously, the magic WS base damage formula included adding the dSTAT (INT, in magic’s case) into the base damage calculation. The formula matched how physical weaponskills were calculated:

dmg = 
  (152 + (iLVL - Player Lvl) * 2.45) 
  + dSTAT) 
  * fTP

Instead, the proper formula for magic WS base damage is unique to magical weaponskills adding dSTAT outside of the base damage that is then used by the fTP multiplier and including MDMG or Magic Damage (found on many magical weapons/REMAs).

dmg = 
 (152 + (iLVL - Player Lvl) * 2.45) 
 * fTP) 
 + dSTAT 

So why are we using dSTAT instead of dINT? It was found that not all magical weaponskills have the same dSTAT formula, which is 8 + ((Attacker INT - Target INT) / 2) clamped at +/- 32 and, in fact, not all weaponskills even use an INT comparison which, in hindsight, makes a lot of sense for the SMN, SCH, BST, and ranged weaponskills.

  • Garland of Bliss compares MND to MND, multiplied by 2, and caps at +/- 1276.
  • Omniscience compares MND to MND, multiplied by 2, and caps at +/- 651.
  • Primal Rend compares CHR to INT, multiplied by 1.5, and caps at +/- 651.
  • Leaden Salude compares AGI to INT, multiplied by 2, and caps at +/- 1276.
  • Trueflight compares AGI to INT, multiplied by 2, and caps at +/- 1276.
  • Wildfire compares AGI to INT, multiplied by 2, and caps at +/- 1276.
  • Sanguine Blade compares INT to INT, multiplied by 2, and has a higher cap at +/- 651.
  • Vidohunir compares INT to INT, multiplied by 2, and has a higher cap at +/- 651.

Not all magical weaponskills are even affected by dSTAT. With the stat comparison exclused from the damage formula, these weaponskills have the unique benefit that while their damage can be lower, it’s more consistent against higher INT targets focusing more on Magic Accuracy and Magic Attack Bonus than dSTAT.

  • Blade: Yu
  • Cloudsplitter
  • Herculean Slash
  • Infernal Scythe
  • Seraph Blade
  • Seraph Stirke
  • Shining Blade
  • Shining Strike
  • Tartarus Torpor
  • Uriel Blade

In addition to this formula change, we’ve addressed the long-standing issue where hybrid WS were missing their MAB bonus hit component. These weaponskills now properly provide an additional magic component to their overall damage based on the initial physical damage hit.

  • Blade: Chi
  • Blade: Teki
  • Blade: To
  • Flaming Arrow
  • Hot Shot
  • Tachi: Goten
  • Tachi: Jinpu
  • Tachi: Kagero
  • Tachi: Koki

So that’s the baseline, where did we go from there?

  • With our higher stats, the +/- 32 cap didn’t align to our stats. We have updated this to +/- 128 for all weaponskills that do not have a specified, higher cap.
  • Rather than bumping up the arbitary 152 base damage or the 2.45 multiplier, we opted to remove the negative side of the level difference check and grant a bonus to players using item level gear. Rather than level 119 weapons adding +20 base damage, they now add +100 (a 5x gain). The importance of jumping from 99 to item level weapons will now have a much more noticable jump using these weaponskills!

That means our base formula is now:

dmg = 
 (152 + ((MAX(iLvl - Player Level),0) * 5) * 2.45) 
 * fTP) 
 + dSTAT 

A player with a level 119 weapon equipped would see a consistent base damage of 397. This is then multiplied by the weaponskills fTP with the dSTAT and MDMG added to it for the final result. This creates the intended consistent damage output that magic weaponskills should have.

= (152 + ((MAX(119 - 99),0) * 5) * 2.45)
= (152 + (20 * 5) * 2.45)
= (152 + (100) * 2.45)
= (152 + 245)
= 397

While we removed the level difference check for base damage, it’s still there for the magic hit rate, which, similar to all magic, determines if the ability hits for full power, half, quarter, eighth, or a sixteenth. Ensuring proper magic accuracy is critical to ensure consistent damage values.


Here are a few examples with the base stats provided to give an average example of the damage provided by those weaponskills. To perform these tests, we used MAB+ focused gearsets (with sufficient MACC to hit the target) without food or player/group buffs. Weaponskills were tested at 1000 TP, 2000 TP, and 3000 TP to 5 times each to provide an average. All tests were performed against the Level 150 training dummy (Reisenjima tier) on non-elemental favor days.

Weaponskill Job MAB MACC Old Average New Average Caveat
Sanguine Blade PLD/BLU 529 186 ~8828 ~8019 Uses increased dSTAT range.
Uriel Blade RDM/BLU 529 186 ~9901 ~6623 No longer includes dSTAT.
Aeolian Edge THF/RDM 555 253 ~9614 ~4798 Uses ‘default’ dSTAT calc.
Wildfire COR/BLU 1210 775 ~35230 ~19500 Uses AGI/INT dSTAT calc.
Leaden Salute COR/BLU 1210 775 ~26400 ~16800 Uses AGI/INT dSTAT calc.
Blade: Ei NIN/RDM 585 328 ~13759 ~11319 Uses ‘default’ dSTAT calc.
Tachi: Koki SAM/RDM 390 279 ~2470 ~3056 Now includes hybrid hit.


  • With this change, how will it affect my gear?

    • For most players, it won’t. Magic Attack Bonus remains the primary way users who are performing magical weaponskills should ramp up their damage. Some players, who have focused primarily on Magic Attack Bonus though will need to re-evaluate their Magic Accuracy as the excessive amounts of base damage over compensated for a difference in Magic Accuracy vs. Magic Evasion on some encounters, especially those Lv150 and higher. At most, players who are at 99 and stil using non-item level weapons are encouraged to upgrade to take advantage of the item level bonus.
  • What can I do to increase my numbers?

    • If you see consistent damage, but it’s low, you can increase your attributes (INT/AGI/CHR) if the weaponskill is modified by a dSTAT to pump up your base damage. You can also use Absorb-{Stat} and Impact to reduce the target’s attributes.
    • If you see consistent damage, but it’s low and your dSTAT is fine, increase your magic attack bonus for a better multiplier. You can also reduce the target’s magic defense using spells like Acrid Stream and Benthic Typhoon, weaponskills like Shattersoul and Vidohunir, and ready abilities like Pestilent Plume and Swooping Frenzy.
    • If the weaponskill you’re using is tied to a REMA, be sure to check out that REMA. The +WSD on those weapons can provide a tremendous enhancement to base damage.
    • If the weaponskill does not have a dSTAT component and has a low fTP, consider testing out if Fotia gear provides a better advantage by increasing the fTP by 0.20 (with both pieces).
    • If you see a lot of varience in your damage, you’re likely low on accuracy. Look at increasing your magic accuracy with gear and augments for a more consistent damage rate. You can also reduce the target’s magic evasion with spells like Frazzle II or the Death Blossom weaponskill.
  • I don’t see a big change in the hybrid weaponskills. Should I?

    • It depends. The hybrid weaponskills are hard to perfect because you want a heavy hitting physical hit to base your magical counterpart hit off of. It’s hard to gear/augment for BOTH at the same time. You can account for this by gearing for one and using party buffs to boost the other making these shine in balanced groups more than solo. However, overall, these each gained a damage component that should add something to the overall damage.
  • I can do {x} damage with {x} physical weaponskill. Why isn’t my {x} magical weaponskill stronger?

    • It depends. Most magical weaponskills have a lower fTP compared to physical weaponskills. They also cannot crit, cannot multistrike, and cannot miss. They’re a melee player’s token against physical resistant mobs without being sidelined. They also benefit from the same things that benefit casters–Frazzle, Impact, Absorb-INT, and other Magic Defense Down effects (for you BLUs out there, Tearing Gust’s debuff is -30 MDB, so 30 less MAB that you need).
  • OMG, Corsair is still so powerful, even though theirs went down!?!

    • Yeah, and we’re always evaluating weaponskills. Corsair simply has access to so much MAB that most have 2-4x what any mob in the game has for MDEF. In addition, Corsair is one of the few, if only classes, that the magic WS is also their Aftermath WS on their primary weapon and they can equip both a ranged weapon and an ammo (Living Bullets have +25 MACC and +35 MAB on them) and the weaponskill self-chains and, for Wildfire at least, the fTP is the same at 1K as it is at 3K.
    • Wildfire and Leaden Salute are also the bread and butter of a COR with these WS being their REMA weaponskills, where as the other WS are all just part of the kit. The damage output is fairly aligned to a) being a ranged weaponskill and b) other REMA weaponskills like Ukko’s Fury and Jishnu’s Radiance (which is physical, for whatever reason).

Login Point Coffer Update

The login point coffer has been updated with new rewards!

Byakko Mount Poroggo Cassock
Chocobo Masque Ranine Staff
Raaz Mount Red Raptor Mount
Citrillus Shirt Lost Sickle


  • UPDATE Added New Game+ attribute modifiers that now apply to all pets, including jugs, avatars, and automatons! Player pets at NG+10 will have +50 to each of their attributes.
  • UPDATE Updated the Heroic Empowerments logic to also apply to jug pets.
  • UPDATE Added usable scripts for Warthog, Prime Warthog, and Prized Warthog Stewpots food items.
  • UPDATE Increased the enmity bonus for main job summoners’ avatars from +10 to +50.
  • UPDATE Updated the Empyrean Empowerments for Pets to now apply to beastmaster jugs.
  • UPDATE Added Death Resistance to all endgame encounters to prevent the slight chance that it could trigger using some weapons and/or Avatar abilities.
  • UPDATE Armageddon’s Empyrean bonuses have been brought in line with the other magic damage weapons at +100 MATT and +160 MACC (Farsha and Redemption are both +100 MATT, Almace is +70 MATT, Twashtar is +50 MATT).
  • UPDATE The +40% STR/+40% MND WSC bonus for Cloudsplitter when using Farsha i119 III has been updated to only have +40% MND.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the weaponskill distance check could occur too late allowing players to weaponskill farther than the normal distance.
  • BUG Addressed an ammo check that wasn’t checking for (and removing) ammo when players performed the ranged WS Last Stand, Numbing Shot, and Wildfire.
  • BUG Addressed (hopefully) the issue with zero HP “zombie” players in some edge cases.
  • BUG Adderssed an issue where the 3K TP bonus for some physical blue magic spells was not triggering (sub-3K was).
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Decimation not varying its accuracy based on TP.
  • BUG Addressed a potential exploit around purchasing from crafting guilds.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Dhalmel Steak granting Attack+% rather than “food” Attack+% causing the bonus to be weaker than it should be.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Wyverns wouldn’t use the correct skill animation when player’s used Super Jump.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Grape Daifuku/+1 was missing the STR modifier.
  • BUG Addressed an output logging discrepancy where the final damage didn’t reflect bonuses at the map server level, such as Overwhelm merits (damage was performed, but log showed less).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Magic Shield effect from Shadow Emperor and the blue magic Magic Barrier provided ‘full immunity’ to debuffs instead of just a magic reduction effect.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where monster-based breath attacks would not properly account for -Damage Taken and -Breath Damage Taken modifiers. This also affected Ifrit’s Conflag Strike which was hitting higher than it should have been on certain breath-resistant targets.
  • BUG Addressed issue with Automaton’s Cannibal Blade not being the correct damage type (Slashing).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Cait Sith’s Level ? Holy might not fire with back to back casts.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Summoner’s “Retreat” and “Release” granted -10 CE and could unintentionally remove the player from the target’s enmity list.

19 June

Unleash the Beast Event

Unleash the Beast is celebrating the rollout of the updated Beastmaster job this week.

  • 19 June - Normal Weekly Maintenance @4p
    • Minor updates; prep for #makebstgreat rollout.
  • 20 June - Normal NocSouls Day
  • 21 June - #makebstgreat @ 9p CT
    • Rollout #makebstgreat; likely a longer update, 1-2 hours.
  • 22-23 June - Bonus NocSouls Days
    • Bonus rewards while leveling; a great time to get some Beastmaster levels or work on NewGame +.
  • 24-25 June - Bonus Drop Rates in Reisenjima Henge
    • Don’t forget drops are personal! Team up for faster wins and more upgrades!
  • 26 June - Normal Weekly Maintenance @4p


  • UPDATE Added missing skills to Plovid-, Arcolith-, and Macuil-type monsters.
  • UPDATE Addressed some incorrect skills in Defiant-type mobs to be the correct damage types and/or have the correct effects.
  • BUG Added several missing item modifiers on Arjuna Breeches.
  • BUG Addressed a typo in target name in one of the Red Mage Master job quests.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where a dragoon’s wyvern may not heal certain party members.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Eminent Bolt Quivers were sold for 3200g, not 32000g.

12 June

Retail Client Update - June 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30220603_0 or higher.

  • Zone ID shifts in: Batallia Downs, Qufim Island, and Eldieme Necropolis [S]
  • No message ID shifts.

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use. Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.


  • UPDATE (hotpatch) Added missing latents on the Arbatel Gown +1 for enmity reduction while an Addendum was active.
  • UPDATE (hotpatch) Added missing item modifier for Kilmaform bonus on the Arbatel Loafers +1.
  • UPDATE Updated the logic used for Steal to pull randomly from the list of items available, not simply the first item in the list.
  • UPDATE Updated the base sell price and saleability of nearly 200 items based from retail captures.
  • UPDATE Updated the dialogue provided by Shami when trading seals to include the proper seal type and counts from retail captures.

5 June


  • UPDATE The base TP regain granted to most heroic zones mobs has been shifted out of the onMobSpawn scripts and into individual monster scripts so that idle monsters don’t just stand around gaining TP, then immediately fire off a TP move when engaged. Named and spawned encounters will start their TP gain once engaged in combat for the first time.

Adventure Quest

  • UPDATE Added a warning message when Trystol grants players the level 60 quest that they’ll be restricted to level 65 for the encounter.
  • UPDATE Adjusted the drop rates of job testimonies to make them more available to players and update the level 60 quest to no longer consume the testimony to make it easier to attempt the fight multiple times.


  • BUG Addressed a null check that would cause an encounter’s adds to not spawn under certain conditions.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Dhalmel Steak gave Attack+% rather than “Food” Attack+%.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with some corsair die showing the wrong message when used and/or having the wrong animation (no functional change).
  • BUG Addressed an issue in merit calculations with Assassin’s Charge causing it to sometimes not activate.
  • UPDATE Adjusted a small batch of NMs that had scripted respawn windows and put those as fixed times in the database.
  • UPDATE Adjusted Ouprie’s skill list to be the proper Vampyr skill set.
  • UPDATE Adjusted Reisenjima Henge’s version of Arch-Omega’s form shift timer from 30s to 60s.
  • UPDATE Adjusted the drop rate of some augments that had climbs associated to them, but didn’t reward at the same drop rate as others with similar climbs.
  • UPDATE Added missing desynth recipe for Medusa’s Armlet.

15 May

Retail Client Update - May 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30220427_2 or higher.

  • Zone ID shifts in: Batallia Downs, Southern San d’Oria, Bastok Markets, and Windurst Waters.
  • No message ID shifts.


  • BUG Addressed an issue with Anantaboga, Irza Ima, and Dea not having the correct skills in their skill lists (Dea not having any skills).
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Nosferatu not having the correct main job (Dark Knight).
  • UPDATE The ah_max_fee has been updated from 10,000g to 10,000,000g to urge players to not price things at insanely high prices.
  • UPDATE Added endeath effect to Heimdall’s Doom weapon. This works similar to Lightreaver and cannot affect targets classified as NMs.
  • UPDATE Adjusted Samurai’s Blade Bash to show the proper player animations for Great Katanas, Spears, and Staves.
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue with Empty Thrash not always activating when monsters attempt to use it.
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue where Tsurumaru and Heshikiri-Hasebe were missing their Save TP modifiers.
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue where some lower level gear was missing the Absorb Duration+% modifiers. These are added at a percent gain (as the ‘seconds’ listed in the wikis aligns to what the percent gain is too).
    • Ignominy Burgonet +2, Black gearset, Onyx gearset, Chuparrosa Mantle

Known Issues

  • The NPC IDs in The Boyahda Tree are off, though since they didn’t shift in this month’s update, apparently they have shifted before and were missed. The Grounds Tome and everything still works, it’s just cosmetic and will be addressed in a future update.

1 May


  • UPDATE Added Utsusemi Casting item modifier to the Magoraga Bead Necklace.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where AQ 99 would not properly proceed on the final step after granting players their reward.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with an incorrect latent on the Frenzy Sallet; changed to ‘poison’ rather than ’negative regen’ to ensure it wakes players up if slept.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Ouryu’s adds not standing back and casting spells so that the fight mechanics would play out properly.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with dragon’s Sable Breath and Geotic Breath not properly being able to detect if targets were in front or not.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Byrgen in Abyssea-Altepa mistakenly dropping scorpion loot.

24 April 2022

Spring Break 2022

The Spring Break 2022 event has come to an end for the year. Our next event, Summer Heatwaves, will start in June or July this year.

Addressing Multi-Target Mob TP Move Issues

Earlier this week, a player pointed out that their group was seeing multiple adds spawn in the Hanbi encounter at a time while Hanbi was still at high health. Hanbi should only spawn one add at a time until its health gets lower. That lead to a rabbit hole that the checks for when monsters do weaponskills, specifically those spawning adds, were running for each target hit. If two targets get hit by a frontal, the methods fire twice as the same time. There’s a chance that there’d be enough delay between each call that adds would spawn twice, monsters would level up twice, etc.

After some review and testing, we’ve rewritten how the base code handles monster TP moves to add a single instance of this event to the system that fires when a monster TP move finishes, not when it hits a target. The “for each player hit” remains as there are some effects that do trigger on every player hit. This has the most significant impact to Heroics zones where these types of mechanics first came into era.

Escha Zi’Tah

  • Azi Dahaka - Should no longer echo Fiery Breath on all of the adds for each target hit by the initial Fiery Breath.
  • Fleetstalker - Should no longer level up for every target hit by Soulshattering Roar.
  • Vidala - Should no longer level up for every target hit by Roar.
  • Wrathare - Should no longer gain 10-15 blink shadows for every target hit by Whirl Claws.

Escha Ru’Aun

  • Amymone - Should no longer level up for every target hit by Nerve Gas.
  • Ark Angel GK - Should no longer force the Wyvern to spawn or use the wyvern breath attack for every target hit by a TP move.
  • Byakko - Should no longer level up for every target hit by Disorienting Waul.
  • Duke Vepar - Should no longer spawn an add for every target hit by Sticky Situation.
  • Emputa - Should no longer try to force its horn back for every target hit by Dark Recital. This should not be a noticeable mechanic change.
  • Hanbi - Should no longer spawn a demon (or 3) for every target hit by any of its TP moves.
  • Naphula - Should no longer attempt to cast Meteor for every target hit by Cackle and should no longer spawn adds for every target hit by Hellsnap.
  • Palila - Should no longer spawn vultures for every target hit by Reverberating Cry or Debilitating Surge and vultures should no longer use Damnation Dive on the enmity target for every player hit by a TP move.
  • Tenodera - Should no longer level up for every target hit by Exorender.
  • Vir’ava - Should no longer spawn adds for every target hit by Atropine Spore or Deracinator. This should not be a noticeable mechanic change since there was already a 35s cooldown on them.
  • Yilan - Should no longer spawn adds and level up for every target hit by Chilling Roar.


  • Crom Dubh - Should no longer gain a random bulwark (out of the 3) for each target hit by a TP move. This was likely causing him to gain all three at once.
  • Erinys - Should no longer spawn adds for every target hit by Calamitous Wind.
  • Maju - Should no longer gain a heavy regen effect for every target hit by Oppressive Gaze when Maju is not blinded.
  • Mauve-wristed Gomberry - Should no longer randomly use Throat Stab on a target for each target hit by Ritual Bind, causing him to likely Throat Stab the same target multiple times.
  • Neak - Should no longer gain multiple shields and damage reductions for each target hit by Aurous Charge.
  • Quetzalcoatl - Should no longer echo Reverberating Cry with adds for each target hit by the initial Reverberating Cry.
  • Sabotender Royal - Should no longer level up for every target hit by Chupa Blossom.
  • Teles - Should no longer gain the full buff list for every target hit by Ravenous Wail. This should have no mechanical change as the status effects would just override each other.
  • Vinipata - Should no longer spawn adds for each target hit by a TP move and should no longer echo TP moves with adds for every target hit by the original TP move.

Thank you to everyone who’s been playing Savage Mode. 😄


  • UPDATE The Daken augment has been removed from DB80’s Aumoniere +1 and a new augment has been added.
  • BUG Jailer of Fortitude has had its model updated and should no longer phase in and out while fighting.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Chain Affinity’s gear modifiers were not applied to the base damage calculation of the spell.

10 April

Retail Client Update - April 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30220329_1 or higher.

  • Zone ID shits in Western Altepa Desert and Reisenjima.
  • Message ID shifts in all zones (which is always scary–that means they’re planning something).

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use. Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.

Spring Break - New Words

Here are this week’s hints:

  • When the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ rises, howls echo in the night.
  • Looking up, you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and take in the heavenly sights.

A reminder: Some of the rewards from the event are rare/ex. If you already have the reward, the output will tell you that you cannot have more than one of the item. You do not lose your eggs when this happens.

Apex Monsters

The apex monsters have been added to Promyvion - Holla, Promyvion - Dem, Promyvion - Mea, Promyvion - Vahzl, Crawler’s Nest [S], and Alzadaal Undersea Ruins. These are higher level than other areas with targets upwards of 147.

All together, there’s ~550 new mobs added to the zones and adds a significant number of new monster targets for players doing hunts at 99 and looking for some extra XP and gil. There may be some updates to the hunt system too with such a wealth of new mobs at 99 to choose from.

Crawlers Nest Apex Mobs

In addition to the new zones, the apex monsters in the other zones have been aligned to their retail versions and adjusted to be designed for small, balanced groups to farm using traditional ‘camp’ tactics rather than roaming/AOEing. This is an alternative to other camps in the game, not a replacement for it.

<subtle_hint>There may also be other things coming in the future that apex mobs will critical in… this is just the first step…</subtle_hint>

Enhanced Bonuses

  • Apex monsters now take increased damage from magic bursts. This is specific to magic bursts and encourages small groups to work together and focus on their burst damage to quickly kill these targets. In the future, are looking at ways to rotate/adjust damage weaknesses to allow players to strategically pick which mobs they want to target based on their party makeup (e.g. weak to magic on Lightsday in one zone, weak to weaponskills on Darksday in that same zone, etc.).
  • Apex monsters reward an additional exp bonus that can break the normal ‘per mob’ cap and allow players working on higher ranks of New Game+ to see better per mob XP returns than what can be possible on traditional monsters. The higher the monster level, the higher the exp bonus, ranging from +25% in lower zones to as high as +75% on rare mobs in high level zones.

Zone Levels

Only the Apex-flagged monsters in these zones were adjusted. All other mobs remained the same.

  • Moh Gates

    • Level range set to 125-127.
    • Removed aggro flag from Apex Eft; added to Apex Raptor.
  • Sih Gates

    • Level range set to 125-127.
    • Removed aggro flag from Apex Jagil; added to Apex Mandragora.
  • Dho Gates

    • Level range set to 128-130.
    • Added aggro flag to Apex Jagil and Apex Crab.
  • Woh Gates

    • Level range set to 131-133.
    • Included Velkk Abyssal, Junglemancer, Mindmelter, and Tearlicker as ‘apex’ mobs (per wiki) with levels and HP accordingly.
  • Outer Ra’Kaznar

    • Level range set to 134-136.
    • Removed aggro flag from Apex Bat and Apex Twitherym.
  • Inner Ra’Kaznar Court

    • Level range set to 137-139.
    • Everything aggros! :D
    • Added Dishelved Naraka, Enigmatic Vampyr, Inimical Corse, and Powercrazed Dvergr as ‘apex’ mobs (per wiki) with levels and HP accordingly.
  • Promyvion - {all}

    • Level range set to 139-142.
    • New Apex Idle Drifters, Apex Livid Ragers, and Apex Woeful Lamenters
    • These targets are spread around each floor in all four Promyvion zones.
  • Alzadaal Undersea Ruins

    • Level range set to 143-147.
    • New Apex Archaic Cog and Apex Archaic Cogs.
    • These targets are in side rooms near the entrances to each Salvage zone.
  • Crawler’s Nest [S]

    • Level range set to 129-140.
    • New… lots of mobs. Seriously, there’s nearly 200 mobs crammed in this tiny spot!
    • Pathway to the camp is around (I-10); the gate can be opened now.

Hot Zones

Working on New Game+ and fighting the exp drop at rank 7? Hot zones are here! Hot zones provide players an experience point bonus when they meet the requirements.


We may be adding additional facets to the Hot Zones in the future as we review usage and rewards.


  • Players must be participating in New Game+ rank 7 or higher.
  • Players must be fighting Apex-type monsters in the zones (almost always named Apex {something}, such as Apex Crab).
  • The hot zone must be “active” based on the time of day. The times listed are matched to server time, which is US Central.
Zone Time Slot
Moh Gates 00:00 to 02:00 CT
Sih Gates 02:00 to 04:00 CT
Dho Gates 04:00 to 06:00 CT
Woh Gates 06:00 to 08:00 CT
Outer Ra’Kaznar 08:00 to 10:00 CT
Inner Ra’Kaznar Court 10:00 to 12:00 CT
Promyvion - Holla 12:00 to 14:00 CT
Promyvion - Dem 14:00 to 16:00 CT
Promyvion - Mea 16:00 to 18:00 CT
Promyvion - Vahzl 18:00 to 20:00 CT
Alzadaal Undersea Ruins 20:00 to 22:00 CT
Crawler’s Nest [S] 22:00 to 00:00 CT

Be sure to check BG Wiki’s Apex Monsters guide for where the mobs are in each zone and recommended strategies.


  • Focus on one or two mobs at a time. Apex mobs have a lot more health, but with the magic burst strategy, can be quickly brought down through co-op.
  • As these targets are intended to be pulled 1-2 at a time, classes lacking AOEs can find these areas as useful alternatives to other AOE-focused camps.
  • Each zone tends to have a ‘safe area’ to make pulls. Be aware of what mobs aggro and what mobs do not. Very few mobs actually link, so pulling back to camp is generally safe.
  • Looking for a bonus? With all these new types of mobs, be sure you’re farming something that is the hunt for the day!
  • Because the bonus to Apex monsters is increasing the “XP over cap” that the mobs can provide, Dedication and other experience point bonus effects have an added value on these targets.

Are the apex mobs the “best exp in the game”? As with most things–it depends! They are an alternative to AOE pulling in other zones and/or group play vs. solo play (as the hot zone bonus does not degrade based on party members). It’s an option, not a requirement.


  • UPDATE With the addition of the Apex monsters in the Promyvion zones, the names of some mobs and NPCs should be re-aligned. This was a cosmetic/UI change and not a functional change in these zones.
  • UPDATE The Ranger ability Scavenge now checks for the player’s inventory being full before attempting to use it rather than after to save putting it on cooldown.

3 April

Spring Break is here!

Spring Break Egg Hunt

It’s springtime in Vana’diel and those feisty Spring Hoppers are back and hording their letter eggs. Find them in West Ronfaure, East Ronfaure, West Sarutabaruta, and North Gustaberg. This event will run maintenance on 24 April 2022.

2022 Changes

  • This year, we’ve added new egg words to the list and will be updating it each week with new rewards, including some new hidden words. All prior year words have been revealed.
  • The amount of HP % that players must inflict on the Spring Hoppers to force letter eggs to drop has been reduced.
  • Spring Hoppers now have a chance to reward letter eggs more often, but will run away to a new location in the zone after being engaged in battle for a random amount of time.

Click here for the full event details.

New Login Rewards

New login rewards have been added including a brand new mount, new Great Katana style lock, and the spring yukatas back for the season.

  • Mutsunokami
  • Troll Gun
  • Otokogusa Yukata [M]
  • Onnagusa Yukata [F]
  • Artemis’s Bow
  • Iron Giant Mount

Recycle Bin

The Recycle Bin system has been added! Players who accidentally drop items can now retrieve those items through the Recycle Bin.

  • The Recycle Bin is cleared every time the player zones.
  • The Recycle Bin holds a total of 10 deleted items.
  • Temporary items and linkshells are not caught and will drop when deleted.
  • Deleted items are returned to the player inventory when restored.

We’re still reviewing ways of tying this into the treasure lot system so that ‘fall to the ground’ items would go to the recycle bin; so hoping for that in the future.

Besieged Day

Sundays and Thursdays are now Besieged Days. Players can gain 2x imperial standing points when defeating named encounters in Besieged.

Be sure to check the home page on the Members Portal for the Besieged timer.


  • UPDATE Several crafting guild items now stack to 99 per modern retail: triturator, shagreen file, spindle, workshop anvil, mandrel, tanning vat, bundling twine.
  • UPDATE Added new “Augments Bounty Shot” modifier for the Sylvan and Amini Glovelettes; this modifier increases Bounty Shot’s treasure hunter potency.
  • BUG Revamped the Absorb-{STAT} spells to be more reliable and add proper support for the “Augments Absorb” modifiers.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where players could not purchase things with gil if they had the exact amount of gil necessary to buy the item.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Dumakulem’s Ring was categorized in the wrong Auction House section.

Members Portal

  • Players can now advanced search for items that are ‘known drops’ or ‘crafted’ (synthesis or synergy)–these are mutually exclusive lookups.
  • Players can now advanced search for items with pet mods specifically. Selecting ‘Mod check for pets?’ and selecting an item mod from the drop down will limit the check to just pets. Without having this checked, the item mod search is now specific to player modifiers.

21 March


  • BUG Addressed an issue where latents for Damage Taken modifiers (mod #160) would not properly add/remove when used in a gear swap.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where storage sizes would not properly update when increased via quests. This applies to the Mog Locker quests.
  • BUG Addressed an issue the TP attack bonus modifier on Blade: Kamu was 1.3125 instead of 3.00.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Mine Shaft #2716 mobs not having onMobDeath methods and any potential issue this could have caused with quest progression.

13 March

Retail Client Update - March 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30220309_0 or higher.

  • Zone ID shifts in Western Altepa Desert, Reisenjima, and Crawler’s Nest [S].
  • Message ID shifts in Western Altepa Desert and Ru’lude Gardens.
  • New items and mounts (coming soon)

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use. Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.


  • UPDATE The blue magic spell Diamondhide has been updated to have the proper 90s recast.
  • UPDATE Hispid Rarabs in West Sarutabaruta [S] now have the proper (higher) level range of 93-94.
  • UPDATE Added a new recipe for ‘slice of bluefish’ using Uskumru as a base.
  • UPDATE Updated the logic around blue magic magic bursting to prevent the message from showing when Burst Affinity is not active.
  • UPDATE Updated the logic around blue magic magic bursting to properly account for Magic Burst Bonus I and II gear mods when magic bursting with Burst Affinity.
  • UPDATE Removed Throne Room [S] and Stellar Fulcrum from the list of allowed Nexus Cape zones to prevent exploiting.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with Flourish III’s showing an improper message when used.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the CHAKRA_MULTI and CHAKRA_REMOVAL mods were incrementing the Handbell and Geomancy skills (these were working prior, but improperly adding GEO skills too).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some Antlion-type mobs would ‘roam’ like worms while underground.
  • BUG Addressed an edge case where HP% of mobs would divide out to 0 even when the mob still had HP.
  • BUG Addressed a potential exploit around auction house transactions.
  • BUG Addressed a potential crash condition when breaking an alliance’s last party.
  • BUG Addressed an edge case where the target of a magic spell could be null (already dead) by the time the logic processes to cast on it.

13 February

Retail Client Update - February 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30220204_0 or higher.

  • Implementation of the new inventory packets and systems and sizes of a few other packets.
  • Zone ID shifts in Quicksand Caves.

This update requires both the client update and updates for Ashita and Windower. Players who have been using --noupdate to delay updating their launchers should remove that and let plugins and addons update. There is no guarantee that plugins and addons have been updated to support this–especially if players are using older, abandoned projects. Please review notices on the Ashita and Windower discords or on the github repositories of the associated tools for more information. It is suggested that players unload all plugins, addons, and DAT modifications while updating, then add in each one independently.

In addition, please keep in mind that this has increased the size and number of inventory packets significantly. Players who fill up these inventories can (and will) see additional zoning delays, especially on lower speed connections. Players who are multiboxing will amplify that.


Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use. Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc. If you’re using AshenbubsHD’s Tide font, be sure to update to the latest version to get the new HD target icons and proper menus.

Mog Wardrobes & the Recycle Bin

  • At this time, we have decided to grant all players access to the additional new wardrobes. This grants players 320 new wardrobe slots for their equipment. Plugins and addons will need to be updated to recognize these additional wardrobes
  • We have locked the Recycle Bin system for now as we investigate additional ways to use this system and provide more value out of it than was originally intended. Stay tuned.


  • UPDATE Players can acquire the Abyssea Enhancements via our custom Cruor menus now. The cost is 500 cruor and it applies all of the buffs to the player for the remainder of their stay in the zone. It also addresses the issue where the prior system would let you keep applying the buff and stacking it… eventually giving max stats. Sorry, the values are once again a single application and based on how many abyssites of Merit or Furtherance the player has acquired. This scales accordingly:
    • Max HP: +20% to +80% (+10% per abyssite of Merit)
    • Max MP: +10% to +40% (+5% per abyssite of Merit)
    • Attributes: +20 to +50 (+10 per abyssite of Furtherance)
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the ID shifts in Dho Gates prevented fishing. The Tusoteuthis Longa awaits!
  • BUG Addressed an issue where players would benefit from the ammo damage bonus twice when using Corsair quick shots.

6 February

Version Lock - January 2022

With the upcoming changes to inventory, storage, and other packets with the February 2022 retail release, we are currently locking to the January 2022 release for the time being.

If you play retail, it is suggested you create a copy of your whole FFXI directory before updating to the February 2022 release, then rename the directories depending on which server you’re playing on.

For example, you could do something similar to the following, but at this time, we do not officially support this and instead suggest players hold off on updating until we fully understand and can migrate to the February 2022 client.

  • Make a copy of the \PlayOnline\FINAL FANTASY XI directory in the same location and name it \PlayOnline\FINAL FANTASY XI - Jan2022.
  • Keep your existing \PlayOnline\FINAL FANTASY XI directory as your ‘main’ game that you update.
  • When you want to play on NocSouls, rename your \PlayOnline\FINAL FANTASY XI directory to something else, such as \PlayOnline\FINAL FANTASY XI - Feb2022 and rename your copy back to \PlayOnline\FINAL FANTASY XI.
  • This can help bypass the issue that the game writes its registry keys expecting a singular location of the game, but still allows you to have multiple copies.

Again, at this time, we are version locking to the 20211225_1 version of the game until further notice.


  • UPDATE Added the Barrage Turbine automaton attachment. Players can acquire the attachment from Yoyoroon in Nashmau. It consumes wind manuevers every ~60-70s; for each wind manuever it consumes, the automaton’s ranged attacks do an additional hit.
  • UPDATE Additional message IDs have been updated which should address an issue with Treasure Caskets in ~47 zones.
  • UPDATE Several “A Crystalline Prophecy” NPCs and quest markers (QMs) have been hidden around other common quests to prevent confusion on which ??? to engage.
  • BUG Addressed a code formatting fix that could have prevented some users from finishing the Bastok mission ‘The Chains that Bind’.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the gendered DNC Artifact gear wouldn’t show up in the Adventurer Coffer for Dancers.
  • BUG Addressed a missing null check for spikes effects from some conditions that could cause a zone crash.

30 January


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the AQ DRG10 quest provided the wrong weapon type.
  • UPDATE Updated the Fire Bomblet ammo item (stat rock) to no longer stack so that Bellhop and other addons do not try to force it into a stack and cause players to lose augments.
  • UPDATE Removed the requirement that players enter Fei’yin from Beaucedine Glacier to get the San d’Oria Mission 5-1 update. Players should be able to teleport in now and receive the proper cutscene.
  • UPDATE Removed the out-of-date !trainer command as it’s no longer used since the revamp of the training dummies.
  • BUG Addressed an issue in the calculation of weaponskill hit rate that caused targets higher than level 160 to clamp at 99% hit rate, not 95% hit rate, causing a higher than expected hit rate on these targets. This should only affect, currently, a few targets in Reisenjima and Escha Ru’Aun.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the message when spawning Gotoh Zah the Redolent showed a duplicate message.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where several duplicate NPCs were present in the world–their ‘cutscene’ versions showing at all times.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Ginsen item having additional, incorrect modifiers.

17 January

Retail Client Update - January 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30211225_0 or higher.

  • Addressed dialogue and cutscene ID shifts in 200+ areas.
  • Shifted mobs and NPCs in Alzadaal Undersea Ruins (again).

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. There’s also an Ashenbubs update this month. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use. Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.


  • UPDATE Update the augment system to check that players have 3+ inventory slots when trying to remove augments to account for inventory shifts with Bellhop that could cause a “not enough inventory space” to be returned and the player lose the item.
  • BUG Address an issue where COP’s Dawn would not properly increment the quest status when viewing the cutscene in Al’Taieu.
  • BUG Address an issue where the BCNM battlefield start event may not fire due to a race condition.

2 January

Winter Celebration Event

The Winter Celebration event has come to a close for this season and will return next year. All bonuses are now inactive, BCNM daily timers set back to normal, and entry requirements for The Grinch BCNM are on off-season mode (no longer requiring completion of the event).

The Spring Break event will be coming in a few months!