Content, Quests, & Missions

Content and Expansions

What the status of each expansion and add-on pack?

Currently, expansions are based on the Darkstar Project’s (the underlying open source project powering the server) current status. That means you have:

  • Original release content, including up to Rank 10 for all nation missions.
  • Rise of Zilart (RoZ) is fully functional, including Tu’Lia (sky).

In addition to those, we have made updates to support the following content packs:

  • Chains of Promathia (CoP) is fully functional, including Al’Taieu (sea).
  • Treasures of Aht Urgan (ToAU) is fully functional through the storyline, but not including side content, like Nyzul Isle and some assaults.
  • Wings of the Goddess (WotG), up to the city-based missions and jobs unlock, but not a lot else.
    • This is also where players will unlock their Voidwatch Campaign quests.

At this time, the following expansion packs have limited accessibility or “retail” content; however the zones and encounters may be used in custom content and storylines:

  • Visions/Scars/Heroes of Abyssea are not working in the standard story sense, but Abyssea does play a part in gear progression and is unlocked at level 30.
  • Seekers of Adoulin storyline is not working at all, but all zones are accessible and are host to custom content events such as the Master Jobs storylines, Mog Gardening, and Heroics.
  • The Rhapsodies of Vanadiel storyline is not working at all, but zones are accessible and are used to host custom content, events, and storylines around Heroics.
  • The Crystalline Prophecy, Moogle Kupo d’Etat, and Shantotto Ascension “packs” are not working at this time and are disabled. However, we have plans to add them as time permits.

Do all of the quests and missions work?

Most quests in the 75 era of the game are fully functioning if they are key to the storyline or progression of the game. This includes missions for eacy nation and those expansions stated above. Most city-based side missions are also working.

While not an exact list, the current list of “What Works” from the Darkstar Project is a good place to look to see if a mission or quest is wired up. This doesn’t exactly align with our servers (as we’ve coded above and beyond what is normally available), but it’s a start.

If the feature is part of the base game content (not custom Nocturnal Souls content) and shows working on the above page, verify that it’s not a known bug on the DSP issues list

For Nocturnal Souls specific errors, check the bug reports listing on the Members Portal for a list of current known bugs and status. If you’re still have an issue, feel free to reach out to a staff member on Discord via the #bug-reports channel or in game.

If you have any questions about a specific quest, please contact a staff member for assistance.

If I follow the wikis, can I complete the working storylines?

Yes, if the storyline is said to be working (see above), then following the wikis will provide you with the necessary information to complete the quest. We’re using the wikis in our testing for functionality.

In general, due to the various “eras” of the private server code and the wikis:

  • For pre-Abyssea content, use ffxiclopedia.
  • For post-Abyssea content, use BG-wiki.

The following are known deviations:

  • COP Mission 8-2 : It’s not necessary to escort the NPCs around the Grand Palace, just make the paths around on foot and open the doors. QoL improvement in the guise of “we have no idea why the NPC doesn’t move”!

Where do I find {item} for my quest?

There are several items handed out throughout the game via custom content. Click here for the list or use the members portal to search for the item.

I’m following the quest/mission steps, but the quest/mission isn’t updating, why?

Many quests have not been ‘modernized’ and require the optional dialogs. Be sure to check both BGWiki and FFXIcyclopedia. FFXIcyclopedia usually has the original 2008-era quest requirements for pre-Abyssea quests and BGWiki will show the up-to-date requirements.

In addition, players who multibox may need to trigger cutscenes or quest markers ??? multiple times as some of these have difficulties properly updating quests for all characters. It’s recommended to never activate the same cutscene on multiple characters when multiboxing at the same time as this can cause the updates to get corrupted.

Do I have to wait for “Japanese midnight” for quests?

In almost all cases, no. Missions that had these requirements have had them removed. However, some quests, such as the Puppetmaster automaton frame quests do require a “Vana’diel midnight” to proceed to the next step, which is at 00:00 on the in game clock.

I placed items in my Mog Storage, but now they’re gone!

The likely cause is having furniture placed in Mog Safe 2 rather than Mog Safe 1. There’s a bug in DSP that causes this furniture’s storage slots to become invalid after being placed.

  • From your home city mog house, pick up the furniture you currently have in Mog Safe 2 and put it in Mog Safe 1.
  • Enter Layout mode and re-place it down to add the storage slots back to your Mog Storage.
  • Exit your mog house and re-enter it.
  • Your Mog Storage should be back up to the correct quantity and your items available.