Content, Quests, & Missions

Content and Expansions

What the status of each expansion and add-on pack?

Currently, expansions have varying levels of support. Most Pre-Abyssea content is fully functional. That means you have:

  • Original release content, including up to Rank 10 for all nation missions.
  • Rise of Zilart (RoZ) is functional, including Tu’Lia (sky).
    • Players can complete these missions up to the Prologue (Awakening).
  • Chains of Promathia (CoP) is functional, including Al’Taieu (sea).
    • Players can complete these missions up to the Prologue (Dawn).
  • Treasures of Aht Urhgan (ToAU) is functional through the storyline, but not including side content, like Nyzul Isle and some assaults.
    • Players can complete these missions up to the Prologue (Eternal Mercenary).
  • Wings of the Goddess (WotG), up to the start city-based missions and jobs unlock, but not a lot else.
    • This is also where players will unlock their Voidwatch Campaign quests by completing the first nation mission and aligning to a nation.
    • All zones are fully operational allowing players to explore, farm NMs, and exp camp.

At this time, the following expansion packs have limited accessibility or “retail” content; however the zones and encounters may be used in custom content and storylines:

  • Visions/Scars/Heroes of Abyssea are not working in the standard story sense, but Abyssea does play a part in gear progression and is unlocked at level 30.
  • Seekers of Adoulin storyline is not working at all, but all zones are accessible and are host to custom content events such as the Master Jobs storylines, Mog Gardening, and Heroics.
  • The Rhapsodies of Vanadiel storyline is not working at all, but zones are accessible and are used to host custom content, events, and storylines around Heroics.
  • The Crystalline Prophecy, Moogle Kupo d’Etat, and Shantotto Ascension “packs” are not working at this time and are disabled. However, we have plans to add them as time permits.

Do all of the quests and missions work?

Most quests in the 75 era of the game are fully functioning if they are key to the storyline or progression of the game. This includes missions for each nation and those expansions stated above. Most city-based side missions are also working. Side quests and/or quests that were added post-75 era are likely not wired up. In addition, some content, such as Voidwatch, is custom to our community and players should follow the wiki page for the storyline.

If you have any questions about a specific quest, please contact a staff member for assistance.

If I follow the wikis, can I complete the working storylines?

Yes, if the storyline is said to be working (see above), then following the wikis will provide you with the necessary information to complete the quest. We’re using the wikis in our testing for functionality.

In general, due to the various “eras” of the private server code and the wikis:

  • For pre-Abyssea content, use ffxiclopedia.
  • For post-Abyssea content, use BG-wiki.

A good rule of thumb… if a wiki says it’s optional–it’s not because it wasn’t optional in “2005-era”.

Quest and Cutscene Troubleshooting

Where do I find {item} for my quest?

There are several items handed out throughout the game via custom content. Click here for the list or use the members portal to search for the item.

Do I have to wait for “Japanese midnight” for quests?

In almost all cases, no. Missions that had these requirements have had them removed.

However, some quests, such as the Puppetmaster automaton frame quests do require a “Vana’diel midnight” to proceed to the next step, which is at 00:00 on the in game clock.

In addition, some missions do require you to change zones–especially those in ToAU. If you’re having issues, zone out and back in.

I’m following the quest/mission steps, but the quest/mission isn’t updating, why?

Many quests have not been ‘modernized’ and require the optional dialogs. Be sure to check both BGWiki and FFXIcyclopedia. FFXIcyclopedia usually has the original 2008-era quest requirements for pre-Abyssea quests and BGWiki will show the up-to-date requirements. For job unlock quests, check jobs page for any unique details to job quests.

In addition, addons and plugins that affect cutscenes, the speed of cutscenes, etc., it can cause the ’event finished’ to not properly activate. Here’s are some suggestions:

  • disable (and restart your client) any plugins that accelerate cutscenes, such as FastCS or enternity,
  • reset your FPS to 30 if you’re running at 60; FFXI uses the FPS rate to calculate timing for animations and events, so this can cause crashes (especially in ToAU with runic portals),
  • if the cutscene provides an item, ensure you have enough inventory space,
    • note: for TOAU 46, Divine Might, or the others that grant rings, ensure you don’t pick a ring you already have in your inventory or the cutscene will not update.
  • verify that the mission proceeds farther; some missions, such as RoZ’s Awakening, are the final missions as the modern era continuations (Storms of Fate) do not exist. A general rule–if you can access the unique !shop for the expansion, you’re done.

In addition, players who multibox may need to trigger cutscenes or quest markers ??? multiple times as some of these have difficulties properly updating quests for all characters.

It’s recommended to never activate the same cutscene on multiple characters at the same time as this can cause the updates to get corrupted. Players should also avoid multiboxing BCNMs and battlefields as, especially mission battlefields, have issues properly incrementing each character–run each character, one at a time, through the battlefield and cutscene events.

Sometimes my cutscenes lock up or crash my client. What can I do?

Many mission cutscenes, especially those in CoP and ToAU, are very sensitive to plugins and addons that try to accellerate them.

If you’re having issues proceeding through a cutscene, try the following:

  • disable (and restart your client) any plugins that accellerate cutscenes, such as FastCS or enternity,
  • reset your FPS to 30 if you’re running at 60; FFXI uses the FPS rate to calculate timing for animations and events, so this can cause crashes (especially in ToAU with runic portals),
  • disable any HD .DAT mods you may be using (if you’re using XIPivot, type /pivot, uncheck them, and rezone),
  • if you’re multiboxing, log out other characters
  • if you’re on a mobile video card or a high end (GTX 1060+, RTX, etc.), try using a D3D9 proxy.

My cutscene crashed my client and my quest didn’t update. What do I do now?

Missions and quests are not updated for players until a cutscene is complete and players reappear in the world (and/or the compass reappears on your screen) to keep data consistent.

If your client crashes or closes due to one of the issues stated above, you’ll need to restart that event from prior to the cutscene, such as re-entering an area or re-triggering a quest marker (???).

I can’t enter a battlefield (BCNM) because I already have a status effect!

This is a common occurance for players who multibox that the battlefield effect (the BCNM symbol) doesn’t get properly removed when exiting a battlefield and players can no longer re-enter.

To clear this, speak with Makel-Pakel in Western Adoulin (!relax) and he’ll remove the effect from you.

I didn’t receive any loot or quest updates from a monster.

There are a few reasons that this can occur:

  • All quest updates are updated as part of the “onMobDeath” command. This loops through all players with enmity on the mob AT TIME OF DEATH and rewards those players. If you stray too far or die and drop off this enmity table, you will not receive rewards. This is MORE COMMON for pet-based classes who engage the pet, but never engage themselves. The typical range for this is 28y.
  • It’s possible when multiboxing that it tries to reward multiple characters in the same moment (depending on server ticks, etc.) and skips one character because it thinks it’s already rewarded it.

Party and Gameplay Troubleshooting

I revived to a home point and now I’m a zombie! (no hp/mp, cannot attack)

Drop your party memberships (/pcmd leave) and/or start or join another party. This will usually resolve the issue.

I placed items in my Mog Storage, but now they’re gone!

The likely cause is having furniture placed in Mog Safe 2 rather than Mog Safe 1. There’s a bug in DSP that causes this furniture’s storage slots to become invalid after being placed.

  • From your home city mog house, pick up the furniture you currently have in Mog Safe 2 and put it in Mog Safe 1.
  • Enter Layout mode and re-place it down to add the storage slots back to your Mog Storage.
  • Exit your mog house and re-enter it.
  • Your Mog Storage should be back up to the correct quantity and your items available.

I’m in a party/alliance and cannot see another player.

Running out of render range (50y) or having you (or the other person) toggle their mount can fix this. Sometimes non-chocobo mounts cause players to show up invisible.

Asking for recipe suggestions from crafting guild NPCs locks up the game.

This is a newer feature that DSP isn’t coded up to support. Use !release to break free of the cutscene.

Transport Troubleshooting

How can I get between the islands of Bibiki Bay (normally via the Manaclipper)?

Trade 10,000gil to Rhalo Davigoh or Rahi Sakeawo to fast travel between Bibiki Bay and the Purgonorgo Isle.

Why can’t I use any of the boats or airships?

The code for the various boats is fickle at best and tends to either lock people out (requiring an Unstuck Character via the members portal) or take HOURS to move from place to place. As our resources are a bit limited during this transition to the cloud hosting and while we figure out our resource needs, we’ve decided to close several unused/unuseful zones to free up system resources.

  • The boats between Mhaura and Al Zahbi (use !tele whitegate)
  • The boats between Nashmau and Al Zahbi (use !tele nashmau)
  • The boat between Mhaura and Selbina (use Explorer Moogles)
  • The boat between the islands of Bibiki Bay (the Manaclipper) (trade 10,000gil to Rhalo Davigoh or Rahi Sakeawo to fast travel)
  • The airships between the main capitals and Jeuno and Kazham (use !tele jeuno|sandy|windy|bastok|kazham)

Please use the alternative teleport methods to access these zones. If you mistakenly use a boat, the Unstuck Character via the members portal can move you back out of that defunct zone.

Quests and Missions


Dragoon Job Quest : I lost my wyvern egg!

Head back to the Maze of Shakhrami and excavate another one.

Rise of the Zilart

Return to Delkfutt’s Tower (ZM8) : I do not receive the cutscene or BCNM access when entering the Stellar Fulcrum.

The quest is designed prior to the homepoint teleports. You need to enter into Lower Delkfutt’s Tower to receive a cutscene, then zone into Upper Delkfutt’s Tower for another flag update.

Ark Angels (ZM14) : I cannot enter the Ark Angels fights; no BCNM shows up.

Be sure you’ve triggered/talked to the blank space right as you walk into the Shrine of Ru’Avitau. This is the same trigger point that, on a second trigger, starts the Divine Might quest. Quest information

The Celestial Nexus (ZM16) : I do not receive the cutscene when entering The Celestial Nexus.

The quest is designed prior to the homepoint teleports. You need to zone into The Shrine of Ru’Avitau at the main gate to get the first cutscene.

Prologue : I cannot acquire the Storms of Fate mission.

The RoZ and CoP prologues do not exist in the private server code at this time.

Chains of Promathia

Slanderous Utterings (COP4-4) : Speaking to Despachiaire doesn’t provide the correct cutscene

While BG-Wiki says to ‘speak’ with him, it’s really ‘getting near’ him triggers a cutscene. If you speak with him, you’re likely to see a message that a cutscene has been cancelled because another is in progress. This is caused by our enhanced movement speed and being able to get to him and trigger his dialog BETWEEN server ticks (3 seconds).

To fix this, walk towards him, but do not actually speak with him. The correct event will fire.

A Fate Decided (COP8-2) : The Quasilumins do not engage or escort around the zone.

It’s not necessary to escort the Quasilumins around the Grand Palace, just make the paths around on foot and open the doors. QoL improvement in the guise of “we have no idea why the NPC doesn’t move”!

When Angels Fall (COP8-3) : I cannot enter the BCNM fight at the Garden of Ru’Hmet.

When you retrieved your racial light key item, you must touch the Ebon Panel TWICE. Once for a cutscene and title, the second for your key item. Only touching it once doesn’t grant you the next step. Quest information.

Also, if you’ve recently changed races, you’ll need to have your CURRENT race’s key item.

When Angels Fall (COP8-3) : I exited the BCNM and crashed during a cutscene, now I can’t get back in.

It’s possible to crash during this cutscene (see above for common causes of cutscene crashes) and there’s no way to get back in. Contact a CM to move you to the correct location to continue on the quest.

Dawn (COP8-4) : When enter Al’Taieu for the cutscene, it doesn’t unlock the Elevator to the Empyreal Paradox.

Exit to Tavnazian Safehold and enter Al’Taieu through Sealion’s Den. This should properly update the cutscene.

Treasures of Aht Urhgan

The Black Coffin (TOAU15) : I failed or exited out of the Black Coffin BCNM. How can I re-enter?

Return to Jazaratt’s Headstone in Caedarva Mire to retrieve another Ephramadian gold coin to re-enter the BCNM.

The Black Coffin (TOAU15) : I finished the BCNM fight and teleported to Nashmau, but didn’t receive a cutscene.

Return to Jazaratt’s Headstone in Caedarva Mire to retrieve another Ephramadian gold coin to re-enter the BCNM. If you have fastcs, enternity, or are running at 60 FPS, disable these before the fight completes. Also, sometimes one-shotting the Captain can cause it to break because it really triggers at low health, not zero health.

Imperial Coronation (TOAU46) : Mission won’t complete; the cutscene finishes, but the mission doesn’t progress.

This is likely caused by having the ring in your inventory that you’re choosing in the cutscene. On retail, those rings are not available outside of this cutscene and if it can’t hand you a rare/ex item, it fails as a fail safe.

Remove the TOAU rings from your inventory/mog house/wardrobes and try the cutscene again.

Prologue : I cannot acquire The Rider Cometh mission or other prologue quests.

The TOAU prologue quests do not exist in the private server code at this time.

Wings of the Goddess

WOTG2+ : I cannot progress the nation questlines.

At this time, only San d’Oria [S] has wired up nation quests (up to Purple, The New Black) as WOTG is not complete. Players only need to complete the first nation mission (The Fighting Fourth, Steamed Rams, Snakes on the Plains) to unlock the Voidwatch campaigns.


San d’Oria 2-1 : The Rescue Drill quest will not advance.

Be sure you’ve spoken to all of the NPCs around the chasm; they are all required as the current quest is coded to align to the original version of the quest (2008 era).

San d’Oria 2-3 : Savae E. Paleade doesn’t accept the Mythril Sand.

This only applies to going Bastok -> Windurst. Retrace your steps in the quest as it’s likely that a quest update has been missed. They are all required.

The correct quest order should be: Halver -> Savae E. Paleade > Pius > Grohm > mine for gravel > trade gravel to refiner and get sand > trade sand to Savae.

San d’Oria 8-2 : Triggering the ??? in the Temple of Uggalepih doesn’t activate the fight.

There are several ??? around the area that are not involved in the SM8-2 questline. Be sure you’re on “Map 4” of the zone. Quest information