Jobs, Leveling, & Crafting


What jobs are working?

All pre-SOA jobs are “fully” functional, but may not be the same as retail. For more details about how jobs vary on Nocturnal Souls, please see the Jobs, Magic, and Abilities page.


“Fully” functional varies by job. Be sure to check the individual job pages to see what abilities may or may not be working for the class of your choice. In general, abilities at level 75 and below are fully operational and abilities to 99 are hit and miss. Some jobs, such as Red Mage, are 100% functional whereas other jobs, such as Bard, are lacking a few of their higher level abilities.

For now, Rune Fencer and Geomancer are still works in progress in the Darkstar Project and not unlockable at this time.

Do job points exist?

No, at this time, job points and the abilities and spells locked behind them are not functional. Unfortunately, the client blocks the addition of these abilities as the “flag” is missing that gets sent between the players and the server and, so far, no one has found a way to fake it/trigger it.

We’re working to incorporate these changes via quests and automatic progression via Nocturnal Souls custom events, the Master Job Quests. These quests provide bonuses to jobs and/or alter spells to work in a different manner to provide benefits similar to what players would normally gain from the Job Points.


For example, after completing the Red Mage master trials, Temper alters itself to provide Triple Attack rather than Double Attack to simulate how Red Mages gain Temper II via Job Points.

Do I need to do my subjob quest here?

No, subjobs are unlocked by default for all players.

Do I need to do my advanced job quests?

Yes, players will need to do their advanced job quests (Paladin, Dark Knight, Bard, etc.) and can start those at Level 15. All quests are the same as retail except for Blue Mage, Summoner, and Dark Knight.

Do all of the merits work?

At this time, unless stated on the Jobs page for a specific job, all merits are working with the exception of the weaponskill merits (players gain these weaponskills automatically anyway).

SquareEnix has been diligently working to revamp merits in 2019 and updated several classes including Red Mage, Black Mage, White Mage, and Ninja and we have kept Nocturnal Souls up to date with these changes. Our players can enjoy the latest merits and spell updates assuming they connect with an updated client.

Leveling Up/Progression

Any important player commands I should know?

!signet, !sanction, !sigil will allow players to put up that respective buff. These also provide a regain, refresh, regen, and haste buff that scales based on your level.

!shop x has lots of different shops for you to browse. It widely ranges, from shop 1 offering food to shop 4 offering crystals. Shop 7, 8, 9 and 10 are the expansion rewards from RoTZ, CoP, ToAU and Legion respectively. Once you meet the prerequisites for these shops, their wares will be available to you.

!ah will let you open the auction house from any location.

!relax will return you to the main hub of the server, East Adoulin. All your upgrades, bazaaring and whatnot are done here.

!craft will teleport you to the crafting zone. Here you can fight training dummies to test your damage, browse the wares of our crafting NPCs, and use the Synergy system.

!mh will allow you to change jobs, manage inventories, and use the delivery box. This is best used in conjunction with !craft.


You can only change jobs in areas where changing jobs is allowed, such as !craft for training purposes.

!telelist set {x} and !telelist go {x} lets players create custom teleport at saved personal positions. For example, using !telelist set 1 in Valkurm Dunes D-12 will store that position for you to return to later with !telelist go 1.

!gotoexp is an important one. It lets you teleport to popular camping spots based on level range. If you’re unsure on leveling progression, I would highly recommend utilizing !gotoexp 1 the moment you hit level 10 and proceed with moving around every 10 levels. At lv 20, you should !gotoexp 2, and so forth. These level ranges vary depending on whether or not you’re playing solo or in a group (groups can tackle higher level mobs) and whether or not you have a subjob.


The rest of the player commands can be found here.

Where do I get mounts?

Players will need to unlock Chocobo Riding via the quest Chocobo’s Wounds. Players can feed the chocobo every 45-60 seconds and get Gausebit Grass from the Auction House or, very easily, from the Crane Flies in the Meriphataud Mountains.

Once unlocked, players can speak to Mapitoto in Upper Jeuno (G-7) near where the Chocobo’s Wounds quest takes place to unlock the /mount command and receive additional mounts.

As players acquire new mount items (♪ {Mount}), they can be traded to Mapitoto to unlock the mount. There are several mounts in the game acquired either through the completion of content or through items.

Why am I not getting credit for my GoV/FoV kills?

To get credit for Grounds of Valor or Fields of Valor books, you must be within 15 levels of the monster’s level. It’s most common for players to be outside of this range as they get to the end of the game where monsters are level 102-104 and players may only be 85 or so. Get to level 88-89 and those kills should start counting.

How do I make gil?

Do your nation quests. The gil reward is 10x, (50,000 gil reward becomes 500,000) so it’s a nice way to pocket some cash. In addition, all non-repeatable side quests have a substantial gil increase (repeatable ones do not).

If questing isn’t your style, farming crystal clusters in Al’Taieu (sea), crafting ninjutsu tools, bazaaring rare materials or doing hunts and BCNMs all provide large gil pay offs!

What’s the damage cap?

65,535 for physical damage, 99,999 for magic damage. These numbers apply to all types of attacks (auto attacks, weaponskills, abilities, and magic).

Skillchain damage is considered magic, so that too caps at 99,999.


Be careful! These large numbers mean that mobs that absorb or are healed by certain elements or spells can be **quickly ** healed back up by spamming the wrong abilities!

How can I tell if an item is available?

We strive to add in many of the more modern armor and weapon sets into the game, but there’s sometimes not a place for everything and/or reasons why some items don’t work. You can tell at a glance by searching for the item on the Members Portal’s Find > Item.

  1. If the item doesn’t come up, it may not be available,
  2. If the item is missing its models (their look), we may have it disabled
  • You can determine if a model is missing if there’s a ❗ by the Details dropdown and/or the model ID is **0 ** for an item that would normally have an appearance (armor, weapons).
  1. missing their modifiers (their stats)
  • You can determien if the modifiers are missing by expanding out the Modifiers dropdown and comparing it to the item details box pulled from

If an item appears to have its modifiers and its model, it may either be a hidden drop, come from a quest line (like REMAs), or not be added in as content yet.

What should my progression be through the game?

The basic progression goes as follows:

  • get level 99/99 first and foremost.
  • then if applicable, aim for your relic weapon, while doing that, work on upgrading your augment tiers with Vaincherault so that you can upgrade and reforge your artifact gear as high as possible (the gear that’s lv 60).
  • aim for reforged +2 (the blue box at ilevel 119).
  • once you’ve done that, aim for your Mythic weapon.

A much better, more detailed writeup can be found in the Weapons Progression guide and Artifact Armor Progression guide.

I see that Artifact and Relic goes up to Reforged +3, but Empyrean does not.

At this time, Artifact and Relic are available Reforged +3 as this is custom to our server (the sets were released to retail as part of Dynamis Divergence).

Empyrean only exists to Reforged +1 as that’s all SquareEnix has added to the game (rumors (as of Aug 2019) that they may be adding Reforged +2/+3 soon).

Many players will get the best stats out of their Artifact and Relic Reforged +3 and situational usage/gear swaps out of their Empyrean Reforged +1.

Why do I get a purple animation or no response sometimes when I use an ability?

This likely means that the ability is not wired up because it’s an ability that’s higher than level 75. If so, please refer to the Jobs, Magic, and Abilities section to see if it’s wired up or not.

A lot of abilities in DSP (the baseline of the server) past level 75 aren’t naturally supported and require custom coding. These have a chance to be changed over time, but please have some patience, it takes a lot of time to get them working.

Is {X} job viable at end game?

The short answer is yes. Every job (except BST, RUN and GEO) is fine and very capable at end game.

If you have questions about a job, reach out to Equilibrium, our resident job master. If he can deal maximum damage in a weaponskill with White Mage meleeing, we’re sure you can come up with something for your job.

In many cases, especially at end game, it’s less about doing “max damage” and more about survivability, party synergy, and enjoyment. The 99/99 level cap opens up a wide variety of job combos that aren’t possible anywhere else–finding the right one for you can take time.


Also, keep in mind that the core basis for FFXI is that we can change our jobs. There are situations and encounters that some jobs do perform poorly compared to others (e.g. an encounter entirely resistant to elemental damage), so it’s always best to have a few jobs leveled up and ready to go depending on the need.

I keep dying to magic. How do I increase my survivability?!

A good use of buffs, such as Stoneskin, Shell, and other forms of magic reduction like BLU’s Magic Barrier and Saline Coat, or abilities like Rampart from PLD or Sacrosanctity from WHM go a long way.

It’s important to note that if you’re getting one-shot, the issue isn’t necessarily that mobs are too strong. Endgame in FFXI practically revolves around incoming magic damage now, even in retail. Make use of defensive augments like Magic Defence Bonus or Magic Evasion to help jobs that don’t have much access to buffs survive, or use the appropriate subjob.

Ninja’s Utsusemi: Ichi or Ni shadows also absorb one AoE spell (like Ga III) now before being wiped, so make use of that.

How do I deal with Doom, Death, Terror, and Amnesia?

To deal with Doom, stock up on lots of Hallowed Waters (!shop 2) or bring a WHM with a good Cursna set (having Yagrush gives WHM’s AOE Cursna and can save the whole party at once). Doom can also be blocked using the Doom Screen located in !shop 10 (the Legion shop). These are short duration vials that entirely block the Doom effect.

For Death, use Blink or Utsusemi Shadows to try and block it. This is extremely useful for VWNMs. In addition, many doom and death abilities are gaze attacks so looking away from the monster helps (or fighting with your back turned).

Terror can be blocked using the Terror Screen located in !shop 10 (the Legion shop). These are short duration vials that entirely block the Terror effect.

The only way to remove Amnesia is via a WHM’s Esuna during Afflatus Misery or using an Ecphoria Ring.


Also, look for gear that has “Resist all status ailments” or other wording on it–those resists include Death and * Amnesia*!

All of these effects can also be blocked with the PLD’s Rampart ability.

What are some common thresholds for stats and augments?

Similar to increasing damage, this is often a very open-ended to answer.

To give some baselines though, at endgame (at least while approaching Reisenjima Henge), aim for these stats where applicable to your job/role. The values specified are in augments to give a total of minimum of said augment you should have on your gear, this does NOT include or factor in your natural stats, so work around these when applicable.

Those without brackets are assumed to be the base number you should be meeting with augments, job abilities, subs and gear.

This is assuming you are approaching or tackling Reisenjima Henge, so Reforged +2 and at least one Relic or Mythic weapon are the bare minimum.

  • Damage (in augments): +96 for 2-Handers and H2H users, +64 for 1-Handers (Melee DD)
  • Accuracy: 1500
  • Magic Accuracy: ~380
  • Fast Cast (in augments): +64%
  • Crit Rate: ~20-40%
  • Store TP: ~30
  • Magic Defence Bonus (in augments): +64
  • Counter (in augments, Melee DD): +40-80
  • Triple Attack: 30-70%
  • Ranged Attack (in augments): 1700
  • Ranged Accuracy (in augments): 1600


Is it worthwhile to craft?

You bet! Crafting provides a bit of character experience while leveling and the auction house market is designed to allow players to sell their wares without having to compete against the bot. There’s something for everyone so find your niche and make some money or just level enough to help craft your own gear.

Synthesis crafting also unlocks the ability to use our custom synergy crafting system. Synergy is used to craft custom items, upgrade some items from NQ to HQ, plays a role several seasonal events, and can even help progress the Empyrean weapon quest line.

What is the maximum level for crafts?

Currently, the maximum level is 110 for crafting; however, players can level all crafts to 110.

What is the maximum crafting rank?

Expert. This means you don’t need to do the last guild task. Fret not, you can still make the very high level recipes provided you have the appropriate skill+ gear, such as the crafting torques and Kupo shield, at level 110.

It won’t accept any more turn-ins for GP. What’s the deal?

DSP has a strange way of handling guild turn-ins. Once the NPC stops accepting them, you must wait until a JP midnight before being able to make turn-ins again.

I can’t find {x} item or material for my craft!

The first and best place to check is the NPCs at the !craft zone. A majority of the time, the items you can find are there, instead of at the guild NPCs. The NPCs in !craft also have “rare materials” inventories that show up on certain days of the week.

I purchased a guild point item from a guild, but it still shows in the list?

If you’re purchasing a one-time purchase, such as a key item, be sure to exit the menu before re-entering. You’ll likely see the Obtained key item: <keyitem>. message. Don’t attempt to purchase it again as it will take your GPs, but not (of course) give you a second key item.

I just crafted several evoliths (or other items) and it still just shows I have one in my inventory. Where’d it go?

Evoliths and some other items that we’ve uniquely modified to stack (evolits, by default, do not stack), do not always show their counters due to client limitations. You can verify that you have multiples in your inventory with the following:

  • try trading them to an NPC or player, you should receive the counter for how many to trade.
  • using the find or findall plugins, /find {item name} such as /find evolith will display a count in your inventory.
  • view the item’s details on the Members Portal and see the ‘stack side’ column.

I can’t seem to sell crystals on the AH or buy any. Where do they come from?

As we’ve allowed crystals to stack to 99, the Auction House doesn’t work properly. With that, crystal prices are normalized when selling to an NPC (for crystals and clusters) and players can acquire them via !shop 2. If you’re not wanting to spend gil, Al’Taieu (“sea”) is a great place to farm crystal clusters.

In other cases, please search for your item in question via the Members Portal. It often tells you if it’s obtainable on the server. Please note that not every single item/material will be obtainable as some recipes exist for the sake of completeness, but not all items are available.


If you switched guilds recently, you still have to wait for the real life midnight.

Does Gardening (mog house gardening) work?

At this time, the mog house gardening system is disabled. Crystals are common and available through !shop 4 and the crafting materials can be found at the crafting merchants in !craft or via the Mog Garden gardening.