Community Guides

Final Fantasy XI can be a very complicated game due to its exploratory design and nature. Here’s a series of guides to help you out!

  • New Player Guide
  • Welcome to Nocturnal Souls! Whether you’re new to Final Fantasy XI or just new to our community, here’s a few pointers to get the most out of your experience.

  • Where do I find...?
  • Looking for a particular custom currency or item and can’t find it? Here’s a list of the most common.

  • How does the AH work?
  • The Auction House plays an important role in the economy of any game–a way for players to move goods between each other and make money. Learn tips and tricks to managing your auctions!

  • The No-Frills Crafting Skill-Up Guide
  • by Webjester

    This guide is meant to be a quick skill-up guide to get your crafts from level 1-100. Some crafts will include suggestions for skill-ups above 100.

  • Twenty's Crafting Guide
  • by Twenty

    This is a crafting guide focused on using crafts and desynths to optimize the efficiencies.

  • Twenty's Synergy Guide
  • by Twenty

    This is a crafting guide focused on using synergy to gain levels as quickly as possible.

  • DHoffryn's Guide to BLU Spell Swapping
  • by DHoffryn, updated September 2023

    Learn the ins and outs of creative macros, using Blusets, and maximizing your blue magic game play!

  • Guide to Fishing on Nocturnal Souls
  • by DHoffryn, updated 20 September 2020

    Ready for a relaxing day out fishing? This quick start guide helps you dive into FFXI fishing with tips, tricks, and insights how to play the mini-game.

  • D'Hoffryn's Guide to Ashitacast
  • Part 1 – Weapon Swapping There are many occasions when you need to change the weapon that you are using, such as when you are doing a weapons trial, you have been using your very best weapon and you need to quickly swap to the trial weapon before the monster dies. This shows you how to configure Ashitacast to toggle between three weapons in sequence on the press of a function key.

  • Content Progression - A Player's Guide
  • Preface Nocturnal Souls is home to a constantly evolving, custom take on the Final Fantasy XI experience. Here we have tailored the environment towards a solo and small party friendly experience. Most casual content is balanced to be successful for an alert, well-prepared, tier-appropriate geared solo player. Later game content is balanced to be moderately to extremely challenging solo, but manageable when teaming up with additional adventurers. If you are just arriving at Nocturnal Souls, we highly recommend reviewing our Wiki as well as our Overview Page to get a taste of the unique customizations, custom content, and quality of life adjustments that await.

  • Using DXVK with WINE on Linux
  • Preface The Windows port of Final Fantasy XI was built using DirectX 8 (DX8). DX8 support is a mixed bag, even on Windows. Due to most modern video cards having dropped support for DX8, it is typically pushed through DX9 instead which loses some quality/performance. Wine does have DirectX to OpenGL functions, but often suffers with performance. Luckily, most modern video cards also support Vulkan, which is typically much more consistent.


Have an idea for a community guide? Give any of the staff on Discord a shout and we’ll review and publish it up! We use markdown format to make formatting easy!