Twenty's Synergy Guide

by Twenty

This is a crafting guide focused on using synergy to gain levels as quickly as possible.


  • Please make sure to read about Synergy here.
  • Synergy currently caps at 50 but there are no recipes as of (25/11/2021) that will get you past 25.
  • The aim of my guide was to get to 25 as quickly as possible and keep costs down, through my research these were the options I chose.
  • Make sure to have at least 200 to 300 of each fuel type to safely follow along.
  • Saturdays give an extra +5% to your base synergy success rate. If you can wait, you’ll have faster skill ups through more successful synergy crafts.


  • A special section dedicated to those that helped me level up synergy and create this guide. Thank you Reizero and Kumatora for the recipes.


0 - 8

8 - 11

  • Cheap route is to take the Track Pants. If you are working on an Empyrean weapon and have some Riftcinders and Aptants laying around, Light Spheres would be a good choice. I chose Spheres to 10.

11 - 25

  • Starting off with HP Bayld to 20. Use Swap Ore as the ingredient. This section has a rough start with a lot of failures but once you get to about 15 or so, success rates climb dramatically. I made plenty of HP Balyds for the trek to 25. I chose all three. HP Balyd to 20, Box to 23, Crystal to 25.