Custom Commands

We’re constantly working on ideas for new commands and enhancing the ones we have. Got an idea, send us a message!


!signet / !sanction / !sigil

These provide the normal point/currency buffs along with a regain, refresh, regen, and haste buff that scales based on your level. Sanction and Sigil buffs from the factions do not apply anything except the base buff; please see guards in Whitegate or the past cities to activate a buff with imperial standing or allied notes.

Once players reach level 99, the refresh and regen buffs will no longer apply.

NOTE: These buffs work from the guards too, this is just a QoL command if you’re like me and remember it when you get to the dungeon.



Access and use the auction house from anywhere.


Access and use your mog house (and delivery box) from anywhere.

Note: You cannot move items in and out of your safes using this, but you can use your satchel and other features normally available via the ‘View House’ menu.


Open up our custom store for food, tools, and more! You could get it all on the AH, but this makes things a bit faster.

store inventory
1 food
2 medicine
3 tools (ninjitsu) and shurikens
4 HQ crafting #1
5 HQ crafting #2
6 ammo, bullets, and bolts
7 Rise of the Zilart shop
8 Chains of Promathia shop
9 Treasures of Aht Urhgan shop
10 Legion shop

Access to expansion and content shops requires completion of that content storyline and the title from the final boss or cutscene.


!stats, !skills, and !petstats

Provides the output of the following stats for your character (to help you build gear sets with latent effects).

  • Treasure Hunter rank
  • Critical Hit %
  • Critical Hit Damage Bonus
  • Critical Evasion Bonus
  • Double Attack %, Triple Attack %, Quadruple Attack %
  • Haste (gear), Haste (ability), Haste (magic)
  • Magic Defense Bonus
  • Magic Attack Bonus
  • Magic Accuracy
  • Casting Skills

!petstats provides additional information on the player’s summoned pet, including pet bonuses, such as Blood Pact Damage and Blood Pact Delay.



The relaxing hangout zone. Tired of the grind? Come chill at the Celennia Memorial Library, talk to the NPCs, and relax! More NPCs and activities coming to this zone soon!


The crafting and training zone. Shop all of the crafting merchants for rare crafting materials and get a workout at with the training dummies.


Return to your homepoint; no need to carry warp rings or cudgels around.


No BLM around? No problem! Use !escape to quickly evac from a dungeon.


The !telelist command provides players with a custom teleport list that they can manage. Have a favorite spot to go hunting? Set a telepoint there. Tired of constantly running up to Dragon’s Aery? Set a telepoint there! You can store up to 10 custom zone locations.

  • !telelist will list all of your current teleport locations.
  • !telelist go # will travel to your stored location.
  • !telelist set # will store the current location to your telelist, overriding whatever was at that number before.

You cannot use !telelist in battlefield zones, storyline dungeons, and a few other “can only get into for specific reasons” type zones.


The !tele command allows you to teleport a crag, city, or the past.

Crags and Crystals

You must possess the gate crystal key item to teleport to these locations.

keyword location
holla Crag of Holla, La Theine Plateau
mea Crag of Mea, Tahrongi Caynon
dem Crag of Dem, Konschtat Highlands
vahzl Vahzl Crystal, Xarcabard
yhoator Yhoator Crystal, Yhoator Jungle


keyword location
bastok Bastok Markets
sandy Southern San d’Oria
windy Windurst Waters
jeuno Lower Jeuno
kazham Kazham
norg Norg
rabao Rabao
whitegate Aht Urhgan Whitegate
nashmau Nashmau
tavnazia Tavnazian Safehold
adoulin Western Adoulin

The Past

You must complete WoTG mission 1 to teleport to the cities. Gate crystals also require their crystal to teleport.

keyword location
bastoks Bastok Markets [S]
sandys Southern San d’Oria [S]
windys Windurst Waters [S]
jugner Jugner Forest [S] Crystal
pashhow Pashhow Marshlands [S] Crystal
meriph Meriphataud Mountains [S] Crystal


keyword location
dailybcnm Ghelsba Outpost Hut
sky Ru’Aun Gardens
Requires RoZ completed.
sea Al’Taieu
Requires CoP completed


Teleport to a known experience point camp. Since DSP doesn’t have a working Survival Guide system, consider this our guide. Here’s the list. Locations with GoV/FoV pages are recommended as they provide an additional EXP boost when each regime is complete.

campID rec’d level location target
1 8 Maze of Shakhrami GoV page 1
2 20 Qufim Island GoV page 4
3 38 Crawlers’ Nest GoV page 1
4 50 The Boyahda Tree GoV page 3
5 58 Cape Teriggan GoV page 1
6 65 Labrinth of Onzozo GoV page 5
7 70 Zeruhn Mines GoV page 4 (silence or barstonra/shell required)
8 78 Misareaux Coast Seaboard Vultures
9 80 The Shrine of Ru’Avitau GoV page 6 (great for melee, horrible for magic)
10 85 Mount Zhayolm Orichalcumshell
11 88 Gustav Tunnel GoV page 8 (teleport isn’t at book, backtrack)
12 95 Rala Waterways Depthswater & Barnacle Crabs

Level ranges differ based on job and group configuration. These are generally tuned for well-performing solo jobs. You could skip ahead for small groups. Just be careful of accuracy (use !shop 1 to get some sushi if you’re having accuracy issues).

We’ll be expanding this list (there’s some good ones in WoTG zones too) soon.



The !hunts command provides access to the Nocturnal Souls daily hunts.

Read more about the hunt system here.



The !costume command allows players to change their appearance. Some costumes have unintended side effects, but most are fun and can be used in combat.

Use !costume 0 to turn off your costume.