Custom Commands

We’re constantly working on ideas for new commands and enhancing the ones we have. Got an idea, send us a message!


!signet / !sanction / !sigil

These provide the normal point/currency buffs along with a regain, refresh, regen, and haste buff that scales based on your level. Sanction and Sigil buffs from the factions do not apply anything except the base buff; please see guards in Whitegate or the past cities to activate a buff with imperial standing or allied notes.

Once players reach level 99, the refresh and regen buffs will no longer apply.

NOTE: These buffs work from the guards too, this is just a QoL command if you’re like me and remember it when you get to the dungeon.

Signet, Sanction and Sigil Changes

With a recent update to the DSP core project, the effects of signet, sanction, and sigil were moved into their proper latents rather than status effects.

This affects us in three ways:

  1. The effects are based on their retail conditions, including being restricted to their appropriate zones and conditions.
  2. The effects now STACK with other buffs (previously, regen, refresh, and haste spells/abilities wouldn’t stack or override those provided by signet, sanction, and sigil).
  3. The effects of the HASTE buff is no longer limited to level 99 and below. The refresh and regen latents on Signet, however, are limited to players level 99 and below.

With that, the following enhancements have been made to those buffs.

Signet Changes

Signet now activates on combat engage, however, only with targeted monster is an even match or higher to the player.

On retail and the default implementation of this in DSP, the effect activates when players are stronger than the monsters, but that seems counterintuitive to both gaining buffs AND the premise of the server.

DEF+15+15Always Active
EVA+15+15Always Active
Haste(Gear) +15%(Ability) +6%Always Active
Regain+25/tick+15/tickAlways Active
Regen+(level * 0.75)/tick+(level * 0.35)/tick< Level 99
Refresh+(level * 0.50)/tick+(level * 0.25)/tick< Level 99

With this, players can now stack haste, regen, and refresh spells. Haste has also been moved from gear to ability to allow players to not waste so much haste on gear at level 99.

This buff is active in all base game, Rise of the Zilart, and Chains of Promathia zones.

Sanction Changes

Sanction now properly supports it’s three “modes”–regen, refresh, and food duration. The regen and refresh effects activate based on the player’s current values, not whether or not they are in combat or their level. Previously, the buffs provided by Sanction were identical to Signet; however, we’ve opted to align this with how the buffs work in retail and enhance them.

On retail and the default implementation of this in DSP, the effect is singular; however, we’ve opted to provide the combat bonuses on each with varying power depending on which option you choose.

Players who are using the !sanction command will default to receiving just the base Sanction and not the additional buffs. If you wish to use another buff, speak with the guards in Aht Urhgan Whitegate rather than using the command. This is due to the fact that activating these effects costs Imperial Standing.


This sanction buff provides just the custom server buffs and the Sanction effect.

HasteN/A(Ability) +6%Always Active
RegainN/A+15/tickAlways Active

Base + Regen

This sanction buff provides a higher rate of regen over the others.

Regen+1/tick+(level * 0.55)/tickHP <= 95%
RefreshN/A+(level * 0.25)/tickMP <= 75%
HasteN/A(Ability) +6%Always Active
RegainN/A+15/tickAlways Active

Base + Refresh

This sanction buff provides a higher rate of refresh over the others.

RegenN/A+(level * 0.25)/tickHP <= 95%
Refresh+1/tick+(level * 0.55)/tickMP <= 75%
HasteN/A(Ability) +6%Always Active
RegainN/A+15/tickAlways Active

Base + Food Duration

This sanction buff reduces the latent regen and refresh, but provides a 100% boost to food duration.

RegenN/A+(level * 0.25)/tickHP <= 95%
RefreshN/A+(level * 0.25)/tickMP <= 75%
HasteN/A(Ability) +6%Always Active
RegainN/A+15/tickAlways Active
Food Duration+100%+100%Always Active

This buff is active in all Treasures of Aht Urhgan zones.

Sigil Changes

Sigil works similar to Sanction, except you can choose multiple buffs to apply to your character. At this time, we support Regen, Refresh, and Food Duration, but not the Decreased EXP loss since our server doesn’t have experience point loss on death. Previously, the buffs provided by Sigil were identical to Signet; however, we’ve opted to align this with how the buffs work in retail and enhance them.

Players who are using the !sigil command will default to receiving just the base Sigil and not the additional buffs. If you wish to use another buff, speak with the campaign guards rather than using the command. This is due to the fact that activating these effects costs Allied Notes.

The base buff provides just the custom server buffs and the Sigil effect; each additional purchased effect stacks on top of it. With 150 Allied Notes, players would have all of the effects.

HasteN/A(Ability) +6%Base, Always Active
RegainN/A+15/tickBase, Always Active
Regen+1/tick+(level * 0.35)/tickAdd Regen (50 Allied Notes), HP <= 95 %
Refresh+1/tick+(level * 0.25)/tickAdd Refresh (50 Allied Notes), MP <= 75%
Food Duration+100%+100%Add Duration (50 Allied Notes)

This buff is active in all Wings of the Goddess (past) zones.



Access and use the auction house from anywhere.


Access and use your mog house (and delivery box) from anywhere.

Note: You cannot move items in and out of your safes using this, but you can use your satchel and other features normally available via the ‘View House’ menu.


Open up our custom store for food, tools, and more! You could get it all on the AH, but this makes things a bit faster.

3tools (ninjitsu) and shurikens
4HQ crafting #1
5HQ crafting #2
6ammo, bullets, and bolts
7Rise of the Zilart shop
8Chains of Promathia shop
9Treasures of Aht Urhgan shop
10Legion shop

Access to expansion and content shops requires completion of that content storyline and the title from the final boss or cutscene.


!stats, !skills, and !petstats

Provides the output of the following stats for your character (to help you build gear sets with latent effects).

  • Treasure Hunter rank
  • Critical Hit %
  • Critical Hit Damage Bonus
  • Critical Evasion Bonus
  • Double Attack %, Triple Attack %, Quadruple Attack %
  • Haste (gear), Haste (ability), Haste (magic)
  • Magic Defense Bonus
  • Magic Attack Bonus
  • Magic Accuracy
  • Casting Skills

!petstats provides additional information on the player’s summoned pet, including pet bonuses, such as Blood Pact Damage and Blood Pact Delay.



The relaxing hangout zone. Tired of the grind? Come chill in Western Adoulin, talk to the NPCs, and relax! More NPCs and activities coming to this zone soon!


The crafting and training zone. Shop all of the crafting merchants for rare crafting materials and get a workout at with the training dummies.


Return to your homepoint; no need to carry warp rings or cudgels around.


No BLM around? No problem! Use !escape to quickly evac from a dungeon.


The !telelist command provides players with a custom teleport list that they can manage. Have a favorite spot to go hunting? Set a telepoint there. Tired of constantly running up to Dragon’s Aery? Set a telepoint there! You can store up to 15 custom zone locations.

  • !telelist will list all of your current teleport locations.
  • !telelist go # will travel to your stored location.
  • !telelist set # will store the current location to your telelist, overriding whatever was at that number before.
  • !telelist clear # will clear a stored location.

You cannot use !telelist in battlefield zones, storyline dungeons, and a few other “can only get into for specific reasons” type zones.


The !tele command allows you to teleport a crag, city, or the past.

Crags and Crystals

You must possess the gate crystal key item to teleport to these locations.

hollaCrag of Holla, La Theine Plateau
meaCrag of Mea, Tahrongi Caynon
demCrag of Dem, Konschtat Highlands
altepaAltepa Crystal, Eastern Altepa Desert
vahzlVahzl Crystal, Xarcabard
yhoatorYhoator Crystal, Yhoator Jungle


bastokBastok Markets
sandySouthern San d’Oria
windyWindurst Waters
jeunoLower Jeuno
whitegateAht Urhgan Whitegate
tavnaziaTavnazian Safehold
adoulinWestern Adoulin

The Past

You must complete WoTG mission 1 to teleport to the cities. Gate crystals also require their crystal to teleport.

bastoksBastok Markets [S]
sandysSouthern San d’Oria [S]
windysWindurst Waters [S]
jugnerJugner Forest [S] Crystal
pashhowPashhow Marshlands [S] Crystal
meriphMeriphataud Mountains [S] Crystal


dailybcnmGhelsba Outpost Hut
skyRu’Aun Gardens
Requires RoZ completed.
Requires CoP completed


Teleport to a known experience point camp. Since DSP doesn’t have a working Survival Guide system, consider this our survival guides.

There are two types of camps:

  • Solo/Duo
  • Group

Solo/Duo camps tend to have well spaced out, non-linking targets, and/or non-aggro targets that can easily be maneuvered around. Group camps tend to have higher density of targets, be at a higher level for the anticipated exp level, and either link or aggro.

We’ll be tweaking the options available in the menu based on player feedback.

If you’re using a controller or mouse, the custom menu requires navigating via keyboard. Use the arrow keys to move up and down the menu and Enter to select an option.



The !hunts command provides access to the Nocturnal Souls daily hunts.

Read more about the hunt system here.


The level 140 training dummy at the !craft zone can help players prepare for the challenges at Reisenjima Henge and beyond.

The training dummy is located near the others, but players can now control its stats and respawn it based on the challenge tier they want to test again.

The !trainer command takes one value: the tier in which you want the training dummy to be at. Current values are 0 (no tier, open world) to 6 (highest tier in Henge).

Example: !trainer 5 would respawn the training dummy with defensive stats similar to a tier 5 encounter in Reisenjima Henge.

Note: This command can only be used within the !craft zone and cannot be used while the training dummy is engaged. Also, if the training dummy has despawned, been defeated, etc., players can instantly respawn it with this command.


The !herostatus command provides players with a count of their completed Heroics missions for each coalition and total infamy.



The !costume command allows players to change their appearance. Some costumes have unintended side effects, but most are fun and can be used in combat.

Use !costume 0 to turn off your costume.