Enabling the Renamer Addon

What is Renamer?

Renamer is a handy addon that allows players to see the custom NPC names for custom content on Nocturnal Souls.

Without it, everything that’s custom simply shows up as NPC… and that’s not very cool.

How do I get Renamer?

Renamer works with both Windower and Ashita and installs just like any other add-on.

  1. Download the Renamer addon at https://github.com/TeoTwawki/renamer/releases. v1.2 is the current version and works with Ashita v3 and Windower v4.
  2. Extract the correct Renamer plugin into either your /Windower4/addons or /Ashita/addons directory. The Renamer zip file contains both versions in it.
  3. Create a new directory in the /addons/renamer directory called lists.
  4. Download the Nocturnal Souls NPC list (see below) and place it in the /addons/renamer/lists directory.
  5. Update your init script to load the Renamer addon and load the Nocturnal Souls list. These lines can be added anywhere in the file.
    1. For Windower 4, edit the /scripts/init.txt with:
      • lua load renamer
      • renamer load nocsouls
    2. For Ashita, edit the /scripts/{your-init-file}.txt (it’s usually called default.txt unless you’ve customized it) with:
      • /addon load renamer
      • /renamer load nocsouls

Getting the Nocturnal Souls List

Current Build: 15 April 2019

Download at https://nocturnalsouls.net/files/nocsouls.lua

(right-click, Save Link As.. if your browser keeps trying to open it as plain text)