Armor Progression

Armor progression includes three primary sets: your artifact, your relic, and your empyrean. Each of these sets have multiple phases of upgrades and, for many players, multiple purposes.

Artifact Relic Empyrean

In addition to the artifact, relic, and empyrean gears, players can collect and upgrade the Nyzul and Salvage gears to 99 through a bit of farming. These do not require any additional unlocks; however, they do not have item-level versions. Many players collect them as part of unlocking Mythic weapons for the unique appearances.

Nyzul 99 Armor

Salvage +1 99 Armor

The upgrade paths for armor begins with the base level armor purchasable from one of the vendors in Western Adoulin and then further upgrades requiring unlocking the services from Vainrachault and then currency trades per armor piece.

Items to upgrade these armors will be found throughout the game and require a bit of luck and a bit of farming.

Unlocking Upgrade Tiers

You’ll need to unlock each upgrade tier by retrieving various items for Vainrachault in Western Adoulin. Most players will unlock tier 1 as part of the Adventure Quest storyline.

  Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Requirements 2,000,000g

60x Alexandrite
50x Tanzanite Jewels
10x 100 Byne Bills
10x Lungo-Nango Jadeshells
10 Montiont Silverpieces

10,000 cruor (Abyssea)
20x Beastmen’s Medals
10x Rusted ID Cards
5x Rusted Coins

20x Kindred’s Medals
1x Igneous Barnacle
1x Dark Matter
1x Wolfram Steel Ingot

Where do I find these items?

  • Alexandrite and Tanzanite Jewels from daily hunts and daily BCNMs.
  • 100 Byne Bills, Lungo-Nango Jadeshells, and Montiont Silverpieces from Dynamis-Tavnazia (open entry).
  • Rusted ID Cards from Dynamis Divergence.
  • Rusted Coins from Voidwatch.
  • Beastmen’s Medals and Kindred’s Medals from Reisenjima Henge.
  • Wolfram Steel Ingots from the level 99 “post-AQ” battlefield.
  • Dark Matter and Igneous Barnacle from rare open world encounters.