The Reisenjima Henge

The Reisanjima Henge provides the backdrop of Nocturnal Souls’ master challenges. A mix of the high-tier missions and master trials from retail, The Henge provides an excellent challenge for endgame heroes.

The Reisenjima Henge


  • Level 99 main job and sub job
  • Full completion of at least one i119 mythic weapon.
  • Completion of the Rise of Zilart expansion.
  • Completion of the Chains of Promathia expansion.

Accessing the Henge

To access the Henge, examine the Bestiary book in the Celennia Memorial Library. If you meet the requirements, you’ll be teleported to the Henge.


Once at the Henge, you’ll see a Ragnarok Rift. Trade the appropriate item and the encounter will begin.

The encounter will claim and aggro automatically to the player who trades the item. Be buffed and ready to go before you trade.

Some encounters will require drops that come from other encounters at the Henge. If you can’t find the pop item for an encounter, be sure you’ve done the others. 😄

While some of these encounters can be soloed by some jobs, this content is designed for multiple players to meet damage and mechanic checks.

Tier 1

Encounter Starter Item
The Land Kings Wyrm Beard, Adamantoise Egg, Behemoth Tongue
Alexander Alexander Statue
Odin Odin Statue

Tier 2

Encounter Starter Item
Fenrir Prime & Carbuncle Prime Sunstone, Moonstone, Carbuncle’s Ruby
The Sky Gods Winterstone, Summerstone, Springstone, Autumnstone
Ouryu 🆕 Cloud Evoker
Promathia ???

Tier 3

Encounter Starter Item
The Avatars Ritualistic Plans
Kam’lanaut & Eld’narche Primacy Plans, Tutelary Plans
The Ark Angels Ark Pentasphere, Crystal Petrifact
Tenzen & ??? 🆕 Lotus Katana

Tier 4

Encounter Starter Item
Alexander & Odin Treatise on Monochromacy
Shadow Lord & The 3 Beastman Leaders Gloomy Charm
Arch-Ultima & Arch-Omega Beckoning Bell
Gessho Unhinged :🔜 ???
Diabolos Prime :🔜 ???

Tier 5

Encounter Starter Item
Absolute Virtue Virtue Stone, ???
Hades Virtue Stone, ???
Lilith Virtue Stone, ???
Ulr of Dark Odious Charm
Corrupted Altana ???


Each tier provides a mix of personal and shared loot in both items and currency.

Each encounter also has a unique drop table including appearance gear, hard-to-find accessories, furniture, and other fun items–including unlocking rare mounts!

The Reisenjima Henge

There are three types of currency acquired at The Reisenjima Henge:

  • Beastmen’s Medal
  • Kindred’s Medal
  • Rem’s Pages (Chapters 1 to 10)

Medals are personal loot; however, pages are shared loot among those participating in the battle.

tier medal base reward Rem’s Pages
1 1 Chapter 1 and 6
2 2 Chapter 2 and 7
3 3 Chapter 3 and 8
4 4 Chapter 4 and 9
5 5 Chapter 5 and 10

The number of medals rewarded each tier is the maximum that can drop; the drop rate is random for each tier, with higher tiers having a higher chance to drop more medals and more often. Lower tiers have a higher chance to drop more beastmen’s medals whereas higher tiers tend to drop more kindred’s medals.

Not all Reisenjima Henge encounters drop medals and pages–some simply drop items and tier upgrade items.

What do I do with the medals?

Medals are used to acquire and/or upgrade gear sets. To redeem gear, seek out Vainrachault in the Celennia Memorial Library and be sure to check out the relic and empyrean armor pages mentioned below for details.