Daily Events

Event of the Day

There are rotating, daily events that encourage players to participate in certain content and activities on certain days.

Day of Week Type Bonus
Monday Heroics 25% More Infamy from Missions
Tuesday Synergy 5% Increased Success Rate
Increased Avatarite and Tears Drop Rates
Wednesday Synthesis & Gathering Discount rates from !craft merchants
Increased HELM and Mog Gardening harvest quantities
Thursday Currencies Bonus Currencies - Cruor, Imperial Standing from Besieged, Bayld, and Legion Points
Friday Heroics 25% More Infamy from Missions
Saturday Synergy 5% Increased Success Rate
Increased Avatarite and Tears Drop Rates
Sunday Currencies Bonus Currencies - Cruor, Imperial Standing from Besieged, Bayld, and Legion Points
  • 🆕 Wednesday’s gathering quantity boost now includes HELM activities (logging, mining, and harvesting)
  • 🆕 Thursday and Sunday’s currencies boost now includes bayld.

Repeat Login Campaign

Players now receive login points each day that they log in. These points can be used for unique style lock gear, pop items, mounts, rare augments, and more.

Login points become available every midnight server time (US Central Time). Players already logged in during the daily reset will need to change zones to receive their login points.. Login points do not expire and carry over month-to-month allowing players to save up for bigger rewards.

How do I earn points?

Points are earned simply by logging in!

Point Value Event
25 Initial player signup
15 Login on the 1st of the month
15 Login on the 20th of the month (NocSouls Day)
5 Login any other day of the month

What can I get?

The Points Coffer is now located in Western Adoulin (near Yefafa). The Points Coffer provides players with their current login point total as the list of items they can acquire using login points.

Items in the Points Coffer, similar to retail, will rotate every couple of months or so. Some items are level locked and cannot be purchased without meeting the level requirements.

The current login point rewards are:

Aern Weapons Cait Sith Cap
Silver Gun Moogle Bed
Byakko Mount Red Raptor Mount

In addition:

  • Poroggo Coat
  • Chocobo Comode

Finally, there are non-rotating rewards available each month to 99+ players:

  • The nation aketons
  • The nation flags

Have an idea for a cool login reward? Pass it along in the suggestions!

Hot Zones & Apex Monsters

Working on New Game+ and fighting the exp drop? Hot zones are here! Hot zones provide players an experience point bonus when they meet the requirements.

Apex Monsters in Crawler’s Nest


  • New Game+ Rank 2 and higher players receive a flat bonus XP reward for each kill, unaffected by the growing reduction in XP as part of NG+.
    • Players will see a “You gain bonus experience points for a New Game+ Hot Zone!”
  • Apex monsters, in general, also provide a 45% experience point bonus over cap on defeat. NG+ is not required for this bonus.
  • Apex monsters, in general, also take +15% magic burst damage, allowing solo and party groups that like traditional burst strategies to burn down mobs even faster.


  • Players must be participating in New Game+ rank 2 or higher to qualify for the bonus XP. Players of any level or NG+ status can still fight Apex mobs for their standard rewards.
  • Players must be fighting Apex-type monsters in the zones (almost always named Apex {something}, such as Apex Crab).
  • The hot zone must be “active” based on the time of day. The times listed are matched to server time, which is US Central.


  • 00:00 -> 03:59 = Moh Gates, Promyvian - Holla
  • 04:00 -> 07:59 = Sih Gates, Promyvian - Dem
  • 08:00 -> 11:59 = Crawler’s Nest [S], Promyvian - Mea
  • 12:00 -> 15:59 = Woh Gates, Promyvian - Vahzl
  • 16:00 -> 19:59 = Dho Gates, Outer Ra’Kaznar
  • 20:00 -> 23:59 = Ra’Kaznar Inner Court, Alzadaal Undersea Ruins

Be sure to check BG Wiki’s Apex Monsters guide for where the mobs are in each zone and recommended strategies.

Daily BCNMs

The Forgotten Protector has a new home!

The Daily BCNMs are unlocked as part of the Adventure Quest storyline. Players will unlock each type of BCNM through the level 20, 50, 80, and 99 AQ storyline.

  • All battlefields are in areas where 3 unique instances can be active at once to reduce player traffic jams.
  • As all four BCNMs can be run per day, the cooldowns for the daily BCNMs are set at 20h normally and 16h during seasonal events.
  • Makel-Pakel provides players their the lockout timers.


  • The Level 20 BCNM is at Waughroon Shrine, “A Feast Most Dire”

    • This encounter is now against the Vorpal Bunny and the Holy Hand Grenade, a djinn-type bomb.
  • The Level 50 BCNM is at Balga’s Dais, “The V Formation”

    • This encounter is now against 3x Skynets that rotate through dangerous thunder-based magic.
  • The Level 80 BCNM is at Throne Room (Castle Z. Keep), “Kindred Spirits”

    • This encounter is still against the Chariot of Volare, but the Chariot has new phases where it focuses on fast magic spells vs. potent TP attacks.
  • The Level 99 BCNM is at Stellar Fulcrum, “The Solitary Demolisher”

    • This encounter is still against the Forgotten Protector, however, he has a few new tricks.

Each of these zones has a homepoint crystal outside the entrance or nearby–be sure to attune to those crystals to easily teleport there!


Low-Level Loot

  • Each BCNM drops a significant amount of gil to give players a way to fund the weapon and armor upgrades.
  • The 20, 50, and 80 BCNMs drops rare, level-aligned custom augmented gear and has, in most cases, better augments than what players might want to put on low level gear. The augment values on these gear pieces is random though with every drop–players will need luck on their side to get the best rolls for that ideal gear piece!
  • Training Manuals are a “rare” armoury crate drop in each BCNM and are no longer guaranteed.
  • Alexandrite and Tanzanite are now the same across them all daily BCNMs. Currency drops in groupings of 15, 10, or 5 depending on jackpot rolls. The daily BCNMs are not intended to be a major source of these jewels (daily hunts are).

Level 99 Loot

The Level 99 Daily BCNM has a weekly loot pool that drops augmented skirmish gear!

updated skirmish armor

  • Each week, the daily 99 BCNM will rotate which slot drops: head piece, gloves, body, legs, and feet.
  • Similar to the custom augments in the low-level BCNMs, the augment values vary depending on the drop; the HQ versions of each item have a higher max range.

There are five different sets available within the BCNM, each with an NQ and HQ version. The NQs are i113 and the HQs are i119. While the NQs may be a lower item level than some other gear, they’re not to be ignored as many of the skirmish armor pieces have unique modifiers that are difficult to find on other gear pieces.

Daily Hunts

The !hunts command provides access to the Nocturnal Souls daily hunts system and tells players the current hunt, the next hunt, and the current server time.

  • Hunts are now two-hour windows throughout the day.
  • Each hunt window has two potential family targets and common-type targets have multiple windows throughout the day.
    • For example, if you’re wanting to hunt lizards, you can hunt them between midnight and 2a server time and 4p and 6p server time.
  • Below level 99, targets must be no less than 6 levels lower and no more than 20 levels higher than your level to count towards the hunt.
  • Above level 99, targets must be no less than 6 levels lower (93) and there is no cap on the max level.
  • On completion, you’ll be rewarded with experience points, gil, and unique currency, such as Alexandrite, Tanzanite Jewels, and others used for gear progression.

There are several ‘battlefield-type’ zones where hunts are not active, such as Legion, Temenos and Apollyon, etc. In addition, most mobs while under the Battlefield or Confrontation effects will not count towards hunts.

Target Families

Families Start Time End Time
Lizards & Dragons 00:00 01:59
Luminians & Luminions 02:00 03:59
Arcana & Archaic Machines 04:00 05:59
Voragean & Empty 06:00 07:59
Beasts & Aquans 08:00 09:59
Vermin & Amorphs 10:00 11:59
Plantoids & Birds 12:00 13:59
Undead & Demons 14:00 15:59
Birds & Lizards 16:00 17:59
Amorphs & Plantoids 18:00 19:59
Demons & Dragons 20:00 21:59
Aquans & Arcana 22:00 23:59


  • 10% chance : JACKPOT! 15 alexandrite and 10 tanzanite jewels
  • 20% chance : 8 alexandrite and 5 tanzanite jewels
  • 70% chance : 5 alexandrite and 2 tanzanite jewels

Experience points and gil are scaled to your job level. These rewards are sent to Makel-Pakel in !relax for pick-up.

Family Type Targets

The family types in FFXI are… not an exact science, so the net is thrown a bit wide which should help find ample numbers of hunt targets. These lists also tend to include NMs and HNMs who fall under the same family type. For example, Byakko counts as a ‘beast’ and Yumcax as a ‘plant’.


  • Flytraps
  • Funguars
  • Goobbues
  • Mandragoras
  • Morbols
  • Rafflesias
  • Sabotenders
  • Saplings
  • Treants
  • Leafkin
  • Panopts
  • Snapweeds

Birds, Bats (things that fly… ish?)

  • Amphipteres
  • Apkallus
  • Bats/Triple Bats
  • Birds/Giant Birds
  • Cockatrices
  • Colibri
  • Hippogryphs
  • Tulfaires
  • Harpeias

Beasts (warm-blooded things that roam on the ground)

  • Behemoths
  • Buffaloes
  • Coeurls
  • Dhalmels
  • Karakul/Sheep
  • Manticores
  • Marids
  • Opo-opos
  • Rabbits
  • Tigers
  • Raazs
  • Yztargs

Arcana, Golems, and Magical Creatures

  • Arcoliths
  • Grimores
  • Bombs/Bomb Clusters/Djinns/Snolls
  • Cardians
  • Dolls
  • Evil/Animated Weapons
  • Golems
  • Magic Pots
  • Mimics
  • Spheroids
  • Heartwings
  • Umbrils


  • Worms
  • Slimes/Clots (some)
  • Acuex
  • Hecteyes
  • Leeches
  • Flan


  • Crabs
  • Pugils
  • Orobons
  • Sea Monks
  • Uragnites
  • Cracklaws
  • Rockfins

Lizards (cold-blooded things that roam on the ground)

  • Adamanotises/Mini-Adamantoises
  • Bugards
  • Lizards/Ice Lizards/Highlander Lizards
  • Efts
  • Piestes
  • Raptors
  • Wivers
  • Matamatas