Daily Events

There are rotating, daily events that encourage players to participate in certain content and activities on certain days.

Day of WeekBonus
MondayLegion Day - 2x Legion Points in the Halls of Legion
TuesdayAbyssea Day - 2x Cruor Points in Abyssea Zones
WednesdayCrafting Day - 5% discount from Crafting Isle shops
Mog Gathering Day - +1 Potential Items Per Harvest
ThursdaySynergy Fuel Day - 2x elemental stone drop chance and 2x elemental tear drops (synergy fuel)
SaturdaySynergy Crafting Day - +5% base success chance while synergy crafting

Repeat Login Campaign

Players now receive login points each day that they log in. These points can be used for unique style lock gear, pop items, mounts, rare augments, and more.

Login points become available every midnight server time (US Central Time). Players already logged in during the daily reset will need to log out and back in to receive their points (the awarding happens on first “log in”). Login points do not expire and care over month-to-month allowing players to save up for bigger rewards.

How do I earn points?

Points are earned simply by logging in!

Point ValueEvent
25Initial player signup
15Login on the 1st of the month
15Login on the 20th of the month (NocSouls Day)
5Login any other day of the month

What can I get?

The Points Coffer is now located at the Celennia Memorial Library (near Andreine). The Points Coffer provides players with their current login point total as the list of items they can acquire using login points.

Items in the Points Coffer, similar to retail, will rotate every month or so (exact schedule TBD). Some items are level locked and cannot be purchased without meeting the level requirements.

This month, the following items are available for April 2019.

PointsItemMin Level
10Rarab Cap1
10Morbol Cap1
10Sheep Cap1
25Astral Cube1
150Red Crab Mount1
10Moogle Suit99
15Savory Shank99
15Sweet Tea99
15Red Pondweed99
50Deed of Moderation99
50Deed of Sensibility99
50Deed of Placidity99

Have an idea for a cool login reward? Pass it along in the suggestions!

Daily BCNMs

The daily BCNMs provide a fun challenge for players of all levels. These fights can be taken on solo or up to a group of three and provide rare/ex items matching the level of the encounter (including a small chance at some super rare items) as well as the chance at gear progression currency, such as alexandrite.


  • You must be at least level 10 to participate in the initial BCNM.
  • Group size must be between 1 to 3 members.
  • You can enter each BCNM once every 20 hours and your daily entry only expires if you win the BCNM and collect the treasure.

Gaining Entry

The fights take place at Gheshba Outpost’s “Hut Door”. To access each fight, trade the item listed below to the Hut Door to gain entry and select the . (the period, second option) when the entry dialog pops up.

There are 5 BCNMs:

Level RangeTargetTrade Item
10-35Vorpal BunnySan d’Orian Carrot
30-55SkynetShakudo Ingot
50-75Rock ChomperTranslucent Rock
70-95Chairot of VolareChariot Band
90-99Forgotten OverseerVoid Crystal

The key items can be found throughout the world as drops, from shops, or from prior tier BCNMs.

Players over the maximum level of the BCNM will be level sync’d down to the max level and their stats scaled accordingly. Equipped gear will be automatically reduced to match (rather than unequipped) the restriction.

The item isn’t consumed on trade, so you’ll only ever need one of each item as ‘keys’ to the BCNM. You can store them in your Mog Satchel and them move them into your inventory to trade to the Hut Door.


On successful completion of the BCNM, you’ll gain experience points, gil, and potentially a personal treasure pool of gear progression currency. Experience points and gil are scaled to your job level.

  • 1% chance : SUPER JACKPOT! 25 alexandrite and 20 tanzanite jewels
  • 5% chance : JACKPOT! 15 alexandrite and 10 tanzanite jewels
  • 24% chance : 8 alexandrite and 5 tanzanite jewels
  • 70% chance : 5 alexandrite and 2 tanzanite jewels

In addition, each encounter has a unique loot table with some rare and fun items found in the level range of the encounter, such as Ridill, Hachirin-no-obi, Bounding Boots, and Soboro Shkehiro. The loot tables will be changing monthly to spice things up.

Daily Hunts

The !hunts command provides access to the Nocturnal Souls daily hunts system.

Each target requires killing 20 of that family of monster. Targets must be no less than 6 levels lower than your level to count towards the hunt. On completion, you’ll be rewarded with experience points, gil, and unique currency, such as Alexandrite, Tanzanite Jewels, and others used for gear progression.

Daily Target Families

MondayBirds, Bats
WednesdayArcana and Golems


  • 10% chance : JACKPOT! 15 alexandrite and 10 tanzanite jewels
  • 20% chance : 8 alexandrite and 5 tanzanite jewels
  • 70% chance : 5 alexandrite and 2 tanzanite jewels

Experience points and gil are scaled to your job level.

Family Type Targets

The family types in FFXI are… not an exact science, so the net is thrown a bit wide which should help find ample numbers of hunt targets. These lists also tend to include NMs and HNMs who fall under the same family type. For example, Byakko counts as a ‘beast’ and Yumcax as a ‘plant’.


  • Flytraps
  • Funguars
  • Goobbues
  • Mandragoras
  • Morbols
  • Rafflesias
  • Sabotenders
  • Saplings
  • Treants
  • Leafkin
  • Panopts
  • Snapweeds

Birds, Bats (things that fly… ish?)

  • Amphipteres
  • Apkallus
  • Bats/Triple Bats
  • Birds/Giant Birds
  • Cockatrices
  • Colibri
  • Hippogryphs
  • Tulfaires
  • Harpeias

Beasts (warm-blooded things that roam on the ground)

  • Behemoths
  • Buffaloes
  • Coeurls
  • Dhalmels
  • Karakul/Sheep
  • Manticores
  • Marids
  • Opo-opos
  • Rabbits
  • Tigers
  • Raazs
  • Yztargs

Arcana, Golems, and Magical Creatures

  • Arcoliths
  • Grimores
  • Bombs/Bomb Clusters/Djinns/Snolls
  • Cardians
  • Dolls
  • Evil/Animated Weapons
  • Golems
  • Magic Pots
  • Mimics
  • Spheroids
  • Heartwings
  • Umbrils


  • Ahirmans
  • Dvergers/Dverger Skulls
  • Gargoyles
  • Imps
  • Kindred
  • Soulflayers
  • Deathbornes


  • Crabs
  • Pugils
  • Orobons
  • Sea Monks
  • Uragnites
  • Cracklaws
  • Rockfins

Lizards (cold-blooded things that roam on the ground)

  • Adamanotises/Mini-Adamantoises
  • Bugards
  • Lizards/Ice Lizards/Highlander Lizards
  • Efts
  • Piestes
  • Raptors
  • Wivers
  • Matamatas