How does the AH work?

The Auction House plays an important role in the economy of any game–a way for players to move goods between each other and make money. Learn tips and tricks to managing your auctions!

In a small environment like a private server, the Auction House is more challenging to use since there’s a limited population and demand for items. To counter this, Nocturnal Souls uses an automated system to buy, sell, and replenish the Auction House at regular intervals and provide custom tools on our Members Portal to help manage auctions.

What’s for sale?

The Auction House stocks (and restocks) commonly used items from level 1 to 75. This includes:

  • weapons
  • armor
  • low-level consumables
  • low-level crafting materials

Higher level materials, rare gear, and HQ gear are not stocked; however, can be bought and sold by players who acquire or craft the items. This gives crafters and gear farmers an opportunity to build a market and following of their own within the community.

If you see transactions to or from AH-Bot, then the item is regularly managed by the system.

How often are items bought and restocked?

Items are bought from players every few minutes (it randomizes) and are restocked by the system every 60 minutes.

Can I sell…?

Yes, you can sell anything you want. The system will automatically purchase items put up for sale every few minutes and send the money to your Delivery Box. For items not managed by the system (those that lack AH-Bot transaction listings), standard Auction House rules apply and the item will be returned to your Delivery Box after a set amount of time if players do not purchase it.


If you’re selling items to the Auction House and know the bot is going to buy them, you can sell them for 1 gil and the bot will automatically buy it at the maximum purchase price. This makes placing a great deal of items, especially those with more random prices, a bit easier.

Wow, I can put more than 7 items up for sale?

Yes. It’s a known and, somewhat, deliberate bug in the private server code that allows players to list far more items than the normal seven allowed on retail.

To this end, use this feature at your own risk. Please see our server rules for more information about overstocking the Auction House.

I can’t find an item, help!

On a retail server, pretty much everything is for sale on the auction house if it’s possible to sell it. Since the market controls those prices, it works out well. In a community like Nocturnal Souls, it’s much more difficult to manage prices vs. demand, so many non-essential items are not managed by the system.

Here’s some recommendations if you’re looking for a particular item:

  • If you’re looking for crafting materials, be sure to check the crafting guild shops. They don’t close on Nocturnal Souls! Don’t forget about the Crafting Merchants in !craft too!
  • If you’re looking for a commonly dropped item, well, go farm that item. 😄
  • If you’re looking for a rare armor or weapon, again, likely go farm the item or ask in the Linkshell if anyone has one.
  • If you’re looking for a consumable or food, be sure to check !shop 1, !shop 2, and !shop 3 for common items.