Custom Augments

Looking to take your gear to the next level? Our custom augment NPC helps you meet those challenges head-on.


The Basics

Since Nocturnal Souls has base stats bumped up a bit, the augments focus on secondary stats that are usually hard to come by like dual wield, haste, triple attack, and fast cast.

Location: Yefafa in the Celennia Memorial Library (visit by using the !relax command)

  • Each piece of gear can have up to 4 augments.
  • Trade Yefafa your gear piece and up to 4 augment recipe components.
  • You can mix and match augment tiers assuming you have access to the tier.
  • WARNING: Attempting to augment an already augmented piece of gear will REMOVE the prior augments.
  • WARNING: You can augment non-gear. Don’t do that. It’s silly. Yefafa will augment whatever is NOT an augment recipe component in your trade.
    • Trade a rabbit hide and a drachenfalls water and you’ll end up with a worthless, but fast casting rabbit hide.
  • WARNING: +DMG augments only affect main hand weapons, not off-hand or ranged weapons.
  • WARNING: You cannot augment items with “usable enhancements”, such as the destrier beret and chocobo shirt.
  • To trade in or sell an item, you’ll need to remove the augments first. You can remove an item’s augments by trading the item and 100,000 gil.

Augment Recipe List

Trade one of each for the result. You cannot trade multiples of a single UNLESS the item cannot normally stack (e.g. trading multiples of a single crystal cluster won’t work, but multiple burnite shell stones will).

You can farm the materials on your higher level jobs and power through with augmented gear on lower level jobs. There are no level restrictions the gear you can augment; however, some augment tiers require special conditions to be met.

Tier 1

Access requirements: None

qty item result
12 Rabbit hide accuracy +1
12 Flint stone attack +1
12 Lufet’s Salt ranged attack +1
1 Drachenfalls water fast cast +1
1 Bukktooth main-hand weapon dmg +1
1 Smooth stone spell interruption rate -1%
1 Scale gorget counter +1

Tier 2

Access requirements: Requires nation rank 2 or higher.

qty item result
1 Southern mummy accuracy +4
1 Northern fur attack +4
1 Wild cudgel ranged accuracy +4
12 Sheepskin ranged attack +4
1 Sarcenet cloth fast cast +2
1 Samwell’s shank main-hand weapon dmg +2
1 Aspir knife subtle blow +1
1 Trailer’s tunica triple attack +1%
1 Burnite Shell Stone dual wield +1

Tier 3

Access requirements: Requires nation rank 5 or higher.

qty item result
1 Tidestone accuracy +8
1 Flamestone attack +8
12 Mythril sand ranged attack +8
1 Galestone ranged accuracy +8
1 Froststone fast cast +4
1 Tremorstone main-hand weapon dmg +4
1 Stormstone subtle blow +4
12 Meteorite magic accuracy +8

Tier 4

Access requirements: Requires Tier 3 access plus Rise of Zilart mission 13 (The Gate of the Gods, Tu’Lia unlocked) or higher.

qty item result
12 Water ore accuracy +10
12 Fire ore attack +10
12 Lanolin ranged attack +10
12 Wind ore ranged accuracy +10
12 Ice ore fast cast +5
12 Earth ore main-hand weapon dmg +5
12 Thunder ore subtle blow +6
12 Light ore dual wield +4
12 Shaman’s garlic store TP +5
12 Dark ore spell interruption rate -5%

Tier 5

Access requirements: Requires Tier 4 access plus Rise of Zilart storyline complete (Awakening) and Chains of Promathia Chapter 1 complete (Tavnazian Archipelago unlocked).

qty item result
12 Giant Scale accuracy +15
12 Cluster Core attack +15
12 Gigas Socks ranged attack +15
12 Starmite Shell ranged accuracy +15
12 Warding oil magic evasion +10
12 Hippogryph Tailfeather counter +10
1 Tahrongi cactus store TP +10
1 Tatami Shield physical damage received -2%
1 Hospitaler Earring cure potency +5%

Tier 6

Access requirements: Requires Tier 5 access plus Chains of Promathia Chapter 7 complete (The Warrior’s Path, Al’Taieu unlocked).

qty item result
1 H.Q. Xzomit Organ accuracy + 18
1 H.Q. Phuabo Organ attack +18
12 Gold Orcmask ranged accuracy +18
1 H.Q. Aern Organ ranged attack +18
1 H.Q. Hpemde Organ triple attack +3%
12 Ahriman Lens magic accuracy +18
12 Luminian tissue fast cast +8
12 Yovra organ main-hand weapon dmg +8
12 Luminion chip spell interruption rate -10%
12 Aern Organ zanshin +5%

Tier 7

Access requirements: Requires Tier 6 access plus Chains of Promathia storyline complete (Dawn).

qty item result
1 Deed of Placidity dual wield +8
1 Deed of Moderation critical hit rate +5%
1 Deed of Sensibility all elemental resists +10
12 Ghrah M Chip magic burst damage +5%
12 Euvhi Organ subtle blow +10

Tier 8

Access requirements: Requires Tier 7 access plus Treasures of Aht Uhghan complete (Eternal Mercenary).

Coming soon.

Tier 9

Access requirements: Requires Tier 8 access plus a completed Relic weapon from Magian Moogle TJ.

Coming soon. These will be unique augments to enhance weaponskill and magic strength for relic weaponskills.

Tier 10

Access requirements: Requires Tier 9 access plus a completed Mythic weapon from Magian Moogle CJ.

Coming soon. These will be unique augments to enhance weaponskill and magic strength for mythic weaponskills.

Tier 11

Access requirements: Requires Tier 10 access plus a completed Empyrean weapon from Magian Moogle MJ.

Coming soon. These will be unique augments to enhance weaponskill and magic strength for empyrean weaponskills.

Tier 12

Access requirements: Requires Tier 11 access plus a completed Aeonic weapon from Magian Moogle AJ.

Coming soon. These will be unique augments to enhance weaponskill and magic strength for aeonic weaponskills.