Custom Augments

Looking to take your gear to the next level? Our custom augment NPC helps you meet those challenges head-on.


The Basics

Since Nocturnal Souls has base stats bumped up a bit, the augments focus on secondary stats that are usually hard to come by like dual wield, haste, triple attack, and fast cast.

Location: Yefafa in the Western Adoulin (visit by using the !relax command)

  • Each piece of gear can have up to 4 augments.
  • Trade Yefafa your gear piece and up to 4 augment recipe components.
  • You can mix and match augment tiers assuming you have access to the tier.
  • To trade in or sell an item, you’ll need to remove the augments first. You can remove an item’s augments by trading the item and 100,000 gil.
  • WARNING: Attempting to augment an already augmented piece of gear will REMOVE the prior augments.
  • WARNING: You can augment non-gear. Don’t do that. It’s silly. Yefafa will augment whatever is NOT an augment recipe component in your trade.
    • Trade a rabbit hide and a drachenfalls water and you’ll end up with a worthless, but fast casting rabbit hide.

Players cannot augment items with “usable enchantments”, such as the destrier beret or chocobo shirt, or crafted signed items. Doing so will result in a corrupted item and players will need to trade the item and 100,000 gil to Yefafa to have the augmentation removed.

Augment and Stat Caps

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

Some stats have soft and hard caps and over-augmenting these stats will not provide any additional benefit. When augmenting, be sure to take your gear, traits, aftermaths, and other effects into consideration when building your sets.

The following common stats have hard caps:

In addition, there are soft caps to stats such as accuracy, attack, spell interruption rate, etc. Take a look at the recommended augment values for end game to get an idea where your stats should land.

Finding the perfect stat balance is key. Remember–a dead damage dealer is a no damage dealer. Don’t forget those defensive augments!

Tier Requirements

Each augment tier falls in line with nation and Heroic ranks progression. The Heroic rank requirements encompass completion of the expansion content rather than listing them separately. This aligns the value of augments with the tiers of content in which players will need them.

For example, higher tiers of magic defense becoming available in Escha - Zi’Tah where players are likely to encounter fights where they need additional defense.

  • Tier 1: Nation Rank 6 or higher
  • Tier 2: Nation Rank 10
  • Tier 3: Heroics Rank 0 or higher (unlocked)
  • Tier 4: Heroics Rank 3 or higher
  • Tier 5: Heroics Rank 4 or higher

Future tiers will revolve around higher ranks of Heroics; players should be working towards Heroics to maximize available augment options.

Each tier must be unlocked to access the next. For example, achieving Heroics Rank 4 without reaching Nation Rank 6 will still leave you at “rank 0” augmenting. tl;dr: do your nation missions.

Augment Recipes

Trade the item you wish to augment plus each unique augment recipe (an augment is made up of both the correct item and correct quantity) for the result; each item can hold up to four augments.

For example, an Onion Sword, 3 cluster arms, 3 flame geodes, and 6 aqua geodes would return an Onion Sword with DEF+4, Attack+10, and Accuracy+20.

You can farm the materials on your higher level jobs and power through with augmented gear on lower level jobs. There are no level restrictions the gear you can augment; however, some augment tiers require special conditions to be met to be able to use those augments.

Some augments are also rare/ex and/or players cannot acquire more than one at a time. This is by design due to either the augment tier being a lower level and/or the augment being exceedingly powerful.

Augments listed with a * are newer to the game and may not show up on lower leveled items or show incorrectly. Those items, once augmented, will still show the red “Aug” icon, and players can use !skills and !stats to verify that the augment is in place. Enspell Damage +10 is an example of one that may not show up correctly.

Tier 1

Defense +43
Magic Defense Bonus +43
Attack +103
Accuracy +103
Ranged Attack +103
Ranged Accuracy +103
Dual Wield +43
Store TP +53
Fast Cast +53
Blue Magic +412
Elemental Magic +412
Enhancing Magic +412
Enfeebling Magic +412
Dark Magic +412
Divine Magic +412
Summoning Magic +412
Singing +412

Tier 2

Defense +812
Magic Defense Bonus +812
Magic Evasion +1012
Enmity +512
Main Hand Damage +512
Rapid Shot +612
Ninjutsu Tool Expertise +2%12
Subtle Blow +512
Critical Hit Rate +5%12
Magic Accuracy +8
Magic Attack Bonus +8
Magic Burst Bonus +512
Spell Interuption Rate -10%12
Pet: Defense +212
Pet: Enmity +212

Tier 3

Defense +2012
Magic Defense Bonus +1212
Main Hand Damage +86
Dual Wield +812
Counter +53
Triple Attack +2%12
Subtle Blow +1012
Fast Cast +812
Magic Damage +103
Conserve MP +1012
Enspell Damage +10 *12
Cure Potency +3%3
Regen Potency +5%12
Waltz Potency +3%12
Song spellcasting time -2%3
“Quick Draw” ability delay -13
Pet: Physical damage taken -1%3
Pet: Magic Defense Bonus +53
Pet: Regen +253
Pet: Enmity +53
Automaton: Repair Potency +5%3

Tier 4

Regen +203
Refresh +203
Store TP +103
STR +43
DEX +43
AGI +43
MND +43
INT +43
CHR +43
Gilfinder +1 (+1%)99

Tier 5

Defense +321
Magic Defense Bonus +151
Evasion + 12
Magic Evasion +12
Accuracy +18
Attack +18
Ranged Accuracy +18
Ranged Attack +18
Store TP +15
Subtle Blow +15
TP Bonus +1001
Critical Hit Damage +3%1
Magic Critical Hit Damage +5%1
Magic Accuracy +10
Magic Attack Bonus +10
Magic Accuracy +18
Magic Damage +18
Pet: Attack +4
Pet: Accuracy +4
Pet: Ranged Attack +4
Pet: Ranged Accuracy +4
Pet: Magic Accuracy +4
Pet: Magic Attack Bonus +4
Occ. Resist Status Effects +3% *1
Occ. Maximize Magic Accuracy +3% *1
Skillchain Bonus +1% *1
“Helix” Duration +31