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In these older update notes, it’s likely the links to certain pages no longer exist.

December 2018

31 December

Hope everyone has enjoyed the holidays over the past few weeks! The end of the year is here and we have one final update!

Voidwatch Operations (Status Update)

On 20 December, a hot patch was quietly rolled out to update all Voidwatch Operation planar rifts, VWNMs, etc. in the game after an ID issue was found with the December 2018 client. A full update was posted in the #updates Discord channel on 21 December after initial player testing.

The logic for all voidwatch operations is now in a central script that can easily be hot patched on the server as necessary, rather than chasing through 120+ individual scripts.

This update had the following effects:

  • Players can now spawn Voidwatch operations from any Planar Rift in the zone. VWNMs now spawn at the player.
  • Players now receive a notice if an error condition occurs (e.g. no abyssite, no quest, already spawned by another player) to help with questions on why a rift cannot be popped.
  • The “bayld” currency rewards have been removed (remnants of the LegionDark code). Players with this currency will have it cleared out when we decide to apply a use for it in the future.
  • The 5x additional experience point reward has been removed from encounters (to prevent abuse/powerleveling).

A few bugs were found by players during the past two weeks and addressed via hot patch. Beyond that, so far, so good. We’ll continue monitoring and, hopefully, this isn’t a problem going forward. If IDs shift again with future client updates, fixing it should be much faster than in the past.


  • New: Black Mage’s Manawell job ability (MP-less cast) has been updated and made functional. Players can now use this ability for a single, no MP cost spell cast.
  • New: The crafted Beryllium Weapons (Lv 99, Su2) now have their proper mods AND delays. The models are generic/darksteel as I can’t find pictures of these weapons anywhere. If someone has the model IDs sitting around, feel free to send them over. 😄.
  • New: The macuil horn, necessary to craft several items including the Staunch Tathlum, has been added to Pil.
  • Fix: The ID of the Transcendental Radiance in Qufim Island has been fixed so it no longer shows up as ‘Voidwatch Officer’ (functionality is unchanged).
  • Fix: The ID for the Cerment Headstone in Yuhtunga Jungle (for the ZM5 Fire Fragment) has been fixed and the fragment is once again accessible.
  • Fix: Addressed missing spawn point for the aptant mob Chelicerata.
  • Fix: Addressed adds not despawning for VWNMs Abununnu, Vanasarvik, and Fjalar.
  • Fix: Addressed VWNMs Celeno and Virvatuli having their IDs crossed and being unable to properly spawn them.

DSP Core Updates

  • Fix: The effect flag of Dia (onEffectGain) fixed allowing Dia/Bio 7overwrites properly.
  • Fix: Several spells with erasable/dispellable flags have been updated to correctly match retail.
  • Update: Approximately 20 new NMs/placeholders have been added with 23 new item drops that were previously not available.
  • Fix: The Runic Portal in Aht Urhgan Whitegate has been updated to properly give out the key item messages and subtract imperial standing costs.
  • Fix: Update for players who dropped the Animator not being able to progress at Iruki during “Operation: Teatime”.
  • Fix: Update to how Call for Help works to properly recolor mob flags, allow players to assist, and change treasure pool/drop options for CFH’d mobs.
  • Fix: Added player-visible HELM animations (so other players can see the animation).
  • Update: Cleanup style and variable layout for several zones, including Western Altepa Desert.
  • Update: Adjust monster skills and animations for Lamia family monsters, including changes in battle tactics when weapons are broken.

17 December

December 2018 Client Update

With the mass amount of changes with the December Update and lack of a November 2018 downgrade package, we’ve moved our servers forward to the December 2018 client.

Client Version: 30181205_0

This change affects messaging in about 28 zones and the IDs of about 2400 NPCs, mobs, and targets. Players should update their clients immediately.

Renamer Update!

Another renamer file update for the new Besieged encounter. Click here to visit the download page.

Notice: Understanding the Recent Changes to NMs Spawns

In the past two updates, and, likely for the next several, we have been importing the extensive work the DSP team has been doing regarding trigger/placeholder NMs in the game. Many monsters that have placeholders are being properly tied to those placeholders rather than having a hard-coded respawn timer and free spawning–in other words, being fixed to work as they should be. This affects everything from Leaping Lizzy to aptant and relic tier mobs.

Several players have submitted bug reports and reached out in the past week and all have been tested and checked to be working as intended.

If you’re having trouble getting your NMs to spawn, verify on bg-wiki or ffxiclopedia if that monster has a placeholder and, if so, defeat it first. From what I have seen, almost all placeholder monsters have a 10-20% chance to spawn when the placeholder is killed.

For aptant monsters and monsters involved in tier 1 relic weapon trials, these placeholders exist; however, the cooldown for the next spawn has been reduced to what the previous respawn window was set to–30 minutes.

Expect more of these updates over the coming weeks as the team finishes their work. If any adjustments to spawn cooldowns or change to spawns are necessary, they will be evaluated at that time.

Besieged : New Encounter Added - Ephramadian Raiders

A new encounter has been added to Besieged–the Ephramadian Raiders. Take on the lost sea pirates along with their dark protectors at a chance for some big imperial standing rewards!

This Besieged is a bit different than the others. Three phases, like normal, but phase 2 and phase 3 includes several challenging foes that have extremely rare loot drops–both for style lock and for level 99 players, including the rare Eihwaz ring.

However, be careful engaging these foes without taking out their reinforcements first or they could overwhelm you!

New Ability - Avatar’s Favor

A customized version of Avatar’s Favor has been added into the system. This short-ranged, AOE buff allows summoners to provide the party with varying buffs depending on the avatar they have summoned. On retail, these buffs are fairly tame; however, they have been bolstered to match our community and provide more utility in small group situations.


At this point in time, the “Avatar’s Favor” mods do not affect these buffs. As we evaluate the potency and tuning of these buffs over the coming weeks, we’ll determine if they can be increased or not by these mods.

Summoner and Avatar Effects

Unlike retail, Avatar’s Favor does not decrease the Blood Pact Ability Delay as it is already reduced 50% by the server’s configuration. The additional avatar perpeutation cost is set to scale and caps at +5 mp/tick cost while the ability is active at level 99.

It does, however, provide the following scaling bonuses to the summoned avatar for the duration of the buff. As this buff can be maintained, this gives players the trade off of a higher perpetuation cost vs. stronger group and avatar.

Here are the values at level 99:

  • Magic Attack Bonus +10
  • Magic Accuracy +30
  • Accuracy +10%
  • Attack +10%
  • Defense +5%

Party Effects

The following effects will apply to players who are nearby the avatar (within 10 units). In addition to the favor bonuses, most also provides a bolstered attribute and an elemental alignment that increase attack, accuracy, defense, and resistance to the element.

These effects do not apply to the avatar itself; however, if there are multiple summoners in the same group, multiple version of this effect can run in parallel–e.g. one with Ifrit, one with Garuda, both using Avatar’s Favor grants the party both buffs.

These bonuses are based on the Summoner’s summoning skill in the formulas below.


Carbuncle provides a very powerful regen and refresh skill to the group and can be used to quickly recover or sustain through damage over time effects.

  • Regen skill * 0.1
  • Refresh skill * 0.05

Fenrir provides a potent magic defense and evasion bonus along with a bolster to all attributes. With enough summoning skill, Fenrir can provide a whole group with some of the best magic defense in the game.

  • Magic Defense (skill * 0.1)
  • Magic Evasion (skill * 0.1)
  • All Attributes (skill * 0.15)

Ramuh provides players with an alignment and resistance to thunder with a potent critical hit, critical damage rate increase, and DEX bonus.

  • Thunder Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Thunder Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Critical Hit Rate (skill * 0.05) + 5
  • Critical Hit Damage (skill * 0.01) + 1
  • DEX (skill * 0.15)

Ifrit provides players with an alignment and resistance to fire with a potent Attack %, Ranged Attack %, and Double Attack bonus. These are percentage gains, not flat values!

  • Fire Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Fire Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Attack +% (skill * 0.015) + 1
  • Ranged Attack +% (skill * 0.015) + 1
  • Double Attack (skill * 0.015) + 1
  • STR (skill * 0.15)

Shiva provides players with an alignment and resistance to ice and a heavy hitting MAB, Magic Damage, and Magic Accuracy bonus for players.

  • Ice Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Ice Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Magic Attack Bonus (skill * 0.10) + 5
  • Magic Damage (skill * 0.10)
  • Magic Accuracy (skill * 0.15)
  • INT (skill * 0.15)

In contrast to Fenrir, Titan provides players a a tremendous physical damage taken reduction–allowing summoners with enough summoning magic skill to provide massive damage reduction to the party along with an alignment and resistance to earth.

  • Earth Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Earth Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Physical Damage Taken -% (skill * 0.01) + 2
  • VIT (skill * 0.15)

Garuda provide an alignment and resistance to wind along with a powerful evasion, accuracy, and ranged accuracy bonus.

  • Wind Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Wind Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Evasion (skill * 0.10)
  • Accuracy/Ranged Accuracy (skill * 0.07) + 5
  • AGI (skill * 0.15)

Leviathan provides an alignment and resistance to water aloing with a powerful (and rare) Cure Potency bonus for players.

  • Water Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Water Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Cure Potency (skill * 0.015)
  • MND (skill * 0.15)


  • Fix: Divine Waltz II now properly shares its recast with Divine Waltz I, not the Curing Waltz line.
  • Fix: Mog Gardening skillups now floor at 0.1–no more unlucky Sfen with 0.0 skillups.
  • Fix: The level 100 training dummy has health again… 😇
  • Fix: Fix The Grinch’s jobs to be a WAR/THF, not a WAR/SMN so he’ll stop trying to summon spirits he doesn’t have MP to summon.
  • Update: More Khimaira-type mobs drop khimaira manes now; it’s no longer a random, hidden drop off of Dhrome Khimaira.
  • Update: The remaining Reive cloaks have been added: Dispersal Mantle added to Morta, Weard Mantle added to Uptala. The duplicate Cornflower Cape has been removed from Dimgruzub.

DSP Core Updates

  • Update: IDs updated to December 2018 client (see update above).
  • Update: The homepoints in the Uleguerand Range have been added to the zone.
  • Update: Gears mobs (triple gears, like Armed Gears) have had their skill lists updated to properly reflect their current ‘gear’ status.
  • Update: Several NMs have had their spawn points added and spawn condition triggers and placeholders added.
  • Update: Several NMs have been added that did not previously exist, such as Manes.
  • Update: Several monster pools have had their attributes updated to match retail, such as detection techniques, monster primary jobs, immunities, and aggro.
  • Update: Several monster pools have had their “NM” flag properly set so that the correct text is displayed to players when checking them.
  • Update: With the additional NMs, 26 new drops have been added to the game.
  • Fix: Relic aftermaths no longer constantly override themselves.
  • Fix: An issue with lagging when healing (/heal) and/or immediately standing back up has been fixed.
  • Fix (??): The seed method used for randomization… has been made… more random. 😕
  • Fix: An issue with the Sanction/Sigil “Food Duration” buff infinately increasing the duration of food has been fixed.

10 December

Renamer List Update!

Hopefully the last update to the Renamer list for a while. The final updates for the Winter Celebration and Mog Gardening. You can download the latest list here.

Winter Celebration - Updates

Christmas Carol - The Final Chapter

Return to Ebenezer in Bastok Markets for the final chapter in the Christmas Carol questline. This final questline has you warming the hearts around Bastok Markets–and hopefully Ebenezer’s!

Stop the Grinch - BCNM

As part of the Christmas Carol questline, players will unlock the new Stop the Grinch BCNM. This BCNM takes place at Bearclaw Pinnacle in the Uleguerand Range and requires an item for entry (revealed as part of the questline).

Once unlocked, players can repeat the BCNM every 8 hours.

Other Updates

  • The Gift Seller now has new items for sale depending on your Holiday Cheer rank.
  • Players can now pay 150,000 gil to “buy out” the Crafting for a Cause quest givers in the !craft zone and receive another random requirement. NOTE: it could be the one you just bought you way out of. 😁
  • In addition to the new BCNM, all daily BCNMs are now at their “holiday timers” of 8 hours instead of 20.

For full details on each of the updates, please visit the Winter Celebration wiki page.

Mog Gardening is here!

The Mog Gardens

Originally planned for the Fall Harvest event (and forgotten), Mog Gardening is finally here!

Mog Gardening allows players to gain access to rare harvests and those found in the Seekers of Adoulin zones.

This zone, accessible through the Celennia Memorial Library, has several nodes of each harvest type along with a once-a-day harvest that contains everything from rare pop items to armor upgrades. Players also have a chance to harvest rare items, such as those to access past seasonal BCNMs.

Players who max out their Mog Gardening also gain access to two new mounts!

Requirements: Level 99 + completing a quest in Western Adoulin

Click here to read the full guide.

Automaton Attachments Updates

With a recent update from DSP, the following attachments have been either added or entirely recoded to work as per retail. Many of these were already working; however, this update brings our attachments in line with DSP core and more likely to be updated and maintained.

The biggest updates you’ll see in this list is the addition of Optic Fiber I and II. These attachmnets now boost the performance of other attachments. Much of the work for this comes from, bg-wiki, and ffxiclopedia.

  • Analyzer (new)
    • Acquired through alchemy
    • New drop added to Hilltroll Puppetmasters
  • Armor Plate I - IV
  • Auto-Repair Kit I - IV
  • Damage Gauge
  • Drumg Magazine
  • Economizer
  • Equalizer (new)
    • New drop added to Ob (ZNM)
  • Eraser
  • Flashbulb
  • Hammermill
  • Heatsink
  • Inhibitor I - II
  • Loudspeaker I - IV
  • Mana Jammer I - IV
  • Mana Tank I - IV (IV is new)
    • Mana Tank IV acquired through goldsmithing
  • Optic Fiber I - II (new)
    • Optic Fiber I new drop added to Ob
    • Optic Fiber II new drop added to Pandemonium Warden
  • Reactive Shield
  • Replicator
  • Schurzen (new)
  • Shock Absorber I - II
  • Stabilizer I - IV
  • Stealth Screen I - II
  • Steam Jacket (new)
    • New drop added to Ob (ZNM)
  • Strobe I - II
  • Tension Spring I - IV
  • Turbo Charger
  • Vivi Valve I - II
  • Volt Gun

The following automaton abilities have been updated along with these tweaks.

  • Flashbulb’s Provoke now triggers every 30 seconds instead of 180 seconds.
  • Reactive Shield’s now based on the “Automation Magic” skill level.
  • The valoredge’s Shield Bash now inflicts the proper Slow on enemies.

Automaton Skillchains

Automatons now can skillchain with PUPs (and other players). The AI logic is a bit simplistic right now, but it’ll attempt to see what elements of skillchains are affecting the current target and if the current PUP configuration has an Inhibitor or Inhibitor II, it’ll attempt to chain with you.

In addition to chaining with players, assuming the automaton can acquire TP fast enough based on your attachment builds–it can self-skillchain.

I’m reworking some of the logic to make the chains a bit more reliable with timing and such, though these updates probably won’t be until 2019.

Automaton weaponskill elements are as follows:

Head Weaponskill Type Primary Secondary
Harlequin /
Slapstick Crushing Reverberation Impaction
Harlequin /
Knockout Crushing Scission Detonation
Harlequin /
Magic Mortar N/A Fusion
Valoredge Chimera Ripper Slashing Detonation Induration
Valoredge String Clipper Slashing Scission
Valoredge Cannibal Blade Slashing Compression Reverberation
Valoredge Bone Crusher Crushing Fragmentation
Valoredge String Shredder Slashing Distortion Scission
Sharpshot Arcuballista Ranged Liquifaction Transfixion
Sharpshot Daze Ranged Impaction Transfixion
Sharpshot Armor Piercer Ranged Gravitation
Sharpshot Armor Shatterer Ranged Fusion Impaction

Signet, Sanction and Sigil Changes

With a recent update to the DSP core project, the effects of signet, sanction, and sigil were moved into their proper latents rather than status effects.

This affects us in three ways:

  1. The effects are based on their retail conditions, including being restricted to their appropriate zones and conditions.
  2. The effects now STACK with other buffs (previously, regen, refresh, and haste spells/abilities wouldn’t stack or override those provided by signet, sanction, and sigil).
  3. The effects of the HASTE buff is no longer limited to level 99 and below. The refresh and regen latents on Signet, however, are limited to players level 99 and below.

With that, the following enhancements have been made to those buffs.


Signet now activates on combat engage, however, only with targeted monster is an even match or higher to the player.

On retail and the default implementation of this in DSP, the effect activates when players are stronger than the monsters, but that seems counterintuitive to both gaining buffs AND the premise of the server.

Buff Old New Requirement
DEF +15 +15 Always Active
EVA +15 +15 Always Active
Haste (Gear) +15% (Ability) +6% Always Active
Regain +25/tick +15/tick Always Active
Regen +(level * 0.75)/tick +(level * 0.35)/tick < Level 99
Refresh +(level * 0.50)/tick +(level * 0.25)/tick < Level 99

With this, players can now stack haste, regen, and refresh spells. Haste has also been moved from gear to ability to allow players to not waste so much haste on gear at level 99.

This buff is active in all base game, Rise of the Zilart, and Chains of Promathia zones.


Sanction now properly supports it’s three “modes”–regen, refresh, and food duration. The regen and refresh effects activate based on the player’s current values, not whether or not they are in combat or their level. Previously, the buffs provided by Sanction were identical to Signet; however, we’ve opted to align this with how the buffs work in retail and enhance them.

On retail and the default implementation of this in DSP, the effect is singular; however, we’ve opted to provide the combat bonuses on each with varying power depending on which option you choose.


Players who are using the !sanction command will default to receiving just the base Sanction and not the additional buffs. If you wish to use another buff, speak with the guards in Aht Urhgan Whitegate rather than using the command. This is due to the fact that activating these effects costs Imperial Standing.


This sanction buff provides just the custom server buffs and the Sanction effect.

Buff Default New Requirement
Regen N/A N/A N/A
Refresh N/A N/A N/A
Haste N/A (Ability) +6% Always Active
Regain N/A +15/tick Always Active
Base + Regen

This sanction buff provides a higher rate of regen over the others.

Buff Default New Requirement
Regen +1/tick +(level * 0.55)/tick HP <= 95%
Refresh N/A +(level * 0.25)/tick MP <= 75%
Haste N/A (Ability) +6% Always Active
Regain N/A +15/tick Always Active
Base + Refresh

This sanction buff provides a higher rate of refresh over the others.

Buff Default New Requirement
Regen N/A +(level * 0.25)/tick HP <= 95%
Refresh +1/tick +(level * 0.55)/tick MP <= 75%
Haste N/A (Ability) +6% Always Active
Regain N/A +15/tick Always Active
Base + Food Duration

This sanction buff reduces the latent regen and refresh, but provides a 100% boost to food duration.

Buff Default New Requirement
Regen N/A +(level * 0.25)/tick HP <= 95%
Refresh N/A +(level * 0.25)/tick MP <= 75%
Haste N/A (Ability) +6% Always Active
Regain N/A +15/tick Always Active
Food Duration +100% +100% Always Active

This buff is active in all Treasures of Aht Urhgan zones.


Sigil works similar to Sanction, except you can choose multiple buffs to apply to your character. At this time, we support Regen, Refresh, and Food Duration, but not the Decreased EXP loss since our server doesn’t have experience point loss on death. Previously, the buffs provided by Sigil were identical to Signet; however, we’ve opted to align this with how the buffs work in retail and enhance them.


Players who are using the !sigil command will default to receiving just the base Sigil and not the additional buffs. If you wish to use another buff, speak with the campaign guards rather than using the command. This is due to the fact that activating these effects costs Allied Notes.

The base buff provides just the custom server buffs and the Sigil effect; each additional purchased effect stacks on top of it. With 150 Allied Notes, players would have all of the effects.

Buff Default New Requirement
Haste N/A (Ability) +6% Base, Always Active
Regain N/A +15/tick Base, Always Active
Regen +1/tick +(level * 0.35)/tick Add Regen (50 Allied Notes), HP <= 95 %
Refresh +1/tick +(level * 0.25)/tick Add Refresh (50 Allied Notes), MP <= 75%
Food Duration +100% +100% Add Duration (50 Allied Notes)

This buff is active in all Wings of the Goddess (past) zones.

New Item Stats

Item modifiers (stats) have been added to the following items:

  • All +1 Legion Gear: Gorney, Shneddick, and Weatherspoon Gear has had the mods updated to reflect recent item mods changes (gear is more powerful now).


  • Fix: Address the monster skill ‘Perdition’ to properly activate.
  • Fix: Shijin Spiral’s weaponskill script has been rewritten to proper account for the Seekers of Adoulin updates the DEX formula and additional merits in the weaponskill.
  • Enhancement: New drops have been added for newly functional automaton attachments.
  • Enhancement: Sors Shield added to Alexander Prime in Reisenjima Henge.

DSP Core Updates

  • Enhancement: The effects of signet, sigil, and sanction have been moved out of status effects and mods and into latents (details in above section).
  • Fix: Updates to many automaton attachments (details in above section).
  • Fix: The effects of enfeebling magic potency have been fixed that could cause players and monsters to perma-paralyze/debuff targets. This change updated the overall potency and accuracy formulas of all enfeebling spells to better match retail.
  • Fix: GoV and FoV regimes no longer fail to provide details on the current regime if checking from a different zone.
  • Fix: The Automaton attachment ‘Percolator’ now uses the proper water requirement.
  • Fix: The higher level Strays in Promyvion no longer provide experience points.
  • Fix: Update how costumes are sent to the client to address appearance glitches.
  • Fix: Address an issue where the last item in the inventory may not be iterated over in various scenarios.\
  • Fix: Address issues with the math formulas for all damage resistances that could cause players and/or mobs with high amounts of it to become extremely vulunerable instead of impervious to attacks.
  • Enhancement: Numerous NMs that has specific pop conditions have had those conditions added or matched to retail.
    • NocSouls Update: Monsters related to the Relic Weapon timelines have been updated back to their custom 30 minute max respawn timers.

Wiki Updates

The wiki has been reorganized to enhance loading time and reduce clutter.

  • The left bar is no longer automatically expanded on page load; information from Overview has been moved onto the home page.
  • Seasonal Events is no longer expanded, but can be reached by clicking on Seasonal Events and choosing the event you want to view.
  • Armor Progression is no longer expanded, but each can be reached by clicking on Armor Progression and choosing the type you want to view.
  • Weapon Progression is no longer expanded, but each can be reached by clicking on Weapon Progression and choosing the type you want to view.
  • The Magic and Weaponskills sections have been combined into ‘Enhanced Spells & Abilities’.
  • Hobbies & Crafting has been added to include details on Synergy, Chocobo Digging, and Mog Gardening.
  • Several section names have been cleaned up and clarified.
  • A lot of rewrite has gone into the pages to reflect updates with details in the update notes that never made it into the wiki pages.
  • A HUGE thank you to Ogggyy for providing MANY of the coordinate positions for the Voidwatch Campaign rifts; these have been added to the Voidwatch page on the wiki.
  • The pre-December 2018 update notes have been moved into Historical Update Notes. This main updates page will now just be the current month.

Portal Updates

  • Players can now see if an item is acquirable via HELM (harvesting, logging, mining, or escavating) or via chocobo digging.
  • Players can now see if an item is acquirable via Mog Gardening (coming later 10/11 December).
  • Players now receive an error page rather than a 404 “not found” error if an item, monster, or other ID cannot be found.

3 December

Renamer List Update!

Another update to the Renamer list for the new Winter Celebration event! You can download the latest list here.

Winter Celebration - Updates

For full details on each of the updates, please visit the Winter Celebration wiki page.

Crafting for a Cause

Looking to help fill those presents under the tree? Help out the crafters and earn Holiday Cheer! Speak to each of the crafting NPCs at the !craft spot in Abdhaljs Isle-Purgonorgo to get started.

You’ll need to be a craftsman or higher in the craft to participate. Each craft is independent–so having more crafts capable of participating gives players more opportunities to earn Holiday Cheer! Players can repeat the requests every 20 hours per craft.

New Synergy Crafts

New seasonal synergy crafts have been added; some materials come from a mix of drops from events and the Gift Seller.

Holiday Cheer “Buffs”

Players are now rewarded with buffs based on their holiday cheer level–the more cheer, the more buffs you gain.

Buffs include:

  • Attack, Magic Attack Bonus, Accuracy, Defense
  • Treasure Hunter (up to +3!)
  • Synthesis Success and HQ Synthesis Rate Increase
  • Movement Speed
  • Critical Hit Rate
  • TP Bonus +250!
  • and more!

Christmas Carol - The Next Chapter

Return to Ebenezer in Bastok Markets for the next chapter in the Christmas Carol questline.

Gift Seller Shoppe

The Gift Seller shoppe is located in Southern San d’Oria near the Holiday Giver. As players accumulate Holiday Cheer, more items will be available from the Gift Seller and prices will be reduced. Some items are required for unique synergy crafts.

Other Updates

  • Players can now see the timers for the Holiday Giver and Daily Gift from the Event Moogle.
  • The Twinkling Treants in Sarutabaruta and Gustaburg now drop their appropriate regional items.
  • Twinkling Treants now reward a small amount of Holiday Cheer to nearby players when defeated.
  • Additional decorations have been added in San d’Oria and Bastok.

Pets - Now More Regenful, Resistant, and Powerful!


All avatars have now gained a scaling regen and refresh, similar to those available to players.

  • Regen: level * 0.75 / tick
  • Refresh: level * 0.50 / tick

In addition, avatars now have their native resistances (Fire for Ifrit, Light for Carbuncle, etc.) that scales as the avatar levels up. This also includes a small chance that the avatar will absorb spells of their native element rather than take damage.

  • Resistance: (1 + level) / 2, capping at 50% at 99
  • Absorb: (1 + level) / 10, capping at 10% at 99.

Finally, the following Blood Pact skills have been updated. The scripts were previously missing a required file, which could cause them to use the incorrect damage type.

  • Ramuh: Chaotic Strike
  • Garuda: Claw, Predator Claws
  • Titan: Earthen Fury, Rock Buster, Rock Throw, Mountain Buster, Megalith Throw
  • Fenrir: Crescent Fang, Eclipse Bite, Moonlit Charge
  • Carbuncle: Poison Nails


All automatons have gained a scaling regen and refresh, similar to those of avatars. This will stack with attachments that provide similar effects.

  • Regen: level * 0.75 / tick
  • Refresh: level * 0.50 / tick

Automatons have also received an update from the DSP Core Project addressing a bug where they would only use an ability once per activation.

Gear Modifier Updates

The following items have had their item modifiers updated (most gaining their “pet” modifiers).

  • Elan Strap /+1
  • Varar Ring /+1
  • Foire Dastanes
  • Sancus Sachet /+1
  • Convoker’s Bracers +2/+3
  • Convoker’s Horn +2/+3
  • Convoker’s Pigaches +2/+3
  • Convoker’s Spats +2/+3
  • Sandung

Monster Families and Drops

What started out as “Hey, Chapulis don’t drop wings…” turned into a rabbit hole of “wow, lots of mobs don’t drop things or act properly out here…”. With that, several monster families and groups in Seekers of Adoulin zones have been updated.

Assigning these mobs to their proper families has also introduced those families stats, skill lists, and spell lists to these mobs.

  • Chalupa Chapuli: Now drops chapuli wings and horns and are considered ‘Vermin’.
  • Umbril: Now drops jars of umbril ooze and leafkin fronds and are considered ‘Arcana’.
  • Raaz: Now drops raaz hides, tusks, and warthog meat and are considered ‘Beasts’.
  • Tulfaire: Now drops tulfaire feathers and bird eggs and are considered ‘Birds’.
  • Twitherym: Now drops two twitherym wings (varying chance) and are considered ‘Vermin’.
  • Yztarg: Now drops nothing (🙄 there’s nothing listed for them…) and are considered ‘Beasts’.
  • Acuex: Now drops acuex ore and acuex poison and are considered ‘Amorphs’.
    • Acuex Poison has been removed from Chloris and a few other Abyssea mobs that dropped it that were not Acuex.
  • Snapweed: Now drops snapweed secretion and snapweed tendrils and are considered ‘Plantoids’.
  • Mantid: Now drops mantid carapace and mantid forelegs and are considered ‘Vermin’.
  • Panopt: Now drops panopt tears and are considered ‘Plantoids’.
  • Leafkin: Now drops leafkin fronds and are considered ‘Plantoids’.
  • Heartwing: Now drops leafkin fronds and are considered ‘Arcana’.
  • Velk: Now drops a mixture of velk necklaces, velk masks, voay swords, and voay staves -1 and are considered ‘Beastmen’.
    • The voay swords and staves that were dropping in Abyssea have been removed.
  • Cracklaw: Now drops cracklaw pincers and are considered ‘Aquans’.

Several common monster families, such as rabbits and mandragoras in Ceizak, now have their proper families and abilities.

In addition to drops, these monsters who now have their proper monster families are now potential targets for the Daily Hunts. Be sure to check the monster details on the Members Portal as some families may have changed.

In addition to the above changes, additional drop list updates were made to the following monster families across the game. Monsters in the following families that either had crab item drops (I have no idea why that was ever a default) or had no drops at all. These monsters now have standard, family-related drops. For example, bats drop bat wings and fangs, poroggos drop poroggo hats, etc. This primarly affected level 75+ monsters in Abyssea to Seekers of Adoulin-era zones.

The aim of this is to help crafters find basic, raw materials–please support your crafters by tossing your finds up on the auction house. 😄

  • Bats/Triple Bats
  • Bees
  • Beetles
  • Clots
  • Diremites
  • Efts
  • Elementals
  • Erucas
  • Flies
  • Funguars
  • Leeches
  • Ladybugs
  • Mandragors
  • Orobons
  • Piestes
  • Poroggos and “hatless” poroggos
  • Pugils
  • Rabbits
  • Raptors
  • Sheep
  • Slimes
  • Slugs
  • Spiders
  • Treants
  • Uragnites
  • Worms
  • Matamatas

Drops have been removed from structures/barriers/walls in SoA zones. Twisted Roots will no longer drop a dozen crab shells. 😁


  • A hotfix was applied midweek to address an issue where REMA weapons would attempt to activate the wrong aftermath. e.g. Excalibur would attempt to activate an Empyrean aftermath if you used Chant du Cygne. This was caused by the aftermaths not being locked to only the weapons that can activate them (likely since DSP, by default, doesn’t allow using those WS without having the weapon equipped).
  • A hotfix was applied midweek to Odin Prime to remove his Zantensuken effect and replace it with a similar ability for those who seem to experience client crashes when viewing Odin’s abilities. I’ve still been unable to reproduce this myself, but hopefully this will aid those who experience the issue.
  • A hotfix was applied midweek to the weaponskill Myrkr to address situations where it would not restore MP if the player had more than 3 negative status effects to clear and was not using the Hvergelmir i119 III weapon.
  • A hotfix was applied midweek to add Chapuli wings to the Weaver vendor in !craft.
  • The attack gained by certain weapon types is now with retail (wiki entry). Overall, this will generally increase attack for all players and significantly increase attack for players who are dual wielding as those off-hand weapons are now properly calculated.
    • Old: 2H weapons: Attack += 8 + ((STR * 3) / 4)
    • Old: Other (1H/H2H): Attack += 8 + (STR / 2)
    • New: H2H/No Weapons: Attack += 8 + Skill Level + ((STR * 5) / 8)
    • New: Other (1H/2H): Attack += 8 + Skill Level + ((STR * 3) / 4)
    • New: Off-hand (1H): Attack += 8 + Skill Level + (STR / 2)
  • Steelfleece Baldarich has had his loot pool trimmed down under the maximum size so the 100% rampaging horn will consistantly drop.
  • Several new items have been added to chocobo digging in level 50+ zones.
  • Several new items have been added to monster drop lists that are used in crafts and were either extremely rare or previously unavailable (likely the crafts used in the Winter Celebration crafting events).
  • Ukko’s Fury has had its WSC updated from 100% STR to 100% STR/45% VIT and its fTP from 2.0 to 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.0.
  • Camlann’s Torment has had its WSC updated from 80% STR/60% VIT to 85% STR/75% VIT and its fTP updated from 6 to 6.0 / 7.0 / 8.0.
  • Atonement has had its enmity gain doubled and a bug was fixed that prevented the SoA-era fTP changes from going in to effect. Atonement now has its proper 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 fTP rankings.
  • The spell “Temper” no longer has a cap at 500 enhancing magic (20%) to align to retail. Buff that enhancing magic to the max and get more swings in!
  • The spell “Stoneskin” has had its soft cap raised from 5000 HP to 7500 HP to account for higher amounts of MND and an additional modifier levels added at 300 and 500 of (5 * pMod) and (8 * pMod) respectively. With this, assuming a player has 450 enhancing magic and 700 MND, it’s possible to push the new soft cap before gear buffs are applied.
  • An issue with an overflow of monsters on the zone list for Abyssea-Konschtat and Abyssea-La Theine has been addressed. This was only visible on the Portal and were monsters normally found in Castle Oztroja [S].
  • 6 new level 102-105 Aura Sculptures spawn points are now present in the upper floors of the Shrine of Ru’Avitau to make it easier to complete the GoV chapter in the area. This is a good alternative to the Gustav Tunnel experience point location.
  • All relic and -1 relic armor drops have been removed from Dynamis zones in prep for the revamp of Dynamis and coming of reforged relic +2 and +3 armors. Crafting materials and other drops are still present in these zones for the time being. More will be shared once the plans for the revamp are finalized.
  • All Empyrean armor “seals” have been removed from drop lists as they are not used on the server, cannot be sold, and only serve to flood inventories.

DSP Core Updates

  • 187 mob pools were updated to correct their pre-set combat skills; these monsters were listed as hand-to-hand, but do not wield hand-to-hand weapons. This caused them to attack twice with every swing. Pools include many of the aern families, demons, and a host of NM beastman leaders.
  • Humanoid blue mage mobs now have many of their abilities available to them.
  • Brutus and the Chocobo’s Wounds questline (choco license quest) has been cleaned up to, hopefully, not get caught up on some of the other quests he also provides and make it unable to proceed with getting the license.
  • Gnolls have been updated with a new mixin to centralize their stance switching.
  • Promyvion zones have been updated to use a central script file to manage their regions and control teleporters.
  • A bug has been addressed where automatons would only use a skill once during each activation rather than when the internal recast timer expires. This fix should make automatons much more dynamic in their playstyle.

November 2018

26 November

November 2018 Client Update

With the massive amount of text and message ID changes (updates in over 220 zones), we’ve migrated our servers forward to the November 2018 client release of Final Fantasy XI.

Please take a moment and update your client using the PlayOnline Viewer.

The current release is: 30181103_0

Before submitting any bug reports, please be sure you are on the November 2018 release as we cannot guarantee any level of game quality due to the sheer number of changes introduced in the November update.

Please be aware it may be necessary once the December update comes out to update the clients again–it all depends on whether or not they reuse the IDs and assets from previous Starlight events or create new IDs and shift everything around again.

Renamer Update!

Please take a moment and update your Renamer lists, which has the new NPC names for the Winter Celebration event.

You can download the updated list here.

The Winter Celebration is here!

The Winter Celebration event is here and will run until January 20th, 2019.

Unlike other seasonal holidays, the Winter Celebration is made up of several mini-games and events scattered around the world. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be adding more events for players.

The primary currency of the event is Holiday Cheer which players can use for unique style lock items, currency, and item enhancements. Several of these events will also reward players with very rare items that can only be acquired from the quests.

In today’s release, the following events have been added:

  • The Gift Hunt - Help the Holiday Giver in Southern San d’Oria find gifts for those in need. Repeatable every 2 hours.
  • Daily Gift Exchange - The Event Moogle has a special gift for you every day! Repeatable every 20 hours.
  • The Christmas Carol - Help save Christmas from the bah humbugs of Ebenezer in Bastok Markets.
    • This quest line is not finalized at this point, but will be as the season progresses.
  • The Twinkling Treants - Find Twinkling Treants located in East/West Ronfaure, North/South Gustaberg, and East/West Sarutabaruta and shake them up for loot boxes, buffs, and quest items you’ll need for other events. These respawn every in-game day.

Read the full event summary on the Winter Celebration wiki page.

Halls of Legion - New Loot!

The Halls of Legion have been updated with 20 new loot drops from the bosses of each floor. At this time, these drops are not found anywhere else in the world. For items tagged with “Legion:”, the mods have been updated to be in effect in all zones.

To make room for some of these drops, the excess tanzanite and alexandrites have been either removed or reduced from these monsters (as, compared to when this content was added, these currencies are very easy to acquire via other means now).


  • The 45-60% moon phase that lowers chocobo digging success chances has been fixed… to actually decrease it instead of increase it. 🙄
  • Carpenter’s Landing now has the proper zone messages for chocobo digging success/fail/not found events.
  • The Curio Vendor Moogle in Port San d’Oria no longer tries to sell you artifact gear at exorbant prices–a holdover from some of the old LegionDark code. He may do something–someday.
  • Hestefa has been updated to with proper references to the quests globals to address a potential bug where some players were having the wrong quests completed by speaking with her.
  • Victory Smite’s fTP has been updated from 2.25 to 3.25 for players with the Verethragna i119 III equipped.
  • Vishap Armet +2/+3 now provides the “wyvern effective breath” modifier.
  • The following items now have their proper Pet modifiers:
    • Aymur (75-i119 III) - Pet: Attack+
    • Nirvana (i119, i119 AG) - Avatar: Blood Pact Damage+
  • The Aptant mob Nargun now has his proper aptant drops, levels, and spawn location.
  • The enmity reductions for summoners now only applies to main job summoners and can no longer be used to entirely negate enmity gain.

DSP Core Updates

  • For those interested, Maat has been fully revamped to act more like retail where he relies on the skills of the job he’s emulating, not just monk (yay?).
  • The entire Aftermath system (v2.0) has been rewritten and simplified; shifting everything out of weapon-based scripts and into the Aftermath status effect.
    • What does this mean for NocSouls? Luckily, since we recently moved our enhanced Empyrean buffs OUT of Aftermaths and into onItemCheck (equip/unequip) functions, this didn’t really affect our custom buffs past cleaning up the files. Reviewing the code, the one change I see is that aftermaths that are caused by weaponskills that cause damage now require that weaponskill to cause damage. Missing or doing zero damage no longer triggers the aftermath. The edge case where some players could trigger multiple aftermaths to stack should no longer be possible.
  • Rose Garden, Overgrown Rose, and Voluptous Vilma now spawn according to their retail conditions.
  • The Rage and Gradual Rage monster modifiers have been added and applied to mobs who normally have them.
    • What does this mean for NocSouls? For now, the updates provided by the DSP team seem to be focused around HNMs and land kings of the 75 era, such as King Behemoth and Aspidochelone. These timers are set, by default, at 60 minutes to enrage. This does mean that it’s very likely that we’ll start to see rage and gradual rage timers being set on some of the harder custom content encounters. 😈
  • Numerous c-lang updates throughout the login, search, and map servers to address potential compiler and/or memory leak issues.
  • Corsairs rejoice: The modifier “Enhances Quick Draw” (Quick Draw Accuracy) has been added and applied to versions of Death Penality.
  • Corsairs rejoice… again: The damage calculation for Quick Draw has been adjusted to properly account for ammo.
    • Old: 2 * ranged DMG + ammo DMG
    • New: 2 * (ranged DMG + ammo DMG)
  • All colibri (including ZNMs) now have their proper mixin for mimicing spells and stealing food from players.

19 November

Renamer List Update

With the new Reisenjima Henge encounter, a renamer list update is available. Download it here.

New Reisenjima Henge Encounter!

Beware the darkness that laughs at you!

Put those Odious Charms to use and prepare for a test of brains and brawn in the first of several new, custom Henge encounters coming to the arena with some unique mechanics. Don’t let him confuse you!

This new Tier 5 encounter the second-most powerful encounter in the game at the moment and is targeted at small groups. Solo play is possible, but very dangerous!

Abyssea Cruor Changes

In the last maintenance, there was a footnote addressing an exploit across ~240 mob families in all of the Abyssea zones. What started out as a simple adjustment turned into a weeklong research project this week.

A huge thank you to the dozen or so players I’ve been tormenting all week with ideas and formulas for balance. Your comparisons of jobs, melee vs. magic, single target vs. AOE, time spent, and usual hunting locations have been a huge help!

These monster families had little-to-no health (1000-2500 HP) and nearly instant respawn times. This change caught several in the community offguard who were mass farming these for cruor. Since then, we’ve dug into the root reasons for mass farming with several community members. The full notes are available in our issue repository. Please take a moment to read the full write-up and reasoning for these balance changes.

In short, after digging past “it’s more difficult,” the largest concern was that the higher HP increased time to kill, but didn’t offer equal rewards for the increased the amount of time to acquire cruor for Empyrean weapon trials. While the case could be made that this was an exploit and “equal rewards” do not apply, it makes sense to address it systemically. Rather than making it easier to stand around and mindlessly AOE packs of monsters, the better solution revolved around reviewing how cruor is calculated, how it plays a role in the empyrean weapon trials, and making the time investment of players more worthwhile.

With this, several steps have been taken.

HP adjustments

Monster families in the 114-117 and 121+ ranges have had their pre-server boost HP pools reduced slightly from 40,000 to 30,000 and 50,000 to 35,000 respectfully. This reduces the drastic jump between 113 and 121 and makes it a bit more managable for players who may not be well-geared. This change affected 167 monster families across Abyssea.

In addition to monsters already affected, an additional 17 monster families were found lacking an HP pool and/or proper respawn time and have be adjusted accordingly to these new specifications. These families were all in the >114 level range and primarily in Abyssea-Tahrongi and Abyssea-La Theine.

Cruor adjustments

Cruor calcuations have been adjusted to provide a better balance and reward for higher level monsters and NMs.

Level Range Old Formula New Formula
Level 110 and below mob level/5 + random(1,20) mob level + random(1,20)
Level 111 to 120 mob level/5 + random(1,20) mob level + random(35,75)
Level 121+ mob level/5 + random(1,20) mob level + random(75,150)

In addition to simply increasing the rewards per monster kill, NMs now provide a 20x cruor increase and will provide some of the best cruor/time rewards to players. This includes both spawned NMs and roaming NMs.

Finally, atmas now play a role in cruor gain. The following cruor bonuses are provided by Atmas. These total to a +50% cruor gain. Several of the atmas are likely already possed by players who have been farming empyrean weapon NMs and BCNMs.

Atma Dropped By Increase
Atma of Allure Carabosse +1%
Atma of Aquatic Ardor Melo Melo +1%
Atma of Baleful Bones Mictlantecuhtli +1%
Atma of Calamity Adze +1%
Atma of Cloak and Dagger Bloodeye Vileberry +1%
Atma of Dunes Glavoid +1%
Atma of Entwined Serpents Ningishzida +1%
Atma of Gales Alkonost +1%
Atma of Purgatory Dhorme Khimaira +1%
Atma of the Apocalypse Shinryu +10%
Atma of the Ascending One Bennu +1%
Atma of the Baying Moon Lugarhoo +1%
Atma of the Blinding Horn Karkadann +1%
Atma of the Clawed Butterfly Itzpapalotl +1%
Atma of the Deep Devourer Cirein-croin +1%
Atma of the Despot Raja +1%
Atma of the Drifter Khalamari +1%
Atma of the Fallen One Teugghia +1%
Atma of the Gnarled Horn Sobek +1%
Atma of the Harvester Chloris +1%
Atma of the Hateful Stream Fuath +1%
Atma of the Heavens Onvi +1%
Atma of the Lion Hadhayosh +1%
Atma of the Lone Wolf Amarok +1%
Atma of the Minikin Monstrosity Durinn +1%
Atma of the Murky Miasma Chhir Batti +1%
Atma of the Persistent Predator Awahondo +1%
Atma of the Plaguebringer Resheph +1%
Atma of the Razed Ruins Ironclad Pulverizer +1%
Atma of the Sand Emperor Emperador de Altepa +1%
Atma of the Sanguine Scythe Bukhis +1%
Atma of the Shimmering Shell Xan +1%
Atma of the Smoldering Sky Smok +1%
Atma of the Stout Arm Briareus +1%
Atma of the Strangling Wind Amhuluk +1%
Atma of the Stronghold Lacovie +1%
Atma of the Sun Eater Yaguarogui +1%
Atma of the Voracious Violet Eccentric Eve +1%
Atma of the War Lion Apademak +1%
Atma of the Winged Enigma Avalerion +1%
Atma of Thrashing Tendrils Raskovnik +1%

We’ll be factoring in additional bonuses to stats, gil, experience, and other rewards provided by certain atmas in the near future as there are MANY more atmas not included in this list.

Overall, with these gains, a player fighting a level 121 normal monster can expect to see the following cruor gains assuming they have collected all of the Atmas:

  • Old: mob level / 5 + random(1,20) = 121/5 + random(1,20) = between 25 and 44 cruor per kill
  • New: (mob level + random(75,150) * 1.5) = (121 + random(75,150)) * 1.5 = between 294 and 407 cruor per kill.

While these changes make monsters require more effort to kill, the sheer quantity of kills is no longer required for players to quickly acquire the cruor necessary for empyrean weapons and move on to other activities.

In addition to all of these bonuses and changes, the daily event 2x Cruor Day remains and will continue to double cruor on Tuesdays.

Abyssea !telelist Changes

To aid in travel around Abyssea, players can now use the !telelist command within Abyssea (with the exception of the Empyreal Paradox).

However, players cannot activate these save points without being on a job that is level 30 or higher–which is the base entry level for Abyssea.


  • Beryllium ingots added to Glavoid’s Enhanced BCNM drop list to provide an alternative acquisition point.
  • Several items have been given their item mods, including the Bleating Mantle and rings from ToAU.
  • Several quest key items that were broken by the last DSP update have been fixed.
  • Added a missing reference for Hestefa that could cause some Jeuno quests to auto-complete incorrectly.
  • Updated Baudin to provide players the key item “Crest of Davoi” in the event they completed the quest, but did not acquire the key item. Simply speak to Baudin to receive it.
  • ToAU’s Nashmeira’s Plea has been updated to not spawn Alexander until AFTER the cutscene finishes to prevent him from attacking players and interrupting the cutscene (causing the black screen)–someday this instance will function properly.
  • A new !petstats command has been added to display health and mods for pets. This is currently aimed at summoners; automaton mods will be added soon.
  • Typos addressed in the help text when trying to use the !tele command to port to sea or sky without having access.

DSP Core Updates

  • Several zones were updated to the new coding style guide.
  • Maat has been updated to properly have the correct weapon types, delay, damage types, and dialog for the level 70 limit break fight for each job. He also no longer has a monk subjob causing him to use more monk traits than expected for the fight.
  • Several food items that have racial requirements have been updated to use the new race table.
  • Resolved issue with Mog Safe 2 not being factored into Storage amount properly when considering furnishing moghancements.

12 November

Chocobo Digging - Scavenger Hunt!

Players with skill 100 in chocobo digging can now participate in a daily chocobo scavenger hunt.

Starter NPC: Finbarr in Upper Jeuno (Chocobo Stables)

Finbarr will provide players a hint for the first chocobo digging location. Follow the clue to the next location. Each hunt is a total of 6 spots with the final spot rewarding players with a treasure stash containing several items found in the zone as well as a cache of rare crafting materials and other items.

Does everyone get the same scavenger hunt path every day?

No, the hints received at each step are randomized. At this time, there are several hundred permutations of paths you can get each day. 😁 More hints, thus locations, will be added over time to keep things interesting.

How will I know when I’m close to where I should dig?

When you dig, you’ll receive a special message that you “should keep digging” if you’re close to the spot. The rest is up to you!

Does digs for the scavenger hunt count against my daily number of digs?


Is the scavenger hunt timed?

No; however, you can only partcipate in a hunt every 20 hours from the last time you looted a treasure stash.

How do I find the Treasure Stash?

The last clue will lead you to the stash. For now, the chests will appear when you find the right location and dig. The Renamer list will be updated to replace the chests’ “NPC” name will be provided in a few weeks–providing it now would give a clue where the final digs are located. 😁

Yorcia Weald “Shifting Shrubs”

The hourly shrub doorways in Yorcia Weald are now wired up and raise and lower according to their hourly timers.

If you’re not using an enhanced map pack with the Vana’diel hourly timers on it, I’d suggest bookmarking this map for reference.

Summoner and Avatar Skillchains

The summoner avatars can now skillchain with players. The following physical and hybrid damage blood pacts have had their skillchain elements added:

Avatar Blood Pact SC 1 SC 2
Carbuncle Poison Nails Transfixion
Ifrit Punch Liquefaction
Ifrit Burning Strike Impaction
Ifrit Double Punch Compression
Ifrit Flaming Crush Fusion Reverberation
Fenrir Moonlit Charge Compression
Fenrir Crescent Fang Transfixion
Fenrir Eclipse Bite Gravitation Scission
Garuda Claw Detonation
Garuda Predator Claws Fragmentation Scission
Ramuh Shock Strike Impaction
Ramuh Chaotic Strike Fragmentation Transfixion
Shiva Axe Kick Induration
Shiva Double Slap Scission
Shiva Rush Distortion Scission
Titan Rock Throw Scission
Titan Rock Buster Reverberation
Titan Megalith Throw Induration
Titan Mountain Buster Gravitation Induration
Leviathan Barracuda Dive Reverberation
Leviathan Tail Whip Detonation
Leviathan Spinning Dive Distortion Detonation

At this time, they do not always pick the correct skill to properly chain with players automatically. This may be added in the future, but with weapon types, jobs/subjobs, and the diversity of the server, there’s a LOT of combos to account for in the logic and not a lot of time. #maybesomeday

If you want to force a skillchain, players can still manually activate the blood pacts–including allowing the avatar to start the skillchain.

For example:

  • Ifrit’s Flaming Crush + Vidohunir = Light
  • Garuda’s Predator Claws + Garland of Bliss = Light
  • Ramuh’s Chaotic Strike + Garland of Bliss = Light

These can get kind of fun if the avatar starts it, you finish the skillchain, then they use something that chains with that… or even magic bursts it!


  • The Egg Helm has gained its egg helm modifier to provide a bonus to chocobo digging (how you acquire this item is still a mystery).
  • Added an additonal check… for those who have MULTIPLES of the same empyrean weapon… to prevent the buffs from applying multiple times. 😦
  • The model for the blurred great katanas, kunitsuna and kunitsuna +1, have been fixed.
  • Updated a damage calculation issue with the plague and sleep effects of the Tartarus Torper weaponskill.
  • Several groups of monsters in all Abyssea zones have been updated that could easily be exploited due to their high level, low health, and 1 second respawn time. These mobs have been giving health similar to mobs around them and the normal 5-10 minute respawn time, depending on their mob family.
  • Ul’xzomits that used to drop double crystal clusters and made it hard to get a drop chance of xzomit organs have had the second set of cluster drops removed.

DSP Core Updates

  • Grouped Drops added for the following encounters: Ix’Aern DRG, Ix’Aern DRK, King Behemoth, Mee Deggi the Punisher, Moo Ouzi the Swiftblade, Quu Domi the Gallant.
    • NocSouls Tweak: The custom additional drop for Ix’Aern DRK was also added to the loot table and is now properly affected by treasure hunter.
  • Updated ‘styles’ (no functional changes, just script formatting updates) for various zones.
  • An issue when calling region enter/exit scripts has been fixed.
  • Addressed an issue where guards in Jeuno may not sell the proper rank rewards to players.
  • Addressed an issue where players might receive a black loading screen using the homepoint teleport functionality has been addressed.

5 November

Renamer List Update

With the new master job quest, the Renamer List has been updated. Please update your list and reload your plugin.

Full details and the download can be found here.

New Master Job Quest - Monk

The first master job quest for Monk is now available. Seek out an old mentor to get started and help protect the auras of the woodlands.

Boost and Chi Blast

The formulas for Monk’s Boost and Chi Blast abilities have been updated to make these abilities more useful at end game.

  • Boost’s base power has been increased from 12.5 to 50.
  • Chi Blast’s Boost multiplier formula has been updated to account for the player’s level.
    • Old Formula: (boost power / 100) * 4
    • New Formula: (boost power / 100) * (player level / 4)
    • The new formula caps at a 50x multipler for the effects of Boost on Chi Blast.

Saliyahf - Imperial Standing Chapters Conversions

Saliyahf in Aht Urhgan Whitegate (!tele whitegate) now offers a new type of currency conversion for players who have unlocked up to Tier IV armor upgrades with Vainrachault. Players can now convert Imperial Standing to Rem’s Tales chapters.

In addition, the cost of imperial standing and conquest points for these transactions has been reduced.

Full details can be found on the Armor Upgrades page.

Empyrean Aftermaths and Bonus Effects

After much tinkering, the bonuses applied via the Empyrean i119 III aftermath effects are not reliable at this time as players in certain conditions could stack the aftermath effects and become excessively powerful.

These effects have been moved to a bonus applied when the item is equipped in the main hand and is applied on-equip. The aftermath effects have been restored to their DSP standard effects. Attempting to be clever and building these into the aftermath effect did not pay off. 😢

A full explaination of the situation regarding the REMA aftermaths can be found in our Discord history in the #updates channel (30 October 2018).


  • Harvest Protectors should now be able to spawn multiple at a time and not require a full despawn before harvesting again (up to a max of 4 active per zone at the same time).
  • The barriers in SoA zones are now less likely to start chasing you. This includes Knotted Roots, Broadleaf Palms, Icy Palisades, Heliotrope Barriers, Amaranth Barriers, Bedrock Crags, Monolithic Boulders, and Gnarled Ramparts.
  • Chocobo diggers rejoice! Gysahl Greens now stack to 99.
  • Players now receive a counter update notice on each dig while chocobo digging so they know where they are in their daily 100 digs.
  • The spawn conditions of Rampaging Ram and Steelfleece Baldrich have been updated to be more favorable for those seeking Black Belt updates.
  • Ul’xzomits now have a chance to drop xzomit organs.
  • A typo in the dialog of the thief master job quest has been updated.
  • The blurred weapons that aren’t named blurred (Kunitsuna and Kujaku) have been updated to have their “additional effect: haste” modifier and script.
  • The attack, defense, and haste values of Valor Minuet V, Knights Minne V, Advancing March, and Victory March have been updated with modern values.

DSP Core Updates

  • The models and family abilities of certain Qutrubs NMs have been updated.
  • Players who are on or have completed TOAU’s Shades of Vengenance can now assist other players with the mission.
  • The system now only attempts to complete the ToAU mission “Shield of Diplomacy” for players completing the Navukgo Execution Chamber BCNM if that mission is active.
  • Telepoint crystals have had their logic rewritten to fit the new DSP format.

October 2018

29 October

Enlight and Endark Updates

Enlight and Endark have had their formulas updated to match those found on and their additional damage effects decrease by 1 per successful hit.

  • Enlight: initial damage = (floor (divine magic skill / 20 ) * 3) / (12 - floor(divine magic skill / 40))
  • Endark: initial damage = 12 + floor(dark magic skill / 20) * 3 - floor(dark magic skill / 40)

This raises the initial damage of both of these spells as they were previously based on enhancing magic–a skill that would either be low or non-existent to PLD and DRK.

In addition, their stat enhancement effects have been updated. Endark provides an Attack bonus based on the current damage of the additional effect. Enlight provides a static accuracy bonus based on the initial damage of the additional effect.

Finally, Enlight and Endark now have their proper casting animations.

Imperial Standing and Voidstones

The Voidwatch Purveyor located in Aht Urhgan Whitegate now accepts imperial standing. The conversation rate is the same as the rate for conquest points: 250,000 gil and 20,000 imperial standing per voidstone.

Players can acquire imperial standing by fighting mobs in the ToAU zones with Sanction active and/or participating in Besieged with Sanction.

New Augments and Updates

Several new augments have been added into the system.

Tier Augment Required Item(s)
1 Ranged DMG +1 Bomb Arm x12
2 Ranged DMG +2 Animal Glue x12
3 Magic Attack Bonus +4 Bitter Memory x12
3 Enhancing Magic +4 Fleeting Memory x12
3 Enfeebling Magic +4 Somber Memory x12
3 Elemental Magic +4 Burning Memory x12
3 Dark Magic +4 Malevolent Memory x12
3 Divine Magic +4 Radiant Memory x12
4 Ranged DMG +4 Cluster Arm x12
5 Magic Attack Bonus +6 Cluster Ash x12
5 Magic Accuracy +12 Demon Horn x12
6 Ranged DMG +8 Phuabo Organ x12
6 Magic Attack Bonus +8 Smilodon Hide x12
6 Magic Defense Bonus +8 Wyvern Wing x12
7 Magic Attack Bonus +10 Xzomit Organ x12

Please be aware that the Ranged DMG augments simply show up as ‘DMG’ when applied to weapons and that ranged damage does not play a large role in ranged weapon skill damage–especially for magic-based weaponskills–because of the high STR requirement in the formula. These are being added for completeness and those who enjoy min/max tweaking, but results may vary between various ranged weapons, weaponskill types, and jobs.

Please fully review the weapon skill damage, fSTR2, and other relevant formulas on when comparing +Ranged Attack to +Ranged DMG augments. There will not be any refunds for players who augment, then change their mind.

With this, I wanted to provide an update regarding augments and the future development of augments. Previously, the plan has been to add an 8th and final tier of augments, then provide a more customized REMA-only set of tiers.

Unfortunately, we’ve hit a small challenge that our augments are simply too powerful–when attempting to group them together into single augments, the larger numbers begin to overflow (>65) and reset–as they’re higher than the game ever anticipated augments being. This has required us to backtrack and apply larger augments as separate augments (which is why the “4 augments” limit exists right now).

With that, having a higher, more powerful tier of augments in tier 8 doesn’t make sense.

In response to that, some of the augment types originally planned in tier 8 around magic skills have been added to existing tiers as noted above. I’ll be adding more as time progresses. There’s also consideration around adding more pet-focused augments; however, with the current power and potency of avatars and automatons, those are harder to balance.

The REMA augments are still under review as a few of the initial plans for them are restricted by these findings. This will likely push REMA augments back until some compromises can be found.

New Additional Effects/Item Mods

The following items have gained their additional effects and/or item mods.

  • Sangarius and Sangarius +1 have gained their “Additional Effect: HP Drain”.
  • The Blurred melee weapons now have their “Additional Effect: Haste”. NQ weapons have a 25% chance to apply Haste and HQ weapons have a 25% chance to apply Haste II. The Blurred ranged weapons (bow/crossbow) are not affected by this update.
  • The Blurred shield/Blurred shield +1 has gained its Weapon Skill Damage +5%/+7% stat.
  • The Blurred bow +1 has gained it’s Weapon Skill Damage +7% stat.

Chocobo Digging

Chocobo digging items have been updated in the following zones based on player feedback to contain additional drops:

  • Lufaise Meadows, Misareaux Coast, Yahse Hunting Grounds, Ceizak Battlegrounds, Foret de Hennetiel, Yorcia Weald, Marjami Ravine, Al’Taieu, Abyssea-Attohwa, Abyssea-Misareaux, and Escha-Zi’Tah.

Several members have reported that the digging messages in SoA and Rhapsodies zones are not accurate. Players with a client version not matching the current server version (30180801_2 (August 7, 2018)) may receive inaccurate messages; however, digging and the items should properly go into your inventory.


  • The spell casting animation for Crusade has been updated.
  • The spell Dia II has had a bug in its duration calculation addressed.
  • A bug with adding NQ and HQ synergy fuels of the same element at the same time caused the trade to update with the last item in the trade window’s value. Trades now add both NQ and HQ together properly.
  • Addressed an issue with Distract, Distract II, Frazzle, and Frazzle II that prevented it from reaching the full capacity of those debuffs against targets level 120 and higher.
  • Drumskull Zogdregg’s level and skills now match that of the other aptant mobs.
  • All Aptant mobs have had their respawn timers set to 30 minutes instead of 60-180 minutes.
  • In preparation of a new battle system coming to the server in late November, all ToAU kings (and, subsequently, the Mythic weapon update mobs) have had their respawn timers set to 1 hour.
  • Myxomycete in The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah has been updated to properly spawn/despawn based on the weather.
  • Chapters of Rem’s Tales 1 through 5 have been removed from various VWNMs that were not intended to drop those pages.
  • The Kupo Shield is now properly equipped as a shield instead of a grip.
  • The weaponskill Camlann’s Torment has been updated to increase it’s fTP from 3.0 to 6.0 at all levels.
  • A typo has been fixed in the Enhanced Empyrean BCNMs that could cause the fights to rapidly use their two-hour abilities if the BCNMs were ran in rapid succession.
  • Teerth in Bastok Markets has been fixed to show his proper guild shop (Goldsmithing).

DSP Core Updates

  • “Unlockables” have been moved out of char_points into char_unlocks. These include things like supply missions, mog lockers, runic portals, maws, and homepoints. To implement this, we’ve made a direct copy of the char_points into char_unlocks; all columns and such remain the same. If you’re missing any homepoints or access to your mog locker, please notify a GM.
  • The Rainbow Obi, Wolf Mantle, Lady Bell, Death Earring, Shining Ring, Spinel Earring, and Oak Cudgel +1 deynthesis recipes have been added.
  • The NMs Bloody Bones and Bluestreak Gyugyuroon have been added.
  • The TOAU missions Path of Darkness and Nashmeria’s Plea have been updated to address potential client ID conflicts and mobs have been classified appropriately as NMs.
  • Beastmaster’s Charm now takes level cap/sync into account when attempting to charm.
  • Gravity’s movement speed reduction (Weight) cap of -50% has been properly set.
  • The treasure chests and coffers system has been rewritten to match the modern information provided by the wikis on illusion cooldowns and zone-wide cooldowns. Overall, more treasure chests and coffers should now be present and loot drops should match those found on the wikis.
  • The family traits of Aerns (Om’Aern, Ul’Aern, and Eo’Aern) have been centralized into a mixin.
  • The family traits of Imps have been centralized into a mixin.
  • Pumpkin Pie +1 now provides it’s proper food effect.
  • Several Yagado NMs and PHs have had their respawn times adjusted and NMs have received their proper two-hour abilities. These updates are mostly in Castle Oztroja and Giddeus.

Wiki Updates

  • The augments page has been updated with clickable links to each augment material.
  • The “combat and magic skills”, “spells”, and weaponskills pages have been merged together by type and job.
  • xiloader.exe’s recommended version has been updated in the Windower setup instructions.

22 October

Fast Tracks!

The Fast Tracks system has been added! Fast Tracks allow players to use currency, conquest points, and imperial standing to “fast track” through expansion content.

Players who choose to complete the expansions normally (or who have already done so) can speak with the Fast Track NPCs for those expansions and receive a once-per-character reward.

Fast Tracking grants full access to content gated behind the expansions, the corresponding !shop command, titles, and key items. ast Tracking does not grant any additional rewards, such as the rings or earrings, or any gil rewards. Players can purchase these accessories via the corresponding !shop command.

The full details, costs, and rewards can be found on the Fast Tracks.

Chocobo Digging

Looking for a new hobby and tired of running around harvesting and mining? Chocobo Digging is now operational and, of course, enhanced!

Players with a chocobo license and some gysahl greens in their inventory can use the Dig command while riding their chocobo to dig up items–sometimes very rare items!


If you have a custom mount set, use the !mount set chocobo to reset your mount to the chocobo. You can only dig while riding your chocobo.

In addition to the traditional “retail’ zones, we’ve added a more refined skill-up system to chocobo digging that informs players as they level up (up to skill level 100). Higher levels decrease the timeout between digs and allows players to access the new chocobo digging zones.


Maximum digs per real-world day: 100

Players are restricted to 100 digs on their character per real world day–resetting at midnight CT. In the future, there will be items to enhance this number.

Maximum digs per zone per game day: 100

Each zone has a maximum of 100 “digs” in it per game day–resetting each game day.

Abilities: Bore and Burrow

All players will automatically have both Bore and Burrow abilities since chocobo raising and training is not available. This may change in the future if custom chocobo raising ever becomes part of the server.

How do I skill up?

By digging! Every time you successfully dig, you have a 25% chance to skill up!

What kinds of items can I get?

In retail zones (no level restriction zones), the drops align with the drops in the wiki with a few additional tweaks. Some zones also have a chance, based on luck and the current Vana’diel day, to provide an elemental ore. For example, on Lightsday during a waxing crescent moon, players have a chance of harvesting light ores in Tahrongi Canyon.

In addition to normal drops, as seasonal events occur, players can dig up seasonal event items. For example, level 70 zones have a chance at leafkin grenades during the Fall Harvest event!

In level restricted zones, everything is custom and there’s some real hidden treasures out there! Give each zone a try and see what you find. 😄

What affects loot drops?

The moon, the weather, the time of day, and the day of the week all affect loot drops.

  • Chocobo digging success rate is reduces during the First and Last Quarter moon phases.
  • During the early Waxing Crescent moon phase (between 10% and 40%), elemental ores can be dug up in certain zones based on the current Vana’diel day.
  • Significant weather events will increase the chances of digging up elemental crystals.
  • Equipping certain items can improve the success rate of a dig and/or make certain items available (coming soon).


Level Zone Crystals? Elemental Ore?
0 Batallia Downs Yes Yes
0 Bhaflau Thickets Yes Yes
0 Bibiki Bay Yes Yes
0 Buburimu Pennisula Yes Yes
0 Carpenter’s Landing Yes Yes
0 East Ronfaure Yes Yes
0 East Saurtabaruta Yes Yes
0 Eastern Altepa Desert Yes No
0 Jugner Forest Yes Yes
0 Konschtat Highlands Yes Yes
0 La Theine Plateau Yes Yes
0 Meriphataud Mountains Yes Yes
0 North Gustaberg Yes Yes
0 Pashhow Marshlands Yes Yes
0 Rolanberry Fields Yes Yes
0 Sauromugue Champaign Yes Yes
0 South Gustaberg Yes Yes
0 The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah Yes Yes
0 Valkrum Dunes Yes Yes
0 Wajaom Woodlands Yes Yes
0 West Ronfaure Yes Yes
0 West Sarutabaruta Yes Yes
0 Western Altepa Desert Yes No
0 Yhoator Jungle Yes No
0 Yuhtunga Jungle Yes No
50 Lufaise Meadows Yes Yes
50 Misareaux Coast Yes Yes
70 Ceizak Battlegrounds Yes Yes
70 Yahse Hunting Grounds Yes Yes
70 Foret de Hennetiel Yes Yes
70 Yorcia Weald Yes Yes
70 Morimar Basalt Fields Yes Yes
70 Kamihr Drifts Yes Yes
100 Al’Taieu No No
100 Abyssea-Attohwa No No
100 Abyssea-Misareaux No No
100 Escha Zi’Tah No No
100 Reisenjima (coming soon) No Yes

Abyssea-Attohwa doesn’t have the proper messages for “digging”, so “There’s nothing out of the ordinary here.” for when digging fails and “You cannot carry any more. Your inventory is full.” for when your inventory is full.

As time goes on, we’ll be adding additional zones, drops, and maybe even a scavenger hunt mode to chocobo digging! Get that choco leveled up!

Conquest Points Revamp

After numerous balance discussions, the base reward for conquest points has been increased. Conquest points are earned in base game, RoZ, and CoP zones when the Signet effect is active and are used in many conversions and value-add features put into the system lately.


  • Region controlled by nation: 10% of experience points per kill
  • Region not controlled by nation: 15% of experience points per kill


  • Region controlled by nation: 20% of experience points per kill
  • Region not controlled by nation: 25% of experience points per kill

To demonstrate this change, the leveling from 1 to 99 is 2,051,349 exp.

This means leveling a single job from 1 to 99 in an average owned set of regions (let’s say 12.5%), used to gain the player 246.161 CP without any conquest buffs. With this increase, the number (averaging 22.5%), gains the player 461,553 CP without any conquest buffs. This increase allows players more flexibility to purchase CP-backed items and also increases the benefits of leveling multiple jobs to the maximum.

NOTE: This also applies to players gaining limit points in these zones.

In addition, a reminder that the rank 10 banners that provide the Moghancement:“Conquest Bonus” are functional and increase the percentage even higher.


  • A bug was fixed with Samurai’s Overwhelm merit causing their damage to overflow and be less than what was reported in the logs.
  • An ID bug in Abyssea-Uleguerand has been addressed causing the ??? not to spawn mobs.
  • An exploit has been fixed in the Thief Master Job Quest #1 that allowed players to bypass a mechanic.
  • An exploit has been fixed in the Empyrean Weapon trials that allowed players to bypass a significant portion of the weapon trade requirements.
  • Ranged REMA weapons have been updated to properly display their “Obtained: {ammo}” message on use in all zones.
  • The Wildfire weaponskill has had it’s fTP parameters updated to 4.75 / 5.0 / 5.25 while Armageddon i119 III is equipped to provide a better damage output balance.
  • A bug in the Empyrean Weapon trials where ranged weapons were not properly flagging characters to drop trial currency has been resolved.
  • The VW Officers in Kazham and Rabao have been updated to properly provide voidstones every 4 hours instead of every 20.
  • The Empowered BCNMs for the Empyrean trials no longer wipe buffs on entry to allow players to more easily run the instances and take full advantage of the buffs provided by the Cruor Prospector near the entry to the BCNMs.
  • A “black screen” bug with Bapokk at the gate between Mt. Zhayolm and the Alzadaal Undersee Ruins has been fixed; players now simply “move” behind him.
  • All mobs in the instances for The Black Coffin and Shades of Vengeance now despawn when winning conditions are met to (hopefully) prevent players from having their cutscenes interrupted and getting a black screen (maybe? hopefully? please?).
  • Ranged Damage augments have been added to the database and will be added to the augments NPC (and required items to the wiki) this week.
  • Enlight and Endark have been fixed to properly use the 10 minute duration for enspells set on the server.

DSP Core Updates

  • The Explorer and Nomad Moogles have had their scripts cleaned up centralized.
  • Several NMs in the Den of Rancor, Halvung, and Ifrit’s Cauldron have had their spawn scripts updated to the newer, more reliable scripting system: Hakutaku, Big Bomb, Bomb Queen, Magma, Salamander, Tarasque.

Wiki Updates

  • The Enhanced Spells/Abilities pages for Job Abilities and Traits and Combat and Magic Skills have been merged into a single page.

15 October

Empyrean Weapon Aftermath and Weaponskill Enhancements

The following changes have been made to the Empyrean Weapon aftermaths and their weaponskills to augment their lackluster performance on our server where weaponskills take priority over auto attacks. The goal of these changes is to help add a bit more uniqueness to the weapons similar to the mythic weapons.

These enhancements focus on the strengths and uniqueness of each weapon and class combination.


Keep in mind that REMAs are not intended to be “stronger” or “weaker” than one another–simply different.

In some situations, a relic weapon may be better than a mythic, a mythic better than an empyrean… and vice-versa. The difference between Nocturnal Souls and retail is that weaponskills are more frequent and auto-attacks less of an overall percentage of outgoing damage.

Since Empyreans (and, later on, Aeonics) focus on auto-attack damage, adjustments are necessary to make these weapons fun and worthwhile on Nocturnal Souls.

To gain the enhanced “weaponskill” traits, the i119 III version of the empyrean weapon MUST be equipped in the main hand (or ranged). Lesser versions of the weapons do not apply the enhanced aftermaths or weaponskill bonuses. Similar to the enhanced weaponskill traits, the enhancements to the aftermath effects only apply to the i119 III version of the empyrean weapon and to the Tier 3 aftermath effect. The existing Empyrean aftermath of “does triple damage” still exists at all levels; these changes add additional benefits to the aftermath.

tl;dr: Similar to relic and mythic aftermaths, to gain the bonuses, you must main-hand (or ranged) these weapons and sustain tier 3 aftermath to get their full bonuses.

All Melee Aftermaths

Adds accuracy and attack.

  • Increases accuracy by 160
  • Increases attack by 280

All Ranged Aftermaths

Adds ranged accuracy and attack.

  • Increases ranged accuracy by 160
  • Increases ranged attack by 280



  • Adds “Boost” +10%

Enhances Victory Smite

  • Updates Stat Modifier from 80% STR to 80% STR/80% VIT
  • Increases 1000 TP critical hit chance from 10% to 20%
  • Increases 2000 TP critical hit chance from 25% to 35%
  • Increases 3000 TP critical hit chance from 45% to 65%



  • Enhances weaponskill accuracy by +10%

Enhances Rudra’s Storm

  • Updates Stat Modifier from 80% DEX to 100% DEX



  • Add “Magic Attack Bonus” +70

Enhances Chant Du Cygne

  • Updates Stat Modifier from 80% DEX to 80% DEX/80% STR
  • Increases 1000 TP critical hit chance from 15% to 20%
  • Increases 2000 TP critical hit chance from 25% to 35%
  • Increases 3000 TP critical hit chance from 40% to 65%



  • Add “Magic Attack Bonus” +40
  • Add “TP Bonus” +150

Enhances Torcleaver

  • Updates Stat Modifier from 80% VIT to 80% VIT/80% STR
  • Increases 1000 TP fTP from 4.75 to 6.75
  • Increases 2000 TP fTP from 7.0 to 9.50
  • Increases 3000 TP fTP from 10 to 12.00



  • N/A (at this time, we’ll see once BST becomes viable)

Enhances Cloudsplitter

  • Updates Stat Modifier from 40% STR/40% MND to 80% STR/80% MND



  • Adds “Smite” +10

Enhances Ukko’s Fury

  • Update Stat Modifier from 80% STR to 100% STR
  • Increases 1000 TP critical hit chance from 20% to 25%
  • Increases 2000 TP critical hit chance from 35% to 45%
  • Increases 3000 TP critical hit chance from 55% to 65%



  • Adds “Magic Accuracy” +20
  • Adds “Fast Cast” +20

Enhances Quietus

  • Updates Stat Modifier from 40% STR/40% MND to 80% STR/40% MND
  • Increases 1000 TP Defense Ignored from 10% to 25%
  • Increases 2000 TP Defense Ignored from 30% to 45%
  • Increases 3000 TP Defense Ignored from 50% to 75%



  • Adds “Enhances Jump and High Jump” (100% critical hit rate)

Enhances Camlann’s Torment

  • Updates Stat Modifier from 60% STR to 80% STR/40% VIT
  • Increases 1000 TP Defense Ignored from 15.0% to 25%
  • Increases 2000 TP Defense Ignored from 37.5% to 45%
  • Increases 3000 TP Defense Ignored from 62.5% to 75%



  • Adds “Enhances ninjutsu damage” +50
  • Adds “Critical Parry” +20

Enhances Blade: Hi

  • Updates Stat Modifier from 80% AGI to 80% AGI/60% STR
  • Increases 1000 TP critical hit chance from 15% to 25%
  • Increases 2000 TP critical hit chance from 20% to 35%
  • Increases 3000 TP critical hit chance from 25% to 50%



  • Enhances weaponskill damage by 30%

Enhances Tachi: Fudo

  • Updates Stat Modifier from 80% STR to 80% STR/80% DEX
  • Increases 1000 TP fTP from 3.75 to 5.75
  • Increases 2000 TP fTP from 5.75 to 8.75
  • Increases 3000 TP fTP from 8.00 to 16.00



  • Adds Magic Accuracy +50
  • Adds “Afflatus Solace” +20
  • Adds “Cure” spellcasting time -10%

Enhances Dagan

  • HP restoration amount doubled.
  • Removes up to 3 negative status effects on the player, including Doom (like Myrkr).



  • Adds “Magic Attack Bonus” +100
  • Adds “Elemental Celerity” +20

Enhances Myrkr

  • Removes all potential negative status effects, including Doom (removes 3 effect limit)


Now grants 2x99 stacks of ammo on use.


  • Adds “Velocity Shot” +10%
  • Adds “Rapid Shot” +10

Enhances Jishnu’s Radiance

  • Updates Stat Modifier from 80% DEX to 100% DEX
  • Increases 1000 TP critical hit chance from 15% to 25%
  • Increases 2000 TP critical hit chance from 20% to 35%
  • Increases 3000 TP critical hit chance from 25% to 50%
  • Increase fTP from 1.75 to 5.75 at all TP levels


Now grants 2x99 stacks of ammo on use.


  • Adds “Magic Attack Bonus” +65
  • Adds “Velocity Shot” +10%
  • Adds “Rapid Shot” +10

Enhances Wildfire

  • Updates Stat Modifier from 60% AGI to 60% AGI/80% INT

We will continue to evaluate these changes and balancing, as necessary. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback regarding Empyrean performance and ideas for balancing across the board.

Fall Harvest

  • The chance that a node will drop a leafkin grenade on harvest has been increased by 20%.
  • The chance that a Harvest Protector will appear on harvest has been increased by 10%.
  • Ifrit’s Cauldron has been removed from the list of zones for the event.


  • Argus and Leech King’s respawn timers have been reduced from 18-30 hours to 1 hours as per “modern” retail.
  • Magic Attack Bonus and Magic Accuracy have been changed from a percent to a flat amount in the !stats command as they’re not percentages and the output was confusing.
  • Ix’Aern DRK now has a chance to drop a bonus Deed of Moderation on kill. 😄
  • The pre-damage modifier "level * 10" damage clamp on the Atonement weaponskill (Burtgang) has been changed to be "level * 100" to better match the higher weaponskill damage of the server.
  • A new aptant mob has been added: Drumbskull Zogdregg. He drops the Aptants of Geoc and Secan.
  • Rusted Coins now stack to 99 instead of 12.

DSP Core Updates

A new section we’ll be including in our notes includes core changes that we’re pulling in from the DSP core project. These will include sweeping changes/updates that affect large amounts of files, key functionality, or “crap, everything might be broken!” events. Our goal here is to be fully transparent in the event something we’ve imported is causing a potential issue. We do the best we can to test everything we import from the core project, as it’s assumed that they test it before they check off on merging it, but things happen. #bleedingedgechallenges

  • A bunch of namespace issues caused by the recent DSP “ID” tabling changes have been resolved in Abyssea zones. If you’re still having trouble spawning at a ???, please send a bug report in with the name of the NM and zone.
  • All HELM activities have been tabled into a central script and all zones with harvesting have been updated to reflect these changes.
    • NOTE: Zones participating in the Fall Harvest have been tested; however, the others have not. Since it’s all one script now, it’s assumed if it’s working in those zones, it should be working everywhere.
  • A rewrite of how the crafting guilds accept and trade items has been implemented. This should resolve the issue where trades were not taken out of players’ inventories and/or NQ/HQ rewards were not properly rewarded.
  • A rewrite of which zones allow pets and whether or not a pet can be used has been moved from :canUsePet() to :canUseMisc(dsp.zoneMisc.PET) along with checks for mounts and costumes. Older canUse... functions have been removed.
  • Several monster groups that had incorrect or overlapping drop groups have been fixed. These include:
    • Drachenlizard
    • Champion Crawler
    • Ignamoth
    • Ankabut
    • Kegpauch Doshgnosh
    • Boll Weevil
  • The synthesis recipe for the Adaman chain has been updated to use the correct crystal.
  • Hovering Hoverpot’s respawn timer has been reduced to 5 minutes as per retail.
  • Over 40 mob groups in Xarcabard [S], Beaucedine Glacier [S], Jugner Forest [S], South Gustaberg, and The Sanctuary of Zi’Tah that had 1 second respawn timers (including some NMs) have been fixed to have proper respawn timers.
  • Embrava has been fixed to properly cast under the effect of Tabula Rasa.
  • The handles, passwords, and statues for doors in Castle Oztroja should be operational and match retail.
  • The conquest NPCs should give the proper dialog messages when accepting crystals or when your rank points are full.
  • Tonberry NMs in the Den of Rancor, Pso’Xja, the Sacrificial Chamber, the Temple of Uggalepih, and Yhoator Jungle have been given their proper 2 hours and have had their traditional tonberry family abilities added (basically, they will stab you).
  • A bug has been fixed that applied Haste Samba twice on use which was causing players to sometimes attack very fast, then overflow and start attacking very slowly.
  • A bug has been fixed that could cause Sleep II to not even partially apply if resisted at all.
  • FoV/GoV regimes now properly apply the 2x base reward cap to exp gains.

8 October

Renamer Update

With the new events, please take a moment to update your Nocturnal Souls Renamer list. You can download the list here.


Looking for a fight, but short on time and don’t want to go far from town? Help defend Al Zahbi from the beastmen tribes of Aht Urhgan!

Battle-focused content targeted at players at level 99, our Besieged campaigns are streamlined compared to the retail version.

There are no limits or restrictions in the zone–players can solo, form groups, and even form alliances to clean up the streets of Al Zahbi. Players are automatically flagged with the Besieged buff when the event starts and/or upon entry to the zone during the event; however, players will need to use their !sanction buff to receive Imperial Standing.

When is it?

Besieged is on an approximate 30 minute timer–up to 30 minutes of activity followed by a 30 minute “cooldown” period after a win or loss. The invasion is over, no matter the timer, when players defeat the final leader of wave 3. It’s recommended, if enough time remains, to coordinate killing additional NMs before the leader to gain the most amount of Imperial Standing.

Who do we fight?

The system picks an invasion force at random–the Undead Swarm led by Medusa, the Mamool Ja Savages led by Gulool Ja Ja, or the Troll Mercenaries led by Zurmurwur the Ruthless–to attack the city.

At random, an invasion force may have additional help if they have lost previous invasions. These reinforcements will provide additional imperial standing and currency rewards to players.

How do we win?

Each invasion consists of three waves and each wave has one leader and various NMs in it. Defeating the leaders of each wave will cause the next wave to rush the city. When the leader of the third wave is defeated, the enemy forces will retreat.

Invasion Force Wave Leader
Undead Swarm 1 Lamia No. 4
Undead Swarm 2 Merrow No. 11
Undead Swarm 3 Medusa
Mamool Ja Savages 1 Sagelord Molaal Ja
Mamool Ja Savages 2 Scalding Fafool Ja
Mamool Ja Savages 3 Gulool Ja Ja
Troll Mercenaries 1 Gurfurlur the Menacing
Troll Mercenaries 2 Vyuvarjur the Nimble
Troll Mercenaries 3 Zurmurwur the Ruthless

Be careful! Attacking the final leader of the final wave can be very dangerous if you haven’t cleared out some of the other NMs out–especially the wave 3 “beast”.

Why save Al Zahbi?

Players under the effect of Sanction will earn Imperial Standing and NMs defeated will generate a large amount of Imperial Standing.

Players can use their Imperial Standing to purchase Mog Locker subscriptions, Imperial currency, fast tracks, Rem’s Tales pages, and, soon, the ability to upgrade level 75-era versions of the Salvage and Nyzul Isle armor sets to i119!

In addition, these mobs provide a good amount of limit points and gil for those farming for master quests or capping limit points.

Fall Harvest - Phase II

The second phase of the Fall Harvest event is here! This adds a new BCNM filled with crafting items, materials, and hard-to-acquire gear.

New BCNMs - Harvest Mayhem!

Players can trade a Platinum Leaf to the burning circle at Balga’s Dias to enter the battlefield. This is a challenging, solo level 50 level capped fight without a reentry timer–players can enter as often as they can acquire a new Platinum Leaf. For the duration of Phase II (until 15 November), the Daily BCNM timer is set to 8 hours instead of 20.

Receive the Harvest Blessing

Players now receive a blessing based on how many Leafkin Grenades they’ve turned into the Event Moogle.

The Fall Harvest page has been updated with additional details.

Updates to Enmity Generated By Curative Magic

Enmity generated from Cure magic has been greatly altered to adapt to the larger cure amounts and health pools found on the server.

On retail, enmity values for Cure I to Cure IV worked as follows:

  • Cumulative Enmity (CE) = HP Restored * CE Modifier (a number based on the level of the target, it’s 40/170 at level 99).
  • Volatile Enmity (VE) = 6 * CE Amount


Cure IV healing for 2500 health on a level 99 character:

  • CE = 2500 * (40/170) = ~588 CE
  • VE = 6 * 588 = ~3530 VE

In comparison, Provoke is only 2400 VE.

To further complicate this, Cure V and Cure VI have fixed CE and VE numbers (400 and 800 respectively)–far less than their prior tier counterparts.

Unfortunately, with the vast reduction in CE and VE for damage-dealing classes, this has made it difficult for players who are duoing with friends without a tank to hold aggro off of a healer popping a single, large cure.

To aid in this, the following CE and VE values have been set and fixed, so that enmity is static by spell–no matter the amount healed:

Spell CE VE
Cure 25 35
Cure II 35 45
Cure III 45 55
Cure IV 55 65
Cure V 75 85
Cure VI 85 100
Curaga 25 50
Curaga II 35 65
Curaga III 55 85
Curaga IV 75 100
Curaga V 100 150
Cura 50 50
Cura II 75 75
Cura III 100 100

With these changes, a white mage dropping Curaga V bombs on a group without a tank WILL get aggro–but it should no longer be impossible to pull it back off the healer with the use of abilities, weaponskills, and normal gameplay.

In addition, Cursna has had it’s VE value reduced from 300 to 50. No reason to have insult to injury that the healer is getting aggro trying to un-doom people. 👿


Moghancements have made their way into the DSP project!

Currently most moghancement effects are supported; however, the following are known not work as the base functionality for these activities is not in the game:

  • Moghancement: Gardening
  • Moghancement: Fishing
  • Moghancement: Mega Moglification Fishing

For now, the strength and effect of these is based on the wiki article at with some arbitrary values added in as the actual values are unknown. Players who already have furniture in their Mog House will need to remove and re-add it for the aura and moghancement buffs to be calculated.

As the work continues for this feature, we’ll be merging them in and testing them. For now, moghancements are considered a ‘bonus feature’. There hasn’t been any testing done on this past the basic “place a few items” and see if the enhancement kicks in. =) YMMV!


The Item Details pages on the Members Portal will be updated over the few days to reflect the modifiers applied by Moghancement abilities.

Wiki Updates

As the amount of information and content continues to grow, the wiki’s left-hand navigation has grown a bit out of control. Over the next few weeks, the categories will be trimmed down, pages combined, and information sorted.

We’ve already done this on the Daily BCNM/Hunts/Events into a single “Daily Events” page.

If you’re looking for something in particular, be sure to check out the search bar.


  • (DSP) The item modifier “Cure Potency II” has been added and applied to several items. More items will be tagged as they are found.
  • (DSP) The item modifier “Enhance Enfeebling Potency” has been added and applied to several items. More items will be tagged as they are found.
  • (DSP) The Cavaros Mantle’s modifier has been changed from Crit Hit Rate to Crit Hit Damage to match the item description.
  • (DSP) Higher tiers/qualities of Stoneskin now properly overwrites lower tiers.
  • (DSP) Everyone’s Grudge no longer varies by the mob/NM using it–it’s a stab to the face no matter what.
  • (DSP) Home points are now visible on the zone map. If the home point is flashing, the player has not yet registered the home point for teleport.
  • (DSP) Advancing March and Victory March have been updated to use the new haste system numbers.
  • (DSP) Items crafted with signatures so no longer cut off the name for longer names.
  • (DSP) Using an item and being interrupted should no longer “lock” that item from use.
  • Several quests and missions missing the GIL_RATE server multiplier have been fixed.
  • The Empowered Empyrean BCNMs have had their 2 hour counter adjusted so they properly reset each time the mob is spawned/each unique BCNM.
  • The avatar perpetuation item modifier on the Nirvana i119 III and Sash have been fixed (and no longer randomly just drain your MP).
  • The VWNM encounter for Dimgruzub has been fixed to no longer just … die.
  • Scarlet Delirium now overwrites itself on recast, even if the INT modifier is less than the prior effect.
  • The GM testing text for Scarlet Delirium and Nether Void have been removed.
  • The ??? for the avatar stones located in each of the cloisters have been updated to be visible (and exist).
  • Players no longer need to be on the quest “Say It with Flowers” to pick up a tahrongi cactus.
  • Several monster abilities that were not dispelling player effects and/or food have been fixed.

1 October

Synergy System: Revamp and Redesign

For the past month or so, the base concept of how Synergy works has created quite a few questions and challenges for both players and for further recipe development.

Compared to normal synthesis crafting, it was a bit more complex (albeit, not nearly as complex as retail) and difficult for players to get started using once unlocked. These challenges were further amplified by the recent Empyrean Weapon trials where one of the core components required synergy crafting.

To that end, the synergy has been redesigned to work much more along the lines of normal synthesis; however, the risk and success chances remain challenging due to the rare nature of the items that synergy can produce.

With that, the following changes are being worked on for synergy crafting:

  • Aptants are now considered materials rather than fuel or modifiers. This allows us to have multiple recipes with the same result item, such as allowing the Light Spheres to be crafted from an array of aptants, and reduces the complexity of synergy recipes.

  • The concept of a “base item” has been removed. All items are now simply materials similar to how synthesis crafting works.

  • The concept of a “base success rate” per item has been removed. All items now have a base success rate of 55% for an even level recipe. For each level the player’s synergy skill is above the recipe, the player gains a 5% success rate. For each level below, the player loses 5% success rate.

    Example: a player with a level 15 synergy skill would have a 100% success rate on a level 6 recipes and below, an 80% success rate on level 10 recipes, and a 30% success rate on level 20 recipes.

    Overall, this increases the success chance rate for many hard-to-craft items as players level up synergy towards the max level. For example, the Pixie Hairpin +1, under the old system, had a base success rate of 30% at level 10. With these changes, it has a base success rate of 55% at level 10 and a 100% success chance rate at level 19.

  • Recipes are no longer locked to a specific level. A player with a level 10 synergy skill can attempt a level 20 synergy recipe; however, the success rate (as explained above) will be exceedingly low (at 5% success).

  • A player’s synergy level no longer provides a bonus to synergy success chance, but alters it in 5% increments as discussed above.

  • Due to the changes in success and failure, skill ups are no longer 100% per successful synergy. Synergy now has a base rate of providing a skill up of 70%. If the recipe level is 10 or more levels above the player’s synergy level, the skill up chance increases to 90%.

  • The level range for synergy recipes to provide skill ups now require the recipe to be no less than 5 levels below the player’s current synergy level, increased from 10 levels below. Additional recipes will be added to compensate for this change.

  • The success rate augments (ebur, furia, and ebon pigments) no longer alter the “break rate” of a synergy failure and simply provide a means of increasing the synergy success rate.

  • The “Synergy Crafting Day” bonus on Saturdays is still in effect for a +5% base success chance. With the changes to base success rate, this makes Saturdays even more appealing for leveling synergy crafting.

  • On synergy failure, players no longer automatically lose all of their material items. The level of the player’s synergy skill is compared to the level of the recipe to determine the chance of loss for each item in the recipe. In the event a synergy failure, the following rules apply:

    • If the recipe level is less than or equal to the player’s synergy level, players have a 5% chance to lose materials.
    • If the recipe level is between one and 5 levels higher, players have a 10% chance to lose materials.
    • If the recipe level is between 6 and 10 levels higher, players have a 20% chance to lose materials.
    • If the recipe is more than 10 levels higher, players have a 35% chance to lose materials.

    Example: A level 10 recipe created by a player with a level 10 synergy skill has a 55% chance of success (un-augmented). On failure, each item in the recipe has a 5% chance to be lost on failure. If an item is lost, the entire quantity of the item is lost and, if not, the entire quantity is returned to the player.

    Similar to synthesis crafting, the chance to lose materials cannot be modified except by simply raising the synergy level and/or using success rate augments to reach a point of 100% synergy success rate.

  • Multiple success rate augments can now be used in a single synergy recipe, up to one of each, assuming there is room in the trade window. Trading multiples of the same augment will result in an invalid recipe.

    Example: a player with level 20 synergy is attempting to make a level 20 recipe for the blurred knife +1. At level 20, the player has a base success chance of 55% and, on failure, a 5% chance that they’ll lose one or more of their items (including, potentially, the blurred knife).

    To augment this, the player could add in an Ebon and Furia to the trade, increasing success rate by 18% in total. This gives the player a 73% base success chance, reducing the chance they’ll lose any items—including that prized blurred knife.

    Some of the more complex or rare synergy recipes will intentionally have limited room for success rate augments.

  • To assist with the clutter in inventories and synergy recipe trades, the following items have been updated to stack to 99.

    • Evoliths (note, because they are normally Ex, they do not show a ‘counter’ on them when stacked, but can be traded to the synergy furnace in stacked quantities).
    • All elemental “-tears” use for synergy fuel.
    • All aptants.
    • Koh-i-noor, dark matter, and tartarian chains.
  • Several recipes have been modified and added to synergy. Many items used for the Empyrean Weapon trials now have multiple recipes using different materials. In addition, several recipes have been added to the level 15 range to allow players a smoother leveling process.


The wiki and Members Portal synergy recipe list will be updated over the next day as the recipes are finalized and process notes are finalized. Please do not open bug tickets or #support channel tickets until notice is given that these resources are updated.

Empyrean Weapon and Weaponskill Changes

Due to a remnant set of item mods from the old LegionDark code, several of the Lv99 II empyrean weapons had an unbalanced advantage granting them anywhere from 20-60% critical hit rate and 40-60% critical hit damage. This lead the weapons to auto attack upwards of 15-20k per swing and thieves to be able to use sneak attack and auto attacks to hit for upwards of 80-90k. In addition, these buffs stacked with the 2x/3x damage already provided by the aftermath.

These item mods were originally in place, it’s assumed, because the Lv99 II’s were the highest possible weapons available and the aftermath effects didn’t exist.

For balance, these incorrect item modifiers have been removed from the weapons.

We’re also evaluating each weapon as it is and the empyrean weaponskill matched to it to see what enhancements can be added to make the empyrean weapons and weaponskills more appealing to the masses.

Since the Empyrean aftermath doesn’t apply to weaponskills, it’s highly valuable on retail where auto attacks matter, but less appealing to our server. The Empyrean weapons also do not apply the same +30% weaponskill damage buff to their noted weaponskill like the Relic and Mythic weapons. That means, in general, the Empyrean weapons aren’t as appealing to melee players as their relic and mythic counterparts on Nocturnal Souls.

As we evaluate each weapon and weaponskill, we’ll be patching the weaponskills accordingly over the next couple of weeks to make the Empyrean weapons more rewarding to players who have put in the time and effort to acquire them.

To start that process, however, we’ve reset all of the weaponskills to match the baseline values provided on the on BGWiki. The following changes were made:

  • Upheaval: Weaponskill can no longer critically hit as it lacks the proper “Chance for critical hit based on TP” flag.
  • Chant du Cygne: fTP ratios updated from 2.25 to 1.6328 at all levels and critical hit changes updated from 10% to 15% at 1000 TP, 30% to 25% at 2000 TP, and 50% to 40% at 3000 TP.
  • Camlann’s Torment: The amount of defense ignored updated from 35% to 37.5% at 2000 TP and 50% to 62.5% at 3000 TP.
  • Dagan: The HP/MP ratio updated from 34%/25% to 33%/22% at 2000 TP.
  • Myrkr: Now properly removes up to 3 status effects from the player.


  • The Daily Hunt for Friday has been updated from Elementals to Aquans. The daily hunt page has been updated according.
  • Enemies at the Reisenjima Henge that had dreadful (and difficult to balance) dread spikes have had them removed and been given various elemental spikes instead with fixed damage amounts (and potential resistance).
  • A bug has been squashed in several Reisenjima Henge mobs that would either not properly activate their two-hour ability or constantly spam it on spawn.
  • The training dummies at !craft are now warriors, not monks, so they no longer counter/block for easier damage testing.
  • Homepoint #2 and #3 in Ru’Aun Gardens are now properly porting to the correct location (thanks Ender!).
  • In an attempt to save fingers, the darksteel great axes no longer look like darksteel great swords (thanks Ender!).
  • The aptant hunt monsters Muq Shabeel, Canal Moocher, and Skvader now properly spawn and/or are of the correct monster family.
  • Lightningday now properly drops ramuite rather than leviatite from mobs capable of dropping elemental stones.
  • The quest A Taste For Meat is now properly repeatable.
  • The Impatiens has been added to as a drop to the VWNM Pancimanci.
  • The Ogapepo Cape/+1, Impatiens, and Witful Belt have all had their quick magic item modifiers added.
  • The Letalis Mantle has been added as a drop to the Henge encounter Hades.

September 2018

25 September

Aptant Conversions

The Materials Moogle in the !craft zone will now trade aptants for 20 rusted coins based on how much gil you trade him (1 to 12 gil). Rusted coins are a 100% drop from most high-level VWNMs. The full details can be found under Synergy/Acquiring Aptants.


  • The despawn timers for Reisenjima Henge encounters have been increased to 180 seconds (3 minutes) from 60 seconds. Keep in mind that the longer an encounter is left unclaimed, the faster it regenerates health and that the rage timers continue to tick (based on spawn time).
  • King Behemoth (Reisenjima Henge) no longer chain chainspells and now has a new array of two-hour abilities. His magic cool downs and effects remain the same (including Meteor), however, the frequency of these should be more fitting a tier 1 encounter.
  • Ix’aern DRK (The Garden of Ru’Hmet): Players now have a 1/4 chance of gaining “sheer animosity” rather than a 1/8 chance when an Aw’aern is killed.
  • The spikes damage on Fistule in the Enhanced Empyrean BCNMs has been slightly reduced.

24 September

Empyrean Weapon Trials - Phase II

The second and final phase to the Empyrean Weapon trials is here! Rejoice!

Players can now upgrade their level 99 II (afterglow) empyrean weapons to the final i199 III (afterglow) versions. This task is broken up into three stages requiring players to acquire items, gil, and cruor for each stage. Players have multiple ways to acquire some items–including synergy and synthesis crafting, BCNMs, and open-world boss encounters.

The final Empyrean Weapon trial is meant to be an accomplishment for players–providing players with one of the strongest weapons in the game to this point–and isn’t designed to be done in one sitting. 😁

Full details can be found on the Empyrean Weapons page.

BONUS: Players who fully completed Phase I of the Empyrean Weapon trials at the start of maintenance received a bonus of 10,000 cruor on their character. This is a one-time bonus.


Going forward, for the purposes of the “complete an empyrean weapon” achievement for future content, the Ochain and Daurdabla will not count towards this achievement as they do not have a final tier and do not register as i119.

Empyrean “Enhanced” BCNMs

The Empyrean Enhanced BCNMs have been updated with the following changes:

  • All encounters have had a reduction in base HP regen and magic accuracy.
  • Chloris’ counter rate reduced from 50% to 30% from frontal attacks.
  • Carabosse’s magic attack and magic accuracy have been greatly reduced and the AOE radius of her spells has been reduced to 15.
  • All encounters now drop a random amount of cruor for players (up to 2000 per win).
  • Shinryu’s (“The Wyrm God”) encounter has been updated and includes a very high cruor reward for players who complete the fight (up to 10000 per win).
  • Prishe at the Abyssea-Empyrean Paradox will keep track of the Enhanced Empyrean encounters you’ve completed. This is important for the final phase of the Empyrean Weapon trials.

New Synergy Recipes

The following recipes have been added to synergy:

  • Scholar Stone

New Drops

The following drops have been added to assist players with the Empyrean Weapons Trials - Phase II.

  • Scholar Stones: Added as treasure pool drops (100%) from Achuka and Colkhab.
  • Riftdross: Reisenjima Henge encounters tiers 3 and higher now have a chance to drop between 1 and 5 riftdross, similar to how medals are awarded.
  • Riftcinder, Heavy Metal, and Riftborn Boulders: Added to various mobs across the game as part of the phase II weapon trial. See the Empyrean Weapons guide for details.

The Where Do I Find? page has been updated accordingly for rarer items.

Vainrachault - Currency and Chapters Conversions

Vainrachault in the Celennia Memorial Library (!relax) now offers two new types of currency conversion for players who have unlocked up to Tier IV armor upgrades.

  1. Alexandrite to Tanzanite using valor points (acquired from FoV/GoV books)
  2. Alexandrite/Tanzanite/Gil to Rem’s Tales Chapters using conquest points (acquired from defeating monsters with Signet on)

Full details can be found on the Armor Upgrades page.

Daily BCNMs

  • An issue has been addressed with all custom BCNMs that HP/MP pools and resists were not properly sync’d down during these encounters. This has been fixed. Players will also notice that the “level sync” flag is now active while in these encounters if you are sync’d.
  • Players can once again challenge the “Stand in the Fire” BCNM. The BCNM remains level sync’d at level 50; however, the entry timer have been removed. Entry requires a Fire Feather, which is now a rare drop from the daily BCNM 99 encounter. Please keep in mind that the Fire Feather is rare/ex and players can only hold one.
  • Due to the drops being some of the best accessories in the game, the Wrath of Fire in the “Stand in the Fire” BCNM has been increased from level 47 to level 50–an even match fight.

NocSouls Day

With the success of the Level Up Day, it’s been decided to add NocSouls Day to the server. This will be on the 20th day of every month in commemoration of the day the servers opened up for the first time (7/20)–similar to Vana’diel Day that occurs on the retail servers on the 15th day of every month.

The rewards will remain similar with a bit more randomness in the ranges of points provided. In addition, conquest points and imperial standing have been added as potential rewards and the max-potions and foods have been replaced with panaceas and hallowed waters.

The next occurrence of this will be on 20 October for 24 hours.

Reisenjima Henge - Mob Despawns

Monsters in Reisenjima Henge now despawn after being UNCLAIMED and IDLE for 60 seconds. This is two fold update:

  • To prevent encounters for existing for long periods of time after a player has given up on them and left the zone.
  • Prevent players from ‘zerging’ an encounter over and over without anyone being in the zone and keeping the target claimed or engaged or using normal reraise mechanics.

Players will need to reraise and/or teleport back into the Henge and re-engage with the encounter quickly to prevent the despawn. Players can re-engage and sleep/bind/break the monster to keep it claimed and non-idle to prevent a despawn.

Relic and Mythic Weapon Modifiers

Several relic and mythic weapon modifiers have been added or adjusted.

  • Excalibur: Removed +40 Harvesting Success Chance 😆
  • Yoichinoyumi: Reduce Ranged Accuracy from +80 to +60
  • Laevateinn: +30% weaponskill damage for Vidohunir
  • Yagrush: +30% weaponskill damage for Mystic Boon
  • Murgelis: +30% weaponskill damage for Death Blossom
  • Vajra: Magic Damage +155
  • Aymur: Magic Damage +155
  • Gastraphetes: Magic Damage +217, Enhance Barrage Accuracy V (+70)
  • Burtgang: Uncapped Physical Damage Reduction -18%, Enmity Loss from Damage Reduction +20
  • Nagi: Magic Damage +186
  • Ryunohige: Magic Damage +155, Jump/High Jump Damage +35%, Jump/High Jump 100% Crit Rate
  • Nirvana: Accuracy +30, Magic Damage +279, Avatar Perpetuation Cost -8
  • Tizona: Magic Damage +186, Magic Accuracy +40
  • Teripsichore: Magic Damage +155, Steps Accuracy V (+60), Augments Steps V (+1 Finishing Move per Step)
  • Tupsimati: Accuracy +40, Magic Attack Bonus +50, Magic Damage +279
  • Death Penalty: Magic Damage +217, Enhance Quick Draw V (QD Damage +60%, Magic Accuracy +60)

If a modifier is not listed here nor on the Members Portal, the modifier either does not work or does not exist in the DSP project at this time. We’ll continue evaluating modifiers as they’re added and adding them to the weapons.


At this time, these updates were only made to the final i119 III versions of the weapons. There’s no plan to go back and add to lesser versions at this time.


  • We’re working to better integrate the wiki and the members portal together with links to monsters, items, recipes, and BCNMs.
  • Sanraku no longer accepts more than one ZNM trophy at a time (thus not providing the proper key items for the trade).
  • The model and glow effects for the i119 II and i119 III afterglow versions of Yoichinoyumi, Annihilator, Death Penalty, and Gastraphetes have been updated to properly provide their glow and the correct model.
  • The status message when using ammo-granting REMAs has been updated to simply say “Item obtained:” as the message text for obtaining multiple items (“You gained 99 {x}!”) does not exist in all zones and can cause a client crash.
  • Mechanical Menace in Abyssea-Uleguerand is now the acrolith model, not an adorable, tiny orcish conqueror.
  • Updated the weaponskill mod on the Wakido Haidate +3 to apply to all weaponskill hits, not simply the first one.
  • Several relic and mythic weapons that were missing their Afterglow “glow” should now have it.
  • The drop pools of the Ru’Aun Gardens “sky gods” have been cleaned up to reduce duplication on the abjuration pieces and save treasure pool overflow.
  • Drekavac in Abyssea-Attohwa can now be spawned by the Set of Wailing Rags.
  • The Set of Wailing Rags no longer drops off a Lamia in Arrapago Reef, but off of Spuk in Abyssea-Attohwa, as it should.
  • The ability Thar She Blows now has a much smaller radius and a longer casting time to give players opportunity to avoid the instant KO attack.
  • (DSP) A bug causing players to randomly go to their home point when they die, rather than wait to be revived, is (hopefully) addressed.
  • (DSP) Treasure pools should no longer drop more items than the treasure pool can hold (12 items).
  • (DSP) A bug causing treasure to automatically fall to the ground if a single player as lot, but another has taken no action is (hopefully) addressed.

18 September

Reisenjima Henge: Spikes Damage

Spikes damage for several encounters in the Henge has been drastically reduced due to players having a high amount of multi-attack/low delay for physical attack. These encounters were designed with high spikes to encourage other jobs to participate in the battles. Less lethal mechanics to emphasize this point are now in place and will be tweaked over the next few updates.

17 September

Server Guidelines Updated

Updating the “rules” is something I hope doesn’t need to be done very often. The rules have been expanded due to a few recent situations.

In short, the guidelines have been updated to clarify the languages around harassment and unacceptable behavior and add more structure around the rules for the conduct of players during sponsored and player events.

The goal is to create a fun, safe environment here on Nocturnal Souls for everyone at all times. Harassment and cruelty towards other players, communities, and cultures has absolutely zero tolerance on this server.

Please take a moment to review the server guidelines in full.

New !tele teleport locations!

We’ve added new teleport locations for the !tele command.

  • crags: altep
  • recalls: jugner, pashhow, and meriph
  • special: dailybcnm, sky, and sea

Some of these teleports have requirements:

  • The Altepa (altep) crag requires the gate crystal.
  • The recall teleports (gate crystals in the past) all require the gate crystal and the white feather gained by completing the first WOTG mission.
  • !tele dailybcnm is available to all players and teleports you directly to the hut.
  • !tele sky is available to players after they complete the Rise of the Zilart expansion.
  • !tele sea is available to players after they complete the Chains of Promathia expansion.

New Augments

Several new augments have been added to the augments vendor.

  • Tier 1: 12x Lufet’s Salt = Ranged Attack +1
  • Tier 3: 12x Meteorite = Magic Accuracy +8
  • Tier 3: 12x Mythril sand = Ranged Attack +8
  • Tier 4: 12x Lanolin = Ranged Attack +10
  • Tier 4: 12x Shaman’s Garlic = Store TP +5
  • Tier 5: 12x Warding Oil = Magic Evasion +10
  • Tier 5: 12x Tahrongi Cactus = Store TP +10
  • Tier 6: 12x Gold Orcmask = Ranged Accuracy +18
  • Tier 6: 12x Ahirman Lens = Magic Accuracy +18

Updated Augments

The following augment recipes have been updated to allow for better stacking of stats.

  • Tier 5: Altdorf’s Earring -> 12x Starmite Shell for Ranged Accuracy+15

Relic, Mythic, and Empyrean Aftermath Effects and Modifiers

Thanks to leads from the community, a bug was found in pretty much all relic, mythic, and empyrean weapons that applied their aftermath effects twice–once when the weapon is equipped as a permanent modifier and a second time when the actual aftermath effect kicked in on weaponskill.

This led many weapons to be far more powerful than intended, such as Masamune i119 III having a flat +25% critical hit rate increase and a +50% critical damage increase which then stacked with the duplicate aftermath effect.

These incorrect modifiers have been removed from the weapons and the aftermath effect for all relic, mythic, and empyrean weapons has been reviewed and verified.

Summoner’s Avatar Healing Spells

The base formulas for avatar healing spells have been altered to be more in line with the health pools of players. In addition to this update, Healing Ruby and Healing Ruby II will now wake players affected by their cure.

Windurst Mission 9-2 Updates

The Ancient Verses required for Windurst Mission 9-2 are now in their correct locations; the bard in the !relax zone is no longer necessary to complete the quest. Good luck, future Rank 10 Windurstians!

Synergy Crafting - Elemental Capacity Increased

Elemental capacity for synergy crafting is no longer limited to 254 (cap is, technically, 999999999 now… uhh, good luck?).

New Player Flag

New players to the server are now properly flagged with the “new player” question mark. This mark is removed from players once they hit level 50 on any job or reached 10 hours of play time. If you see one of these players around, please welcome them to the server and help them feel welcome!

New Notorious Monsters

  • Maere and Gamayun have been added to Abyssea-Grauberg.


  • The job/combat skills of ~50 mobs have been updated to reflect the job mob’s skills used on retail.
  • The model for Muscaliet is now properly a manticore rather than an orc conqueror.
  • Kirin in The Shrine of Ru’Avitau now drops the Neptunal Abjuration: Body.
  • Fix timer issue when purchasing Dedication-effect rings from Conquest Point guards.
  • The “wonder” HNMs now properly grant their titles: Achuka, Hurkan, Colkab, Kumhau, and Tchakka.
  • Update drop pools for several mobs, including worms in Aydeewa Subterrain , to drop rarer/useful crafting materials, ores, and future-use synergy materials.

14 September

Seekers of Adoulin “barriers” updated!

The barriers in SoA zones have been updated to open more reliably when all of the barrier NPCs are killed at the same time. Somewhat related, players now receive the maps to Ra’Kaznar zones when starting as a new player and/or when entering Outer Ra’Kaznar.

Fall Harvest Event Updates

  • Harvesting in Abyssea-Grauberg is now operational.
  • Some synergy recipes associated with the fall harvest event have been updated to accept the correct item quantities.

Empyrean Weapon BCNMs

The Empyrean Weapon BCNMs have been adjusted as follows:

  • Encounter monsters are now 4-6 levels lower.
  • Encounter treasure chests now drop the trial item 100% of the time.
  • The base regen, defense, and magic accuracy has been reduced for all encounters.


  • The Ranged Attack +18 augment now accepts H.Q. Aern Organs rather than Frayed Arrows and can be stacked.
  • The BLU magic spell “Bloodrake” now properly inflicts damage on all mobs and transfers health to the player.
  • ~60 zones that were not properly notifying players of Conquest updates have been fixed.
  • A bug with Harith’s conversations before and after you enter Promyvion has been addressed.
  • Fixes for several high-tier Bio, Dia, Diaga, Poison, and Poisonga spells were not properly taking the caster’s dark magic and enfeebling magic skills into account.
  • ~250 mob skills not properly inflicting status effects using the correct element and/or calculating damage using the correct element have been updated. These skills could have been causing client-side instability when inflicted on a player. Many of these were causing these skills to either heal players or do zero damage.|

10 September

Renamer Update

With the Fall Harvest and new quests, a new Renamer file is available. Click here for information on installing..

Fall Harvest is Here!

The first part of the Fall Harvest event is here. Fall Harvest allows players to participate in harvesting activities to acquire rare items, spawn rare NMs, and collect “leafkin” currency. Currency can be used to purchase other leaves used in synergy crafting.

Recommended Minimum Level: 10 (based on zones)

This is a two-part event–the second part of the event, including the BCNM, is scheduled to begin on 1 October.

Read the full details here.

Harvesting Changes

With the addition of the Fall Harvest event, the rates for harvesting have been evaluated and tweaked.

  • HELM tool break chance: Changed from 3% to 5%.
  • Harvesting success rate: Changed from 100% to 70%.
  • Harvesting and Logging now allow 5 harvests, up from 3, before the node changes location. Mining remains unchanged.

Synthesis Changes

With the addition of the Fall Harvest event, the rates for synthesis have been evaluated and tweaked.

  • Crafting Skill-up Chance Multiplier: Changed from 8x to 6x.
  • Crafting Success Chance Multiplier: Changed from 8x to 6x.

New Synergy Recipes

In addition to recipes added as part of the Fall Harvest event, several new recipes have been added to craft furniture and storage items used to add more storage capacity (and flair) to your Mog House.

Updated Synergy Recipes

The recipe for evoliths has been reduced from level 3 to level 1 and their success chance increased from 40% to 45%, but they now require an additional component of 4 adaman ores.

Thief Master Job - Starter and Quest #1!

The starter and first quest for the thief master job quest line has been added. Prepare for a treasure hunt!

Voidwatch Purveyors Updated

No more hunting and selecting through the menu to convert Conquest Points to voiddust. Voidwatch Purveyors now accept trades of gil for voidstones. Players can trade the Purveyors increments of 250,000 gil to directly receive voidstones. Each 250,000 increment requires the player to have a matching 20,000 conquest points (the amount of CP and gil required in trades for the voiddust-to-voidstone conversions).

The Voidwatch Officers still accept voiddust and can convert them into voidstones for you. Some VWNMs may start dropping voiddust in the future.

New/Updated Abilities

There are many abilities between level 75 and 99 that are still not in the game or non-functional on private servers. We’re working to address those as time permits. Here’s the latest batch.


Restraint, Level 77

Increases weaponskill accuracy and damage while increasing weapon delay.

  • Weaponskill Accuracy: 10%
  • Weaponskill Damage: (STR/20) with a cap of 20%
  • Delay: Adds +50 delay to weapon swings

Blood Rage, Level 87

Enhances critical hit rate for party members within an area of effect.

  • Unlike retail, this does NOT override Warcry.
  • Critical Hit Rate: 20%


Cover, Level 35

Cover does not act as an intercept, simply a hate transfer–similar to a ‘Rescue’ ability used in other games.

  • Cover transfers 45% of the targeted player’s total enmity to the Paladin.
  • During the duration of Cover, the Paladin’s base enmity is increased 20% and enmity loss reduction reduced -10%.

Palisade, Level 95

Increases chance of blocking with shield, and eliminates enmity loss for the duration of the effect.

  • Enmity Loss Reduction: -100%
  • Shield Block Rate: +15%


Impetus, Level 88

Increases attack and critical hit rate of the monk.

  • Attack Bonus: 10 + (STR/10), hard cap of 150
  • Critical Hit Rate: 2% + (DEX/128), hard cap of 10%.

Perfect Counter, Level 79

Allows you to counter the next attack directed at you.

  • Works similar to retail, however, gear modifiers are not in place at this time.

White Mage

Sacrosanctity, Level 95

Drastically enhances magic defense for party members within area of effect.

  • Increases magic defense by a flat 75% for the duration of the effect.

Black Mage

Enmity Douse, Level 87

Reduces the target’s enmity towards you.

  • Sets the targeted enemy’s Enmity values to 1 Cumulative Enmity and 0 Volatile Enmity for the player.

Red Mage

Stymie, Level 96

Greatly increases the accuracy of the next enfeebling magic spell.

  • Amount of magic accuracy has been raised from +50 to +250.

Dark Knight

Nether Void, Level 78

Increases the dark knight’s dark magic accuracy and attack for their spells by 50%. This increase is augmented by Bale Flanchard and Heathen’s Flanchard up to 85%, as per retail.

Scarlet Delirium, Level 95

Increase the attack and magic attack based on the player’s intelligence. This crazed state reduces the player’s accuracy.

  • Attack Bonus & Magic Attack Bonus: (INT / 15), hard cap of +75
  • Accuracy: -20


Futae, Level 77

Increases magic attack by +10 for the duration of the ability (1 minute). Futae is no longer lost on spell cast.

Issekigan, Level 95

Increases chance of parrying by 25% and increases enmity gain by 20% for the duration of the effect.


Hamanoha, Level 87

Lowers accuracy, evasion, magic accuracy, magic evasion, and TP gain for Demons. Works like retail.

Puppetmasters and Automatons

  • Automaton’s TP generation has been adjusted dramatically. Previously, due to how TP gains are set on the server, automatons were gaining 10x TP per hit, allowing them to repeatedly spam weaponskills at max TP. This has been pulled in line with other pets at 2x TP gain (players remain at 4x TP gain). Attachments that increase TP generation or add Store TP effects are unchanged.
  • Automatons should now auto level their skills to the max when the player levels up (requires reactivating the automaton).
  • Automatons should now properly auto level their skills when entering BCNMs, based on the level cap of the BCNM.
  • Automatons enmity gains have been reduced from 200% to 20%. Puppetmaster enmity reductions have been reduced from -100% to -80%. This is to assist PUPs in groups and allowing tanks to hold aggro off of the automaton UNLESS the automaton is equipped with proper enmity attachments.
  • With the TP change, Automaton’s buff applied to level 99 PUPs has been slightly increased.

Summoners and Avatars

Avatars enmity gains have been reduced from 200% to 20%; Summoners enmity reductions remain at -100% while the pet is active. This is to assist SMNs in groups and allowing tanks to hold aggro off of the avatar.

New Augments - Ranged Attack

New augments in tiers 2, 5, and 6 have been added for Ranged Attack bonuses.

New and Updated Item Mods

Several new item mods have been added to the server, including the Enhancing Magic Duration mod.

The following items have had the Enhancing Magic Duration mod added to them:

  • Estoqueur’s Houseaux +1/+2
  • Estoqueur’s Cape
  • Atrophy Gloves +2/+3
  • Theophany Duckbills +2/+3
  • Ammurapi Shield
  • Lethargy Houseaux /+1
  • Shabti Cuirass /+1
  • Atrophy Gloves /+1
  • Dynasty Mitts

The following item mods have been fixed/adjusted:

  • Unkai Mimikazari, Enhances Zanshin effect +2%
  • Hachiya Chainmail +2, Critical Hit Rate +4%

Item “Pet” Stats

Several item sets that have pet modifiers have been updated to properly apply those modifiers to pets on equip.

  • The Cirque +1 and +2 sets
  • The Ferine Quijotes +1 and +2 sets
  • The Pantin +1 and +2 sets
  • The Wyrm NQ, +1, and +2 sets
  • Several other jewelry, weapons, and consumable items that modify spells, such as Stoneskin, or have zone-based effects, such as the Lamiabane.


  • Synergy now properly grants a minimum of 0.1 skill-up on successful craft.
  • Stoneskin’s max cap has been increased from 3000 to 5000. This applies to both players and monsters.
  • All Mandragoras are now set to be monks and using hand-to-hand skills rather than warriors using a mix of sword and scythe skills. With this, their double attack and counter rates have increased in line with retail.
  • Several new items have been added into the game as drops from various mobs and encounters in Abyssea, Henge, and via crafting.
  • A Nomad Moogle is now stationed in the !craft zone and allows players to change their job.
  • The RDM Master Job enhancement for Temper to Temper II has been fixed to only apply to main job Red Mages.
  • The BLM Master Job spells Meteor II, Virus, and Curse have been fixed to only be cast by main job Black Mages.
  • The BLM Master Job Quest #1 “hunt” task’s fail condition has been fixed if the wrong monsters are killed.
  • Carcharian Verve now properly applies the Aquaveil effect and shows the correct status text.

Members Portal Updates

  • Players can now view all active bazaars via Find > Bazaars.
  • The BCNM details page now includes the monsters that are part of the encounter.
  • Item and Monster searches now update the address URL so that searches can be shared and bookmarked.
  • The Monster search page now includes a filter by zone. You can leave the name empty to view all monsters in a particular zone; however, you cannot leave it empty and have ‘All Zones’ selected.
  • The New Feedback page now includes a field for your Discord user name–as it’s REALLY hard to respond to your feedback if you can’t be found.
  • Monster detail pages now include the approximate respawn time (assuming any other conditions are met, such as clearing placeholders) or a note if the respawn is scripted or forced by another means.

2 September

Members Portal : Changing Your Character Model

It’s finally here! Players can now change their character models–race, gender, size, and face–using the Members Portal. To access the feature, view your character’s Profile page and click the avatar image.

  • Players must be logged out to use this feature.
  • Faces not normally available to players can be set using this–including some storyline NPCs and fomors.
  • RSE gear acquired by the player will be unusable if yor change your race to another.
  • The “preview” photos will be improved as time permits.

Miscellaneous Fixes

  • Third Eye is no longer affected by Seigan. With merits and gear, the already reduced (:30 to :15) recast of Third Eye was going below 0 causing it to fall back to a recast of 16 hours. The :15 second recast can now be shortened to 5 seconds with merits and this will be the shortest recast it can have.
  • The !tele command is no longer case sensitive. Feel free to teleport to !tele jeUNO and !tele Holla.
  • Monsters that use the skill Head Snatch will now properly inflict damage and status effects with this ability.
  • Monsters that use Viscid Emission will now properly inflict amnesia.
  • Due to the higher evasion and magic evasion on the server, the Distract and Frazzle spell lines now have more potency. See the Spells listing for more details.

August 2018

date changes
30 August Nexus Capes Everywhere!
Nexus Capes now work cross-server so players can Nexus between residential, Abyssea, and general world zones without needing to enter that specific zone server. Restrictions on Nexus Cape teleport restrictions, such as Dynamis and locked zones still apply.

World Server Restructuring
With the newly available cross-server nexus capes, the world servers have been splintered off even more to isolate the effects of server crashes on players.
- ToAU zones are now segmented together. This includes Nyzul Isle and assault battlefields as well.
- COP zones are now segmented together. This includes {sea} regions as well.
- WOTG zones are now segmented together. This includes WOTG-era cities as well.
- SoA zones are now segmented together. This, for now, includes Adoulin itself.
- RoZ expansion zones {sky} regions are now segmented together. This includes Norg and Kazham.
- Gheshba Outpost is now on its own map server to reduce any issues with the custom BCNMs.
- The Walk of Echoes has been added to the Custom Content zone server.
- The World Server has been broken into three separate servers, low level, mid level, and battlefields/BCNMs.

Players who have sticky routing on their home routers or computers may need to reboot their computers for the new ports to align up.

Summoners - Blood Pact Damage is here!
Summoner’s Blood Pact damage increase mods are now active. We’ll be going through gear adding mods, but there’s the ones that have them right now. This also includes several other missing mods that are now active on these gear pieces.

- Shedir crackows : Avatar: Enhances “Magic Atk. Bonus” +3, Enhances magic accuracy +3, Increases “Blood Pact” damage +3%
- Auspex Gages : Enhances avatar attack +9, Increases “Blood Pact” damage 4%
- Spurrina Gages : Enhances avatar attack +12, Increases “Blood Pact” damage 5%
- Esper Earring : Avatar: Increases “Blood Pact” damage 3%
- Call. Doublet +2 : Avatar: Increases Blood Pact damage
- Caller’s Doublet +1 : Avatar: Increases Blood Pact damage +5%
- Ngen Seraweels : Avatar: Increases “Blood Pact” damage 5%, Adds “Regen” effect
- Nirvana 80 : Avatar: “Magic Atk. Bonus”+25
- Nirvana 85 : Avatar: “Magic Atk. Bonus”+30
- Nirvana 90 : Avatar: “Magic Atk. Bonus”+35
- Nirvana 95 : Avatar: “Magic Atk. Bonus”+35
- Nirvana 99 : Avatar: “Magic Atk. Bonus”+40
- Nirvana 99 AG : Avatar: “Magic Atk. Bonus”+40
- Nirvana 119 : Avatar: Increases “Blood Pact” damage +40%
- Nirvana 119/II : Avatar: Increases “Blood Pact” damage +40%, Avatar: “Blood Pact” damage +3
- Nirvana 119/III : Avatar: “Blood Pact” damage +40
- Convoker’s Doublet +2 : Avatar: Accuracy+35, Magic Accuracy+35, “Blood Pact” damage +14
- Convoker’s Doublet +3 : Avatar: Acc.+45, Magic Acc.+45, “Blood Pact” damage +16
- Beckoner’s Doublet : Avatar: “Blood Pact” damage +10
- Beckoner’s Doublet +1 : Avatar: “Blood Pact” damage +11
- Avatara Slops : Avatar: Enmity+4, “Blood Pact” damage +7
- Convoker’s Doublet : Avatar: Increases “Blood Pact” damage +11
- Con. Doublet +1 : Avatar: “Blood Pact” ability damage +12
- Con. Pigaches : Avatar: Increases “Blood Pact” damage +5%
- Con. Pigaches +1 : Avatar: Increases “Blood Pact” damage +6%

Puppetmaster - Animators
Several animators now properly equip and can be used to send maneuvers. They don’t increase the automaton’s level yet and mods are still on the way, but they can be used now.

- Deluxe Animator
- Magneto
- Animator Z
- Divinator, II
- Em. Animator, II
- Animator P, +1, II, II +1

Miscellaneous Updates
- The NM Boll Weevil has been added and updated to the correct monster family.
- The Puppetmaster trait “Suppress Overload” found on Kenkonken is now implemented to better match retail.
- The Apocalypse i119 III now has the expected model.
- Thali Mhobrum now properly paths around Kazham.
- The monster ability Eldrich Wind now properly dispels buffs and food effects on players.
- New items have been added to the Chef and Goldsmith’s rare item days.
- Diabolos and Cait Sith summons have been removed until further notice as they are essentially non-functional.
- Diaga III, rewarded by the Red Mage Master Job Quest #4, is now properly unlocked for players who complete this quest.
- Meteor II, Virus, and Curse have been removed from players who have no unlocked them via the Black Mage Master Job quest line.
- Magic Barrier now properly works with the Diffusion effect.
- Reisenjima Henge: Kirin and Suzaku should no longer get “stuck” spamming their 2-hour abilities.
- Reisenjima Henge: Party-size buffs to evasion, magic evasion, and regen on encounters have been reduced slightly.
- Voidwatch: Planar Rift pop spots for the Zilart, Jeuno Tier IV/V/VI, Tavnazia, and Aht Urhgan have been updated to be more reliable in spawning their encounter.
27 August Renamer Update
With the addition of the trials and new BCNM, a new Renamer file is available for download.

Relic i119 III Trials
The Relic i119 II to Relic i119 III weapon trials are available! Once you’ve upgraded a weapon to i119 II, speak with the Magian Master to begin the trials. This trial is handled separately than the other trials and simply requires collecting the required materials from Dynamis encounters and trading them to the Master Magian along with your i119 II weapon to receive the final, finished weapon.

Full details can be found on the updated Relic Weapons wiki page.

Empyrean Weapon Trials: Phase 1
The first of two phases of the Empyrean Weapon trials is here! This phase will allow players to acquire their base weapons and empower them up to their level 99 II (afterglow) version through a series of trials. These trials can be accomplished either through hunting NMs in Abyssea or participating in unique, challenging “empowered” BCNMs against the same enemies in the Abyssea - Empyrean Paradox.

Full details can be found on the updated Empyrean Weapons wiki page.

The Reisenjima Henge
A new encounter along, some encounter enhancements, and several new drops have been added.

- Players can now challenge Tenzen by trading an item that now drops from other encounters to the Ragnarok Rift. This is a new tier 3 encounter that has multiple phases.
- Reisenjima Henge encounters are now 3-5 levels higher than before and gain a slight bonus in strength and defense based on the number of participants in the fight.
- New drops have been added to some of the tiers 3, 4, and 5 encounters.
- Arch-Ultima and Arch-Omega have gained new abilities to make their encounter less trivial.
- Tiers 4 and 5 encounters have gained a wider array of high-level spells, however, gained a magic cooldown as well to prevent them from spamming them (unless they are under the effect of Chainspell).
- Two encounters were missing spell lists and now have them; they no longer sit there just auto attacking while you bash them.
- A few encounters have gained unique music when they start.
- Elad’narche and Kam’lanaut’s internal names have been updated to match the rest of their versions to make searching for items easier on the Members Portal.
- The Ragnarok Rift now prevents players from attempting to spawn additional encounters while one is already active and is greatly disappointed in players who attempt to do so.

!mount command
The !mount command can no longer be used while players are engaged in combat (exploting encounters by dropping aggro and avoiding attacks). In addition, the !mount command will drop a players costume to reduce the risk of server and/or client crashes.

Voidwatch NM Planar Rifts
- The Planar Rifts used for Voidwatch NMs will only display their Voidwatch Operations dialog at the proper rift that can spawn the NM. Those rifts that do not spawn NMs will be used for other purposes at a later time.
- Defeating a Voidwatch NM no longer REMOVES the prior tier abyssite from the player’s key items, only rewards the next tier. This allows players to repeat tiers as desired without having to rebuild up the chain again.

Miscellaneous Updates
- Several items now include their “unity” stats as part of their base stats:
      - gelatinous ring +1, hp +35
      - loricate torque +1, def +15
      - wingcutter +1, dex +5
      - malison +1, ranged attack +25
      - sangarius +1, str +7
      - norifusa +1, str +7
      - jugo kukri +1, str +7
      - sailfi belt +1, attack +15
      - warder’s charm +1, enmity +8
      - pukulatmuj +1, int +15
      - antitail +1, double attack +3%
- Rem’s Tale Chapters 6 to 10 are no longer sellable to NPCs and properly stack to 99.
- The Irradiance Blade, which was dropping as “.” now properly drops from it’s Reisenjima Henge encounter.
- The PUP Mythic weapon Kenkonken now applies the overload prevention mod and martial arts mods to all versions of the weapon.
- Three new open world NMs have been added: Ankabut, Kegpaunch Doshgnosh, and the Edacious Opo-Opo.
- The bard songs Foe’s Requiem VII and VIII have been adjusted to better match the scaling applied to previous tiers and match retail in potency.
- Several items, spells, and monster abilities have been adjusted for the new DSP Haste formula.
- The spawn points for the Land Kings now provides a message when trying to pop one while there is one already active. e.g. If Aspidochelon is up, you cannot pop Adamantoise and vice-versa.
- Ouryu in the Reisenjima Henge has been updated to drop Pages 2 and 7, not 3 and 7 to match the tier of the encounter.
- New synergy recipes have been added and are viewable on the Members Portal.
22 August Corsair Ammo in !shop 6
- Players can now purchase higher level Corsair ammo pouches from the shop.

PUP Attachments on Auction House
- The auction house bot now carries many of the PUP attachments normally sold by Rararoon.
- Attachments that do not work or lack scripts on the server are not loaded.

Misc Updates
- !telelist now supports saving locations in Ra’Kaznar Inner Court.
- Baramnesra now properly affects party members in AOE.
- !stats now properly reflects changes made to the Haste formula.
21 August Windurst Mission 9-2 - Moon Reading
The Verse NPCs don’t appear to be part of the patch that added the mission. 😧.
Until we can add them in, talk to Jedelaih in the Celennia Memorial Library (!relax) to gain the verses.

Summoners and Ifrit
Ifrit is good, Ifrit is wonderful… Ifrit’s math calculations on his abilities are wrong. Sorry, folks. Ifrit is pretty OP, even on retail… but not cranking out 70k hits at level 60 while naked.

- Burning Strike now matches the formulas provided on the various wikis and theorycrafting forums. Previously, it was a single hit physical move. It’s now a two-hit move–one physical, one magic (fire). This should, overall, increase the ability’s damage against a variety of enemies.

- Flaming Crush now matches the forumlas provided on the various wikis. Previously, it was a triple-hit physical move that increased damage based on TP. It’s now a triple-hit move with two hits being physical and one hit being magical (fire). As we can’t follow the EXACT formula of basing the magic hit off of the physical damage (since it skyrockets the damage upwards of 120-150k), the ability now randomizes a number (to simulate a low end/high end based on ranges of damage from the physical hit damage) to calculate the base damage of the magical hit. This attack now hits a bit less on mobs who are magic-resistant and a bit more on mobs who are physical-resistant. Overall though, it still hits like a semi truck.

For both attacks, increases to the avatar’s Magic Attack Bonus, Magic Damage, and Magic Accuracy will increase the potency of the magic-damage hit just as Attack increases the physical damage attacks.

The other avatars are under review, but all seem to be in alignment so far.

Puppetmasters and Automatons
After some mindnumbing testing and recommendations from the players, I believe the attachment causing the crashes has been discovered–the Inhibitor’s mod to force him to WS with us. Whether it be a bad mod or simply freaking out because we gain TP and WS so often, I’m not sure, but removing that mod seems to work (the Inhibitors still retain the Store TP funcitonality). Considering pets cannot WS with players, this shouldn’t affect playstyle. Automatons are, once again, unlocked on the server.

To help clarify, the following attachments have scripts and, to the best of our testing, appear to be working as intended. If you find one that won’t trade to the attachment NPC, please file a bug report on the Members Portal.

- Accelerator I - IV
- Armor Plate I - IV
- Attuner
- Auto-Repair Kit I - III
- Coiler I - II
- Condenser
- Damage Gauge
- Disruptor
- Drum Magazine
- Dynamo I - III
- Economizer
- Eraser
- Flame Holder
- Flashbulb
- Galvanizer
- Hammermill
- Heat Capacitor I - II
- Heat Seeker
- Heatsink
- Ice Maker
- Inhibitor I - II
- Loudspeaker I - IV
- Mana Booster
- Mana Channeler I - II
- Mana Conserver
- Mana Converter
- Mana Jammer I - IV
- Mana Tank I - III
- Pattern Reader
- Percolator
- Reactive Shield
- Replicator
- Scanner
- Scope I - III
- Shock Absorber I - III
- Smoke Screen
- Stabilizer I - IV
- Stealth Screen I - II
- Strobe I - II
- Tactical Processor
- Target Marker
- Tension Spring I - IV
- Tranquilizer I - III
- Turbo Charger I - II
- Vivi Valve I - II
- Volt Gun
20 August August 2018 Version Update
Due to numerous updates to the NPC IDs that are causing new players to be unable to progress past Mission 2-3 for many nations, unable to spawn Reisenjima Henge mobs, unable to participate in Legion, and general weird cutscene chaos, the Nocturnal Souls server is updated to the latest August 2018 update.

- Our current version is now 30180801_2.
- Please update your client accordingly using the Check Files function in the PlayOnline Viewer.
- If you’re using HD DATs, don’t forget to reapply your DATs after you update.

Class Revamp: Bard
Bards in retail act as a heavy support class, especially with their 3-song harps (main job only), and tend not to get into the mix very much as they’re standing around singing for long periods of time.

With this update, Bards are enhanced to be faster paced, more likely to get into the fight, and be competent main jobs in end-game content. Faster casting time on songs allows bards to rotate their songs accordingly to the battle and/or incoming damage. The addition of the Carol II songs should help parties mitigate massive incoming spell damage.

- Casting times for bard songs are greatly reduced and animation lock shortened to allow weaving songs between weaponskills.
  - 2 seconds -> 1.5 seconds
  - 4 seconds -> 2.0 seconds
  - 8 seconds -> 2.5 seconds
- Almost all previously locked songs are now working, including Fowl Aubade, Shining Fantasia, Scop’s Operetta, Warding Round, Gold Capriccio, Goblin Gavotte, All Carols II, Foe Sirvente, Adventuer’s Dirge, and Sentinel’s Scherzo.
- Honor March (because it requires Aeonic), Chocobo Hum, and Cactuar Fugue (because I don’t know why those two don’t work) do not work at this time.
- Threnody songs now grant an enspell buff to the bard for the element of the debuff (e.g. fire threnody grants enfire). Enspell damage is based off of the bard’s singing skill, not their enhancing skill.
- Bards now gain Fencer I at 85 and Fencer II at 95 (as per retail).
- With their new Fencer ability, bards now rank B (up from C-) with sword and B+ (up from B-) with daggers.
- Bards now have a higher base singing, wind, and string skill at rank B (up from C). Further bonuses in the Master Job questline will push this up to A.

As we continue to tweak and work on Puppetmaster, Automatons are now unlocked in all zones while testing continues.

- Automatons have been tweaked to be a bit less powerful, especially the sharpshot. Being able to spam 20k WSs and get full TP in one hit was NEVER intended. 😁
- To compensate for the reduction in power, PUP automatons receive an additional attack, haste, and fast cast bonus at level 99 when the player’s main job is PUP.
- Several PUP traits have been added to the game or updated to better match retail.
   - Evasion Bonus IV, Martial Arts IV, and Resist Slow IV moved to their correct levels.
   - Resist Amnesia V added at level 95.
   - Fine-Tuning and Optimization are now properly linked to their merits points.
   - Tactical Guard I and II are now gained at level 80 and 90.
   - Smite is now gained at level 60.
- Puppetmaster’s AF 109 ‘Foire Babouches’ now has their proper item mods.
- Overdrive and Overload should now return the correct message text.

- The Avatars have gained an bit of an attack bonus from levels 1 to 98.
- Similar to Automatons, Avatars receive an additional attack, haste, and fast cast bonus at level 99 when the player’s main job is SMN.
- Avatars now spawn with a set of base elemental resists based on their elemental strengths (Ifrit for fire, etc.).

Monster Levels and Scaling
Previously, monsters were limited to an “effective level” of 99/49 and unable to take advantage of their subjob to the fullest potential. To allow for more diversity in encounters, monsters now share the 99/99 cap.
- Monsters now gain access to the full range of spells and abilities of their subjobs.
- Monster base stats are slightly increased based on benefits from subjobs.
- This addresses several encounters in The Reisenjima Henge and Master Job quests that were not operating as originally designed as the encounters did not have access to the abilities and spells assigned to them.

Reisenjima Henge Updates
- With the 99/99 monster changes, Ouryu, Absolute Virtue, Lady Lilith, Hades, and ??? have had their spell casting tables adjusted.
- Certain encounter resists and base stats, such as VIT and INT, have been reduced to account for the new stats gained by subjobs.

Windurst Mission 9-2
- Windurst’s 9-2 mission is finally fully implemented with a teleporting Ajido-Marujido and all.
- This has been tested by force starting the mission–looking for testers who have progressed the story naturally.

Enmity Updates
- Enmity has been revamped a bit to reduce the amount of gains provided by damage and increase the amount of gains provided by abilities and traits in an attempt to aid tanks in better keeping aggro against the massive amounts of damage players are doing.
- In addition to damage, the cumulative enmity generated by curing abilities has been reduced.
- To this end, this means tanks will need to rely not only on their weaponskill damage but also their abilities, such as Provoke, Flash, Crusade, and Divine Emblem, to hold aggro.

RoZ Land King Forced Spawns
- Spawn points for trading pop items for Behemoth, King Behemoth, Fafnir, Nidhogg, Adamantoise, and Aspidochelone are now in their proper positions in Behemoth’s Dominion, The Dragon’s Aery, and the Valley of Sorrows.
- Players can purchase NQ and HQ Land King pop items directly from the spawn points by triggering/talking to them. NQ pop items cost 750,000 gil and HQ pop items cost 1,500,000 gil each.
- In addition to purchasing the pop items, the NQ kings have a small chance to drop the pop item for the HQ version.
- After spawning one a monster, the trade points will disappear for a few minutes.

Miscellaneous Updates
- Chakra properly removes Poison, Blindness, Paralysis, Disease, and Plague depending on the monk’s equipped gear enhancements. Gear that increases Chakra now provides the proper VIT increase as well.
- Curing Waltz V’s formula has been reduced for subjobs to better bring it in line with the power of prior Curing Waltz tiers. Curing Waltz V’s formula for mainjob dancers is unchanged.
   - Old Formula: (vit+chr) * 0.75 + 600
   - New Formula: (vit+chr) * 0.55 +600
- Player-cast Petrify (Break) will now end immediately if damage is dealt to the petrified monster as aligned with how the spell works in retail. Damage over time abilities cast BEFORE the petrification is applied do not break it.
- The Paintbrush Door in Temple of Uggalepih leading to the Den of Rancor now has a larger standing radius and only requires 5 seconds of ‘focus’ rather than 30.
- The mythic Yagrush i119 III weapon now properly grants Divine Veil to all -na spells.
- Pets (avatars, wyverns, automatons, and bst jugs) can now be summoned at the Reisenjima Henge.
- The monster skill ‘Discoid’ is now magical damage instead of physical damage to match retail.
- Haste and Slow have globally been updated to match the formulas used in retail.
   - Haste: From 15% to 14.65%
   - Haste II: From 30% to 29.98%
   - Hastega: From 15% to 14.94%
   - Slow: Ranges from 7.5% to 30% now to 7.3% to 29.2%
   - Slow II: Ranges from 12.5% to 36% now to 12.5% to 39.06%
   - Slowga: Ranges from 7.5% to 30% now to 7.3% to 29.2%
- With the changes to Haste and Slow, weakness now properly inflicts a 100% slow effect on weakened players.
- Statues in Dynamis now properly regain HP and MP for surrounding players.
- The following NPCs and WOTG quests have been added:
   - Rodeupanstat (Crawler’s Nest [S]), Evil at the Inlet
   - Pecca-Pocca (Fort Karugo-Narugo [S]), Requiem for the Departed
   - Fondactiont (Garlaige Citadel [S]), The Fumbling Friar
   - Heptachiond (The Eldeime Necropolis [S]), Requiem for the Departed
- Higher tiers of Sleep now override lower tiers of Sleep.
- Level sync should now properly update skills, abilities, and magic lists as soon as the level sync occurs.
- Sentinel’s Scherzo and Earthen Armor should now properly trigger and protect against “severe damage” similar to Migawari.

Members Portal Updates
- The Currency tab now includes Voidstones.
15 August Crafting Merchants Have Stock! (and new features)
The stocks of the crafting merchants are set–at least for now. Thank you to the crafting community for suggestions. We’ll be monitoring and adjusting stock and prices. The NPCs do a bit more than originally planned. Check the custom vendors list for more details.

- Shops have “rare materials” days (Earth days) that vary by shop. These days provide additional inventory for rarer items, such asn those found from HNMs and/or rare HELMs.
- Some of the more commonly farmed items are not available via these shops. These items can be farmed fairly easily at very low levels and/or at common !gotoexp camps. The auction house can be used to sell these to build the economy. Don’t forget, the AH retains your sales indefinately and allows you to put near infinite amounts of items for sale. Help build that economy!
- Some other common items, such as honey and beeswax, are left out as they can easily be made by other low-level crafting recipes which do have items available (beehives, for example).
- Prices in the shop are, at this point, reflective of two things: the amount of gil potential players have and a ‘cost of convenience’ to acquire these items. These will be monitored and adjusted over time as necessary based on demand and potential increased use of the auction house and player trades.
- Players receive a discount on the cost of stocked goods based on their rank with that particular craft–a 1% discount per crafting rank, capping out at 10% for rank 10/expert.
- Trading a specific HQ elemental crystal to a crafting vendor will provide players with an advanced synthesis support buff for that craft. Players can trade up to 99 crystals at a time; each crystal granting 1 minute of synthesis support for a maximum of 99 minutes of support. These crystals are available in !shop 5 for 500 gil each.

Development Roadmap Updated
The roadmap has been simplified to give a better idea of expected features, events, and ideas for the server. Please take a moment to read it over and submit any suggestions on the Members Portal.

New “Daily Events”
Additional daily events have been added. The list can now be viewed on the Custom Content/Endgame details page.

- Mondays : Legion Day, 2x legion points in the Halls of Legion
- Wednesdays : Crafting Day, 5% discount on stock from the crafting isle shops
- Saturdays : Synergy Crafting Day, +5% base synergy success chance

Bug Fixes/Misc.
- A bug fix where the last two quests of ToAU were not awarding players with their title. This is fixed, but if you’ve already completed ToAU, please notify a GM to receive your titles.
- Fix for Jailer of Justice not spawning on trade of pop items.
- “Adjustments” of RoZ Land Kings are mostly done… NQ’s should pop between 5 and 45 minutes; HQs should pop at a MAX of every 6 hours. If left alone long enough, there is a potential for both NQ and HQ to pop. It’s a feature, enjoy it.
- Ninjutsu was missing it’s “magic burst” messages. The calculation and bonus damage were added, but the text wasn’t displayed. This is fixed and will become active next time the servers restart.
- The COP mission “Fire in the Eyes of Men” no longer requires a Vana’diel day wait.
13 August Renamer File Update
- With the new crafting zone, our Renamer file has been updated. Please download the latest version here.

Elemental and Curative Magic Updates
As a few of you have noticed, several hotfixes went into place for player elemental and curative magic potency over the weekend. The aim of these tweaks is to enhance the playability of magic-based classes and putting them on par with other damage dealers and healers.

Roughly, the following changes were made:

- Elemental Magic: Player’s INT is now considered at a higher ratio when comparing evasion and spell accuracy against mobs level 99 and higher. The caps for damage output is also increased, allowing spells to have a higher base damage.

- Curative Magic: When calculating curating magic, the prior forumla was MND/2 and VIT/4, this is now MND and VIT/2. These values are calculated before other curative magic bonuses and should allow white mages and scholars to have an much easier time healing the larger health pools. The new MND and VIT calculation also puts the values on par with Curing Waltz V, which, frankly, since I’d just guesstimated the number at the time (since CW5 didn’t have a formula for subjobs), seems to keep healing at appropriate levels. Keep in mind that these increased numbers means those spells now generate more enmity, but provide more bonuses (such as the much larger WHM stoneskins provided through cures).

In the testing so far with a few players against level 120+ content, damage and curing numbers seem more in line. We’ll continue to take feedback and test, but the goal is that all jobs are equally rewarding on the server.

Crafting and Training Zone: Abdhaljs Isle-Porgonorgo
The new crafting area is here and it brought friends!

- To access the new crafting zone, use the !craft command to teleport. You can use !relax or any of the other teleport commands to leave.
- There are several merchants in the center of the beach, one for each craft. Currently, these vendors do not have any inventory. We’ll be hotpatching them over the next 24-48 hours with inventory based on the suggestions of the community.
- In addition to crafting, on the west side of the beach are 4 new training dummies. Each dummy is a different level, ranging from 100 to 140. Use these to test your abilities and damage against mogs mobs of that level.
- More coming to this zone soon!

Weekly Events
Two new weekly events have been added. More of these types of events are coming soon.
- On Tuesdays, mobs will have a 2x chance to drop elemental stones used as fuel for synergy crafting.
- On Thursdays, abyssea mobs will reward 2x cruor.

!shop 6 adjustments
- Prices on items in the ammo shop have been adjusted to match either NPC prices or sale prices on items to prevent players from buying at a discount and selling at a profit.

Members Portal Updates
The members portal has had quite a few updates this week to make more information available to the player community.
- The menus have been shorted,and regrouped to add room for more options and save space for mobile device users.
- Under “Find”, players can now see all Synthesis Recipes, grouped by crafting type and rank. For now, a “search” feature isn’t available; however, if you’re looking for a specific recipe and know the item, you can search for the item and links to synthesis recipe is now included on all item detail pages.
- Synthesis Recipes also show all unique recipes to the server, including some very rare items that require high crafting skills that aren’t part of retail. We’ll be adding more custom recipes soon.
- The Item Search page now includes the slot type in the results list.
- The Items details page now includes synthesis recipes links.
- The Monster details page now includes additional information, including job types for the mob to help in planning for mechanics.
- All players now have a “public profile”, viewable via clicking on the Members listing (now found under the Community menu). This shows your in game bazaar message, equipment, jobs and crafts, and your bazaar to better facilitate players selling and trading online.
- A new “server status” page is available under the Community menu to show the various map servers and their online status.
- Many lists, lookups, and common elements have been cached to reduce load on the databases and increase page load performance.
- Finally, we’re in the process of revamping some of the styling and data available across all pages and will be adding a touch more color and style to it within the coming week.

Nexus Capes
Unfortunately, after quite a bit of digging, there isn’t a “quick fix” to getting the Nexus Cape to work across the new zone servers. There’s an open DSP ticket for any one who may be interested in helping find a fix.

For now, the new Server Status page also shows the zone groupings in which you can teleport between.

For example, to teleport to any Abyssea zone, you simply need to be in Abyssea. Same for the open world zones: to be able to teleport to Xarcabard, you’d need to be in, say, East Ronfaure. We apologize for this slight inconvenience, however, the increased server stability seems a fair trade off.

The Reisenjima Henge
- The various mounts dropped from encounters within the Henge are now added full-time. Farm your Fenrir, Spheroid, Omega, and Tulfaire mounts!

Item Updates
- Yetshila +1 can now properly be equipped in an ammo slot (without unequipping your offhand).
- Reveler’s Mitts +1 now have their expected stat mods.

Ability/Traits Updates
- Blood Boon (Summoners) is now active and gear with mods has been updated.
- Stout Servant (Summoners) is now active.
- Chocobo Jig II (Dancer) is now available and working.
8 August Voiddust to Voidstones Conversion
- Players can now acquire voiddust from Voidwatch Purveyors in the major cities at a rate of 2000 CP (conquest points) per voiddust.
- Voiddust can then be traded to Voidwatch Officers who will convert them to voidstones.
- The conversion rate is 10 voiddust per voidstone (so 20,000 CP per voidstone) and a 250,000 gil conversion charge per stone.
- NOTE: The Purveyor is selling other items; however, they are non-functioning at this time.

Samurai Updates
- Forge Your Destiny (SAM start quest) no longer requires a 3 hour (3 Vana’diel day) wait between turning in the items and receiving your sword. Simply talk to Jaucribaix again.

Dynamis Update
- To address a server crash error in Dynamis zones, the “phase 2” of the zone after the Mega Boss has been defeated no longer spawns.
- Completing Phase 1 and the mega boss is sufficient to receive key items, titles, and updates for the zone.

Augments Update
With the change to stack items, tier 1 augments have changed.
- Tier 1: Accuracy +1 now requires 12 rabbit hides instead of 12 water crystals.
- Tier 1: Attack +1 now requires 12 flint stones instead of 12 fire crystals.

Gil Amounts From Quests
- The amoung of gil received from quests has been reduced from 100x to 50x normal rates.
- There were a few players abusing these rates and stockpiling max quantities of gil (for who knows what reason).
- Gil drop rates from BCNMs, hunts, and monsters remains unchanged.

Infrastructure Updates
We’re splitting the Nocturnal Souls map environment into multiple servers to help with stability and help troubleshoot outages by narrowing down zone possibilities when a crash does occur.

The servers will be broken down as follows:
    - Cities (major cities, residential areas, Tavnazia, Norg, Selbina, Rabao, and the Celennia Memorial Library.
    - Abyssea (all Abyssea zones and battlefields)
    - Dynamis (all Dynamis zones), Limbus, and Legion
    - NocSouls Zones (Reisenjima Henge, Provenance, Hazhalm Testing Grounds, The Colosseum, the Chocobo Circuit, and Abdhalis Ghelsba and Purgonorgo, Mog Garden, and Feretory)
    - World (everything else, including WoTG and SoA zones)
- This should allow a crash in Abyssea or Dynamis from affecting players leveling in Gustav Tunnel or hanging out in the CML and help us better pinpoint where problems exist when only a certain server has issues.

Item Updates
- The following items can now stack to 99: Sparkling Stone, Infinity Core, Slime Juice, Seasoning Stone, Fossilized Fang, Fossilized Bone, Golem Shard, Voiddust, all crystals and clusters, Echo Drops, Eye Drops, Panacea, Remedy, Holy & Hallowed Waters. Praise Altana for inventory space! 🙏
- The Nexus Cape has been locked from use in the following battlegrounds/instance zones that have entry requirements or are storyline zones: Limbus, all Dynamis zones, all Promyvion zones, Bearclaw Pinnacle, Boneyard Gully, The Shrouded Maw, Mine Shaft #2716, Monarch Linn, Waughroon Shrine, Balga’s Dias, Qulun Dome, The Ashu Talif, Nyzul Isle, Everbloom Hollow, Ruhotz Silvermines, The Legion Halls, Mordion Gaol (if you need assistance teleporting to jail, please ask a GM), Walk of Echoes, Ra’kaznar Turris, Feretory, and Leafallia.
- The Ebers Mitts +1 now has its proper Regen mod.

Beat the Heatwaves Event Update
- Mog Missles no longer drop as fireworks (as they don’t appear to work).

6 August Pet Classes Crashing The Server
- It seems the cause of recent server crashes links back to when custom content fights/monsters “converse” with their target and that target happens to be a pet, not a player.
- We’ve revamped our underlying “quest_tools” to first validate whether or not a conversion target is a player. If it’s not, it checks if it has a master (for PUP automatons, DRG wyverns, SMN avatars, and BST pets). If it does, great, the converse method targets the master. If not, it blows past the dialog completely.
- Tests, so far, look very positive and instances where crashes were happening 100% of the time are now stable.
- For players on these classes, please pay attention if you notice anything where you engage with or are spawning an encounter and the server is crashing–and report it to a GM immediately.
- Thank you for everyone’s feedback and help testing this!

Paladin Updates
- In discussions with a few of our new PLDs, the following tweaks have been made to make life a bit easier with the excessive damage output that players are able to cause.
- Crusade: Now increases enmity by 300%.
- The Enmity Bonus job trait increased to +15 at level 30, +30 at level 60, and +45 at level 90.
- The Weapon Skill Damage Bonus job trait increased from +2% to +10% at level 20 and +3% to +12% at level 50.
- Paladins now have the Provoke ability at level 5 without the requirement of a WAR subjob.

Thief Updates
- SATA no longer benefit from the server bonus of “2x weapon skill damage” that were causing these attacks to always push past the 110-150k damage mark.
- This goal of this change is not to punish players, but to help equalize out damage since SATA on Nocturnal Souls has an EXTREMELY short recast (it’s hard to build encounters and challenges when a group of THFs can destroy a mob and other DPS classes can’t).
- THFs still, on the high end, should be one of the highest performing DPS classes on the server.

Members Portal Update - Bugs and Suggestions
- With the new player population, keeping up with the #bug_reports and #suggestions channels was very challenging (thank you all for so much support!)
- The Portal now separates out bugs and issues under Feedback and players can submit new feedback via the portal.
- Players can submit bugs and/or suggestions via the portal, which adds it to our github repository automatically and notifies developers.
- If you have an urgent issue, such as an exploit, please create a ticket, then contact a GM with the ticket number.
- If there is an outage or such, again, please contact a GM through Discord immediately via direct message or the #support channel.
- The #bug_reports and #suggestions channges will be obsolesced in the coming week.

!shop 6 – Ammo/Arrows/Bolts Shop
- Shop 6 is now active and carries an assortment of arrows, bolts, and bullets.
- Enchanted ammo still requires crafting, such as Bloody Bolts.

!skills and !stats
- The !stats command has been split into two with the addition of !skills.
- The !skills commands shows your casting skills and other things like TH and, now, enmity bonus.

Item Updates
- The following items should now properly have their mods: Elan Strap +1, Quartz Tathlum +1, Regal Ring, Telos Earring, Regal Earring, Apate Ring
- The Nexus Cape can no longer be used to teleport to custom content zones that have entry restrictions. At this time, this includes: The Reisenjima Henge and Provenance.
- The Wing Sword, used for the Relic Weapon Excalibur starter quest, can now be found in limited supplies on the Auction House (restocked).
- The Eminent rare/ex weapons should no long appear in the auction house at all.

New fun commands: !costume and !costume2
- The !costume command allows you to set a non-interactive costume that you can wear around.
- The !costume2 command allows you to enter battle with your costume (note: most job actions likely will make your character model go crazy).

Fix: Kuftal Tunnel “blocking rock”
- The blocking rock down to the higher level mobs now randomly rotates in and out rather than the very unpredictable method used prior.

“Fix”: ToAU: The Black Coffin
- There’s an issue with how the ToAU mission “The Black Coffin” fight exits its instance. There’s now a command in place to help players properly complete the instance.
- Once the Captain is dead (not at 20%), use the !finishbc command to properly update your character and start the next cutscene.
- Note: You cannot use this command outside of the instance.

- While automaton auto-leveling haven’t been reintroduced, the script to properly buff automatons based on the master’s stats and current level is back in and active and automatons should now share the 99/99 level capabilities of their master.

New Players
- Starting cities are no longer racially discriminate: players of any race receives their city’s starting ring on player creation.

Bug Fixes/Misc
- About 200 incorrect/non-existant mods have been removed from monsters throughout the game; hopefully improving a bit of stability.
- Monster pathing should no longer get stuck on ledges or platforms (such as the Groundkeepers in the alcoves in Ru’Aun Gardens) and should chase players as expected when aggroed.
- The !where command can now be used by all players; please use it when reporting bugs. 😄
- Flavor text on !gotoexp 2 has less crabs and more gigas.
- Crafting guild NPCs should properly take items in exchange for guild points, rather than awarding points and not taking the items (thank you to reporting players for not exploiting this).
- Mythic and Relic weapons should now properly activate their Aftermath abilities based on TP level.
1 August Puppetmaster
- Puppetmaster and the automatons have been updated in several ways to make playing them much smoother.
- Automaton skills now properly level as the player levels; however, they must be resummoned after each level to gain the new stats.
- Automatons now automatically engage whenever the player melee attacks OR casts hostile magic on a target.
- Automatons now share the same 99/99 cap limit for main job and subjob.
- The one game day wait for No Strings Attached has been removed.

- Similar to the update to Automatons, Avatars now engage both on melee attack and hostle magic on an enemy.

- Due to the inflated DEX and AGI on the server, Sneak Attack and Trick Attack were far more powerful than expected and gave an extreme unfair advantage to the class making it difficult to properly create encounters.
- Currently, the bonus provided to AGI and DEX to SATA will soft cap at 350. Once over 350 DEX or AGI, 15% of the player’s stat will be added to the total.
    Example: 450 AGI = 350 + (450 * 0.15) = 418 AGI applied to Trick Attack.
    Example: 700 DEX = 350 + (700 * 0.15) = 455 DEX applied to Sneak Attack.
- We’ll be evaluating the changes and working with the players to find the right balance of a fun class and not needing to give enemies millions of HP.
- NOTE: merits, gear, and augments that modify trick attack damage %’s or DEX/AGI contributions are still calculated separately and applied to SATA. Finding and using gear with these mods will be of great benefit to your damage.

Relic and Mythic Weapon Trials
- It’s come to our attention that the relic and mythic weapons provided by the trial moogles are only i119 II, not i119 III. After further investigation, the relic i119 IIIs are non-functional and the mythic i119 IIs are non-functional. 😕
- To this end, we’ve decided to keep the relic reward as the i119 II and updated the mythic reward to i119 III.
- We’re working to evaluate and, if necessary, patch the weapon stats as necessary over the coming days.
- We also may, at a later date, revisit the i119 III relic weapons and provide a final step to the trial for those weapons, but ETA is undetermined at this time.

- (hotfix 7/30) Tanzanite Jewels now stack to 99 instead of 12.
- (hotfix 7/30) Curing Waltz V now has the proper animation instead of Flee.
- (hotfix 7/30) Nexus cape can now be used by players in all zones except mog houses.

Bug Fixes
- (hotfix 7/30) Update armor merchant to properly tell players tier III armor upgrades (he accepted the right currency, just had the wrong quantities).
- (hotfix 7/30) Update to Relic weapon starter moogle in Ru’Lude Gardens to accept 20 alexandrite for a weapon, not 50.

July 2018

date changes
30 July Synergy is here!
- Synergy synthesis is now available. Synergy is completely custom to Nocturnal Souls and allows players to create items, enhance some NQ items to HQ, and create valuable currency used as part of the upcoming Empyrean Weapon trials.
- Synergy “fuel” is provided by the elemental “tears” (e.g. ifritear) dropped by VWNMs and elemental stones (e.g. ifrite) dropped by enemies level 100 and higher based on the current day of the week (e.g. ifrite on Firesday).
- Read the Synergy Guide for more details on fuels, leveling up, and recipes.

Daily BCNMs
- The BCNM99 fight no longer drops +1 blurred weapons as these are now acquired via Synergy. Cherish the one’s you’ve already gotten! 😅

Daily Hunts
- The Daily Hunts wiki page has been updated to clarify what mob types are part of each mob family.

- Players can now acquire a Nexus Cape from the add-on reward Treasure Coffer in Neptune’s Spire. The Nexus Cape has a reduced reuse time of 60 seconds.
- The !trial command for relic and mythic trial information has been updated to match the formatting of Nocturnal Souls commands.
- The respawn timers of Adamantoise, Behemoth, and Fafnir have been greatly reduced to allow easier relic updates.
- The amount of cruor gained from defeating monsters in Abyssea zones has been increased. Old: (mob level / 10) + random(1-10) and NMs doubled the reward. New: (mob level / 5) + random(1-20) and NMs multiply the reward by 10.
- (DSP): Mining locations in Newton Movalpolis added.

Bug Fixes
- When leveling up, subjobs are now properly accounted for in skill-ups and should properly auto-cap.
- (hotfix 7/28) Fix for Cruor increasing when fighting mobs and NMs in Abyssea.
- (hotfix 7/27) Fix for Dune Widow and Mischevous Micholas upgrading the relic questline.
- The Racing Silks appearance gear from the Stand in the Fire BCNM now drops in a separate slot for more loot chances.
- The !mount command should now show the mount rewards for rank 10 bastok, windurst, and compleating the CoP expansion.
- A few monster skills, such as Osmosis, are now working as they should. These are mostly skills used by monsters in Abyssea.
- A bug with !telelist not allowing you to set slot 10 has been fixed.
- The spell Temper and effect Multi-strikes now fades on job change or entering a BCNM.
26 July Custom Augments
- A few custom augment recipes have been updated to be easier to stack stats.
- tier 1: 1 water cluster -> 12 water crystals
- tier 1: 1 fire cluster -> 12 fire crystals
- tier 2: 12 water clusters -> 1 southern mummy
- tier 2: 12 fire clusters -> 1 northern fur
- tier 6: 12 H.Q. Xzomit Organ -> 1 H.Q. Xzomit Organ
- tier 6: 12 H.Q. Phuabo Organ -> 1 H.Q. Phuabo Organ
- tier 6: 12 H.Q. Hpemde Organ -> 1 H.Q. Hpemde Organ

!telelist is operational!
- The !telelist command allows players to set their OWN telepoints anywhere in the world (with a few exceptions, such as battlefield zones).
- Players can have up to 10 telepoints set.
- Read the command details for more information.

Explore Escha: Escha Zi’Tah and Escha Ru’Aun
- The Escha zones are now active. The Undulating Confluences in Misareaux Coast and Qufim Island will teleport you.
- Escha Zi’Tah is the most “functional” of the zones so far as the portals in Ru’Aun are not operational right now.
- Escha Zi’Tah provides an alternative XP area for levels 60-99.
- We also plan to bring a storyline, NMs, and other content to these two zones in the coming months.

Daily BCNMs
- There are 15 new items added to the treasure pools, including some rare/ex grips for two-handed weapon users!

Summoners/Avatars Update
- The auto-skills avatars use when a summoner uses a weaponskill now limits Wards (buffs) to every 2 minutes, focusing more on Rages (attacks).
- Lunar Bay removed from Fenrir’s auto-skill rotation (>75 skill).
- Avatars will now auto-engage with your current target, even if you haven’t taken damage. If it’s already engaged with another target, it will not change targets until you use Assault.
- Avatars now have a slight stat increase at between levels 1 and 10 and more attack and magic attack at level 99.

Bug Fixes
- When level syncing and unsyncing, skills should auto cap themselves.
- !shop 2 now sells prism powders instead of rainbow powders.
- (DSP): Prices for Corsair die at Jajaroon have been updated to match the wiki.
- (DSP): The Cyclone weaponskills AOE range has increased from 5 to 15 to match the wiki.
- (DSP): The blue magic spell Voracious Trunk now properly steals an enemy’s buff and displays the right message.
23 July Summoners/Avatars
- Avatars have been revamped to be more interactive with players and parties.
- When the summoner completes a weaponskill, the summoned avatar will use an ability (rage or ward) out of those available to it at it’s current level. [example video]
- There is a 65% chance that the avatar will use an ability.
- Astral Flow and skills > level 75 are not included in this (as flow’s would eat all of the summoner’s mana and >75’s aren’t in the game).
- At this point it is random which ability is picked out of the list for the avatar. We’re looking at a more sophisticated AI for the future.
- Abilities can still be used manually via Pet Commands and macros.
- This update does not apply to Diabolos, Cait Sith, Alexander, or Odin.

Beat the Heatwaves Update
- The required number of heatwaves for each passive reward effect has been greatly reduced since the duration of the event has been shortened by a month. Happy Summer Heat hunting! 🔥

Bug Fixes
- For now, the opening cutscenes when starting a new character have been disabled. There seems to be a random glitch for Windurst players causing the client to close.
- The !escape command has been fixed.
- (DSP): Ic Pilav +1 and Royal Omelette foods now provide proper stats.
20 July We’re live! 🎈
- We’re officially “going live” today; tell your friends, tell your neighbors!
- Check out the intro and say Hi! on reddit!

- Several encounters for VWNMs have been tweaked to be less intense or “spammy” in their abilities.

The Reisanjima Henge
- The Avatars and Carbuncle/Fenrir Primes no longer spam their 2 hours endlessly.
- The Avatars and Carbuncle/Fenrir Prime no longer cascade their two hours (when one casts, they don’t all start casting it). That’s a bit more hardcore than those encounters were intended to be. 😇.
- Random modifier for medals drop reduced a bit for tiers 1, 2, and 3. People were getting a bit too lucky with 15-20 medals dropping per fight.
18 July DSP Core Update
- Update as 18 Jul 2018/8PM CDT
- Update includes numberous updates to mob skills, blue magic skills, the Sanction buff, tons of Dynamis mob 2-hour abilities, and desynth recipies.
The Reisenjima Henge
- 7 new drops have been added to tiers 1 and 2 fights.
17 July The Reisenjima Henge
- Thanks to all of our testers for these updates and throwing themselves against The Henge at various gear levels and jobs testing viability!
- The Henge mobs have been fixed to no longer have what felt like 200% haste.
- We’ve moved several “enhancement” tweaks for each tier out of the database and into config files allowing us to tweak these mobs over time for the best experience without bouncing the server.
- Beastmen and Kindred medals now drop at random by tier, which each tier having a higher base value. Beastmen’s have a higher random value at lower tiers and Kindred’s a higher random value at higher tiers.
- Encounters with multiple enemies now can randomly drop loot for each enemy with drop rates increasing for each enemy that is killed in the encounter.
- Players no longer have to land the final blow on an enemy to receive medals–all participants have a random chance to receive medals on kill.
- Flavor/lore text has been added to several encounters as clues to what could be happening…
- The number of Rem’s Chapters dropped by each tier has increased, but with a bit more randomization. It’s no longer a 100% drop, but each encounter has 2-4 additional drop slots for chapter pages ranging from 5-75%.
- A few additional item drops have been added to The Henge tiers.

Bug Fixes
- Vainrachault now properly provides dancers with the correct empyrean reforged +1 chest piece, not a flower pot 😆.
- An issue with players style locks being cleared on server restart has been addressed. Glamour away!
- An issue with the wrong i119 weapon being received in the Daily BCNM 99 has been fixed (for the better).

Members Portal Update
- The members portal now includes drop details for BCNMs.
- When viewing an item, if it drops in a BCNM, it now shows on the item detail page.
- There’s now a list of non-mission BCNMs under Search that includes working, standard BCNMs along with the custom Nocturnal Souls BCNMs. This can be used to view loot drops, rates, etc. for each encounter.
15 July The Reisenjima Henge
- The Henge no longer requires completion of Legion’s final halls for entry; however, players must have a level 99 main job and subjob to enter the Henge.

Daily BCNMs
- Daily BCNMs have been updated with over 50 new potential drops between the 5 BCNMs with a very low chance at some i119 weapons in the level 99 BCNM.
- Some BCNMs now have a few dedicated drop slots for augment material gears to help players farm augments a bit faster.

Bug Fixes
- I Can Hear A Rainbow fixed to allow less than the full set of weathers (only 4 weather types are needed).
- The Ragnarok Rift in The Henge is fixed to properly tell you which mob is spawning and prevent multiple spawns at the same time.

- An update to base mob magic resists for mobs at or above level 105 to help mages out.
11 July 🔥Beat the Heatwaves🔥 is Live!
- It’s the peak of summer here on Nocturnal Souls and things are on fire!
- Beat the Heatwaves will be an annual event running from 1 July to 31 August.
- Read the full event guide for details on the new NMs, Heatwaves currency, and daily BCNM.
- During the Beat the Heatwaves event, the Daily BCNM timers are reduced from 20 hours to 8 hours.

Vainrachault - Gear Progression Changes
- Unlocking gear upgrade tiers III and IV now require less currency.
- Tier III now only requires 1 of each item instead of 5.
- Tier IV requires 5 Rusted Coins instead of 10 and 2 Aptant: Aecus instead of 5.

Skill and Effects Updates
- We’ve found and addressed numerous broken effects within the system.
- 16 items now properly render their effects.
- 30 blue magic, 1 bard song, and 4 black magic spells now properly render their effects.
- 620 monster skills now work as intended. Many of these were doing damage before, but not properly applying whatever effect they normally would, such as Mortal Ray applying Doom. Have fun! 😁
- Fire-based damage resistance, absorbtion, and nullification for both players and monsters now works as intended.
- Stoneskin’s soft cap is now 3000 HP, up from 1500 HP.

New “fast travel” Bibiki Bay Transports
- Rahi Sakeawo and Rhalo Davigoh at the Sunset Docks and Purgonorgo Isle will transport you between the two locations for a fee of 10,000 gil if you don’t want to wait for the normal (and obnoxiously slow) tourist boat.
- Note: If you’re doing a quest requiring you to visit the islands and be on the boat, you’ll need to take the normal ferry.

Daily Hunts grant more alexandrite!
- Daily hunts now grant more alexandrite on completion.
- 70% chance at 5, up from 2; 20% chance at 8, up from 5; 10% chance at 15, up from 10.

Daily BCNMs grant more alexandrite and have a super jackpot!
- The Daily BCNMs now grant more alexandrite on completion.
- 70% chance at 5, up from 2; 24% chance at 8 up from 5; 5% chance at 15 up from 10.
- A new “super jackpot” has been added at 1% chance–for 25 alexandrite and 20 tanzanite jewels. Good luck!

FoV and GoV Dedication Update
- The Dedication effect granted by completing a FoV or GoV regime now OVERRIDES existing Dedication effects.

Item Resale Updates
- A few items that had a vendor sale price of 0 now have the correct price per the wiki.

Weaponskill Updates
- Weaponskills that were previously customized to grant en-spell effects have had those effects removed as it conflicts with existing effects (and more powerful ones) already on players.
- We’re looking at other ways to customize weaponskills to be more fun and unique.

Ephemeral Moogles active!
- The Ephemeral Moogles can’t store your crystals like in retail (yet), but they can convert your stacks of crystals into clusters for you.
- Trade any quantity of crystals of a single element to the Ephemeral Moogle and he’ll return you clusters.
- Ephemeral Moogles are found in the following locations:
     Southern San d’Oria (D-9) - Tanners’ Guild
     Northern San d’Oria (E-3) - Carpenters’ Guild
     Northern San d’Oria (E-6) - Blacksmiths’ Guild
     Bastok Markets (H-8) - Goldsmiths’ Guild
     Bastok Mines (K-6) - Alchemists’ Guild
     Windurst Waters (E-9) - Culinarians’ Guild
     Windurst Woods (H-13) - Weavers’ Guild
     Windurst Woods (G-12) - Boneworkers’ Guild

Halls of Legion updates
- Several of the encounters within the Halls of Legion, especially the Halls of An, Ki, Im, and Muru, have been tuned to target newer players with less gear requirements.

Members Portal Update
- Members listing now shows online status and character nationality.
- Item search now includes searching by iLevel (to limit down level 99 gear).
- Under Search, there’s now a listing of high-level NMs that are over level 100. Many of these are VNMs, Legion, and other events, but you can review and determine what NMs have the gear you’re looking for!
10 July Update to Legion loot!
- The Halls of Legion have undergone an update and now drop better loot upgrades.
- Halls of An and Ki now drop the i100 starter gear that can be upgraded to i109 via the Legion Moogle outside.
- Halls of Im and Muru drops the i106 starter gear that can be upgraded to i119 via the Legion Moogle outside.
- Item upgrade costs have been reduced: 2000 legion points to 1000 legion points per upgrade; i100 to i109 is now 3 tanzanite jewels each and 6 for the body; i106 to i119 is now 5 tanzanite jewels each and 10 for the body.
- The loot for each floor and monster is now visible via the Members Portal.
- The Halls of Legion page has been updated to reflect these updates.
9 July Pets!
- A rework has been done to pets for summoners, beastmasters, and dragoons.
- Pets now scale a bit better as you level but are viewed as SUPPLIMENTARY to the player, not as the primary damaging source like in retail. This is due to the individual character growth and abilities on Nocturnal Souls.
- Pets damage, health, and accuracy have increased, and provide a benefit to fighting, but pet classes will be more “hands on” than in retail.
- Pets are now operational in Adoulin outdoor and dungeon zones, including: summoner avatars, beastmaster jugs and familiars, puppetmaster automatons, and dragoon wyverns.
- Avatars: Avatars have been tuned to attack faster, cast faster, and be more in line with the speed of normal combat.
- Wyverns: Wyverns have been updated to attack about as expected for retail, but breath attacks hit a bit harder.
- Wyverns: Wyvern “experience bonus” now iterates twice instead of five times (at 500xp) to prevent the buff from being too powerful.
- Beastmaster Jugs: Jug pet base stats are, on average about 10x what they were before and should scale better as players level.
- Automatons: Automatons, and PUPs in general, are still a WIP; however, their overall stats have been increased along the same lines as avatars.
5 July Updated Renamer File
- Please update your Renamer file to the latest version for new quests, NPCs, and enemies we’ve added into the game.
4 July Happy ‘Merica Day!

New Items in !shop 2
- Added silent oil and rainbow powder (sneak and invisible items) to the shop.

Daily Hunts Updates
- Daily hunts now require the target to be no less than 6 levels below your current level to count towards the hunt.
- Daily hunts now only require 20 targets instead of 50 to complete the hunt.
- Daily hunts now reward more XP on completion.

Daily BCNM 80 fix
- Fixed a bug where the BCNM wouldn’t properly exit you out after completing it.

Thief Updates
- Bully and Conspirator now function according to retail.

- Ryo now accepts gil amounts larger than 1mil gil to convert to zeni.
2 July Daily BCNM Updates
- The daily BCNMs now grant more XP and gil per tier than before.
- Daily BCNMs can now be run every 20 hours instead of every 24 hours.

Monk Ability Updates
- Boost’s damage ratio is now 0.25, up from 0.15 in retail.
- Chakra now has a 6x multiplier rather than 2x multiplier in retail.

WAR Master Job Quests
- The suspicious pillar now spawns when you enter the correct zone if it’s not already up and engaged.

The !release command
- All players now have access to the !release command to “emergency escape” out of cutscenes and prompts in the event they are broken.
- DO NOT USE THIS unless you must as it won’t update quests and such.
- If you’re getting caught in cutscenes, be sure to disable any and all plugins and try again.

Bug Fixes
- The Fanged One (RNG starter quest): Old Sabertooth now properly dies as expected. 😿
- Windurst Mission 1-3 should properly start with Mokyokyo.
- Banish cast times should be more accurate to what they are in retail circa 2018, not 2005.
- Goblins are now properly suicidal (aka: the dropped bomb toss actually does damage now).
- Several (70+) regional vendors, NPCs, shops, and guild stores updated to match BG Wiki’s inventory.
- Fixed missing corsair reforged AF+1 leg upgrade path.
- Added/Updated numerous missing or malfunctioning NMs within the CoP expansion and Dynamis.

Automaton Updates
- Massive update to automaton attachments. The following attachments should be functional: Accelerator IV, Armor Plate IV, Dynamo II, Dyanmo III, Heat Capacitor, Heat Capacitor II, Inhibitor II, Loudspeaker IV, Mana Channeler II, Mana Jammer IV, Scope III, Stabilizer IV, Tension Spring III, Tension Spring IV, Tranquilizer III.

June 2018

date changes
28 June FoV/GoV Dedication Update
- The FoV and GoV now provide an added short duration Dedication effect each time they are completed.
- This effect lasts 10 minutes and is a +200% bonus up to a maximum of 30,000 XP.
- The Dedication effect does not erase existing Dedication buffs from rings and other bonuses.
- The Dedication effect will not be applied to players if they are outleveled for the FoV or GoV and would not normally acquire rewards.

Members Portal Update
- The members portal now shows a list of members and who’s online to logged in users.

Site Updates
- We’ve added a new guide on how the Auction House works.
26 June New Player Guide
- If you’re new to FFXI or to Nocturnal Souls, be sure to check out our New Player Guide!
25 June Launch Date!
- It’s taken a while to get things where we’re happy with progress, but we’re about ready to launch. Right now, we’re aiming to open the doors for the community on July 20th.
- There’s no plans to do a character or account wipe between now and then; everything’s that’s on production now is stable, we’ll just be rolling in new features in the coming weeks.
24 June WAR Master Job Quests
- The first WAR master job quest is now available. Seek out the doorman to get started.

Spell Updates
- Diaga III is now rewarded to red mages on completion of Master Job Quest #4.
- Bio III is now properly available at level 75 for red mages even without merits; this spell was initially missing.
- Virus, Curse, and Meteor II are now available to black mages on completion of Master Job Quests #3, #4, and #5.

Bug Fixes
- The !shop command is working again; whoops.
- Several spells were missing from the spell listing that enemies normally cast. Those have been added and tweaked.
- The !escape command is working again for all players.
- !telelist is disabled until further notice to address some bugs and a potential server crash. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Wings of the Goddess
- WOTG storyline and missions up to Mission 8 is now operational, including the first BCNM fight.
22 June Spell Updates
- Curing Waltz IV and V now work properly with dancer being a subjob.
- VIT and CHR is multiplied by 0.75 as a subjob for both spells (plus the base cure values).
20 June Members Portal Updates
- The members portal now contains a live list of known bugs and issues. Be sure to check this list before reporting a new bug to ensure it’s not already being worked on.
19 June WHM Master Job Quests
- The first WHM master job quest is now available. Find the watchful serpent to get started.

Other master job quests
- We’re now focusing on completing the first master job quest for all jobs, rather than an entire storyline at a time to allow more content coverage for players.
- WAR, THF, and MNK are due within the week.

Misc Updates
- Regen III, Regen IV, and Regen V now all properly support Composure duration enhancements.
- Several item models have been updated to match retail.
- Several usable items, mob skills, and blue magic skills with the incorrect effect have been fixed.

Wings of the Goddess
- We’re currently working through the WOTG storyline to see what works and what doesn’t. San d’Oria is first in the list.
- A bug has been fixed in the Claws of the Griffon (San d’Oria) timeline to allow quest progression to the Cait Sith mission starter.
- The 1 game day timer has been removed from the Claws of the Griffon starter.
17 June Members Portal Updates
- The members portal now provides character information on Master Job levels, next available quest time, and active buffs.

Daily BCNMs Opened For All!
- Daily BCNMs now level sync players (equipped gear is synced) to the max level of the BCNM.
- With this, all max level BCNM restrictions have been removed. Players may participate (if meeting the minimum level) in each BCNM every day.
- Rewards are unchanged and still match the level range of the BCNM, not the player.
- New BCNMs coming soon!

Infrastructure Updates
- Several tweaks to database performance (indexes, optimizations, shards) to handle additional load created by players in large scale battles and/or cutscenes.
16 June Chains of Promathia
- Final walkthroughs of the CoP questline complete and all is functional.
- JP midnight wait times removed from all quests; however, “hour” waits remain.
14 June BLM Master Job Quests
- The first BLM master job quest is now available. Seek out an old magi to get started.

Updated loot variety and drop rates in BCNMs and Henge
- The loot received from doing daily BCNMs and The Henge content has been updated to include rare/ex and HQ crafted items from BCNMs and unique, prized items from higher tiers of The Henge.
- With the update, Rem’s Chapter and other tier pop items are no longer 100% drop rate from each fight at The Henge.

Gear Progression - Armor
- Vainrachault apologizes for handing out female dancer gear to both males and females. Male “enhanced” spandex is now properly returned when trading in artifact armor pieces (this doesn’t affect relic or empyrean).
13 June Gear Progression - Armor
- Vainrachault now has over 900+ recipes to upgrade your artifact, relic, and empyrean armors to their final forms.
12 June Client Version Update
- We’ve updated our client versions to the June 7, 2018 version (30180604_0).
- Please be sure you’ve updated your client as soon as possible so that dialogs align with the proper NPCs.

SoA Accessibility Project
- The SoA Accessibility Project is complete! All Adoulin zones are now accessible and traversable.
- For more information, please see the new SoA status page.

DSP Core Updates
- Crit Def Bonus traits applied to appropriate classes and levels.
- Fixes for Utsusemi:Ni and Utsusemi:San.

Members Portal Updates
- The Members Portal revamped with cleaner styles!
- Current and upcoming events are now listed when you log in.
- Job and level listings are now part of character profiles.
- When viewing an item, you can now see recent Auction House transactions (if there are any).

RDM Master Job Quest
- The Master Job mentor NPC has been moved to be a bit easier to find.
8 June SoA Accessibility Project
- All “Gates” zones are now fully functional.
5 June SoA Accessibility Project
- We’re working to wire up and make all of the Seekers of Adoulin zones fully accessible for the Master Job events and other custom content we have planned for Q3 2018. We’ve added this to our development roadmap. The roadmap also shows which and what functionalities are addressed in each zone.
- This will be a pretty heafty project over the next week or two. There’s a LOT of missing NPCs, broken IDs, and such to fix.
- Currently, all Adoulin outside areas, Cirdas Caverns, Ra’Kaznar Inner Court, and Ra’Kaznar Turris are fully functional. Gates, Outer Ra’Kaznar, and Rala Waterways in progress.

The BLM Master Job Quest starter is coming soon!

DSP Core Updates
- Various core DSP updates including Drachen Mail regens, a fix for grips/shields not unequipping when main hands are unequipped, and various item fixes.
4 June Members Portal Updates
- The members portal now has better item searching, monster searching, and item details pages.
- More updates coming soon, including master job status, job level status, and real-time auction house pricing!
3 June Armor Upgrades
- Vainrachault in the Celennia Memorial Library is almost ready to help you with your gear upgrades.
- A new ’tier’ system of armor upgrade unlocks are required. There are currently four tiers in total. Each unlock is only required once for that tier an unlocks several upgrades. See the armor progression page for details.
- At this time, not all armor is implemented, however, we’ll be adding every day.

- Abyssea Cruor Prospectors updated to properly sell the buff upgrades for cruor.

- Completing the Chocobo mount quest in Upper Jeuno now rewards the whistle and the /mount chocobo command (!mount is still fully functional though).

May 2018

date changes
30 May Version Update!
- We’re now updated to 30180427_4; please update your client appropriately.

New Renamer file available!
- Click here to go to the renamer info page and download the latest version.

RDM Master Job Quest #5 is available!
- This is the final quest (for now) in the red mage master job questline with some pretty nice rewards and a good challenge. Enjoy!

Misc updates
- The ability trait Daken is now operational.
- Furniture placement from mog safe 2 should work properly now.
- Quick Magic trait should be activate as expected (typo, whoops!)
- Several updates from DSP core and cleanups (the tabling will never end. =[ )
- The proper animation now fires when you earn a merit point!
- Fixed bug where shield/grip wouldn’t unequip when main hand was unequipped
- Swordplay and Spontaniety now have their proper, retail animations.
- !stats has been revamped to be easier to read and contain more stats (and more stats are coming!)
- /sitchair retail command is now functional; new chairs coming soon!
- Voidwatch Offices in Southern San d’Oria, Windurst Waters, and Bastok Markets should be updated to properly hand out their key items and award voidstones.
28 May New Renamer file available!
- Click here to go to the renamer info page and download the latest version.
- The renamer addon allows you to see the names of custom NPCs on Nocturnal Souls.

RDM Master Job Quest #4 is available!

Ra’kaznar Inner Court is fully traversable!
- We’ve got all of the teleports AND the doorways operational now. Other Adoulin zones coming soon!
27 May RDM Master Job Quest #3 is available!

Item augmentation - new tiers!
- Yefafa has learned tier 3 to tier 7 augment recipes. Read up on the available augment recipes.
- Tier 6 and higher now requires completion of the Rise of the Zilart expansion storyline.

Job enhancements
- White Mages now have the job trait Divine Benison, which works like retail.
- White Mages now have the job trait Shield Defense Bonus, which works like retail.

The Summoner starter quest (I Can Hear A Rainbow) now only requires 4 unique weather effects, not 7.
- It’s not like heat waves even exists sigh.

Updates from the DSP Core Project
- Teleport locations for a few zones fixed.
- Jeuno quest “Community Service” start and end times fixed.
- Lamian Fang Key in Caedarva Mire adjusted to work like retail.
- Quick Magic traits added in and should be operational.
- Bard starter quest and Song Runes (in Buburimu Pennsula) fixed.
- Misc. bug fixes and retail-focused tweaks.
26 May RDM Master Job Quest #2 is available!
- Head back to your favorite tinkering NPC to start the next RDM job master quest.

Adoulin Waypoints
- Adoulin and connected zone waypoints no longer take crystals for ‘points’, simply require a specific crystal type to teleport.
- Trade a single elemental crystal to teleport to the frontier station or one PLUS the # of the bivouac (e.g. #4 = trade 5 crystals).
- Internal Adoulin zones are not included (use the !tele adoulin command).

- !stats now includes your magic evasion bonus.
25 May Weapon skill changes!

- We’re in the process of revamping the unique changes we added to weapon skills due to conflicts with buffs. While adding enspells and other buffs sounded cool at first, it cancels the existing player buffs and overcomplicates the execution script to add-in every permutate of if/then check for job and buffs.
- Weapon skills will no longer provide enspell, regen, or refresh type abilities.
- Weapon skills will provide mods and buffs to the player and debuffs to the enemy when used.
- Check the weapon skills page for further updates over the next few days.
24 May Spell enhancements

- Crusade is now available and functional for Paladins. Rejoice in your enmity bonus!
- Blaze, Ice, and Shock Spikes now properly enhance their durations based on gear buffs.

**New servers!**We’ve added new servers and properly split our beta/development system from production. Fewer “typos in production” errors, we hope!
23 May Spell enhancements

- The following spells now support the duration extension of Composure and also have the same durations and normal enspells and spikes: Enlight, Endark, Repirsal, Dread Spikes.
- Haste, Haste II, and Hastega now have a 5 minute base duration.
- Signet, Sigil, and Sanction’s haste buff is now reduced to being equal to Haste. Haste II and Hastega will now override and are more powerful than the default buff.
- Haste II is about 2x as powerful as retail.
- The following spells now support the duration extension of Composure based on the CASTER’S buffs (not the target): All scholar -storm spells.

The first “master job” quest is available
- We’re creating unique quest lines, characters, and fights surrounding granting players the buffs and spells normally part of the Job Point and Master system in retail.
- The first of these is live: Red Mages can begin the quest “The Tinkering Master” by visiting their barfly friend.
- A full info page will be coming soon.
20 May Abyssea is unlocked!
While we have no plans (right now) to fully implement the three Abyssea scenario packs (considering most everyone hated Abyssea), we have reimplemented all zones of Abyssea and they’ll soon be playing a part in the empyrean weapon storyline we’re creating.
- To get started in Abyssea, speak with Joachim in Port Jeuno to receive your first traverser stone (and 1000 cruor) then speak with Horst to teleport to any of the Abyssea zone Maws.
- There’s no longer a timelimit in Abyssea zones.
- There’s no longer the elemental/weaponskill “procs”; drops for Atma and items are all random percentages (and favorable).
- Monsters ARE higher level than retail here–in the 100-125 level range. These are endgame zones now.
- As this zone is finalized, we’ll be adding a new page under Custom Content.
19 May CLIENT VERSION UPDATE: We’re now at client version 30180427_2. Please update your client accordingly as soon as possible.

Bug fixes and enhancements!

Updates from the DSP Core Project
- We’ve merged in the latest DSP and implemented the WSNMs from retail. These are optional storylines since you gain the weaponskills naturally by skill level on our server, but they’re there for those interested in doing them.
- Several updates to Paladin merits and traits are implemented to bring it more inline with retail.
- Updates for Gotoh Zha the Redolent (ZNM) for a proper skill/ability list.
- Thousands of spacing and renaming updates as the DSP tabling project continues. We’ll be testing everything to the extent of our abilities, but if you find something that isn’t working, please let a GM know.

Pet-class rework!
- As part of an ongoing project, we’re reworking summoner, beastmaster, and puppetmaster pets to be more playable at the lower levels (with the enhanced HP and stats of players and mobs) and more competitive at max level.
- Pets should now draw stats off of the main hand weapon (compared to the ammo slot used in retail); equipping an i119 weapon vs. a standard level 99 should show a tremendous improvement.
- Magic, Blood Pacts, and Commands all now hit a bit harder.
- We’re looking for people interested in playing these classes level 1 to 99 to help us evaluate; give a GM a shout if you’re interested.
18 May Updates to Reisenjima Henge!
- Ouryu is now ready for combat at The Reisenjima Henge and will offer a unique challenge.
- Several encounters are a bit more challenging now with new mechanics; however, general encounter level has been reduced to aid in landing spells and dealing with resists.
- We’re working on new encounters as well. Be sure to check out the Henge’s page for updates.

The Members Portal is now available!
- Visit, login with your account credentials for our server, and you can see your stats, fame, unstuck your character, see your currencies, and much more! We’ll be updated the update notes on that site too soon.
17 May Crazy amounts of updates!
- The !mount command now allows you to see your available mounts and store your preferred mount. Read here for more details.

The Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion storyline is now fully functional.
- There’s a few rough edges for two of the BCNMs, but they all work, progress, and you can do the entire storyline!

- The regen/refresh/regain effects of the city buffs have been toned down a bit. It’s a buff, not immortality.
- There’s now a !getls command to retrieve a linkshell if you don’t have one.
- Trystol now provides you with your relic and empyrean base armor sets (for a price).
- Advanced jobs that weren’t available at the min level of 15 now work properly.
- Several fixes to smooth out progression of the Rise of the Zilart expansion.
- Daily BCNMs now have a random jackpot for extra alexandrite and tanzanite jewels.
- Makel-Pakel now provides you with your daily BCNM timers and, if you trade him some gil, will teleport you to them.
9 May - A new !stats command to show you the hidden effects of your gearset. Read here for more details.
- The !store has been renamed !shop (because it’s shorter… and I’m lazy) and now has several new features. Read here for more details.
7 May Daily BCNMs are here!
- Daily BCNMs are available for players level 10 to 99 and targeted at level 20, 40, 60, 80, and 99 (so level 10 players in the level 20 might have a tough time.)
- Each BCNM can be entered once a day by 1 to 3 players.
- BCNMs provide rare/ex loot, currency, and experience points.
- Click here to read the overview.
3 May The Reisenjima Henge is now active!
- Reisenjima Henge (The Henge) can be accessed by speaking with the Beastiary book in the Celennia Memorial Library.
- The content is intended for endgame players looking to upgrade their artifact and empyrean armor sets to the max and requires a completed mythic weapon.
- There are currently 16 unique encounters.
- Click here to read the overview.
1 May Hestefa in the Celennia Memorial Library can now provide you with base artifact armor for players level 50 and above.

Daily hunts now provide a random amount of alexandrite and tanzanite jewels on completion.

April 2018

date changes
30 April Lots of updates!

BLM: Now has Elemental Celerity and Occult Acumen traits (Cascade coming soon!)

FIX: Tartarus Torper is now properly an AOE weaponskill.

Celennia Memorial Library is now active!
- The library is the central “hub” for our server and provides access to the vendors, augment NPCs, and other events. Type !relax to visit.

Custom Augments NPC moved and enhanced!
- The Custom Augment NPC is now Yefefe in the Celennia Memorial Library. Talk to her to augment your weapons and armor.
- Click here to read the requirements for augmentation.
29 April ZNMs are now active!
- ZNMs updated. Visit Ryo and Sanraku in Whitegate to participate!
- This also means you can get your Mythic weapon starters!
- Updated sanction, sigil, and signet’s regain and haste to be a bit lower so that they wouldn’t override ACTUAL spell benefits.
- Reduced weapon skill power from 2.5x to 2.0x; adjustments made to base stats more than compensate.
28 April Several HNMs have gotten a bit of a buff. >=]

Updated relic, mythic, empyrean, and quested/NM weaponskills to unlock at appropriate skill levels. Read here for more details.

Incorporated a boatload of updates from the DSP root, including retabling all of the variables. Things might be broke, but shouldn’t be… please let a GM know if you find something.
27 April Bug Fixes
- Updated missing loot tables from several custom content encounters (whoops!)
- Uriel Blade and Glory Slash are now proper AOEs (and Glory Blade actually inflicts damage).

Updated drop rate on seals to be much more frequent (these will become gear progression/augment currency soon).

Several backend performance tweaks.
26 April Tweaked Legion Code
- Removed Legion-based spell enhancements (we’re going to focus on our own); however, left the few enhanced Blue Magic spells they had.

We’ve wiped all spell lists to ensure the IDs are working. Use !addallspells or contract a GM to refresh your list. Click here to view the full ingame spell list.
26 April Level 75 relic starter weapons now available from Magian Master.
- Get more details here.

Some housekeeping:
- New characters now receive the NocturnalSouls linkshell on joining.
25 April Relic and mythic weapon trials are now operational
- Get more information here.
25 April Enhanced abilities for classes:
- BLM/WHM: Spontaneity 🆕
- SAM: Chakra 🆕
21 April New content:
- Merged in LegionDark code for Wonder NMs, updated high levels in Abyssea, and level 100+ open world mobs.
20 April Updates to crafting and guild shops:
-Reduced skill-up XP gain to be based on skill-up amount, capping at 900xp (0.9 skill-up).
-Guild shops no longer close or have holidays.
20 April Update the 99/99 subjob cap to only apply to players, not to enemies.
18 April Bump the regen effects of signet/sigil/sanction to +10hp * level to compensate for much larger HP pool
17 April Added custom weaponskills starter progress.
14 April Enhanced abilities for classes:
- SAM/NIN/RDM: Swordplay 🆕
- THF: Added Dual Wield I to V starting at level 20
- DNC: Added Dual Wield V at 99
6 April Enhanced abilities for classes:
- SAM: Meditate (added regen)
- Phalanx (shield bonus)
5 April Added preliminary daily hunt system! Read more here.

March 2018

date changes
29 March FIX:
- PLD: Fix paladin job quest not adhering to the level 15 job requirement.
Check out the Why Nocturnal Souls for a gist of everything about us!