Content Progression - A Player's Guide


Nocturnal Souls is home to a constantly evolving, custom take on the Final Fantasy XI experience. Here we have tailored the environment towards a solo and small party friendly experience. Most casual content is balanced to be successful for an alert, well-prepared, tier-appropriate geared solo player. Later game content is balanced to be moderately to extremely challenging solo, but manageable when teaming up with additional adventurers.

If you are just arriving at Nocturnal Souls, we highly recommend reviewing our Wiki as well as our Overview Page to get a taste of the unique customizations, custom content, and quality of life adjustments that await.

Seriously, though, go give it a read. We’ll wait. OK, excited now?! Great, let’s get started!

Many players new to Nocturnal Souls find themselves lost in the sea of “What should I do First?” or “What should I do Next?”. If you are a brand new player on Nocturnal Souls, this guide will help by serving as a road map to our content, including recommendations for minimum gear, gear set examples, augments etc to help you along the way.

Table of Contents:

  1. Fresh out of the Gates - I want to be an Adventurer!

  2. Post AQ - Congratulations, you’re an Adventurer! Now What?!?

  3. First Tier Content - The First Tier of End Game Content

  4. Second Tier Content - The Second Tier of End Game Content

  5. Third Tier Content - The (🎡Magic Number🎡) of End Game Content

  6. Fourth Tier Content - Seasoned Veteran, have Sword, will travel

  7. Heroics Content - Heroics and Beyond

  8. Addendum - Side Quests, etcetera

Fresh out of the Gates

Congratulations and Thank You for choosing Nocturnal Souls for your adventures in Vana’diel! This section will help you with your first steps in the world, providing tips and tricks along the way.

Read the New Player Guide

While this guide strives to be complete, we aren’t setting out to reinvent the wheel. If you are brand new to Nocturnal Souls (or Final Fantasy XI in general), we encourage you to read through the New Player Guide first. While we’ll be covering some of the material in this guide, please consider using it as a resource too.

Level a Main and Support Job to 99

This step is pretty self explanatory. Nocturnal Souls offers a custom take on FFXI in many ways, the first of which is allowing for both your main and support jobs (subjob) to be level 99. This creates the opportunity for tons of combinations to explore. Very commonly players will “leapfrog” their first two jobs up to help keep their main and subjob in sync. This is a great time to take advantage of our custom EXP menu !gotoexp which will give you level appropriate EXP camp suggestions.


As an example you can level Red Mage (RDM) to 10, then change jobs to Black Mage (BLM), setting your subjob to RDM. This will allow your subjob to stay in sync with your main until you get past level 10. Swapping back and forth between the two will help keep your character optimized as you progress.

As you level up, feel free to make use of the Auction House to buy and sell back gear as you progress, take advantage of Daily Hunts, and, if you happen to be online for the 20th of the month, take advantage of our Monthly Server Celebration which grants additional bonuses every time you level up.

Additionally, we have a custom introductory system called Adventure Quest which is designed to offer new content as you reach certain stages. Read on Adventurer!

Progress through Adventure Quest

A custom Adventure Quest is available to help introduce first time adventurers to some of the systems within Final Fantasy XI, prompts them to travel to different areas, and take part in custom content along the way. The Quest will grant you Job and Quest Level specific rewards, as well as help introduce you to using the unique systems here at Nocturnal Souls as you progress through the story.


Keep in mind which job you have active when completing each part of the Adventure Quest, rewards are job specific. Additionally we recommend that you keep all the gear which you obtain during the Adventure Quest. You may find it useful sooner than you realize!

Complete your Home Nation Missions to Rank 10

Part of the original game content from Final Fantasy XI, the Three Nations have their corresponding Missions wired up and ready to introduce players to the lore of Vana’diel through a mixture of travel, storytelling, and combat.

All players are required to complete the Nation Missions in order to open access to additional content in the game, though how you decide to approach it is up to you. For example, if you want to tackle each mission as soon as your character is strong enough to do so, feel free. Alternately, players can attempt them after reaching level 99, which makes most of the combat content trivial to complete. The choice is yours!

Progress through and eventually complete RoZ/CoP/ToAU

Players returning to FFXI from previous experiences in Retail or Private Servers will be happy to hear that Mission Fast Tracks are Available for RoZ, CoP, and ToAU.


Fast Tracks are available as either a shortcut to complete the story content OR as a reward for completing the story content. If you decide to do the content in it’s entirety, you can visit each respective Fast Track NPCs to claim a reward. As an example, some adventurers prefer to quest through the Rise of the Zilart Missions, and use the reward it grants to finance the fast track through Chains of Promathia.


One additional thing to keep in mind, some of our End Game content does require completion of the story lines before you are able to participate in the respective event.

Expansion Limbus Reisenjima Henge Dynamis Divergence Heroics Master Job Quests
Rise of the Zilart βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ…
Chains of Promathia βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ… βœ…
Treasures of Aht Urhgan βœ… βœ…

Take advantage of Daily Hunts

Daily Hunts are Nocturnal Souls take on a rotating target system. Players who are familiar with Records of Eminence in Retail may already be familiar with objectives that change throughout the course of your adventuring day.

At Nocturnal Souls, no extra menus are required. Simply type !hunts into your chat bar, and you’ll see the status of current family of targets. Defeating a set number of level appropriate mobs (no less than 6 levels lower and no more than 20 levels higher than your level) will grant you additional rewards each time you reach the goal, and will automatically repeat until the end time is reached and a new hunt begins!

Start the prerequisites for the Heroics System

While players haven’t yet begun unlocking the Heroics System, many of the Coalition Requirements can already be completed. Players who are looking to aggressively participate in Heroics content can do so by completing these requirements early on.

Post AQ99

The Zero Tier. Congratulations, you’re now a seasoned Adventurer! You’ve got the hang of the basics, your main and subjobs are 99, and you’ve completed the Adventure Quest with Trystol. Awesome…. now what? Well, we’ve got a few recommendations for what to do next!

Participate in the Daily BCNMs

Dailies! Hot off the press! GETCHER DAILIES! While every seasoned MMO Veteran knows this term, if you’re new to MMOs in general, the concept of Dailies might be confusing.

Dailies are content that reset every day to allow you to take on the challenge again and again (and again). Nocturnal Souls offers multiple Daily BCNMs which players will have unlocked during the Adventure Quest, and now you get to take advantage of them. These BCNMs have no entry cost, are level capped, and reward the player with pre-augmented gear to aid in your adventure.

Level Cap BCNM Details
20 DB20 - A Feast Most Dire
50 DB50 - The V Formation
80 DB80 - Kindred Spirits
99 DB99 - Solitary Demolisher

Additionally, as the seasons change, so too do new seasonal BCNMs arrive and depart. We offer Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter themed events and corresponding seasonal BCNMs with custom content. Check the Nocturnal Souls Update Notes regularly for news of their comings and goings!

Round out your Merits

Final Fantasy XI introduced a “Merit” system back when the level cap was 75. Effectively, this allowed players to further develop their character beyond level 75.

While the level cap has since been increased to 99, and is further expanded by Item Level equipment, Merits are still very important and should not be overlooked.

We highly recommend you spend some time getting more familiar with your job and improve it’s capabilities by meriting. Merit Points are obtained by gaining Limit Points just like Levels are gained by gaining Experience Points. Limit Points are automatically obtained when you reach the Experience Point Cap or may be enabled manually at any time after you reach level 75. Once again, we encourage you to use the Daily Hunts which will help tremendously with this.

Build up Currencies

Through the course of meriting, doing Daily BCNMs, and other activities you will end up farming currencies (including Gil) to eventually upgrade your Adventure Quest Augmented AF sets to ilvl 119 Armor.

Build Your First Augmented Gear Sets

Players who are coming to Final Fantasy XI from other MMOs such as WOW or FFXIV may not be familiar with the concept of Horizontal Gear Progression or the concept of Gear Sets in general. As such, we’ll devote a little space to explore this concept.

In most other MMOs, it’s common to to tackle content until you have the “Best In Slot” item and wear it all the time once you have it. Conversely, Final Fantasy XI encourages the player to seek out many different types of equipment which can be utilized for different situations. Most MMOs are designed to have you pick or equip one set of gear before engaging in a Dungeon Raid, but FFXI lets you change gear on the fly, which opens the doors to plenty of opportunity to MIN/MAX.

Essentially, FFXI End Game offers you not just one Sword or Body Armor to seek out, but many different types which can each be used in different situations or purposes. For example, you may want a set of gear which helps you suffer less magic damage from your enemies or, conversely, CAUSE more magic damage to your enemies. Additionally, here at Nocturnal Souls we also offer a completely Custom Augment System that allows you to further customize and maximize your gear.

By the time you finish AQ, Tiers 0/1/2/3 are already available, which opens up may options for further customization of your gear and gear sets. We won’t get off into the weeds explaining all the possibilities, but you’ll find additional detail and recommendations further on in the Guide.


Nocturnal Souls builds most of its content around the expectation that the player will augment their gear to maximize its potential. Each piece of gear can hold 4 augment slots (e.g. 3x Aqua Geode would be one augment slot).

  • Finding a common set of defensive accessories to augment with MDB will help you survive fights like the Post-AQ99 BCNM.
  • Be sure to use the Member Portal to search for things like Rings or Belts that can be shared across multiple Jobs to get the most mileage out of your augment materials.

Additional Content Available to New Level 99 Adventurers

The following are available, and while they are optional at this stage to newly Level 99 Adventurers, they are all Highly recommended:

First Tier Content

Welcome to the First Tier of End Game Content! Content at this tier is designed to acclimate players to the End Game experience.

First Tier Requirements

  • All: Completion of Adventure Quest
  • Limbus Only: Completion of Chains of Promathia in addition to completion of the Adventure Quest
  • Weapon: ilvl 117 Weapon (or better)
  • Armor: AQ90 Augmented Armor (or better)
  • Medicines from !shop 1

Delve Field NMs

The Delve Field NMs are open world accessible encounters which can be initiated using triggers available from nearby standard EXP mobs.

Delve is designed to introduce players to additional combat mechanics. Most encounters follow the same mechanics outlined in Retail Encounters so reading up on how certain monsters behave before engaging will help tip the scales in your favor. These encounters will grant you ilvl Weapons, Armor, and Accessories. Players will also be able to obtain Tier 4 Augment Materials upon defeating Delve Field mobs.


In addition to Equipment and augments, these encounters also drop triggers for Delve Fractures, and Bayld (both of which will be useful later).

The Halls of Legion - An/Ki/Im/Muru

Your initial journey through the first 4 Halls of Legion will grant you ilvl Armor, Accessories, and Upgrade Currency for your Artifact, Relic, and Empyrean Armor Sets. Legion allows for up to a full alliance per instance. Solo players will find the first 4 floors progressively more challenging, with the Final Hall becoming more manageable once players have a full set of at least ilvl 119 gear.

Wildskeeper Reives

Wildskeeper Reives are also the first Chapter of The Adventurer Chronicles. Players will be able to put all the Bayld they’ve obtained thus far challenging the Delve Field NMs to good use. Each fight will take place in an isolated battlefield facing the Wild Ulbukan Naakuals on their home turf. Players who have soloed content up until now may find that duoing or grouping up will significantly increase the odds of success for this content. Players at this tier will potentially have their first taste of mandatory crowd control. One additional note, loot in these encounters is granted via Treasure Coffer after completing the instance, so there is no down side to grouping up.


Similar to Wildskeeper Reives in Retail, players will face not only the Naakual but swarms of native mobs. Having a party member who is capable of managing adds will greatly improve your odds at succeeding.

Limbus Lower Floors

Limbus has been customized at Nocturnal Souls to provide upgrade items to create the Armor Sets which are available through Ambuscade in Retail. The lower floors will grant you upgrade items and currency for Ambuscade 119/+1 gear. As with Delve, this content follows the same mechanics outlined in Retail Encounters. Solo players engaging in this content with the recommended minimum gear will find the lower floors to be accessible for farming upgrade materials. Completing a full instance may prove to be challenging with the minimum gear, with the Boss tier becoming manageable once players have a full set of at least ilvl 119 gear.


Improving Your Odds: Limbus is positioned to allow players to initially farm base materials to get their gear to ilvl 119. As the player gets more and more ilvl 119 gear in their arsenal (with Delve, Legion, Limbus, Daily Hunts for AF1/2/3 119, all contributing to this), the content will become more and more manageable.

Voidwatch Cities

The Voidwatch 3 City Paths (Sandy/Bastok/Windy) prior to each respective city bosses are a good place to start for players. This will grant you access to teleport to distant places, and begin to open access required for later content. Players will find the content prior to the Boss Tier to be manageable with a mixture of ilvl and non-ilvl gear, with the City Bosses potentially becoming manageable in a party setting once they have a full set of ilvl 119 gear, but more likely only once they have Second Tier Recommended Gear.


Dealing with new mechanics: With Voidwatch, you will start to encounter mobs which use troublesome mechanics, such as the spell Death, which can be countered (with luck) by blinking the spell with Blink / Occultation, or via Utsusemi.

Relic and Mythic Weapons

You’ll find that the next tier of content requires that you have completed a Relic and Mythic to their 119v3 versions. So if you have not done so already, the time has come to complete your first Relic Weapon 119v3 and Mythic Weapon 119v3. Once again, teaming up with friends or members of the Community Linkshell will help speed this along.

Second Tier Content

Congratulations, you’ve arrived at the Second Tier of End Game Content!!

Second Tier Requirements:

  • All Previous First Tier Requirements
  • A Completed Mythic Weapon to 119v3
  • All: Complete the RoTZ and CoP Missions
  • Henge: Complete the RoTZ, CoP, and ToAU Missions
  • Weapon: Relic/Mythic 119v3
  • Armor: ilvl 119 at +1 rating or better, e.g. Anchorite 119 +1 Set (preferably with augments)

Heroics Coalition Assignments

By now you’ve probably unlocked Heroics. The 5 primary coalitions of Adoulin will offer up assignments to adventurers who meet their varied requirements. Successful completion of each assignment will grant the player completed Heroics Missions and Infamy, which are used to increase your Heroics Rank. In addition to to receiving completed Missions and Infamy, certain coalitions will also reward the player with Bayld upon completing tasks.


Players can maximize their participation in the Couriers Coalition by having multiple crafts at Veteran rank or above. Dutiful players will find that doing so will be beneficial, not only now, but also in the future.

The Halls of Legion (Mul)

Players should now be well equipped and ready to take on the final hall of Legion, Mul. The final hall holds two mobs which you haven’t likely encountered in your adventures just yet. The Legion System encourages players to team up for success, so don’t be afraid to ask for help in Linkshell if you want it. Completing the Hall of Mul will also satisfy a title requirement for the Empyrean Weapon Quest line.

Limbus Arch-Ultima / Arch-Omega

The Final Tier of Temenos/Apollyon grants you the unique items to upgrade your Ambuscade Gear to 119 +2. Now that your gear is in better shape, the bosses should be much more manageable, allowing you to upgrade your gear to the +2 versions!

The Adventurer Chronicles

The Adventurer Chronicles are a continuation of sorts of the Adventure Quest. Players are able to begin the first steps of this quest line at this content Tier. Each successful tier of the Adventurer Chronicles that is completed will increase the players “calculated level” which works in a similar fashion as the levels above 99 that Item Levels provide.


Example: A player in 5/5 ilvl 119 Armor, with an ilvl 119 Weapon functions as if they were level 119. A player in this same gear who has completed the first stage of the Adventurer Chronicles, will function as if they were level 120 (119 from gear +1 “Content Level” from Adventurer Chronicles.).

Voidwatch Jeuno and Beyond

Players should now be able to take on Bosses at the end of each City leg and quest your way through the First 3 stages of Voidwatch Jeuno, with well prepared adventurers possibly able to push even further through the Voidwatch Story line. Don’t forget to consult our Wiki for details on flagging and progressing through the missions.


Beginning at Voidwatch Jeuno Tier 1, players will be able to obtain Rusted Coins which are required for the Armor Upgrade Unlock process.

Henge Tiers 1 and 2

The Reisenjima Henge was some of the first custom End Game content developed for Nocturnal Souls. Players should be ready to take on Tier 1 and 2 to obtain currencies required to upgrade their Artifact Armor (AF1) from 119 +1 to 119 +2. Content is designed to be tackled solo by well-prepared players. Players will be able to obtain Beastmens Medals which are required for the Armor Upgrade Unlock process.


Upon defeating each encounter in Reisenjima Henge, players will receive “personal” loot rewards along with occasional party loot. Since the rewards in Reisenjima Henge are primarily personal loot, the content is well positioned to allow groups of up to one full alliance to participate at the same time with everyone benefiting simultaneously.

Delve Fracture Encounters

The Delve Fracture Encounters feature challenging Boss Tier Fights which are initiated using the trophies you obtained from Delve Field NMs. Well-prepared Solo players will find the content to be more challenging than the prior Field NMs. As with other content at this tier, teaming up with friends is highly encouraged to make these encounters more manageable.

Empyrean Weapons

Empyrean Weapons are (currently) the highest tier of Weapon available at Nocturnal Souls. Players are encouraged to build out an Empyrean weapon for their main job at this tier. In contrast to the Relic and Mythic weapons before them, Empyrean weapons will require more time and effort, especially for a solo player. That said, the time complete an Empyrean Weapon to 119v3 is, once again, a much smaller time investment when compared to Retail.

There are multiple ways to obtain upgrade currency, please check the Wiki Page for details.

Dynamis Divergence Phase 1

Dynamis Divergence was first introduced at Nocturnal Souls in September of 2019 as an all new End Game Content. Since it’s release, it has been balanced to allow well prepared Solo Players to begin farming the standard mobs for basic upgrade items and currency.

Solo players are encouraged to be well versed in crowd control, have a well designed “Turtle” set, and have multiple forms of re-raise ready. Players may find teaming up in small parties to be a more successful strategy.

Additionally, while Dynamis Divergence becomes available at this tier, only the first city (San d’Oria) is initially available. Subsequent areas will require completion of a progressive zone win, which may prove very challenging at this point. This is a great opportunity to begin organizing events/runs with friends and the Community Linkshell.


Players will be able to obtain Rusted ID Cards which are required for the Armor Upgrade Unlock process.

Third Tier Content

Three is a magic number. The Third tier of content is equally magical. Here you’ll obtain currency to upgrade your Artifact (AF1) and Relic (AF2) gear to their +3 variants.

Third Tier Requirements:

  • Weapon: Empyrean 119v3
  • Armor: Fully Augmented Artifact (AF1), Relic (AF2), or Similar Armor sets at ilvl 119+2 or above, e.g. Mummu 119 +2 Set

Henge Tiers 3 and 4

The next two tiers of The Reisenjima Henge will provide most of the materials required for your Artifact (AF1) 119 +3 Upgrades. As with prior tiers of Henge, teaming up in groups as large as an Alliance will help speed things along with everyone finding it mutually beneficial.

Players getting ready to turn in their upgrade will find one particular ingredient is missing. It’s obtained from…

The Post-AQ99 BCNM

The Post-AQ99 BCNM is a Solo-only instanced BCNM version of the final chapter of the Adventurer Quest Mission. After all the preceding content which has been open and inclusive allowing versatility to approach it solo or group-wise, the Post-AQ99 BCNM challenges the player to one-on-one solo combat, reminiscent of attempting the 75-era Maat Limit Break fight for the first time. Players will need to plan ahead and are suggested to bring a Turtle / Magic Defense set to help withstand some of the attacks initiated in the BCNM. Successful completion of the Post-AQ99 BCNM will reward the player with a Wolfram Steel Ingot which is also used for the Armor Upgrade Unlock process.

Voidwatch Zilart

Players should now have successfully completed Voidwatch Jeuno 1-6. Zilart Tier 1 is broken into two paths, Elshimo and Kuzotz. Players should take special care to follow the steps listed on our Wiki to avoid missing steps.

As with previous Voidwatch tiers, progressing through Zilart will open new Voidwatch Warp destinations, and allow you to pop mobs for Empyrean Weapon upgrade Currency that are better suited to large groups.

Dynamis Divergence Phase 2

Players ready to upgrade their Relic (AF2) gear to the 119 +3 version will be eager to take on Dynamis Divergence Phase 2/3. This content is tuned in favor of well geared small party groups or larger. Inexperienced players may be more successful in larger groups until they are comfortable with the mechanics of these encounters.

Fourth Tier Content

The Fourth Tier represents the last tier of content before reaching Heroics. Here you will find additional challenges and rewards to round out your gear.

Fourth Tier Requirements:

Henge Tiers 5 and 6

The Final two Tiers of Reisenjima Henge offer challenging encounters with unique and coveted items to continue to enhance your gear sets.

Voidwatch Tavnazia and ToAU

At last, you have arrived at the Final chapters of Voidwatch currently available. As with the Zilart Tier before it, Tavnazia and ToAU open access to mobs which provide Empyrean Weapon upgrade Currency which are well suited to large groups.

While this tier of Voidwatch content is the furthest that is currently available, we have plans for the Voidwatch Finale in the future. Stay Tuned!

Adventurer Chronicles 2 Through 4

The Adventurer Chronicles have progressively become more and more challenging content as you progress through the content at Nocturnal Souls. At this stage you should be able to attempt Stages 2-4 as they all are from content you have attempted so far (e.g. Henge Tier 4, 5, and 6, Voidwatch Campaign, etc). Keep in mind that with each sucessful completion of a Chronicles Stage, your “Content Level” will also increase, helping make future content more managaable.

Dynamis Divergence Phase 3

Players should now be in a better position to take on Dynamis Divergence Zone Clears, and by extension fully upgrade their their Relic (AF2) gear to the 119 +3 version. As a reminder, this content is tuned in favor of well geared small party groups or larger.


Completion of Chronicles Chapter 5 is contingent on defeating each of the zone bosses and disjointed in all 4 Dynamis Divergence zones.

Heroics Content

Congratulations! You’ve worked your way through all Four tiers of Standard End Game Content. Welcome to Heroics!

Heroics Requirements

  • Weapon: Empyrean
  • Armor Multiple Fully Augmented ilvl 119+3 sets

The Heroics System

The Heroics System is custom End Game content developed in house by the Nocturnal Souls Development Team. The system offers multiple options for passive Empowerment Buffs as the player gains ranks, and access to increasingly challenging areas. Players attempting Heroics content should have a firm grasp on the game, and have multiple conditional gear sets. The bar will go up with each new zone, starting with…

Heroics - Escha Zi’Tah

Escha Zi’Tah is the first Heroics-only zone you will encounter and becomes available to players at Heroics Rank 4. Players will find that the content here is balanced towards party-based play. Well equipped solo players should be capable of taking on most Tier 1 content, with increasing difficulty through each additional Tier. Players will find unique high-tier augments and accessories, to say nothing of a few persnickety mobs along the way.

Heroics - Reisenjima

After reaching Heroics Rank 6, players may attempt Reisenjima. Once more, players will find themselves pitted against content aimed at party-based play. Teamwork, Coordination, and familiarity with the content will help players face the challenges in Reisenjima.


Players are advised to make progress through the Adventurer Chronicles in conjunction with advancing their Heroics Rank, completing as much of each as possible. With each sucessful completion of a Chronicles Stage, your “Content Level” will also increase, helping make future content more managaable.

Heroics - Escha Ru’Aun

Escha Ru’Aun becomes available when players reach Heroics Rank 8. While the Heroic Empowerments become more and more potent as you gain more Heroic Ranks, you’ll need every little bit that they afford. Escha Ru’Aun rewards hold a new class of unique gear sets, available through the use of Abjurations and player crafted Vexed/Bewitched/etc gear. Players who took the time to level up their crafts previously will be in a good position to attempt High-Quality versions of these materials.

Adventurer Chronicles 6 Through 10

The Adventurer Chronicles Stage 6 through 10 continue to align directly with completing content you’ve undertaken during your progression. See the Chronicles page for details on how to complete each stage.

Heroics - Reisenjima - Sanctorium

Reisenjima Sanctorium

The Grand Finale of the Heroics Storyline! Content at this tier is designed to be attempted in a party setting and has unique mechanics and challenges. Players will need to gather triggers from the previous Heroics zones in order to enter these instanced encounters. While the bar is set very high, the rewards are equally amazing.


Side Quests, Player Buffs, Benefits, Etcetera

Crafting and Synergy

Crafting is often overlooked in our community. In a community where players rapidly discover that Gil typically is less valuable than the basket it’s carried in, why would anyone level up a craft? Especially since most gear worth anything in the post-75 era is EX. Nocturnal Souls has a few systems which encourage players to level up their crafting skills.

  • Certain Hexed/Vexed/Jinxed/etc gear can only be crafted, and by extension, the completed Abjuration Bodies can only be obtained if their materials are crafted.
  • Synergy in particular is very useful in upgrading items from NQ to HQ as well as crafting certain gear and Empyrean Weapon upgrade items.
  • Future updates will bring additional recipes and ways to bolster crafting.

New Game Plus

Rumor has it that New Game Plus started as a joke before it evolved into a full blown beloved system. Players who enjoy the Experience Point grind will be right at home leveling their jobs over and over (and over). With each completed climb (and reset) to all 20 jobs at 99, the experience point penalty grows along with the players passive stats.

Master Job Quests

Nocturnal Souls custom Master Job Quests is work in progress, which provides extra oomph for your favorite jobs.

Seasonal BCNMs

Seasonal BCNMs, like the Daily BCNMs, offers seasonal themed pre-augmented gear. While the BCNMs are available year round, certain rewards only are available “in-season”.

Example Gear Sets

Final Fantasy XI (in the 75-era in particular) is all about Horizontal Progression. Players would reach level 75, and have access to multiple End Game content which dropped niche gear to help round out different types of equipment sets. The concept of seeking additional gear to round out multiple sets of gear not only lives on in the ilvl era, but is further enhanced by Nocturnal Souls own Custom Augment System!

Here are a few example gear sets that players should plan on building:

Basic Sets:

  • Defensive: A Defensive Oriented Gear Set (aka the Turtle Set)
  • Idle: The Defensive Set modified to include equipment with things like +Movement Speed and Passive Regen/Refresh
  • Standard TP: An Offense Oriented Gear Set that you equip to maximize your TP building phase
  • Fast Cast: Used during pre-cast to reduce the amount of time it takes to cast a spell
  • Magic Accuracy/Magic Attack: For Melee jobs, having a Magic Accuracy set is helpful for Melee mains to land Debuffs/etc. For Mage Jobs, your bread and butter to increase damage output.

Advanced Sets:

  • Standard Physical Weapon Skill: Gear that helps enhance Weapon Skill Damage output.
  • Modified Physical Weapon Skill: Modifies the Standard Physical Weapon Skill set by swapping in gear/mods for niche WS (e.g. Critical Hit Rate+ or Critical Hit Damage+ for Crit WS).
  • Standard Magic Weapon Skill: Magic Weapon Skills function differently than Physical WS, so having a gear set specifically for Magic Weapon Skills is very helpful.

As an example, one basic set you’ll likely want to take advantage of immediately, is the Fastcast Set.

This is a gear set which will let you spend less time casting your spells, which in turn makes it less likely that your spells get interrupted, and allows you to move on to doing other things (like casting more spells!). It is also the easiest to build for a few reasons:

  • The gear only needs to be on just before you begin casting your spell to decrease spell casting time.
  • You can use inexpensive gear equip-able by all jobs from the Auction House to apply the augments.
  • This flexibility means that you can reuse this same set of gear across all of your jobs, further expanding it’s utility.

We recommend making use of tools like Ashitacast to facilitate automatically changing gear depending on the current action your player is taking.

New to Ashitacast? Guides are available elsewhere on the Internet. Webjester also shares a repository with our community of example configuration files to help you along the way.

Closing Notes

Thank you for taking the time to read through our Content Progression Guide! We hope you have found it useful. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to reach out to us on Discord in #ffxi_general. See you in game!