Dynamis Divergence


Our custom Dynamis Divergence provides players a fast-paced, challenging Dynamis experience.

Dynamis Divergence allows players to upgrade their Reforged Relic armor up to its maximum, create and craft job specific neck pieces, and build unique Divergence weapons.

Dynamis Divergence has the same relative difficulty requirements as Reisenjima Henge; however, where Reisenjima Henge pits players against a single or small group of high level monsters, Dynamis Divergence’s challenge lies in management of large pulls and quantity of lower powered monsters.

Getting Started

Players can get started with Dynamis Divergence with the following requirements:

  • Level 99 main job and sub job
  • Full completion of at least one i119 mythic weapon.
  • Completion of the Rise of Zilart expansion.
  • Completion of the Chains of Promathia expansion.

To unlock access, players will need to acquire the following and trade it to Aurix in Ru’Lude Gardens (G-8) through the dimensional veil.

  • 20x 100 Byne Bills
  • 20x M. Silverpieces
  • 20x L. Jadestones

On trade to Aurix, players will receive an Empty Hourglass key item and have access to Dynamis - San d’Oria [D].

Access to additional Divergence zones requires completing the prior zone:

Dynamis - San d'Oria [D] ➡️ Dynamis - Bastok [D] ➡️️ Dynamis - Windurst [D] ➡️ Dynamis - Jeuno [D]


  • Zone Duration: 2 Hours
  • Zone Lockout: 36 Hours

Players are permitted two hours in the zone upon entry. Leaving the zone will cause players to be immediately locked out–so be careful with those revives!

After two hours, players are exited from the zone and can re-enter in 36 hours.

Each Dynamis Divergence zone has its own lockout–players can explore Dynamis - San d’Oria [D] and Dynamis - Windurst [D] within the same 36 hour period.

Battle Strategy

Divergence zone progression is broken into three phases. Participants will move the zone phase to phase based on what bosses have been defeated.


Phase 1

Phase 1 is the default phase of the zone. No bosses have been defeated or are in progress and monsters are at their base level of stats and aggro ranges.

Players will fight Statues to spawn Squadrons and Regiments. These mobs have the potential to spawn Commanders. Commanders will potentially drop one of five Fiendish Tomb pages to spawn the mid boss. Players will need all have all five pages to spawn the mid boss.

Phase 2

Phase 2 starts once players have defeated the zone mid boss (the large tombstone). The mid boss has a 100% chance to drop the 6th Fiendish Tomb page used to spawn the mega boss.

During this time, all monsters have enhanced stats and a slightly larger aggro ranges.

Phase 3

Phase 3 starts once participants defeat the mega boss and prepare to defeat the Disjointed. The mega boss has a 100% chance to drop the Fiendish Tomb page used to spawn the Disjointed encounter.

During this phase, eight (8) Elemental Tethers are scattered throughout the zone as part of the Disjointed encounter.


It is optional to defeat these Elemental Tethers, however, for each tether defeated, the Disjointed will lose 10% of its damage resistance (aka: without defeating any, it has -80% damage taken from all sources). This is a race against time balance defeating the tethers with having enough time to defeat the Disjointed.

Once the Disjointed is spawned, the tethers are absorbed and the Disjointed’s resistances cannot be altered.

When players defeat the Disjointed or the Disjointed despawns (due to wipe or inactivity), the zone will downgrade to Phase 1.

Mid, Mega, and Disjointed Bosses will despawn after being unclaimed for five minutes.


Drops in Divergence are made up of three parts: shards, void patterns, and materials. Each zone drops a unique armor piece as well and all zones have the potential to drop chest shards and patterns. Drops are, for non-boss mobs, job specific. For example, a Dragoon-type monster will drop dragoon shards and patterns.

ZoneArmor PieceNeck PiecesMaterials
San d’Oria [D]FeetNodawa
Plovid Flesh
Relic Adaman
Hades Claw
Bastok [D]HandsNecklace
Macuil Plating
Relic Adaman
Hades Claw
Windurst [D]HeadTorque
Defiant Scarf
Relic Adaman
Hades Claw
Jeuno [D]LegsCharmTartarian Soul
Relic Adaman
Hades Claw

In addition, each zone drops a unique Volte set and all Disjointed bosses drop the highly-prized Volte Jupon set (the all jobs TH set). NOTE: We decided to leave the enchantments off of the chest armors as they are of low value and would prevent players from augmenting the items.


Dynamis - San d’Oria [D]

Players will enter Divergence in Southern San d’Oria at the Enigmatic Footprints near the West Ronfaure gate. Players must fully complete Dynamis - San d’Oria [D] before they’ll have access to subsequent zones.

StatuesRelic Adaman
Moldy Nodowa/Stole
Rusted ID Cards
Squadrons/Regiments (JOB)Footshard: JOB
Rusted ID Cards
Commanders (JOB)Void footwear: JOB
Voidtorso: JOB
Torsoshard: JOB
Black ID Cards
Overseeer’s TombstoneVoidtorso: JOB (all)
Torsoshard: JOB (all)
Black ID Cards
HalhapsVoidtorso: JOB (all)
Torsoshard: JOB (all)
Plovid Flesh
Black ID Cards
Volte Doublet Set
Disjointed ElvaanBlack ID Cards
Hades Claw
Demon Medals
Volte Jupon Set


Mid Boss: Overseer’s Tombstone : Trade Fiendish Tomb page 1 through 5 to the ??? by the North San d’Oria gate (I-8).


Zone Boss: Halhaps : Trade Fiendish Tomb page 6 to the ??? by Count Caffaule’s Manor (C-6).

Disjointed: Disjointed Elvaan: Trade Fiendish Tomb page 7 to the Nightmare Wellspring by the West Ronfaure gate (F-9).


Players who enter a new zone between defeating Halhaps and spawning the Disjointed Elvaan (for example, leaving and re-entering another time) will need to trade their Fiendish Tomb page 7 to the Nightmare Wellspring to activate Phase 3 in the zone (if it’s not already active), then trade it again when ready to begin the Disjointed fight.

This provides players the opportunity to fight the Elemental Fetters prior to engaging the Disjointed.

Dynamis - Bastok [D]

Coming soon!

Dynamis - Windurst [D]

Coming soon!

Dynamis - Jeuno [D]

Coming soon!


Unlike other relic armor tiers, Aurix in Ru’Lude Gardens (G-8) will handle upgrades for Reforged Relic +2 and +3 gear and the job-specific neck pieces.

See here for more information.


  • Players can disconnect/logout while in the zone, however, their lockout continues even while logged out. If logging back in after the lockout has expired, participants are removed from the zone.
  • Players cannot revive within the zone, so it’s hightly advised to have Reraise effects on at all times. !shop 2 provides reraisers. Do not return to your home point!
  • Commanders come to the aid of their squadron at random so AOEing a large pack of squadron and regiment monsters can cause multiple commanders to appear at the same time–be cautious.
  • There are several safe spots that players can pull monsters to throughout the zone to avoid repops–use these areas to your advantage.
  • Statues aggro by SIGHT, so careful sneaking behind them can prevent unnecessary pulls. They also aggro by sight from a long distance–so keep that in mind when you position yourself.
  • Bring a THF, treasure hunter, and some empty bag space! There’s a LOT of patterns, shards, and materials that will be dropping!
  • The zone is “open world”, so new players can join and parties can be formed at any time. Players will receive a notice as their in-zone time begins to expire and will be removed from the zone when their timer is over.
  • Some of the materials can be found in other locations in the game–and can be used as upgrade components!
  • The voidshards, patterns, and most materials are tradeable and auctionable! Mix and match with your friends!