Update Notes

Nocturnal Souls is constantly in flux with new features and content. We aim to roll out new features and functionality once a week; however, scripts and new content can be rolled out as often as it’s created without downtime. Thanks to our testing and development team for all their hard work!

Here’s the latest changes and enhancements:

January 2021

17 January

Retail Client Update - January 2021


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30201229_3 or higher.

  • New titles have been added.
  • A new type of entity flag (“information”) has been added.
  • Message IDs have shifted in ~292 zones.

With the change in chat, status, and character packets, it’s possible that some plugins, addons, and HD .DAT modifications may not operate properly after updating. If you have issues, it’s recommended to disable everything and load each one individually to find the culprit.

In addition to the client update, players who use XIView should update to the latest build or their client may crash.


  • UPDATE Collecting fast track rewards now requires at least 4 available inventory slots to account for currency and/or items rewarded.
  • UPDATE Several missing mob spawns in La Theine Plateau, Valkurm Dunes, Jugner Forest, Batallia Downs, and North Gustaburg have been added. These were mostly exp or side mobs that were missing their spawn coordinates.
  • UPDATE The Tancho +1 from VWNM Uptala now has its proper item modifiers.

10 January

Heroics - Reisenjima

The following updates have been made to the heroics encounters within Reisenjima.

  • The amount of time it takes for an encounter to enrage has increased.
    • Tier 1’s now enrage at 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes.
    • Tier 2’s now enrage at 25 minutes instead of 12 minutes.
    • Tier 3’s now enrage at 30 minutes instead of 25 minutes.
    • Tier 4’s now enrage at 35 minutes instead of 15 minutes (whoops!).
    • Quetzalcoatl’s enrage remains at 35 minutes.
  • The frequency that Crom Dubh uses his bulwarks has been reduced and his native regain has been slightly reduced.
  • The frequency that Oryx uses Damsel Momento while at critical health has been increased.
  • The amount of attack bonus Sabotender Royal gains when leveling up has been slightly reduced.
  • Selkit’s magic evasion has been slightly reduced.
  • Bashmu’s native regen has been significantly reduced.
  • Ironside’s iron giant specific auto attacks have been added.
  • Old Shuck’s defense gained with each howl has been slightly reduced.
  • The potency of Teles’ Shock Spikes after using Ravenous Wail has been slightly reduced.
  • Vinipata’s Naraka adds have gained a slight regain effect while active.


  • Synergy now verifies that players have available inventory slots before allowing the craft to prevent crafting without receiving items.
  • The 14th attribute bonus from merits now properly requires 18 merits instead of 19.
  • Fixed an issue where homepoints in Qufim Island had the wrong messages with the December 2020 client.
  • Kopopo in Windurst Waters North (Cooking guild) now sells bird eggs rather than lizard eggs. Lizard eggs can still be purchased from Chomo Jinjahl.

1 January

Happy New Year

Wow, 2020 was a wild ride and many of us are hoping 2021 brings a bit of calm to things.

For many of us, gaming and online communities helped keep us sane the past year by providing a way to step beyond our homes and be social–adventures to take, gear to farm, and the subtle reminder that everyone here’s in the same boat and, likely, feeling the same things.

Year In Review

It’s been a busy year. Priorities shifted to keep up with the the ever moving target of life. COVID, work-from-home, and responsibilities has changed things for many of us–and that includes time commitment to the game. Our community and development team has also undergone several changes in the past year, losing many members and gaining a few new ones.

Server Stats
  • We grew from an average of 193.52 unique IP logins per day to 393.09–up nearly 200 uniques per day.
  • We had 3,735 active characters over the course of 2020, up from 1649 in 2019.
  • We had a high point of 737 on New Years Eve, and then 724 on 1 November, of unique IP logins where online in a single day.
  • We had a high point of 174 characters online at any one time on 5 November.
  • 129,420 player-to-player auctions were processed between 2,154 players this year for a total of 218,946,702,429 transacted gil.
  • We had users connect from over 64 different countries in 2020!

User connects by country

High Points
  • The additional of the Ephemeral Moogles allowing players to store and retrieve crystals and clusters to free up inventory space.
  • A top-down revamp of the blue magic system to add missing traits, effects, and add in all of the missing spells.
  • The addition of numerous modern-era job abilities from level 80, 85, 90, and 95 to finish out several jobs.
  • A revamp to our custom Automaton AI to enhance decision making performance.
  • The modernization of all weaponskill formuals and scripts to reflect proper values as well as provide a custom status message when additional effects trigger.
  • The modernization of all cure formulas and scripts to provide better scaling and reliability.
  • Revamp of the experience point tables and addition of the ‘incredibly easy prey’ mobs to add additional exp camps and increase the overall limit players can receive when fighting IT++ mobs.
  • Update of nearly 1250 unique monster groups across all zones to spawn more frequently and provide an overall easier flow for players exping in high traffic locations.
  • The implementation of the Apex monster families targeted to New Game+ players and others looking for high challenge/high exp group content.
  • The release of the Siren avatar, just days after it was released on retail.
  • Several new mounts including the Doll, Adamantoise, and Levitus.
  • The multi-month Great Rebalance started in April and finally landed on the servers in September to overhaul several aspects of the game, realign power creep with expectations, and give more leeway for future content to be added.
  • The addition of nearly all of the reforged relic and reforged empyrean armor modifiers and set bonuses.
  • The new deliveries system was added to make personal loot easier to track and address inventory issues.
  • The casket system was added throughout Grounds/Fields of Valor zones.
  • The fishing system was added along with fishing points throughout the world, including in our custom zones.
  • The level 110 crafting system was added along with new recipes and level-up quests.
  • … and all the work to successfully shift from December 2019’s client through the December 2020 client, including the harrowing few days in November when SE decided to shake up the world. 😄
Low Points
  • Month-to-month retail alignment and client changes aren’t for everyone. We saw a huge uptick in players having troubles updating their clients and more pressure to create our own installer.
  • The Great Rebalance’s first few weeks were tough and we recognized a growing divide between ‘casual’ and new players and ‘min/maxers’ personas.
  • As the server population grew, an increased need for monitoring, exploit reporting, and day-to-day operations management added a lot of overhead.

What’s Next

As we march towards our three year anniversary this June, there’s a lot to get done.

High-Level Roadmap
  • Now that 110 crafting is complete, nothing is holding us back from rolling out Escha Ru’Aun. The next challenge for Heroics players will be arriving soon.
  • We’re diving into crafting itself, including an ‘epic’ storyline for the crafting shields, a cleanup of all recipes, and a revamp to our custom Synergy system.
  • We’re finalizing a new “New Player Experience” system allowing players a custom storyline from level 1 to 99 with custom missions, gear, and introductions to the Nocturnal Souls custom systems along the way.
  • We’re excited to start developing the new World Boss and the new Achievement systems.
    • The world boss system will allow players to fight numerous large-scale open world battles to build up unique sachets.
    • The achievement system will be all for show–allowing players to hunt rare NMs all over the world and rack up points and leaderboard status on the Members Portal.
  • We’re going to put more work into the Master Job system this year with a goal of at least one quest for every job by the end of June. The average quest is almost 200 lines of dialogue and 10-50 NPCs and mobs–so it’s going to be a lot of work, but we want to get this done.
  • We’re working on the underpinnings of the server to make it more stable and reduce (and remove) our reliance on outside sources for monthly updates.
  • We’re looking at the Unity system as a new version of Voidwatch, allowing in players to fight numerous enemies around the world for gear and tokens that can be used to upgrade those items. We hope this will lay the groundwork for our own custom Odyssey zones later this year.
  • We’re looking at the Shadowera (the WOTG zones) as the staging ground for a new storyline system targeting those interested in storyline and lore.
  • … and we’re constantly taking feedback and ideas from the community on what’s important!

Thank you to the community and our team for a successful 2020 and here’s to an even better 2021!