Update Notes

Nocturnal Souls is constantly in flux with new features and content. We aim to roll out new features and functionality once a week; however, scripts and new content can be rolled out as often as it’s created without downtime. Thanks to our testing and development team for all their hard work!

Here’s the latest changes and enhancements:

October 2019

14 October

October 2019 Client Update

We’ve updated the client to the retail October 2019 version. This will require a client update for players. For a refresher on how to update your client, click here.

Update Version

In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30191004_0.

Players who are not at this version may experience client crashes, incorrect NPC IDs, broken quests and missions, and the inability to use the new merits and traits provided by this update.

Updated Renamer List

With the new client version, a new Renamer list is available. You can download it here.

September 2019 Retail Job Update - Bard

As the Bard merits were contested a being a bit worthless, we wanted to wait until the next update to dig in and add them (rather than rip them out later). This update adds two new merits for bards: Con Anima and Con Brio.

  • Con Anima : 5 points, provides -1% physical damage taken to the bard for each point when they cast a beneficial song on themselves with an instrument equipped.
  • Con Brio : 5 points, provides -1% magical damage taken to the bard for each point when they cast a beneficial song on themselves with an instrument equipped.

Maintaining a beneficial song on themselves, assuming five points are put into each of these, grants the bard -5% PDT and -5% MDT. This effect does not stack with additional songs and does not apply to other players affected by the song or if another bard’s song is affecting you.

Threnodies, even though they provide the enspell effect to players, do not grant the merit bonuses as they are not considered beneficial songs.

These two merits replace the merits that granted Adventurer’s Dirge and Foe Sirvente; these are normal songs granted at 75 now (which is moot as players had these songs without the merits on our server).

Bard Song Updates

When implementing the Con Merits, we noticed several songs not providing their proper effects and’or entirely missing their scripts.

Status Resistance Songs

The following songs were missing their proper scripts. As BGWiki states, they are all “unknown potency and unclear applications”. Based on several forum posts and assumptions, they have been updated as follows.

  • Each song provides a base of +20 resistance (power).
    • Puppet’s Operetta, as the only tier 2 version, provides +30 resistance.
  • The power is increased by +10 for each +Songs bonus, increased by 100% by Soul Voice, and 50% by Marcato.
  • The duration of each song is 120 seconds (as per retail).
  • The duration is enhanced with song duration and Songs+ bonuses, and troubadour.

EXAMPLE Herb Pastoral would provide players with +90 poison resistance if sung with Gjallarhorn (Songs +4) and Moonbow Whistle +1 (Songs +3).

The following songs were updated/implemented:

  • Herb Pastoral - Poison Resistance
  • Scop’s Operetta/Puppet’s Operetta - Silence Resistance
  • Goblin Gavotte - Bind Resistance
  • Fowl Aubade - Sleep Resistance
  • Gold Capriccio - Petrification Resistance
  • Shining Fantasia - Blind Resistance
  • Warding Round - Curse Resistance
  • Chocobo Hum - Paralyze Resistance šŸ†• at Lv. 99
  • Cactaur Fugue - Gravity Resistance šŸ†• at Lv. 99

Other Songs

The following songs have also been implemented:

  • Sentinel’s Scherzo - provides a 45% damage mitigation to ‘severely damaging attacks’ (similar to Migiwari).
    • Unlike Migiwari, this effect is not lost when severe damage is taken.
  • Foe Sirvente - decreases target’s enmity loss
  • Adventurer’s Dirge - decreases target’s enmity generation
  • Pining Nocturne - decreases target’s magic accuracy and increases spellcasting time (similar to Addle).

October 2019 Retail Job Update - Monk

Several hand-to-hand weaponskills and monk HP traits were updated in October.

Max HP Boost

The levels for Max HP Boost have been updated to provide these bonuses at lower levels.

TierOld LevelNew Level

Max HP Boost II

With the changes to Max HP Boost, a new tier of HP Boosts have been added.

TierLevel AcquiredHP Gain


The following weaponskills are now fTP replicating and provide their bonuses across all hits (cough fotia time! cough).

NOTE While this update is intented for Monk, these updates are across all hand-to-hand users, including Puppetmaster.

  • Combo
  • Shoulder Tackle
  • One Inch Punch
  • Backhand Blow
  • Raging Fists
  • Spinning Attack
  • Howling Fist
  • Dragon Kick
  • Asuran Fists
  • Asceticā€™s Fury
  • Stringing Pummel
  • Tornado Kick
  • Victory Smite
  • Shijin Spiral

The following weaponskills have had their overall fTP lowered to account for the increase in fTP replication across all hits.

  • Combo
  • Raging Fists
  • Howling Fist
  • Dragon Kick
  • Tornado Kick
  • Victory Smite
  • Shinjin Spiral

The following weaponskills have had their fTP and potency increased.

  • Asuran Fists
  • Shijin Spiral

At this time, these values are estimates while the retail community crunches numbers and punches things a few hundred thousand times to see what the changes appear to be. We’re basing our current numbers off of preliminary tests by players and posted to the BGWiki forums and will likely be tuning them in coming weeks as more information is available.

October 2019 Retail Job Update - Dragoon

Dragoon hit the jackpot with this update with a massive new trait, WS Damage Boost, that provides all hits +weaponskill damage up to +21% at level 95..


In addition, as the wyvern levels up (up to 5 levels) or via Spirit Link (with up to 5 merits in Empathy), dragoons gain +1% all hits +weaponskill damage per level. At level 99, this puts dragoons at a whopping +26% increased damage to all weaponskill hits.

At this time, the Spirit Bond ability provided to dragoons with this update has not been added as it’s a bit useless on our server.

With this massive update to dragoon damage, we’ll be reviewing dragoon damage overall and adjusting, if necessary, some of our custom bonuses we’ve already provided dragoons.

Voidwatch Ops. Teleports

Thanks to the hard work of Webjester, a custom menu has been added for the Voidwatch Ops. teleports. Players who have unlocked the Voidwatch campaign can speak to the Atmacite Refiners and teleport to the Planar Rifts for the abyssites they have unlocked. Overall, this adds zone teleports to over 64 locations throughout the world making general travel a lot faster.

Unlike retail, these teleports do not cost curor to use.

atmacite refiner teleports

For example, players with the Crimson Stratum Abyssite II can teleport to Sarimanok (East Ronfaure), Cottus (East Ronfaure [S]), and Krabimanjaro (Ordelle’s Caves).

Atmacite Refiners can be found in the following locations:

  • Southern San d’Oria (F-9)
  • Southern San d’Oria [S] (L-9)
  • Bastok Markets (D-11)
  • Bastok Markets [S] (G-5)
  • Windurst Waters (G-5)
  • Windurst Waters [S] (G-5)
  • Norg (I-8)
  • Rabao (G-8)
  • Kazham (F-9)
  • Sauromugue Champaign (E-6)
  • Sauromugue Champaign [S] (E-6)
  • Rolanberry Fields (J-5)
  • Rolanberry Fields [S] (J-5)
  • Batallia Downs (K-8)
  • Batallia Downs [S] (K-8)
  • Tavnazian Safehold (H-6)
  • Wajaom Woodlands (M-7)

Survival Guide Teleports

Again, thanks to Webjester’s hard work hunting down all of the locations, a new custom teleport system for the Survival Guides has been added.

Our !gotoexp command was originally designed to replace Survival Guides; however, having the full guides gives players access to nearly 100 different teleport locations across all of the expansions and many landing players near Field and Grounds Manuals for easy access to EXP pages.

Survial Guides

Survival Guides can take players to:

  • most outdoor zones pre-Seekers of Adoulin (Eastern Adoulin does have a book)
  • many indoor dungeons, including the Beastman fortresses (makes converting Dynamis currency easier)
  • difficult to reach zones, such as Xarcabard, Castle Zvahl, Movalpolos, and most Shadowera zones

Here’s the full list of teleport locations supported by the Survival Guide system.

Unlike retail, there is no cost to use the Survival Guides and players do not need to visit a Survival Guide book to unlock a location (this may change in the future).

Eschan & Ethereal Teleports


Heroics players rejoice, the teleport systems within Escha - Zi’Tah and Reisenjima are finally wired up. Players can now use the Eschan Portals and Ethereal Ingresses to move around the zones.

If you’re using the modified map packs, the number IDs (#1, #2, etc.) align with what each portal displays and the number on the maps.

escha zitah reisenjima

New Commands - !resists and !th

Two new player commands have been added.

  • !resists provides players a listing of their status effect resistances, such as Sleep, Paralyze, Petrification, and Death.
  • !th provides players an update, similar to the proc message on retail, of the current level of Treasure Hunter affecting the target.

Updated Commands

  • !skills now includes values for hobby skills–synergy, chocobo digging, and mog gardening.
  • !stats now includes values for subtle blow and magic damage.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) The Regiment Tombstones in Dynamis - San d’Oria [D] no longer mindlessly wander around the zone.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Several breath-type blue mage spells are less powerful when cast by non-players, reverting back to their old damage formulas that do not calculate based off of HP. Player-cast spells have not changed.
  • UPDATE The following items now stack to 99: trailblazing pickaxe, trailblazing hatchet, trailblazing sickle, adbhaljs seal, coalition grease, mog pell (red), mog pell (green), mog pell (gold), mog pell (rainbow), mog pell (ochre), mog pell (silver), mog pell (marble), all void shards from Divergence, all void patterns from divergence, relic adaman, ratanarj, and all moldy accessories from Divergence.
  • UPDATE Entering Dynamis - San d’Oria [D] now pops up a dialog menu confirming if players want to enter the zone.
  • UPDATE The white mage merits Animus Solace and Animus Misery now properly show up in the Traits window.
  • UPDATE The Mimic King VWNM and Golden Kist in Reisenjima have been updated to show its proper engaged animation, remove incorrect abilities from its rotation, and update Pandora’s Curse and Pandora’s Gift to better match their effects on retail.
    • Pandora’s Gift: Randomly either heals or inflicts darkness-based magical damage on the target; no longer inflicts Mute or Doom.
    • Pandora’s Curse: Now inflicts darkness-based magical damage in an AOE (10y) and inflicts the same stat down and bio effects as before.
  • UPDATE The monster ability Aurous Charge is now properly a frontal cone. In addition, rather than a flat damage based on the target’s current HP, it’s now Light-based damage based on the target’s maximum HP. As it is now a calculated magical attack, magic defense mitigations, Shell, Stoneskin, and other damage reducers apply.
  • BUG (hotfix) Update to address Aurix’s neck NQ -> HQ1 trades not having the proper Relic Adaman requirements.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed a dialog issue where Oboro wasn’t reminding players about needing light spheres for the empyrean weapon Phase II trials.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed a dialog issue the last line of the dialog for unlocking mog gardening still referenced the library door.
  • BUG The category weight of Molting Plumage is now properly set and can provide Dual Wield I by itself.
  • BUG The effect of Saurian Slide is now properly matching to its spell, and not mixed with Entomb.
  • BUG Address an issue where players could acquire more than the 10% cap of Quick Magic.
  • BUG Address an issue with runeweave’s augment not providing magic accuracy.
  • BUG Address an issue where a modifier flag was missing from some of the relic +2 neck pieces to make them properly equippable.

7 October

Divergence - San d’Oria

  • UPDATE (hotfix) Adjusted Overseer’s Tombstone’s magic cooldown and adjusted his TP gain to reduce his siesmostomps (that increase as his HP decreases).
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Adjusted all non-statue monsters to properly despawn after 5 minutes to prevent the zone from getting overwhelmed when players think they can train through the zone and fail horribly.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) The Nightmare Wellspring’s message when shifting the zone into phase 3 is a bit clearer now.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Adjusted Aurix’s dialogs to be clearer on what items he can upgrade based on how far players have cleared through Divergence.
  • UPDATE Adjusted the resists, including sleep and lullaby resistance, on some encounters.
  • UPDATE Added proper navmeshes to the zones which should help with mobs and players not getting stuck in the environment in certain conditions and force monsters to path properly around walls, etc.
  • UPDATE The dynamis zone message now alerts players at 60m/40m/30m as well as the prior 10m/5m/1m/30s/10s increments. Since these messages can get lost in the log spam, it’s recommended to keep track of your time remaining separately.

Blue Magic Updates

This update continues our work on reviewing and revising the Blue Magic scripts and combat mechanics.

These updates are a WORK IN PROGRESS and will be evaluated over the coming weeks.

Individual Spell Updates

The following spells have been updated to reflect their retail formulas and/or better match the Nocturnal Souls environment. These are the last updates for spells existing within the DSP codebase. FINALLY!

  • Wind Breath
    • Damage formula updated to (caster HP / 4) + (caster level / 0.85)
  • Barbed Crescent
    • Updated damage type to Slashing-type damage.
    • Updated Accuracy Down effect from -4% to -30%.
    • Updated fTP from 1.925 to 2.0.
    • Updated WSC from 30% AGI/10% INT to 50% DEX.
  • Bilgestorm
    • Updated damage type to Slashing-type damage.
    • Reduced accuracy down effect from -35% to -25%.
    • Reduced number of hits from 3 to 1.
    • Updated WSC to from nothing to 30% STR/30% DEX.
  • Bloodrake
    • Updated damage type to Slashing-type damage.
    • Updated WSC from 30% STR to 30% STR/30% MND
  • Nature’s Meditation
    • Verified and unchanged.
  • Glutinous Dart
    • Updated damage type to Piercing-type damage.
    • Updated WSC from 30% VIT to 50% STR/50% VIT.
  • Paralyzing Triad
    • Updated damage type to Slashing-type damage.
    • Updated TP modifier from Critical Chance to Damage.
    • Updated WSC from 20% STR/DEX/INT to 40% STR/30% DEX
    • Updated Paralyze additional effect to 100% with a 60 second duration.
    • Updated Paralyze additional effect potency to match Paralyze II.
  • Tempestuous Upheaval
    • Updated WSC from 20% AGI to 30% AGI
    • Updated fTP from 3.25 to 3.786875.
  • Embalming Earth
    • Updated WSC to 10% STR/20% AGI to 30% VIT.
    • Slow duration updated from 20s to 180s.
    • Updated Slow additional effect from 0.025% to 25%.
  • Rending Deluge
    • Added Dispel additional effect (varies, if not resisted)
    • Increased fTP from 1.0 to 3.5.
    • Updated from a conal AOE to a point-blank AOE.
    • Updated recast from 30s to 35s.
    • Updated casting time from 3s to 2s.
  • Foul Waters
    • Updated fTP from 2.00 to 2.25.
    • Updated WSC from 30% MND to 20% STR/20% MND.
    • Remove resistance chance of Drown additional effect.
    • Updated Drown additional effect to 31/tick and -65 STR.
    • Updated from a point-blank AOE to a conal AOE.
  • Retinal Glare
    • Updated WSC from 20% CHR to 30% INT/10% MND.
    • Updated fTP from 8.75 to 2.75.
    • Added Flash additional effect with -200 accuracy down value.
  • Droning Whirlwind
    • Removed WSC.
    • Removed resistance effect.
    • Added “full dispel” additional effect–dispelling up to 12 effects on the target.
    • Dispel additional effect requires damage to be done to the target, but cannot otherwise be resisted.
  • Carcharian Verve
    • Updated Aquaveil counter to match the spell (50 interruptions, not 10) and be increased by Aquaveil+ enhancing gear.
  • Blistering Roar
    • Verified and unchanged.
  • Erratic Flutter
    • Updated base duration from 5 minutes to 10 minutes to match Haste II.
  • Subduction
    • Updated WSC from 30% INT/20% MND to 10% STR/10% VIT.
    • Updated recast time from 30s to 5s.
  • Thrashing Assault
    • Updated WSC from 10% STR to 32% STR/32% DEX.
    • Updated number of hits from 1 to 5.
  • Diffusion Ray
    • Updated fTP from 1.0 to 5.0
    • Updated from single target to conal AOE.
    • Updated recast time from 25s to 45s.
  • Rail Cannon
    • Updated WSC from 10% STR to 40% MND.
  • Restoral
    • Updated to use modern cure magic formulas.
    • Added enhancement via Cure Potency+ equipment.
    • Added ability to wake-up slept players.
  • Sinker Drill
    • Updated damage type to Piercing-type damage.
    • Updated WSC from 100% dex to 50% STR/50% VIT.
    • Updated TP modifier from Attack Bonus to Damage Bonus.
    • Reduced recast from 22s to 20s.

Newly Added Spells

Now that all of the existing spells have been reviewed, there are 21 spells at 99 that do not exist in DSP. This update contains all 21 of them. Spells are implemented matching effects, traits, and stat bonuses from BG Wiki.

  • Uproot
  • Crashing Thunder
  • Polar Roar
  • Mighty Guard
  • Cesspool
  • Cruel Joke
  • Tearing Gust
  • Sweeping Gouge
  • Molting Plumage
  • Nectarous Deluge
  • Atramentous Libations
  • Searing Tempest
  • Spectral Floe
  • Anvil Lightning
  • Entomb
  • Saurian Slide
  • Palling Slavo
  • Blinding Fulgor
  • Scouring Spate
  • Silent Storm
  • Tenebral Crush

Existing players will need to use the !addallspells command to force add the new blue mage spells to their spell list.

Updated Traits

The following traits have been updated:

  • Dual Wield - Now supports up to Dual Wield IV with slotted spells.
  • Tenacity - Added Tenacity trait (for Palling Salvo); provides +5% “resist all status effects”.
  • Attack Bonus - Fixed an issue where both modifiers (attack and ranged attack) where not properly being applied.
  • Magic Evasion Bonus - Added Magic Evasion Bonus trait (for Blinding Fulgor); provides +10 magic evasion.
  • Magic Accuracy Bonus - Added Magic Accuracy Bonus trait (for Tenebral Crush); provides +10 magic accuracy.
  • Critical Attack Bonus Added Critical Attack Bonus trait (for Sinker Drill); provides +5% critical attack damage.
  • Inquartata - Added Inquartata trait (for Saurian Slide); provides +5% parry rate and can apply over the base 25% parry cap.

Automaton Levels and Updates

automaton level up!

We’ve added in Automaton level enhancements allowing puppetmasters to use animators to increase their automaton’s level from 99 to a cap of 120. These effects require the animator and/or cape to be equipped when activating the automaton and provide additional base stat and secondary stat bonuses. With the additional levels and stat bonuses, the prior flat level 99 bonuses have been removed from the automatons.

The following animators and level enhancing gear has been updated:

Visucius's Mantle
  • Automaton Lv. +1
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +89 to base stats, +50 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to melee stats.
  • New drop from Reisenjima Henge.
Divinator II
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +89 to base stats, +50 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to magic stats.
  • New drop from Reisenjima Henge.
Animator Z
  • Automaton Lv. 119
  • Available from Antonia in Upper Jeuno (H-8, Viette’s Finest Weapons shop)
Animator P
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +104 to base stats, +100 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to melee stats.
  • Crafted via Animator Z
Animator P +1
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +109 to base stats, +125 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to melee stats.
  • Crafted via Animator Z
Animator P II
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +104 to base stats, +100 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to magic stats.
  • Crafted via Animator Z
Animator P II +1
  • Automaton Lv. 119, +109 to base stats, +125 to all secondary stats with +25 bonus to magic stats.
  • Crafted via Animator Z

In addition, the following changes have been made:

  • UPDATE The Valoredge head has had its enmity bonus increased.
  • UPDATE The Sharpshot, Stormwaker, Soulsoother, and Spiritreaver heads have had its enmity reduction increased.
  • BUG Addressed a skill issue where automatons always had max level skill rather than the skill for their current level (sorry level 1 automatons enjoying their level 99 melee, ranged, and magic skill).

Stoneskin Normalization / Revamp

After we updated Metallic Body and Diamondhide a few weeks ago, there was still the issue that those two spells perform very poorly compared to the Stoneskin white magic spell.

This is due to two factors:

  • The White Magic spell has a scaling multiplier based on skill level.
  • When we started Nocturnal Souls, we added two new tiers (a 300-500 and a 500+ skill tier) for the 99 focus; however, we didn’t add in the reducers that the prior tiers had.

So, after much review the following updates have been made for Stoneskin, Metallic Body, and Diamondhide.

  1. Stoneskin’s tiers have been updated to include slight skill reducers similar to the other skill tiers. Overall, players will see a 200-300 damage reduction difference (based on how far over 500+ their enhancing skill is), but can still expect ~5700 damage reduction at 500+ skill.
  2. Metallic Body’s gained a similar scaling tier and is poised as the “quick and inexpensive” Stoneskin. At the 500+ Blue Magic skill level, players can expect this spell to jump from ~700 damage to ~3200 damage reduction.
  3. Diamondhide’s gained a similar scaling tier and is poised as the “party-based” Stoneskin. It has the same casting time with a shorter recast than normal Stoneskin as well as providing it to the whole party. At the 500+ Blue Magic skill level, players can expect this spell to jump from ~850 damage to ~4700 damage reduction.
  4. All three spells still benefit from Stoneskin + gear (a custom benefit of the server).
  5. Stoneskin benefits from stacking Enhancing Magic Skill + and Enhancing Magic Potency gear whereas Metallic Body and Diamondhide benefit from stacking Blue Magic Skill + gear.

Overall, Stoneskin will remain the leader in providing the Stoneskin effect (and being provided AOE by Scholars); however, the bonuses provided to Metallic Body and Diamondhide make them much more worthwhile.


  • UPDATE The Orc ability “Fanatic Dance” now properly checks charm resistance and magic evasion.
  • UPDATE The wyrms have been updated to help address issues where malicious players attempt to drag them away from their spawn points and inconsistencies in their challenge levels.
    • The wyrms are now placed at a safe distance away from most walls and barricades, have their proper draw in effects, and will not stray farther than 20y from their spawning location. This affects: Jormugand, Tiamat, Vrtra.
    • Spinning Attack has been removed from Jormungand’s abilities pool.
    • Vrtra’s adds now spawn claimed to Vrtra’s target.
    • Vrtra’s adds now despawn when Vrtra despawns.
  • UPDATE Updated the drop rate for the Seraphicaller to match the new droprates for the Divinators from Corrupted Altana.
  • UPDATE The ancient currency vendors have had their inventory offerings refined.
  • UPDATE Antonia in Upper Jeuno no longer sells the Arasy weapons (aside from the Animator Z) as these weapons do not work or are missing their models.
  • UPDATE New players can now acquire the Eminent weapons (i117 Sparks weapons) from Eternal Flame (Western Adoulin, H-11).
  • UPDATE Update missing modifiers for warrior artifact/relic/empyrean gear and some weapons related to Warcry/Aggressor/Defender/Berserk duration timers and Fencer TP+ and Critical Hit+ gains (thanks Webjester).
  • BUG Address an issue with some armor from Escha Zi’Tah providing HP%+ instead of HP+ item modifiers. Sorry, no more +164% HP chest pieces.
  • BUG Cleaned up a typo in Magian Mog AJ’s dialog script.
  • BUG Removed the loot table from Cobraclaw Buchzvotch in Jugner Forest [S] as it was incorrect (was for his Dynamis-Beaucadine version).
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Sihrik having the wrong item modifier for the -2% MDT.