Update Notes

Nocturnal Souls is constantly in flux with new features and content. We aim to roll out new features and functionality once a week; however, scripts and new content can be rolled out as often as it’s created without downtime. Thanks to our testing and development team for all their hard work!

Here’s the latest changes and enhancements:


12 September

Retail Client Update - September 2021


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30210904_1 or higher.

  • Addressed dialogue ID shifts in numerous zones.
  • Addressed NPC shifts in all TOAU zones, Beaucedine Glacier, and Palaborough Mines, including caskets, chests, mining points, and Conquest NPCs.
  • Several new items have been added (which may end up in the Login Points coffer soon).

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use. Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.

Luminian Organ Changes

By popular request, the targets in Al’Taieu, The Garden of Ru’Hmet, and the Grand Palace of Hu’Xzoi (aka: sea) no longer drop their high-quality organs. These non-stacking organs are a bane to many augment farmers and are no longer used as augments.

  • Players who need to spawn Ix’Aern MNK, Jailer of Hope, Jailer of Justice, Jailer of Prudence, and Jailer of Faith can purchase the H.Q. organs directly from the ??? quest marker for 100,000g each.
  • Players who have these items, since they have no other purpose, can either drop them, or go spawn a bunch of jailers. 😄

Automaton and Puppetmaster Updates

Several enhancements this month around automatons that should streamline getting players into the action as they grow their new automaton friend and address a few bugs with their systems.

  • UPDATE The automaton unlock quests with Ghatsad no longer have a day-long wait between each step. Feed him materials and coffee and he’ll keep cranking out pieces.
  • UPDATE Updated the AI around automaton weaponskills that doesn’t discount using a weaponskill by distance until the very end as some weaponskills, like Chimera Ripper, have a larger range and can hit targets as they move away.
  • UPDATE Removed the logic around automaton’s ability to “automatically level up”. Currently, no other pets automatically level up and the logic leads to other pets becoming disconnected/non-responsive in cases where players are playing two pet classes at once (SMN/PUP, etc.). The lesser evil for system stability is to have players resummon their pets if they’re leveling up frequently.
  • UPDATE Added support for the Resister and Resister II attachments. They grant automatons STATUSRES modifiers and significantly protect automatons from status effects.
  • UPDATE Players can now purchase the Resister II from Rararoon for 100,776g. The duplicate Scope IV has been removed from Rararoon’s inventory.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Automaton physical and ranged weaponskills were not properly accounting for accuracy bonuses.
  • BUG Addressed a typo in the Spiritreaver’s AI that was causing its enhancing magic cooldown to be 135s instead of 13s.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where an automaton could try to calculate burden and overload while the puppetmaster is not in zone (while zoning in, zoning out).


  • UPDATE Updated Modius Veritas to not trigger on targets that do not have an active Helix effect to prevent burning the cooldown when it would have no effect.
  • UPDATE Added the missing pet attack and accuracy latent effects on the Fidelity and Affinity earrings.
  • UPDATE Updated several items to allow for account delivery: Fistmele Ring, Venehmence Ring, Metamorph Ring +1, Impregnable Earring, Longshot Ring
  • UPDATE Removed Niobium and Ruthenium Ore from Chocobo Digging and Mog Gardening as they were mistakenly added and are available from the guild vendors.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some magic weaponskills were not returning the proper values and not properly flagged to not be able to critically hit (magic WS can’t critically hit). This affects: Blade: Ei, Trueflight, Wildfire
  • BUG Addressed an issue where where starting to fish does not properly cancel Invisible status effects.
  • BUG Addressed (hopefully) an edge case where excessive amounts of negative speed (weight + curse II) could result in the player moving extremely fast.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where WM7-1 didn’t tell players it was giving them the Blank Book of the Dead or taking the Opistery Ring. This ensures that the proper cutscenes trigger for WM8-2 where you receive the Opistery Ring back (no functional change as since players already had the ring, they could have skipped this step, but those following the wiki would be confused).
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the blue magic trait for Skillchain Bonus. It should now tier from 1 to 3, at +8%, +12%, and +16%.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the blue magic trait for Magic Burst Bonus. It should now tier from 1 to 3, at +5%, +7%, and +9%.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the listeners for summoner’s avatar events could try to disconnect while the summoner is zoning, causing a zone crash.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where pets COULD try to remove themselves from the world… when they were already removed (common for multiboxing) and would crash the zone.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the elemental debuffs (Burn, Choke, etc.) would not properly add the BLM merits for elemental debuff duration.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where The Shadow Lord/Shadow Emperor’s Umbral Smash ability was doing Hand-to-Hand damage instead of Blunt.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Kam’lamaut’s Great Wheel ability was missing its slight knockback effect.


29 August

Retail Client Update - August 2021 Update


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30210804_2 or higher.

  • Addressed dialogue ID shifts in numerous zones.
  • Addressed NPC shifts in all TOAU zones, Windurst Waters and Walls, Southern San d’Oria, and Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox.
    • This should resolve issues around TOAU missions and the blue mage unlock quest.
  • Addressed shift of all Ephemeral Moogles in crafting guilds.
  • Excavation points in Attohwa Chasm and Logging points in Caedarva Mire have been fixed.

Community members who used the AugustToJulyDowngrade package to revert their versions back will need to follow the instructions above to re-upgrade.

NPC Cleanup

To address player lag (especially as some are using higher resolution textures these days), we’re in the process of hiding non-used or non-functional NPCs to clean up the landscape. These NPCs will still be there for when we’re ready for them, but this should reduce loading time and rendering ‘competition’ in highly populated areas.

  • A.M.A.N., Unity, and ROE-involved NPCs.
  • The Monstrosity NPCs along with the Odyssean Passages.
  • Various unused moogles like the Greeter, Dealer, and Skippers.
  • The Synergy Enthuasists located in most cities.
  • Various NPCs in Western Adoulin around `!relax’ that could cause players to not load due to high character counts.

Portal Updates

The Members Portal has undergone a major update to add in several new features.


  • Item icons and hover item boxes no longer hold up page loads unless they are necessary. Players may see either a loading ‘spinner’ or a placeholder image if we do not have the icon cached and immediately available. This prevents any slow responses from our data sources in keeping pages from loading. Refreshing the page should (assuming they are available) provide any missing icons.

Character Profiles

New Menu

  • Character profiles now have a ‘Manage Character’ dropdown under their profile image and message.

  • The Manage Character menu includes changing the player’s appearance and bazaar listings as well as access to the new features: auction house management, inventory, and offline storage.

  • Note that the Bazaar and Change Appearance features have shifted into this new menu.

Auction House Management

This feature requires the player be logged out.

Character AH Management

Players can now use ‘Auctions’ in the Manage Character dropdown to access the Auction House page. From here, players can see their active auctions and, if so desired, cancel them. Cancelled auctions are returned to the player’s delivery box.

Inventory and Offline Storage

This feature requires the player to be logged out.

Character Inventory

Players can now see their character inventory (inventory only, not wardrobes, sacks, etc.) and shift items to and from offline storage. Offline storage is a new system, similar to a Porter Moogle, but allows you to store almost anything offline. The bonus? Your augments are stored too!

Offline storage has a few rules.

  • Players cannot move items from their inventory to offline storage if they are equipped.

  • Players cannot move ‘special items’ like linkshells, link pearls, etc. as these are managed uniquely by the game.

  • Players cannot ‘split’ stacks on the portal. If you have a stack of 99 in your inventory, you can move the entire stack. Way too much technicality on trying to split stacks outside of the game client’s logic.

  • Players cannot move items between inventory and offline storage if that item already exists in the receiving location and is flagged as rare. You can have two ‘rare’ items of the same type, one in your inventory and one in offline storage, but never two rares of the same time in the same location.

  • Players can move items that they are using for style lock, but once they log back in and try to change their gear, that appearance will be lost. It is recommended to keep style lock items in your Wardrobes, Mog Safes, Mog Storage, or Locker.

  • Players cannot move items from offline storage into their inventory if they do not have at least one free inventory slot available to hold the item.

  • Players will receive a confirmation as they move items to and from each location.

Character Offline Storage confirmation

What do we recommend storing?

  • Currency, like Alexandrite, Tanzanite, upgrade pages, and such.
  • Seasonal, unused /lockstyle items, and unused gear sets.
  • Crafting materials.

Offline storage was created as a replacement for the Porter Moogle and storage slip system. SquareEnix continues to shift those values making it difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with every month. This causes players to potentially lose their items.

Once we’re comfortable with how offline storage is working for the community, we will be removing Porter Moogles. If you’re currently storing old items with them, we suggest getting them out and putting them into offline storage.


  • UPDATE Added the STEP_FINISH modifier provided by Terpischore (DNC); it now provides the appropriate +1 bonus to finishing moves.
  • UPDATE Shortened the the dialogue from Prishe in Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox to be more concise.
  • UPDATE Added a missing Festive Moogle to Windurst Walls to provide appropriate items.
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue where Synergy Engineers in Port Bastok provided the wrong dialogue.
  • UPDATE The recipe for the Combatant’s Torque has been fixed and allows players to craft the proper torque.
  • UPDATE The item modifiers have been added to the Combatant’s Torque.
  • UPDATE Warder of Hope in Escha Ru’Aun no longer drops the Bilious Torque and properly drops the Yarak Torque.
  • UPDATE The drop list of Umagrhk in Beaucedine Glacier has been updated to include new drops as well as the simian crafting materials.
  • UPDATE The quest marker to spawn Umagrhk now provides instructions on what type of item is necessary to spawn the encounter.
  • UPDATE Briarius (Abyssea-La Theine) has received a haircut and no longer drops simian manes.
  • UPDATE Vulcanite Ores were removed no longer drop from three encounters that were outside of Escha Zi’Tah.
  • UPDATE The Karagoz Pantaloni/+1 now have their +18 and +23 automaton skill bonuses.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Boor Bracelets showed up in the wrong AH catagory.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where crafting torques were in “AH category 99”… which didn’t exist–they are un-auctionable.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where enmity wouldn’t reset when a player became charmed.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where The Basics quest required the wrong item.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Jormungand wouldn’t reset its roar counter on respawn and would stop using that attack mechanic.

15 August

New Login Point Rewards

New rewards are available for players using login points! The coffer is located in !relax (Western Adoulin).

Featured Items

Blue Magic Updates

Based on player feedback, we reviewed numerous blue magic spells that were not doing the expected damage or were doing incorrect damage to targets based on resist rates.

  • Addressed an issue where Blinding Fulgor did Fire damage, not Light damage.
  • Addressed an issue where Palling Salvo did Non-elemental damage, not Dark damage.
  • Addressed an issue where Scouring Spate did Non-elemental damage, not Water damage.
  • Addressed an issue where Searing Tempest did Non-elemental damage, not Fire damage and had the wrong WSC modifier (DEX instead of STR).
  • Addressed an issue where Silent Storm did Non-elemental damage, not Wind damage, had the wrong multiplier (3.0 instead of 4.0), and the wrong dUppercap (120 instead of 149).
  • Addressed an issue where Tearing Gust did Non-elemental damage, not Wind damage, had the wrong multiplier (6.5 instead of 4.0), and was missing the INT secondary modifier.
  • Addressed an issue where Cesspool had the wrong WSC modifiers (STR/AGI instead of VIT/INT).
  • Addressed an issue where Entomb had the wrong WSC modifiers (VIT instead of INT).
  • Addressed an issue where Anvil Lightning, Spectral Floe, and Entomb’s secondary modifiers were MND, not INT.

Much of the damage change is due to patching an exploit in our 1 August update where damage from magical weaponskills carried over into blue magic spells. The spells are, at this time, doing their expected damage. Additional effects caused by these are still under review; however, at this time, durations are where we expect them to be based on the mechanics and factors of those spells.

Gear Set Updates

Thanks to one of our community member’s attention to detail, the gear sets have been reviewed and updated accordingly.

Values normalized to BGWiki notes with each set of AF3 (Empyrean) having a 2 piece minimum with each additional piece adding an additional amount of bonus. These changes affect the following armor sets. Many of these sets had chances that were extra-ordinary, upwards of 35% where they should have been 2~5% depending on the equipped items.

Empyrean (non-reforged)

  • Raveger’s Armor +2/+3 (WAR)
  • Navarch’s Attire +2/+3 (COR)
  • Iga Garb +2/+3 (NIN)
  • Sylvan Attire +2/+3 (RNG)
  • Creed Armor +2/+3 (PLD)
  • Unkai Domaru +2/+3 (SAM)
  • Tantra Attire +2/+3 (MNK)
  • Raider’s Attire +2/+3 (THF)
  • Orison Attire +2/+3 (WHM)
  • Savant’s Attire +2/+3 (SCH)

Empyrean (reforged)

  • Boii Armor /+1 (WAR)
  • Chasseur’s Attire /+1 (COR)
  • Hattori Garb /+1 (NIN)
  • Amini Attire /+1 (RNG)
  • Chevalier’s Armor /+1 (PLD)
  • Kasuga Domaru /+1 (SAM)
  • Bhikku Attire /+1 (MNK)
  • Skulker’s Attire /+1 (THF)
  • Ebers Attire /+1 (WHM)
  • Arbatel Attire /+1 (SCH)


  • Rubeus’ Armor
  • Paramount Earring Sets
  • Moliones’ Sickle/Ring


  • UPDATE Removed the draw-in effect from Paramount Gallu in the Halls of Legion to address issues where players are repeatedly pulled in and stuck in walls.
  • UPDATE The Enriching Sword’s recipe has been added and the sword’s unique latent effects (ENSPELL_EFFECT_ACTIVE) has been added.
  • UPDATE The music in !relax (Western Adoulin) has been changed (one of the new Voracious Resurgence themes).
  • UPDATE The potency of the paralyze effect from umbril’s Paralyzing Triad has been reduced.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where guild points would accumulate on multi-trade turn-ins faster than they should due to points multiplying rather than adding.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where wyverns wouldn’t use healing breath if you were exactly at the threshold percentage.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where wyverns wouldn’t cure ailments if you were exactly at the threshold level.
  • BUG Addressed a potential crash condition where blue mage-type mobs would use Hydro Shot and try to deaggro… players (it was not real effective).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Steal would steal an item and also attempt to proc the Aura Steal merit; the merit should only trigger if an item is not stolen.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the MP_UNDER_PERCENT latent was looking at modhp not modmp.
  • BUG Addressed a potential crash condition where the same person could be added to a treasure pool multiple times.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where an ID shift prevented harvesting in Grauberg [S].
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Sombra Harness /+1 was showing up under the wrong auction house category.

Portal Updates

  • UPDATE Items now include their latent effects and item flags on the item details page.

Known Issues

  • The Skulker’s attire for ‘Augments: Triple Attack’ only procs on the first triple attack hit due to how damage bonuses are calculated per swing, not attack round. The subsequent two swings each reroll for the change to do triple damage. That’s not how it should work, but will take some work to shift how those damage calcs work and rethink the attack round logic.

8 August

New and Updated Abilities

This update gets us caught up for all of the remaining level 75 to 99 abilities. Several of these are customized, are main job only, or have unique durations and recast times.

  • Paladin - Reprisal

    • The effect no longer fades when the damage shield runs out. The Shield Block Rate and Shield Skill bonuses will persist for the duration of the effect. This change was added to retail in May 2021.
  • Paladin - Sepulcher

    • Reduces the accuracy, magic accuracy, evasion, magic evasion, and Store TP of targets in the “undead” ecosystem.
  • Paladin - Intervene

    • Reduces the attack and accuracy of the target to 1 for 30 seconds. This does not reduce their damage to 1, only their attack and accuracy used in damage calculations.
  • Dark Knight - Arcane Crest

    • Reduces the accuracy, magic accuracy, evasion, magic evasion, and Store TP of targets in the “arcana” ecosystem.
  • Ranger - Decoy Shot

    • A previously unavailable ability that has been turned into a custom ability. In retail, this ability works with distance corrections to be a “ranged trick attack”; however, as we don’t have distance corrections, it now provides bonuses with a unique mechanic.
    • Provides enmity reduction, agility, dexterity, ranged attack, and magic attack bonus to the player.
    • Has a base duration of 15s on use; however, the duration is refreshed back to 15s every time a ranged attack (normal /ra or ranged weaponskill) is used. There is no max duration if the ability continues to be refreshed.
    • This ability cancels Hover Shot and vice-versa.
    • This ability is available when ranger is a subjob.
  • Ranger - Hover Shot

    • A new ability added to retail in May 2021; however, our implementation will be a bit different (removing the constantly moving mechanic) and adding a bit of a gamble to get the bonuses.
    • Provides enmity reduction, ranged attack, ranged accuracy, and magic accuracy to the player.
    • The effect has a duration of 3m and recast of 5m.
    • The bonuses increment by +4, up to +100 (25 increments) for each successfully landed /ra attack. Missing a ranged attack will cause the effect to cancel.
    • The bonuses apply to both /ra and to ranged weaponskills.
    • This ability cancels Decoy Shot and vice-versa.
    • This ability is not available when ranger is a subjob.

Players who use XIView should update to the latest build as Hover Shot has a new icon.

  • Ranger - Flashy Shot

    • A previous unavailable merit ability that has been added similar to retail. This ability causes the next ranged attack or ranged weaponskill to have added ranged attack, ranged accuracy, and increased enmity.
    • Ranged attack and accuracy are percentage gains based on the number of merits (5 merits = +25%), level difference (a target being 15 levels higher than you caps at +15%), and a base gain of 5%. In total, this adds +45% ranged attack and accuracy.
    • The increased enmity is a flat +25.
    • Level correction (pDIF) is bypassed while this skill is active.
    • The effect is lost once a ranged attack (/ra) or ranged weaponskill is performed.
  • Ranger - Stealth Shot

    • A previously unavailable merit ability that works similar to retail, but with added bonuses.
    • Reduces enmity by 10 per merit level, for a cap of -50.
    • Adds bonuses to Snapshot, Critical Hit Rate, and Ranged Critical Hit Damage by 10 per merit level, for a cap of +50.
    • These bonuses apply to both ranged attacks (/ra) and ranged weaponskills.
    • The effect is lost once a ranged attack (/ra) or ranged weaponskill is performed.
  • Thief - Larceny

    • A steal skill that favors stealing SP abilities (2 hours) from the target. If the target does not have an active SP ability, it will steal a random buff.
    • This ability is main job only.
  • Dragoon - Fly High

    • Resets the recast timer of all jump abilities and allows all jumps to be used on a 10s recast for the duration of the skill.
    • This ability is main job only.
  • Dragoon - Spirit Bond

    • This ability is custom to provide dragoons a better way to manage the survivability of their wyverns without taking unmitigated damage.
    • Doubles the max HP of the wyvern.
    • Adds the player’s defense and magic defense to the wyvern.
    • Adds a slight attack and magic attack bonus to the wyvern.
    • Enables Healing Breath variants to full heal the wyvern.
  • Samurai - Yaegasumi

    • This ability has been customized to provide parry, weaponskill damage, and skillchain bonus.
    • Grants 100% parry rate for the duration of the ability (for attacks that can be parried).
    • Adds 10% weaponskill damage and 10% skillchain bonus for the duration of the effect.
  • Puppetmaster - Cooldown

    • This ability has been added and works in line with retail.
    • Cooldown removes the Overload effect from the player and reduces all elemental burdens by 50.
  • Puppetmaster - Heady Artifice

    • This ability has been added and works in line with retail.
    • Harlequin heads gain Mighty Strikes for 45s
    • Valoredge heads gain Invincible for 30s
    • Sharpshot heads gain Eagle Eye Shot (very potent)
    • Stormwaker heads gain Chainspell for 60s
    • Soulsoother heads gain Benediction (full heal + erase effects)
    • Spiritreaver heads gain Manafont for 60s
  • Dancer - Feather Step

    • This ability has been added and works similar to retail. Feather Step increases the rate at which the target takes critical hits. This can counter enemies who have high critical hit resistance and make it possible to hit them with critical hits.
    • Bewildered Daze 1 = Crit Hit Rate +3%
    • Bewildered Daze 2 = Crit Hit Rate +5%
    • Bewildered Daze 3 = Crit Hit Rate +7%
    • Bewildered Daze 4 = Crit Hit Rate +9%
    • Bewildered Daze 5 = Crit Hit Rate +10%
    • This ability, for now, is a custom ability that does not benefit from bonuses on the reforged empyrean gear. We will be evaluating the overall impact of this skill and its scaling due to how easy critical hit is to obtain on the server.
  • Dancer - Grand Pas

    • This ability has been added and works similar to retail, but wears off when three steps are used, not when three finishing moves are consumed.
    • On use, the ability immediately resets the recast of all flourishes.
    • Allows players to use flourishes without finishing moves and does not consume active finishing moves.
    • Steps do not consume TP and can be instantly recast.
    • The effect ends in 30s or after 3 steps are used.

Ability and “Circles” Customizations

The following abilities have gained a customization based on the job type and/or theme of the job. As a reminder, Circles can stack multiple types, but two of the same type will not take effect. We plan to look at other jobs and see what abilities could use some modernization and refinement

  • Sacrosanctity

    • Increased the base duration from 60s to 120s.
  • Conspirator

    • Increased the base duration from 60s to 90s.
  • Camouflage

    • Increased base duration from 30s to 60s.
    • Added a base +50 evasion and +50 magic evasion to the effect to the player.
  • Fan Dance

    • Increased the enmity bonus from +15 to +25.
    • Added a base +25 defense, evasion, and magic evasion to the effect to the player.
  • Ancient Circle

    • Adds +50 evasion, +10 “Conserve TP”, and +10 Gravity, Blind, and Bind resistance to the group.
  • Arcane Circle

    • Adds +50 magic evasion, +25 Attack, +25 Dark Magic Skill, and +10 Sleep, Poison, and Slow resistance to the group.
  • Holy Circle

    • Adds +50 defense, +3% Cure Potency Received, +15 Divine Magic Skill, +15 Healing Magic Skill, and +10 Virus and Paralyze resistance to the group.
  • Warding Circle

    • Adds +10 WS Accuracy, +20 Parry Skill, and +10 Petrification, Stun, and Amnesia resistance to the group.

Automaton AI Changes

A few updates were made to automaton AI logic to enable the added abilities and make play style a bit smoother.

  • The Stormwaker head can now cast Refresh and Refresh II on itself.
  • The Stormwaker, Soulsoother, and Spiritreaver heads now provide a minimal, level-based refresh. Attachments and Refresh itself will stack with these bonuses, but caster automatons should run out of MP far less often unless forced via maneuver choices.
  • The modifier AUTO_MAGIC_DELAY now properly stacks with AUTO_HEALING_DELAY and AUTO_ELEMENTAL_DELAY allowing these mods to counteract some of attachments that increase magic delay.


  • UPDATE Players may now purchase items from conquest guards as long as they meet the rank requirements. The “conquest place” no longer matters as, alas, a certain nation will never be first place. ;) Go get your aketons!
  • UPDATE Shemo and Shami have been updated to work in tandem to provide seal and crest storage, conversion into BCNM orbs, and conversion of seals and crests between types. This should allow high-level players with copious amounts of crests to convert them into low-level beastmen seals to purchase low-level BCNM orbs. NOTE: retail updated Shami to accept multiple currency trades in October 2019, that has not been implemented. Trade your currencies one type at a time.
  • UPDATE Three new recipes are available for players wanting to complete the style lock for the pupil’s gear: the,, and. These items use the same base materials as the pupil’s shirt, but with different elemental clusters and fuel.
  • UPDATE Weaponskills performed by humanoid-type mobs (such as Circle Blade and Spirits Within) should now show their proper log message.
  • UPDATE The logic for mobs and pets to cast spells now validates that the target has MP or Manafont active before wasting a ‘attack round’.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Bard’s Sentinel’s Scherzo is now usable in “indoor dungeon” fields, such as Gusgen Mines.
  • BUG The animations for Conspirator, Manawell, and Scarlet Delirium have been updated.

1 August

Summer Heatwaves Event

  • The Summer Heatwaves event has come to a close. The next event, Fall Harvest, will arrive in late September/early October.
  • Daily BCNM timers have reverted back to the normal 20h cooldown.
  • Unique rewards from the Stand in the Fire BCNM have been removed and Wrath of Fire’s unique accessories are no longer available.

Nexus Cape Zones

The Nexus Cape can no longer be used in instance/BCNM zones and a few zones that have entry requirements (where players could bypass those requirements and break their progression). All of these zones have home point crystals directly outside so players can have their team nexus to those spots to snag the home point.

  • Horalis Peak
  • Waughroon Shrine
  • Sacrificial Chamber
  • Throne Room
  • Full Moon Fountain
  • La’Loff Amphitheater
  • The Celestial Nexus
  • All of the Avatar’s Cloisters
  • Chateau d’Oraguille
  • Heavens Tower
  • Hall of the Gods


  • UPDATE Added the Dragon Breaker skill to Dragoons. This ability reduces the accuracy, magic accuracy, evasion, magic evasion, and Store TP of dragons. It only activates when used on dragons or monsters in the “dragon” ecosystem.
  • UPDATE Added the Tactical Switch skill to Puppetmasters. This ability swaps the TP of the automaton and the master. New modifiers have been added to the Cirque Scarpe +1, Cirque Scarpe +2, Karagoz Scarpe, and Karagoz Scarpe +1 gear pieces to increase the potency of this ability.
  • UPDATE Updated the math calculation for automatons using TP skills to be able to use abilities and weaponskills if their TP lands exactly on 1000.
  • UPDATE Added “Ranged Attack %” to the bonuses provided by the Puppetmaster’s Optimization merit.
  • UPDATE Players should see less of a lag or delay in auto attacks when using a TP skill that never triggers, for example, when the ability is on cool down or requirements are not met. Dancers and Puppetmasters who are frequently using Waltzes, Steps, and Maneuvers should notice this the most.
  • BUG (hotpatch) Addressed an issue where the blue magic “Poison Breath” was using an incorrect variable to calculate damage and could be exploited.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where “Dragon Breath” would not properly trigger. This breath is used by Nidhogg and several of the wyrms.


18 July

Retail Client Update - July 2021 Update


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30210706_0 or higher.

  • The text IDs in numerous zones have shifted due to dialogue changes.

Summer Heatwaves Event

  • The Wrath of Fire has been re-tuned to be more aligned since the rebalance last year. New players should find the fight much more approachable.
  • The chance for a fire feather to drop from a Summer Heat has been increased.
  • The drops from Summer Heats have been reordered to prioritize important things first in the event of a full inventory: feathers > currency > fireworks.
  • The Wrath of Fire armoury create now has additional rewards.
  • The Wrath of Fire now has a chance to drop one of six unique accessories. These are pre-augmented and drop as individual loot to the player in the BCNM.

Examples of the two level 99 rewards:

Melee RingMagic Earring
Jam RingHiber Earring


  • Reduced the Scouts Coalition missions from 100 targets to 75 and normalized infamy to 25 per mission.
  • Increased Scouts Coalition mission bonus from 100 to 150 infamy.
  • Adjusted numerous Peacekeeper targets to remove hour-long spawns (wyrms and reive HNMs), Legion targets, and Pandemonium Warden. Current targets focus on VWNMs, single pop or step Abyssea mobs, or mobs on an extremely short 5-10 minute respawn timer. Players who have a Peacekeeper mission in progress should check with the Coalition to verify your target.
  • A new category of Enhancements has been added. Players can now purchase the ??? ring +1 to activate the Pet Empowerments.
  • The Defensive Empowerments now provide Magic Evasion rather than a bonus to each individual elemental resistance (formula calculates these the same, but easier to see in !stats).
  • The Defensive Empowerments now provides a bonus to “Resist Status Effects” +5 at level 99.
  • The Melee Empowerments now provides a bonus to “Critical Hit Damage” +5% at level 99.


  • UPDATE Added the missing “and stunned” message for Violent Flourish when it stuns. If the stunned message isn’t shown, the flourish did not stun the mob.
  • UPDATE Added the check for Allies Roll for Corsair and the appropriate gear modifiers to enhance it.
  • UPDATE The -20% “magic damage taken” Magic Shield effect provided by Magic Barrier has changed from being “uncapped” UDMGMAGIC to DMGMAGIC which caps at 50%. Paladins can still exceed this with Aegis up to 87.5%, but can no longer reach 100%+.
  • UPDATE Burtgang’s modifiers have been updated to use the correct modifiers. UDMGPHYS has been replaced with the proper DMG_PHYS_II and should calculate properly and provide the correct physical mitigation. In addition, several versions of Burtgang have had either old LegionDark mods removed or their missing enmity mods added.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where ninjas and bards (mobs only) wouldn’t use their magic or songs anymore if they didn’t have any MP.
  • BUG Removed the “readies…” spam that can occur with humanoid-type enemies that use player-based weaponskills, such as Circle Blade. This was especially common with the Ark Angels if they were stunned or slept.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where “< Back [1]” options on the survival guide menus would simply exit the Survival Guide rather than take you back to page 1.

4 July

Retail Client Update - June 2021 Update


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30210604_1 or higher.

Just before the July 2021 client comes out next week, we’re pushing our servers to the June 2021 client. We’re a bit behind with everything going on, but this should resolve numerous issues.

  • The NPC IDs in numerous zones have shifted due to changes with Voracious Resurgence. This should fix multiple cutscene issues with Chains of Promathia missions involving Cid.
  • The text IDs in numerous zones have shifted due to dialogue changes. This should address issues with treasure caskets in these zones.

Updated Renamer List

With this year’s Summer Heatwaves event, a new Renamer list is available. You can download it here.

Summer Heatwaves Event

King chillin' by the beach

It’s summertime and heating up on Nocturnal Souls! The heat will be hanging around until the 1 August’s maintenance. The full details are available here.

What’s changed in 2021:

  • New zones have been added! Players can now find Summer Heats in Meriphataud Mountains, Sauromugue Champaign, Eastern Altepa Desert, Buburimu Peninsula, and Yuhtunga Jungle.
  • The stats and levels of all Summer Heats has been normalized. Level 99 highly recommended!
  • The chance of receiving a heatwave when defeating a Summer Heat is no longer guaranteed, but set at 80%. There may be ways to guarantee a heatwave though…
  • The chance of a fire feather, gear currency, and fireworks is the same for all Summer Heats.


  • UPDATE Updated several versions of Absolute Terror to reduce the AOE duration to 10s and add variance to the single target duration (instead of 30s, it’s 10s + a random of 0 to 40s).
  • UPDATE The crafted Ravenous Breastplate (and +1) now has its item modifiers and stats.
  • UPDATE The logic surrounding the weaponskill questlines has been removed as to not interfere with other quests.
  • UPDATE The Red Mage Master Job Quest #1 boss encounter should now appear near the player, not a distance away.
  • BUG The Sweller’s Harness now has the correct display model.
  • BUG The staff weaponskill Cataclysm is now usable by WAR and WHM main jobs.
  • BUG Uragnites should no longer try to cast spells while hiding in their shells.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where COR’s Snake Eyes merit skill was available to as a subjob. No merit ability should be available while as a subjob (since merits are not available).
  • BUG Updated the ZM “Return to Delkfutt’s Tower” CS in Stellar Fulcrum to not repeat if players zone in and out of the zone without proceeding to the next step.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Rage, used by sheep/ram type mobs, was not the correct potency of Berserk.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where 2-hour abilities would drain the TP of mobs and NMs.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Attack Boost would increase attack, but not ranged attack.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Siren and Cait Sith’s abilities were missing due to client shifts.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where players who had more than 4,000 rank points would still be asked to donate crystals to gate guards.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where 1000 Needles was Light-based damage, not physical piercing.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the blue magic skill “Mind Blast” had an extremely high multiplier due to a typo.


2 May

Spring Break Event

The Spring Break event has come to a close for this year. The egg-hording bunnies will be back next year. Congratulations to everyone who worked on the hidden words!

The next event, Beat the Heatwaves, will begin in mid-to-late June.


25 April

Spring Break Event

  • Three new words have been added. See the event page for more details.

11 April

Spring Break Event

  • Three new words have been added. See the event page for more details.

Fast Tracks

  • Players who have used the Fast Track service can speak to Wistful Bison, Senvaleget, or Hugo at any time to reset their titles in the event they are lost or never received due to a multiboxing issue. Players who can already access !shop 4 and see the expansion rewards do not need to use this service.

4 April

Spring Break Event

Spring Break Egg Hunt

Duration: April 4 to May 2 (maintenance start)

See the event page for more details.

  • All prior hidden egg rewards have been revealed.
  • New hints at additional eggs rewards will be added weekly starting next week.


  • UPDATE Added basty and bastys as keyword options for the !tele command.
  • UPDATE Updated Brekekekex’s loot pool to remove duplicate items found on other mobs and add the missing Slipor Sash and Punishing Gloves.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Souleater would consume the full damage value of HP each hit in multi-hit WS rather than once.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some synthesis guild turn-ins would request the HQ item instead of the NQ item. This edge case was caused by the query returning the HQ item first in the results because its item ID was lower than the NQ item.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where players who kicked off the (unworking) AF quests for Dragoon could not proceed with the nation missions with Rahal. This old quest has been disabled.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Duke Vepar dropped the Ponete Sash instead of the Yemaya Belt.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some enchanted items, such as the Vulcan Blade, could not properly apply their enspell effects.


21 March

Ability Adjustments (and the RecastContainer that loves them)

Two recent issues were found around recast timers.

  1. some job combos could have so many abilities they would exceed the “size” of the recast container.
  2. players could trigger two abilities with the same recast ID that it would crash the zone.

The first issue was caused by the server (and client) only supporting a maximum of 30 recast timers (plus one for two hours and one for the chocobo mount recast). The second issue was caused by the server being unsure what to do when two abilities tried to trigger the same recast timer and placed duplicate information in the same spot in the recast container.

Jobs paired with dragoon, dancer, samurai, and scholar seemed to cause this most often if they had their merit abilities added.

After a great deal of testing, the packet size and the client seem hard coded to the 32 spots and breaking it into multiple packets causes the client to blow off the recasts entirely (not an option). Reviewing retail at 9949, 28 seems to be the max any job can have, so this is likely by design.

Unfortunately, as we continue to add the remaining missing abilities, this will be something we’ll need to keep a close eye on. If we ever decide to add RUN, this may be a blocker as RUN, by itself, has 23 recast timers. :zany_face:

To that end, we’ve made the following ability changes to keep jobs below that 30 recast threshold.

  • All “SP II” abilities that share recast ID 254 have been made main job only. Most of these were already main job only, such as Unbridled Wisdom, and some do not fully exist yet, such as Fly High. Here are the abilities that changed:

    • Clarion Call (bard)
    • Cutting Cards (corsair)
    • Mikage (ninja)
  • Some job abilities have been made main job only.

    • Dragon Breaker (dragoon)
    • Steady Wing/Smiting Breath/Restoring Breath (dragoon)
    • Presto (dancer)
    • Chocobo Jig II (dancer)
    • Curing Waltz V (dancer)

We’re evaluating a few other jobs and abilities that are right at the cusp of being over and may make additional changes in future updates.

Escha Ru’Aun

  • Revamped Vir’ava’s battle logic from the ground up to be better aligned to how the fight proceeds on retail and make the add waves easier for small groups to manage. Shoutout to Nickko and Alanwatts for their help testing this with various group setups.
    • The waves of rafflesias now immediately aggro the player that spawned the encounter, not the player with enmity on Vir’ava.
    • The order of operations for the rafflesias mechanics has been updated to have fixed amounts of time between each ‘phase’.
    • Adds cannot spawn any sooner than 35s after then last set of adds spawned, even if the appropriate TP moves are used by Vir’ava to spawn them.
    • Addressed an issue where Vir’ava could use Frond Fatale more often than expected when engaged.
    • The distance that Vir’ava can affect the rafflesias is 15y (15y from the rafflasia/vir’ava, not 15y from the player, so positioning matters).


  • UPDATE Added the the “Occ. Max Magic Accuracy” augment to the !skills command.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Endark and Enlight would “double dip” on Enspell Damage+ augments by calculating the added damage both on cast and on swing. Shoutout to Kioshi for helping diagnose this!

14 March

Retail Client Update - March 2021


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30210304_0 or higher.

  • New titles have been added.
  • Shifts in NPCs in several zones.
  • New auto-translate phrases added.

With the change, it’s possible that some plugins, addons, and HD .DAT modifications may not operate properly after updating. If you have issues, it’s recommended to disable everything and load each one individually to find the culprit. If you haven’t already, look into XIPivot as a way to optimize applying HD .DAT modifications. It’s worth the time investment! 😄

In addition to the client update, players who use XIView should update to the latest build or their client may crash and players who are using AshenbubsHD should update to the March 2021 release.

Renamer Update

The Renamer file has been updated for the shifts in the Halls of Legion. Click here to visit the download page. Simply drop the new list in the folder and overwrite your prior file to update it.

Escha Ru’Aun

  • UPDATE Updated the fight mechanics for Palila to cap the number of adds at 6 up at a time, not a maximum of 6 per spawn (with a cap of 18).
  • UPDATE Increased the time between the Warder of Love’s waves of adds.
  • UPDATE Added Spool of Malboro Fiber to Melancholic Moria (2.4%) and Dazzling Dolores (12.4%) to make it more available for abjuration armor crafting.


  • UPDATE Updated the respawn timers of Despot, Steam Cleaner, and Zipacna have been significantly reduced to make it easier to progress through the Sky Gods line.
  • UPDATE Updated the checks for CoP 8-4 “Dawn” to no longer require the JP midnight check.
  • UPDATE Prevent some spells from being constantly recast by mobs if the mobs have very small spell lists (e.g. mobs constantly recasting Spikes spells while it’s still in effect on them).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the recipe for Electrum Chain required the Leather Enscrollment KI, not the Chainwork KI.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Yggdreant Bole did not properly stack to 12.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Bind would only inflict extreme gravity due to our enhanced movement speed.
  • BUG With the Bind issue, addressed an edge case where the subspeed of players would get out of sync and cause animation issues. Players running animations should now better match their actual movement speed and ‘blinking’ movement should be a bit better (players were moving faster than packets were updating their position).
  • BUG Added missing item modifiers for several multi-job knives–Nanti Knife/+1, Tzuste’s Knife/+1, Gorkhali Kukri, Mahakali Kukri.

7 March

Experience Point Chains

Several updates have been made around experience point calculations and chains to address issues where alliance exp was more than small group or solo exp in some cases and shifted the ‘drop’ of exp from 4 players to 3 players.

These are the base game multipliers for non-chained kills. Chained kills still add the 1.2x to 1.5x+ bonus to each kill and our our 5.0x experience point rate is then laid on top of these. These values still far exceed (even without our 5x multiplier) what the player shares are on retail.

  • The experience point multipliers for players in zones that support Signet, Sanction, and Sigil have shifted.

    • Solo (1 player) : 1.0x -> 1.0x (no change)
    • 2 players : 0.95x -> 0.90x
    • 3 players : 0.85x -> 0.80x
    • 4 players : 0.70x -> 0.65x
    • 5 players : 0.60x -> 0.60x (no change)
    • 6 players : 0.55x -> 0.55x (no change)
    • 6+ players (alliance): 3.0x / number of players -> 2.75x / number of players
    • For example, an alliance of 9 players would have an experience multiplier of (2.75 / 9 = 0.31) down from (3.0 / 9 = 0.33).
  • The experience point multipliers for players in zones that do not support Signet, Sanction, or Sigil have shifted.

    • Solo (1 player) : 1.0x -> 1.0x (no change)
    • 2 players : 0.75x -> 0.70x
    • 3 players : 0.65x -> 0.60x
    • 4 players : 0.55x -> 0.50x
    • 5 players : 0.45x -> 0.40x (no change)
    • 6 players : 0.40x -> 0.37x (no change)
    • 6+ players (alliance): 2.1x / number of players -> 1.9x / number of players
    • For example, an alliance of 9 players would have an experience multiplier of (2.75 / 9 = 0.23) down from (3.0 / 9 = 0.21).
  • The amount of time players have to complete an experience point chain has been updated to make it easier for lower level players to complete experience point chains (overall) and more difficult for players to sustain chain 6 and higher at level 99 (these times are still about 25% higher than they are on retail).


  • UPDATE Updated allowed treasure pool packets per second from 4 per second to 5 per second to see if that helps address whatever changed in the February client and/or these types of plugins to send more packets than they were before. We will continue to monitor this if this causes server instability due to excessive noisy traffic.
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue where the TP Bonus of Corsair’s Tactician Roll was providing an exceeding high amount of TP because it was affected by the 2.80x player TP bonus. The values of Tactician’s Roll have been cut in half to account for this (so there’s still a slight bonus, but it mostly washes out).
  • UPDATE Added a call to save character style locks and equipment when zoning out of a zone to address the issue some non-gearswap/ashitacast users have where their gear doesn’t match if they’ve rapidly changed gear while in combat or within the new 10s debounce window for saving gear.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue with the Companion’s Die, Miser’s Die, and Avenger’s Die having a typo in them and not properly granting the roll due to a recent change in their internal name (e.g. MISER_S_DIE to MISERS_DIE).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where multi-hit weaponskills would sometimes fail to remove Blink from a target if it wiped all shadows.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where a Corsair Bust! wouldn’t properly inflict the negative effect of the bust.
  • BUG Addressed another edge case where a Corsair Bust! animation would play on a successful roll if the player had previously busted on that roll type.


  • UPDATE Add in several missing optional cutscenes and dialogues for nation missions and side quests.


28 February

Login Rewards - March 2021

This month, the following items are available for March 2021.

PointsItemMin Level
125Otokogusa Yukata 1
125Onnagusa Yukata 1
75Moogle Bed1
75Artemis’s Bow1
20Rem’s Tales Chapters 1-1099
100Nation Aketons99
100Nation Flags99

Featured Items

Heroics - Escha Ru’aun

  • UPDATE The time between Vir’ava’s Full Bloom and Leeching Vine mechanics have been linked together so that encounter resets don’t cause these to become our of sync. The time between these mechanics has been slightly increased.
  • UPDATE Increased the time between Warder of Love’s add spawns and reduced the adds inherit regain skill.
  • UPDATE Increased the time between Naga Raja’s add spawns slightly.
  • UPDATE Increased the susceptibility of Warder of Love’s adds to sleep.
  • BUG (hotfix) Warder of Courage, Warder of Love, and Kouryu now properly re-engage their adds when the encounter is wiped.
  • BUG (hotfix) Address a few typos in some of the flavor text when interacting with the various QMs.
  • BUG The Warder of Love’s Xzomit adds are now warriors, not ninjas. They should no longer stand back using strong ranged attacks and ninjutsu. Their ‘explode’ mechanic has been removed (originally pulled from Jailer of Love).


  • BUG Addressed an issue where Corsair’s rolls show the ‘Bust!’ animation when doing a proper roll.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Souleater not showing proper damage in the logs when used with multi-hit and physical weaponskills.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Blue Mage’s Burst Affinity wouldn’t account for the tier of skillchain when calculating the damage. The primary (chainbound) target now properly receives the burst damage bonus (this doesn’t apply to adds hit by AOE-type bursted magic).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Thermal Pulse would not properly inflict its blindness effect.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Automaton’s Strobe and Strobe II attachments would enable Provoke without an active Fire Maneuver.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Nahtirah Trousers had an incorrect item modifier granting 90% snap shot, not 9%.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the ‘Nothing happens…’ message was missing from East Ronfaure’s IDs (when clicking the Maw without the proper unlock).


  • UPDATE Added a 10s debounce on /equip and /equipset database commits to prevent massive database spam for idle and “buff bot” characters. This should reduce lag in high end zones where characters are left idle and stand around casting.


  • UPDATE Added several missing optional dialogues for COP 5-2, “Curses! Foiled a Golem”, “Tuning In”, and “To Catch a Falling Star”.
  • BUG Addressed several monster abilities that would not inflict Sleep-type effects due to the order in which the status effect and damage was processed.

14 February

Retail Client Update - February 2021


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30210204_0 or higher.

  • New titles have been added.
  • Several NPC positions changed (retail ripped out several NPCs around the Linkshells and Chat Manuals–assuming because the new novice network replaces it).
  • Several new items have been added (which we’re reviewing to see how we can work into our content).

With the change, it’s possible that some plugins, addons, and HD .DAT modifications may not operate properly after updating. If you have issues, it’s recommended to disable everything and load each one individually to find the culprit. If you haven’t already, look into XIPivot as a way to optimize applying HD .DAT modifications. It’s worth the time investment! 😄

In addition to the client update, players who use XIView should update to the latest build or their client may crash.

Renamer Update!

The Renamer file has been updated for the new Escha Ru’Aun. Click here to visit the download page. Simply drop the new list in the folder and overwrite your prior file to update it.

Heroics - Escha Ru’Aun

Escha Ru'Aun

Escha Ru’Aun is here! This large, open zone contains over 35 unique NM encounters spread out across multiple paths, eleven sets of abjuration armor that includes unique and rare augments, unique weapons and armor models, and several new high-tier crafting recipes.

  • The Ark Angels
  • The Nazar and the Warders
  • The Heavenly Beasts
  • Gaes Fete, tiers 1 to 3
  • and the zone boss, Naga Raja

Escha Ru’Aun is open to players who have achieved Heroics Rank 8 or higher.

For more information on the zone and encounters, check out the Heroics - Escha Ru’Aun page.

Reisenjima Henge Loot Changes

With the release of Escha Ru’aun, some items have been shifted around, drop rates have changed, and some items moved to other places. In the coming weeks, we’re going to be re-visiting the gear procession with Reisenjima Henge to make it an easier path between tiers and types of gear (Empyrean vs. Artifact).

  • Most non-page drops have been adjusted with a lower drop rate.
  • The Genmei Shield and Baetyl Pendant have been removed as these now drop in Escha Ru’aun.
  • The Shadow Emperor’s extra set of 30% page drops have been removed.
  • The Novennial Clothing sets have been removed from The Avatars. Players at level 99 may now acquire these from Festive Moogles in the Ports of San d’Oria, Bastok, and Windurst.
  • The Genesis Shield has been added to Alexander.
  • The Mache Earring +1 has been removed from Fenrir Prime as players can now craft this with the 110 crafting increase.
  • Ulr of Dark had had many of his drop rates lowered to bring it more in line with the Corrupted Altana fight.


  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the San d’Oria mission cutscene for 8-1 would restart each time you entered in the zone.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue with melee automaton weaponskills not inflicting damage.

7 February


  • BUG Addressed an issue where Keeper of Heiligtum had a chance to spawn Azi Dahaka for every player in the group, not just once per kill.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Astral Conduit now fully restores the players MP as per retail.
  • UPDATE Saarlan, the NPC outside of Legion has been disabled for the time being. Never realized this NPC actually had a shop; however, none of the gear works. We’re evaluating the gear to determine if we want to make it active or refund players who purchased it. A decision should be made in a week or two.
  • UPDATE The final infill of monsters is complete for all 294 effected zones. This last fill placed approximately 600 new spawns into the world for a total of nearly 4,800 new monsters and greatly filling out many zones that lacked monster population. This should lead to more viable EXP zones and more dangerous exciting higher level zones.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with greater demon’s Crippling Rime doing zero damage and failing to inflict its effect.
  • BUG Fixed an issue with evil eye’s Deathly Glare inflicting its effect even if players were not facing it.


  • BUG Addressed an issue where certain cutscenes leading from Sealion’s Den to Al’taieu were not wired up to teleport the user.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the quest A Clock Most Delicate would not proceed properly.
  • BUG Addressed a type mismatch when calculating additional effects preventing them from doing negative damage (healing) to monsters. This is necessary to calculate resistance and absorbs.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Drachen Roll wasn’t properly providing ranged accuracy to pets.

January 2021

31 January


  • UPDATE Several recipes for various vexed, hexed, and bewitched have been updated to no longer require Unity drops, but drops from Escha Zi’Tah. These cursed armors will be used in Escha Ru’Aun’s abjurations soon. 34 recipes were updated overall.


  • UPDATE Monster families in Reisenjima that spawned at night (20h to 04h) now spawn at evening (18h to 6h) to give a longer window for players to farm those encounters.
  • UPDATE Azi Dahaka’s Dragon adds in Escha Zi’Tah now stick closer to him in the event the encounter wipes.


  • UPDATE Western Adoulin (!relax) has new music. This is a new track from The Voracious Resurgence content.
  • UPDATE Items with ‘sphere’ modifiers have been updated to grant these as normal item mods. This updates 13 items, however, only 4 of them are currently acquireable. Most notable is the extra +10 Magic Attack Bonus on the Gyve Doublet.
  • BUG (hotfix) Fixed Machielle in Southern San d’Oria missing the require for IDs to check for regional control.
  • BUG ID shifts and dialogue changes in, well, every zone that were missed during the initial changes.
    • This should fix the Starway Stairway in Heavens Tower.
    • This should fix the Mana Orbs for Windurst 1-2.
    • This should fix the Mandragora Warden’s for Windurst 9-1.
    • This should fix the message when getting items from the Login Points Coffer in Western Adoulin.
  • UPDATE Mekira Meikogai has a new modifier added to it that increases TP gain when taking physical damage.
  • UPDATE Makora Meikogai has its missing attack and magic attack modifiers.
  • UPDATE Infilled approximately 900 new mob spawns throughout the world that were missing their spawn location.
  • BUG The NM Bakka’s nameplate, aggressive status, and ice absorption have been fixed.
  • BUG The NM Namtar no longer drops random level 99 gear.
  • BUG The NM Bonnacon no longer drops random Legion gear.
  • BUG The NM Lofty Harpeia has been updated to have the correct HP.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Fiery Breath wouldn’t ever fire off as a mob skill due to a miscalculation on player direction from last year.
    • Note, this will make dragons and wyrms actually use this now. Be prepared!
  • BUG Updated Brekekekex to have the right number of “ke’s” in the database (and script).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where players could cancel Avatar’s Favor, but the favor buff of the avatar wouldn’t properly cancel.


  • UPDATE Added various optional cutscenes for nation missions and side quests and add missing gender flags that alters dialogue.
    • Breaking Barriers, Toraimarai Turmoil, Tuning In, Tuning Out, Making the Grade, Growing Flowers, Only the Best, Secret Mission, etc.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Treasure Caskets could show a “# or 0, and 0” result, but it wasn’t actually zero due to an incorrect cutscene parameter.

Members Portal

  • UPDATE The members portal now shows the current server bonus and reminders that treasure hunter does not apply to non-normal drops.
  • UPDATE Items with a >100% chance to drop (due to the server bonus) hae been capped at 100%.
  • UPDATE Drop lists on Item detail pages now show all drops from a mob in the event they drop more than one. For example, King Behemoth can drop two behemoth hides, so it shows both and their drop rates.
  • UPDATE The zone name on item drop lists is now clickable to view all monsters in that zone.
  • UPDATE Links to BG-Wiki have been updated to reflect their new URL structure.

17 January

Retail Client Update - January 2021


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30201229_3 or higher.

  • New titles have been added.
  • A new type of entity flag (“information”) has been added.
  • Message IDs have shifted in ~292 zones.

With the change in chat, status, and character packets, it’s possible that some plugins, addons, and HD .DAT modifications may not operate properly after updating. If you have issues, it’s recommended to disable everything and load each one individually to find the culprit.

In addition to the client update, players who use XIView should update to the latest build or their client may crash.


  • UPDATE Collecting fast track rewards now requires at least 4 available inventory slots to account for currency and/or items rewarded.
  • UPDATE Several missing mob spawns in La Theine Plateau, Valkurm Dunes, Jugner Forest, Batallia Downs, and North Gustaburg have been added. These were mostly exp or side mobs that were missing their spawn coordinates.
  • UPDATE The Tancho +1 from VWNM Uptala now has its proper item modifiers.

10 January

Heroics - Reisenjima

The following updates have been made to the heroics encounters within Reisenjima.

  • The amount of time it takes for an encounter to enrage has increased.
    • Tier 1’s now enrage at 20 minutes instead of 10 minutes.
    • Tier 2’s now enrage at 25 minutes instead of 12 minutes.
    • Tier 3’s now enrage at 30 minutes instead of 25 minutes.
    • Tier 4’s now enrage at 35 minutes instead of 15 minutes (whoops!).
    • Quetzalcoatl’s enrage remains at 35 minutes.
  • The frequency that Crom Dubh uses his bulwarks has been reduced and his native regain has been slightly reduced.
  • The frequency that Oryx uses Damsel Momento while at critical health has been increased.
  • The amount of attack bonus Sabotender Royal gains when leveling up has been slightly reduced.
  • Selkit’s magic evasion has been slightly reduced.
  • Bashmu’s native regen has been significantly reduced.
  • Ironside’s iron giant specific auto attacks have been added.
  • Old Shuck’s defense gained with each howl has been slightly reduced.
  • The potency of Teles’ Shock Spikes after using Ravenous Wail has been slightly reduced.
  • Vinipata’s Naraka adds have gained a slight regain effect while active.


  • Synergy now verifies that players have available inventory slots before allowing the craft to prevent crafting without receiving items.
  • The 14th attribute bonus from merits now properly requires 18 merits instead of 19.
  • Fixed an issue where homepoints in Qufim Island had the wrong messages with the December 2020 client.
  • Kopopo in Windurst Waters North (Cooking guild) now sells bird eggs rather than lizard eggs. Lizard eggs can still be purchased from Chomo Jinjahl.

1 January

Happy New Year

Wow, 2020 was a wild ride and many of us are hoping 2021 brings a bit of calm to things.

For many of us, gaming and online communities helped keep us sane the past year by providing a way to step beyond our homes and be social–adventures to take, gear to farm, and the subtle reminder that everyone here’s in the same boat and, likely, feeling the same things.

Year In Review

It’s been a busy year. Priorities shifted to keep up with the the ever moving target of life. COVID, work-from-home, and responsibilities has changed things for many of us–and that includes time commitment to the game. Our community and development team has also undergone several changes in the past year, losing many members and gaining a few new ones.

Server Stats
  • We grew from an average of 193.52 unique IP logins per day to 393.09–up nearly 200 uniques per day.
  • We had 3,735 active characters over the course of 2020, up from 1649 in 2019.
  • We had a high point of 737 on New Years Eve, and then 724 on 1 November, of unique IP logins where online in a single day.
  • We had a high point of 174 characters online at any one time on 5 November.
  • 129,420 player-to-player auctions were processed between 2,154 players this year for a total of 218,946,702,429 transacted gil.
  • We had users connect from over 64 different countries in 2020!

User connects by country

High Points
  • The additional of the Ephemeral Moogles allowing players to store and retrieve crystals and clusters to free up inventory space.
  • A top-down revamp of the blue magic system to add missing traits, effects, and add in all of the missing spells.
  • The addition of numerous modern-era job abilities from level 80, 85, 90, and 95 to finish out several jobs.
  • A revamp to our custom Automaton AI to enhance decision making performance.
  • The modernization of all weaponskill formuals and scripts to reflect proper values as well as provide a custom status message when additional effects trigger.
  • The modernization of all cure formulas and scripts to provide better scaling and reliability.
  • Revamp of the experience point tables and addition of the ‘incredibly easy prey’ mobs to add additional exp camps and increase the overall limit players can receive when fighting IT++ mobs.
  • Update of nearly 1250 unique monster groups across all zones to spawn more frequently and provide an overall easier flow for players exping in high traffic locations.
  • The implementation of the Apex monster families targeted to New Game+ players and others looking for high challenge/high exp group content.
  • The release of the Siren avatar, just days after it was released on retail.
  • Several new mounts including the Doll, Adamantoise, and Levitus.
  • The multi-month Great Rebalance started in April and finally landed on the servers in September to overhaul several aspects of the game, realign power creep with expectations, and give more leeway for future content to be added.
  • The addition of nearly all of the reforged relic and reforged empyrean armor modifiers and set bonuses.
  • The new deliveries system was added to make personal loot easier to track and address inventory issues.
  • The casket system was added throughout Grounds/Fields of Valor zones.
  • The fishing system was added along with fishing points throughout the world, including in our custom zones.
  • The level 110 crafting system was added along with new recipes and level-up quests.
  • … and all the work to successfully shift from December 2019’s client through the December 2020 client, including the harrowing few days in November when SE decided to shake up the world. 😄
Low Points
  • Month-to-month retail alignment and client changes aren’t for everyone. We saw a huge uptick in players having troubles updating their clients and more pressure to create our own installer.
  • The Great Rebalance’s first few weeks were tough and we recognized a growing divide between ‘casual’ and new players and ‘min/maxers’ personas.
  • As the server population grew, an increased need for monitoring, exploit reporting, and day-to-day operations management added a lot of overhead.

What’s Next

As we march towards our three year anniversary this June, there’s a lot to get done.

High-Level Roadmap
  • Now that 110 crafting is complete, nothing is holding us back from rolling out Escha Ru’Aun. The next challenge for Heroics players will be arriving soon.
  • We’re diving into crafting itself, including an ‘epic’ storyline for the crafting shields, a cleanup of all recipes, and a revamp to our custom Synergy system.
  • We’re finalizing a new “New Player Experience” system allowing players a custom storyline from level 1 to 99 with custom missions, gear, and introductions to the Nocturnal Souls custom systems along the way.
  • We’re excited to start developing the new World Boss and the new Achievement systems.
    • The world boss system will allow players to fight numerous large-scale open world battles to build up unique sachets.
    • The achievement system will be all for show–allowing players to hunt rare NMs all over the world and rack up points and leaderboard status on the Members Portal.
  • We’re going to put more work into the Master Job system this year with a goal of at least one quest for every job by the end of June. The average quest is almost 200 lines of dialogue and 10-50 NPCs and mobs–so it’s going to be a lot of work, but we want to get this done.
  • We’re working on the underpinnings of the server to make it more stable and reduce (and remove) our reliance on outside sources for monthly updates.
  • We’re looking at the Unity system as a new version of Voidwatch, allowing in players to fight numerous enemies around the world for gear and tokens that can be used to upgrade those items. We hope this will lay the groundwork for our own custom Odyssey zones later this year.
  • We’re looking at the Shadowera (the WOTG zones) as the staging ground for a new storyline system targeting those interested in storyline and lore.
  • … and we’re constantly taking feedback and ideas from the community on what’s important!

Thank you to the community and our team for a successful 2020 and here’s to an even better 2021!