Update Notes

Nocturnal Souls is constantly in flux with new features and content. We aim to roll out new features and functionality once a week; however, scripts and new content can be rolled out as often as it’s created without downtime. Thanks to our testing and development team for all their hard work!

Here’s the latest changes and enhancements:

May 2020

17 May

New Login Rewards - May - June 2020

New login rewards have have been added!

Featured Items
Raaz MountLost Sickle
Wind KnifeRanine Staff

Enmity Cleanup

The following updates have been made to enmity and claim controls to better align to player expectiations and retail.

  • Claim status is now validated each combat tick (3 seconds).
  • Claims can be ‘declaimed’ (go white) if the claimer dies, disengages, changes targets, or runs out of combat range. This enforces the “1 claimed target per person” functionality of retail.
  • Multiple players in a party can each claim different mobs at the same time.
  • Player abilities that can claim now do so sooner in the logic tree.
  • Player magics that can claim now do so sooner in the logic tree and curative magic cannot claim unless it does damage.
  • Player pet area-of-effect abilities can target claimed mobs and do damage, but will no longer override the claim on them, no matter how much damage is done to the target.
  • Player weaponskills can now properly claim targets.
  • Players who kill unclaimed (white) targets, such as via AOE, will be marked as the claimer when that target dies.

Linkshells Cleanup

Several core functionalities of linkshells have been updated to better reflect retail functionality.

  • permissions to change linkshell missions can now be set by the linkshell holder.
    • /lsmes level ls - changable by linkshell holder
    • /lsmes level ps - changable by pearlsack holder
    • /lsmes level all - changable by all
  • dropping a linkshell group now properly kicks and breaks the pearls/sacks of all equipped members. Offline members receive a message next time they log in or try to equip it.
  • management of linkshells requires the shell to be in “linkshell slot 1”; including being able to promote from pearl to sack for other players.
  • players can equip linkshells that are located in their local inventory: mog satchels, sacks, and cases.

Timed Spawn Updates

RoZ Land Kings

The Land Kings have been updated to have a more reliable respawn timer rather than the variable windows. This allows both NQ and HQ to be up at the same time for those farming relic updates and bypasses the current ‘modern’ system that could cause the windows for an HQ to be anywhere from an hour to three days.

  • The NQ versions, Behemoth, Fafnir, and Adamantoise, are now on a fixed 1 hour respawn time.
  • The HQ versions, King Behemoth, Nidhogg, and Aspidochelone, are now on a fixed 2 hour respawn time.
  • The QM (???) no longer disappears when either version of the land kings are active.
  • Players can still force spawn either version using the QM (???) and proper spawn item.

RoZ Beastman Kings

The Beastman Kings have been updated to have the same logic for all three–a 20% chance to immediately spawn the HQ, or a guaranteed spawn of the HQ after more than 6 NQ defeats.

  • The NQ versions, Orcish Overlord, Yagudo Avatar, and Diamond Quadav, are now on a fixed 1 hour respawn timer.
  • The NQ versions have a 20% chance to spawn the HQ version on death; if defeated more than 6 times, that chance increases to 100% chance.
  • The HQ versions, Overlord Bakgodek, Tzee Xicu the Manifest, and Za’Dha Adamantking, will appear immediately after the NQ despawns if the pop chance is successful, similar to relic upgrade NMs.
  • The stats and levels of the NQ versions have been given NM flags, stats, and attributes. They are now level 85-95.
  • The HQ versions can no longer freely respawn.


  • BUG (hotfix) Address issue where players in Bibiki Bay were always assumed to be on the Manaclipper and teleported to the docks when the boat tried to leave.
  • BUG Address an issue where certain versions of Bubble Curtain provided an extreme amount of Shell effect (thanks Dhoffryn for testing!).
  • BUG Update Moogle Porter Slip #18 to store Luhlaza Charuqs +1 instead of Luhlaza Charuqs (thanks Webjester!).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Cure-type spells did not properly cause damage against undead monsters.
  • BUG The animation of large bat’s Marrow Drain ability has been updated so they no longer disappear into the floor.
  • BUG Fixed the model type of Duskbringer Bats in Rala Waterways so they no longer appear that they are underneath the platform.
  • BUG The Chevalier Commander in Dynamis Divergenge - Bastok now properly drops the voidhand:drg instead of the voidhand:drk.
  • BUG Removed a duplicate haste modifier on Avatars that was providing a bonus for ability and magical haste; Avatars now have a level-based ability haste bonus only.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some modiifers were being applied to Avatars when the main job was not summoner. Skillchain and enmity bonuses should only apply to main job summoners.
    • This should also fix those poor PLD/SMNs who noticed that they were getting -80% enmity and couldn’t use Atonement.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Ifrit’s Conflag Strike and Diabolos’ Blindside were not properly checking for target resistances.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Diabolos’ Night Terror, Nightmare, and Pavor Nocturnus were not properly checking for “Sleep I”.
  • BUG Address an issue where some monster skills were either not applying their status effect or were applying an invalid status effect ID that could lead to client instability.
  • BUG Address an issue where some leech-type “drain kiss” skills were using the wrong status messages.
  • UPDATE To help players in getting stuck for the old-world transports (ships), the NPCs at departure points now alert users that the ships are not running and to use the !tele command or other alternative means rather than selling them a ticket and them sending them off into the void.
    • Port Bastok: Rajesh + Departures Door
    • Port San d’Oria: Anton + Departures Door
    • Port Windurst: Honorio + Departures Door
    • Port Jeuno: All Four + Departures Doors
    • Kazham: Bhoyu Halpatacco
    • Bibiki Bay: Fheli Lapatzuo and Tswe Panipahr
    • Nashmau: Abihaal
    • Whitegate: Atiza (North) and Tazhaal (South)
    • Mhaura: Felisa
    • Selbina: Lucia
  • UPDATE The crafting merchants located on the docks have been relocated to be accessible now that those areas are locked off.
    • Port Bastok: Sugandhi and Denvihr
    • Port San d’Oria: Albinie
    • Port Windurst: Uli Pehkowa
    • Kazham: Ghemi Sinterilo
    • Nashmau: Wata Khamazorn
    • Whitegate: Dwago and Khaf Jhifanm
  • UPDATE Similar to the transport NPCs, the entrances to Limbus have been sealed to prevent players from entering by accident.
    • Swirling Vortexs
    • “zoneline” to Temenos (kicks you back when you get near it)
  • UPDATE Ifrit’s Conflag Strike has been updated to have the potential to miss (aka: check for target resistances). via https://www.bg-wiki.com/bg/Conflag_Strike
  • UPDATE The accuracy of certain monsters in Outer Ra’Kaznar has been updated to provide more challenging fights (aka they don’t miss 100% of the time).
  • UPDATE Several voragenan monster families in Abyssea-Grauberg, Abyssea-Attohwa have had their respawn timers, levels, HP/MP, and aggro parameters properly set.
  • UPDATE Ravenous Cracklaw’s respawn time now shows in the database as 1 hour, rather than being a scripted spawn (which was still an hour).
  • UPDATE Arimaspi updated to spawn Lesser Arimaspi adds and have “too high” flying status against melee attacks similar to retail.
  • UPDATE Fistule updated to spawn Pustule adds at health increments and grant the appropriate title (this only affects Fistule in Abyssea-Konschtat, not the eBCNM).
  • UPDATE Razorbacks in Abyssea-Konschtat are now the appropriate level and respawn times.
  • UPDATE The Meanderers and Hadal Satiator NM has been added to Abyssea-Konschtat. Unlike retail, Hadal Satiator spawns normally on an hour respawn.
  • UPDATE Charged Whisker has been removed from many lower level coeurl groups (some NMs and SoA encounters still have it).
  • UPDATE Removed old augments, mannequin parts, and Reisenjima Henge pop items from the Mog Gardening flotsam loot pool.
  • UPDATE Rates for certain empyrean upgrade items and new items have been added to the Mog Gardening flotsam loot pool.
  • UPDATE A core packet messaging library has been updated to, hopefully, address situations where multiboxing players sending commands too quickly to the server can cause a zone crash.
  • UPDATE Several job special abilities (two-hours) for Escha Zi’Tah gaes fete mobs have had their cooldowns increased.

Upstream Updates

  • BUG The map quests for King Ramparee’s Tomb, Gusgen Mines, and Tavnazia are now wired up properly.
  • BUG Address an issue with Vhana Ehgaklywha sprinting to do the streetlamp lighting in Jeuno.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where an active exp chain always applies the current chain bonus to DC and below mobs without giving a message.
  • BUG The TP component of melee and ranged weaponskills affecting attack was missing from the calculation. This is now passed into these formulas. This only affects weaponskills marked ‘Attack varies with TP’.
  • BUG Add missing Lauan Shield to Carautia’s shop in Southern San d’Oria.
  • BUG The goldsmithing recipes that use goldsmithing kits for silver belt, brass finger gauntlets, tigereye ring, and peridot earring now properly use earth crystals, not fire crystals.
  • BUG The bonecrafting recipe for fish scales has been updated from bonecrafting 16 to the appropriate bonecrafting 6.
  • UPDATE The Spire of Vahzl BCNM, Desires of Emptiness, now has the proper encounter targets in the BCNM rather than just a placeholder.
  • UPDATE Some promyvion monster families now have the proper skill sets for NMs.
  • UPDATE Update Wyvern’s Healing Breath to properly check that the target is within 13y before trying to use it.
  • UPDATE Update stats provided by Rolanberry Daifuku/+1 to provide the updated accuracy, magic accuracy, and pet stats.
  • UPDATE Addressed an issue where the correct nation wasn’t verified for Bastok, Windurst, and the Beastmen when doing region teleports.
  • UPDATE Several monster families that had 0 combat delay or the incorrect damage type have been fixed.

3 May

Spring Break Ending

The Spring Break event is drawing to a close. Congrats to everyone on figuring out this year’s egg words. Daily and seasonal BCNMs will revert to their normal timers.

Our next event, Summer Heatwaves, will begin in July or August.


  • UPDATE Remove the cutscenes and option to save your mog house as your homepoint when exiting in line with the April 2020 retail update.
  • UPDATE Redesigned the dialogs in the Warrior Master Job #1 to account for players accidently throwing away an item they need to proceed. Players can now speak to the Master to receive another item.
  • BUG Address a potential animation glitch when using Teleport- spells.
  • BUG The game weekly “Conquest Update” messages have been disabled for the time being. Several players have noted that they sometimes R0 clients out. We’re investigating and will re-enable them when a root cause can be determined and fixed. (Everyone knows San d’Oria is the best anyway).
  • BUG Fixed the animation of some Coeurl’s Charged Whisker attack.
  • BUG Fixed the model of the Adapa Shield.

Upstream Updates

  • UPDATE Wire up the eastern wall lamps in the Phomiuna Aqueducts that have never worked before.
  • BUG Update/cleanup the CE and VE values of many abilities; adding CE to many abilities to ensure that they properly put players onto the aggro tables.
  • BUG Fixed an issue where Dancers were granted Closed Position without putting merits into it.

April 2020

19 April

Spring Break - Egg Word Hunt

  • Since the last update, several hidden words have been found! Congrats everyone! The Spring Break wiki page has been updated with the recent finds.
  • Three words remain hidden from the last update! Here’s the current hints:
    • If you’re leveling up, you could use some [_______]. (7 letters, two words)
    • Some enjoy being out in this during the spring time. (5 letters, a place)
    • When you didn’t get what you wanted, there’s an item that allows you to [_______]. (7 letters, two words)
  • Four new words have been added. Here’s a few hints:
    • Don’t lose your head, it’s just a shield.
    • Ribbit… ribbit…
    • Tifa approves of your choices.
    • Looks evil, but not as many tenticles as expected.

NocSouls Day

  • April 20th starts this month’s NocSouls Day. Instead of just 24 hours, NocSouls Day will run all week from 420 through 424. Now’s the time to grind some New Game+!


  • UPDATE Added ~150 new weapons and armors into the database for future content releases.
  • UPDATE Updated Relic Adaman to stack to 99.
  • UPDATE The seasonal eggs for the Spring Break event now stack to 99.
  • BUG Fixed an issue causing Echo Drops to stack to 12; these now stack to 99 again.
  • BUG Updated Spirit, Binary, and Trinary Tap monster skills to either steal buffs OR drain HP, not both.
  • BUG Fixed the missing DEF modifier on Blurred Shield/+1.
  • BUG Fixed the models of ~350 items that had either the incorrect model or missing model.
  • BUG Fixed the missing item level tag on ~20 i119 items.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Vainrachault could accept incorrect trades during the tier upgrade process.

Upstream Updates

  • UPDATE Improved the QOL of the Moongate; opening and closing the door no longer matters on the weather, just whether or not it’s a full moon at 1800 hours. Once open, it remains open the full nighttime duration rather instead of closing if the weather changes.
  • BUG Saboteur now properly only applies a +25% duration bonus to Enfeebling Magic against NMs (per BGWiki) instead of 100%. Non-NM targets are still affected by the bonus +100%.

5 April

Retail Client Update - April 2020

We’ve updated the client to the retail April 2020 version. This will require a client update for players.

april 2020 version update

For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30200327_X or higher.

Spring Break is back!

Spring Break Egg Hunt

It’s springtime in Vana’diel and those fiesty Spring Hoppers are back and hording the letter eggs. Find them in West Ronfaure, East Ronfaure, West Sarutabaruta, and North Gustaberg.

There are several new words this year–can you figure them out?

This event will run around 5 May 2020.


  • UPDATE Added tavnazia to the help text of the !tele command.
  • UPDATE The items used for the Limit Break 99 quest (seasoning stone, fossilized fang, fossilized bone) have been removed from monster loot tables as they have no use. Players can drop these items as well as there’s no immediate intention to use them for anything (and they’d likely be wiped from inventories if used).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some NMs could be charmed.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Tinnin wasn’t properly immune to breath damage.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where TP generation from abilities like Signet and Adloquium were down rounding incorrectly.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where ‘Written in the Stars’ (Windurst) would not properly update when repeat due to a prior mission status not being cleared.

Upstream Updates

  • BUG Addressed an issue where Lumber Jack would not properly spawn after defeating Weeping Willow in Batallia Downs.


  • UPDATE Several new FAQ sections have been added where quests don’t always align with retail-focused wikis.