Update Notes

Nocturnal Souls is constantly in flux with new features and content. We aim to roll out new features and functionality once a week; however, scripts and new content can be rolled out as often as it’s created without downtime. Thanks to our testing and development team for all their hard work!

Here’s the latest changes and enhancements:

August 2020

3 August

July 2020 Retail Job Update - Paladin

  • Paladins gain a new job trait at level 70, Shield Barrier. This adds the paladin’s current shield defense to the potency of the Protect spells they cast. This trait is a main-job only trait.
  • In addition to its previous effects, the job ability Majesty now allows Protect spells to affect party members within a 10y radius.
  • In addition to its previous effects, the magic spell Reprisal now increases Shield skill.
    • Unlike retail, Reprisal grants a flat +50 shield skill. At this time, directly matching the “15% of your current total skill” functionality is not possible.

July 2020 Retail Update - Shields

The July 2020 update revamped the defense rating of several high end shields, in some cases, doubling the defense. A few of the shields updated include:

  • Adapa Shield
  • Ammurapi Shield
  • Beatific Shield/+1
  • Blurred Shield/+1
  • Butznar Shield/+1
  • Culminus
  • Eminent Shield
  • Genmei Shield
  • Killedar Shield/+1
  • Matamata Shield/+1
  • Nibiru Shield
  • Nusku Shield
  • Rinda Shield
  • Sors Shield
  • Steadfast Shield

July 2020 Retail Update - Weapons/Armor/Accessories

The July 2020 update revamped a few weapons.

  • Triska Scythe/+1 now provides both Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage instead of just Critical Hit Damage.
  • Sangoma now provides Singing skill +10.
  • Ahosi Leggings now provides -4% Physical Damage Taken and +15 to all elemental resists.
  • Deino Collar now provides +7 MACC and +7 MAB to the pet, not the player.
  • The corsair “Laksasama’ set is now shortnamed “Laksa. %” instead of “Lak. %”.


  • UPDATE Diabolos has been made pocket size to, hopefully, fix some issues of him getting stuck on everything in the environment.
  • UPDATE Players can now challenge Lusca in Abyssea-Attohwa for augment items. Lusca is found near Conflux #4.
  • UPDATE The lists used by uragites have been updated to actually include skills: gas shell, venom shell, palsynyxis, painful whip, and suctorial tentacle.
  • UPDATE Address a potential crash condition where the math.random is called with a higher min than max.
  • BUG Address an edge case where the pDIF minimum could exceed the pDIF maximum and cause a server crash.
  • BUG Automatons should no longer randomly cast Dia unless they are using the Harlequin or Stormwaker frames.
  • BUG Fix the Regen item modifier on the Sanctity Necklace, it was previous Refresh.
  • BUG Update the completion script of CoP 2-4 to grant players the Mysterious Amulet key item (even though it’s not used anywhere else).
  • BUG Fix an issue with Brittlis’ magic reactions to properly react to player attacks.
  • BUG Update references to CURSE and CHARM to CURSE_I and CHARM_I.
  • BUG Yaksha and Raksha stances by Nakama-type mobs have been updated to be self-targeting buffs. This should address some strange “0” damage log messages.
  • BUG The fantod and choke breath abilities used by hippogryphs have been updated to have the proper animations and effects.
  • BUG Fix issues with the flutterfly’s (SOA butterflies) skill scripts passing incorrect damage values.
  • BUG Fix issues with panopt’s skill scripts inflicting the wrong status effects.
  • BUG Fix issues with mantis’ mantis’ repeatedly casting praying posture while it’s still in effect.
  • BUG Fix issues with morbol’s impale skill not properly activating.

Upstream Updates

  • UPDATE Several newer monster skill animations have been updated to match retail (many of these skills are not in use at this time).
  • UPDATE Players can now trigger the encounter for Windurst 8-2 while having sneak active.
  • BUG The conquest NPCs and banners in Jugner Forest are now in their proper locations.
  • BUG Steelshells in Boyahda Tree no longer link together.
  • BUG Update several player status effects that should not be stealable by mobs.
  • BUG Address an issue where players that held linkshells that were broken while they were offline will now have them properly break and unequip when logging in next.
  • BUG Several conquest NPCs have been fixed in Jugnar Forest after the July 2020 client update.

July 2020

19 July

Retail Client Update - July 2020

We’ve updated the client to the retail July 2020 version. This will require a client update for players.


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30200604_0 or higher.

Summer Heatwaves

  • Players can now exchange Heatwaves and gil for fire feathers. For 25,000gil and 25 Heatwaves, players can trade with the Event Moogles for the feathers.
  • The Summer Heatwaves event has been extended until maintenance on 16 August 2020.


  • The !shop command has been updated now that the clients allow larger shop inventories.
    • !shop 1 - now includes food, consumables, ninjutsu tools, and automaton oils.
    • !shop 2 - now includes all crystals and clusters
    • !shop 3 - now includes all ranged ammos
    • !shop 4 - now includes all completion and expansion event rewards


  • BUG The status message for applying Bully has been fixed.
  • BUG Fix, hopefully, an edge case where non-Valoredge automatons would Shield Bash mobs.
  • BUG The models for the Rustic and Shoal swimsuit gear have been fixed.


  • BUG Addressed an issue where bards swapping instruments would lose TP.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Blue Mage merit ‘Assimilation’ would not properly increment the blue magic points from 55 to 60 in the menu.
  • UPDATE Updated Yoyoroon’s automaton attachment inventory to align with retail.
    • With this, we’ll be removing these items from the auto stock of the AH-Bot.

12 July

Summer Heatwaves

  • UPDATE New outfits, the Starlet and Agent sets, have been added as potential rewards from the Event Moogle after successfully completing the Stand In The Fire BCNM.
  • BUG The appearances of some gender-specific outfits have been fixed.


  • UPDATE Players can now purchase gyshal greens for chocobo digging in !shop 2.


  • BUG Fix the resell price of bags of apkallu fletchings.
  • BUG Address a potential login issue for players with 15-character length character names.

5 July

Retail Client Update - June 2020

We’ve updated the client to the retail June 2020 version. This will require a client update for players.


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30200604_0 or higher.

Updated Renamer List

With the new game version and Summer Heatwaves event, a new Renamer list is available. You can download it here.

Summer Heatwaves Event

The Summer Heatwaves event is back. This event will run from 5 July until when maintenance begins on 26 July.

The event has undergone a few updates this year:

  • Players can enter the BCNM as often as they can acquire a Fire Feather.
  • The Stand In The Fire BCNM has been moved to Horalis Peak with three concurrent battlefields. Players will select “A Feast Most Dire” when selecting the BCNM.
  • The unique event drops for Stand In The Fire have been updated. There are two chest slots this year with a variety of rare items in them.
  • The abilities of the Wrath of Fire have been adjusted to remove abilities that are not native to the Harpy family.
  • The level and scaling of the Heatwaves has been fixed to 99 rather than being various levels in each zone.
  • The respawn time for Heatwaves have been fixed at 180s.
  • Some Heatwaves now have additional random respawn locations in their zone.

Don’t forget: after completing the Stand In The Fire BCNM, speak with the Event Moogle to receive your bonus price!

Personal Loot Updates

Personal loot is any loot awarded directly to the player rather than entering the treasure pool. We use this for several currency rewards. An issue that some players face is having full inventories or using inventory management plugins that drop items when items hit the inventory too quickly.

To address this, personal loot is now sent to Makel-Pakel (the Battlefield NPC) located in !relax. Makel-Pakel will inform you of your totals and send them to your delivery box for pickup. Using the delivery box ensures that player inventories and treasure pool management plugins can’t accidently cause items to be lost.

This applies to:

  • Daily Hunts (alexandrite and tanzanite jewels)
  • Reisenjima Henge medals (beastmen and kindred medals)
  • Empyrean upgrade currency (riftcinder, riftdross, heavy medal, riftborn boulders)
  • Daily BCNM rewards (alexandrite, tanzanite jewels, and training manuals)
  • Heroics unlock quest caches (luminium ore, midrium ore, and kaolin)

New Command - !getdeliveries

Players can use the !getdeliveries to see what’s currently pending delivery. This will display items and quantities of what Makel-Pakel can deliver once you return to town.

Quality of Life Updates

These updates focus around the NPCs and their actions around the !relax area–Western Adoulin’s Platea Triumphus. The aim is reduce the concentration of NPCs in the area to increase load time and FPS performance in the area.

  • In addition to managing personal loot deliveries, Makel-Pakel now provides players with their Dynamis Divergence lockout timers. He’ll continue providing Daily BCNM lockouts, the lockout durations, and removing stray battlefield effects from players.
  • Hestefa is on vacation to go find better armor. Trystol now carries artifact, relic, and empyrean starter armors. The prices for the relic and empyraen starter armors have been reduced.
  • Zezarn, Lakeria, and Maforne have moved to (K-10) in Western Adoulin.

These updates focus around the various REMA weapon upgrade trials:

  • Magian Master now provides the proper “Obtained: {weapon}” client text for our non-native English client players.
  • Magian Moogle TJ now provides the proper “Obtained: {weapon}” client text for our non-native English client players.
  • Oboro’s requirements for upgrading i119 Empyrean weapons has changed slightly to make it easier to trade.
    • Stage I - 100 pinches of riftcinder to 99 pinches of riftcinder (1 stack)
    • Stage II - 100 bars of heavy metal to 99 bars of heavy metal (1 stack)
    • Stage III - 500 riftborn boulders to 495 riftborn boulders (5 stacks)
  • Oboro’s dialog has been updated to provide messaging when players trade an invalid combination.

Heroics Updates

  • UPDATE The following Peacekeepers mission targets have been adjusted.
    • Corrupted Altana -> Hades (tier 5 Reisenjima Henge)
    • Ulr of Dark -> Lilith (tier 5 Reisenjima Henge) The infamy reward for this mission has been reduced from 65 to 60 to be in line with other fights of this challenge level.

Players who are already tagged to fight these targets will get credit from the new target.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Removed several automaton attachments from the Auctioneer’s (AH-Bot) buy list. These were added to provide them to players as the NPCs do not exist and were not intended to purchase them back.
  • UPDATE Finbarr now provides players with their current chocobo digging scavenger hunt clue.
  • UPDATE Added the item modifiers for the Irenic Strap/+1.
  • UPDATE Added missing pet item modifiers for Digirbalag.
  • UPDATE Added missing avatar item modifiers for Exemplar.
  • UPDATE The cooldown for using server wide yells (city chat) has been reduced from 3s to 1s.
  • UPDATE The base damage formula for Ifrit’s Conflag Strike has been updated to be slightly more powerful.
    • A clarification on how Conflag Strike works since the last update. It is now breath damage, not magical damage–this means stacking and getting bonuses from Pet:+Magic Attack Bonus does not affect the damage, only Blood Pact damage bonuses.
  • UPDATE The bonus provided by Curing Conduit from Leviathan now applies to Spring Water.
  • UPDATE Added Ebony Wand and Rising Sun desynth recipes.
  • UPDATE Added Half Partition woodworking synthesis recipe.
  • UPDATE Bards now have access to Pining Nocturne which reduces the target’s magic accuracy and fast cast.
    • To gain this new spell, use !addallspells, wait 1-2 minutes, then zone into a new zone.
  • UPDATE The Aquaduct Spiders in Sacrarium have come out of hiding (thanks EpicTaru!).
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the QM for the land kings would not properly reappear when the targets were engaged.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed a crash condition when mobs would use multi-strike abilities and be unable to properly cast the spell (most common in Dynamic Divergence zones for statues).
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where Cacodemonia could return back an invalid damage calculation and do zero damage.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where Fistule dropped the wrong key item.
  • BUG The Killer Shortbow now includes Death and Lullaby resistances and all resistance values updated from +2 to +5.
  • BUG The Merlinic Dastanas now has its missing avatar item modifiers.
  • BUG Addressed a potential server crash condition when some effects tried to read entities that no longer existed due to a race condition.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Judgment weaponskill having an invalid ftp100 value.
  • BUG Vinipata and Albumen’s (Reisenjima) adds now properly despawn when they are defeated.
  • BUG Dazzling Dolores in Reisenjima now drops the Merlinic Hood instead of Merlinic Shalwar (Shalwar still drops from Crom Dubh).
  • BUG Shockmaw in Escha Zi’Tah now properly has its absorb mechanics applied based on certain conditions.
  • BUG The Geomancer and Rune Fencer unlock quests are no longer triggerable (ya’all weren’t supposed to find this yet. 😄)
  • BUG Jormuguand’s auto-attack damage while flying now actually does damage.
  • BUG Ramuh’s Thunderspark now does Lightning damage instead of Fire damage.
  • BUG Update Reisenjima Henge’s Ark Angel MR’s Tiger and Mandragora to despawn when she is defeated.
  • BUG Fixed Emblazoned Requilary being stuck in a tree in Reisenjima.
  • BUG The Voidwatch encounter for Bismarck in Bibiki Bay will properly spawn the adds engaged with the player that currently has enmity… not halfway across the island.
  • BUG The Voidwatch encounter for Dimgruzub in Arrapago Reef properly has its max health bonus to counter the 10x damage it takes.

Upstream Updates

  • UPDATE Cleanup winsock methods and IP conversions.
  • UPDATE Update Savagery and Enchainment to have modern 1000-based TP values, granting 100 TP bonus instead of 10 TP bonus.
  • UPDATE Align Corsair’s Double Up functionality to retail. This removes the cooldown added to Double Up after a corsair uses a roll and reduces the cooldown on Double Up from 8s to 5s.
  • UPDATE Two new NMs have been added: Gyre-Carlin and Backoo.
  • UPDATE The base sale price of a few dozen items have been updated from 0.
  • UPDATE Add missing script for Shiva’s Claws proc.
  • BUG Fixed an issue where mob details could not be fetched in some instances.
  • BUG Address an issue with time-of-day events not properly firing (such as evening mobs not spawning).
  • BUG Fixed the Orctrap’s placeholder being the incorrect ID.
  • BUG Fixed a server crash condition when players do the Fliers for Regine questline in San d’Oria.
  • BUG Fixed a server crash condition when Shen is spawned in Bibiki Bay.
  • BUG Fixed a condition where Despot would not properly appear at the placeholder Groundskeeper’s location.
  • BUG Fixed a server crash condition when players ‘claim’ a player target (charmed) with a non-weaponskill or melee attack, such as an ability or Corsair elemental shot.
  • BUG Fixed the Teal Slops and Pigaches from the Cruor Prospector in Abyssea-Konschat being swapped.
  • BUG Address an issue where some commands could not fetch instanced NPC values.
  • BUG Address an issue where pet’s Sleepga or Flashbulb abilities could crash the server if resisted.
  • BUG Linkshell names can be reused once a shell is broken.
  • BUG Prevent case where bards singing duplicate songs could bypass the active song count restrictions.