Update Notes

Nocturnal Souls is constantly in flux with new features and content. We aim to roll out new features and functionality once a week; however, scripts and new content can be rolled out as often as it’s created without downtime. Thanks to our testing and development team for all their hard work!

Here’s the latest changes and enhancements:


17 January

Retail Client Update - January 2022


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30211225_0 or higher.

  • Addressed dialogue and cutscene ID shifts in 200+ areas.
  • Shifted mobs and NPCs in Alzadaal Undersea Ruins (again).

Community members who are using high-definition DATs, such as Ashenbubs, are recommended to use XIPivot to sideload their files to making updating month-to-month easier. There’s also an Ashenbubs update this month. Be sure to grab it to get the latest textures. Players who use Xi-View should update from Caradog or KenshiDRK depending on which one they use. Ensuring you have the latest versions can fix several issues with chat windows crashing clients, icons not showing up right, etc.


  • UPDATE Update the augment system to check that players have 3+ inventory slots when trying to remove augments to account for inventory shifts with Bellhop that could cause a “not enough inventory space” to be returned and the player lose the item.
  • BUG Address an issue where COP’s Dawn would not properly increment the quest status when viewing the cutscene in Al’Taieu.
  • BUG Address an issue where the BCNM battlefield start event may not fire due to a race condition.

2 January

Winter Celebration Event

The Winter Celebration event has come to a close for this season and will return next year. All bonuses are now inactive, BCNM daily timers set back to normal, and entry requirements for The Grinch BCNM are on off-season mode (no longer requiring completion of the event).

The Spring Break event will be coming in a few months!