Update Notes

Nocturnal Souls is constantly in flux with new features and content. We aim to roll out new features and functionality once a week; however, scripts and new content can be rolled out as often as it’s created without downtime. Thanks to our testing and development team for all their hard work!

Here’s the latest changes and enhancements:

December 2018

17 December

December 2018 Client Update

With the mass amount of changes with the December Update and lack of a November 2018 downgrade package, we’ve moved our servers forward to the December 2018 client.

Client Version: 30181205_0

This change affects messaging in about 28 zones and the IDs of about 2400 NPCs, mobs, and targets. Players should update their clients immediately.

Renamer Update!

Another renamer file update for the new Besieged encounter. Click here to visit the download page.

Notice: Understanding the Recent Changes to NMs Spawns

In the past two updates, and, likely for the next several, we have been importing the extensive work the DSP team has been doing regarding trigger/placeholder NMs in the game. Many monsters that have placeholders are being properly tied to those placeholders rather than having a hard-coded respawn timer and free spawning–in other words, being fixed to work as they should be. This affects everything from Leaping Lizzy to aptant and relic tier mobs.

Several players have submitted bug reports and reached out in the past week and all have been tested and checked to be working as intended.

If you’re having trouble getting your NMs to spawn, verify on bg-wiki or ffxiclopedia if that monster has a placeholder and, if so, defeat it first. From what I have seen, almost all placeholder monsters have a 10-20% chance to spawn when the placeholder is killed.

For aptant monsters and monsters involved in tier 1 relic weapon trials, these placeholders exist; however, the cooldown for the next spawn has been reduced to what the previous respawn window was set to–30 minutes.

Expect more of these updates over the coming weeks as the team finishes their work. If any adjustments to spawn cooldowns or change to spawns are necessary, they will be evaluated at that time.

Besieged : New Encounter Added - Ephramadian Raiders

A new encounter has been added to Besieged–the Ephramadian Raiders. Take on the lost sea pirates along with their dark protectors at a chance for some big imperial standing rewards!

This Besieged is a bit different than the others. Three phases, like normal, but phase 2 and phase 3 includes several challenging foes that have extremely rare loot drops–both for style lock and for level 99 players, including the rare Eihwaz ring.

However, be careful engaging these foes without taking out their reinforcements first or they could overwhelm you!

New Ability - Avatar’s Favor

A customized version of Avatar’s Favor has been added into the system. This short-ranged, AOE buff allows summoners to provide the party with varying buffs depending on the avatar they have summoned. On retail, these buffs are fairly tame; however, they have been bolstered to match our community and provide more utility in small group situations.

At this point in time, the “Avatar’s Favor” mods do not affect these buffs. As we evaluate the potency and tuning of these buffs over the coming weeks, we’ll determine if they can be increased or not by these mods.

Summoner and Avatar Effects

Unlike retail, Avatar’s Favor does not decrease the Blood Pact Ability Delay as it is already reduced 50% by the server’s configuration. The additional avatar perpeutation cost is set to scale and caps at +5 mp/tick cost while the ability is active at level 99.

It does, however, provide the following scaling bonuses to the summoned avatar for the duration of the buff. As this buff can be maintained, this gives players the trade off of a higher perpetuation cost vs. stronger group and avatar.

Here are the values at level 99:

  • Magic Attack Bonus +10
  • Magic Accuracy +30
  • Accuracy +10%
  • Attack +10%
  • Defense +5%

Party Effects

The following effects will apply to players who are nearby the avatar (within 10 units). In addition to the favor bonuses, most also provides a bolstered attribute and an elemental alignment that increase attack, accuracy, defense, and resistance to the element.

These effects do not apply to the avatar itself; however, if there are multiple summoners in the same group, multiple version of this effect can run in parallel–e.g. one with Ifrit, one with Garuda, both using Avatar’s Favor grants the party both buffs.

These bonuses are based on the Summoner’s summoning skill in the formulas below.


Carbuncle provides a very powerful regen and refresh skill to the group and can be used to quickly recover or sustain through damage over time effects.

  • Regen skill * 0.1
  • Refresh skill * 0.05

Fenrir provides a potent magic defense and evasion bonus along with a bolster to all attributes. With enough summoning skill, Fenrir can provide a whole group with some of the best magic defense in the game.

  • Magic Defense (skill * 0.1)
  • Magic Evasion (skill * 0.1)
  • All Attributes (skill * 0.15)

Ramuh provides players with an alignment and resistance to thunder with a potent critical hit, critical damage rate increase, and DEX bonus.

  • Thunder Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Thunder Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Critical Hit Rate (skill * 0.05) + 5
  • Critical Hit Damage (skill * 0.01) + 1
  • DEX (skill * 0.15)

Ifrit provides players with an alignment and resistance to fire with a potent Attack %, Ranged Attack %, and Double Attack bonus. These are percentage gains, not flat values!

  • Fire Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Fire Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Attack +% (skill * 0.015) + 1
  • Ranged Attack +% (skill * 0.015) + 1
  • Double Attack (skill * 0.015) + 1
  • STR (skill * 0.15)

Shiva provides players with an alignment and resistance to ice and a heavy hitting MAB, Magic Damage, and Magic Accuracy bonus for players.

  • Ice Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Ice Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Magic Attack Bonus (skill * 0.10) + 5
  • Magic Damage (skill * 0.10)
  • Magic Accuracy (skill * 0.15)
  • INT (skill * 0.15)

In contrast to Fenrir, Titan provides players a a tremendous physical damage taken reduction–allowing summoners with enough summoning magic skill to provide massive damage reduction to the party along with an alignment and resistance to earth.

  • Earth Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Earth Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Physical Damage Taken -% (skill * 0.01) + 2
  • VIT (skill * 0.15)

Garuda provide an alignment and resistance to wind along with a powerful evasion, accuracy, and ranged accuracy bonus.

  • Wind Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Wind Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Evasion (skill * 0.10)
  • Accuracy/Ranged Accuracy (skill * 0.07) + 5
  • AGI (skill * 0.15)

Leviathan provides an alignment and resistance to water aloing with a powerful (and rare) Cure Potency bonus for players.

  • Water Accuracy/Attack/Defense (skill * 0.15)
  • Water Resistance (skill * 0.10)
  • Cure Potency (skill * 0.015)
  • MND (skill * 0.15)


  • Fix: Divine Waltz II now properly shares its recast with Divine Waltz I, not the Curing Waltz line.
  • Fix: Mog Gardening skillups now floor at 0.1–now more unlucky Sfen with 0.0 skillups.
  • Fix: The level 100 training dummy has health again… 😇
  • Fix: Fix The Grinch’s jobs to be a WAR/THF, not a WAR/SMN so he’ll stop trying to summon spirits he doesn’t have MP to summon.
  • Update: More Khimaira-type mobs drop khimaira manes now; it’s no longer a random, hidden drop off of Dhrome Khimaira.
  • Update: The remaining Reive cloaks have been added: Dispersal Mantle added to Morta, Weard Mantle added to Uptala. The duplicate Cornflower Cape has been removed from Dimgruzub.

DSP Core Updates

  • Update: IDs updated to December 2018 client (see update above).
  • Update: The homepoints in the Uleguerand Range have been added to the zone.
  • Update: Gears mobs (triple gears, like Armed Gears) have had their skill lists updated to properly reflect their current ‘gear’ status.
  • Update: Several NMs have had their spawn points added and spawn condition triggers and placeholders added.
  • Update: Several NMs have been added that did not previously exist, such as Manes.
  • Update: Several monster pools have had their attributes updated to match retail, such as detection techniques, monster primary jobs, immunities, and aggro.
  • Update: Several monster pools have had their “NM” flag properly set so that the correct text is displayed to players when checking them.
  • Update: With the additional NMs, 26 new drops have been added to the game.
  • Fix: Relic aftermaths no longer constantly override themselves.
  • Fix: An issue with lagging when healing (/heal) and/or immediately standing back up has been fixed.
  • Fix (??): The seed method used for randomization… has been made… more random. 😕
  • Fix: An issue with the Sanction/Sigil “Food Duration” buff infinately increasing the duration of food has been fixed.

10 December

Renamer List Update!

Hopefully the last update to the Renamer list for a while. The final updates for the Winter Celebration and Mog Gardening. You can download the latest list here.

Winter Celebration - Updates

Christmas Carol - The Final Chapter

Return to Ebenezer in Bastok Markets for the final chapter in the Christmas Carol questline. This final questline has you warming the hearts around Bastok Markets–and hopefully Ebenezer’s!

Stop the Grinch - BCNM

As part of the Christmas Carol questline, players will unlock the new Stop the Grinch BCNM. This BCNM takes place at Bearclaw Pinnacle in the Uleguerand Range and requires an item for entry (revealed as part of the questline).

Once unlocked, players can repeat the BCNM every 8 hours.

Other Updates

  • The Gift Seller now has new items for sale depending on your Holiday Cheer rank.
  • Players can now pay 150,000 gil to “buy out” the Crafting for a Cause quest givers in the !craft zone and receive another random requirement. NOTE: it could be the one you just bought you way out of. 😁
  • In addition to the new BCNM, all daily BCNMs are now at their “holiday timers” of 8 hours instead of 20.

For full details on each of the updates, please visit the Winter Celebration wiki page.

Mog Gardening is here!

The Mog Gardens

Originally planned for the Fall Harvest event (and forgotten), Mog Gardening is finally here!

Mog Gardening allows players to gain access to rare harvests and those found in the Seekers of Adoulin zones.

This zone, accessible through the Celennia Memorial Library, has several nodes of each harvest type along with a once-a-day harvest that contains everything from rare pop items to armor upgrades. Players also have a chance to harvest rare items, such as those to access past seasonal BCNMs.

Players who max out their Mog Gardening also gain access to two new mounts!

Requirements: Level 99 + completing a quest in Western Adoulin

Click here to read the full guide.

Automaton Attachments Updates

With a recent update from DSP, the following attachments have been either added or entirely recoded to work as per retail. Many of these were already working; however, this update brings our attachments in line with DSP core and more likely to be updated and maintained.

The biggest updates you’ll see in this list is the addition of Optic Fiber I and II. These attachmnets now boost the performance of other attachments. Much of the work for this comes from ffo.jp, bg-wiki, and ffxiclopedia.

  • Analyzer (new)
    • Acquired through alchemy
    • New drop added to Hilltroll Puppetmasters
  • Armor Plate I - IV
  • Auto-Repair Kit I - IV
  • Damage Gauge
  • Drumg Magazine
  • Economizer
  • Equalizer (new)
    • New drop added to Ob (ZNM)
  • Eraser
  • Flashbulb
  • Hammermill
  • Heatsink
  • Inhibitor I - II
  • Loudspeaker I - IV
  • Mana Jammer I - IV
  • Mana Tank I - IV (IV is new)
    • Mana Tank IV acquired through goldsmithing
  • Optic Fiber I - II (new)
    • Optic Fiber I new drop added to Ob
    • Optic Fiber II new drop added to Pandemonium Warden
  • Reactive Shield
  • Replicator
  • Schurzen (new)
  • Shock Absorber I - II
  • Stabilizer I - IV
  • Stealth Screen I - II
  • Steam Jacket (new)
    • New drop added to Ob (ZNM)
  • Strobe I - II
  • Tension Spring I - IV
  • Turbo Charger
  • Vivi Valve I - II
  • Volt Gun

The following automaton abilities have been updated along with these tweaks.

  • Flashbulb’s Provoke now triggers every 30 seconds instead of 180 seconds.
  • Reactive Shield’s now based on the “Automation Magic” skill level.
  • The valoredge’s Shield Bash now inflicts the proper Slow on enemies.

Automaton Skillchains

Automatons now can skillchain with PUPs (and other players). The AI logic is a bit simplistic right now, but it’ll attempt to see what elements of skillchains are affecting the current target and if the current PUP configuration has an Inhibitor or Inhibitor II, it’ll attempt to chain with you.

In addition to chaining with players, assuming the automaton can acquire TP fast enough based on your attachment builds–it can self-skillchain.

I’m reworking some of the logic to make the chains a bit more reliable with timing and such, though these updates probably won’t be until 2019.

Automaton weaponskill elements are as follows:

Head Weaponskill Type Primary Secondary
Harlequin /
Slapstick Crushing Reverberation Impaction
Harlequin /
Knockout Crushing Scission Detonation
Harlequin /
Magic Mortar N/A Fusion
Valoredge Chimera Ripper Slashing Detonation Induration
Valoredge String Clipper Slashing Scission
Valoredge Cannibal Blade Slashing Compression Reverberation
Valoredge Bone Crusher Crushing Fragmentation
Valoredge String Shredder Slashing Distortion Scission
Sharpshot Arcuballista Ranged Liquifaction Transfixion
Sharpshot Daze Ranged Impaction Transfixion
Sharpshot Armor Piercer Ranged Gravitation
Sharpshot Armor Shatterer Ranged Fusion Impaction

Signet, Sanction and Sigil Changes

With a recent update to the DSP core project, the effects of signet, sanction, and sigil were moved into their proper latents rather than status effects.

This affects us in three ways:

  1. The effects are based on their retail conditions, including being restricted to their appropriate zones and conditions.
  2. The effects now STACK with other buffs (previously, regen, refresh, and haste spells/abilities wouldn’t stack or override those provided by signet, sanction, and sigil).
  3. The effects of the HASTE buff is no longer limited to level 99 and below. The refresh and regen latents on Signet, however, are limited to players level 99 and below.

With that, the following enhancements have been made to those buffs.


Signet now activates on combat engage, however, only with targeted monster is an even match or higher to the player.

On retail and the default implementation of this in DSP, the effect activates when players are stronger than the monsters, but that seems counterintuitive to both gaining buffs AND the premise of the server.

Buff Old New Requirement
DEF +15 +15 Always Active
EVA +15 +15 Always Active
Haste (Gear) +15% (Ability) +6% Always Active
Regain +25/tick +15/tick Always Active
Regen +(level * 0.75)/tick +(level * 0.35)/tick < Level 99
Refresh +(level * 0.50)/tick +(level * 0.25)/tick < Level 99

With this, players can now stack haste, regen, and refresh spells. Haste has also been moved from gear to ability to allow players to not waste so much haste on gear at level 99.

This buff is active in all base game, Rise of the Zilart, and Chains of Promathia zones.


Sanction now properly supports it’s three “modes”–regen, refresh, and food duration. The regen and refresh effects activate based on the player’s current values, not whether or not they are in combat or their level. Previously, the buffs provided by Sanction were identical to Signet; however, we’ve opted to align this with how the buffs work in retail and enhance them.

On retail and the default implementation of this in DSP, the effect is singular; however, we’ve opted to provide the combat bonuses on each with varying power depending on which option you choose.

Players who are using the !sanction command will default to receiving just the base Sanction and not the additional buffs. If you wish to use another buff, speak with the guards in Aht Urhgan Whitegate rather than using the command. This is due to the fact that activating these effects costs Imperial Standing.


This sanction buff provides just the custom server buffs and the Sanction effect.

Buff Default New Requirement
Regen N/A N/A N/A
Refresh N/A N/A N/A
Haste N/A (Ability) +6% Always Active
Regain N/A +15/tick Always Active
Base + Regen

This sanction buff provides a higher rate of regen over the others.

Buff Default New Requirement
Regen +1/tick +(level * 0.55)/tick HP <= 95%
Refresh N/A +(level * 0.25)/tick MP <= 75%
Haste N/A (Ability) +6% Always Active
Regain N/A +15/tick Always Active
Base + Refresh

This sanction buff provides a higher rate of refresh over the others.

Buff Default New Requirement
Regen N/A +(level * 0.25)/tick HP <= 95%
Refresh +1/tick +(level * 0.55)/tick MP <= 75%
Haste N/A (Ability) +6% Always Active
Regain N/A +15/tick Always Active
Base + Food Duration

This sanction buff reduces the latent regen and refresh, but provides a 100% boost to food duration.

Buff Default New Requirement
Regen N/A +(level * 0.25)/tick HP <= 95%
Refresh N/A +(level * 0.25)/tick MP <= 75%
Haste N/A (Ability) +6% Always Active
Regain N/A +15/tick Always Active
Food Duration +100% +100% Always Active

This buff is active in all Treasures of Aht Urhgan zones.


Sigil works similar to Sanction, except you can choose multiple buffs to apply to your character. At this time, we support Regen, Refresh, and Food Duration, but not the Decreased EXP loss since our server doesn’t have experience point loss on death. Previously, the buffs provided by Sigil were identical to Signet; however, we’ve opted to align this with how the buffs work in retail and enhance them.

Players who are using the !sigil command will default to receiving just the base Sigil and not the additional buffs. If you wish to use another buff, speak with the campaign guards rather than using the command. This is due to the fact that activating these effects costs Allied Notes.

The base buff provides just the custom server buffs and the Sigil effect; each additional purchased effect stacks on top of it. With 150 Allied Notes, players would have all of the effects.

Buff Default New Requirement
Haste N/A (Ability) +6% Base, Always Active
Regain N/A +15/tick Base, Always Active
Regen +1/tick +(level * 0.35)/tick Add Regen (50 Allied Notes), HP <= 95 %
Refresh +1/tick +(level * 0.25)/tick Add Refresh (50 Allied Notes), MP <= 75%
Food Duration +100% +100% Add Duration (50 Allied Notes)

This buff is active in all Wings of the Goddess (past) zones.

New Item Stats

Item modifiers (stats) have been added to the following items:

  • All +1 Legion Gear: Gorney, Shneddick, and Weatherspoon Gear has had the mods updated to reflect recent item mods changes (gear is more powerful now).


  • Fix: Address the monster skill ‘Perdition’ to properly activate.
  • Fix: Shijin Spiral’s weaponskill script has been rewritten to proper account for the Seekers of Adoulin updates the DEX formula and additional merits in the weaponskill.
  • Enhancement: New drops have been added for newly functional automaton attachments.
  • Enhancement: Sors Shield added to Alexander Prime in Reisenjima Henge.

DSP Core Updates

  • Enhancement: The effects of signet, sigil, and sanction have been moved out of status effects and mods and into latents (details in above section).
  • Fix: Updates to many automaton attachments (details in above section).
  • Fix: The effects of enfeebling magic potency have been fixed that could cause players and monsters to perma-paralyze/debuff targets. This change updated the overall potency and accuracy formulas of all enfeebling spells to better match retail.
  • Fix: GoV and FoV regimes no longer fail to provide details on the current regime if checking from a different zone.
  • Fix: The Automaton attachment ‘Percolator’ now uses the proper water requirement.
  • Fix: The higher level Strays in Promyvion no longer provide experience points.
  • Fix: Update how costumes are sent to the client to address appearance glitches.
  • Fix: Address an issue where the last item in the inventory may not be iterated over in various scenarios.
  • Fix: Address issues with the math formulas for all damage resistances that could cause players and/or mobs with high amounts of it to become extremely vulunerable instead of impervious to attacks.
  • Enhancement: Numerous NMs that has specific pop conditions have had those conditions added or matched to retail.
    • NocSouls Update: Monsters related to the Relic Weapon timelines have been updated back to their custom 30 minute max respawn timers.

Wiki Updates

The wiki has been reorganized to enhance loading time and reduce clutter.

  • The left bar is no longer automatically expanded on page load; information from Overview has been moved onto the home page.
  • Seasonal Events is no longer expanded, but can be reached by clicking on Seasonal Events and choosing the event you want to view.
  • Armor Progression is no longer expanded, but each can be reached by clicking on Armor Progression and choosing the type you want to view.
  • Weapon Progression is no longer expanded, but each can be reached by clicking on Weapon Progression and choosing the type you want to view.
  • The Magic and Weaponskills sections have been combined into ‘Enhanced Spells & Abilities’.
  • Hobbies & Crafting has been added to include details on Synergy, Chocobo Digging, and Mog Gardening.
  • Several section names have been cleaned up and clarified.
  • A lot of rewrite has gone into the pages to reflect updates with details in the update notes that never made it into the wiki pages.
  • A HUGE thank you to Ogggyy for providing MANY of the coordinate positions for the Voidwatch Campaign rifts; these have been added to the Voidwatch page on the wiki.
  • The pre-December 2018 update notes have been moved into Historical Update Notes. This main updates page will now just be the current month.

Portal Updates

  • Players can now see if an item is acquirable via HELM (harvesting, logging, mining, or escavating) or via chocobo digging.
  • Players can now see if an item is acquirable via Mog Gardening (coming later 1011 December).
  • Players now receive an error page rather than a 404 “not found” error if an item, monster, or other ID cannot be found.

3 December

Renamer List Update!

Another update to the Renamer list for the new Winter Celebration event! You can download the latest list here.

Winter Celebration - Updates

For full details on each of the updates, please visit the Winter Celebration wiki page.

Crafting for a Cause

Looking to help fill those presents under the tree? Help out the crafters and earn Holiday Cheer! Speak to each of the crafting NPCs at the !craft spot in Abdhaljs Isle-Purgonorgo to get started.

You’ll need to be a craftsman or higher in the craft to participate. Each craft is independent–so having more crafts capable of participating gives players more opportunities to earn Holiday Cheer! Players can repeat the requests every 20 hours per craft.

New Synergy Crafts

New seasonal synergy crafts have been added; some materials come from a mix of drops from events and the Gift Seller.

Holiday Cheer “Buffs”

Players are now rewarded with buffs based on their holiday cheer level–the more cheer, the more buffs you gain.

Buffs include:

  • Attack, Magic Attack Bonus, Accuracy, Defense
  • Treasure Hunter (up to +3!)
  • Synthesis Success and HQ Synthesis Rate Increase
  • Movement Speed
  • Critical Hit Rate
  • TP Bonus +250!
  • and more!

Christmas Carol - The Next Chapter

Return to Ebenezer in Bastok Markets for the next chapter in the Christmas Carol questline.

Gift Seller Shoppe

The Gift Seller shoppe is located in Southern San d’Oria near the Holiday Giver. As players accumulate Holiday Cheer, more items will be available from the Gift Seller and prices will be reduced. Some items are required for unique synergy crafts.

Other Updates

  • Players can now see the timers for the Holiday Giver and Daily Gift from the Event Moogle.
  • The Twinkling Treants in Sarutabaruta and Gustaburg now drop their appropriate regional items.
  • Twinkling Treants now reward a small amount of Holiday Cheer to nearby players when defeated.
  • Additional decorations have been added in San d’Oria and Bastok.

Pets - Now More Regenful, Resistant, and Powerful!


All avatars have now gained a scaling regen and refresh, similar to those available to players.

  • Regen: level * 0.75 / tick
  • Refresh: level * 0.50 / tick

In addition, avatars now have their native resistances (Fire for Ifrit, Light for Carbuncle, etc.) that scales as the avatar levels up. This also includes a small chance that the avatar will absorb spells of their native element rather than take damage.

  • Resistance: (1 + level) / 2, capping at 50% at 99
  • Absorb: (1 + level) / 10, capping at 10% at 99.

Finally, the following Blood Pact skills have been updated. The scripts were previously missing a required file, which could cause them to use the incorrect damage type.

  • Ramuh: Chaotic Strike
  • Garuda: Claw, Predator Claws
  • Titan: Earthen Fury, Rock Buster, Rock Throw, Mountain Buster, Megalith Throw
  • Fenrir: Crescent Fang, Eclipse Bite, Moonlit Charge
  • Carbuncle: Poison Nails


All automatons have gained a scaling regen and refresh, similar to those of avatars. This will stack with attachments that provide similar effects.

  • Regen: level * 0.75 / tick
  • Refresh: level * 0.50 / tick

Automatons have also received an update from the DSP Core Project addressing a bug where they would only use an ability once per activation.

Gear Modifier Updates

The following items have had their item modifiers updated (most gaining their “pet” modifiers).

  • Elan Strap /+1
  • Varar Ring /+1
  • Foire Dastanes
  • Sancus Sachet /+1
  • Convoker’s Bracers +2/+3
  • Convoker’s Horn +2/+3
  • Convoker’s Pigaches +2/+3
  • Convoker’s Spats +2/+3
  • Sandung

Monster Families and Drops

What started out as “Hey, Chapulis don’t drop wings…” turned into a rabbit hole of “wow, lots of mobs don’t drop things or act properly out here…”. With that, several monster families and groups in Seekers of Adoulin zones have been updated.

Assigning these mobs to their proper families has also introduced those families stats, skill lists, and spell lists to these mobs.

  • Chalupa Chapuli: Now drops chapuli wings and horns and are considered ‘Vermin’.
  • Umbril: Now drops jars of umbril ooze and leafkin fronds and are considered ‘Arcana’.
  • Raaz: Now drops raaz hides, tusks, and warthog meat and are considered ‘Beasts’.
  • Tulfaire: Now drops tulfaire feathers and bird eggs and are considered ‘Birds’.
  • Twitherym: Now drops two twitherym wings (varying chance) and are considered ‘Vermin’.
  • Yztarg: Now drops nothing (🙄 there’s nothing listed for them…) and are considered ‘Beasts’.
  • Acuex: Now drops acuex ore and acuex poison and are considered ‘Amorphs’.
    • Acuex Poison has been removed from Chloris and a few other Abyssea mobs that dropped it that were not Acuex.
  • Snapweed: Now drops snapweed secretion and snapweed tendrils and are considered ‘Plantoids’.
  • Mantid: Now drops mantid carapace and mantid forelegs and are considered ‘Vermin’.
  • Panopt: Now drops panopt tears and are considered ‘Plantoids’.
  • Leafkin: Now drops leafkin fronds and are considered ‘Plantoids’.
  • Heartwing: Now drops leafkin fronds and are considered ‘Arcana’.
  • Velk: Now drops a mixture of velk necklaces, velk masks, voay swords, and voay staves -1 and are considered ‘Beastmen’.
    • The voay swords and staves that were dropping in Abyssea have been removed.
  • Cracklaw: Now drops cracklaw pincers and are considered ‘Aquans’.

Several common monster families, such as rabbits and mandragoras in Ceizak, now have their proper families and abilities.

In addition to drops, these monsters who now have their proper monster families are now potential targets for the Daily Hunts. Be sure to check the monster details on the Members Portal as some families may have changed.

In addition to the above changes, additional drop list updates were made to the following monster families across the game. Monsters in the following families that either had crab item drops (I have no idea why that was ever a default) or had no drops at all. These monsters now have standard, family-related drops. For example, bats drop bat wings and fangs, poroggos drop poroggo hats, etc. This primarly affected level 75+ monsters in Abyssea to Seekers of Adoulin-era zones.

The aim of this is to help crafters find basic, raw materials–please support your crafters by tossing your finds up on the auction house. 😄

  • Bats/Triple Bats
  • Bees
  • Beetles
  • Clots
  • Diremites
  • Efts
  • Elementals
  • Erucas
  • Flies
  • Funguars
  • Leeches
  • Ladybugs
  • Mandragors
  • Orobons
  • Piestes
  • Poroggos and “hatless” poroggos
  • Pugils
  • Rabbits
  • Raptors
  • Sheep
  • Slimes
  • Slugs
  • Spiders
  • Treants
  • Uragnites
  • Worms
  • Matamatas

Drops have been removed from structures/barriers/walls in SoA zones. Twisted Roots will no longer drop a dozen crab shells. 😁


  • A hotfix was applied midweek to address an issue where REMA weapons would attempt to activate the wrong aftermath. e.g. Excalibur would attempt to activate an Empyrean aftermath if you used Chant du Cygne. This was caused by the aftermaths not being locked to only the weapons that can activate them (likely since DSP, by default, doesn’t allow using those WS without having the weapon equipped).
  • A hotfix was applied midweek to Odin Prime to remove his Zantensuken effect and replace it with a similar ability for those who seem to experience client crashes when viewing Odin’s abilities. I’ve still been unable to reproduce this myself, but hopefully this will aid those who experience the issue.
  • A hotfix was applied midweek to the weaponskill Myrkr to address situations where it would not restore MP if the player had more than 3 negative status effects to clear and was not using the Hvergelmir i119 III weapon.
  • A hotfix was applied midweek to add Chapuli wings to the Weaver vendor in !craft.
  • The attack gained by certain weapon types is now with retail (wiki entry). Overall, this will generally increase attack for all players and significantly increase attack for players who are dual wielding as those off-hand weapons are now properly calculated.
    • Old: 2H weapons: Attack += 8 + ((STR * 3) / 4)
    • Old: Other (1H/H2H): Attack += 8 + (STR / 2)
    • New: H2H/No Weapons: Attack += 8 + Skill Level + ((STR * 5) / 8)
    • New: Other (1H/2H): Attack += 8 + Skill Level + ((STR * 3) / 4)
    • New: Off-hand (1H): Attack += 8 + Skill Level + (STR / 2)
  • Steelfleece Baldarich has had his loot pool trimmed down under the maximum size so the 100% rampaging horn will consistantly drop.
  • Several new items have been added to chocobo digging in level 50+ zones.
  • Several new items have been added to monster drop lists that are used in crafts and were either extremely rare or previously unavailable (likely the crafts used in the Winter Celebration crafting events).
  • Ukko’s Fury has had its WSC updated from 100% STR to 100% STR/45% VIT and its fTP from 2.0 to 2.5 / 3.5 / 5.0.
  • Camlann’s Torment has had its WSC updated from 80% STR/60% VIT to 85% STR/75% VIT and its fTP updated from 6 to 6.0 / 7.0 / 8.0.
  • Atonement has had its enmity gain doubled and a bug was fixed that prevented the SoA-era fTP changes from going in to effect. Atonement now has its proper 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 fTP rankings.
  • The spell “Temper” no longer has a cap at 500 enhancing magic (20%) to align to retail. Buff that enhancing magic to the max and get more swings in!
  • The spell “Stoneskin” has had its soft cap raised from 5000 HP to 7500 HP to account for higher amounts of MND and an additional modifier levels added at 300 and 500 of (5 * pMod) and (8 * pMod) respectively. With this, assuming a player has 450 enhancing magic and 700 MND, it’s possible to push the new soft cap before gear buffs are applied.
  • An issue with an overflow of monsters on the zone list for Abyssea-Konschtat and Abyssea-La Theine has been addressed. This was only visible on the Portal and were monsters normally found in Castle Oztroja [S].
  • 6 new level 102-105 Aura Sculptures spawn points are now present in the upper floors of the Shrine of Ru’Avitau to make it easier to complete the GoV chapter in the area. This is a good alternative to the Gustav Tunnel experience point location.
  • All relic and -1 relic armor drops have been removed from Dynamis zones in prep for the revamp of Dynamis and coming of reforged relic +2 and +3 armors. Crafting materials and other drops are still present in these zones for the time being. More will be shared once the plans for the revamp are finalized.
  • All Empyrean armor “seals” have been removed from drop lists as they are not used on the server, cannot be sold, and only serve to flood inventories.

DSP Core Updates

  • 187 mob pools were updated to correct their pre-set combat skills; these monsters were listed as hand-to-hand, but do not wield hand-to-hand weapons. This caused them to attack twice with every swing. Pools include many of the aern families, demons, and a host of NM beastman leaders.
  • Humanoid blue mage mobs now have many of their abilities available to them.
  • Brutus and the Chocobo’s Wounds questline (choco license quest) has been cleaned up to, hopefully, not get caught up on some of the other quests he also provides and make it unable to proceed with getting the license.
  • Gnolls have been updated with a new mixin to centralize their stance switching.
  • Promyvion zones have been updated to use a central script file to manage their regions and control teleporters.
  • A bug has been addressed where automatons would only use a skill once during each activation rather than when the internal recast timer expires. This fix should make automatons much more dynamic in their playstyle.

Previous Updates

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