Update Notes

Nocturnal Souls is constantly in flux with new features and content. We aim to roll out new features and functionality once a week; however, scripts and new content can be rolled out as often as it’s created without downtime. Thanks to our testing and development team for all their hard work!

Here’s the latest changes and enhancements:

November 2020

22 November

Seasonal Events

  • UPDATE The Fall Harvest event has come to a close for the year. The Winter Event will start sometime in mid-December.

Reisenjima Henge

  • BUG (hotfix) Ulr of Dark has been updated to address an overflow scenario where he could be become much easier than intended.


  • UPDATE The packet updates from the November 2020 update for status effect timers has been addressed.
  • UPDATE The packet system has been updated to address an issue where packets sent during COP’s Dawn and other mission battles were not properly sent and adding spell lists to players.
  • UPDATE Replaced Wijnruit with Fresh Mugwort in Mog Gardening harvesting slot #1.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with inserting allies into mission BCNMs that would cause them to not appear, such as COP’s Dawn and the final nation missions.

17 November

Retail Client Update - November 2020


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30201103_3 or higher.

As most know, this caused numerous updates to the game.

  • New titles have been added.
  • The Ice Brand is now the Icicle Brand.
  • Message IDs have shifted in numerous zones.
  • NPCs have shifted in numerous zones.
  • The /assiste and /assistj channels will not crash clients, but are non-operational at this time while we review whether or not we even want to support them.

With the change in chat, status, and character packets, it’s possible that some plugins, addons, and HD .DAT modifications may not operate properly after updating. If you have issues, it’s recommended to disable everything and load each one individually to find the culprit.

In addition to the client update, players who use XIView should update to the latest build or their client may crash when expanding menus.


  • UPDATE Puppetmaster’s Overdrive now lasts the correct duration of 180s instead of 60s.
  • UPDATE The crafted XP ring, Resolution Ring, now has its proper use script and charges.

15 November

Retail Client DOWNGRADE - October 2020

If you are on the October 2020 release, 30201006, do not do anything.

Repeat: do not do anything if you already are on the October 2020 version.

After several days of development, testing, and trial and error, we are unable to move forward to the November 2020 client at this time. This client update includes a massive shift to packet size and locations as well as UI changes.

For those who have already upgraded (or are joining new), we are offering our members a downgrade patch to shift from November 2020 to October 2020 and have sealed the server to only the 30201006_1 client version.

Due to complications with so many different types of clients, November clients should wait until we can get the servers updated.

How can I tell what client version I have?

Type /ver in the in-game chat console. It should read 30201006_1.

What about plugins?

Right now, we haven’t heard any reports of plugins causing issues, but it’s possible that they could be expecting the new packet structure soon. This is likely more the case for Windower than Ashita.


  • UPDATE Added a new quality of life enhancement to the Dark Knight unlock quest with Chaosbringer that now outputs how many you’ve defeated.
  • UPDATE Enhanced the Blade of Darkness and Blade of Death quests to allow players to get kill counts while weaponskilling–players simply need to claim the mob and land the killing blow now, it doesn’t matter how.
  • UPDATE Players now receive an error message when trying to fish with a full inventory.
  • UPDATE Players now receive a dialog to teleport into the chamber if they disconnect after the BCNM between COP: When Angels Fall and COP: Dawn.
  • UPDATE Added the player’s current empowerment type to the !herostatus custom command.
  • UPDATE Added the number of demon’s medals that Makel-Pakel is storing to the !getdeliveries custom command.
  • UPDATE The Monk Master Job quest #1 has been updated with a counter to show status during one of the steps.
  • UPDATE Updated the Puppetmaster Deactivate ability to reset the cooldown on Activate if the automaton is at full health.
  • BUG Updated the Paladin ability Majesty to be available at 70, not 99.
  • BUG Addressed an exploit involving guild point turn-ins.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with bight uragnites loot pools.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Oboro’s dialogue asked for 500 riftborn boulders, but he only needed 495. (495 is correct–5 stacks of 99)
  • BUG Addressed an issue where where the blue magic spell Delta Thrust would inflict its plague effect for only 0 seconds.

8 November

New Login Rewards Available!

Featured Items


  • UPDATE Several temp items and usable item potions have been updated to have 1s activation times and proper scripts. (thanks Webjester!)
  • UPDATE The Sheltered Ring and Brachyura Earring now have their proper modifiers to enhance Protect and Shell.
  • UPDATE Updated the formula for Blue Mage’s Delta Thrust to no longer check resist AND a random TP multiplier when applying the plague effect.
  • BUG Boost+ magic now properly spreads AOE and no longer removes the effect from the caster.
  • BUG Enlight now handles having Divine skill >= 480 without “zeroing” out.
  • BUG Afflatus Solace’s bonus to Holy no longer overflows at +32,768 damage and heals the target.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the trap door in Castle Oztroja would not properly open or accept the pass codes.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where exiting the mog house from a zone different than you entered would cause you to disconnect.


  • UPDATE Adjusted the action packet for interrupting a monster when it is using a weaponskill and dies. This should address the random wonky animations they do.
  • UPDATE Addressed various give/take of the Mysterious Amulet KI for COP to align better to retail.

1 November

Retail Client Update - October 2020

We’ve updated the client to the retail October 2020 version. This will require a mandatory client update for players.


For a refresher on how to update your client, click here. In Check Files and/or when typing /ver in game, the new version number should be 30201006_1 or higher.

In addition to the client update, players who use XIView should update to the latest build or their client may crash when expanding the chat dialog box.

Corsair Rolls Update

  • The Crooked Cards ability has been rewritten to be more in line with what it should provide. Crooked Cards now provides a +20% bonus to the effect, not a +20x multiplier to Phantom Roll. This is in line with the formula on BGWiki.

  • The Corsair rolls that modify TP gains are no longer affected by the global player_tp_multiplier. These were providing higher than expected levels of TP returns due to how the private server code handles TP manipulation. These have been updated to provide the non-multiplied values.

    • Misers’ Roll
    • Samurai Roll
    • Tactician’s Roll
  • Fold now removes the most recent Bust effect, in the event there are two active.

Heroics Update

  • The Tier 0 spawns in Escha Zi’Tah and Reisenjima have had their respawn cooldown reduced from 10 minutes and 5 minutes, respectively, to 1 minute allowing players to spawn Tier 0 mobs with much less farming and time spent.
  • The passive Regain effect on all Heroics mobs (including trash) has been removed. Some higher tier NMs retain their Regain effect.
  • The cooldowns of certain NMs scripted abilities have been increased.



  • BCNMs now have their proper “countdown” timers visible when players enter the arena.
  • These same timers have been added to Dynamis Divergence to make it easier to keep track how long players still have in the zone.


  • UPDATE Western Adoulin (!relax) has had its music changed up.
  • UPDATE Players can now acquire the Mistilteinn from Za’Dah Adamantking. This item is used to craft Ames.
  • UPDATE The 60% INT WSC empyrean modifier has been removed from Wildfire.
  • UPDATE The logic for the automaton attachment Ice Maker has been revamped to provide MATT % bonuses in the magic calculations rather than attempting to add and subtract the values on each cast start/stop which was leading to overflows. The values have also been updated from 0%/20%/40%/60% to 0%/50%/75%/100% based on the number of active ice manuevers.
  • UPDATE Updated Clear Salve and Healing Salve to remove the proper effects. (Thanks Webjester!)
  • UPDATE Updated Assassin’s Charge to provide the correct effects. (Thanks Webjester!)
  • UPDATE Removed the “usable” flag from the REMA ranged weapons to address issues that they are no longer usable (and to get the belt). The wiki has also been updated to refer players to get the new belt items.
  • UPDATE The logic has been updated for dragoon wyvern’s to choose the target’s elemental weakness a bit better.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the nation change NPCs would not properly recognize when players were not on a mission.
  • BUG (hotfix) Addressed an issue where the Courier’s Coalition didn’t recognize crafts at level 110 to unlock the coalition.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Regiment Menders, Vivifiers, Medics, and Orishas would try to “Astral Flow” another mob, rather than their avatars. For now, these mobs simply do not have two hours (Astral Flows aren’t really that scary anyway on our server).
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the Fishing Guild’s GP rewards were offset incorrectly to the menu shown in the client.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Div-e Sepid would not show the proper message when granting its key item.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where “TP” auto attacks used by newer mob models, like Cloud of Darkness, were not showing the proper message when taking shadows. Misses still show 0 damage at this time, regardless of shadows. We’ll review this in future updates.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where players could break the Bind effect on themselves by causing damage to themselves, such as through Devotion, Souleater, or Marytr.

Upstream Updates

  • UPDATE Several navmesh updates have been applied to provide better pathing and barriers within zones.
  • UPDATE The directional calculations have been overall updated to, well, be correct and address a potential exploit in positioning. For those interested in maths, here’s the details.
  • UPDATE Added a new quest: Tea with a Tonberry.
  • UPDATE Added a new quest: Redeeming Rocks.
  • UPDATE Several cutscenes in Chains of Promathia now have their optional, side dialogues and cutscenes.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Furnace Hatch not opening the proper doors in Newton Movalpolos.

October 2020

18 October

Fall Harvest Updates

  • The female straw hat now has the proper model on female players.

A few questions came up around stylelocking the Hoe over staves. It’s a scythe, so it only stylelocks over scythes. Dark Knights rejoice.. and garden!

Login Point Rewards

  • Players can now acquire the nation flags and aketons on page 4 and 5 of the login reward box in !relax. These will remain as persistent rewards month to month.

Ability Updates - Monk

Several updates have been applied to align with an update in August 2017.

  • Dodge has been updated to apply a level-based bonus to evasion. Instead of a flat +20 evasion, Dodge now provides up to +100 evasion at level 99.
  • Dodge now properly applies a level-based bonus to guarding chance; capping at +20% at level 99.
  • Focus has been updated to apply a level-based bonus to accuracy. Instead of a flat +20 accuracy, Focus now provides up to +100 accuracy at level 99.
  • Focus now properly applies a level-based bonus to critical hit chance; capping at +20% at level 99.
  • Addressed an issue with Mantra where the Max HP Boost effect was not applied to all party members.
  • Glanzfaust, the mythic weapon, now properly applies it’s “Augments Focus” and “Augments Dodge” effects, increasing the bonuses these apply to players using those weapons.
    • At i119 III, Glanzfaust adds an additional +5% attack, +3% critical hit rate, +30 accuracy to Focus.
    • At i119 III, Glanzfaust adds an additional +5% guarding and +30 evasion to Dodge.
    • These are latent abilities; Glanzfaust must remain equipped to gain these bonuses.

Crafting and Drop Updates

To account for several of the new 100+ recipes, the following items have changed. We’re continuing to review recipes and will be adding/updating items over the coming weeks.

  • Glavoid now drops Breyllium Ore rather than Breyllium Ingots. This affects the drop pool in Abyssea-Tahrongi and the armoury crate in the eBCNM. The rates are unchanged.
  • Colkhab now has a chance to drop Bztavian wings and stinger.
  • Hurkan now has a chance to drop Waktaza rostrums and crests.
  • Yakshi now has a chance to drop Yggdreant boles.
  • Morta and Umdhlebi now have a chance to drop Belladonna sap.
  • Umagrhk now has a chance to drop Simian mane and horn.
  • Kumhau now has a chance to drop Cehuetzi claw.
  • Breyllium Ore has been added to the pool of items in Reisenjima’s Chocobo Digging.
  • Spectre’s Ore has been added to the pool of items in Reisenjima’s Chocobo Digging.
  • Eschite Ore has been added to the pool of items in Escha Zi’Tah’s Chocobo Digging.
  • Niobium Ore has been added to the pool of items in Escha Zi’Tah’s Chocobo Digging.
  • Ruthenium Ore has been added to the pool of items for tier 4 Mog Gardening mining.
  • Cypress logs have been added to the pool of items for tier 4 Mog Gardening logging.
  • Urunday logs have been removed from the pool of items for tier 4 Mog Gardening logging (they have plenty of other spots to get them).


  • UPDATE Players who are trying to upgrade their relic or mythic ranged weapons to gain the belt from Oboro no longer need to have Empyrean Trial Phase 2 unlocked.
  • UPDATE Apex Crabs in Dho Gates now properly aggro per retail.
  • UPDATE Update idle despawn time from 180s to 300s in Reisenjima Henge to allow more time for players to recover from weakness after a wipe/reraise.
  • UPDATE Moved the Fierabras’s Mantle from Odin Prime to Alexander Prime in Reisenjima Henge.
  • UPDATE Added the Ighwa cap and trousers to Odin Prime in Reisenjima Henge.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some players might not have their variables updated when completing Rank 10 for Bastok.
  • BUG Addressed an exploit allowing players to use ramp their attributes up outside of normal means using blue magic.


  • BUG Changing nation ranks now shows the proper rank you’ll be changing from and to when you move between nations.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the moongates in Ro’Maeve could get stuck opening and closing repeatedly.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where using Thief’s Tools on caskets, coffers, and chests didn’t require a thief main job.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where supply run missions could crash a zone due to missing values.

11 October

Fall Harvest is Here!

Fall Harvest 2020

The annual Fall Harvest event has returned to Nocturnal Souls. Grab your sickles, pickaxes, and hatchets and find those rare harvests!

Changes for 2020

  • Harvest Protectors are now scaled to the player (player level +2-4 levels), not to the zone, but have the potential to drop more grenades.
  • The rare harvest rewards have been updated to include some of the newer non-Heroics augments and rare 100+ crafting materials.
  • The Harvest Mayhem BCNM’s “in season” rare slot rewards have been updated.
    • Slot 2: Now includes the male and female straw hats, used for Mog Gardening.
    • Slot 4: Now includes the hoe, used for Mog Gardening.
    • Slot 7: Has a low chance to drop a Regal Ring or Regal Necklace.
    • Slot 8: Has a low chance to drop a Resonance Ring or Nefarious Collar.
    • Slot 9: Has a low chance to drop a Hearty Earring, Beatific Shield, or Craftmaster’s Ring.
  • The bonuses for defeating leafkins have been updated to be crafting focused rather than a mix of combat and crafting to tie in closer to the theme of the event.

Dynamis Divergence

We’re continuing to research ways to improve performance in these zones. A few things of note in this week’s research.

  • Noisy plugins, such as lootwhore, duration, organizer, and other inventory management plugins send 1-2 packets PER SECOND to the server (then back to you) and to everyone near you. Until we dove into some of the testing, we weren’t quite aware HOW noisy these really were.
    • Disabling these can greatly improve performance in these zones where there’s a lot going on.
    • Any plugins that look for things that don’t exist, such as Job Points, are likely very noisy as they keep trying (Duration is an example of this).
  • We continue to see players using Gearswap with the Mio plugin that causes zones to crash. This is a known issue across private servers–likely looking for a packet or data point that doesn’t exist in our code. If your Gearswaps use Mio, please disable it–it’ll make your party mates happy.
    • Any players interested in moving from Windower+Gearswap to Ashita+Ashitacast, shout out in the #job_qa channel.
  • We continue to see some situations where zones crash when multiboxing, especially for players who are tri-boxing the same job and casting the same skills at the same time. We lifted the “no multiboxing in Dynamis” rule a while ago, but if instability continues, we may need to reinstate it.
    • For now, staggering casts, even by a second, can reduce the potential that the server “can’t tell” which character cast which spell and hard crashes.
  • Turning off visual effects in the Config menu can greatly improve FPS, especially for party and alliance members who are rapidly casting big, flashy abilities.
  • Turning off/reducing logging can also increase FPS as there’s less “flooding” in the logs.

Things we’re looking into further:

  • We’re currently evaluating how AOEs tag targets to make them more predictable. Currently, an AOE has a “bubble effect” of its size. If an AOE effect is in a 10y radius, it affects that on the X, Y, and Z axises which can cause some spells to hit the wrong targets in tight zones (aka DD Jeuno). We’re being careful in how we adjust this as it affects ALL AOEs from ALL sources, so prudence is key.
  • We’re currently looking at (or trying to) the navmeshes for the Dynamis zones. Prior, we’d just copied the ones from normal Dynamis into the place (zone layouts are the same), but digging deeper, the original Dynamis ones might be lacking too (if you have Blender or Unreal Engine experience toying with navmeshes, DM us!)

For updates:

  • In an effort to reduce packet load when pulling multiple statues and groups, statues have been updated to have a smaller AOE buff radius and buff every 30s instead of every 16s.


  • UPDATE Ethereal Squama now stacks to 12 as per retail.
  • BUG Riftdross now shows the proper message when getting drops in Reisenjima Henge.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where monsters never regained HP when disengaged/roaming has been addressed.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where Teugghia in Abyssea-Grauburg would not spawn.
  • BUG The recipe for the Moonbeam Ring has been updated to properly require a Moonbow Stone.
  • BUG The recipe for Bewitched Pumps now requires the proper boot material, not legs.


  • UPDATE Updated the drop rate of lindwurm skins to align with retail (increased).
  • UPDATE De-offset all abilities to align with retail.
    • NOTE: Corsairs, this will remove your rolls. Use the !addallrolls command to get all of the available corsair rolls.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where claims were not properly relinquished when players left a zone has been fixed.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where some snolls were not properly aggro to players.

4 October


After a great deal of testing, mathing out various formulas, and seeing the interplay between healers, tanks, damage dealers, and pets, we found several outliers in how enmity is handled by the server.


  • CE is cumulative enmity. This is a value that only decreases when you take damage from enemy attacks and continues to grow as combat continues.
  • VE is volatile enmity. This value spikes with each ability, weapon skill, and spell and then degrades each server tick.

Our current mindset is as follows:

  • Damage is not a primary way of holding aggro. It wasn’t before the rebalance either, but players did so much damage, that it was hard to tell.
  • Paladins and their enmity generation is a core facet and they have the tools necessary to generate enmity better than any other class.
  • Warriors, Dark Knights, and Samurai, and Blue Mages–all who have enmity generation tools–follow Paladins in hate generation, but have to work harder at it.
  • Cures, buffs, and general job abilities should have a base enmity, but should be normalized outside of ‘aggro generation’ abilities. e.g. Threnody shouldn’t be equal to 3-4 weapon skills.

General Updates

  • The overall cap for enmity has been raised from 30,000 to 100,000 making it much more difficult to ‘cap’ your enmity values.
  • The enmity bonus cap has been increased from 200% to 300% so that our 300% bonus to Crusade and Futae actually work correctly.
  • Addressed an issue where Cure V, Cure VI, and Curaga V were not using their fixed enmity values.

Formula Updates

Damage Formulas

Damage generates a variable amount of CE and VE based on the amount of damage done. This applies to weaponskills, spells, and auto attacks.

  • CE = 0.75 / Level Based Enmity * Damage
  • VE = 2.0 / Level Based Enmity * Damage

For clarity, at level 99, the “Level Based Enmity” formula is: 99 * 31 / 50 + 6 or 67.

Example: A non-enmity modified weapon skill (aka not Atonement or Wildfire) doing 20,000 damage will generate 223 CE and 597 VE.

Cure Formulas

There are two types of Cure formulas, one for Cure to Cure IV and one for Cure V, Cure VI, and Curaga V. It’s assumed SquareEnix did this to provide a bonus to White Mages in managing enmity for their higher end cures.

For Cure to Cure IV and Curaga to Curaga IV:

  • CE = 2.5 / Level Based Enmity * Cure Amount * Enmity Bonus/Reduction * Tranquil Heart Reduction
  • VE = 60 / Level Based Enmity * Cure Amount * Enmity Bonus/Reduction * Tranquil Heart Reduction

For clarity, at level 99, the “Level Based Enmity” formula is: 40 + (99 - 50) * 0.6 or 69.

For CE, our base is 2.5, the retail base is 40. For VE, our base is 60, the retail base is 240.

Example: A Cure IV amount of 1530 with 0.85 enmity modifier, 0.77 tranquil heart modifier generates 36 CE and 870 VE.

For Cure V, Cure VI, and Curaga V:

  • CE = 100 * Enmity Bonus/Reduction * Tranquil Heart Reduction
  • VE = 700 * Enmity Bonus/Reduction * Tranquil Heart Reduction

For CE, our base is 100; the retail base is 400. For VE, our values align with retail.

Example: A Cure V of any amount with 0.85 enmity modifier, 0.77 tranquil heart modifier generates 65 CE and 458 VE.

Abilities and Spells

Some abilities and spells have fixed enmity values. Buffs, debuffs, etc. generate their own enmity regardless of damage.

These have been normalized in the following categories:

  • Buffs cast on players, including songs and most ninjutsu, have a fixed enmity of 1 CE and 100 VE.
  • Debuffs cast on enemies, including songs, most ninjutsu, have a fixed enmity of 1 CE and 175 VE.
  • Blue Magic, especially those used to build ‘tanking’ builds, have remained mostly per retail. Jettatura, Exuviation, Actinic Burst, and such continue to be excellent tools to build blue mage tanks.
  • Ninjutsu has incrementally more enmity the higher in tier with Ni and San having 2040 CE and 200300 VE. In addition, higher tiers of Utsusemi provides more enmity allowing Ninjas to rotate their elemental wheel in addition to their other tools to maintain aggro.

For abilities, the following updates have been made:

  • Strategems’ enmity has been reduced from 1111 CE and 1111 VE to 10 CE and 10 VE.
  • Meditate’s enmity has been reduced from 360 CE and 960 VE to 160 CE and 100 VE.
  • Swordplay’s enmity has been reduced from 160 CE and 300 VE to 3 CE and 10 VE.
  • Majesty’s enmity has been increased from 100 CE and 100 VE to 320 CE and 900 VE.
Enmity Decay

CE and VE both decay over time, but in different ways. CE decays when a player takes damage from the target it has enmity with, such as a monster coming over and smacking a mage after a big spell. VE decays over time at each server tick.

In our testing, this was the primary cause of a lot of our trouble–enmity was decaying so quickly for damage dealers that they’d actually gain NEGATIVE CE and VE per attack round.

  • CE Reduction = -400 * Damage / Player Max HP * Enmity Loss Reduction

For CE, our base is -400; the retail base is -1600.

Example: A player with 4500 HP taking 350 damage would lose 31 CE for that hit.

  • VE Reduction = 200 / 2.5

For VE, our base is 200; for retail the base is 360.

Example: A player loses, on average, 144 VE per server tick (2.5 seconds).

In summary, there’s a lot to enmity and we’ll continue monitoring it and testing as we gather feedback from players. To aid in transparency, we’ll be adding a few pages to the Members Portal soon allowing players to see the ‘stats’ of abilities and spells so they can work out their own calculations.

Fishing Updates

  • Players can now craft and use the Fisherman’s Feast food item. This grants +5 to fishing skill.
  • Players can now speak with Chenon to see the winners of yesterday’s fishing contest.
  • Players can no longer enter fish into the fishing contest that lack a length and weight.
  • Panja-Nanja has been updated to provide the proper fishing synthesis support and guild information.
  • The fishing guilds on the ferry ships have been removed and should reflect as so on the Members Portal.
  • Gugru Tuna can now be purchased from the Fishing Guild shops in Selbina and Bibiki Bay.

Divergence Updates

  • The Sleep, Silence, and Paralyze resists for all encounters have been reduced.
  • Obstratix’s Pleiades Ray has had its potency reduced and the duration of the debuffs reduced.
  • Disjointed Mithra’s TP gain and defensive stats have been slightly reduced.
  • Disjointed Mithra’s Shadows have been redesigned to be more manageable and flimsy. They are still powerful attackers and should be taken down immediately. Pro Tip: Barfira for their 2 hour.
  • Back Swish has been removed from the Disjointed Mithra’s (and Shadow) ability rotation.


  • UPDATE Grauberg Lettuce has been added to the Wandering Saplings of Grauberg.
  • UPDATE Mount speed has been increased from “base” to +30, in alignment with player movement speed. This puts mount speed at 80+30 and player speed at 50+30.
  • UPDATE Fix the offsets for the Morion Worm and Treasure Caskets in Korroloka Tunnel since the September 2020 client update.
  • UPDATE Updates to several monster families flags, immunities, and aggro flags.
  • UPDATE Subtle Blow II has been added. Players can also see this stat in !stats as a second part to the Subtle Blow entry.
  • UPDATE Items with Subtle Blow II have been updated to reflect SB II instead of SB. This includes Dagon Breastplate, Sherida Earring, Niqmaddu Ring, Moonbow Belt/+1.
  • UPDATE Players can now craft the Echidna’s Bow, Moonbeam Cape, Comaa Belt, and Moonbow Belt.
  • UPDATE Several BCNMs have had their fastest timers reset from early testing days to let new players set the timers (the Daily 99 is up for grabs!).
  • BUG (hotfix) All of the ‘bottles of’ temporary items found in caskets have been updated/verified to work; the server lockup condition for two of them has been resolved.
  • BUG Sliced Bluetail and Ramen Noodles now produce their proper NQ and HQ quantities.
  • BUG The Porter Moogles will no longer try to dupe the items that you’ve submitted with storage slips.
  • BUG Diffusion’s merit check for several abilities has been fixed; it was not properly adding the duration bonus. This affected Barrier Tusk, Carcharian Verve, Erratic Flutter, Fantod, Harden Shell, Magic Barrier, and Nature’s Meditation.
  • BUG Foe Sirvente no longer tries to check for a merit that no longer exists since the retail Bard updates earlier this year.
  • BUG Fixed a typo in the Disjointed’s demon medal dialog where it explains where to pickup the medals.


  • UPDATE Update Conquests and Guilds to use JST instead of CDT as, after research, it appears that these values are hard coded into the client which is causing guild requests and timers to not properly align. This should resolve several issues where you should be able to proceed with a guild, but it’s telling you the wrong thing or accepting the wrong item. We’ll continue to monitor this update from Topaz.