Update Notes

Nocturnal Souls is constantly in flux with new features and content. We aim to roll out new features and functionality once a week; however, scripts and new content can be rolled out as often as it’s created without downtime. Thanks to our testing and development team for all their hard work!

Here’s the latest changes and enhancements:

January 2020

20 January

2020 Roadmap Preview

As we work to enhance the content and player experience on Nocturnal Souls, we’re happy to share our roadmap with members and continue to take feedback and ideas from the community. This is not an exhaustive list (we do like to keep some surprises), but here’s the highlights.

You can find the full roadmap here.

Q1 - January - March

  • Implement, as aligns with the community, job updates, new merits, and new abilities from retail patches.
  • Complete the implementation of Empyrean armor set bonuses and item modifiers.
  • Implement Heroics: Escha - Ru’Aun including the zone, encounters, items, and abjuration crafting recipes.
  • Complete and rollout new Ninja, Paladin, Ranger, and Scholar master job quests.
  • Implement a new open-world, alliance raid encounter with 18+ targets and powerful, unique rewards.
  • Implement the Divergence weapons system from Dynamis Divergence with acquisition, upgrade, and custom augment paths.
  • Implement the Mummers’ Coalition in Heroics–the Treasure Hunting coalition.

Q2 - April - June

  • Implement, as aligns with the community, job updates, new merits, and new abilities from retail patches.
  • Implement the first two ‘gauntlet’ and ‘time challenge’ Reisenjima Henge encounters.
  • Complete and rollout new Samurai, Blue Mage, Dancer, and Bard master job quests.
  • TBD

Q3 - July - September

  • Implement, as aligns with the community, job updates, new merits, and new abilities from retail patches.
  • Implement a customized version of the “Ultimate” Crafters questline – the Escutcheons.
  • Complete and rollout new Dark Knight, Dragoon, Corsair, Summoner, and Puppetmaster job quests.
  • TBD

Q4 - October - December

  • Implement, as aligns with the community, job updates, new merits, and new abilities from retail patches.
  • TBD

Automaton AI Updates

The team’s spent the past week focusing on addressing some of the instability some automaton actions. Our testing has narrowed down the following:

  • The ‘stretchy’ effect is client side for players and is caused by the system not properly handling the “Ready”–the charge up–animation canceling half way.
  • The effect can be easily replicated by constantly interrupted an automaton’s weaponskill.
  • The effect grows worse and worse as it happens and as the automaton moves about in the world.

With that, we’ve implemented several updates to help counter this, including:

  • Updating the frequency in which automatons are re-sync’d with their masters and their ‘look’ is re-evaluated.
  • Updating the frequency in which automatons positions are evaluated–this is a major benefit in keeping automatons NEAR players rather than them lagging behind and getting stuck on the environment due to the faster player runspeed.
  • Updating the default ‘disengage’ animation to “none” earlier in the packet flow.
  • Updating the skill check for automaton abilities to test for things that can prevent actions, such as Amnesia, Terror, Stun, and Sleep so automatons don’t try to ‘ready’ during these effects.
  • Updating an edge case where the automaton no longer has a master and gets stuck. In this condition, the automaton will die and the puppetmaster can resummon it.

These updates do not address the stretchy effect in all cases; however, players should notice that automatons fix themselves during their next TP abilities or engage and, even when stretchy, the chance of client crash is extremely reduced.

We will continue evaluating automaton behavior in an effort to provide as smooth of experience as possible for players.

Item Usage Restrictions

Many items that have item usage checks, such as inventory full checks, have been updated system wide to properly handle these checks.

This includes:

  • food items verifying whether or not players are already full or can consume that type of food,
  • ammo bag/toolbag items verifying proper inventory space,
  • usable items verifying zone, status effect, or other requirements,
  • updates specific to Nexus Cape to properly provide an error if teleport is not possible rather than teleporting the player to their current location.


  • UPDATE Re-added the Tutelary and Primacy Plans to The Zilarts encounter in Reisenjima Henge for those interested in creating the Kam’lamaut Sword and Shield via synergy.
  • UPDATE Reduced the cooldown for the /yell command for players to chat between city zones from 30s to 5s as an alternatie to the global linkshell.
  • BUG Update the Chariot, Empress, and Emperor Bands (dedication rings) to have their proper 5 second usage time, not 15 seconds. (thanks Webjester!)
  • BUG Address an issue where the Trial Size avatar fights would have the incorrect cutscene on a successful first run.
  • BUG Address an issue where some players could send linkshell messages to non-existant characters causing the zone to crash.
  • BUG Address an issue where some players could attempt to force spawn a Trust and cause the zone to crash.
  • BUG Address an issue where Poison IV-V and Poisonga III-V cast by monsters would not properly calculate the damage and would result in doing no damage.

13 January

Dynamis Divergence Updates

Due to the intense amount of packets players receive during some encounters, such as pulling 4-5 statues in Divergence (each spawning 5 mobs), this can cause some players’ clients to become unresponsive or lagged out while the client processes all of the new incoming effects, spell casts, battle logic, and such for 15-25 newly spawned mobs on top of them.

Part of this is self-inflicted as the game client was never designed for combat to be as fast as it is on Nocturnal Souls. We’re looking at various methods to help address this in high stakes areas such as Divergence and will be testing various methodologies over the coming weeks.

  • UPDATE Tombstone, Idols, Images, and Statues no longer freely cast their buffs while unengaged (and no longer generate log or packets for them)
  • UPDATE Two impish statues have been moved that were near the Nightmare Wellspring in Divergence - Jeuno to give more room for players to fight the Disjointed (and no longer generate mob update/status packets while engaged with the Disjointed).
  • UPDATE Due to the congested areas of Dynamis - Jeuno, the Impish Statues buff ranges have been reduced from 15y to 10y (and generate fewer spell buff and status effect packets).
  • UPDATE The Disjointed Mithra’s shadow clones will no longer constantly measure combat range from the target and teleport to melee range, but instead will fight like other Ninjas and stick to max TP/Ninjutsu range (and removes the distance check and mob position packets during the fight).

Moogle Madness!

Ephemeral Moogles

The Ephemeral Moogles have been updated to reflect their retail functionality for crystal storage.

Players can store and retrieve crystals and clusters from the moogles at the crafting guilds in Bastok Markets, Bastok Mines, Northern San d’Oria, Southern San d’Oria, Windurst Waters, and Windurst Woods. For those who are frequent crafters, this should free up considerable inventory space.

Moogle Storage Log

Players can see their stored crystals under Status > Currencies. Unlike what the moogle says, players can store up to 65000 crystals, not 5000.

Crystal Currency Log

As they are no longer relevant (and the events do not exist in these zones), the Ephemeral Moogles have been removed from !craft and the Mog Garden.

Festive Moogles

The Festive Moogles have been added to Port San d’Oria, Port Bastok, and Port Windurst. These moogles can provide players with various bonuses and items unlocked through in-game events and trades, such as the Mog Pells.

For now, these Moogles can players a replacement destrier beret or chocobo shirt if they misplace theirs. There’s more rewards come with these in future updates.

Adjustments to Monster Respawn Rates

Approximately 1250 unique monster groups across nearly all zones have been updated to respawn on a 300s interval instead of 960s and higher to better align to the retail respawn rates and the combat speed of the community.

The aim of this change is smooth out heavily populated experience camps and make other camps more viable with the faster respawns. This will also make farming some materials, such as augments, easier with faster respawns.


  • UPDATE (hotfix) Adjusted the region around the northern Nyzul Staging Point doorway to make it easier to open.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Adjusted the retaliation effect of Dazzling Dolores in Reisenjima to use the proper subsequent ability.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Removed the Beseiged effect granted to players during Beseiged; it was purely decorative and plays no role in whether or not players can participate in the fights.
  • UPDATE (hotfix) Updated script for Corrosive Ooze from slugs to have the proper name and trigger when used by these monsters.
  • UPDATE Lowered the values of PARALYZERES granted to many level 100+ encounters to make it easier for properly potent Paralyze effects to land and proc on these encounters.
  • UPDATE The amount of rank points awarded through crystal trades now better align to modern retail (no more endless stacks).
  • UPDATE The !telelist command now uses the standard custom teleport animation.
  • UPDATE Goblin Footprints (rewatching cutscenes) wired up in Garlaige Citadel, La Theine Plateau, Maze of Shakhrami, Meriphataud Mountains, North and South Gustaberg, Ro’Maeve, Bostaunieux Oubliette, and Castle Zvahl Keep. (thanks Kain!)
  • UPDATE Update attack range of the Bora Axe weaponskill from 5y to 15y.
  • UPDATE The dark knight job unlock quest, Blade of Darkness, now matches retail–players only need to defeat 100 monsters instead of 200.
  • UPDATE The Ash Dragon NM in Ifrit’s Cauldron now respawns at 24 hour increments instead of a 3-5 real world day window.
  • BUG Reduced the respawn time of acuex in Cirdas Caverns from 60 minutes to 5 minutes.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with Shijin Spiral’s plague effect being calculated at 5-8 seconds instead of 5-8 ticks (15-35 seconds).
  • BUG Addressed an issue with weaponskill calculations not properly enforcing the first critical hit of Sneak Attack.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the values of Shell I to Shell V provided by the Regime books not matching the proper potency of Shell spells.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where the potency of Shell did not properly match retail after the last white mage update.
    • Shell I - 24256 -> 27256 (~11%)
    • Shell II - 36256 -> 42256 (~16%)
    • Shell III - 48256 -> 56256 (~22%)
    • Shell IV - 56256 -> 67256 (~26%)
    • Shell V - 62256 -> 75256 (~29%)
  • BUG The variance for being ‘behind’ to trigger the Ninja Innin bonus merit has been aligned to other “behind” values (between 86 degrees and 170 degrees).
  • BUG Addressed issue where Weatherspoon +1 gear did not have the same jobs flags as the NQ versions.
  • BUG Addressed missing Qultada NPC from Luck of the Draw quest cutscene.
  • BUG Addressed incorrect Light and Dark resistance values on the Engraved Belt.
  • BUG Addressed a duplicate NPC by the Curio Vendor in Port San d’Oria.
  • BUG Addressed several random crates around Western Adoulin that shouldn’t be visible outside of certain cutscenes.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the quest True Will in Yhoator Jungle where players could increment the quest without defeating all of the NMs.
  • BUG Addressed dUpperCap calculation issues for the blue magic spells Claw Cyclone, Feather Storm, Grand Slam, and Queasyshroom.
  • BUG Addressed an issue with the Volte BLU and Volte MNK not having their proper models in Dynamis Divergence - Jeuno.

6 January

Experience Point Tables and Ramping

The Experience Point tables have been updated to match current retail and “Incredibly Easy Prey” mobs have been added.

Overall, this increases the maximum potential base experience points a player can receive from a battle to the 1500xp limit (up from 800xp) at level 99 and adds several tiers of monsters in the IEP range that now grant experience points that did not before.

As this means that “Incredibly Easy Prey” mobs now con, players may find some mobs that are aggro that didn’t used to be. 👿

Added Missing Relic Armor Modifiers

The following missing or incorrect modifiers have been updated for the reforged relic armor pieces. This completes the relic armor sets. The Empyrean sets and set bonuses will be added soon.


  • Agoge Mufflers +2/+3 - Defender: Chance of successful block +
  • Agoge Cuisses (all) - Double Attack Damage +%


  • Hesychast’s Cyclas +2/+3 - Counter Critical Hit Chance +%
  • Hesychast’s Gaiters +2/+3 - Counter Critical hit Chance +%
  • Hesychast’s Gaiters (all) - Counter Attack Bonus

White Mage

  • Piety Mitts (all) - Potency of Banish vs. Undead +

Black Mage

  • Archmage’s Tonban +2/+3 - Magic Burst Bonus I changed to Magic Burst Bonus II
  • Archmage’s Sabots +2/+3 - Elemental magic status ailments effect bonus (Burn, Frost, etc.)

Red Mage

  • Vitation Gloves +2/+3 - Gain-Attr spells +


  • Caballarius Surcoat +2/+3 - Cover: Absorb Physical Damage to MP +%
  • Caballarius Gauntlets +2/+3 - Shield Bash: Dispel

Dark Knight

  • Fallen’s Burg. (all) - Dark Magic Casting Time reduction
  • Fallen’s Sollerets (all) - Last Resort +1 (-10% damage taken reduction)


  • Arcadian Jerkin (all) - Double Shot Damage +
  • Arcadian Jerkin +3 - Double Shot: Occassionally becomes Triple Shot (10%)


  • Sakonji Haidate (all) - Counter Attack Bonus


  • Mochi. Chainmail (all) - Utsusemi Casting Time reduction


  • Pteroslaver Mail +2/+3 - Add % of max wyvern HP to all jumps
  • Pteroslaver Mail (all) - Add subjob traits to Wyvern (varies by subjob)

Blue Mage

  • Luhlaza Kef. (all) - Adds additional base damage to breath attacks


  • Lanun Gants +3 - Triple Shot: Occassionally becomes Quad Shot (10%)


  • Horos Toe Shows +2/+3 - Step TP Consumed reduction


  • Pedagogy Mortarboard +2/+3 - Magic Burst Accuracy +
  • Pedagogy Mortarboard +2/+3 - Magic Burst Bonus I changed to Magic Burst Bonus II
  • Pedagogy Bracers +2/+3 - Cure Potency I changed to Cure Potency II

Blue Magic Update

  • The attribute traits for the following spells were missing and have been added:
    • Diffusion Ray
    • Erratic Flutter
    • Rail Cannon
    • Restoral
    • Sinker Drill
    • Subduction
    • Thrashing Assault
  • The trait granted by Subduction has been fixed to be Magic Attack Bonus rather than Double Attack/Triple Attack.
  • The set points for Palling Salvo updated from 8 to 7.

Dragoon Pet Commands

The Dragoon’s 90-95 pet commands have been added.

  • Steady Wing - creates a potent stoneskin around the wyvern.
  • Smiting Breath - commands the wyvern to use one of their random elemental breaths on the target.
  • Restoring Breath - commands the wyvern to use their healing breath on the target.


  • UPDATE Updated linkpearls to now auto-equip on newly created characters, so those “welcome!” shouts no longer fall on deaf ears.
  • UPDATE Updated the Dragoon’s Empathy merit now property copies up to 5 beneficial effects from the player to the dragoon when Spirit Link is used.
  • UPDATE Added Kindlix’s partner in crime, Pyropox, is now wired up to sell fireworks and interact with Kindlix.
  • UPDATE The Empryean weapon Farsha has been granted an empyrean buff similar to other weapons. To align with Cloudsplitter (a magical weaponskill), Farsha now grants +100 Magic Attack Bonus and +10% Skillchain Bonus on equip.
  • UPDATE Several NPCs around Platea Triumphus in Western Adoulin (!relax) that are not active have been either hidden or moved to reduce loading time.
    • Hestefa, the Artifact armor shop NPC, has been moved next to Trystol, the Relic and Empyrean armor shop NPC, for convenience.
    • Jedelaih, the master job quest bard, has been removed (this information can be found on your members portal profile).
  • UPDATE Linkshell Concierges and Chat Manuals have been hidden to reduce zone loading time (since they do not work).
  • UPDATE Added Brulo, a missing Voidwalkers NM, in Abyssea-Altepa.
  • BUG Fixed synthesis recipes for Garuda and Titan rings with swapped materials.
  • BUG Updated Metatron Torment’s defense down effect to properly check for an existing defense down, not an attack down effect.
  • BUG Updated Onslaught’s accuracy down effect to have the proper duration.
  • BUG Addressed missing sky in Xarcabard [S], Castle Zvahl Baileys [S], and Walk of Echoes.
  • BUG Addressed an issue where zero duration status effects, such as benefits from FoV and GoV books, would fade when a player relogs.
  • BUG Addressed issue where Cait Sith’s “Level ? Holy” was doing Wind-based damage, not Light-based damage.