Enhancing with HD DATs

What are HD DATs?

Each object and texture in FFXI is held in a DAT file in your FFXI directory (you’ll find them in ROM/{number}). There’s… well, tens of thousands of them–every flower, rock, sword, bunny, and dragon is stored in those DATs. The HD DAT creators are working to update those textures from the old 64x64 resolutions to 1024x1024 and providing for crisp textures for zones, items, enemy models, and even overlay text.

Here’s some of our favorites!

  • HD Overhaul is a youtube channel covering many of the zones.
  • FFXI HD Mods is an ongoing community thread on FFXIAH where individual items, enemy models, and a few zones have been updated.

The installation method varies depending on how the DATs are packaged and all packages come with instructions.

We’re currently working on a custom installer, updated monthly, that contains all of the DATs and HD music in a single package.