The Delves of Ulbuka

Delve 1

As part of the Adventurer’s Chronicles, players now have access to the Delves of Ulbulka. These challenging encounters can be spawned at the appropriate quest marker (???) using the corresponding yggrete shard. The shards drop from nearby monsters (similar to retail).

  • The delve gear that previously dropped from “wonder” NMs or voidwatch campaigns has been added to the correct delve encounter.
  • Each delve supplies players with baylds on defeat and can be respawned by players who have additional yggrete shards.
  • Yggrete shards are not affected by treasure hunter and considered ‘bonus loot’ (similar to beastmen seals).
  • Monsters that drop Yggrete shards have a faster respawn timer (180s, down from 300s) than surrounding mobs.
  • If grouping up, participants must be within 20y of the delve to be flagged to begin. Make sure your group is nearby before starting the encounter!

Ceizak Battlegrounds Celedon

Many of the encounters in Ceizak Battlegrounds have unique resistance stances where they’ll either become immune or absorb a type of damage. Keep watch for proc triggers to know when you’re doing something right (or, in some cases, doing something very wrong).

Shard Drops from… Spawns
I bight uragnites & twigtrip lapinion Unfettered Twitherym
II deathmaw orobon & blanched mandragora Supernal Chapuli
III careening twitherym Transcendent Scorpion
IV downy emerald & colossal spider Mastop
V fernfelling chapuli & frenzied mantis Tax'et

Ceizak Battlegrounds Map (click to expand full-screen)

Morimar Basalt Fields Alizarin

Morimar Basalt Fields is home to several encounters that have potent aura effects. Some are distance based, HP based, or even in reaction to certain types of damage. Keep note on how each encounter reacts for best results.

Shard Drops from… Spawns
I tephra lizard & snowcap umbril Volatile Matamata
II volcanic wivre & tundra elf Purdurable Raptor
III maca maca & frosty twitherym Shimmering Tarichuk
IV acerbic jagil & sinewy matamata Tutewehiwehi
V felsic eruca & mountain peiste Kurma

Morimar Basalt Fields Map (click to expand full-screen)

Foret de Hennetiel Zaffre

In the shallow pools of Foret de Hennetiel, several mechanics from Morimar and Ceizak start to overlap in more challenging mechanics. Pay close attention to each encounter’s animation, whether or not they’re ‘hiding’ from you, and other visual clues to lead to victory.

Shard Drops from… Spawns
I zoldeff jagil Faded Craklaw
II bellicose tarichuk & perfidious crab Aberrant Uragnite
III hoary craklaw & careening twitherym Divagating Jagil
IV scummy slug & vorst gnat Nerrivik
V vampire leech & glutinous clot Krabakarpo

Foret De Hennetiel Map (click to expand full-screen)

Yorcia Weald Russet

Several encounters deep within the trees of Yorcia Weald have time-based mechanics requiring players to coordinate their attacks and abilities with many status effects requiring players to be quick on the draw with Erase, Dispel, and an inventory of panaceas.

Delve 2

Shard Drops from… Spawns
I snapweed Xag'Nar
II bronzecap & shade-speckled spider Laevvid
III cheeky opo-opo & saptrap Morseiu
IV nascent sapling Ircinraq
V corpse flower & swollen chigoe Hyoscya

Yorcia Weald Map (click to expand full-screen)

Marjami Ravine Phlox

The beasts of Marjami Ravine tend to vary their mechanics based on their own abilities, becoming immune to various damage types, more evasive, or even reflecting attacks.

Shard Drops from… Spawns
I longface colibri & stryx Broxa
II vinelash vulture & lapiniontrap Plaguevein Bats
III cliffclinger toad & whispering twitherym Hakawai
IV lapinion & tulfaire Ironbeak Inguza
V canyon apkallu & riverscum Podarge

Marjami Ravine Map (click to expand full-screen)

Kamihr Drifts Aster

In the cold tundra of Kamihr Drifts, players will have a mixture of all the unique mechanics they’ve faced in other zones. Pay close attention to animations, the colors of “two-hour” effects, and other visual clues for how best approach these encounters.

Shard Drops from… Spawns
I ashen tiger & snowpelt rabbit Calydontis
II cicatricose raaz & hailstone Azeman
III cyanotic raptor & wailing umbril Sinna
IV bedraggled lucerewe & slobbering ruszor Cherti
V gnarring yztarg & shaggy ovim Mirka

Kamihr Drifts Map (click to expand full-screen)

Maps modified with ❤️ via the Remapter project.


Looking to use the maps in game? Check out these .DATs courtesy of community member Genesis! Load them up as a separate folder in your Pivot config for easy on and off access or as a secondary map if you’re already using Remapster and Pivot!