The Wildskeeper Reives


As part of the Adventurer’s Chronicles, players now have access to the Wildskeeper Reives of Ulbuka.

These battlefields allow parties of 6 to enter and challenge the encounters at any time (rather than retail requiring a timer and enough zone pre-events). Each Naakual will offer a unique challenge and set of mechanics.

Each battlefield has an elemental ‘key’ to trade to enter. The player zoning into the instance will need to trade the key to enter. This item will be consumed upon entry to the battlefield. The cloister gem can be found inside of each elemental cloister (Cloister of Flames, Cloister of Gales, etc.).

In addition, all participating players will need a key item, purchased in Eastern Adoulin from Dimmian, for 1,500 bayld each. This key item is consumed upon entry to the battlefield for every participant.


Players can acquire bayld from participating in delve encounters. All participating members of the encounter will receive bayld as a personal currency reward that shows up in the Currency tab.

Battlefield Cloister Gem (leader only) Key Item (all)
Colkhab Galestone Brier-proof net
Achuka Flamestone Magma mitigation set
Tchakka Tidestone Compass of transference
Hurkan Stormstone Insulator tablet
Kumhau Froststone Anti-glaciation gear
Yumcax Tremorstone Resurrection retardant axe

The Wildskeeper Reives replace the open world versions of these encounters for players participating in Peacekeeper missions. The open world “wonder” versions bid farewell and thanks for all the chips.

“Fracture” Encounters

In addition to the Wildskeeper Reives, as players defeat the open-world delves, each will drop a corresponding bead. Players can return to the Wildskeeper Reive entrypoint, trade all five beads for the zone, and challenge a “hard mode” version of the Naakual for additional rewards, including i119 gear, crafting materials, and more!

Battlefield Yggzi Beads (I -> V)
Muyingwa Celadon
Tojil Alizarin
Dakuwaqa Zaffre
Cailimh Phlox
Utkux Aster
Wopket Russet

In addition, these encounters will also count as a successful Peacekeeper mission (similar to how some high-tier fights in Escha work) if the player has unlocked that coalition. This provides another means for players to progress their Peacekeepers and Heroics.