Limbus - Apollyon and Temenos

Temenos Apollyon
Temenos Apollyon

Entry Requirements

  • Players must have completed the Chains of Promathia quest line and earned the title Banisher of the Emptiness.
  • Players must have completed the Adventure Quest quest line through the final level 99 quest.

The completed relic or mythic weapon must be in your inventory or mog house to be registered as completed. If you’ve moved these onto offline storage, the quest giver will not be able to find them and flag you for the quest.


Players attempting to enter these zones without meeting the requirements will be sent back to their homepoints.

Entry Recommendations

  • Players should have at least upgraded to a “tier 1” armor upgrade of their artifact, relic, or empyrean gear. These upgrades can be done using gil and the currency jewels acquired through Hunts.

How do I enter?

Limbus Map

  • Players will need red, black, or white cards depending on which battlefield area they are entering. These key items have a 100% drop rate from the Aw’euvhis around the various Crag entrances in Al’Taieu.
  • Players will need a Cosmo-Cleanse that can be purchased from Sagheera in Port Jeuno for 15,000g. Players can acquire a new Cosmo-Cleanse 2 hours after they last entered the Limbus instance.
  • Entry is limited to a single party (6 players) per battlefield, though drops are part of the treasure pool and not personal loot, so teams will need to determine their loot distribution strategy ahead of time.

All participating party members must have the proper key items to enter the battlefield each time.

Where do I enter?


Apollyon consists of six battlefields (all versions are the “99 version”) and works on a tier system requiring chips to proceed from one tier to the next. Only one chip drops per completion, so it’s recommended that a single player collects the chips (they are Rare, but not Exclusive, so they are tradeable).

There are two swirling vortex – one at (K-6) and one at (D-6). Use the (K-6) vortex to access the NE and SE battlefields and the (D-6) vortex to access the NW and SE battlefields. There are homepoint crystals next to each of the entrances easy access.

Tier 1 Apollyon NE Apollyon SE Apollyon NW Apollyon SW
Entry Card Black Black Red Red
Reward Chip Smoky Smalt Magenta Charcoal

Unlike tier 1, tier 2 can be entered from either vortex; however, you must have the correct Black or Red card for that side. Colored Chips come from tier 1 and Metal chips come from Sagheera in Port Jeuno (75 Ancient Beastcoins) or at a very low chance from the tier 1 zones.

Tier 2 Central Apollyon CS Apollyon
Entry Chip Smoky


Temenos consists of eight battlefields (all versions are the “99 version”) and works on a tier system requiring chips to proceed from one tier of the tower to another. Only one chip drops per completion, so it’s recommended that a single player collects the chips (they are Rare, but not Exclusive, so they are tradeable).

All battlefields are accessible at the entrance to Temenos located at (H-4) in Al’Taieu. There is a homepoint crystal next to the zone-in for easy access.

Tier 1 Western Eastern Northern
Entry Card White White White
Reward Chip Emerald Chip Scarlet Chip Ivory Chip
Tier 2 Central - 1F Central - 2F Central - 3F
Entry Card White White White
Entry Chip Emerald Scarlet Ivory
Reward Chip Orchid Cerulean Silver
Tier 3 Central - 4F Central - Basement
Entry Card White White
Entry Chip Orchid

Play Modes - Dynamic Scaling

Limbus automatically scales based on participants in the battlefield. Players must be inside the battlefield to trigger an increase or decrease in scaling.

  • 1 player : “solo” - solo players receive the base experience within Limbus, targeted at solo play and rewards.
  • 2-3 players : “hard mode” - small group play and/or multiboxing is allowed, but increases the difficultly of content with each zone.
  • 4-6 players: “savage mode” - full groups have an increased difficulty of content, but gain additional ancient beastcoin drops throughout the zones. Keep in mind, while players that do not enter the BCNM still count towards the group size for difficulty, the additional ancient beastcoin rewards will only activate once the 4-6 players are inside the battlefield.

Encounters in Hard Mode and Savage Mode could have additional mechanics and/or abilities. Be prepared!


  • Players will receive Ancient Beastcoins (commonly referred to as ABCs) throughout the encounters via the Limbus from both Blue and Golden treasure coffers. Additional ancient beastcoins drop from individual mobs when in Savage Mode and some individual mobs based on the mechanics of the battlefield.

  • Players will be working towards their Ambuscade versions of the original Limbus sets (Flamma, Tali’ah, Mummu, Ayanmo, and Mallquis) and Salvage sets (Sulevia, Hizamaru, Inyanga, Meghanada, Jhakri). Sagheera and Monisette in Port Jeuno will handle all trade transactions.

  • Sagheera in Port Jeuno will also trade Ancient Beastcoins for rare accessories, items, set bonus rings, and armor upgrade materials.

Armor Upgrade Path

Each armor upgrade requires a material found in Apollyon or Temenos, gil, ancient beastcoins, and a focus material for the slot. These focus materials are fairly common to find and can be found throughout Limbus as additional drops from treasure coffers, purchased off the Auction House, found on open-world monsters, or crafted.

EXAMPLE: Acquiring a Ayanmo Zucchetto -> +1 -> +2

  1. Trade 50,000g, 1 Brown Doeskin, 1 Adaman Ore, and have at least 50 ABCs to receive the Ayanmo Zucchetto.
  2. Trade 100,000g, the Ayanmo Zucchetto, 5 Brown Doeskins, and have at least 100 ABCs to receive the Ayanmo Zucchetto +1.
  3. Trade 175,000g, the Ayanmo Zucchetto +1, 1 Arch-Omega’s Eye, and have at least 100 ABCs to receive the Ayanmo Zucchetto +2.

Ancient Beastcoins need to be traded to Sagheera to be added to your ’total currency’ before you can have Monisette create it. Be sure to trade your ABCs to Sagheera as you collect them in Limbus. She can hold up to 9999.


  • Initial focus materials for both Limbus and Salvage gear.
    • Head - Chunk of Adaman Ore
    • Body - Chunk of Darksteel Ore
    • Hands - Spool of Rainbow Thread
    • Legs - Square of Coeurl Leather
    • Feet - Spool of Moblin Thread

Limbus gear materials are found throughout Apollyon. Higher floors have a higher chance to reward base materials in coffers. Limbus +2 materials are acquired by defeating Arch-Omega in Central Apollyon.

  • Limbus Base Materials

    • Ayanmo = Brown Doeskin
    • Tali’ah = Astral Leather
    • Mummu = Canvas Toile
    • Flamma = Electrum Stud
    • Mallquis = Light Filament
  • Limbus +2 Materials

    • Arch-Omega’s Eyes = Head
    • Heart = Body
    • Foreleg = Hands
    • Hind Legs = Legs
    • Tail = Feet

Salvage gear materials are found throughout Temenos. Higher floors have a higher chance to reward base materials in coffers. Salvage +2 materials are acquired by defeating Arch-Ultima in Tenemos Central - 4F.

  • Salvage Base Materials

    • Sulevia = Coiled Yarn
    • Hizamaru = Kurogane
    • Inyanga = Charcoal Cotton
    • Meghanada = Chameleon Yarn
    • Jhakri = Scarlet Odoshi
  • Salvage +2 Materials

    • Arch-Ultima’s Cerebrum = Head
    • Heart = Body
    • Claw = Hands
    • Leg = Legs
    • Tail = Feet

Players can also purchase base materials and set bonus rings from Sagheera using Ancient Beastcoins if certain conditions are met.

Things to Note

  • There are no time extensions. All parties have 30 minutes in the battlefield. After the timer expires, all players will be expelled from the zone.

  • It is up to the group to decide if they’re going to focus on killing as much as possible for a chance at bonus coffers for ancient beastcoins or racing through and collecting hidden coffers and killing just the bosses for armor upgrade components.

  • Some areas have a specific monster or set of monsters that must be defeated to activate the portal to the next floor. Knowing these tactics can make groups more efficient within Limbus.

Common Questions

  • Q: How many Ancient Beastcoins (ABCs) can drop per run?

    • A: It depends! Coffers scattered through each floor have a chance to drop many coins each, so finding these are key. Some zones have more treasure coffers than others and favor ABC farming. When completing a zone on Savage mode, each floor has a different number of mobs on it, each having a chance to drop a coin, which can quickly add up.
  • Q: How many can be in a battlefield at a time?

    • A: A full party can enter a single battlefield at a time (6 players); however, only one battlefield can be active at once. For example, only one “Apollyon - NE” can be active at a time, but all five Apollyon battlefields can be active at the same time. Players can touch the Sentinel Column in Apollyon or the Scanning Device in Temenos to see which battlefields are currently full.
  • Q: How much time do we have in each battlefield?

    • A: As there are no time extensions, each battlefield has a set time of 30 minutes.
  • Q: How often can I run Limbus?

    • A: Players can acquire the Cosmo-cleanse from Sagheera every 2 hours.
  • Q: If I purchase a Cosmo-Cleanse, do I need to immediately complete Limbus?

    • A: Cosmo-Cleanse has an indefinite shelf-life, but once used, it cannot be purchased again for two hours to prevent erasing YOURSELF from the Cosmos.
  • Q: Can I join an existing party in Limbus?

    • A: No, once a party has fully entered the zone, additional members cannot join and enter.