Custom Content

Looking for what’s custom and exciting at Nocturnal Souls? We take a custom spin on almost everything to bring exciting new content and a very non-retail experience to our players.

Take a look in the navigation menu for all the options. Here’s a few highlights:

  • The Adventuer Questline guides players level 1 to 99 and introduces our custom systems and helps players gear up that first job.
  • The Adventurer’s Chronicles pick up at level 99 guiding players through our endgame and rewarding their accomplishments as they gain fame and forture in Adoulin.
  • Numerous quality of life systems, like our !gotoexp command to hop to the best exp spots, or our Fast Tracks system to skip those pesky expansions for the 100th time.
  • Our New Game+ system is designed for players who enjoy the grind, providing additional bonuses each time you restart your level climb.
  • Looking for something relaxing? We have synthesis, synergy, HELM, mog gardening, and fishing waiting for you. Chocobo digging is also there, including our custom scavenger hunt system.
  • Looking for some adventure? Our Heroics questline pushes players to the limit with new encounters, mechanics, and rewards.
  • Explore core modern-era endgame through Reisenjima Henge, Dynamis Divergence, Limbus, Legion, Voidwatch, and ZNMs.
  • Looking for some lore and store telling? Many jobs (and more coming as quickly as possible) have Master Job questlines that grant bonuses if you can unravel the quests.

Content Matrix

The content matrix was developed to help guide players on when and where they should be at each phase of their journey. While a recommendation, not prescriptive requirement, this should give an idea on where each type of content falls and what opportunities exist at each level.

The matrix is interactive–hover over each to go to the appropriate spot.

The relative amount of investment in time, material procurement, and/or effort players should expect to expend when participating in the content. The further right on the X-axis, the more time/effort to participate. Low Effort. Content designed to be casual friendly, often spending 30 minutes or less of actual play time to accomplish an individual task, e.g. spawn and defeat a Notorious Monster or complete a single quest. Medium Effort. Content designed to be completed over multiple play sessions, but still approachable in bite-sized chunks as time allows. High Effort. Content designed to be completed over multiple play sessions, with longer "sit time" expected to complete a portion of content. e.g. Dynamis Divergence is a 2 hour "sit time" commitment. The relative difficulty of content based on gear, level, player know-how, etc. The further down on the Y-axis the content is placed, the more difficult the content will be. Players are level 99, have completed Adventure Quest, have received its rewards, have some merits, and maybe an ilvl 117 Weapon. Players are able to take part in the first "open" content experiences. In addition to Tier 0, players have maximised their Merits, and maybe picked up a piece of ilvl gear or two along the way. Content at this tier is designed to help players get used to End Game activities. Content at this tier is balanced for players with at least a Mythic Weapon (119v3) and a full set of 119 +1 Armor. Players should continue upgrading their armor to +2, as well as creating additional purpose built sets. Content at this tier is balanced for players with one or more Empyrean Weapons (119v3) and multiple sets of 119 +2 Armor. Additionally, Players have further enhanced their gear through Augments. Content at this tier is balanced for players with multiple Fully Augmented 119 +3 armor sets, Empyrean Weapons, and the expectation that players have mastered all previous content. Heroics, aka, the Expert Player Tier. The pursuit of fine tuning and Best-In-Slot Horizontal Progression. Content at this tier will be best approached in a group setting. Provides bonus EXP and currency to finance your armor upgrades. Begin augmenting your gear to maximize it's potential with our custom Augment System. "So You Want To Be An Adventurer?" A Custom Introductory Quest line. Level capped BCNM20 with pre-augmented rewards. Rotating events themed around the season. Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall. Learn about the History and Lore of the Vana'diel Nations through Missions. Level capped BCNM50 with pre-augmented rewards. Seasonal Themed BCNM with rotating loot and pre-augmented rewards. Unravel the mysteries of the Zilart, the ancient civilisation of Vana'diel. May Altana grant us the strength to overcome Promathia in all it's forms. Travel to the distant continent of Aradjiah to discover the secrets of the Empire of Aht Urghan. Level capped BCNM80 with pre-augmented rewards. Maximize the potential of your character and fill your coffers too! Level capped BCNM99 with pre-augmented rewards. NocSouls Custom Endgame System. Each rank attained further empowers your character. The Finale to Nocturnal Souls custom Adventure Quest. Prepare yourself. Upgrade the Artifact/Relic/Empyrean Armor sets you received in AQ to their 119 +1 versions. Unlock Relic and Mythic weapons through custom trials. Seek the Moogles in Ru'lude Gardens for details, Kupo. Nocturnal Souls custom Job Mastery System. Unlock the extra powers of your job! Timey-wimey magic administered by a Tarutaru child. What could possibly go wrong... NocSouls Custom implementation of the Delve Field NMs. Rewards include ilvl Armor, Weapons, and accessories. NocSouls Custom implementation of The first four halls of Legion. Per participant rewards and party loot. NocSouls Custom implementation of Limbus. Allows players to obtain the Retail Ambuscade Armor sets. NocSouls Custom implementation of Voidwatch. The City paths up to their respective bosses. The final hall of Legion, tackle new challenges in pursuit of unique accessories. Nocturnal Souls custom implementation of Wildskeeper Reives. Party based, instanced combat. The Adventurer Chronicles introduce "Content Level" to further strengthen players against awaiting challenges. The 6 stages of the Jeuno chapter of the Voidwatch combat content system. The Coalitions of Adoulin need your help! Seek additional information at each Coalition. Players with Heroics unlocked may gain infamy by aiding Adoulin with tasks. The first two Tiers of Nocturnal Souls Custom Endgame System. Allows players to upgrade Artifact Armor to 119 +2. NocSouls Custom implementation of the Delve Fracture NMs. Party based encounters. Nocturnal Souls Custom Empyrean Weapon System. A Moogle / Oboro production, Kupo! Nocturnal Souls Custom implementation of Dynamis Divergence. Extremely challenging solo, party focused content. Starting with San d'Oria, players may be able to upgrade Relic armor to 119 +2. The next two Tiers of Nocturnal Souls Custom Endgame System. Players may obtain 2/3 of the components necessary to upgrade their Artifact Armor to their 119 +3 versions. The final material required to complete your Artifact 119 +3 armor. Players will face an empowered version of their Dark Reflection in a challenging 1-on-1 encounter. The Zilart chapter of the Voidwatch combat content system. Players should now be able to Challenge the Dynamis Divergence Mid and Beastmen Bosses. The finale of Nocturnal Souls custom Job Mastery System. Tier 5 and 6 of Nocturnal Souls Custom Endgame System. Players face challenging opponents which rewards them with accessories, style locks, and crafting materials. The Tavnazia chapter of the Voidwatch combat content system. The ToAU chapter (and current end) of the Voidwatch combat content system. Players should now be in a position to Challenge Dynamis Divergence end to end. The first chapter of Heroics Content, Escha Zi'Tah! High Tier Encounters grant Augment Materials and Accessories. The second chapter of Heroics Content, Reisenjima! High Tier Encounters grant sought after Materials and Accessories. The third chapter of Heroics Content, Escha Ru'Aun! High Tier Encounters grant ilvl Abjurations, Materials, and Accessories. The finale of the Adventurer Chronicles! Players completing this custom quest line will be ready to max out their "Content Level". The Grand Finale of the Heroics Content, Reisenjima Sanctorium! Story Content. Shares Vana'diel background lore through adventure, quests, and combat. Novice Content, built with players new to Nocturnal Souls or Final Fantasy XI in mind. 100% Solo Friendly. Intermediate Content, designed for players who understand the basics, and are ready for the next plateau. A Even Match for Solo players. Expert Content, the most challenging in the stack. Players may find that teaming up (where possible) will aid in attempting this content. Custom Content, built (with love) by the Development Team at Nocturnal Souls. Visit our website for additional details and the latest news!

Western Adoulin / Platea Triumphus

Welcome home.

The Platea Triumphus area of Western Adoulin is the central hub of Nocturnal Souls. This bustling area contains the custom vendor NPCs, augment NPCs, teleports, and mog house services just to the south of the teleport landing.

New Relax Location

Just type !relax to teleport to the area at any time.

Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest

Trystol, a retired adventure in Western Adoulin, has a story to tell and wants you to help her out! AQ is a new starter experience for players as they join the Nocturnal Souls community. Over the course of multiple quests, players will be introduced to our custom commands and systems, guided in unlocking common areas and key items, and learn about the world of Vana’diel along the way!

Abdhaljs Isle - Purgonorgo

Looking for a place to kick back, relax, do some crafting, and bash a training dummy? Purgonorgo is the place! There’s a slew of custom crafting merchants and an area of training dummies to test your skills.

Purgonorgo Isle Crafting Area

Just use the !craft command to access the isle at any time.

Mog Gardening

Mog Gardening provides players access to the Mog Garden zone and all the wealth of its harvesting locations. Many of the items provided by these nodes are not available in the game as the harvesting nodes in Seekers of Adoulin zones do not exist.

The Mog Gardens

Monthly Events

In commemoration of the day the servers opened up for the first time (7/20), the server celebrates NocSouls Day on the 20th day of every month.

NocSouls Days reward players with bonuses to currencies, experience points, gil, and items every time they level up a job.

Daily Hunts

The !hunts command provides access to the Nocturnal Souls daily hunts system.

Each target requires killing 20 of that family of monster. On completion, you’ll be rewarded with experience points, gil, and unique currency, such as Alexandrite, Tanzanite Jewels, and used for gear progression.

Read the full guide on participating in daily hunts.

Daily BCNMs

The Daily BCNMs are unlocked through our Adventure Quest system and provide challenges at 20, 50, 80, and 99.

Read the full guide on participating in daily BCNMs

The Reisenjima Henge

The Reisanjima Henge provides the backdrop of Nocturnal Souls’ master challenges. A mix of the high-tier missions and master trials from retail, The Henge provides an excellent challenge for endgame heroes.

Corrupted Altana

Read the full guide on participating in The Henge.

Master Job Quests

As a replacement for the Job Point/Capacity Point system in retail, Nocturnal Souls offers a unique set of custom quests and storyline for each job to enhance their existing spells and abilities.

Read the full guide on the Master Job Quests.

Marquette Abdhaljs - “Legion”

Legion is an instanced dungeon consisting of five distinct, increasingly challenging “halls”. Each hall consists of 2 waves of NMs and a final NM.

Read the full guide on participating in Legion.

Voidwatch Operations

Voidwatch is spawning significantly difficult NMs found all over Vana’diel that drop high level gear and materials. On Nocturnal Souls, chapters 1 to 5 of Voidwatch is enabled.

Read the full guide on participating in Voidwatch.

Zeni Notorious Monsters (ZNMs)

ZNMs, found in the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion, are a tiered system of progressively more difficult NMs with multiple paths. The Tier III ZNMs drop the starters for the Mythic weapons progression.

Read the full guide on participating in ZNMs.