Custom Content

Here’s a few of the things implemented so far along with our twist:

  • Level 100+ mobs in Abyssea (this will play a part in the custom gear progression)
  • The 7 “Wonder” NMs spread out around the world. Can you find them all?
  • A few spells that the core DSP project hasn’t added in yet, like Crusade, Enlight, etc.
  • Level 75+-based content updated to Level 99+ including Legion, Voidwatch (VWNM), and ZNMs.
  • A daily hunt and BCNM system rewarding players with experience, gil, and gear progression currency.
  • A unique end-game battlefield providing fun challenges, rewards, and gear progression.
  • A “master job” questline for each job rewarding enhancements to spells, traits, and abilities similar to the gains in the job point system.

Western Adoulin / Platea Triumphus

Welcome home.

The Platea Triumphus area of Western Adoulin is the central hub of Nocturnal Souls. This bustling area contains the custom vendor NPCs, augment NPCs, teleports, and mog house services just to the south of the teleport landing.

New Relax Location

Just type !relax to teleport to the area at any time.

Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest

Trystol, a retired adventure in Western Adoulin, has a story to tell and wants you to help her out! AQ is a new starter experience for players as they join the Nocturnal Souls community. Over the course of multiple quests, players will be introduced to our custom commands and systems, guided in unlocking common areas and key items, and learn about the world of Vana’diel along the way!

Abdhaljs Isle - Purgonorgo

Looking for a place to kick back, relax, do some crafting, and bash a training dummy? Purgonorgo is the place! There’s a slew of custom crafting merchants and an area of training dummies to test your skills.

Purgonorgo Isle Crafting Area

Just use the !craft command to access the isle at any time.

Mog Gardening

Mog Gardening provides players access to the Mog Garden zone and all the wealth of its harvesting locations. Many of the items provided by these nodes are not available in the game as the harvesting nodes in Seekers of Adoulin zones do not exist.

The Mog Gardens

Monthly Events

In commemoration of the day the servers opened up for the first time (7/20), the server celebrates NocSouls Day on the 20th day of every month.

NocSouls Days reward players with bonuses to currencies, experience points, gil, and items every time they level up a job.

Daily Hunts

The !hunts command provides access to the Nocturnal Souls daily hunts system.

Each target requires killing 20 of that family of monster. On completion, you’ll be rewarded with experience points, gil, and unique currency, such as Alexandrite, Tanzanite Jewels, and used for gear progression.

Read the full guide on participating in daily hunts.

Daily BCNMs

The Daily BCNMs are unlocked through our Adventure Quest system and provide challenges at 20, 50, 80, and 99.

Read the full guide on participating in daily BCNMs

The Reisenjima Henge

The Reisanjima Henge provides the backdrop of Nocturnal Souls' master challenges. A mix of the high-tier missions and master trials from retail, The Henge provides an excellent challenge for endgame heroes.

Corrupted Altana

Read the full guide on participating in The Henge.

Master Job Quests

As a replacement for the Job Point/Capacity Point system in retail, Nocturnal Souls offers a unique set of custom quests and storyline for each job to enhance their existing spells and abilities.

Read the full guide on the Master Job Quests.

Marquette Abdhaljs - “Legion”

Legion is an instanced dungeon consisting of five distinct, increasingly challenging “halls”. Each hall consists of 2 waves of NMs and a final NM.

Read the full guide on participating in Legion.

Voidwatch Operations

Voidwatch is spawning significantly difficult NMs found all over Vana’diel that drop high level gear and materials. On Nocturnal Souls, chapters 1 to 5 of Voidwatch is enabled.

Read the full guide on participating in Voidwatch.

Zeni Notorious Monsters (ZNMs)

ZNMs, found in the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion, are a tiered system of progressively more difficult NMs with multiple paths. The Tier III ZNMs drop the starters for the Mythic weapons progression.

Read the full guide on participating in ZNMs.