Leveling and Character Growth

  • Level up to 99/99. No half-measures here, only full subjobs; take it to the max!
  • Tired of dealing with Maat? Cool, us too. Level straight to 99 without ever doing go fetch tasks for the surly old man or those damned moogles.
  • Quests are required for each advanced job, but start at level 15. Relive the stories and jump into those advanced classes sooner.
  • A custom introductory questline, the Adventure Quest that introductions several of our custom features, provides level-up bonuses for your first job, and unlocks several of our high-level systems.
  • Want to be a master? Custom Master Job quests available for jobs to go grow beyond normal means (and make up for some abilities currently gated behind the retail job point system).
  • Unlock the potential of your character through the Heroics system to gain access to new zones, bonuses for your character, and stretch your limits with tough encounters!
  • Subjobs are unlocked automatically from the start. No more magicked skull or bloody robe farming.
  • All magic is unlocked automatically from the start–you simply need to attain the appropriate level to use it.
  • Merit capacity (75+) is maxed to 99. Don’t spend your time throwing points into upping the cap when you could be learning new skills.
  • There’s a bump to base skills for all jobs and races to make some exciting job combos work right out the gate!
  • Level up faster with enhanced XP rates on mob kills, chains, and FoV/GoV.
  • Level with your friends with a fully functional level and gear sync.
  • Love the grind of leveling up? Check out our New Game+ to put that exp grind to good use!
  • Unlocked gobbiebags, sacks, satchels, and wardrobes to 80–including the new wardrobes 5, 6, 7, and 8! Inventory space galore!

BCNMs and Questing

  • All storyline mission battlefields are uncapped (including CoP).
  • A daily hunt system rewarding experience points, gil, and other currency items used for gear progression and glamour sets for hunting experience-giving mobs. Think of it as a little addition to your normal, boring FoVs! Hunt targets change every day.
  • A daily BCNM system rewarding experience points, gil, currency items, and level-specific rare and HQ loot rewards.
  • Several QoL teleports and fast travels enabled, such as all outpost warps, explorer moogle, a !gotoexp command to instantly visit great EXP camps, and a heavily tweaked !tele command for crags, cities, and quest locations, the custom !telelist command allowing players to set their own teleport points, a fully functional survival guide, and a voidwatch encounter teleport system!

Custom Commands

There are over a dozen custom commands (separate from the built-in DSP commands) to enhance the experience of players on Nocturnal Souls.

  • !tele providing common teleport locations throughout Vana’diel.
  • !telelist to set and manage your own custom list of teleport points.
  • !shop providing common consumables, gear, and rare rewards for completing storyline and custom content.
  • !gotoexp provides a Survival Guide-esque teleport to recommended EXP camps.
  • !ah and !mh bring the auction house and your house to you–anywhere!
  • Read the full list of custom commands.

Abilities and Playstyle

  • Magic is powerful! Magic is life! Magic is buffed a bit compared to the DSP standard.
  • Want to self-skillchain but really want to be a white mage? Go for it! TP return allows fairly common self chaining to keep things exciting, keep your BLM buddy on their toes, and impress your friends by keeping the chain going for extra damage. Get out those renkei charts!
  • Speaking of skillchains: all weaponskills become available as you level. Don’t miss out on the awesome effects.
  • All of this sounds OP right? Try again! Mobs are beefier too and at all levels! Starter mobs have a bit more health and all of the SoA-era level 90-125+ mobs are scattered throughout the world.
  • Skill (combat and magic) cap on level, no more grinding out 0.1 skill up points!

Economy and Crafting

  • Level all crafting classes to 110!
  • Crafting skill ups reward a slight amount of experience points to your current job and allows crafting to play a part in your leveling strategy.
  • Directional aspects of crafting disabled; however, day of week element and moon phase still matters for crafting success.
  • Crafting guilds and shops are open 24/7–no closed hours or holidays. Crafting waits for no one!
  • Customized recipes to replace retail recipes that come from retail Synergy.
  • Customized Synergy crafting that allows players to create new items, upgrade NQs to HQs, and more!
  • Stocked and restocked AH! Focus on finding those rare/ex, but power through using every day gear. Sell gear you don’t need back to the AH and it’ll auto-buy it from you for the common purchase price (based off of ffxiah.com) to keep your pockets lined. Very rare and some HQ items are likely not available via the AH “bot”, but can be bought and sold by players when either found in game or crafted.
  • Drop rates turned up on significant drops; less farming, more fun. It’s easier to get crystals, seals, and other currencies.

Gear Progression

  • Love a piece of gear and want to make it better? Check out the custom augments for ways to augment and upgrade your gear.
  • Customized gear progression for artifact, relic, and empyrean gears - signature gear gets unique augments and remains iconic for your class.
  • Everyone should be able to knock out a set of 75 starter relics by 75 and be ready to work on reforging by 99 through a combination of solo/duo tasks, tweaked HNM/ZNM farming, daily hunts, and special currency.

There are other numerous additions we’ve made to the backend code to enhance spell and abilities performance, add new drops, and tweak mob AI.

We’re also working on addressing several issues in the DSP codebase (and submitting PRs back to the team) to get things more in line with retail. Check out our roadmap for more information.

Development Roadmap

We’re constantly brainstorming ideas for creative content, gear progression, new features, and QoL enhancements. Check out our roadmap to see what’s in development and what’s on the horizon.