What the status of each FFXI expansion and add-on pack?

Currently, expansions are based on the Darkstar Project’s current status. That means you have:

  • Original release content
  • Rise of Zilart (RoZ) is fully functional, including Tu’Lia (sky).
  • Chains of Promathia (CoP) is fully functional, including Al’Taieu (sea).
  • Treasures of Aht Urgan (ToAU) is fully functional through the storyline, but not including side content, like Nyzul Isle and some assaults.
  • Wings of the Goddess (WotG), up to the city-based missions and job unlock, but not a lot else.
  • Crystalline Prophecy, Moogle Kupo d’Etat, and Shantotto Ascension are not working at this time and are disabled.
  • Visions/Scars/Heroes of Abyssea are not working in the standard story sense, but Abyssea does play a part in gear progression and is unlocked at level 30.
  • Seekers of Adoulin storyline is not working at all, but all zones are accessible and will be host to custom content events.
  • The Rhapsodies of Vanadiel storyline is not working at all, but zones are accessible and will be used to host custom content, events, and storyline.

What jobs are working?

All pre-SOA jobs are “fully” functional, but may not be the same as retail. For now, Rune Fencer and Geomancer are still works in progress in the Darkstar Project.

We are currently investigating creating custom RUN and GEO classes specific to our server. Those interested in those classes, please reach out to a GM or developer for more information.

There are a few caveats:

  • Spells and abilities gained by job points (> level 99) are non-functional as those are part of the Seekers of Adoulin expansion.
    • We’re working to incorporate these changes via quests and automatic progression via Nocturnal Souls custom events, the Master Job Quests. Also, be sure to check the Jobs, Spells, and Abilities page for spell and ability information.

I can’t connect! Help!!

If you’re having trouble connecting to Nocturnal Souls or receiving in-game errors, consult our Common Errors list for recommendations.

For more details:

If the feature is part of the base game content (not custom Nocturnal Souls content) and shows working on the above page, verify that it’s not a known bug on the DSP issues list. For Nocturnal Souls specific errors, check the bug reports listing on the Members Portal for a list of current known bugs and status. If you’re still have an issue, feel free to reach out to a staff member on Discord via the #bug-reports channel or in game.

Can I transfer my character from another server?

At this time, no, we do not support character imports or exports. The progression of our server is quite different from other servers and our code and database isn’t exactly aligned with DSP nor those servers running the LegionDark code base.

Does this cost any money?

Absolutely not. We will never charge players any sort of currency or tradable item for playing on Nocturnal Souls. This is a 100% free service provided by a team of passionate players. If you’re looking to spend some money, buy a sub for the FFXI retail and support further development on the core game–it’s a fantastic game!

Is there a server-wide/global chat channel?

The NocturnalSouls linkshell provides global chat; however, as with some private servers, the /say channel is not a global chat channel. It’s just, in our opinion, weird and makes it difficult for people in groups or nearby to chat outside of tells.

Can we create our own linkshells?

You bet! Since FFXI now supports TWO equipped linkshells, you can have the NocturnalSouls LS and a private LS equipped at the same time. Check the city vendors to purchase a linkshell.

Is there a database of items and mobs?

Yes, actually! If you visit the Members Portal at https://members.nocturnalsouls.net, you can search for mobs, items, and see all of your personal stats. Log in using your account credentials you use to log into the game.

I’m stuck in a (zone|battlefield|cutscene), what do I do?

If a cutscene has broken, try using the !release command to escape from it and try again. If that fails, you can use the !home or !relax commands to teleport back to town.

Be sure to disable any sort of cutscene plugins (like fastcs and entertity) as they can cause some cutscenes to lock up.

If you’re somehow gotten into a zone or battlefield and just receive a black screen or “Downloading Data…”, log into the Members Portal, select your character, and click the ‘Unstuck Character’ button to move your character back to their home point.

This is a VERY frequent issue with the nation mission BCNMs if your client is out of date. Be sure to verify your client version and update, if necessary.

If none of these work, please contact a GM for assistance.

How does Treasure Hunter work?

The current DSP project doesn’t support the modern ‘proc’ system of treasure hunter, but more of the older 2004-2008 formulas that apply treasure hunter when a player gains enmity with a target. That treasure hunter remains until the target dies or the player loses enmity (zones, dies, etc.).

In DSP, Treasure Hunter is applied as follows:

Up to Treasure Hunter II, items gain additional “rolls” for a drop up to a maximum of 3 rolls.

int16 maxRolls = 1 + (m_THLvl > 2 ? 2 : m_THLvl);

Beyond Treasure Hunter II, a bonus is applied to the item drop rate.

int16 bonus = (m_THLvl > 2 ? (m_THLvl - 2) * 10 : 0);

With our drop rate multipler currently set at 2 (double), this provides the following formula for determining if a player receives a drop:

dsprand::GetRandomNumber(1000) < item.DropRate * drop_rate_multiplier + bonus)

(drop rates are out of 1000, as 125 = 12.5% and 1000 = 100.0%)

In an example where an item has a base 5% chance to drop and a target is defeated with TH12 active, the item would have three (3) rolls at a potential drop rate of 20%.

int16 maxRolls = 1 + (12 > 2 ? 2 : 12);  // maxRolls = 2
int16 bonus = (12 > 2 ? (12 - 2) * 10 : 0); // bonus = 100 (or 10%)

for (int16 roll = 0; roll < maxRolls; ++roll)
    if (50 > 0 && dsprand::GetRandomNumber(1000) < 50 * 2 + 100)
        if (AddItemToPool(item.ItemID, ++dropCount)) 

Full code on how DSP handles Treasure Hunter can be found here.

Do you read or store our chats?

No. We’re seriously serious about privacy. We do not audit, store, or display any chat streams or communications, public or private. The only thing we can see is that {Person A} sent a message on a channel (tell, linkshell, shout, say, etc) and we don’t even store that once the server resets.

That said, YOU should audit your own chat. Don’t send passwords or other secure information to other people (ever) and be wary of what personal information you tell people in game. #basicrulesoftheinternetapplyhere. =]

Things we do log and monitor:

  • vendor transactions
  • trade transactions
  • delivery box transactions
  • auction house transactions
  • GM commands

Where do I find {item} for my quest?

There are several items handed out throughout the game via custom content. Click here for the list or use the members portal to search for the item.

Is it worthwhile to craft?

You bet! Crafting provides a bit of character experience while leveling and the auction house market is designed to allow players to sell their wares without having to compete against the bot. There’s something for everyone so find your niche and make some money or just level enough to help craft your own gear.

Synthesis crafting also unlocks the ability to use our custom synergy crafting system. Synergy is used to craft custom items, upgrade some items from NQ to HQ, plays a role several seasonal events, and can even help progress the Empyrean weapon quest line.

Why am I not getting credit for my GoV/FoV kills?

To get credit for Grounds of Valor or Fields of Valor books, you must be within 15 levels of the monster’s level. It’s most common for players to be outside of this range as they get to the end of the game where monsters are level 102-104 and players may only be 85 or so. Get to level 88-89 and those kills should start counting.

Why does it seem like there’s so much gil?

Because there is. Seriously. Gil is the currency used to help equip you and get you into the game–the player to NPC currency. You’ll need sufficient gil for your artifact, relic, and mythic quests; however, the real grinds are non-gil currencies, like Alexandrites, Tanzanite Jewels, and Medals.

This is intentional. Since this is a low population server, the “economy” doesn’t really exist. We may look at tuning the prices on the auction house or mob drops at a later time; however, having a large stash of gil doesn’t really have value once you’ve acquired your base starter sets. There isn’t (and will likely never be) a gil to gear progression currency conversion.

If I follow the wikis, can I complete the working storylines?

Yes, if the storyline is said to be working (see above), then following the wikis will provide you with the necessary information to complete the quest. We’re using the wikis in our testing for functionality.

In general, due to the various “eras” of the private server code and the wikis:

  • For pre-Abyssea content, use ffxiclopedia.
  • For post-Abyssea content, use BG-wiki.

The following are known deviations:

  • COP Mission 8-2 : It’s not necessary to escort the NPCs around the Grand Palace, just make the paths around on foot and open the doors. QoL improvement in the guise of “we have no idea why the NPC doesn’t move”!

When is there server maintenance?

Unless there’s an emergency, Nocturnal Souls plans for server maintenance weekly at 10am CT on Monday mornings. If there isn’t a reason to take the services down, then we won’t. Be sure to watch the #updates channel in Discord for details. We’ll always announce planned outages along with any update notes in there.

If it’s an emergency, we may take down services at any time, but will work with the online playerbase to give people enough time to get to a safe spot and logout.

I’ve tried asking for help, but no one responds.

If you’ve asked in Discord, specifically in the #support channel, it’s possible simply no one is around right now. Please keep in mind that all GMs are volunteers and have jobs and lives outside of Nocturnal Souls. A team member will get back to you as soon as possible.