The Adventure Questline

“So, you want to be an adventurer?”

aka AQ or “Adventure Quest” for short

Are you ready to call yourself an adventurer? Let’s find out!

Adventure Quest

Trystol, a retired adventure in Western Adoulin, has a story to tell and wants you to help her out! AQ is a new starter experience for players as they join the Nocturnal Souls community. Over the course of multiple quests, players will be introduced to our custom commands and systems, guided in unlocking common areas and key items, and learn about the world of Vana’diel along the way!


  • None! This is an starter questline for level 1 players. New players will receive a message on their first login suggesting they start the quest.


  • Trystol is located in Western Adoulin. Use the !relax command; she’s along the wall at (I-9).

What’s included?

  • Ten custom quests exploring the world and helping players get acclimated to Nocturnal Souls with bonus rewards along the way!
  • Snazzy augmented armor sets allowing players to dive right in as they level up their first job!
  • An exciting, repeatable battlefield at level 99 that provides players a unique challenge based on the storyline!

What do I get?

You’re along for the story, right?! No? Just the loot? Okay.

  • Multiple quest levels grant players fully augmented armor and/or weapon sets for their current job. e.g. if you complete the job as a BLU, you’ll receive the BLU armor set for that tier. Players can do the quest on one job, change jobs, then turn in the quest with Trystol on another if they want to.
  • Artifact, relic, and empyrean starter sets are unlocked by completing the level 60, 75, and 80 AQ quests. Players will receive a one-time reward of each of these armor sets during the corresponding quest for their current job.
  • Players receive a unique reward for completing the level 99 quest that can be worn by all jobs and grants unique effects based on their current job.

Is this required?

For most players? Yes. The AQ is a required unlock for progressing Heroics, accessing Reisenjima Henge and Dynamis Divergence, accessing armor upgrade progression and more.

Can I do this with friends?

Yes! All of the battles through the completion of the level 99 quest can be grouped. Be careful though, some fights may get more powerful depending on how many friends you bring! There are a few encounters, such as the Level 60 and Level 99, that we recommend players bring friends, even if already level 99.


Most encounters require you to be alive, present, and on the enmity list. If the target is defeated by another group (e.g. everyone died and you lost claim), you will not get credit.

Do I have to start this at level 1 or can I wait?

You can start this questline any time. For those looking to take advantage of the the rewards from each quest should start the quests as near that level as possible.

What if I’m already level 99?

That’s great! A refresher can’t hurt. Existing level 99 players will need to complete the AQ to re-unlock end game content. Group up with new players to speed things up! Many of the rewards and unlocks to the BCNMs will be useful to level 99 players.

Quest Progression

Requirement Theme Rewards1
Lv. 1 Introduction to Signet Unique augmented accessory2
Lv. 10 Exploring the world and learning about crags Weapon and armor
Lv. 20 Understanding personal deliveries and unlocking chocobo riding Weapon and armor
Access to Daily BCNM20
Lv. 30
Rank 3
Gaining access to the Tenshodo and using Nexus Capes Weapon, armor, and neck
Lv. 50 Introduction to Sanction and solo-friendly unlocks Weapon, armor, and earring
Access to Daily BCNM50
Lv. 60 ??? Weapon and full AF1 set
Lv. 75 Learning about and acquiring merits Weapon and full AF2 set
Lv. 80 Unlocking Voidwatch and learning about crafting (synthesis, synergy) Voidstones and crafting currency
Access to Daily BCNM80
Lv. 90
Rank 10
Unlocking mog gardening and understanding tiered spawns Weapon and full AF3 set
Lv 99 Unlocking armor upgrades and ??? Unique augmented earring2
Access to Daily BCNM99
Access to “post-AQ” BCNM

Some gear provided to players throughout the Adventure Quest may have hidden effects, hidden augments (due to game restrictions), or the like. Things like job-based accessories shouldn’t be overlooked. 😄

1 Rewards are job-based with unique, job-focused augments.

2 “Unique” rewards are designed to be usable by all jobs and only available through this questline.

What is the “post-AQ” BCNM?

On completion of the final level 99 quest, players will gain access to a challenge mode BCNM with the final boss of the Adventure Quest.

This solo encounter, ⭐The Savage, is located at Monarch Linn and can be entered every 2 hours. Players can reach Monarch Linn through Riverne Site #B01. There’s a homepoint by the entrance to Monarch Linn for easy access in the future. Players who have completed COP likely already have this homepoint.

Adventure Quest

The encounter has a guaranteed drop of an item, the Wolfram Steel Ingot, required to upgrade Artifact (AF1) armor to the final reforged +3 stage. With that, it is assumed players already have their reforged +2 gear and have mastered through Reisenjima Henge tier 4 to be ready for this challenging fight.

Use your knowledge of the final boss of the adventure quest to help ensure success!


Players will not receive a lockout on failure.