Spring Break

Spring Break Egg Hunt

The Spring Hoppers are on the loose and hiding special eggs. Players will need to challenge these sneaky bunnies to recover the eggs.


The Spring Break event runs annually from April to May. In 2020, the event will run from 5 April to around 5 May.


  • West Ronfaure (H-7)
  • East Ronfaure
  • West Sarutabaruta
  • North Gustaburg

Bring friends as these bunnies have high health and are highly resistant to damage, but very low level so anyone can join in the fight.
The goal isn’t to defeat them, but to get as many eggs as you can by slowly reducing their HP and scoring critical hits!

The Spring Hoppers are also free-for-all and not locked to any specific individual when fought.


The Spring Hoppers will drop random lettered eggs as they are fought and will respawn every game day if defeated. Trade the eggs among friends and spell words for the Event Moogles in town to earn prizes.

EGGS4-6 random initial eggs
HOPPYA cozy rabbit cap
BOPPYAn enchanting rabbit belt
CHOCOBOSA spiffy chocobo shield
CLOCKEGGA clockwork egg home furnishing
FORTUNEA fortune egg ammo item
HAPPYA happy egg ammo item
ORPHICAn orphic egg ammo item
GREENA green spriggan club style lock weapon
RHAPSODYA rhapsody t-shirt style lock armor
CHARMINGA rabbit hide… or maybe something better…
CURRENCY150 cruor, imperial standing, and conquest points
GEMSTONE10 alexandrite and tanzanite jewels
RAINBOWS10 of each elemental fewell (synergy fuel)
NOCSOULSA gil nabber golden t-shirt
LEAFKINSA platinum leaf (fall bcnm key)
SUNBURNSA fire feather (summer bcnm key)
SNOWDROPA snow lily (winter bcnm key)
CUMULUSA cumulus mask
WYRMKINGA bahamut mask
PLATFORMA Levitus platform mount!
CRABBYA Red Crab mount!
SPRIGGANA spriggan coat
CRABHELMA King Arthro crab helmet

In addition to those listed, there are additional, hidden words. Can you figure them out?