Winter Celebration

It’s that time of year–sweet treats, toasty warm fires, and bashing every walking glittering tree you can find in hopes of great loot!

Christmas in San d’Oria


This event runs annually from December to January. In 2023, this is running from 10 December 2023 to 14 January 2024.

Getting Started

Players can start participating in events without any special requirements.

What can I do?

Daily Gifts

Speak to the Event Moogle in the main cities to check your Holiday Cheer balance and receive a daily gift!

  • Players can receive gifts every 20 hours.
  • Gifts include: large amounts of gil, cruor, legion points, voidstones, synergy energy, conquest points, imperial standing and… the dream gear set!
    • note: players who have received the entire dream gear set will receive additional gil instead of the typical " you already have this item" message. 🎅

🎄 Hold on to that Dream gear–you might need it! 🎄

Holiday Gifter

Find Holiday Gifts for the Moogles

Located in Southern San d’Oria, the Holiday Giver is trying to get some gifts together for the Moogles to deliver to children around Vana’diel.

Speak to the Holiday Giver to find out what he needs and bring it back to him.

  • This quest is repeatable every 2 hours.
  • This grants a varying amount of Holiday Cheer; depending on the challenge to acquire the item.

Players who already have these items sitting around can turn them in without needing to reacquire them!


These items typically come from the Twinkling Treants’s gift boxes or open world content. You’ll get more gift boxes from fighting the treant, not killing it.

The Christmas Carol

Winter Celebration

The holidays aren’t bright and joyful for everyone. Sometimes, it’s just a lot of Bah Humbug!

Old Ebenezer, located in Bastok Markets, just isn’t in the spirit.

The Christmas Carol questline is a multi-part adventure to help bring the joy of the season to Ebenezer.

Sniveling workers?

Angry ghosts?

Not a problem for an adventurer like you!

Each phase of this on-going storyline will grant the player some Holiday Cheer and unlock additional holiday activities. Don’t forget to read each dialogue and quest very carefully to tell you what to do!


Each unlock has unique requirements and timers associated with it, but must be unlocked by completing The Christmas Carol main questline.

Holiday Gift Giver

Deliver gifts to children in Northern San d’Oria, Southern San d’Oria, Bastok Markets, and Windurst Waters (unlocks in quest #3). These kids have a sweet tooth, but if they get too much candy, they’ll stop accepting it for a while. They’re also leery of strangers, but a shiny red hat might warm them up to you.


Not all children accept gifts, however, most will. They prefer the Starlight candies and sweets… beggers CAN be choosers this time of year. The treats the children are looking for can be found as part of the Winter Celebration event as drops or through other means.

Gift Seller Shoppe

The Gift Seller shoppe is located in Southern San d’Oria near the Holiday Giver. As players accumulate Holiday Cheer, more items will be available from the Gift Seller and prices will be reduced. Some items are required for the unique synergy crafts. The full shop inventory is available when players reach 300+ Holiday Cheer.

Stop the Grinch - BCNM

Don’t let the holidays be ruined by the Grinch! Here’s your chance to stop him! Stop the Grinch and save Ebenezer’s heart from hating the holiday season (unlocks in quest #6).

To participate in the BCNM, players must complete the final quest in the Christmas Carol questline for entry. Players will learn the required trade item as part of the Christmas Carol questline.

Trade the required item to the Wind Pillar for entry at Bearclaw Pinnacle (J-9 entry of Uleguerand Range). While this BCNM may be available outside of the normal event, it requires the Christmas Carol storyline to be complete to enter during Winter Celebration. It also drops rare, coveted items during the event too!

Stop the Grinch

Recommended Level: 50, Solo

Repeatable: 20 hours, 16 hours during seasonal events

Location: Bearclaw Pinnacle (J-9)

Target: The Grinch

Twinkling Treants

Twinkling Treants

The Twinkling Treants are sturdy holiday trees that will drop buffs and gift boxes as you hit them. They will continue to drop gift boxes while you fight them. Be sure to bash the gift boxes for bonus prizes when they spawn or the Twinkling Treant may take them back.

Recommended Level: 25

Players can ENGAGE and fight as early as level 10; however, they alone may not have the power to significantly shake the trees. It’s highly recommended that groups engage these. Players need to be able to move their HP % by at least 1% every 30s for a chance at gifts.


  • East & West Ronfaure
  • North & South Gustaberg
  • East & West Sarutabaruta

Be vigilant; these holiday trees will run away after a while and you’ll need to find them again!

The Holiday Crafters - Daily Crafting Quest

Looking to help fill those presents under the tree? Help out the crafters and earn Holiday Cheer! Speak to each of the crafting trainers at the !craft spot in Abdhaljs Isle-Purgonorgo to get started.

Crafters hard at work

Speak to the crafting vendor of your choice to be given a crafting task. You’ll need to be an veteran or higher in the craft to participate.

Each craft is independent too–so having more crafts capable of participating gives players more opportunities to earn Holiday Cheer! Players can repeat the requests every 20 hours per crafting discipline.

Seasonal Synergy Crafting

New seasonal synergy recipes have been added. See the full list on the Members Portal under Event.

Holiday Cheer Bonuses

Treants On the Loose!

Feeling a bit more cheerful?

As players acquire Holiday Cheer, they’ll gain a persistent, buff. These buffs apply to all jobs and all levels for the character, but are limited to the character that has the Holiday Cheer (not all characters on a specific account).

These buffs will remain active for the duration of the Winter Celebration event.

Cheer Buff
15 Defense +10
25 Ice Resistance +15
35 All Attack +10
65 All Accuracy +5
75 Treasure Hunter +1
95 All Accuracy +10
125 Synthesis Success +10
135 Quick Magic +5%
135 Triple Attack +5%
150 All Attack +10
175 Critical Hit Rate +5%
185 Skillchain Damage Bonus +5%
190 Synthesis HQ Rate +5
200 Critical Hit Rate +5%
175 Ice Absorb +15%
215 Damage Taken -3%
250 TP Bonus +50
300 Synthesis HQ Rate +10
350 Treasure Hunter +1
400 Weaponskill Damage +2%
500 Treasure Hunter +1
550 Weaponskill Damage +5%

Happy holidays, everyone!