New Game+

new game +

We’ve implemented a system called, unoriginally, “New Game+”. This system started out as a user suggestion for a way to reset job levels (thanks Charlie/Coso!) and blossomed into an entire game system.

The New Game+ system allows players who have reached level 99 in all 20 jobs (save GEO and RUN) to “reset” to level 1 and relevel again.


Many players enjoy the leveling and want to be able to reset and rejoin new players, friends, and family to level up with them. New Game+ is optional and targeted at those who enjoy the leveling experience or are looking for additional ways to maximize their character.

What do I gain?

Players who use the New Game+ system gain base stat and skill bonuses every time they reset their job levels. This can be incremented up to 10 times.

  • For resets 1 to 10, players gain +5 to all of their base attributes (STR, DEX, etc.)
  • For resets 6 to 10, players gain +5 to all of their melee and magic skills (sword, club, enfeebling, ninjutsu, etc.).

At New Game+10, players will have +50 to all base stats and +25 to all melee and magic skills for all of their jobs.

In addition, players who reach New Game+10 will also gain unique item rewards when they visit Mimomo again on a 99 job. 😄

What do I need to do to participate?


As this resets all jobs to level 1 and cannot be undone, be sure you’ve given yourself enough time to get back to level 99 before your next raid, event, etc. 😄

To activate New Game+, players will need to have level 99 on all 20 jobs and speak with Mimomo in Windurst Waters L-6).

Players will:

  • Keep all merits, merit points, and limit points (however, will not be able to reactivate limit mode until a job is 75+ again).
  • Keep all equipment, spells, unlocks, missions, keyitems, unlock flags, heroic ranks, and quests.
  • Lose all level and job experience for the 20 jobs.
  • Lose access to any zones or content that requires a specific job level (such as Abyssea at level 30 or Reisenjima at level 99). Regaining the levels will reopen these zones.
  • Gain a debuff that reduces experience points gained by 10% per New Game+ level up to New Game+ 9, where it caps at -90% experience points gained.
  • Makes the player ineligible for the +200% Dedication bonus with FoV/GoV regimes; however, players can still gain Dedication through items such as the Emperor band.

Players can use the !ngpstatus to see their current New Game+ level.