Relic Weapons

Relic weapons start at level 75 and are originally from Dynamis. On Nocturnal Souls, we have a unique way to acquire and upgrade those from 75 to 99.

Acquiring the Base Relic Weapon

The Relic Weapons

To acquire your “base” relic weapon, speak to the Magian Master in Ru’Lude Gardens. He’ll need three things to provide you a relic weapon:

  1. 5,000,000 gil
  2. 20 Alexandrite
  3. The specific base weapon from the chart below (acquired via the AH, crafting, etc.)

This provides you with your “base” level 75 relic weapon. From here, you can begin the custom relic weapon trials; however, keep in mind that almost all of the targets will require you to be level 99.


Relic weapons only exist for original and Rise of the Zilart-based classes. Dancers, Scholars, Blue Mages, and Puppetmasters have to wait for their mythic weapons. =[

Weapon Job Weapon Type Base Weapon
MNK Hand-to-Hand Koenigs Knuckles
RDM, THF, BRD Dagger Misericorde
RDM, PLD Sword Wing Sword
WAR, PLD, DRK Great Sword Darksteel Claymore
BST Axe Tabarzin
WAR Great Axe Heavy Darksteel Axe
DRK Scythe Death Scythe
DRG Polearm Wyvern Spear
NIN Katana Sakurafubuki
SAM Great Katana Kazaridachi
WHM Club Holy Maul
BLM, SMN Staff Mahogany Staff
RNG, SAM Bow Shigeto Bow
RNG Gun Hellfire
BRD Instrument Gemshorn
PLD Shield Koenig Shield

Relic Weapon Trials

Behemoth Relic Fight

Relic weapons they can be further reforged through their level 99 variants with Magian Mog TJ in Ru’Lude Gardens.

  • If you are upgrading to the next tier of trials, you need to trade the item TWICE (once to finish the current trial then once to start the next trial).
    • You can type !trial at any time to check your progress in any custom trials on the server.


  • You may only have one Relic Weapon Trial active any one item at a time.
    • Mythic, Empyrean, and Aeonic Weapon Trials do not count against this.
  • When you take up a Magian Trial, you must perform a specific task a certain number of times in order to complete it.
  • Each trial has specific conditions that must be met before it can be completed. See the flow chart below for what NM’s or item is required to upgrade to the next level.
  • Trials involve defeating a number of Notorious Monsters with the item equipped or trading Tanzanite Jewels to Magian Mog TJ.
    • When trading the Tanzanite Jewels to Magian Mog TJ, you must trade the jewels first, then the weapon that you are upgrading for the trial to complete the trial.
  • Once a trial has been completed, trade the item to the Magian Moogle to receive the upgraded weapon.
  • You will not receive credit for trials that involve killing monsters if the monster is defeated while you are out of experience points range.
  • You will receive credit if you are K.O.ed.
  • The weapon must be equipped in order to receive credit.
    • Weapons that are dual wielded in the off-hand will still receive credit for kills.


In order to progress to the next level there is a pool of Notorious Monsters you can choose from in order to advance. You can choose to kill any of them, the only requirement is that you kill a total of nine from the appropriate tier.

For example, if you wanted to upgrade your Mandau, you could kill Mischievous Micholas six times, Dune Widow twice, and Intulo once. You will have successfully completed this stage of your Mandau upgrade since the total number of monsters defeated has reached nine.


While the targets as part of the first trial are on timed spawns, the second and third trial mobs (the land kings) can spawn naturally or be triggered by purchasing spawn items from the ??? in near the corresponding HNMs spawn location.

The placeholders for the first trial spawns are flagged to make them easier to find. ph flag

Level 75
Mischievous MicholasMegalobugardDune WidowIntuloKeeper of Halidom
Level 85
Level 95
AspidocheloneKing BehemothNidhogg
Level 99
Tanzanite Jewel x50
Level i119 II

Players hunting the land kings (Aspidochelone, King Behemoth, and Nidhogg) should be wary–these monsters are significantly higher level than retail.

It’s assumed players are already using i119 weapons of some sort and have on at least Reforged Artifact +1 gear to bolster their accuracy, evasion, and magic defense.

Level i119 III - The Final Upgrade

Once a relic weapon has reached level i119 II, the Magian Master in Ru’Lude Gardens will assist players in upgraded Relics to the final level. The strength of the relic level i119 III’s is significantly higher than the prior tier.

For the final upgrade phase, the Magian Master requires players fetch the following items. Unlike the prior trials, the weapon does not need to be equipped during this trial–simply return with the required items. These items are all found in Dynamis - Tavnazia.

  • 10x Forgotten Thought
  • 10x Forgotten Hope
  • 10x Forgotten Touch
  • 5x Montiont Silverpiece
  • 5x Lungo-nango Jadeshell
  • 5x 100 Byne Bill

Once the required materials are collected, trade them and the Level i119 II version of your weapon to the Magian Master to receive the final upgrade.

Relic Ranged Weapons Trade-In

Players can now trade in their completed Relic ranged weapons to Oboro and receive an augmentable version of the weapon and an ammo quiver/pouch. The belts/quivers have no stats and provides TWO stacks of 99 ammo on use. This applies to:

  • Yoichinoyumi
  • Annihilator

This final step is required to be flagged as having a “completed” relic weapon.