Blue Mage

Starter Quest

An Empty Vessel

Quest works as per retail; use the link on BG-Wiki to answer the questions properly. If you’re having difficulty acquiring the items for the quest, be sure to ask in Linkshell chat–someone may have a spare!

Keep in mind that Waoud will only tell you which item to bring him once, so keep track of it so you don’t have to get all three.

  • Sunsand, appears in Valkurm Dunes (H-9) during sandstorms (or the AH).
  • Dangruf Stone, appears in Dangruf Wadi near the border of (I-5) and (J-5) during sunny/clear weather.
  • Siren’s Tear, appears in North Gustaberg (several locations) and requires the quest The Siren’s Tear from Wahid in Bastok Mines to be active. Accept the the quest from Wahid, then speak to Otto, then to Carmelo to be able to pick up the Tear. Be sure to have your weapons unequipped when you attempt to pick it up.


Blue Magic Points

There is a known bug with the BLU merit Assimilation as the client doesn’t report the proper number of magic points, so the current max is 55, not 60. There’s a workaround to this by using Windower’s azuresets or Ashita’s blusets to add the final spell in via injection. Use at your own digression.

Blue Magic Spells

Players start out with all available Blue Magic spells and do not need to learn them. We currently have all Blue Magic spells available and they have been through an exhaustive review process to scale them to the Nocturnal Souls Community.


  • Unbridled Wisdom and Learning are merged into a single ability allowing players to use these spells for the duration of the effect.

Non-working Abilities / Traits

Not all of the abilities in the private server code are wired up and work. The following abilities are known to not work:

  • Azure Lore (the benefits need to be verified)
  • Burst Affinity
  • Assimilation (partly, the merits work, but you must use blusets or azuresets to socket in the 60 points; the client only recognizes up to 55)

In addition, the UI for Unbridled Learning’s recast does not proper reflect casting timer reductions (such as from merits and augments). It’s advised players use the Recast plugin to properly see the recasts (it also shows as Curing Waltz II for some reason).