Fall Harvest

The leaves start turning and it is time for the fall harvest to begin. The Fall Harvest event allows players to participate in the HELM (harvesting, excavation, logging, and mining) activities to find rare items, spawn fun encounters, and use synergy to craft unique items.

Finding those rare harvests


This event runs from 10 October to start of maintenance on 14 November 2021.

Getting Started

Players can participate at any level with basic harvesting tasks. Equipping the leafkin grenade will cause Protectors to spawn, which are level 99. The event BCNM is locked to level 50.

To get started, players will need to flag their character as participating in the Harvest. You’ll need to trade a sickle to an Event Moogle to flag your character as participating in the Fall Harvest event. Sickles can be found at many nation shops, crafted, or purchased on the auction house.

What can I do?

Get out there and harvest

Harvesting provides players with a chance at getting the Fall Harvest currency, leafkin grenades, to drop on each harvest. The Fall Harvest event is only active in certain zones. Equipping a leafkin grenade in your ammo slot while harvesting can draw out rare NM.


If you use Ashitacast, don’t forget to lock your ammo slot in so it doesn’t unequip your grenades!

The Harvest Protectors will try to stop you from making off with the rare harvests. If you defeat these defenders, they have a chance to drop additional grenades and rare crafting items depending on the harvest activity you were participating in–mining, harvesting, and logging all have unique item pools.

A wild leafkin appears!

activity zone
Harvesting West Saurtabaruta
Harvesting Wajaom Woodlands
Harvesting Grauberg [S]
Harvesting Bhaflau Thickets
Harvesting Yuhtunga Jungle
Harvesting West Sarutabaruta [S]
Harvesting Abyssea - Grauberg
Mining Palborough Mines
Mining Gusgen Mines
Mining Halvung
Mining Oldton Movalpolos
Mining Ifrit’s Cauldron
Mining Mount Zhayolm
Logging Misareaux Coast
Logging Ghelsba Outpost
Logging Caedarva Mire
Logging Carpenter’s Landing
Logging Lufaise Meadows
Logging Jugner Forest [S]
Logging Mamook
Logging Fort Karugo-Narugo [S]

Rare items include, but are not limited to:

  • rare level 100+ crafting materials
  • avatar tears synergy fuel and crafting materials
  • Fall Harvest synergy materials

Some zones have a higher chance of dropping leafkin grenades while others have a higher chance for Harvest Protectors and rare materials–usually ones that are harder to get around.

Purchase rare items, crafting materials, and HELM buffs

Players can spend their leafkin grenades on numerous buffs and rare crafting materials. These can be acquired by trading a required item to the Event Moogle and having the sufficient number of spendable leafkin grenades. These leaves are used to access the Harvest Mayhem BCNM as well as in synergy crafting for unique rewards.

Buffs can only be applied to a character once.

trade grenades result
50 Buff: 2x mining harvests
50 Buff: 2x harvesting harvests
50 Buff: 2x logging harvests
  Gold leaf 

In addition, acquiring a high enough Harvest Level (defeated leafkins) grants players access to the Event Moogle’s shop. The shop has numerous furnishings and one rare item–the Turkey with Rolanberry Sauce food item. This food is one of the few ways players can gain Amnesia resistance!

Level Item Gil
50 50,000
100 100,000
100 100,000
100 100,000
150 200,000
150 200,000
150 200,000
175 500,000
200 250,000
200 250,000
200 250,000
200 250,000
250 500,000
250 500,000
250 500,000

Craft unique items with synergy

Using the items purchased from the Event Moogle, players can create several unique items, including a leaf bench!

Leaf Bench Leafkin Bopper, Cap, and Shield
Leaf bench Looking like.. well, strange

Participate in the BCNM

Players can participate in the Harvest Mayhem BCNM for a chance at rare crafting items, gear, rare augments, and items.

Harvest Mayhem

To enter, trade a Platinum Leaf to the burning circle at Balga’s Dias to enter the battlefield.

This is a challenging, solo level 50 level capped fight without a reentry timer–players can enter as often as they can acquire a new Platinum Leaf. While the Fall Harvest event is active, this BCNM has rare and unique drops!

Location: Balga’s Dias (choose ⭐ Steamed Sprouts from the menu)

Level Cap: 50

Be careful! These angry trees can pack quite a punch if you ignore one of them for too long!

Gain player bonuses

Players gain bonuses for synthesis crafting for the duration of the Fall Harvest event based on the cumulative total Harvest Protectors defeated–raising their Harvest Level. Reaching the highest levels will allow players to have a better chance at high-quality crafting some of the normally extremely difficult level 110+ recipes!

Leafkins Buff
100 Synthesis Success Rate +5
150 Synthesis HQ Rate +5
175 All Crafting Skills +5
250 All Crafting Skills +5
350 Synthesis HQ Rate +10

Speaking to the Event Moogle will tell players their current Harvest Level.

Happy Harvest and Good Luck!