Beat The Heatwaves

Beat the heat outside by beating the heat on Nocturnal Souls! The Heatwaves event provides players NMs to hunt, a new daily BCNM, passive buffs during the event for participation, and prizes!

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This event runs annually from 1 July to 31 August.

It’s recommended to be level 65 to be able to enter all of the zones with minimal aggro; however, Summer Heats vary in level based on their zone and the Stand in the Fire BCNM caps players at level 50.

What can I do?

Beat the Summer Heats!

Summer Heats

There are 5 “Summer Heat” NMs for the Heatwaves event scattered across Vana’diel.

These NMs are known to path and teleport around the zones, so you’ll need to hunt around for them. Once defeated, they’ll respawn at a random location in the zone in about 5 minutes.

Defeating these NMs has a 50% chance to increments your total “heatwaves” by one (1). In addition to incrementing your total “heatwaves”, each of these NMs randomly drops a rare/ex Fire Feather required to enter the BCNM.

BE AWARE THAT THESE NMs have some mechanics not common for their level ranges–be ready to bar-spell, stun, and shield through the fiery things 🔥.

TargetZoneLevel Range
Raging HeatVulkrum Dunes15-20
Burning LightWestern Altepa Desert30-40
Explosive FireMisareaux Coast35-45
Fiery RaysBibiki Bay35-45
Blasting ExplosionYhoator Jungle40-50

Make the most of your chances! The Fire Feather is consumed when you enter the BCNM, so once you have one, it’s recommended to run the BCNM before resuming the hunt for additional NMs. The Fire Feather isn’t a guaranteed drop from the Summer Heats.

Wrath of Fire

Stand in the Fire!

With a Fire Feather, you’ll gain entry to the the Stand in the Fire BCNM every 10 hours at Gheshba Outpost (use the Daily BCNM teleport in the Celennia Memorial Library for quick access).

In the BCNM, you’ll face the fire at a chance for additional a bonus cache of “heatwaves” (1, 2, or 5) as well as rare style lock items, accessories, gear progression currencies, gil, and experience points.

The BCNM is a timed, solo battlefield capped at level 50 (and recommended for level 50 and higher).

After completing the BCNM, be sure to visit the Event Moogles in each of the main starter cities to receive an additional daily reward!

During the event, Event Moogles in each of the main starter cities to hear your cumulative Heatwaves, timers for Summer Heats, and BCNM timer. After the event, the Event Moogles will accept left-over Fire Feathers in exchange for gil and a random lottery of items.



Collectively, your Heatwaves will be tracked and grant you passive bonuses to your character during the event.

Req. HeatwavesPassive Bonus
1Fire Resistance +20
3Fire Defense +20
5Attack +10
8Magic Attack +10
10Physical Defense +20
12Accuracy +20
15Magic Accuracy +20
18Crafting Synth Success Rate +10%
20Quick Magic +5%
22Treasure Hunter +1
25Bird Killer +10
30Fire Absorb +20%
35“Firework Finder” - All monsters within 6 levels of your main level will have a chance to drop random fireworks.
38Crafting Synth HQ Success Rate +10%
40Treasure Hunter +2
42Fast Cast +5
45Gilfinder +10
75“Currency Bonus” - All monsters within 6 levels of your main level will have a chance to drop alexandrite and tanzanite jewels.

BCNM Rewards

There’s over 40 potential rewards from the BCNM–including items not available anywhere else in the game!

  • Unique appearance weapons and armor
  • Summer and festive fan appearance items
  • Decorative house items
  • Rare items used to augment weapons and gear
  • High-end Food, Drinks, and Medicines
  • … and a few VERY rare items!

During the Beat the Heatwaves event, players gain access to the other Daily BCNMs every 8 hours instead of the normal 20 hours!

Good luck and have fun!