Empyrean Armor

Empyrean armor, originally from Abyssea, is the third set of job specific armor you’ll receive on your journey to level 99. You’ll gain access to this gear via Trystol, the Relic Vendor, at level 80. On this server, the base relic step is skipped, beginning with Empyrean +1 from the vendor. Empyrean gear also skips level 90 upgrades (since it’s final piece is level 90) and reforges at level 99 i109.

Vainrachault in Western Adoulin will assist you with converting your base artifact gear to more advanced stages once you have unlocked his services.

Be aware that the augments on your base empyrean armor will not be transferred to your upgraded version from base to +1, +2, or reforged items. You’ll need to reaugment your items accordingly.

Level 80

At level 80, you can acquire your base +1 empyrean armor from the Trystol, the Relic Vendor, in Western Adoulin.

Level 90

At level 90, you can upgrade your base +1 empyrean armor to +2 via tier I upgrades.

Once you’ve unlocked tier I upgrades with Vainrachault, you can trade each piece of empyrean +1 armor plus 20 alexandrite per piece to receive your empyrean +2 armor.

Level 99

At level 99, there are two tiers of “upgrades” for empyrean armor. Each requiring a different tier of armor upgrades with Vainrachault as well as different currency.

Reforging your armor, Phase 1

Once you’ve reached level 99, you can reforge your empyrean +2 into it’s “reforged” empyrean version. This requires tier III armor upgrades unlocked with Vainrachault and costs 20 tanzanite jewels per piece to upgrade.

The final upgrade

The final empyrean upgrade is the “reforged” empyrean +1. This upgrade required tier IV armor upgrades unlocked with Vainrachault and requires diving into the challenging encounters at The Henge.

Each armor piece requires 20 kindred’s medals, 20 beastmen’s medals, and the appropriate Rem’s Tale chapter per piece.

base slotkindred’s medalsbeastmen’s medalsRem’s Tale Chapters
head202010x Rem’s Tale, Chapter 6
body202010x Rem’s Tale, Chapter 7
gloves202010x Rem’s Tale, Chapter 8
legs202010x Rem’s Tale, Chapter 9
feet202010x Rem’s Tale, Chapter 10

The “Empyrean Path”

For example, using Red Mages, here’s a full walk of the upgrade process.

Level 80

  • Acquired via the Relic NPC => Estoqueur’s Houseaux +1

Level 90

  • Estoqueur’s Houseaux +1 + 20 Alexandrite => Estoqueur’s Houseaux +2 (tier 1)
    • Alexandrite are acquired through daily hunts while leveling up.

Level 99

  • Estoqueur’s Houseaux +1 + 20 Tanzanite Jewels => Lethargy Houseaux (tier 3)
  • Lethargy Houseaux + The Henge Currency => Lethargy Houseaux +1 (tier 4)

Over the course of a full upgrade from the level 80 empyrean +1 set to a fully reforged i119 +1 set costs (not including gil):

  • 100 alexandrite
  • 100 tanzanite jewels
  • 100 kindred’s medals
  • 100 beastmen’s medals
  • 50 Rem’s Tale chapter {x}