Empyrean Weapons

Empyrean weapons are originally from the Abyssea-era and corresponding zones. On Nocturnal Souls, we have a unique way to acquire and upgrade them starting at level 99 that involves acquiring the base item through normal Abyssea NMs and then upgrading it using either Abyssea or custom BCNMs.

Acquiring the Base Empyrean Weapon

Empyrean Weapons of Abyssea

Empyrean Weapons are a series of powerful high-damage and low-delay weapons that provide high stats and unique Afterglow effects.

These weapons require items dropped from Notorious Monsters in Abyssea zones or through a collection of new BCNMs fighting ‘empowered’ versions of the NMs found in Abyssea (without the hassle of multi-step spawn process).

Empyrean weapons are acquired and upgraded with the assistance of Magian Mog AJ in Ru’Lude Gardens (phase 1) and Oboro in Port Jeuno (phase 2).

Weapon Weapon Type Jobs Dropped From
Hand-to-Hand MNK, PUP Hazhdiha
Dagger THF, BRD, DNC Sedna
Sword RDM, PLD, BLU Ulhuadshi
Great Sword PLD, DRK Itzpapalotl
Axe WAR, BST Iratham
Great Axe WAR Dhorme Khimaira
Scythe DRK Turul
Polearm DRG Indrik
Katana NIN Amhuluk
Great Katana SAM Cirein-croin
Club WHM Eccentric Eve
Staff BLM, SMN, SCH Sobek
Bow RNG Bukhis
Gun RNG/COR Smok
Instrument BRD Ovni
Shield PLD Hadhayosh

For the purposes of the “complete an empyrean weapon” achievement for future content, the Ochain and Daurdabla will not count towards this achievement as they do not have a final tier/Phase II.


  • To begin the Empyrean Weapon trials, you must have completed both a relic weapon to i119 II and a mythic weapon to i119 III.
  • You must have completed the Halls of Legion and recieved the title “Legendary Legionnaire”.
  • You may only have one Empyrean Weapon trial active at a time.
  • Empyrean Weapon trials can be cancelled at any time by trading Magian Mog AJ 500,000 gil.
  • Once a trial is initiated, you can speak with Magian Mog AJ at any time to see what the required deliverable is.

Guide - Phase I

To begin the Empyrean Weapon trials, speak to Magian Mog AJ. He’ll request you fetch your base weapon and at least 100,000 cruor. Use the table above to determine your Abyssea target that drops your base weapon. Once acquired, trade Magian Mog AJ the base weapon to begin the trial. To complete the trade, you must have a balance of at least 100,000 cruor.

The initial trials provide players with the level 99 II (afterglow) version of the weapon. This is “Phase I” of the empyrean weapon trials. Phase II will be added in October/November 2018.

Trial Requirements

Trial Step Zones Required Items
#1 Abyssea-Tahrongi 3x
#2 Abyssea-La Theine 4x
#3 Abyssea-Konschtat 5x
#4 Abyssea-Altepa

Unlike the relic and mythic trials, players will not receive “intermediary” step weapons between each trial, only between each phase.

Players can collect the required items one trial at a time or all at once; there isn’t a requirement to how the items are obtained or when. These items have two acquisition methods:

  • Players can complete the Abyssea NMs as they normally spawn.
  • Players can participate in a series of ‘empowered’ BCNMs against the same monsters.

Players wishing to participate in the Empyrean Trials BCNMs can do so at the Abyssea - Empyreal Paradox (accessed via the Transcendental Radiance in Qufim Island, near Delkfutt’s Tower). Entering each fight requires a key to enter the battle (similar to the daily BCNMs).

BCNM Fight BCNM Key Item Potential Drops
Ironclad Destroyer

These fights are limited to 3 players and designed to be more difficult than the normal NMs due to the relative ease at which they can be challenged. The Empyrean Weapon trial items are a 100% guaranteed drop.

In addition to the drops for the Empyrean Weapon trials, the BCNMs also have a chance to drop items required for the Tier III and IV armor upgrades and additional currency-type items that will be used at a later time.

Once you have completed each of the trials for Magian Mog AJ, you’ll be rewarded with the Level 99 II afterglow version of your Empyrean Weapon and will be ready to begin Phase II.

Congratulations–you’ve completed Phase I of the Empyrean Weapon trials!

Guide - Phase II

Upgrading weapons from level 99 II (afterglow) to i119 III (afterglow) requires the assistance of Oboro in Port Jeuno.

However, you’ll need to convince Oboro to help you in your quest–and boy does he hate those Moogles!

Once you’ve got Oboro onboard, the phase is broken out into three stages.

Stage Base Weapon Items Gil Cruor
1 Lv99 II x100
5,000,000 25,000
2 Lv i119 x100
10,000,000 25,000
3 Lv i119 II* x500
20,000,000 50,000

To complete each phase, trade the base weapon, items, and gil to Oboro. You must have sufficient cruor for each phase to proceed to the next step.

* In addition to the stage 3 requirements, all players must win each of the Empyrean Empowered BCNMs and The Wyrm God (Shinryu) at least once on the character after being flagged to begin the Empyrean upgrades with Oboro. Defeating the BCNMs prior will not count towards this requirement. Players can speak with Prishe at the Abyssea-Empyrean Paradox to see the current status of their Empowered BCNM completions.

Acquiring Phase II Upgrade Items

Players can acquire upgrade items a multitude of ways–through drops from open-world fights, BCNMs, and even synergy crafting. Oboro don’t care–he just wants the items.

For upgrade items dropped from monsters and BCNMs, the following rules apply:

  1. If the player has an Empyrean Weapon equipped in the main or off-hand, a random amount (1 to 5) upgrade items will drop directly into the inventory of the player.
  2. These drops do not show up in the normal treasure pool.
  3. This does not count the Ochain or Daurdabla, it must be one of the main or off-hand weapons.
Item Voidwatch NMs Enhanced BCNMs Wonder NMs
Hahava, Celaeno, Voidwrought, Goji, Gugalanna Glavoid, Fistule Darrcuiln
Modron, Fjalar, Pil, Mimic King Briareus, Carabosse Tchakka
Dimgruzub, Aello Ironclad Destroyer, Kukulkan, Shinryu Hurkan, Colkhab

Players can upgrade multiple Empyrean weapons at the same time as these stages are based on trades, not kills.